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Theo passed wind... or Thomas did.


The amount of buckets you'd need to deal with Robins wages in cash


JD and Chamakh... for once, demanding handouts from others


Morning Grovers, let’s start the post today with the good. The Arsenal Foundation, the charitable arm of the football club are using the game today to fund raise a shed load of cash to help transform young people’s lives.

So what are they doing? Well, firstly, everyone in the first team squad plus the manager,  is donating a days wages. I’d hope that extends to the rest of the highly paid execs, I’m sure it does. In total, that equates to about £400k… which is a good starting point. We’ll also be able to get involved, so if you’re heading up to the game today, make sure you raid your change jar before you roll up… there are going to be donation buckets heading around the church of Arsenal before the game. The match programme will also be donating 50pence of every sale.

The below is a bit about where the cash goes…

A donation of £70,000 has already seen Save the Children deliver its Eat, Sleep, Learn, Play! (ESLP!) and Families and Schools Together (FAST) programmes for the first time in Islington, improving the wellbeing of over 100 families in the local area. In addition, 15,000 children attending some of Beijing’s most disadvantaged schools will benefit from a £300,000 donation over three years to Save the Children to improve the quality of their education.

Arsenal in the Community, which engages more than 2,000 young people through its projects every week, has also benefited with donations towards many of its long-running programmes, as well as funding for local schools and the upgrade and refurbishment of local sports pitches in neighbouring boroughs.

Elsewhere, a donation to the Freedom from Torture Organisation has enabled Arsenal in the Community to deliver English as a Foreign Language sessions for individuals arriving in the UK that have been subjected to torture and other forms of organised violence.

For more information visit www.arsenal.com/thearsenalfoundation.

To make a donation, visit www.justgiving.com/thearsenalfoundation or text ‘AFCF12’ to 70070 along with the amount you would like to donate, e.g. £1.

You can’t argue with that. It’s nice that there’s a heavy empahsis on the local community as well as supporting causes outside the country. It’s initiatives like the above the remind me of why I love the club.

But let’s get one thing straight… it doesn’t put the football in perspective.

DONATE BIG people… as big as those capitalised letters you hear?

So first up on the newsdar today is the tale of Diame of West Ham. Their fans love him, he’s tough, he’s good on  the ball and he’s been one of their best players this term. West Ham landed him from Wigan on a free transfer and according to David Gold, “Diame does have a release clause in his three year contract. He joined us from Wigan on a free transfer’… so that means we might be able to pick him up on the cheap. Apparently, the reason none of the big clubs have gone near him is because he has a heart problem. That’s not stopped us in the past, ‘he’s big, he’s black, he’s had a heart attack…’ was a familiar song from the late nineties. We’ll see, could just be agent talk trying to get him a move off the back of the Chelsea result. Oli, the West Ham guest blogger gave me this comment…

‘He’s like a Carlton Cole (in a good way) in the centre of the park. He can hold of three players, he’s deceptively quick and he can finish… and he takes players on for fun. But… sometimes he turns up and he tries to take on players and it doesn’t work. He needs to learn discipline’

Myles Palmer reckons the reason Theo won’t sign a new deal is down to the Top 4 clause we’re putting in players contracts. If we are actually doing that, it’s not surprise a team sitting in tenth can’t get hot property to sign up to a new 4 year deal. It really is a no brainer for him. Go to City where they’d never put such a clause in. Surely the point of being an elite club is that you don’t put clauses like that in deals? Aren’t you just inviting trouble? If you give your whole squad a pay cut when you finish in 5th, you demotivate everyone and spark an exodus. If we drop out of the top 4 this season, what’s going to happen? A quick fire sale? Or are we going to get in a new manager and invest properly?

Really confusing. I’d say the reason Theo won’t sign is down to footballing reasons and the fact we tried to flog him in the summer. This scenario has all the hallmarks of the Flamini situation. I can see him slinking off… it’s a shame, I won’t cry about it like I did when we lost Cesc, but I will be upset that we’ll have lost our customary two players pretty much before the summer arrives.

I saw this on The Football Ramble


That is a real poster.

Alisher Usmanov has been re-elected president of the International Fencing Federation.

What? It’s a slow news day.

Injury news is not looking good. Koscielny, Sagna, Walcott and Podolski are out for today. Santos is also out. Which is code for, ‘he’s a really poor player and I won’t be playing him again’. The back four should be solid, Mert, Vermaelen, Jenks and Gibbs. The back four that started the year. We need 100% concentration because today is all about kick starting our charge for 3rd by Janaury. All the talk from Arteta, Vermaelen and Giroud has to convert into points and a great performance. WBA are not a good team. We should take them to town. We have rested players. No one should be jaded, so let’s have no excuses today.

The team need to press, they need to move for each other and they need to be bold. Have a shot, go for the killer pass… be adventurous! The crowd need to have something to cheer. We love nothing more than seeing Arsenal ping the ball around in arrogant fashion!

Finally, if you were getting excited about us splashing big, read on…

“I have big respect for the passion about the game in England,”

“But football is more than just splashing out. It’s much deeper, much bigger than that.

“It’s about sweat, thinking, working hard. You have a big tradition of that in England. I believe the pride of this country historically is built on that. It’s what makes this football strong and interesting.

“If you go to Nottingham Forest they have won the league. If you go to Aston Villa they have won the league. That means historically this country has always been about effort and thoughtful thinking about the game.

“I am scared that all these qualities today have less importance in the game.”

Wenger, the only solution you haven’t tried is spending. It’s what Chelsea, United and City all have in common. It’s what Barcelona and Madrid have done for years. It’s what both Milan clubs have done historically. It’s not a guarantee of success, but it’s a huge factor in a achieving it. Stop trying to bend the realities of investment.

Anyway, I’m going over old ground here.

Have a great day today, tear the roof off with noise and donate big!

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  1. useroz

    Gerv should fuck off with wenger; he’s not far from ramsey. Another rubbish air shot from 4 yards…

    Any physically so weak he got bumped everytime he’s caressed. ..

  2. useroz

    AFc is so deep in the shit Wenger didn’t even smile when we became 2 nil up…he knew it”s never sure with his team.

  3. NoMoreCesc

    Wow, the ref’s in our pocket today! No dive there but there was definitely a foul by Ox in the build up. But we are dominating to be fair and Gervinho should have score 3 by now.

  4. Paulinho

    Wenger after the match:

    “Well er, I believe we were very serious today, and the focus was there from the first minute to last. Overall I believe the signs are encouraging”.

  5. NoMoreCesc

    Gerv would be amazing
    Down the pitch he’s always blazing
    If he only had a brain
    He’d score so many goals for us
    Over him we’d make such a fuss
    If he only had a brain

  6. NoMoreCesc

    Podolski misses an absolute sitter blazing over from 5 yards out.

    The commentators have been banging on about 3 match bans for diving. I guess that would mean Bale and Ashley Young would play 9 games all season!

  7. kapslock

    Jack is different class, so good to have him back. Arteta’s though he scored his 2 prems not really doing much. Very much sideways/backwards passing. I know he’s asked to sit but I think he could contribute a bit more.

  8. arsenesabemejor

    Wow we have supposedly Arsenal fans who arent even happy when we win, could be worse you could be at the ground adding to the lack of atmosphere

  9. SUGA3

    Gervinho was ‘cheered’ off, perhaps it will have the Eboue effect on him and he’ll get his shit together, just in time for the vuvuzela cup?

    if he was not sooooo shit, I would play him in every game, who knows, he might even not make the vuvuzela cup?

  10. kwik fit

    It’s lovely to have a clean sheet for a change.
    No Zonal marking either, nice change. Lets kick on from here.
    Add a couple in Jan and who knows.

    RAFA OUT!!!

  11. arsenesabemejor

    A Pollack walked into a bar with a duck under his arm. The bartender saw them and said, “Hey, what are you doing bringing that pig in here?” The Pollack answered, “That’s not a pig; it’s a duck.” And the bartender replied, “I was talking to the duck!”

  12. arsenesabemejor

    How do you know when a Pollack has been in your back yard?
    Your garbage is gone and your dog is pregnant.

  13. Gooner Voice

    So arsenesarselicker a.k.a arsenesabemejor has come back from Wankers arse talking about how great the manager is.No surprises there

  14. SDE

    1 win,followed by a couple of draws,followed by some losses,followed by some wins…The white knuckle ride,has begun in earnest,without many fans already acknowledging they are on it…

    Pay up,pay up..For the freaky white knuckle Arsene/Arsenal Ride..£1.5K plus for the fairground attraction ride..You won’t be disappointed..

    You’ll have your highs & your lows ..

    But what is guaranteed is that you will certainly have a vomit inducing ride along the way…

    You pays your money,you take’s your choice..!!

    Roll up,Roll up..£1.5K a ticket!!

  15. SDE

    incescDecember 8, 2012 16:41:18
    really not interested in this team, gotta sayfirst time ever ive not been interested in arsenalhope the club buy some players at xmas


    What happened..?Reality suddenly smashed you in the face…?!!

    Better late than never..hey.??!!

  16. Jeff

    Well done to the boys for a deserved win. I thought Wilshere was our outstanding player today but Gervinho was dire as usual. The rest did well enough to earn us the 3 points.

    I would have much preferred it if we were in second place and playing to go top but we all know this isn’t the team that is going to do it in this or the next season so we’re looking at fourth yet again which is still by no means a certainty but what is certain is that fourth ensures that the status quo goes on for at least one more season.

  17. Pedro

    SDE, it’s so refreshing to have someone on the site who was the first to call this whole Wenger crumbling thing.

    Seriously, none of us realised until you pointed it out.


  18. Pedro

    SDE, this site is the original realist site.

    Asking incesc, someone who’s blogged on here for the best part of 4 years if he’s aware of the realities of our situation is ridiculous.

    First half was shit, second was much better. You?

  19. SDE

    I’ll get back to you with a much more objective assessment..

    Once,I’m able to detach myself emotionally..!!

    “Detached” being the operative word here…

  20. Lee Pace

    Today pretty much proves the phrase, Nice guys finish last.

    The players in this current Arsenal squad are too nice and always finish last , get the piss taken out of them and always laughed at.

    Notice how this ref is not being blasted for his calls?

    Viera was a dirty player but also winner, Man u are filled with dirty players and are winners.

    Fergie would never allow a post match interviewer to persistently go on about one of his players diving. He’d stick his finger up, deny the dive and tell the interviewer to blow him, all he cares about is getting the 3 points whether clean or dirty.

    Until Fifa implement a severe punishment for blatant diving to discourrage it, (even if the ref awards a penalty) then sadly it will continue to be a case of, hate it when it’s awarded against you, love it when it’s awarded to you.

    Cazorla’s now a Villain while Bale, Rooney are media sweethearts even with their continuous diving and awarded penalties, the media hate us and there’s nothing we can do about it. If we’d beaten WBA convincingly in open play the tabloids would say,” LUCKY ARSENAL WIN AT HOME” or ”UNLUCKY WEST BROM LOSE AWAY” so don’t feel guilty or angry at Cazorla, today, a rare bad decision went our way, which is why everyone’s making noise.

    Adeybayor’s challenge on Cazorla got attention but we got more negative attention, could only beat 10 man spurs. UTD beat 9 man Chelsea and Man u get no flack after what looked like a chelsea comeback, Fergie just laughed, you think he felt guilty? Fuck no!

    I’m sick of our players being pushed around, getting fouled and never being awarded a simple free kick but getting a yellow for the tiniest challenge. That probably explains why we are so timid around our box. Remember how long it took Balotelli to get sent off after almost breaking Song’s leg in half?

    I hope we don’t make a habit of this but today proved that for 3 points, sometimes you have to play dirty, Fergie plays dirty all the time ( beginning of this season) contributing to Man u’s current table position. Of course it having a Howard Webb up your sleeve helps a lot.

    Without that penalty this game would probably have been a draw and the pundits would be doing saying the usual,” Same old Arsenal”.

  21. kwik fit

    Jack played a blinder today and doesn’t Rosicky like a tackle. Thomas if he stays fit could be a very important cog in the wheel. He could take a bit of pressure from Santi.
    We are really lacking up top. We need a couple of striker’s in Jan

  22. tippitappi

    even a good run and I saw not much today to convince me that will happen will require some decent additions in January or nothing will change .And although I think West Brom will trail off a bit at the moment Arsenal are no better than them at least we do have the capacity to change the situation its just the board and wenger never want to

  23. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Don’t rise to the bait Pedro, yourself and Geoff do a great job and are fully appreciated by the majority.

    I thought jack was fantastic today, he gave us a bit of drive in the midfield and could well have scored on a couple of occasions.

  24. Arsenal1886-2006

    Don’t rise to the bait Pedro, yourself and Geoff do a great job and are fully appreciated by the majority.

    I thought jack was fantastic today, he gave us a bit of drive in the midfield and could well have scored on a couple of occasions.

  25. kwik fit

    Just seen the Cazorla incident. That was NO dive. Cazorla fell because he was anticipating a heavy contact from the defender. The defender was lucky to stay on the pitch IMO. The ref was spot on.

  26. Demon

    Podolskis such a cunt for being soo one footed…if that chance was presented to him while were drawing then we would be screwed.

    433 need its two wingers 2 be able to cut in and wack a few in ala ashley young but no! Wenger decides to use two wingers in the pod and theo who cant cut in meaning me should really and truly play a 442 formation.

  27. SUGA3

    Podolski looked less than comfortable like he was carrying that rumoured injury, not quite at full speed, but agreed, the miss was shocking…


    the funny thing is that it is Olsson who appears to be trying to make himself look bigger 😆

  28. Bade

    The taste of a win when our goals shouldn’t have been counted …. Oh that feels tasty & gives you the desire of more of the same

    Let’s face it, two penalties that should have not been given, but fuck’em, we deserve a little bit of a treat

    It’s Christmas atmosphere

  29. Bade


    Podolski can use his right leg & even scored for us with his right!

    It was a bad miss because he tried to force it on his stronger leg instead of unleashing a shot on sight in his right. Bad judgement & execution

  30. Bade

    Not to mention we were saved when Per should have conceded us a penalty. What was he doing there? Funny enough though, he’s so tall the ref couldn’t raise his head high enough to see it 😆

  31. bazza

    Defense was sound today with Per completely in control. He is clearly our best central defender and I hope that Tommy is humble enough to learn from him. Our mid-field trio were dominant with Arteta having a great game and Jack beginning to hit top form. Corzola was a delight with lovely touches all over the pitch. We created 6 or 7 clear goal chances and on the balance of play should have won 4 or 5 nil. So what went wrong?
    We have no effective strike force. Gervinio is hopeless on a consistent basis and Podolski and Giroud are just squad players . The Ox needs to go on loan to a football playing team like Swansea for a season, he needs to come back to earth and start learning his trade.
    Our squad isn’t as bad as a lot of people make out. Rosicky can be rotated with Jack or Corzola and Francis can play the Arteta role well.
    Our problem is up front. assuming Walcott goes in January it will leave us naked. In my view we need two more strikers and two wide attackers

  32. Lee Pace

    Next EPL game,Reading away. I hope Wenger prioritizes using a strong squad on Tuesday’s CO cup 1/4 final game over the reading game. Would hate for us to underestimate Bradford and mess up.

  33. Bobby 7

    Didn’t see the first half so cant say anything about the first penalty, but i thought the second was a clear penalty, looked like there was definite contact. Doesn’t mean i’m an AKB though…..

  34. TOLI83

    From wher I was sat it looked like Giroud wanted to take second penalty and had disagreement with Arteta, then didn’t seem to celebrate his goal, anyone else notice this?

  35. Cesc Appeal


    Giroud certainly is a sulky Frenchman…I hate that tounge thing he does as well, does it when he scores, does it when someone else scores, does it when he misses, like Gene Simmons all the way out to his chin.

    So good looking, built like a brick shit house, makes £60 000 a week and has a tounge that can flex all the way to his chin…I bet his knee deep in ‘clunge’.

    But it still annoys me, staple it to his pallet.

    I though we looked better today, but that wasn’t really hard. Jack was excellent, like the player of 10/11 and that really is the difference between a player like that and Ramsey, permanent class not form.

    Everyone lets the Welshman off because he had that injury and i suspect because he’s British – Jack had 14 months out and face what many thought would be the end of his career…straight back in and flying now.

    Giroud was crap. Really awful.

    Gervinho was better – again not hard. Fluffs his lines when ever called upon though.

    Ox looked better, burst into runs a bit more and draws a lot of fouls from (readying the Bale excuse) just being too fast.

    Defence looked really, really shaky again.

    Wenger has a hard on for this Veratti guy from PSG apparently, we do need another creator , Rosicky will break again shortly and I suspect Jack will have a few niggles.

    I’d absolutely get Huntelaar/Llorente AND Lopez though – £20 Million for the pair and that really would solidify our striking options.

  36. Leedsgunner

    The phrase “by the skin of their teeth” comes to mind. When the team wins well I’m happy to say so but IMHO the win today was duly assisted by the 12th man on the pitch – esp for the first penalty anyway – and funny enough you didn’t hear Wenger moan about dodgy officiating today did we?

    Hypocrite. Papering over the cracks. Papering over the cracks.

  37. UGooner

    There was too much positivity everywhere else. Had to drop in here at LeGrove see how the whining Gooners getting along. Now that I’m sufficiently depressed, am off to smoke this joint.

  38. Cesc Appeal

    So Wenger is still shopping the £10 Million sort of area. From what I’ve read our main targets are:

    Henry (on loan) – done. Not happy.

    Gustavo – Bayern – £10 Million

    Huntelaar – FC Shalke – £6 Million

    Zaha – Crystal Palace – £6 Million

    Lampard – Chelsea – £Not a clue

    Don’t really know what to make of that – obviously if they all step up they’re alright enough, but we need a couple of star buys in Jan not some peripheral rubbish that will do alright to begin with then bomb and sit around on massive wages.

  39. sam


    here on Le moan you cannot win
    moaners wanted us to play like barca and we did
    our santi cazorla made sure of that. yes we were crap but we cheated to win.
    still nothing compare to ashley young last season

  40. sam

    hunterlaar is seconda rate, he scored against us because we are shit.
    we might as well buy michu, shame odemwhinge didn’t score he would have gone straight to your shopping basket.
    we don’t need hunterlaar, he’s old anyway

  41. Cesc Appeal


    You miss the point.

    Some players did well today, you’re favourite player in the world in particular was awesome today.

    But a better team would have done us over today, West Brom were shoddy, couldn’t string four passes together, hardly pressured our leaky defence at all.

    Results won’t effect the mood, a few wins and it won’t be ‘Oh isn’t everything great.

    The main problems are

    A) For a club that bangs on about money all the time and value and getting what you pay for they charge the highest prices in Europe and give nothing back. Maybe this is the way they think things are done? After all they give Diaby £60 000 a week for nothing, Djourou £55 000, Chamakh £65 000 and so on.

    B) The continual degradation of our squad and selling of our best players to rivals domestic and European.

    C) The fact that they never venture over the £15 Million for a player threshold and are reactive not ACTIVE in the transfer market. (Santi Cazorla was £12 Million not £16.5 Million).

    D) The fact that we have yet to smash the £100 000 a week barrier for worthy talent. Would you begrudge RVP £200 000 a week/ He currently has a better goal ratio that last year and had we been more ambitious and offered him more a week than £130 000 he probably would have stayed – I would have been over the moon.

    C) The fact that Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger say we can’t compete with City/Chelsea/United/Real/Barca/Bayern etc in transfer fees – yet our manager and CEO are the highest paid in the UK and more than likely the world.

    D) We have an ‘owner’ who during his first 12 months of stewardship has raised well over £100 Million in player sales!! On top of that he has reinvested nothing!

    E) On a week where we have £70 Million in transfer finds, a new £30 Million a year sponsorship deal Stan has bought a £80 Million ranch – some might call that fishy.

    A few dodgy wins won’t change that

  42. Keyser

    We weren’t that good today,d epending on how good you think this team should perform, we probably were at the same level as last week, except we ran ourelves into the ground and got caught on the break then.

    You’d probably have got a similar result this week, if Cazorla hadn’t have dived, was disappointed with West Brom, though they might not have the edge Swansea have and also maybe the line between us and these teams right now is thin enough to be decided by the ‘Smart’, ‘Crafty’, ‘Experienced’, ‘Cheating’,’Scummy little shit’, play from a technical midget like Cazorla.

    Arteta argued with Cazorla over who was to take free-kicks aswell, not sure whether reading the abject bollocks people used to come out with about how good he was has left me biased or that I see some trait of arrogance in him and his play.

    Suppose that’s what happens when you panic-buy players who’ve excelled in smaller teams and think they’re good enough to make it at the top.

    Vermaelen had another good game, think that’s 3-4 now, he’s easily been our best defender in those games. Apart from that same old same old, struggling to create chances, Poodolski really needs to sort out his chocolate leg.

  43. Goldinho

    Just watched 1 night in Turin
    Reminds me of the days down blackstock road when we were celebrating winning