Swansea come to town | Fan march planned | Our best back 4 starts

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Good morning Grovers! A super quick one from me this morning as I’m attending a wedding today. Amazing how many people are selfish enough to book these things on the days Arsenal play? Don’t worry though, I’ll raise my concerns when delivering the best mans speech.

Onto the game today, we play host to a Swansea team who are more than capable of taking us on with deep lying possession football and attacking flair. Swansea joined the Premiership and showed you can survive playing the game in the right way, which had been a total breath of fresh air.

I’ve been told the referee for today is Clattenburg. It’s his first game since the Chelsea accusations. The email i received suggested we give him a warm reception. 1) because he was treated in horrendous fashion by Chelsea 2) win some brownie points init?

Team news looks interesting, No Koscielny and possibly no Sagna. That’ll mean a back 4 similar to the one that started the season so positively. It’ll be good to see Jenks back in the side and it’d be nice to see if Vermaelen can have a respectable game at the back.

Up top, Gervinho is rumoured to be starting. Giroud picks up a rest after playing most of our games of late. Swansea aren’t a physical team, so if there’s a game suited to the Ivorian, it’s this one. Which guy will turn up? The free scoring early season Gervinho, or the the one that struggles to stay on his feet longer than 13 seconds!

Today is about turning an unbeaten run into a wining run. The table doesn’t lie and to be nearly into December and a million miles away from our rivals… well, it tells an all too familiar depressing story. Points mean prizes. The boys need to click today and someone needs to start shooting. You don’t score if you don’t shoot.

Before the game, there’s a BSM march to the ground. It’ll be interesting to see how well attended it is. Send me some pictures if anyone heads over there. I’ve met a load of the guys from the movement. All top chaps. I’m still not sure their purpose is clear, kicking greed out of football is like trying to kick fatty food off the McDonald’s menu. Anyway, I’ll never knock someone for doing something proactive if they feel its for the good of the club.

Have a great day!

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  1. Taxi for Wenger

    Why the fuck can’t I post on my iPhone.?
    Haven’t been able to for weeks please sort it Pedro it’s driving me nuts
    Ps just thinking about Wenger and the spineless overpaid useless CUNTS masquerading as a team and the constant lies . Where’s the accountability do the decent thing Wenger Resign today you have turned us into a fucking laughing stock

  2. Jamal

    Pyrrhic Victory,
    haha thats how Wenger talks.

    Just watched MOTD again and noticed this… ATTENDANCE: 60,098

    There were loads of empty seats yesterday so how the fuck have they managed to get that figure

  3. Cesc Appeal

    Frank Lampard??

    Again trying to do things on the cheap! I doubt our tight fisted club would even fork out his wages!

    Their objection to spending is just getting fucking annoying now

  4. Jamal

    Pyrrhic Victory,
    hahaa thats how Wenger talks.

    There was 60,098 people at the game yesterday according to MOTD stats… Clearly thats a load of bull****

    There were empty seats everywhere !

  5. IvoryGoonz

    I wouldnt even compare Wenger to Moyes, do you think Moyes would keep the Djourou, Squillaci, and others on the books knowing the money available with a possible 140m wagebill and growingto 150, with as much available in cash ?

    the only ways you’ll get the board to move are:
    – distress and physical exhaustion (with Kroenke staying in USA sitting on his armchair, and not giving a shite aout results on the pitch, not gonna work)
    – reaching their own money goals (they are not far off with all the players they sold to be able to repay the rest of the debt completely, and make a hefty profit selling to Usmanov at correct prices for both)
    – losing money on their investment after successive CL qualfication failures.

    whichever way it goes with a new manager, it will push the board’s hand.
    if the new manager fail miserably, they will have to invest or sell to Usmanov.
    if he succeeds, then it proves the board wasn’t the problem.

    in any cases, it’s staying in that stagnating situation with lack of ambition, years of selling your best players, and now to direct rivals, dithering on contract negotiations for 1 or 2 milions so that you can get your end of year bonus for you and your mates at the board, but lose out on Drogba, Touré, Messi, and that good old fashion Wenger management, tactics and training methods that is hampering us. It’s principles like the most paid player can’t earn more than the manager that kill us. like offering double sums to young english players to bring them in, knowing as soon as they reach the potential to reach the manager’s salary, they will be sold, because they won’t get what they will get elsewhere, and all that because our youth recruiting system and coaching is not enough, and that Wenger can’t be arsed getting shot of all the useless scouts, and stick to getting the unique players at the right time, rather than just sticking them on a wish list with a maximum price for Grimandi to work out with, he should go himself recruit his players, rather than going to comment on international games. talk about a reason to get shot of him. with the money we pay him, what does he need whoring himself out to earn even more money? and talk about players leaving for football reason? of sustainable model? for who? for the players? for the fans? for the board? for challenging for titles? tell me Arsene.

  6. Jed

    Cesc Appeal

    In an ideal world we’d change the whole set-up but in reality if you want anything to change at all you have to focus on the thing that is most achievable (or least unachievable, if you are feeling pessimistic like I am this morning).

    So what do we know?
    1. Kroenke owns two thirds of the club, so he is in control and can do anything that does not require an extraordinary resolution. In the US he has a history in of being a long-term owner, so it’s likely he is at AFC for the long term. So we are likely to be stuck with him for a long time.
    2. We have an owner who runs franchises that make a profit, he doesn’t invest him own cash, he runs a profitable business, so he is likely to be open to change where he thinks it necessary to maintain long-term profit.
    3. Gazidis is rewarded with a bonus for maintaining profit, so he’s likely to be open to change that maintains the profitability of the club,
    4. Wenger has a very high level of control over what happens on the playing side and in transfer activity. He calls the shots, but we are not sure whether he is wilfully refusing to spend the cash we can see in the accounts or whether Kroenke and Gazidis are intent on keeping that cushion for financial reasons.
    5. Irrespective of the cash he does and does not spend, Wenger is remarkably poor for a top manager at tactics, organisation, motivation and leadership. I won’t go on about it, but yesterday was such a clear illustration of this fact that if you still don’t get it then there is no hope for you.

    I conclude from this that the only thing that could be changed is Wenger, for a manager with a better record of getting results from meagre resources. The owner is never going to splash the cash, and even when the new sponsorship deals come in we will still be financially outgunned by the top 3. So the money men might be open to the argument that they need a different kind of manager to maintain our status in the league and get the results that the sponsors and prawn sandwich brigade need to see.

    So that’s the plan people, target Wenger because nothing else is going to give.

  7. Tombsie

    I have to agree with cesc appeal the only way we are ever going to get our arsenal back is getting rid of the board and the owner. Christ I’d even keep arsene if we got a new board who actually put pressure on him to get the best team possible.

    The sooner people reliase nothing’s going to change until the owner and the board are gone the better. All they care about is their greed. Even if they did get rid of arsene all they would do is higher another puppet they can use to make money out of our club.

    Give us our Arsenal back.