Gut feel management is dead, that’s why we’re suffering | More thoughts on Swansea

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Morning Grovers, let’s crack straight in to today’s post, no light hearted quips about the weather.

A few points raised about the game at the weekend.

We’re heading into a new era of football. There are a number of reasons Wenger can’t cope at the moment, the biggest issue I fear is his age. That, combined with  his reluctance to embrace the future and the realities of football in 2012.

When he took over at Arsenal, he was the man who raised the bar in the Premier League. He understood the importance of fitness and technical ability. He changed the regime at Arsenal, he stopped alcoholics drinking, he gave the best players more money and he supplemented winners with more winners. The result? A strong team of experienced leaders that had the magical flair of a continental side.

What was Ferguson’s response? Change. He brought in Carlos Queiroz. What happened to Arsenal over the next few years? Nothing. Ferguson dominated. Arsene had two more great league wins after 1998, still with the core of experienced heads. Every time, they were marked with a change by Alex Ferguson. Every time Arsenal won the Premiership, there was a response. An acceptance change had to occur, be that backroom staff or players.

Now we’re in the post Mourinho era. There are no experienced winners in the side. The legacy of any winning team has disappeared because Wenger sold them all off. He didn’t keep anything in the changing room for a rainy day. He hasn’t changed his backroom team. There’s very little know how in the side we have at the moment. When I say ‘know how’, I mean people who have been here through the good times and the bad. People who lead in the dressing room. People who manage themselves.

So are the players the only reason we’re struggling? No. The other reason we’re not what we used to be and the other less spoken about reason the Premier League seems to be of a lower standard is because of the teams below. Back when Arsene rocked onto the scene, lower league teams couldn’t match the big teams for fitness. You would turn out against players who’d been on the p*ss the night before. If you didn’t destroy them with quality, you’d certainly destroy them with fitness.

There’s a new type of manager coming through. Managers like Michael Laudrup, Paul Lambert, Chris Hughton, Brendan Rodgers who all understand the game. They all understand the benefits of technology and they all run incredibly tight ships at their clubs. Rodgers and Lambert are at new clubs, but make no mistake about it, they both have great reputations in the game and Rodgers especially will get it right at Liverpool. That was his team we played at the weekend. They passed better than us, they fought harder than us and they thought harder than us.

All those teams are now as fit as Arsenal. There’s no advantage on that front. So there is where the problem lies. We don’t always have the quality to take out these sides, because the people managing them can make up for the  lack of quality with a tactical master plan. Arsenal were out smarted by a team with a £17million wage bill this weekend. The same happened at Villa and the same happened at Norwich. Teams know how to screw us. Man mark our three person midfield and force Mertesacker to do the passing. Then press our full backs, look what happened to Jenkinson. It kills out width and it kills out movement in the centre of the park. Is Arsene working on a plan to stop this killing our flow? Very doubtful. Is he asking his backroom team to address the issue? Again, doubtful.

I keept a close eye on the Presidential election. Social media marketing is my thing. Now, one of the biggest focuses for my area of business over the next year is big data. Every tweet you send, every status update you make, every comment you contribute to a blog could be insight around a brand or a passion point and it could be harvested into an insight. The brands who use that data most effectively over the next few years are going to give themselves a huge advantage over everyone else. In the months building up to the last election, President Obama recognised the need to collect all this data and make sense of it. He created a super database that mashed up online and offline data to help them accurately model where he needed to apportion budget. He won the election at a canter. The long and short of this is gut feeling is dead in marketing. Not totally, but we’re moving to a new age where creativity and decisions will all be underpinned by hard data.

Football is moving this way. Young managers get this. The days of having a feeling about how tired a player have been replaced by scientific certainty. Every single statistic about a team is logged, analysed and turned into something that can be used as an insight. But is it at Arsenal? I don’t believe so. We’re still living off the days of gut feel. Well, here’s a bit of gut feel for you. How many games has a 32 year old Arteta played so far this season? Nearly all of them to the tune of 90 minutes. How long is he going to last until he has a breakdown? Even if he stays fit, what about his mental fatigue? Wenger is still working off gut feel and that’s why he’s being outsmarted so reguarly.

Who at the club is going to challenge him on this? He’s a dictator. The club know this, which is why they should be using this down period to assess what’s going on. The players know how we operate isn’t right because they have friends who they talk to. That’s why all our stars leave. We don’t refresh our backroom staff. If Wenger had it his way, I’ve no doubt Pat Rice would have been tied down to a forever contract like Diaby. Wenger doesn’t want to be challenged, you can see that by his comments about his 1,600 games. Sure, you used to know the way to win, but things never stand still. Technology moves on, training regimes improve and the game evolves. Ferguson delegates tasks at United, he knows he doesn’t have all the answers so he trusts his experts. That’s why he’s survived. Arsene Wenger doesn’t delegate, he’s still manning the whistle at training.

Another example of something I’m sure we don’t do. AVB was the away scout at Chelsea under Mourinho, that would involve him going out to all of the teams they were about to play, analysing how they play and feeding this information back into the manager. He’d then help put a DVD together which would be given to the players. Who is our away day man? I’m pretty sure it’s Stuart Houston. Yeah, the caretaker manager from the George Graham days. No offense to the man, but what is he going to know about the modern game? What insight is he going to bring to the table? How many Stuart Houston DVD’s have been given to the players this season?

Then there’s the scouting network. What the hell has happened there over the past few years? Is it the case that once again we’ve been caught up? No. It’s the case that we’ve been beaten again. Look at the players we’ve brought in over the past few seasons. Hardly any of them are true rough diamond gems. Why are we missing out on so many good unknown players these days? Why are other teams with less resource doing to much better on that front. What did Michu cost Swansea? Why weren’t we in for Rangel this summer for £3million. He looked like a very  Arsenal like player. What about Cabaye, Tiote, Ba and Cisse?  Or the players at Everton like Mirallas, Oviedo and Fellaini. We’re being out played at our own game… and rough diamonds is most certainly our MO.

I’m not saying we should be landing them all, but we’re missing out on a serious amount of good players who would vastly improve our offering for a very low price. The problem with this type of management is that even if we do climb into third, we’re not addressing the issues at the club. Each year that passes contributes another £20million to the ‘what we’d have to spend to get back to the top’ pot. Theo leaving will be a hammer blow to our squad, not because he’s the greatest player on the planet, no, it’s because he’s one of the few players we have who can take the ball round players. We’re static and pedestrian at the moment. We don’t have the flair we should have in the squad.

This is why I’d opt for the young manager option. My first choice would be Guardiola, my second would be Jurgen Kloop. Pep would relish the job at Arsenal. Why people say he wouldn’t is a total mystery to me. He’d be on £7.5m a year. That doesn’t really matter though, Pep isn’t about money, he’s about the project.

Let’s look at what makes Arsenal appealing

  • Money: Some of the biggest deals in football are about to drop, plus he has £70m banked
  • Training facilities: We have some of the best in the world. Don’t doubt the pulling power of this factor
  • Stadium: Incredible stadium
  • Legacy: Arsenal are a big club. The 4th biggest in the world. We have a deep and rich history
  • Baseline: Take over from Ferguson and you’re taking over from a ‘now’ winner. Perhaps the greatest. Who’d go to Chelsea? City might be interesting but you’re on a time limit. At Arsenal you’re starting from a pretty low baseline. The only way is up. Nothing modern is being trialled.
  • Control: We have a history of giving autonomy to our managers. This is another huge pulling factor
  • Time: We’re about the long term with our managers. You know there won’t be any knee jerk reactions. He’ll be given time to impose himself on the brand.

All those above factors will ensure we get a manager of excellent pedigree. But you know what, I wouldn’t mind us picking up a manager who just had an excellent vision and a CV which showed they could do it, even at a small club.

This is the thing, do you want to sit and watch 5 more years of what we’ve been served up over the last 8? Or would you prefer to watch someone who had a passion for trying something new? I know what I want to see at the club. It’s a new project, it’s a new vision and that’s only going to happen with a young manager…

Let me know your thoughts in the comments…

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  1. Relieable sauce

    marxdrive December 3, 2012 13:02:47

    “He didn’t keep anything in the changing room for a rainy day. ”

    What a great sentence.

    He did!….a dvd of Moneyball

    I take it the Lampard story’s all BS then?

    Embarrassing how the media & other clubs perceive us now.

  2. bergkamp63


    “I take it the Lampard story’s all BS then?”

    Of course it is, our play is too slow for the likes of fat Frank !!

  3. Ric

    Radio RaheemDecember 3, 2012 14:44:49

    Okay thats twice now that I’ve tried to post a reply to your post, the first one was a looooooooooooooooooong explanation explaining why one of my favourite games actually was a Scouser game (CL Final v Milan) and why that naturally involves a priest.

    But the interwebs are going crashie chrashie here for some reason and the only thing I’ve been able to post was the, angry “AGAIN” up there so….

    Seeing as my boss just left, there’s actually 15 below freezing out there (Black guy in Norway, feel my pain) so I’m thinking I’m just giving up and going home, maybe I’ll be able to answer properly from there.

    Peace out for now people.

  4. fuckit4thwilldo?

    IkkiDecember 3, 2012 15:40:47

    I think our next manager will be Dennis Bergkamp.

    Heard it here first.


    Not sure about that, he can’t even fly anywhere, how would he get to our Europa league matches, not to mention Norwich away….

  5. Radio Raheem


    Since they were a very attacking side how many other midfielders scored more goals than Michu in his old team? In the league outside the top 2 sides? Were his team the only attacking poor side in the league and how did similar players in these other sides fair?

    Needless to say I think there is more to the player than just attributing his goal tally to his teams approach.

    You say he took advantage of our tiredness. But were Swansea not playing in the this match? He could easily have dropped deep or missed his chances and blamed it on tiredness right?

    Use his goals against us? Don’t know what you mean there. I have clearly described attributes about the player than could be beneficial.

  6. salparadisenyc

    “Of course it is, our play is too slow for the likes of fat Frank !!”

    Now that sums it up!

    As for Bergkamp manager?
    A great player does not equate to a great manager, remember Shearer at Newcastle?

  7. Gunner2301

    Pedro great post again seems like this is your niche i.e. understanding that Wengers time is over and making suggestions on how we move forward.

    I think you’re point on Wenger using gut feeling may not be right. You yourself have posted about us using satellite tracking to monitor players in training and monitoring closely in matches how many miles players have done etc. So this is science not gut feeling. Also Wengers substitutions on 67 minutes are based on the science telling him the player has reached his limit during a game therefore needs substituting and not making a substitution to affect change in a game or in response to another managers tactics, which it’s why it’s become a running joke.

    The Arteta example you used I believe is Wenger knowing players are burnt out and playing them anyway because he doesn’t trust those outside the first 11. So the science will inform him that players are red-lining but he will over play them even with minor injury. We saw this with Pires, Henry, Fabregas, RVP, Wilshire and now likely Arteta. Wenger has admitted doing this with these players himself in interviews and has a track record of overplaying his core players and this is no different,

    I think you’ve made a great point about Wenger not changing with the times and how SAF has changed his team and backroom to adapt to changing times. Wenger hasn’t probably partly because he had a core of YES men around him and he didn’t want to upset the status quo. I believe had we made changes to the back room staff and scouting network when we moved to the Emirates things could have turned out differently.

    The scouting network needs to be binned. They’re getting paid handsomely for what? Supplying Chamakh, Gervinho etc and we are supposed to have one of the biggest scouting networks and this is what they turn up with? It’s a scam. We need someone like Graham Carr on the case, he seems to have the ability Wenger seems to have lost of spotting class players early before they become big.

    When last did you see a representative of Arsenal or Arsene himself at a PL match checking out the opposition or scouting players? Rarely. We seem to feel we are above this especially Arsene. If Ferguson isn’t above it I don’t understand why Arsene can’t and you see things from a different perspective from the stands, which is a perfect vantage point to see the competition from. The only time Arsene views anything from the stands is when he’s banned. What a fucking joker he is so out of touch it’s unreal.


  8. Dan Ahern

    Great post Pedro. Only criticism: you decry AW & Co. working off gut instead of hard data, yet the accusations leveled seem to come from your gut feelings.

  9. Ric

    Oh and RR before I leave…

    I think the only game I remember from 1994 (Had not got hair on balls) was us (Norway) beating you guys (England) out of the WC qualifier. 2 . 0 and second time we took you in a decade. The first time I think the king might have declared a national holiday or something, this time around it was more deserved.

    But thats a long time ago now. And I’m leaving work now so. PEACE Y’all.

  10. AJ

    Just back after visiting some other blogs.
    People so deluded, you won’t believe. They are still telling each other Arsenal have no ‘divine right’ to win titles. We would be screwed without wenger and stuff like that.
    Feel at home here.

  11. Keyser

    Radio Raheem –

    “Needless to say I think there is more to the player than just attributing his goal tally to his teams approach.”

    Which is what you need to desribe. Which makes the following statement baffling as you haven’t.

    “I have clearly described attributes about the player than could be beneficial.”

    “He could easily have dropped deep or missed his chances and blamed it on tiredness right?”

    He did drop deeper, look at the goal, and where he recieved the ball from, they’ve got 9-10 men behind the ball and he’s left to look for space in front of the defence and where midfielders have pushed on.

    For most of the second half the midfield tried to push on, but also managed to track back, Vermaelen started to run forward later aswell, again you wouldn’t attribute his run or whatever as an indication of his quality, more how poor we were.

    He took his goals well, he’s got good feet for someone who’s quite tall and he’s smart, but what’s exceptional about him ?!

    He might make a slight improvement, but then the lines soo fine now don’t we need more than that ? We don’t have players that can drag others back above the norm.

  12. Shayman

    First time poster, long time Gooner. Here’s a thought, how about bringing Bergkamp back, with Tony Adams and Patrick Viera on the coaching staff?

  13. Radio Raheem


    Lol if you were reading you would notice I mentioned his ‘timing’, his physique and now you have added “he’s got good feet for someone who’s quite tall and he’s smart,”

    We have not bought ‘exceptional’ in a while and I don’t think anyone would disagree on that but having a Michu in place of a tired Giroud or a Ramsey would be an improvement.

    “For most of the second half the midfield tried to push on, but also managed to track back, Vermaelen started to run forward later aswell, again you wouldn’t attribute his run or whatever as an indication of his quality, more how poor we were.”

    So if he was as poor as we were could he have taken the chances he had? We might have played shit but Swansea made us look shit and Michu had a hand it that

  14. Pabs

    Talking of avb scout reports check out tr link below, his ore match report of Chelsea vs Newcastle a few years back. It’s fantastic….

    On your point about teams marking our midfield – just marking Arteta is all the have to do to force cazorla to drop back. At he start of the season with him more advanced we create so much more. Now he’s picking up the ball near the halfway line. I think we need to have another modfielder sit back with Arteta to spread the load (I remember Carrick and cleverly dominating that area of the park against us). Problem is we don’t have any width in the team to then play proper wingers in a 4-4-2.

    Perhaps cazorla on the right, santos/chamberlain on the left and Arteta wilshere in the centre a bit deeper. Walcott and giroud up front?

  15. Doublegooner


    Banner to be held up North Upper this saturday.

    Anyone else want one & I’ll print a pvc outdoor 130×60 for £10 + post.

  16. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – “his ‘timing’” LoL.

    Fucking hell mate, his timing ? Pick better goals, go back and you might find enough examples, Giroud’s pass and Walcott holding his run against West Ham was better than that, but that’s what you expect.

    What was good about the timing ? Seriously, isn’t that the least you’d expect ?!

    He’s not shit, you’re falling into extremes, and you’ve almost admitted it with Giroud, why do we need another Giroud ? If Giroud isn’t enough to begin with ?!

    Do you understand that ? We’ve struggled to beat teams with Giroud, and all you want is someone to replace him when he’s tired ? Why ?!

  17. Radio Raheem


    What extremes are you talking about? I said he is an improvement on some of the players we have. Why are you finding this difficult to understand?

    No he is not Giroud he plays behind the striker and can play even deeper if needed. He is probably less of an aerial threat than Felaini but better on the ball…both play similar positions currently. He could even play as a striker if we are desperate. All in all an adaptable player.

    I mentioned his timing based on my watching him for a while not just his last match. Have you got a more coherent argument against his ‘timing’ apart from “?!” or “LOL”

  18. Radio Raheem

    I’ll also add he is pretty quick for a big man. If he was to play as a striker for us he’d easily be our fastest striker (apart from Theo).

  19. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – I don’t really need one, do you have any examples ? Like something that stands out that makes you think ‘Great timing’. Lol, sorry even then it’s hardly impressive.

    I mean if you’re playing in advanced positions like that to hold your run, or be comfortable enough to know that your run will be met with a decent throughball isn’t that something we should expect regardless.

    You’re talking about using the resources we have in a better way, we’ve got players who are adaptable, we need players who are exceptional, because you’ve seen how hard it is for them to get things together soo far this season.

    We’ve done this for years, we could improve our resources and gain another point, concede one less goal, but doesn’t it come back to say playing an expansive game to win every game rather than just the ones we feel we can win ?!

    Michu’s just another squad player than.

  20. Keyser

    I’d say Podoslki’s probably quicker, I’ve never really seen Michu open up his legs and burst past several players.

  21. Dan Ahern

    Pedro — I don’t? Unless you’re alluding to the years of stagnancy.

    My point is more this: do you have data to backup claims like we don’t log all stats or we don’t apply scientific rigor to players’ conditioning?

    I’m not saying I disagree, but assertions like that seem incongruous with the big data thesis.

  22. Cloggs

    You better be sure you can mobilize the entire block otherwise I expect you to be ejected from the ground in a split second.
    Anyway, that banner won’t hang there for more then 5 minutes so chose the best time for exposure
    I know there were similar actions being discussed on the gooner forum, you have contact with these guys?

  23. Radio Raheem


    “I don’t really need one,”

    What you mean is you don’t really have one…which would have made that the best thing you have said so far. You don’t expect me to answer your question when you haven’t answered any of mine do you?

    What we need is to improve. Improving would mean improving every facet of the club from culture to scouting to players etc.

    Like I said earlier, repeating myself again here, I don’t think you’ll find any Arsenal fan that would disagree on the benefit of having exceptional players in the squad. But do you see us buying exceptional players in the near future?

    By implication you seem to be suggesting that what we have or where we are is the best we can hope for. I completely disagree with that for the many reasons I have mentioned before.

  24. AC Gooner

    my waning Arsenal addiction leads me to only look into the Grove at such a late hour. For years I was reading comments from the night before at 9AM waiting for the daily dose.

    I agree, Guardiola, who quit due to stress would have all the benefits of coming to a big team, money, training facilities, and

    He would have EIGHT years to win something! No Stress baby!

  25. Cesc Appeal

    This Kevin Strootman chap…is he a DM or more like a Cabaye?

    Some sites say a tough tackler blah blah, others say and explosive box to box player.

    Anyone paid any serious attention to him?

    Steve Rowley has apparently been sent off to scout him.

  26. AC Gooner


    Saturday match wont be on big TV channels. Might not get the exposure you hoped.

    Unless you tell one of the photo-journalists with a huge zoom lens when you are going to unfurl. To make sure they get it.

  27. jay

    Mourinho is going to Man Utd end of season though..just seen a report that says he will leave Madrid at the end of the season and Ferguson said Mourinho is capable of taking over from him this morning.. guess its Mourinho to Man Utd and we can have Guardiolar

  28. TOLI83

    Cesc Appeal

    He’s Tough in the tackle, covers a lot of ground and distributes it well although not spectacular . Like a taller, stronger Arteta with a meaner edge to him. We need someone of that ilk infront of back four although we could get priced out with media focused on him.

  29. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – No, I really don’t need one.

    Your questions are usually pretty cyclical, you say Michu’s what we need, I saw ‘why’, you say ‘why not’.

    What do you want me to answer ? That you can’t work out for yourself. Why won’t Michu make the massive step up ? It depends what you want him for, a a replacement for a tiring Giroud, yeah he could do that.

    To really improve the team and hence the squad, No, by your own reasoning, he’s not that strong, he’s not that good aerially, he’s adaptable but not exceptional in any position, quick ? Don’t agree on that, but not really quick.

    You’ve basically come up with ‘timing’, yet haven’t come up with any examples, bar where we were poor to begin with, what stood out on Saturday was how calm he was when faced with a chance, almost non-chalant, but then again pressure affects people in different ways.

    “By implication you seem to be suggesting that what we have or where we are is the best we can hope for.”

    No, mate, it’s about what we have and where you think we should be taking it.

    Van Persie scored 37 goals for us last year, you buy Giroud, Podolski whoever in the hope you can fashion some way of replicating that, the variables are such that it’s going to be difficult.

    You’re replacing a player who’s taken 7 years of regular, bar injury, premiership game-time, playing at the highest level and putting in a player from a supposedly inferior league and asking him to adapt.

    You’re idea to take it a step further, except you’re two steps from where you want to be to begin with.

  30. Cesc Appeal



    Yeah even TalkSport are saying £20 Million region might be too much for our tightfisted board.

    Though a lot of people are saying he’s more likely to walk for £15 Million – United and Spurs are interested. That’s good enough for me.

    So really then we can do with him and M’Vila in our middle. £25 Million outlay for the pair, if Rennes think they’ll get anywhere close to the £15 Million they wanted now they are dreaming.

    Because we really do need that CDM, not a player who is sort of a CDM but not really.

    Strootman is 22 as well, good age, starting to come to maturity and reach his max level. 6ft 1 as well which is nice, we need some height and power in the middle.

    Doubt it will happen though, Wenger knows he’s finished and I think he’ll just press ahead as he has done for years…what’s the point in changing now? A stubborn goat like him will think ‘at least I’ll go down with my morals.’

  31. TOLI83

    Your spot on cescappeal… We need a boss in front of the back four ideally Mvilla or that guy from Celtic and this Strootman looks good as second midfielder with jack the furthest forward.

    People say well about Arteta or the Coq, these signings are designed to be rotated so players won’t be complaining of tiredness and in return we get a dominant and fresh midfield.

    Agreed, Wenger won’t do fuck all about it though .

  32. Ric

    KeyserDecember 3, 2012 16:48:50

    Leave RR alone Keyser you’re just annoying people without cause as always.

    RR means in our team Michu would do good, or if not spectacular he’d at least be of use for rotation.

    Aaaah and herein lise your actual dissagreement; RR is thinking of Michu as an addition to what we have, Keyser is so Wengerized he cannot see past the 25 man first team model of AFC.

    There, sorted.
    You’re welcome.

  33. Cloggs

    Willie Wonga’s spin in da mail:
    We have to keep the focus, the desire and the ambition, and turn it on. That’s how it works during the season. You cannot always jump to definitive conclusions from one game.

    one game? eehhhh.. no ofcourse you can’t, … so let’s have a chat about the last 7 seasons then..

  34. Keyser

    Ric – Eh, nah I’m thinking firstly why you think Michu would be good enough, and thens econdly if all he’s used for is rotation when we’re struggling with Giroud anyway, what’s the point ?!

  35. Cesc Appeal


    Yes, exactly.

    For too long at Arsenal it’s been we’ll sign someone….after this person leaves.

    Fabregas should have played WITH Arteta and Cazorla.

    Van Perise with Podolski and have Giroud as back up.

    We’ll not sign anyone because we have Arteta. When he gets tired we’ll look to a youngster and fail.

    Instead of having a starter like Strootman and rotating with Arteta.

    I bet we get Henry on loan and it wouldn’t surprise me to see a deal like Lampard go through, cheap and old on a short contract and just bank that £55 Million budget.

    Maybe Kroenke can buy another ranch with it

  36. Radio Raheem


    Can you point out where I said Michu is what we need. I said he is an improvement on some of our players as a way of highligting the scope for improvement we have currently.

    Where did I say Michu is not that strong?

    What the fuck does “it is about what we have and where you think we should be taking it” mean?

    Is this what ‘intelligence’ means these days? You say something erroneous and I show your mistake with questions.

    Why are you trying to make this about Giroud?

    This is pointless you are not making any point just looking for the last word. You are welcome to it mate.

  37. Ché C Cheriton

    Pedro, I ask again.

    Surely it’s mostly to do with Arsenal’s policy of selling our best players and not replacing them? I’m pretty sure Arsenal would be up there had they not sold RVP, Cesc, Nasri, Clichy etc. The bad management is mainly to do with letting the likes of these go is it not?

  38. Cesc Appeal


    Don’t even bother.

    Keyser would have an argument with the Talking Clock.

    I use to argue with him but he will literally disagree with everything and everyone…he’s one of those.

  39. Ric

    Kushagra IndiaDecember 3, 2012 17:39:53

    Honestly, strooooootman, if you’re still on about him, can go eat a d*ck!

    We don’t need one player we need eight at least, we need to move away from this 25 man squad to a rotational model where we actually employ our reserves as well as our mandatory starters.

    One or two January purchases is “MARK MY WORDS” only a stopgap measure to help us get to third or fourth and so that we also can free up space to get rid of Theo to the highest bidder. But come summertime in this sceanario we’re still worse off than we were last summer. Its a cyclical pile of shiiiiiiiiiite.

  40. TOLI83

    I think that’s the age old problem with us that Wenger has conned the fans into believing if he buys for example Sneijder then that means the end of Jack or if he buys this Lopez then that limits Walcott if he stays same with M’Villa and Arteta, the list goes on.

    Wengers never moved on that the first XI shouldn’t always pick itself and competition for places is healthy as is rotation. Most importantly we don’t see the players ran into the ground week in, week out… Year in, year out.

    Jacks a quality player but the fact he’s just waltzed back in after all that time out says it all.

  41. IvoryGoonz

    Ref big data, There’s only one data analyst at the club.
    And he’s so young he wouldn’t even know what to look for.
    So maybe we are using GPS, but nothing compared to what could be done.

  42. Ric

    Cesc AppealDecember 3, 2012 17:51:53

    Yes I know I’m just testing how big the letters have to be before he gets my point for once.

  43. Cesc Appeal



    Not so much waltzed as was thrown.


    We need about a £100 Million spend…at least.

    But we all know we won’t even get a fifth of that.

  44. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – “I said he is an improvement on some of our players as a way of highligting the scope for improvement we have currently.”

    How have you highlighted scope or improvement though ? You say it’s not just about one game, you’ve watched him for a while, and I ask for some sort of example that’s impressed you, and you come up with what ?!

  45. Ric

    Anyone remember back in the days when we used to let our reserves play the entire CC cup no matter what?

    I think we barely lost against Manure’s first teamin a semi final once, and just gave it the hell up. Played first teamers instead. Well that proved effective…

    Hasn’t really been the same quality over “project youth” since we gave that up.

  46. Keyser

    Ric – Maybe Cesc Appeal can hold your hand.

    So you both now think we haven’t suffered from a lack of quality we HAVE PLENTY OF QUALITY according to you.

    We just need BODIES ? That’s your great argument, wtf’s that got to do with Michu.

  47. Cesc Appeal


    You make me laugh.

    I haven’t commented…look back and tell me if you think I’ve said we have plenty of quality?

    I haven’t even looked at what Ric has said, was merely telling him that you have an appetite for argument and disagree with pretty much everything anyone could ever say.

    I tell you the world’s flat, you’d say it’s round, I say it’s round, you’d say it’s flat.

    You should be a politician. They spend all day arguing and achieve basically nothing.

  48. Ric

    Arsene’s NurseDecember 3, 2012 17:55:53
    It once took Keyser 7 hours to have a shave – he kept arguing with the bloke in the mirror.

    Mwuhahahhaaha priceless!

    Cesc Appeal December 3, 2012 17:56:14

    I don’t actually think we need to spend that much, we just have to do something that is unheard of at Arsenal.

    Buy, players that actually compliment and play to the strengths of those we have. Instead of looking for the next messi we should look for someone that will let Wilshire and Arteta play to their strengths. Naturally Fellaini would do that, but we’d get a long way having two Fellaini impersonators and actually rotating them across our midfield to suit playing our next opposition.

  49. Ric

    KeyserDecember 3, 2012 18:01:52

    “We just need BODIES ? That’s your great argument, wtf’s that got to do with Michu.”

    Okay guys I give up.

  50. Ché C Cheriton

    You can debate it all you want but the simple FACT is that with:

    Cesc, Clicy, RVP, Nasri & even add in Hleb and Flamini we challenge for the title and no one is even having this conversation.

  51. Cesc Appeal


    Don’t feel bad.

    Keyser does that to you.

    He’s the kind of guy who when you say ‘I wouldn’t mind Michu.’

    He’d say ‘Michu! You kidding. Maybe as a squad player but he’s not quality!.’

    ‘Yeah just to fill the squad up, as another body Keyser.’

    ‘Another body? What’s that got to do with Michu.’

    A Keyserdox

  52. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – No, mate, you’re butting in to something you don’t have a clue about it, you say something, I ask you to explain yourself, you get upset when you can’t.

    It’s like a site of mini-Wengers and it cracks me up when you lot get upset.

    Ric butts in, with some random bullshit, can’t explain himself, gets upset.

    All you want is people to agree with your opinion, and if they don’t you say they’re not listening, or call them AKB’s, cunts whatever.

  53. Thomas

    “This club is in fantastic shape. We have a good team, we have a strong structure of the Club that we have built over the years, we are in a strong financial situation and we are mentally strong.

    “I can understand that not everybody is pleased about that, but that is a fact. That’s why we have to continue to behave like we do.

    What a fucking cunt he is.

  54. Ric

    TOLI83December 3, 2012 18:05:11

    Initially I think you’re right but after getting knocked out by manure, he panicked and started using the first team after the reserves reached the final eight. An hell of a demotivator for those young guys resting all their hopes on breaking through in our cup side.

    Reach the final and suddenly you don’t get to play, but equally its a step down for the first teamers, knowing they’ll win or loose a match the reserves deserved to play. Its a loose, loose, if they win, they should have won by a bigger margin, and if they loose they have to live knowing that the reserves might have had both a stronger commitment and motivation but also as a direct cause; a better game.

  55. Ché C Cheriton

    Arsenal after 15 games under Arsene Wenger

    2012-13 – 10th
    2011-12 – 4th
    2010-11 – 2nd
    2009-10 – 3rd
    2008-09 – 4th
    2007-08 – 1st
    2006-07 – 3rd
    2005-06 – 6th
    2004-05 – 2nd
    2003-04 – 2nd
    2002-03 – 1st
    2001-02 – 2nd
    2000-01 – 2nd
    1999-00 – 2nd
    1998-99 – 4th
    1997-98 – 3rd
    1996-97 – 1st

  56. Cesc Appeal


    What is so funny is you have just described yourself!

    Whatever I do, whatever I say, however I explain you never agree…it’s impossible.

    So you have no opinion.

    I have purposefully over the past few months changed tact with you, making less radical points that I know you’ve made before!

    You still don’t agree.

    Your just an arguer Keyser. Deal with it. You never have a laugh or a joke on here.

    You pitch up and you almost feel the collective sigh of everyone else.

    You started on Raheem, he got bored, Ric tried to make you understand, his argument was basically we need more bodies in the team that can share the load…you disagree…how?

    Now you’ve started on me.

    I won’t get tired of you. I just have utter contempt for you.

    You have no opinion, you flip flop all over the place, you have no ideas of your own you just like to disagree because that the easiest way to ‘argue.’

    But stick around Keyser, you’re a riot. Place would be duller without you.

  57. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – See, classic.

    “Yeah just to fill the squad up,”

    The point is wtf’s the point in that ? What we have isn’t good enough, and all you want is another squad player ?!

    For years all you’ve had is people say we need more world class players to add to the ones we’ve got.

    Now you’re saying we haven’t got any world class players, lets add more squad players.

  58. Ric

    “But stick around Keyser, you’re a riot. Place would be duller without you.”

    Indeed so true so true. We do love you Keyser, effing with your head a bit really is a small highlight on my otherwise grey working day.

  59. Cesc Appeal


    I agree! Hooray!!!!!


    Whatever man.

    Look at my earlier comments, i want huge spending on massive quality players.

    As per in your haste for your favourite pass time, arguing and pissing everyone off you’ve got it all wrong.

    Ric was saying that, I was talking to Ric about you and your little fetish.

    Did you miss the part where I said that literally 4-5 players in the starting eleven are good enough?

    Keyserdox…to achieve Keyser may make up facts and quotes and attribute you to them ignoring all context and basically anything that doesn’t help his…cough…point

  60. Ric

    KeyserDecember 3, 2012 18:18:46

    Actually I said that and yeah thats a fact, but then again I have never said we need to fork out a billion quid for one player either.

    I have on the other hand adamantly proclaimed we need rotation for oh near on a decade now, so get you’r accusations in order first okay mate?

  61. BacaryisGod

    Guess I’m going to have to go against the conventional wisdom here and predict a major resurgence for Arsenal in December and January.

    We’re just 5 points off from 3rd, and to my mind we still have a 50% chance of finishing in the top 4 as it now stands. We’re realistically up against Tottenham, Chelsea and Everton for the last two Champions League spots. in January. Arteta, Wilshere and Cazorla will start getting more rest (restricted to one game per week for the next two weeks at least).

    We have a great chance to reach the Capitol One semis, but still need to field a strong side against Bradford who have already knocked out Watford and Wigan. Still, they are only a slightly above-average Division Two side who we should be capable of comfortably beating. A semi-final place will lift the team although the odds are likely that we’ll run up against one of two bogey teams in Swansea and Chelsea in the next round.

    We will buy in January, make no mistake. Everton won’t let Fellaini go, no matter what so we should stop dreaming there. Still, there are some very good players who will be available and there’s no doubt money is available and desperately needs to be used.

    This season is more unpredictable than usual. AVB was being written off a few games ago and Di Matteo was getting praised for some early sparkling Chelsea performances. We certainly need to get results quickly but while Arsenal have forgotten about actually winning anything, they certainly have Champions League qualification winning mentality compared with Spurs and Everton.

    Keep the powder dry, gooners. Let’s see what the next 8 weeks brings. After all, we all know that the board will keep Arsene in place at least until the end of the season.

  62. Keyser

    Ric – Not too bothered about that, that’s like saying 60,000 still turn up the Emirates, only 1000 went on the March.

    We lie 10th in the league, and your statement is this:


    Who’s been Wengerised, heh, you’ve got two, three people talking about adding squad players to a team that lies 10th because maybe they won’t be soo tired and we’ll get back up to what 4th, 5th, 6th ?!

    What’s worse is that you’ve been banging on about Giroud and Podolski not scoring enough to compensate for Van Persie, that’s two players to replace one, but your statement is this:


  63. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Arsenal to face £30 Million battle with United for German International Mario Gotze’

    Know how that ‘battle’ will go

  64. Ric

    One man, one team, one blog, one computer…

    “KEYSERDOX” – The movie:

    Two and a half hours watching a fat man with a computer dissagree with himself, until he finallly can’t take anymore bullshit and beats himself up.
    It has a very cathartic final scene in where the protagonist finally makes up with the antagonist, and together they live happily ever after.

  65. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – Tell that to Radio Raheem or Ric then, but no you butted in and ran your mouth.

    “Look at my earlier comments, i want huge spending on massive quality players”

    “Ric tried to make you understand, his argument was basically we need more bodies in the team that can share the load…you disagree”

    See this illustrates it even better, Ric waded in, doesn’t really understand what the point is anyway. So basically you don’t agree with Ric either.

    My debate with Raheem is why he thinks Michu will be an improvement, and what’s the point of bringing him in, when we need better players than we already have, not squad players.

    Do you agree with RIC ?


  66. Bade

    My only small note is about age of manager

    Surely a young & proven manager is the better option, but also an old but not dated manager would do

    Red Nose is the best & obvious example but there are few more out

  67. Cesc Appeal


    I never even entered the argument!

    I told Ric not to waste his breath on you.

    I don’t 100% agree with Ric no, but I see what he’s saying.

    Take the 2010/2011…lack of bodies hurt us.

    So yes I see what he’s saying.

    We’re not all like you, if we don’t agree we have to rip someone’s throat out and have a little paddy.

    Chill out Keyser, seriously.

  68. Ric

    KeyserDecember 3, 2012 18:27:31

    (Palm in hands)

    Okay let’s take it from the top then missø Keizer…

    I was also quite adamant in the summer saying we cannot sell RVP BECAUSE they’ll never score enough to make up for his loss.

    The point being that had we bought and used Giroud as back up to RVP, then technically he would have been a squad player now wouldn’t he????

    I was also faily adamant letting Song go was just as bad, letting Theo go is no longer an option either seeing as we have made him integral.

    My ultimate point being that we are spread thin, in order to get the most out of our first teamers they need to be rotated. I’m not saying we need half of the City squad in order to rest Coquelin, okay dude? I’m simply saying MORE players might be better than ONE good player. Roger?

  69. Gunz all gone

    Like you say…a manager with some passion – that’s ten times more than what we have now. How about our YANK owner showing some passion and coming out with a statement to dispell our fears and telling us Change We Can Believe In will soon be apparent. Not that I’d believe the fcuker, but it would be a start.

  70. Keyser

    Billions watch football, Ric does to, The Premiership is the most watched football league in the World, Ric watches that to, Norway have a football league, Ric thinks that must be good to,

    Except no-one gives a shit about it apart from RIC, but he can’t understand why not.

    Some sort of RICdox ? Kind of like Redox for stressing out mongs, where RIC jumps in the bath with them to stroke their kind faces.

  71. BacaryisGod

    Guardian comes up with a fairly insane list of targets for Arsenal in January:

    No Chance (Baines, Fellaini, Lewandowski, Cavani)
    Not What We Need Now (Shaw, Sterling, Zaha, Rami, Debuchy)
    Not Season Changers (M’Vila, Hunterlaar, Llorente, Henry)

    If these are really the targets, I could live with M’Vila, Hunterlaar and Henry but M’Vila is already injured and a head case. Still, Hunterlaar and Henry could provide a spark and M’Vila would add some steel in midfield.

  72. Ric

    Keyser December 3, 2012 18:42:50

    So what you’re gonna rip Norway now, because you can’t find fault with my argument?

    Okay… Yeah them really be some shit fjords and mountains we have.

  73. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – No mate.

    “I don’t 100% agree with Ric no, but I see what he’s saying.
    Take the 2010/2011…lack of bodies hurt us.”

    See there you go you’re already going back on what your views have been over the years, just because you want Ric to be your blog buddy.

    Why are you talking about 2010-11, we’re 10th in the league and you think we need squad players ?!

    Don’t insult your own intelligence, you’ve just said:

    “Look at my earlier comments, i want huge spending on massive quality players”

    Who’s flip flopping now ? See there you go, it’s not my fault I have to argue with you, when in the space of 20 minutes you’ve completely bollocksed your own argument.

    So that’s why you shouldn’t butt it mate, but you couldn’t help yourself.

  74. Ric

    Keyser December 3, 2012 18:42:50

    Oooh say something bad about all the oil and gass!

    I’m so sick of it its just everywhere…

  75. Ric

    Keyser December 3, 2012 18:48:12

    Don’t disgard this as sarcasm dude I’m genuinely interested; do you actually ever read any of your own post before posting?

  76. Ric

    God dagnit I got a gold medal in biathlon doing a drive by as I was skiing home from work.

    Yup its a thug life in Norway, y’all!

  77. Keyser

    RIC – “So what you’re gonna rip Norway now, because you can’t find fault with my argument? ”

    The other day when we were talking about Lindegaard and De Gea, did I respect your opinion ? Or did I take the piss out of you ? You watch the Norwegian League so you obviously have a better opinion of it, just because soo many more people watch the Premiership, doesn’t make those leagues shit does it ?!

    I could’ve ripped it apart, but I’d rather see what you have to say.

    I’ve found fault in your argument, I can’t believe I’ve torn it apart soo quickly.

    “I’m simply saying MORE players might be better than ONE good player. Roger?”

    fucking hell mate, we’re 10th in the fucking league, we just lost to Swansea ffs and all you’ve done is list QUALITY players we’ve let go and are trying to defend us buying in squad players.

    Wengerised or what.

    We’ve lost Van Persie, replaced them with TWO inferior players, we lost Song, replaced him with Arteta ? we’re 10th in the league, have lost to Swansea and Norwich this year, and you don’t want good players ? You want some more BODIES.

    BODIES ? Who the fuck are you ‘Wallender’ need more detective work do you. (Yeah know it’s Swedish)

  78. Ric

    Cannot believe I’m still laughing loudly from this!

    KeyserDecember 3, 2012 18:42:50

    PS. “too” was the word you were looking for Englishman.

  79. Doublegooner

    WENGER OUT …Banner

    Hey guys, been out all day since your replies.

    I intend taking it in. Its not that large, but large enough to hold up, double sided so when its held up people in front & behind will see it.

    Of course the stewards will see it and try & take it away, maybe even ask me to leave.

    Ive been a season ticket holder for 40 years & the stewards can go fuck themselves. We have to get this going.

    Anyway I can hold it up at the roundabout before & after the game.

    Very few of you here have even bothered to respond my any action meetings. Shame on you !

    Anyone want one too, just email me.

  80. BacaryisGod

    Team for Olympiakos:

    1 Wojciech Szczesny
    25 Carl Jenkinson
    5 Thomas Vermaelen
    18 Sebastien Squillaci
    22 Francis Coquelin
    7 Tomas Rosicky
    15 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    16 Aaron Ramsey
    23 Andrey Arshavin
    27 Gervinho
    29 Marouane Chamakh

    Interesting that no Mannone or Djourou in the squad.

  81. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – I’m sorry we’ve ended our last two debates like this, maybe I am being more antagnoistic and not understanding enough.

    Like we’ve discussed I just don’t think Michu is enough of a step up, if we hadn’t bought Giroud or Podolski, but we’ve already got enough players from those ‘Average’ teams trying to make their way that’s all. If he had something that seperated him from the players we have then maybe.

  82. Ric

    KeyserDecember 3, 2012 19:03:14



    Pat yourselves on the back everybody, you too Keyser.

  83. Keyser


    Classic Cesc Appeal, RIC, Wenger, the new motto.

    Wenger – ‘I’ve thought about what you said, unless you were talking about ‘Borgen’, fuck that’s Danish isn’t it, RIc?’

    PRic Appeal – ‘ and, and, and are we getting more bodies’

    Wenger – ‘Yeah, you’ll love this, Denilson’s back’

    PRIc Appeal -‘Hallelujah, more BODIES, num, num, num’

  84. Jeff

    “Let’s not go overboard,” he said. “We lost on Saturday and of course we not happy with that. But I’m confident that we have strong team, that we have a strong spirit in the side and that will come out.

    “We have rebuilt the team on two ways. Firstly, in bringing in new players. Secondly, in getting some players back from long-term injury.

    “I feel there’s a lot of strength in our team and patience and keeping mental strength will turn it round in an easy way.

    “This club is in fantastic shape because we have a good team, we have a strong structure of the club that we have built over the years, we are in a strong financial situation and we are mentally strong.

    “I can understand that not everybody is pleased about that, but that’s a fact. And that’s why we have to continue to behave how we do.”

    He has to change his tune; perhaps even job.

  85. Ric

    KeyserDecember 3, 2012 18:58:57

    Strike my last, apparently being busy taunting you I missed a post.

    Did you have a point to that diatribe or? Was a Wallander reference the only thing you could come up with? Cause the day you actually manage to fathom my analysis and ask me something coherently is the day I’m giving you a diploma boy.

  86. Jeff

    Arsenal after 15 games under Arsene Wenger

    2012-13 – 10th
    2011-12 – 4th
    2010-11 – 2nd
    2009-10 – 3rd
    2008-09 – 4th
    2007-08 – 1st
    2006-07 – 3rd
    2005-06 – 6th
    2004-05 – 2nd
    2003-04 – 2nd
    2002-03 – 1st
    2001-02 – 2nd
    2000-01 – 2nd
    1999-00 – 2nd
    1998-99 – 4th
    1997-98 – 3rd
    1996-97 – 1st

  87. mystic

    The bastards sneaked Wenger’s e.mail in to my inbox whilst I wasn’t looking this afternoon, this comments really sums up how fucking utterly absurd the guy has become:

    ‘…….maybe we should have been more cautious and at least secured a 0-0 draw. ‘

    For fucks sake we were at HOME to Swansea.

  88. Ric

    For those of us blessed with the gift of memory and not called Keyser do any af you agree with the assertion; That in these seasons another few players regardless of quality might have helped us in the run up?

    2012-13 – 10th
    2011-12 – 4th
    2010-11 – 2nd
    2009-10 – 3rd
    2008-09 – 4th
    2006-07 – 3rd
    2005-06 – 6th
    2004-05 – 2nd
    2003-04 – 2nd
    2001-02 – 2nd
    2000-01 – 2nd
    1999-00 – 2nd
    1998-99 – 4th
    1997-98 – 3rd

  89. Keyser

    As we lie 10th in the table, and mourn the recently departed 6th ? Position.

    Does any of the brethern think the following :


    May we all bow our heads and pray for Brother Ric, Brother Cesc Appeal has given up the holy ghost and realised his errors.

  90. Ric

    KeyserDecember 3, 2012 19:29:04

    Much better Keyser now we’re getting somewhere, doesn’t it just feel more satisfactory using words that feel timeless.

  91. Ric

    But before we make everyone that’ll actually bother to answer, answer.

    What do you feel about it Keyser? You have ridiculed my reply but you haven’t actually said how you feel about it either way.


    Would we have won something the season Eduardo got injured but not replaced? Even if we had just recruited from within?

    Would we have got something last year had we kept hold of Henry this time around?

    Can the sale of Adebayor, and subsequent overreliance on Robin have cost us a few trophies?

    Would we have won something any of the seasons we shipped Diarra, Flamini or Hleb? Or how about when we sold Wiltord, Pires, or even Overmars and Sylvinho?

    Because most of them went to the highest bidder Keyser, most of them mid season without being replaced.

    Or when AW made Adams, Keown, Bould and the old boys all retire ahead of time? To make way for Cygan, Stepanovs and co? Or when he did the same to Sol. Do you remember that? Do you think that cost us?

    So I say again fairly effing adamantly that, that shit cost us but could at least have been mitigated. And honestly speaking I think it could have been mitigated at least partly fairly effing cheaply.

    Again I say Bodies not Quality.

    Rotation is the only way my man.

  92. G787

    V good post, only just read it. Arsenal desperately need someone younger with fresh new methods, and yes, a science based analytical approach is a great idea. I’m just not sure that it will be Pep, would love it to be so, but I am skeptical.

  93. salparadisenyc

    Here here.

    Break it down how you will, we lack it ALL but especially bodies.

    Our players have given up on playing for Wenger. His methods antiquated, refusals to spend costing us dearly, selling top players kills “the mental strength” and spinning everything and anything into several catchphrases which sound older and drearier than his slipping reign over the Arsenal. The monster was created by those in charge, Ivan included. But a lack of reserves has become the four headed Hydra that should seal Wengers fate. Minimum we need 4 players in January, i’d wager a striker option is all thats coming in. At this rate Arteta and Cazorla will be crocked by 2013 looking at a midfield of Wilshire, Conquelin and Rosicky with zero in reserve except Diaby whom is probably good for another 90 minutes this season, hopefully we use those sparingly.

  94. Cesc Appeal


    How was I flip flopping?

    In 2010-2011 I think we had real quality in the team.

    Fabregas, Nasri, Wilshere, Van Persie?

    What we didn’t have was the bodies to replace these guys when injured…

    I will always say had Wenger gone out and got Cahill and Parker for a total of £15 Million we’d have won something that year.

    Now we’re up shit creek and we have neither quality (in any depth) or players/bodies to deputise (in any depth).

    So…not sure what part of that you’re arguing with?

    We have neither quality or squad depth…are you arguing we do? Or…I just don’t understand what you’re arguing against.

    Di you misspell prick on purpose as well?

    Funny as you said I resort to that? I think I normally just argue in a very civilised and constructive manner with you?

  95. Ric

    KeyserDecember 3, 2012 18:58:57


    And with respects to your point about me watching the league at home…

    I don’t. If I did what possible interest would I have in talking to you?

    But I don’t watch the PL exclusively, I see football from all over the world.

    I follow the U-17 cups, whenever I’m home puffing with Eurosport in the back.

    We have Serie A , Ligue un, EC, WC and Champions League on public broadcast over her mofo. You see its actually a funny story but after reaching
    the WC in 94 Norway made a collective choice to invest half of our effeng oil funds into making us competitive in football. And today anywhere in the country you cannot throw an effing rock without hitting a football field feel me? For reals, google the f*ck out of it, we now have the greatest local football infrastructure in the world.

    And my neighbor is Uruguayan so I even get a peek of the Copa.

    The point is just that all players in PL has an inflated price, but they all come from somewhere right? Tevez for instance wasn’t found under a rock.

    Some things are constant in football even though most are not.

    The Italians will always produce a good crop of great finishers and cheeky cheating bastard defenders. As a consequence they also breed good keepers because believe me defensive cheating is usually directed by the man betwen the sticks. And this is just in their nature.

    France will breed Wingers and midfielders with flair.

    Brazil is not worth mentioning.

    But believe me when I tell you Norway breeds defenders and we have some of the meanest tough tackling yet good natured footballers you’ll ever find.

    And this again has just been one of those constants.

    So when I propose we should buy a Norwegian don’t automatically assume he is shit because the league is shit. Håvard Nordtveit for instance was playing in the third division when Arsenal bought him. I had never heard of him, no one in Norway had, and thats mostly because he had about two divisions of better defenders filling his limelight, get it?

    Considering how many Norwegians there are to Englishmen(5mill norwegians, some 60 mill of you guys or what?) and the fact we have a youth player or senior on more or less every team in the PL, then dagnit look out we are practically taking over your league as well.

  96. Keyser

    “Why are you talking about 2010-11, we’re 10th in the league and you think we need squad players ?!”

    The argument was about Michu, now.

    “Funny as you said I resort to that? I think I normally just argue in a very civilised and constructive manner with you?”

    “Don’t even bother.
    Keyser would have an argument with the Talking Clock.
    I use to argue with him but he will literally disagree with everything and everyone…he’s one of those.”

    Cesc Appeal – You’re words are there for everyone to see, weazel your way out of them how you please.

  97. Relieable sauce

    Nah, don’t say stuff like that RSPC ! that makes me feel physically sick thinking of Cesc at MU.
    Not out of the question i guess but that could be the end of watching the EPL for me.

  98. Keyser


    Heh, when you come out with shit like that, it makes me laugh, are you trying to say, you’ve just detonated something soo full of information, it’s going to leave intellectual devastation wherever it hits.

    Or, ah yeh, mate, this is my opinion.

    You butted in, we were talking about adding Michu, to this team, NOW.

    and you came out with what ?!

    “RR is thinking of Michu as an addition to what we have, Keyser is so Wengerized he cannot see past the 25 man first team model of AFC. ”

    I ask you to explain yourself because firstly what’s to say Michu is an improvement and we’re struggling with Giroud anyway.

    You come out with the now epic..


    What’s worse is Cesc Appeal tried to back you up, while disagreeing with you LoL.

  99. Ric

    KeyserDecember 3, 2012 20:30:57
    “Funny as you said I resort to that? I think I normally just argue in a very civilised and constructive manner with you?”“Don’t even bother.
    Keyser would have an argument with the Talking Clock.
    I use to argue with him but he will literally disagree with everything and everyone…he’s one of those.”

    Yeah but nothing Cesc actually said about you is untrue… you are proving that right now…..?


    “Heh, when you come out with shit like that, it makes me laugh, are you trying to say, you’ve just detonated something soo full of information, it’s going to leave intellectual devastation wherever it hits.”

    He he, no I was just refering to its length and the fact it was directed to you as a warning to others not to bother reading it. But its nice to hear you think one of my comments could make that much of an impact.

  100. Keyser

    Ric – Whatever made, you made one of the silliest comments I’ve read on here in a long time, and what does Cesc Appeal do, say don’t bother he’ll argue about anything.

    He didn’t even agree with you but couldn’t get himself to admit it.


    An hour later, Cesc Appeal.

    “We have neither quality or squad depth”

  101. Ric

    KeyserDecember 3, 2012 20:56:52

    Wow your head is just a prison isn’t it?

    Like Pandoras box nothing gets in, nothing gets out, and if it ever did it’d be the end of the world.

    Have a good night Keyser, and the rest’o y’all.

  102. wenker-wanger

    @bacary is god////why dont you just resign yourself to the fact that even messi, ronaldo and any top players you want to come to arsenal would be played out-of-position and be totally wasted by wenger. The rot starts with wenger and no january buying spree is going to change anything. The lunatic is in charge and therefore arsenal are slipping further behind untill this senile idiot decides to quit.

  103. Keyser

    Ric – You embarrased yourself today, maybe one day you’ll admit yeah sorry I was talking shit I doubt it though.

    You’re like the minge that hides Pandora’s box, overgrown, but since nothing’s getting in, ultimately pointless.

  104. kapslock

    is it just me or am I the only one pissed off with the potential zaha signing? Reports of up to £14 million. Is this a fucking joke you mad cunt? He may be a young star but we have enough of those who aren’t performing, we don’t need another. Chamberlain is one. Zaha is not going to come in and start banging them in, taking us up the league. It just wont happen. For half of that 14 million you can get in Ba. Proven goal scorer in the league. Shit you add couple million to that you can bag Llorente. Strootman would be a welcome addition as would M’Vila. Yes going on abut M’Vila again but the guy is still class regardless of his personal issues. Zaha is not doing it for me and all these arsenal cunts on twitter are so happy about it. Really wtf?!

  105. kwik fit

    Spuds are favourites to get Willian. He’s the type of player we need. WTF aren’t we after him. The guys fucking class! Plus his mate ferningho is a player and a half. Arsenal Fc need to go after proven quality. No more potential . We’ve done that and failed.