Arsenal: The story begins here | Giroud’s bad attitude | Cazorla dive shocker

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Arteta steps up for the second

A game of two halves is quite frankly a horribly unoriginal way to open a post but it perfectly positions the match report. The opening 45 minutes were so painfully flat the serial moaner behind us could barely muster the passion to abuse Gervinho as he struggled to stay balanced running without the ball (the moaner still left at half time).

There were occasional reminders there was a top class football match going on. Gervinho dragged a shot wide when hitting the target would have resulted in a goal. Cazorla fired a volley wide after connecting with a very precision Chamberlain cross.

It was surprising how much space the Spaniard was given and how little he was doing with it. West Brom played a very disciplined flat lined midfield. We lacked the confidence to turn and run with the ball which resulted in a very laboured process of working the ball up the pitch.

We were lucky not to go a goal down when Vermaelen fell asleep allowing Brunt a free shot on goal, which whistled just past the upright. I had the perfect view of it. It was close.

Gervinho was having a disaster. He finds space so many times in a game but his final ball and finishing is barely Championship most of the time.

Our opener ended up coming from a penalty. Jack played Cazorla into the box, the Spaniard cut the ball back and had his legs swiped (so I thought). Arteta stepped up, to much crowd trepidation and cooly slotted home down the middle

Our final chance of the half fell to Jack who failed to turn in a cross from 6 yards after Gervinho did well to craft a chance… Gazzaesque (Euro 96 semi).

The second half saw a different side emerge. A team full of fight, confidence and adventure. That had the fans on their feet singing and engaging in the match with far more passion.

The chances came thick and fast. Gervinho headed terribly wide after finding himself 8 yards out and unmarked. Jacks cross deserved more. The Ivorian was the centre of bad attention again, this time he was first to a Giroud knock down… From 7 yards he struck what looked like an air shot. His technique is so poor mainly because he has zero balance or poise.

Chamberlain who was having another anonymous game out on the wing helped secure our second. After losing the ball to the West Brom full back, he kind of pushed through their player, the West Brom chap toppled over, Chambo picked up the ball surged into the box and was badly tackled. Another penalty came our way. Initially Cazorla looked like he had it, then Giroud took the ball… Arteta took exception and wrestled it back and buried it. Giroud wasn’t interested in following in, he skulked off to the half way line. What an embarrassing show of ill discipline from someone older than 14. I don’t think they showed it on the highlights.

It was hilarious after that to see how much quicker Myhill was taking his goal kicks. Not as hilarious as Jack squaring up to Olsson who is about 2 feet taller and 4 stone heavier! The crowd loved it regardless of the mismatch.

The final talking point of the afternoon was Podolski missing from 6 yards out at the death! Wow. You don’t expect to see that from your £90k a week striker.


3 points is the most important thing that happened today. This is a big month, we simply have to capitalise on an easy run and start piling positive figures onto our miserable figures.

The first half was so bad the effort put in barely deserves a mention. What happened at half time is a mystery. Someone put a firework in the dressing room because the improvement was immense. Why can’t we start like that? Why do our players need to be reminded they have to turn up at home?

I’d say it’s an irrelevance, but it’s not, it’s an issue we’ve faced all year. Each turning point tends to just be an extra mile in a straight journey in the same direction. We need go break the cycle of bad starts and find our way from the off.

So onto the positives. Jack Wilshere has finally started to click back into gear. A hugely exciting performance from the young Englishman. What he gives you is bite and endeavour. If he can’t get to where he needs to be using finesse, he’s willing to go to war. His passing was slick today and in the second half he started to cover far more of the pitch than I’ve see all season. Left, right, through the middle… he was everywhere. When form is on its knees, sometimes the only way to gee up your team and support is to start some trouble… ruffle some feathers and see what happens. Jacks rough behaviour, though ill disciplined at times, had everyone on their feet. It showed he cared.

I didn’t find out until after the game that Cazorla dived. What can I say? I don’t approve of diving. I hate cheating, so it is what it is. Justifying it by pointing out other guilty culprits makes you look a moron. It’s bad he felt he had to do it and he’ll no doubt suffer with referees as a result. The media frenzy will be ridiculous as it always is when an Arsenal player takes a tumble.

Have we stopped talking about Pires yet?

Other positives were the defence. There were only two dodgy moments, one from Thomas and one from a handball in the box from Mertesacker. Outside that, the midfield did a really good job protecting the back 4. I thought Arteta had a very solid game and his cool head under pressure for both penalties was impressive. He’s the real leader of Arsenal. A clean sheet… nice one.

My other thoughts about today centred around Giroud, now, forgetting the sulky behaviour, I wonder if he’s enough for this Arsenal side? I like him. He is definitely a plan b striker. The sort we could have done with last year. Is he a number one? Does he offer enough to merit being a lead man in our system? Would I prefer him over Adebayor (once with all the nasty bits chipped away)? It’s a tough question. He would certainly look better playing alongside someone. He could make Theo a superstar, but that would involve Wenger conceding we perhaps don’t have the players for our current set up. He’s a good player. Is he every going to be a great player? He could be. I just feel a little underwhelmed with him at the moment. It’s hard to make your mark on this league without explosive pace or power.

I think one thing is for sure, we need a Diaby this winter window. We miss someone with pace in the middle. We miss a power house who can turn and lose 2 men in one slick move. That man will never be Diaby over a season. So we need to act sharp and bring in someone who can give us the same. A big ask, but that’s why we have a scouting network and a manager paid to find players like that.

This story finishes with a start. We need to build a run from here. Points, wins and guts is the only answer to the questions we’ve asked of the players and the management this season.


If there is anything factually wrong in the above, it’s because I don’t get replays and I don’t watch match of the day in the evenings. It’s difficult to take notes when you’re in the heat of a game.

Christmas cards anyone?

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  1. Arsenal1886-2006

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we never see Theo start in an Arsenal shirt again, wenger is without doubt the most vindictive and manipulative person in the long history of our club. I hope he signs for Liverpool and scores a few goals that takes them into the top 4 and champions league.
    At the end of the season wenger could well be responsible for handing Utd the title and Liverpool ‘our’ 4th place trophy.

    But I guess we will make a healthy profit so all will be well.

  2. gambon


    What the fuck are you talking about.

    We just signed a £150m deal with Emirates. Doesnt it make you proud?

    You fool, it makes Tom Fox proud. Winning doesnt matter.

  3. gambon

    So RVP scored the winning goal today? Who gives a shit, yeah UTD are now huge favourites for the title.

    However they wasted all their profit on RVP & Kagawa. We kept ours in the bank.

    The jokes on Utd!

  4. salparadisenyc

    Winning is so 2004.
    Were MODERN we don’t have to win we’ll dazzle you with our S.S Model. Not too mention the meat pie is so pleasant at the Emirates; really a piece of heaven.

  5. Arsenal1886-2006


    I agree with what the club is doing. I am proud that we can lift people like Kroenke, Gazidis and wenger out of the poverty trap that they had fallen into, I am also proud that PHW is receiving the best medical treatment that our fans money can provide.
    Trophies are for glory hunters and arsene haters. After all, what is Arsenal without arsene?

  6. GUNNER786


    Alex Ferguson wants his £24 million quid back. He told the BBC he would rather have the money in the bank earning interest than being top of the EPL by six points.

    Ferguson also said he would love to finish forth every season just like his idol Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

  7. Jamal

    Falcao scored 5 goals earlier. Atletico won 6-0… But we dont need a star like him because Wenger doesnt buy stars, he makes them

    Fucking CUNT !

  8. Samir

    Llorente 8M
    Falcao 35M
    Fellaini 20M
    Hummels 20M
    Reina 12M

    Could easily be done…We have the money….But no ambition.


  9. Ché C Cheriton

    I tell you what though, Pedro is right. I’ve hardly noticed that RVP left for a domestic rival. Giroud has made it look seamless the way he has been banging in the goal.

    N1 Wenger

  10. salparadisenyc

    Messi got more class in his laces than foxy fistfull of gitanes we got up front.
    Diego you never dreamed this good.

  11. gambon

    Wenger wouldnt sign Messi for £30m, no way

    He would however sign a young, french african with zero technique who cant kick a ball properly for £12m.

    Oh hes already done that.

  12. Pedro

    Jamal, it’s pathetic to suggest boycotting your club as an option.

    Totally embarrassing to read.

    You should be ashamed of a suggestion like that. The cowards way out.

  13. Matt

    Pedro, just out of interest, what would the club have to do for you to boycott, or are you saying you never would no matter what?

  14. goonerboy

    Arsenal talk endlessly about “business”-but we are so crap at it-as if Gazidis-a fucking lawyer knows how to run business-hes a fucking lawyer-an administrator-his business is bullshit.

    Selling RVP to United for 24m will go down as the biggest act of generosity towards a rival in Arsenal’s history. He’s not injury prone as many AKB mugs claimed- hes not had a major injury for 2 seasons. He’s the best player in the EPL this year- as he was last- he has got to be worth a minimum of 10m more than we got for him. The reason many goners don’t care how much we received-is because even if had received 50m-the club would not spend it on a top level player.

    So hes 29-this is a deal which will guarantee a good but not outstanding United side championships for the next 3 seasons.

    Selling him to United for a paltry 24m- “because he wanted to go there”-from a business point of view-was just an act of negligence -its so incompetent. The next act of incompetence will see Walcott go to Liverpool where he will flourish under a good manager.
    People should realise that Arsenal FC-once the invincibles now rely on the favour of refs to beat such heavyweights as West Brom at home-we have gone from being the invincibles-to the incompetents in just a few short seasons.

  15. Bade

    So how many WC has Messi won?

    So how many many goals has Messi scored in 3 WC he’s taken part of? 1. Yeo, ONE GOAL the “best ever player” has scored in 3 WC …..

    Yeh, sure. Best ever player in FM ….

  16. salparadisenyc

    Arsene I know your sneaking a look at your favorite blog whilst sipping your red from your very own personal vineyard in Bordeaux. Must say I like the idea, the 04 invincibles vintage gee I bet its bold resilient and packs a mean punch on the finish.
    Out of curiosity what you going to call the 2013 vintage..
    The rat pack?
    Spend, start with Fellaini he’s an animal your marketing team will cream their pants… the check out this Cavani chap.

  17. gambon

    Agreed Thomas, that would be fantastic business

    Fellaini replaces diabyolical, Cabaye replaces Ramshit, Baines replaces that fat brazilian, and a world class striker.

  18. Bade


    Don’t be fool. Until 1995 non-European players couldn’t be picked for that prize. It was restricted only to European players at European clubs

  19. TOLI83

    The common denominator is Fellaini between all the fans it seems.

    He would make such a difference in our tiny but talented midfield… Wonder how he would get on playing without tactics though.

  20. Bade


    So you compare Messi with a massive Barca squad, probably their best ever & one of the best ever teams to play the game, to Maradona who took an Argentinian squad who’s as shameful as Arsenal of late to one WC win & another WF final?


    One goal in three WC tournaments.

    That’s how really Messi is good

  21. Bade

    So Messi needed 65 games this “Calendar year” to score 86 goals. Muller scored 85 goals in 62 games

    Messi couldn’t match the same efficiency

  22. Thomas

    Bade @

    LOOOOOOL you judge Messi based upon his scoring in the World cups?


    La Liga: 2004–05, 2005–06, 2008–09, 2009–10, 2010–11; Runner-up 2006–07, 2007–08, 2011–12
    Copa del Rey: 2008–09, 2011–12; Runner-up 2010–11
    Supercopa de España: 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011; Runner-up 2012
    UEFA Champions League: 2005–06, 2008–09, 2010–11
    UEFA Super Cup: 2009, 2011; Runner-up 2006
    FIFA Club World Cup: 2009, 2011


    Olympic Gold Medal: 2008
    FIFA U-20 World Cup: 2005

    Runner Up:

    Copa America: 2007

    Third Place:

    U20 South American Youth Championship: 2005


    FIFA Ballon d’Or (2): 2010, 2011. Created in 2010.
    Ballon d’Or (1): 2009. Ceased to exist in 2009.
    FIFA World Player of the Year (1): 2009. Ceased to exist in 2009.
    World Soccer Player of the Year (2): 2009, 2011.
    World Soccer Young Player of the Year (3): 2006, 2007, 2008.
    ESM Team of the Year (6): 2005–06, 2007–08, 2008–09, 2009–10, 2010–11, 2011-12.
    European Golden Shoe (2): 2010, 2012.
    Pichichi Trophy (2): 2010, 2012.
    La Liga Player of the Year (3): 2009, 2010, 2011.
    LFP Best Player (4): 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.
    LFP Best Forward (4): 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.
    La Liga Foreign Player of the Year (3): 2007, 2009, 2010. Ceased to exist in 2010.
    La Liga Ibero-American Player of the Year (5): 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.
    UEFA Champions League Top Goalscorer (4): 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.
    UEFA Best Player in Europe Award (1): 2011. Created in 2011.
    UEFA Club Footballer of the Year (1): 2009. Ceased to exist in 2010.
    UEFA Champions League Forward of the Year (1): 2009. Ceased to exist in 2010.
    UEFA Champions League Final Man of the Match (1): 2011.
    UEFA Team of the Year (4): 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.
    Onze d’Or (3): 2009, 2011, 2012. No winner in 2010.
    Bravo Award (1): 2007.
    European Golden Boy (1): 2005.
    FIFA Club World Cup Golden Ball (2): 2009, 2011.
    FIFA U-20 World Cup Player of the Tournament (1): 2005.
    FIFA U-20 World Cup top goalscorer (1): 2005.
    Copa América Young Player of the Tournament (1): 2007.
    FIFPro World Young Player of the Year (3): 2006, 2007, 2008.
    FIFA/FIFPro World XI (5): 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.
    Sportsperson of the Year of Argentina (1): 2011.
    Footballer of the Year of Argentina (6): 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.
    Male Best Athlete in Latin America (1): 2011.
    Marca Leyenda (1): 2009.
    L’Équipe Champion of Champions (1): 2011
    IFFHS World’s Top Goal Scorer (1): 2011.[255]
    Best International Athlete ESPY Award (1): 2012.


    Most goals scored in a season (club and national team): 82 goals
    Most goals scored in a season (only club): 73 goals
    Most goals scored in a calendar year (only club): 72 goals (shared with Gerd Müller)
    Most goals scored in FIFA Club World Cup: 4 goals (held jointly with Denilson)


    Most goals scored in a European Cup season: 14 goals (held jointly with José Altafini)
    Most European Cup top scorer awards: 4 awards (shared with Gerd Müller)
    Highest scorer in a European Cup game: 5 goals (held jointly with ten other players)


    Most goals scored in a year in the national team: 12 goals (shared with Batistuta)


    Most goals scored in La Liga in a season: 50 goals
    Most La Liga hat-tricks in a season: 8 hat-tricks
    Most goals scored in the Supercopa de España: 10 goals
    Most consecutive La Liga matches scored in: 10 matches (shared with Ronaldo and Mariano Martín)


    Top goalscorer in official competitions: 281 goals
    Record Goalscorer in UEFA Champions League: 56 goals
    Record Goalscorer in European Competitions: 57 goals
    Record Goalscorer in international Competitions: 61 goals
    Most La Liga hat-tricks overall: 15
    Most all competitions hat-tricks overall: 21

  23. Bade


    Are you on heavy LSD or something?

    You cracked me up

    I know many of you like to suck up Messi’s little fella, but let me sign out with this nice You-tube that is the best ever evidence of the real difference between Maradona & Messi

    The same scored an unbelievably identical goal where each cut off through the whole defence. But while Messi does it against Getafe in the Copa Del Rey semi final (where his team was dumped put after losing in the away match 4-0), Maradona scored the same goal 20+ years before, against England in the 86 Mexico WC competition, where he tool Argentina eventually to win their 2nd WC

    You all should watch this incredible comparison video

  24. gambon

    Dont you love it how all the re-tards that wank over their Messi posters can only EVER mention world cup 1986.

    As i said to some doughnut the other day, do you also think Angelos Charisteas is one of the best players ever?

  25. gambon

    Maradona also used to cover about 3km per game.

    Lets see if he can cover 12km and still score even 10 goals per season, the fat little cunt.

  26. salparadiseNYC

    TOLI83December 9, 2012 21:48:17

    Agreed Fellaini is it.. steely, physical and takes his chances we’ll.
    Falcao is in Neymar territory money wise, guess will have to let that dream go… Cavani very very good option and that should just be the start.

    I’ll say it again Diego M never dreamed so good.
    Messi 86 in a calendar year.. incredible!!!!

  27. Leedsgunner

    I see RvP got the Scum another winner today. Erm, someone remind me (when we have the likes of Squillaci, Djourou, Chamakh, Arshavin and Denilson on our books and still leeching wages (over 200k per WEEK)) why we sold Robin to our rivals again? Sure they paid us 22m plus for his services but with Robin the form of his life, is surely winning them the title this year. Erm, let me have a wild guess I wonder if the Scum do win the title this year whether they will make more than Robin’s transfer fee in sponsors queuing to be associated with their winning brand…

    Honestly what was the club thinking in selling RvP to our fiercest rivals? Oh yeah, forgot we’re conquering the world via the sustainable business model and the trusty sword of financial fair play. Silly me, how could I forget?!

  28. Doublegooner

    Wenger should feel sick watching RVP.

    I think Pedro said something like earlier this week,
    ‘Grade A players want to play with other Grade A players not a whole lot of Grade B’s’

    Thats why Wenger owes it to Wilshire to stop buying more & more shite & quality.

    Personally I hope Wenger spends nothing & leaves.

  29. Arsene's Nurse

    gambon December 9, 2012 23:02:33

    Wasnt Michael Owen on tonight?
    Michael who?

  30. Gunner2301

    Did you see Jelavic celebrating his goal with Moyes all the staff and the bench? When last did you see that at Arsenal? And Wenger wants to talk to us about togetherness? The players probably despise him as much as us.

  31. home and away

    Just read all Gambons bollocks about Maradona typical Sky fan rubbish like football only started in the 90’s

    Maradona played at a time when defenders were allowed to try and put you out of the game – Messi would have lasted about 5 mins

    Maradona won the Italian title when they had a league with all the best players in the world in it – he dragged Napoli to the title almost single handed – to compare Messi joins Westham next year and wins the title ?

    Lastly if Maradona played in this current Barca side he would probably score 100 goals –

    Even Messi will tell you Maradona is the best that ever played

  32. Cesc Appeal

    Graham Poll – Santi Cazorla most blatant dive of the season.

    Didn’t watch Tottenham vs Aston Villa then did you Graham?

  33. gambon

    Lol, home & away spouting the typical absolute bollocks that pro Maradona cunts come out with.

    So, basically players were hacked left, right & centre….so where were all the broken legs?

    How did Arsenal used to get through the 1989 season with a 17 man squad??

    Oh dear, that one stumped ya didnt it?!!

  34. Cesc Appeal

    Franck Mclintock getting it right on TalkSport.

    Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger are the power three at Arsenal, everyone else is impotent.

    Kroenke – has all the shares (bar Usmanov and a few kicking around)

    Gazidis – has all the money and makes sure there’s plenty for Stan

    Wenger – has all the power

    Nothing will change until all three are gone. And Usmanov buying out and getting rid of one will see the rest go.

    There’s no way he’ll suffer an amateur like Gazidis and Wenger will walk or face being a hypocrite.

    Kroenke has a history of mid-table, profit making clubs in the US, he comes on the scene and who gets appointed CEO?

    The former deputy commissioner of the MLS Ivan Gazidis??? Shock Horror! Look at that.

    Suddenly, Arsenal adopt an American franchise model of business and start converting their club to Stan’s model, no massive value assets drawing huge wages, lush amounts of cash in the bank and no big money signings.

    Eventually reaching a squad level that consistently produces Europa league or occasional UCL status.

    If UEFA does the 6 team UCL thing they are in heaven because they can stay exactly as they are and trim the wage bill by £20-30 Million a year for Stan and bonuses.

    Our club is being bled, we are being bled. This has been years in the making and they’ve blinded us using our loyalty and love for the team, false horizons like Project youth kept us tantalized, tastes of almost glory like the UCL Final and CC Finals made us believe that one day…maybe.

    Now they don’t need us.

    The extra £70 Million a year once the new commercials are in place means they can afford to lose a huge chunk of the fan base…us. And just plump for the Liberal middle class who sit quietly in the ground and of course, the Emirates tourists.

    That is Arsenal post 2014 – look forward to it.

  35. Dannyboy

    Commented earlier on about the fickle nature of some of our fans, but there were some at the Emirates yesterday really taking the piss, started up the old ‘There’s only one Arsene Wenger’ chants after the 2nd penalty went in, I was in row 2 and there were about 6 of them a couple rows back, and after a few verses the condemning glares they got from the people around them just completely shut them up…
    But you can guarantee if we lose to Reading next weekend, the same fans will be back on the ‘Wenger out’ bandwagon quicker than you can say ‘we showed gweat spiwit and qwalideeee’ so you you’ve really got to ask, how far does it have to get before the majority of fans turn against him? And won’t just flip flop after 1 win.

  36. bazza

    I’ve been reading the comments about Maradona vs Messi with amusement. Why do any of you think that the number of gongs won has any bearing on who was the better player?
    If you had watched Maradona play you would realise that he was a great player but frankly he wasn’t even in the same league as Messi on almost every level. Messi has more skill, better stamina and far greater consistency – no contest

  37. Josip Skoblar

    Messi beat Mueller’s 40-year record tonight! What a great striker Gerd Mueller was. He broke my heart when he scored the second goal against Holland in 1974. I wanted the Dutch to win the WC because they were one of the most entertaining teams I have ever seen and also because they had Crujff, one of the very best players in the whole history of the game.

  38. SDE

    PedroDecember 9, 2012 20:44:52
    Jamal, it’s pathetic to suggest boycotting your club as an option.Totally embarrassing to read.You should be ashamed of a suggestion like that. The cowards way out.

    Another corker from Pedro today..

    So every fan should just turn up,surrender their hard-earned money against the back drop of austerity measures & in economic lean times & shut the fornicating hell up.Sit,watch & clap like performing seals..!!

    So which is the Coward’s way..?

    A) Boycotting the Club?
    B) Continuing to support your Club,regardless&STFU?

    Classic.. It’s up there with the PHW’s & OGL idiotic statements of the year..
    To paraphrase some of the classic comments over the seasons..

    PHW” A few mindless idiots wanted Wenger gone during 2011/12,they know nothing about football.He’s done a marvelous job & there’s a contract awaiting his signature.We hope OGL signs it..”

    OGL”4th is a trophy”

    OGL”The away fans that left after halftime against Reading,are not true/real fans..It is the fans that stayed to the end,that are the real fans”

    PHW”Thank you for your interest in our affairs”

    IG”We don’t buy superstars,we make them”

    & Now Pedders collectible item..
    “Jamal, it’s pathetic to suggest boycotting your club as an option.
    Totally embarrassing to read.You should be ashamed of a suggestion like that. The cowards way out.”

    Oh well..Another week,another corker,another sigh…!!

  39. El Tel


    You argue against those who actually attend matches. Please tell, when was the last time you actually went to watch Arsenal live?

    If you think you have a right to moan about the cost then at least attand a game otherwise shut the fuck up.

  40. El Tel

    I agree that Messi is better than Maradona but there would be no Messi or any other Argentine superstars without Marradona.

    They were a thug team before He came along.

  41. El Tel

    AKB’s are mugs those who don’t boycott are mugs anyone who doesn’t agree with Gammon and STD are mugs.

    Imposters trying to get inside the Arsenal and fuck us over. You are not Arsenal fans at all. You have no love for the Club just pure hatred.

    Truth hurts though for you tossers doesn’t it. The Club have plenty of people ready to come and support when the glory hunters fuck off. We have pleanty of Poeople who attend the League Cup games who will always be there waiting their chance.

    We were asked to stay back last Saturday as a protest against Wenger and Co. Was planned for block 31. You know what happened?

    Jack shit, thats what. We didn’t get held back as it didn’t happen. Some people are all mouth.

    I still want Wenger out and I always want us to win but wanting to hurt this great Club is not an option to true Arsenal fans.

    I read the comments today from Manc lovers creaming their pants because they won and that shit cunt scored a free kick. Shame that same cunt didn’t score more free kicks for us., he had a stinking record from them.

    Lets hope He carries on his dynamic form as I don’t give a fuck. Funny thing is he went there because he wanted better players around him. Well where are they then as apart from the fat pikey they are fucking shit.

    Glad Citeh lost as our unbeaten record lasts another year. The Spuds also done us proud today by reverting back to normal after going on an unusaul unbeaten run.

    Funny but did Everton only beat them because they were tired after playing a game the other night? Suppose it would be ok for them to moan about wouldn’t it.

  42. El Tel

    You probably think I am crazy for calling the league leaders shit.

    Well they are apart from a couple of decent strikers.

    Apparently they would be 13th if it wasn’t for the Dutch cunts goals.

    They leak goals just like we did last season when he was on his glory trail. Sure he scores lots but they let in lots too and if he goes on a barren run they will be fucked.

  43. Lee Pace

    Without Fergie, most of Manu’s players are average. Unlike Wenger, Fergie can make an average squad a superior squad filling them with a winners mentality.

    I truly believe if Van Persie was still with us he would not be performing the way he is at Man utd.

  44. SDE

    EL Tel

    “AKB’s are mugs those who don’t boycott are mugs anyone who doesn’t agree with Gammon and STD are mugs. Imposters trying to get inside the Arsenal and fuck us over. You are not Arsenal fans at all. You have no love for the Club just pure hatred.”

    Yep that’s right..& anyone that disagrees with Pedro is either not a fan,or knows nothing..

    Boycotting games=Cowardice according to Pedro..

    Funny you say the same things as Pedro does & wobbly all over the place a fair bit too..

    Have a good night sir…

    I hope your back is not too stiff,from all that bending you do every Saturday,in OGL’s oak-paneled office on pre-match days..

  45. SDE

    EL Tel

    “You probably think I am crazy for calling the league leaders shit.

    Well they are apart from a couple of decent strikers.

    Apparently they would be 13th if it wasn’t for the Dutch cunts goals.”


    El TelDecember 10, 2012 02:02:05

    “You probably think I am crazy for calling the league leaders shit. ”

    So what does that make us then..?

    Uber Shit..??!!

    “Apparently they would be 13th if it wasn’t for the Dutch cunts goals.”

    Who sold him?
    El TelDecember 10, 2012 01:57:54

    “I read the comments today from Manc lovers creaming their pants because they won and that shit cunt scored a free kick

    “Lets hope He carries on his dynamic form as I don’t give a fuck. Funny thing is he went there because he wanted better players around him. Well where are they then as apart from the fat pikey they are fucking shit.

    Glad Citeh lost as our unbeaten record lasts another year. The Spuds also done us proud today by reverting back to normal after going on an unusaul unbeaten run.”

    Why the fixation with Man Utd & other teams(Man City & Spurs)?
    & not with the problems that fester at your own doorstep..?

    Admit,you are hurting,just as much as the next fan.& are looking for a convenient scapegoat,to aim your vitriol at..!!

  46. Dan Ahern

    Good evening/morning LG, check out this replay of the Cazorla “dive”:

    Watch his toes/foot flick back after swiping through. It was super light of course, but I believe Santi when he says there was contact. Definitely looks like he got raked by studs there.

    P.S. Messi is 25 and a demigod. If you don’t think he’s the best player ever, that’s fine, but get ready to try sticking to your argument for years to come.

  47. SDE

    Excerpt from Giroud….

    Olivier Giroud has admitted he may have joined Arsenal at the wrong time, with the club experiencing their worst start to the season for 18 years and selling ‘some of the best players every two or three years’.

    The 26-year-old striker, who has scored seven goals in 22 games since his £12million move from Montpellier last summer, said Arsenal do not create enough chances and are guilty of over-playing the ball in front of goal.

    ‘When you’re attacking, you hope for more crosses. It is not spontaneous enough when we are in positions to cross. I have talked with my team-mates about this. ”

    ‘Arsenal has the culture of the passing game, perhaps too much. I am not staking a claim to be the coach, but I am fortunate to be at a club where we can talk about such things.’

  48. Clay

    gambon Maradona is the best ever for me, for the simple fact that he took a rubbish Argentina team to world cup glory something Messi hasn’t done with a talented Argentina team and that not taking away what Messi has achieved and yet to achieve. Messi has played in a great team no doubt and it has aided him to an extent. To put it in a better way the Argentina team can lose Messi and they will still be not much difference but they lost Maradona in the 94 world cup and they have never been the same team (even with Messi in the team).