Arsenal: The story begins here | Giroud’s bad attitude | Cazorla dive shocker

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Arteta steps up for the second

A game of two halves is quite frankly a horribly unoriginal way to open a post but it perfectly positions the match report. The opening 45 minutes were so painfully flat the serial moaner behind us could barely muster the passion to abuse Gervinho as he struggled to stay balanced running without the ball (the moaner still left at half time).

There were occasional reminders there was a top class football match going on. Gervinho dragged a shot wide when hitting the target would have resulted in a goal. Cazorla fired a volley wide after connecting with a very precision Chamberlain cross.

It was surprising how much space the Spaniard was given and how little he was doing with it. West Brom played a very disciplined flat lined midfield. We lacked the confidence to turn and run with the ball which resulted in a very laboured process of working the ball up the pitch.

We were lucky not to go a goal down when Vermaelen fell asleep allowing Brunt a free shot on goal, which whistled just past the upright. I had the perfect view of it. It was close.

Gervinho was having a disaster. He finds space so many times in a game but his final ball and finishing is barely Championship most of the time.

Our opener ended up coming from a penalty. Jack played Cazorla into the box, the Spaniard cut the ball back and had his legs swiped (so I thought). Arteta stepped up, to much crowd trepidation and cooly slotted home down the middle

Our final chance of the half fell to Jack who failed to turn in a cross from 6 yards after Gervinho did well to craft a chance… Gazzaesque (Euro 96 semi).

The second half saw a different side emerge. A team full of fight, confidence and adventure. That had the fans on their feet singing and engaging in the match with far more passion.

The chances came thick and fast. Gervinho headed terribly wide after finding himself 8 yards out and unmarked. Jacks cross deserved more. The Ivorian was the centre of bad attention again, this time he was first to a Giroud knock down… From 7 yards he struck what looked like an air shot. His technique is so poor mainly because he has zero balance or poise.

Chamberlain who was having another anonymous game out on the wing helped secure our second. After losing the ball to the West Brom full back, he kind of pushed through their player, the West Brom chap toppled over, Chambo picked up the ball surged into the box and was badly tackled. Another penalty came our way. Initially Cazorla looked like he had it, then Giroud took the ball… Arteta took exception and wrestled it back and buried it. Giroud wasn’t interested in following in, he skulked off to the half way line. What an embarrassing show of ill discipline from someone older than 14. I don’t think they showed it on the highlights.

It was hilarious after that to see how much quicker Myhill was taking his goal kicks. Not as hilarious as Jack squaring up to Olsson who is about 2 feet taller and 4 stone heavier! The crowd loved it regardless of the mismatch.

The final talking point of the afternoon was Podolski missing from 6 yards out at the death! Wow. You don’t expect to see that from your £90k a week striker.


3 points is the most important thing that happened today. This is a big month, we simply have to capitalise on an easy run and start piling positive figures onto our miserable figures.

The first half was so bad the effort put in barely deserves a mention. What happened at half time is a mystery. Someone put a firework in the dressing room because the improvement was immense. Why can’t we start like that? Why do our players need to be reminded they have to turn up at home?

I’d say it’s an irrelevance, but it’s not, it’s an issue we’ve faced all year. Each turning point tends to just be an extra mile in a straight journey in the same direction. We need go break the cycle of bad starts and find our way from the off.

So onto the positives. Jack Wilshere has finally started to click back into gear. A hugely exciting performance from the young Englishman. What he gives you is bite and endeavour. If he can’t get to where he needs to be using finesse, he’s willing to go to war. His passing was slick today and in the second half he started to cover far more of the pitch than I’ve see all season. Left, right, through the middle… he was everywhere. When form is on its knees, sometimes the only way to gee up your team and support is to start some trouble… ruffle some feathers and see what happens. Jacks rough behaviour, though ill disciplined at times, had everyone on their feet. It showed he cared.

I didn’t find out until after the game that Cazorla dived. What can I say? I don’t approve of diving. I hate cheating, so it is what it is. Justifying it by pointing out other guilty culprits makes you look a moron. It’s bad he felt he had to do it and he’ll no doubt suffer with referees as a result. The media frenzy will be ridiculous as it always is when an Arsenal player takes a tumble.

Have we stopped talking about Pires yet?

Other positives were the defence. There were only two dodgy moments, one from Thomas and one from a handball in the box from Mertesacker. Outside that, the midfield did a really good job protecting the back 4. I thought Arteta had a very solid game and his cool head under pressure for both penalties was impressive. He’s the real leader of Arsenal. A clean sheet… nice one.

My other thoughts about today centred around Giroud, now, forgetting the sulky behaviour, I wonder if he’s enough for this Arsenal side? I like him. He is definitely a plan b striker. The sort we could have done with last year. Is he a number one? Does he offer enough to merit being a lead man in our system? Would I prefer him over Adebayor (once with all the nasty bits chipped away)? It’s a tough question. He would certainly look better playing alongside someone. He could make Theo a superstar, but that would involve Wenger conceding we perhaps don’t have the players for our current set up. He’s a good player. Is he every going to be a great player? He could be. I just feel a little underwhelmed with him at the moment. It’s hard to make your mark on this league without explosive pace or power.

I think one thing is for sure, we need a Diaby this winter window. We miss someone with pace in the middle. We miss a power house who can turn and lose 2 men in one slick move. That man will never be Diaby over a season. So we need to act sharp and bring in someone who can give us the same. A big ask, but that’s why we have a scouting network and a manager paid to find players like that.

This story finishes with a start. We need to build a run from here. Points, wins and guts is the only answer to the questions we’ve asked of the players and the management this season.


If there is anything factually wrong in the above, it’s because I don’t get replays and I don’t watch match of the day in the evenings. It’s difficult to take notes when you’re in the heat of a game.

Christmas cards anyone?

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  1. HP

    I bet if rooney dives today it won’t even be glossed over

    I remember last season crouch diving to get a pen which eventually got Bolton relegated, no mention of that one either.

    Still hopefully this is not a habit from cazorla

  2. Jed

    I was expecting the atmosphere yesterday to be really tense – what with it being a must-win game and all – but it was strangely free of pressure. Good for my heart I must say but it suggests the crowd has lowered its expectations.

    Great to get a win but they simply have to build on it from here. Those two pens papered over the cracks – they are mystifyingly disjointed and there is still a sense that they are 11 blokes who’ve only just met.

    This morning I’m relieved we’ve got the points but my expectations for the future are not high.

  3. Gregg

    It’s a big transfer window alright and we have to resist the Lure of Grimandi’s French superstar tips. The signings of Gervhino & Giroud are not good enough for a team looking to move on. As a sub Giroud could offer something but not from the get go. A dynamic CM is required, A left back is essential as is a forward with pace and movement. We’re not gonna get anymore than that so no point mentioning a keeper aswell. In fact we won’t get anything other than a bit part player from Rennes

  4. Caribkid

    In real time it looked like a cold stone penalty. After slo mo replays we could see that the only contact was air displacement.

    Replays of the BFG handball showed that it was ball to hand as an attacker was draped all over him and was trying to ventilate the back of his jersey with fingers.

    We certainly deserved the victory but it merely pointed out our weaknesses, poor finishing.

  5. Amit

    nice summary…

    there was only 1 star on the pitch and he was wilshere…if he put 10 games like that I am pretty sure barca and madrid will take notice…and wenger will not think once before selling him for 30-40 million pounds and fill up the owners coffers…

    on the striking front at this moment walcott is a must, alongside poldi and giroud…and he too might be on his way!!

  6. Dale

    I was glad to see how disciplined Gibbs was. Even though he doesn’t give us as much going forward with said discipline, the number one job of the defense as obvious as it sounds, needs to be defending. Gerv is so frustrating. If he had any sort of decision making skills he would be a real asset, almost makes it hard to watch than a player with nothing.

    Against the top sides, I would like to see us play the following;

    Sagna, Verm, Mert, Gibbs
    Coquelin, Arteta
    Santi Rosicky

    I think that team will keep the ball beautifully and having the likes of the Ox, Pod, Theo coming on would be a huge injection of pace.

  7. Ben

    My brother called me from Highbury Barn yesterday at 1pm having overheard 2 posh sounding gooners apparently the conversation was
    “ooh lets find a bistro and have a couple of glasses of mould wine before the game”
    responded with
    ” super idea, but we must get to the ground soon (1pm!) and find our seats, they’re best in the house – row 2″

    And we wonder why nobody sings at the emirates.

  8. GoonerHart


    if that ever happens my god it will be perhaps the saddest day for the club, as jack typifies and stands for all that is Arsenal especially in the wenger era.

    i dont like the santi dive but call me a moron but others do dive and yes they are wrong also and it does not make santi right but its the degree of media hype and hate that comes when an Arsenal player dives, pires is forever mentioned and Eduardo v Celtic…but then you have young and bale who dive and yes there is some discontent but the media went full blown hulk mode v cazorla yesterday, was almost like he was suarez…

  9. GoonerHart


    just because guys like a bit of mould wine does not mean they won’t cheer hey if its good enough could make them louder!

  10. gregarious13

    Good win yesterday, definitely need to rack up some points over the festive season…hopefully Santa gives us what we want for Christmas. Rumblings over Huntelaar for 6mill…I’ve known better to only believe it until it’s on the official site, but maybe with an extra striker we’ll go two up top similar to the Adebayor and RVP days…just a thought.

  11. Guns of Hackney

    Sorry, did we just destroy Barcalona and Real Madrid in the same day 5-0 each? No, we beat WBA, at home with two terrible decisions.

    If I ever have to see that smug, smirking amphibian again I think I will die.

    Arsene out!

    Also. So ‘posh’ people can’t go to see football matches? Is it only the preservation of the working class? Silly!

  12. Doublegooner

    Wilshire has everything to be something very special.

    If we want to be seen as a truly big club & keep the lad, Arsenal FC owe it to him, to us fans to start buying the top players to compliment his talent, not the many 2nd rate duds AW has been buying for the last few years.

  13. mike

    He dived, wenger said he lost his balance, ha ha. We needed something like that anyway. What I liked was the improved performance of jw and as a result we played better in the second half and that little triangle of keepy uppy passes was a delight. What stood out because of the improved passing and movement in the 2nd half was who is good enough and who brings us down. Pod and ram not starting helped. For me giroud and gervinio are not good enough. no disrespect intended but how can anyone ask if giroud will be good enough, of course hes not. He cant hold the ball up, he loses possession , hes championship quality, end of. gervy the same. Nearly every time it was one of those who broke down our attacks. still some positives. stick theo up front, hes twice the player giroud is, stick carz out wide and jw in behind the front three, get in mvilla , sprinkle some fairy dust over diabi and top four is on

  14. Pyrrhic Victory

    I don’t agree justifying diving by saying others makes you a moron, Santi shouldn’t dive, no! but who gives a fuck, we were desperate to get a win and in times of desperation people do what they can to get a goal, yeah its wrong and yeah he will now suffer for it, but we got a goal so bollocks.

  15. gambon

    Its mulled you freaks,

    I cant believe some of the reactions to the dive, but a lot of football fans have pathetic double standards.

    If any other team did that you would be screaming and crying like a 4 year old, but happily overlook when we do it. It was a terrible dive and not something i want to see from us.

    Good 3 points and seriously needed, but we still arent playing well.

    Our current strike force is the worst ive ever seen in the PL era at Arsenal. We desperately need a winger to replace Gervinho, and a centre forward to bench Giroud.

  16. Dplanet

    Just read this on the Guardian blog from a Leicester fan. Says it all really…

    “I’m not a gooner. but the more i watch games like this the more i despair.

    Formerly, (mid 90’s to ’09 maybe?), if the arsenal were on the telly I’d make sure i was in front of it. This was not boring, but it wasn’t the Arsenal I’d got used to (treated) for all those years – the simple, beautiful laser-like passing.

    I hope you gooners get back to that – as a neutral (as long as you’re not playing Leicester), I’d welcome it.

    But maybe those days are over.”

  17. JamesM

    Mertesacker ‘handball’ is a totally moot point as the ref gave us a free-kick for a foul on him. Can’t be classed as a dodgy moment, unless the ref gives a corner or goal-kick or plays on (i.e. doesn’t realise it’s happened).

  18. Bade

    Very well indeed Pedro

    The most important is the 3 points taken from yesterday. Apart from that, not much to cheer about, bar maybe Jack’s edging closer to his pre-injury best

    The need of a strong midfielder is so alerting & alarming, I hope Arsene won’t be counting on Diaby’s fitness again

  19. GoonerHart

    Torres saying he’s back (…again) after a penalty and a easy-ish goal against sunderland…*insert Torres joke here* its funny in a couple weeks they will say he’s lost it again when in fact he never really found it just had good games… against nordsjaelland and sunderland nothing to write home about

  20. El Tel


    Mr Hitler was a choosy chap who only wanted Hos type around Him.

    How can being posh make it wrong to support the Arsenal. Do you complain about Her Maj Prince Charlie and young Harry being Gooners?

    Also how the hell do you know that Henry was embarrassed to be there. I think He wouldn’t have been there in the first place if that was the case.

    I really can’t believe that choosing who should be an Arsenal fan and trying to make a negative with a guess is going to help the Arsenal at all.

    I can understand moaning at tourists who only attend for the match day experience but true Gooners being of a posh accent being wrong uns is poor form old boy.

  21. jay

    What do you guys think about huntelaar sigining in January? i’d say its good business if it’s just a stop gap signing till season end when we can hoefully ship out chamakh, gervinho and bring in a proper world class striker but these are dreams really..

  22. Scott

    Cazorla did dive and tbh I don’t like it, but the media all over it and ssn.
    Why is it Bale and Gerrard has done it regularly in the past yet they get no coverage at all.
    Media attack on foreign players but turn a blind eye to British players doing the same.

  23. gambon

    Torres has 4 more goals than Giroud, so if Torres isnt “back” then what does that say about how embarrassing our forward options are?

  24. Steve

    They played better 2nd half, but still could ‘t score in open play. Giroud will come good, he is strong and good in the air and all good CF are greedy.

    As for players leaving, we have to remember Gazidis bonus depends on it!

  25. GoonerHart


    i want him to come him or Llorente are probably the 2 best strikers going cheap that would come to us realistically, if we get Zaha, reina and then someone like Diame or Luis Gustavo then i would be happy but that is 3-4 players and we still need reinforcements in the summer which sadly proves how much improvement is needed, and we will never buy that many players in january but if we do then wenger will shut up shop in the summer

  26. gambon


    Huntelaar would obviously be a huge improvement on our strikers.

    However when we have £150m in the bank, £30m in property money coming in this year, £150m deal signed with Emirates & similar from Adidas expected, we really should be buying the very best possible players, not bargains.

    Who are the 4 best CFs in the world?

    Van Persie, Ibrahimovic, Falcao & Cavani.

    We sold one, one isnt available, but the last 2 would both be possible for the right money.

    Ba would be a much better option than Huntelaar.

  27. GoonerHart

    Gambon theres a difference Giroud cost £12million and is in his first season in the premier league Torres cost £50million and has nowhere near justified his price tag (except from making gary neville change his underwear) yet because he cost so much and he has 2 ok games against rubbish opponents everyones eager for him to be back it just won’t happen and i could be putting my foot in it here, but Giroud v Hazard i dont think there is much difference statistically and Hazard cost £20m+ more

  28. GoonerHart


    you say we shouldnt go bargain basement i agree Ba is a good player but after you say we could sign Falcao and Cavani and end with Ba surely your mindset is bargain basement as well?

  29. jay


    i’d like for him and that holtby kid too and then Gustavo..and if we get these few ones we’r definitely moving forward but i’d still like a proper fit striker like cavani..on the keeper front though i’d like for us to look at germany they’ve always had the best keepers IMO for the last two decades..we should shop up in germany!

  30. gambon


    How is there a difference?

    Will the premier league award us extra points based on it being girouds first season?

    Will we be awarded extra points due to Torres costing £38m more?

    So wheres the difference? Ivans bonus is bigger & Stans club is worth more, how the fuck does that help Arsenal FC?

  31. Deji

    Huntelaar finishes everything that comes his way. He hardly wastes scoring opportunities…I think he will be superb for arsenal.

  32. Josh

    I just look at united’s squad, look at ours then jus sigh we have no depth we replaced samir nasri gervinho who is clueless he cant speak english yet and he probably doesn’t know he lives in london. We have a whole month without him in jan so i really don’t see the point in having him in pur team he’s absolutely pony.

    We need david dein back!!

    The only way we can regain control of our season is if January we sign a defensive midfielder preferably Wanyana, Capoue, Diame or Gustavo.
    We sign a winger and get rid of theo or gervinho and arshavin and bring in Dries Mertens, Ben Arfa or search or a Wing Maestro like Ryan Giggs in his prime. And finally a striker hopefully Huntelaar, Demba Ba, Jovetic or in my dreams Cavani.

    Please Arsene our club is falling apart we have become a selling club. We have the fascilaties and structure to be one of the best with bayern and barca we just need drarastic changes.

  33. Bade

    As for Giroud

    He’s a top player, but it’s evident he needs challenge, to say the least.

    I thought he was brought to be Robin’s understudy which was great, but let’s face it. We knew he’s not one of the best strikers when we bought him, so judging him by those standards & his market value, I think he’s a great return for money

  34. gambon


    How is my mindset bargain basement?

    Ive said very clearly we should do all we can to sign Falcao or Cavani.

    If however we just cant get the deals done I would rather Ba than Huntelaar.

    Ba is a £20m player, he just happens to have a clause.

  35. jay


    i’d like huntelaar but would still like cavani too..he’s been brilliant and the right age..hell i’d even take suarez hes such a good footballer..

    heard we’re linked to Gustavo..watched him in the champions league last year he was immense, he missed the final along with alaba and i felt thats why Bayern lost..he’ll be a good addition

  36. Matt Bowden

    4-4-2 anyone?

    That Arsenal team yesterday were clearly not good enough and were lucky with the penalties to get us the points.

    Five seasons ago we were about 2 players away from a quality team and now we’re 5 players short of anything near a quality team.

    We appear to have the cash but not the balls to follow through.

    Sad times

  37. gambon

    Why does anyone think theres any remote truth in the Diame rumours?

    If we werent interested when he was a free agent why on earth would we pay for him?

  38. GoonerHart

    gambon theres a difference because ok it does not amount to a straight points value one would expect a 50m striker who has had time to adapt to the league to outscore a 12m striker who is still adjusting to his surroundings…

    for other analogy’s about public perception

    people expect heinze beans to better than lidl’s own brand
    a lamborghini to win a race against a ford KA
    becks to be better than morrisons own brand beer

    yes sometimes there will be mitigating circumstances due to personal choice ( beans becks- so it doesnt really fit in but i am not deleting it)

    but the lamborghini is billed to win the race against the KA with ease due to its price tag and the extra power which comes with it. yes the lamborghini (torres)could break down and the KA would have a chance of beating it but in reality people expect to get what they pay for so when you spend 50m on a striker you expect the ratio of return to be that of a 50m striker 4 goals with a 38m price difference is not that much when giroud is untested in this league and we have to admit he was originally meant to be a 2nd choice striker as wenger had the delusion of keeping rvp where as chelsea spent 50m on torres as they felt they knew he would be a goal machine which he isn’t.

  39. GoonerHart

    and regarding Ba i agree he is obviously more than his clause but falcao is still worth double that and cavani 30-35m so still not in same bracket

  40. gambon

    So why are we buying KAs when our rivals all have Lamborginhis?

    I assume you take pride in how much money we have in the bank?

    I couldnt give a fuck, i want a world class team. I dont care if we have £10m, £40m, or £70m in the bank. What is pathetic is £150m in the bank, and a team that cant compete.

  41. bergkamp63

    WTF is all this Cuntelaar & Diame shit,

    Have we dumbed down so much that this is the extent of our ambitions ?

  42. wenker-wanger

    people are rightly questioning giroud and gervinho as not being good enough for arsenal. I dont think any prem manager would take them at half the cost they were paid for by wenger. Wengers 2 french league non-stars cost us 20 million or more….great value?….i think not.We only won thatv game due to a dubious penalty decision and a blatant dive leading to a gift penalty. We have no threat upfront. It appears that every victory gets wenger another allowance of 2 or 3 more losses without the pressure on him. Jack and cazorla will pull wengers makeshift team through to a respectable 6th-8th place in the league and secure his job for another season. I would love to see wenger managing QPR……. they would be relegated by march.

  43. GoonerHart

    of course i dont take pride that we have 140m in the bank what use is it to use there you cant spout interest as your not really getting any it should be spent and we both know that 140m cant all be spent due to loan contract terms and basic contingency planning, its ridiculous for a 750-800m valued team to have 150m in the bank. and the reason were buying KA’s sadly is because were suburban housewife rich who just inherited a lot of money and doesnt know what to do with it we’re considering buying a rare limited edition lamborghini looking into it haggling with the salesman to get the free car mats tryna get the most for our money and make sure its a luxury purchase that we know we got good money for after all its our inheritance once its gone its gone, while our neighbours are the rich show offs who do not need to worry about the car mats or haggling as our inheritance is just like monopoly money to them so they get the shiny lamborghini and paid an extra 5k for a ribbon to be put around it and balloons for the sons 14th birthday party so he cant even use the car yet but even when he can he already has a massaratti, ferrari and bugatti to play with so the lambo wasn’t really needed it was just down to greed and stopping others enjoying it

  44. gambon


    Its ridiculous isnt it.

    During 2002-2005 we had the best striker in the league (and world), the best attacking midfielder in the league, the best CM in the league, the best centre back in the league and the best left back in the league.

    Arsenal fans seem to have forgotten this.

    Make a list of the 30 best players in europe that dont play for Barca, Madrid, Bayern, City, Utd, Chelsea.

    That should be our list of targets

    Hunt: Diame wouldnt be on that list.

  45. bergkamp63

    I was afraid that many fans wouldn’t be able to see past yesterdays result, other than 2 pieces of very good fortune, we were utter garbage.

  46. GoonerHart

    gambon just because he’s not high profile doesnt mean he is no good a lot of people didnt expect arteta to be great for us now he really is a leader and i think he would get gametime for united and co…henry wasn’t legendary before he came to us he flopped abroad and wenger saw that talent in him and brought him i doubt he was on a list of 30 top players

  47. bergkamp63

    “wenger saw that talent in him and brought him i doubt he was on a list of 30 top players”

    Wenger also saw the talent in Park, Squillaci, Santoss, Gervinho, Cygan, shall I go on ?

  48. gambon

    Arteta isnt great, hes just a good solid player

    You can sign 100 Artetas and we’ll never catch the Manchester teams.

    The difference between us and Man City cant be bridged by buying more Artetas, The difference is a core of world class players.

    Swap Giroud, gervinho, Chamakh, Arshavin, Diaby, Koscielny & Szczesny for Dzeko, Tevez, Aguero, Silva, Yaya, Kompany & Hart and you would see us at the top and City in 6th or worse.

    Out transfer policy should be to find players as good as these guys, NOT finding cheap bargains that will help us get 4th place.

  49. gambon

    As for your point about Henry

    Well Wenger has proved that he is no longer the manager he was in 1999. We really cant afford to wait for him to maybe find a gem in 2017.

  50. GoonerHart

    true bergkamp but not every transfer you make in 16 years is gonna be brilliant… now i admit i may seem like an AKB and i used to be but i too am dismayed at what has happened recently however i feel there are unrealistic expectations upon us now we wont sign the falcao’s as even if we did go after them its like my lambo analogy above chelsea and city would just offer more money, and we are not in a position where we can offer more than them to offset that we currently are not a trophy winning team and not feel the affects. we are too far behind now ( i agree mostly down to wenger and ivan) to be able to combat our issues in one window we need to be progressive over 2-3 years to be able to do it with using up our money reserves and transfer funds. yes we want wenger to spend money but look at the questions wenger is getting about giroud he cost 12m imagine if wenger bought a player for 25m and the fans overhype the player the player doesnt live up to expectations but is still a generally good player who improved us, wenger would still be slated as the player didnt live up to the hype…

  51. Bade


    One of the best performers in the $ity set up is Zabaleta, he’s the Arteta type of players. Not the best, but solid & knows what to do to offset that little bit of quality he misses to be the best

    Arteta is hardly our problem

    The problem lays elsewhere, when we have a flat squad with zero ability to make a sensible rotations

    We’ll end up running Arteta into the ground because we have no one good enough or fit enough, to replace him

  52. Cesc Appeal


    Had to laugh reading all this ‘Wenger will make stand against the board over Walcott leaving.’

    Didn’t do that well making a stand for RVP or Nasri did you?

    But the brainless flying wonder you’ll go to bat for! Maybe because you realise you’ve so utterly fucked this team up that Walcott is the pinnacle of our ability!

    Which is one of the most depressing things I’ve ever said and I might start some early Sunday drinking after that!

    Like Gambon says, we need some big spending, a LB a muscle man CDM and a ST in January all of top top quality.

    Then in the summer a world class CB and a winger along with a couple of squad buys

  53. Bade

    I wish those who defends Arsene regardless, just try & concentrate on the current phase, not the 1999 or so

    Football is dynamic, Arsene should be too if he wants to survive as a top manager

    You can’t bring on examples of the past decade, look how he’s done in the last 7 years. Shocking end product, shocking management that cost us losing out on our best players & failing to win any trophy

  54. GoonerHart

    gambon i would love to do that swap but thats around 130-140m outlay on transfers on what city paid yes we have the 140m but i just said we cant spend it all due to loan repayment’s. and true we could sell them players to get cash but to make city sell you would need to offer a total of around 190m just to make them sell and then offer the players bigger contracts than what they are getting now so like 250k a week each which is like another 90m a year so thats a 280m outlay which we dont have. and then city would not be 6th because they would just go out and buy better players and have a ridiculous transfer fund to go along with the limitless money they have now.

  55. gambon


    You are a bit slow mate

    I didnt say to sign them players. I said we need exactly that kind of quality.

    Also, we can easily spend big money, Our money in the bank is irrelevant. We made £30m from property this year, we make £30m extra TV money from next season, we have £150m coming from Emirates and similar from Nike.

    Also you assume i advocate buying 6 world class players with none leaving.

    Im starting to think you are an old poster back on under a new name, on a wind up.

  56. GoonerHart

    Swap Giroud, gervinho, Chamakh, Arshavin, Diaby, Koscielny & Szczesny for Dzeko, Tevez, Aguero, Silva, Yaya, Kompany & Hart and you would see us at the top and City in 6th or worse. sure sounded like you would sign them players and you said “Out transfer policy should be to find players as good as these guys” you didnt say you didnt want them you explicitly mentioned swapping them players so i just gave you the outlay.

    and you say the money in the bank is irrelevant but all the money that you talk about is coming in the future apart from 30m so to do the kind of transfers you want 30m will not get far.

    and it proves you didnt read my post or you are a little slow as i mentioned selling them in my last post.

    and no i have posted before under GoonerHart and it is the only username i think i have used unless i used my actual family name to post before but that would of been around a year ago and 1 or 2 posts. and concerning the slow comment i was just awarded a scholarship from my university for being in the top 10% of those studying abroad this year so i cant be that slow (insert future joke about university here)

  57. Bennydevito

    I agree, we definitely should be looking above the likes of huntelar and diame but being realistic and for a January signing we should be triggering Ba’s 7.5m release clause. I’ve been banging Ba’s drum so to speak for 2 seasons now. He’s Ian Wright on steroids and I’m pretty sure he’s not ACON this year? My signings for the Jan window would be Jaaskelinum (sp), Fellaini, Ba, Zaha. Then come Summer Wenger goes, pep comes and signs fabregas and Cavani.

  58. Bennydevito

    Goonerhart, you’ve conplety misread Gambon’s post. He said IF you swap pur players for city’s alluding to the quality of player and going on to say that we should have a core of world class players to build around. Jesus he didn’t actually say we should swap as if that would actually happen! And you say you’re in the top 10% of your Uni…. ?? Fuck me, what Uni’s that? The university of the blind or illiterate?

  59. gambon


    I also very clearly said that our transfer policy should be to sign the best players that DONT play for City and the other big clubs!

  60. Bennydevito

    A few typos in there bloody touch screen mobile posting!

    Glad Pedro’s got the site working now tho as I haven’t been able to post from my phone in weeks.

  61. jay

    Someone please tell Wenger Jay said “He can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking he used when He created them”

  62. Bennydevito


    Some people would rather concentrate on trying to get into an argument with you rather than discussing points.

  63. GoonerHart

    benny devito so your telling me “SWAP Giroud, gervinho, Chamakh, Arshavin, Diaby, Koscielny & Szczesny for Dzeko, Tevez, Aguero, Silva, Yaya, Kompany & Hart and you would see us at the top and City in 6th or worse” is not literally saying to swap them players? there was no IF in the statement therefore when somebody’s says swap you think swap if he put “if you swap Giroud, gervinho, Chamakh, Arshavin, Diaby, Koscielny & Szczesny for Dzeko, Tevez, Aguero, Silva, Yaya, Kompany & Hart OR THEM TYPE/CALIBRE OF PLAYERS and you would see us at the top and City in 6th or worse” what also makes it worse is if we merely bought them quality players it would not put city at “6th or worse” it would still make them a top 1-3 club as they have them players that gambon wants us to buy or like what he and you say he meant but didnt say “them type of players”

    and again is there any point in having a conversation with you when you lambast people and call them blind or illiterate for correctly reading what was written when you try and take the piss out of me yet do not read what i actually wrote i wrote of those studying abroad at my university not the university as a whole. and i go to the university of hertfordshire its not the best not the worst its average unlike your reading level.

  64. bergkamp63


    “true bergkamp but not every transfer you make in 16 years is gonna be brilliant”

    I agree, but let’s not look at what Wenger brought in a decade ago, let’s look at what he brought in during the last 7 years ?

    Without the need to look at every single transfer in and out it’s painfully obvious he has made far more piss poor signings than he’s made worldbeater ones ?

    Can anyone name but 3 world class signings he’s made in the last 7 years ?

  65. GoonerHart

    and gambon although it is true that you said before not from them clubs you specifically said in the latest post we are discussing to swap them players you did not mention IF we bought of them kind of calibre i am going by what you wrote and benny its 8am here in the states i haven’t been able to sleep due to personal issues so sue me if there are a few spelling mistakes it is the least of my problems. also i started this out as a discussion about football and i like having discussions about football but this has turned more into a personal tirade.

  66. gambon


    Its funny that you are the only one having a problem with this!

    “Out transfer policy should be to find players as good as these guys, NOT finding cheap bargains that will help us get 4th place.”

    Clearly I say we need players AS GOOD AS Silva, Yaya etc, not them exact players. I merely point out that with Citys world class core we wouldnt be struggling where we are.

    “Make a list of the 30 best players in europe that dont play for Barca, Madrid, Bayern, City, Utd, Chelsea.That should be our list of targets”

    What part of this did you struggle to understand??

  67. gambon

    “let’s look at what he brought in during the last 7 years ?”

    Fabianski, Almunia, Koscielny, Squillaci, Santos, Ramsey, Diaby, Gervinho, Arshavin, Chamakh, Park

    How fucking embarrassing

    I am still at a loss to explain Park. I was told that he did it as a favour to Monaco who needed the money (without the Boards knowledge) and I have to say it sounds realistic,

    Why the fuck else do you buy a player, give him 6 minutes action all season, then loan him out cos you cant sell him?

  68. Phil

    Well a hallow victory is still a victory.
    Didn’t really learn much yesterday , but a few points reinforced
    1/ Whoever it was last week who said Gervhino was world class will probably need to reconsider.
    2/ LJW plays with passion, and is getting better
    3/ Wenger doesn’t know what he is doing.
    If Pod is risky with a hamstring, why bring him on when he did? Why not just leave him on the bench and eliminate an unnecessary risk.
    If you want to be game time into TR7 why give him such little time?

  69. GoonerHart

    bergkamp i said earlier i am not 100% on arsene’s side and i too am getting to the stage where i think it is time for him to leave and yes his signings have got worse as time goes on but a factor in that has been that he tried project youth and now he see’s that its not bearing good results he is going back to established player’s. and although i would love for Klopp to come in or pep if they don’t i’m not adverse to wenger carrying on for 2-3 years to see if he can be more dynamic, as long as we atleast stay in the champions league so when someone takes over they can attract better players( and i know thats not what we should be aiming for just top 4)

  70. gambon

    Man Utd have 6 players on loan

    Man City have 9 players on loan

    Arsenal have 15 players on loan, including big earners like Bendtner, Park, Denilson

    Its pathetic when Wenger says we cant compete on salaries. We fucking can, the money is just utterly wasted on a huge squad that Wenger doesnt trust & his ridiculous salary.

  71. bergkamp63


    “he tried project youth and now he see’s that its not bearing good results he is going back to established player’s. ”

    Agree again but unfortunately it comes with a caveat, just look at the quality of the established players he has brought it compared to the ones he has had to let go because of this ?

  72. salparadiseNYC

    NIce match analysis Pedro.
    Great to see Wilshire come out swinging, a serious talent with the fight to match. The kid is ALL Arsenal.
    Gervinho what can you say… utter shambles, with Giroud running a close second. How does a manager justify going from Van Persie to Giroud with little else in terms of options and a sulker at that.
    Arteta should skipper this side.

  73. GoonerHart

    gambon fair play i misread the last sentence but you also put in SWAP and directly listed players which led to an inference that you would swap them player/want to therefore its 1-1 in that respect and as i pointed out the comment about the 30 players was superseded by me when you directly said swap. and as good as these guys does not directly rule out them guys if you were to say that comment superseded my comment.

    and yes there were a few dodgy transfer’s but kos was our best defender last year and arshavin did a job for us when he first came, we also got vermaelan, cazorla, adebayor, nasri, van persie (8 seasons ago) every manager has good and bad transfers and yes ours have been bad some of them but atleast they have come at a price where we still have money to fix even though were not run by a sugar daddy. and bear in mind you are stating admittedly some awful transfers would you rather wenger spend money now knowing how his transfers have been or wait a while longer for another manager to have a mega transfer fund to revitalise the squad?

  74. bergkamp63

    If Wenger had brought in quality world class players, RVP would still be at the club, so would Cesc most likely.

  75. Thorough

    Arteta is my favorite Arsenal player since he got in, cos my other super-favorite Rosicky is never around, I call him Mr. Consistent, an amazing man that has to give up his flair to make sure the team profits. But all that said, I couldn’t stop feeling those penalties were poor. Dont get me wrong I’m not a doomer, but if he should miss a penalty playing like that in the last minute of a UCL Final, how many of us will say ‘That was a good spotkick nonetheless’?

  76. jay

    Gambon spot on again.. Arsene has totally messed up Arsenal with his inept management skills..the thing is it won’t take a lot to get all this players off our payroll i just feel Wenger is a bit greedy with the price tag he puts on all this dross and that’s why we don’t sell them..

  77. the_real_andy

    thorough – it´s the easiest thing to rate a spot kick – if it´s a goal it was good, if it´s not it´s bad. no other possibility to rate IMO

    giroud should have got the second penalty IMO. there´s nothing more valuable than a striker getting some goals. he wasn´t around for the first one and we dominated the game – he had some good hold up play and he was quite essential for us getting forward at times. a striker is measured by his goals whether they are beautiful goals, tap ins or penalties. and you can be sure he measures himself only on goals too – he didn´t get many good deliveries yesterday and he didn´t score for 3 or 4 games now so for us it´s quite important to get him on the score sheet as soon as possible – a pen is a good possibility to do that IMHO

  78. GoonerHart

    gambon its true there is no reason why we can’t do better on salary’s ironically the reason we have that amount of players out on loan is because we can’t shift them because of their salaries. i would LIKE to think ivan was telling the truth last year when he said they were gonna sort the wage structure out, like i said i would LIKE to think he was telling the truth. but it will take a couple of years i believe and getting new players in who will earn bigger salaries such as what was started with podolski coming in on 100k, as the problem is if you start handing out bigger contracts to everyone problems like theo start where he saw podolski come in on 100k and thinks i’m worth that and then everyone will be after a pay rise.


    i agree i truly believe if wenger had started even 1 year earlier on buying established players we would of won some silverware he realised when it was too late if we kept all the players until the end of their contracts and still bought most of the players we did we would be a force. honestly cesc would of gone still but imagine nasri playing with cazorla and van persie, podolski and walcott clichy and gibbs at lb but thats the past we now have to be optimistic about the future

  79. gambon

    “as the problem is if you start handing out bigger contracts to everyone problems like theo start where he saw podolski come in on 100k and thinks i’m worth that and then everyone will be after a pay rise.”

    See, i dont believe this at all.

    Look at Man Utd, they have Rooney & RVP on £250k per week, way way way more than the rest of the squad.

    Welbeck has just signed up for £45k per week…..why didnt he ask for £160k per week?

    Theo is asking for £100k per week cos he realises how strong his position is. We have fuck all good players and shit loads of money.

    The problem was putting Theo on £20k per week at 17, and £60k per week at 20, all part of Wengers demented salary structure.

  80. GoonerHart

    ok i admit its different but there was a show earlier this year at a company where they all revealed how much they got paid and once it was announced there were people who wanted a 9k pay increase because thats what they’re peers were getting paid. it may possible be diluted when you earn 9k in a day/ half a day but i generally believe that most players are money motivated and walcott is in a powerful position but the long staying established players will want more ie the sagna’s vermaelans and co and if they are worth it is debatable

  81. bergkamp63

    The calibre of player we should have in our first 11 should be that our worst paid player is on £100k per week !!

    Within 2 seasons will could afford a £200m wage bill and not go into the red.

  82. GoonerHart

    i feel like the club have grown too much into there identity of being sustainable as they get a lot of plaudits for being sustainable they want to keep carrying on this identity. i feel they think some recognition is better than no recognition. does that help the club in any way possible of course not and they have to realise and when we get to that 200m point i hope that is the case that the minimum is 100k

  83. gambon

    The club isnt “sustainable” at all.

    We have to sell our top players, which results in lower quality, which results in us being less and less competitive.

    How is that sustainable?

    Bayern & Madrid are sustainable, UTD are sustainable.

  84. GoonerHart

    in terms of success of course its not sustainable, but if you ask the many financial experts that have commented they will say arsenal are more sustainable financially our debts are covered and our loan repayments are low, and i am aware of the selling key players which i must admit is a bit bewildering however our debt is managed better which you would think would mean we dont have to sell our players and afford more, but no…

  85. GoonerHart

    if united score again it means stoke have the best defence in the league…but i guess thats a result of anti football

  86. bergkamp63


    Although he miss hit it, it was a great goal, he deliberately hit back into that side of the net which is why Hart never moved.

  87. SUGA3


    the only reason we operate at a loss is Wenger pissing A LOT of money up the wall paying shit cunts like Squillaci more money than they would get anywhere else…

    we have 140M wage bill, yet we play about 14 players, now tell me if this is efficient…

  88. salparadiseNYC

    We’ve reach our maximum terminus with that lovely ‘selling’ model as well. Can’t go and flog Gervinho and Giroud and make the numbers, Arsenal are like a fucking coal mine stripped of all her assets. Its time to put some money into the project instead of take it out. Ole Ivan you’ve backed your greedy fingers into a corner!

  89. GoonerHart

    kompany coming off this is bad for city i fancy united to get a few now… sugar im not advocating our wage bill…

  90. SUGA3

    …and don’t even get me started on ‘loaned’ players like D******n and Bedtner, where we most probably still pick up a proportion of their wages,ditto Park…

  91. bergkamp63

    I think people forget, Utd have been without Smalling, Jones & Vidic. Once they are back they will be much much stronger.

  92. Ric

    Really not that weird we tend to perform a bit better and start playing with confidence once we’re in the lead though Pedro…

  93. GoonerHart

    should neville be able to commentate or be a pundit on united games so obviously one sided kinda like the anti-merson

  94. SUGA3


    I never said you did, but it is obviously a part of the problem, isn’t it?

    we would not have to balance the books by sales if there was any efficiency in the subject of the wages paid, there is no efficiency whatsoever:

    140M in wages, about 14 ‘playable’ bodies, it’s effectively as if we paid 200K per week each of them, as the rest is wank and can’t even get a sniff…

  95. gambon

    Exactly Suga

    Wengers pathetic wage bill is grounds for sacking alone.

    Get rid of Squillaci & Djourou and we can afford any CB in world football.

    Get rid of Chamakh, Park, Bendtner and we can afford Cavani/Falcaos wages.

    How about we just loan out 5 players next year rather than 15? Thats 10 players we can offload, to both raise cash and save wages.

    Wenger is obviously a good, but very flawed/limited coach, but he is a truely terrible “manager”.

  96. Bennydevito

    Goonerhart, I’m really struggling to understand how you’ve totally misunderstood Gambon’s point and are still inexplicably trying to defend it. When Gambon said swap he meant it figuratively not literally. He meant that if they had our core and we had theirs we would swap positions in the league. What part of that do you not get? Seriously…..

  97. SUGA3

    and there is also a bit of an issue with Wenger holding grudges against some players, case in point being Arshavin, I’d play him ahead of the dung beetle shit cunt any day of the week…

  98. Matt

    I am honestly lost for words how we ever signed Gervhino. I’m assuming he would have been signed off the back of a scouting report after having watched a good amount of games. I find it hard to believe that in those games he didn’t come across As a headless chicken with no football brain or technique whatsoever.

    Truly, truly baffling!!

  99. gambon

    Gotta admire Fergie

    UTD lost out to City last year and they signed the PLs best player, look at them now,

    Where as we sold our 2 best players from last year.

    Its not rocket science Arsene you twat.

  100. GoonerHart

    suga and gambon
    its definitely part of the problem and i would like to believe that ivan was tellign the truth that they will sort it out. and i would love to have them leave and afford them wages its just ironic when were talking about paying low wages we can’t get rid of them players because there wages are too high! and i to believe that arshavin should be playing more playing behind the striker he is still very good look at him at the euros

    bennydevito we have moved on from that.

  101. SUGA3


    no offence pal, but if you believe a single word that comes out of this slaphead cunt’s mouth then you need your head examined, Usmanov can’t come and take over the club soon enough, as IG will be the first to be shown the door!

  102. GoonerHart

    like i said i would like to believe but after what i heard from the AGM its like he doesnt even have any respect for the fans. i want usmanov’s money but i’m concerned about usmanov.

  103. bergkamp63


    Actually is the other way around, we don’t need his money, we need Usmanov to run the club efficiently !!

  104. SUGA3


    exactly, the club is pathetically run, I said it before and I will say it again, Stan would do well to sack these lemons and employ Le Grove’s finest 😉

  105. GoonerHart

    bergkamp i have no doubt he would run us efficiently but ive heard things about human rights and mobs or something, i wanna be better than city and united but i think torturing ferguson before making him sleep with the fishes is a tad(pole) to far!

  106. GoonerHart

    touche suga… i don’t know Im start im unsure about usmanov and his past but i am not a fan of “silent stan” and his penny pinching…which is where usmanov excel’s i feel he would be pro active and show some passion for us instead of us being just part of a sports portfolio…