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Good morning Grovers! A super quick one from me this morning as I’m attending a wedding today. Amazing how many people are selfish enough to book these things on the days Arsenal play? Don’t worry though, I’ll raise my concerns when delivering the best mans speech.

Onto the game today, we play host to a Swansea team who are more than capable of taking us on with deep lying possession football and attacking flair. Swansea joined the Premiership and showed you can survive playing the game in the right way, which had been a total breath of fresh air.

I’ve been told the referee for today is Clattenburg. It’s his first game since the Chelsea accusations. The email i received suggested we give him a warm reception. 1) because he was treated in horrendous fashion by Chelsea 2) win some brownie points init?

Team news looks interesting, No Koscielny and possibly no Sagna. That’ll mean a back 4 similar to the one that started the season so positively. It’ll be good to see Jenks back in the side and it’d be nice to see if Vermaelen can have a respectable game at the back.

Up top, Gervinho is rumoured to be starting. Giroud picks up a rest after playing most of our games of late. Swansea aren’t a physical team, so if there’s a game suited to the Ivorian, it’s this one. Which guy will turn up? The free scoring early season Gervinho, or the the one that struggles to stay on his feet longer than 13 seconds!

Today is about turning an unbeaten run into a wining run. The table doesn’t lie and to be nearly into December and a million miles away from our rivals… well, it tells an all too familiar depressing story. Points mean prizes. The boys need to click today and someone needs to start shooting. You don’t score if you don’t shoot.

Before the game, there’s a BSM march to the ground. It’ll be interesting to see how well attended it is. Send me some pictures if anyone heads over there. I’ve met a load of the guys from the movement. All top chaps. I’m still not sure their purpose is clear, kicking greed out of football is like trying to kick fatty food off the McDonald’s menu. Anyway, I’ll never knock someone for doing something proactive if they feel its for the good of the club.

Have a great day!

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  1. finestcuts

    This is Wenger’s last season. He will leave by mutual consent. He has lost the backing of the fans. He has allowed the team to deteriorate to a level where he’ll leave a legacy of Tottenham having overtaken us in the league, and the next manager will have a massive rebuilding job to do.

    He has a whole bunch of players who he seldom uses yet who get a first team wage (Arshavin, Chamakh, Djourou and Squillaci spring to mind). We cannot rotate. Every season the team has got a little bit weaker. When he actually had a chance to sort things out, he ignored the problems. It’s too late now, we’re in need of a Herbert Chapman 5 year plan to get us back to where we were. The club creams off the fans and waste resources. He’s built a self serving parastic cash monster which only fuels the interests of the billionaires at the top.
    For all you people begging for Usmanov, remember that he wants dividends, and that could really bleed the club dry…..Usmanov is not a philanthropist, but a very astute businessman. Like every good capitalist, business comes first for Usmanov……so remember, that his interests might not meet those of the fans.

  2. Max85


    IG did say that, I guess as a way of trying to present some kind of authority to fans, but it was received roundly by jeers. As long as people are still buying merchandise and coming to the stadium every week they’ve got all they need, no amount of protests will do a thing. Unless there are mass boycotts of games etc (which will never happen as there will always be people who want to go, including tourists), they can continue to pretend to listen to us but not do a bloody thing.

  3. Lordbergkamp

    People: Wenger last coached a team that WON anything nearly a decade ago.

    It’s nearly 10 years for fucks sake! A decade.

    How can ANYBODY think that the club is progressing? It’s pitiful and depressing.

    AKBs please please please SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  4. Jeff


    There are three possible outcomes that may satisfy most people. The first (and my preferred option) is that Wenger, board and owner all clear out so we can start fresh. The second is if Wenger resigns or is dismissed. The third is if Wenger changes.

    Given that the first two are really nothing more than wishful thinking our best option must be to hope for a change in policy. Remove transfer cap, buy 4 or 5 world class players, get rid of the dozen or so surplus to requirement and change the wage structure so we can start competing again.

    That was the gist of my point. Wenger is not going to be sacked and he’s not going to resign – I can stake my mortgage on that.

  5. finestcuts

    Jeff, Wenger can leave by mutual consent, he doesn’t need to resign. The club can tell him they want to employ Pep, keep him on his fat salary and make him Director of football. They can even sell it to the fans as Wenger being promoted! Then perhaps Wenger can write the book he’s said he one day will (which I’d very much like to buy a copy of and read). He could make a fortune out of that, imagine 10 million Gooners buying a copy and him making a tenner profit on each one……lubbly jubbly…..come on Wenger, get your pen out!

  6. Ché C Cheriton

    I wonder if Pedro will still tippy tappy around things or put a positive spin it. He was massively guilty of this pre-season. These blogs who are read by many Arsenal fans need to start saying it how it is.

    So I ask again. “When is LeGrove going to call for the removal of Wenger and the board?”.

    I just want to know.

  7. Ric

    Who the eff bothers to pipe about Diaby this or Diaby that, Diaby is a dead dud.

    Leave Diaby out of it, god knows he’s done everything in his power to be kept out of it.

    Winston Bogarde is looking at Diaby in sheer admiration.

  8. Keyser

    Paulinho – We’re getting barracked and booed now and we don’t even have Van Persie, don’t get upset because I’ve criticised another one of YOUR infatuations, actually it’s a bit rich considering what happened with you and Hleb, physical peak, heh.

    You don’t understand, there’s nothing left mate, but for masses of money to be spent, except we’ve got even more deadwood and average players we need to shift, if you wanted any more clearer indication of the motives of the club you couldn’t have gotten much further than last year, now all that’s left is to see how they react.

  9. Ric

    Jeff December 1, 2012 22:19:45

    That is the worst case scenario.

    The first two we can live with, the third is a death sentence, a slow beureocratic, last supper and flue shot end to everything after being locked up for twenty years surrounded by shit.


    Watching Arsenal freefall is like watching someone drown in a pool and you can’t swim,utter feeling of helplessness.

  11. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    Ric diaby may get his dream an wear a spurs kit for real next season,,, u see next season he will be injury free , with all his time off he should be on goverment statutory pay 115 per week.

  12. Paulinho

    Keyser – I think with our budget and the players on the books we can average more than one or two chances a game against the likes of Sunderland, QPR, Stoke, Norwich, Villa, and Swansea.

    So with a decent manager there’s quite a bit left. You’ll just have to let go of your infatutation with Wenger and male teenagers.

  13. Ché C Cheriton

    Grow up Daniel. Just because I’ve been pretty much spot on for the last 5 years and said things that AKB’s don’t like it means I support Man U. The same stuff is levelled at Gambon. Basically a lot of Arsenal fans need to wake the fck up.

  14. Gunner2301


    It’s only a matter of time before the lack of attendance becomes noticeable. They replaced a lot of the hard core with fair weather fans. They thought they were being entertained with “beautiful football” but now it’s diabolical so why should they stay? They won’t they’ll go to Chelsea. They”re already struggling with the corporates as they have to cut their cloth accordingly and Arsenal is not the top draw club they once wanted to be associated with. So the numbers will dwindle and maybe that will be a catalyst for Le Wig to act to protect his investment.


    Even with what you say bringing in top players won’t do a jot about the coaching methods, lack of preparation i.e. video analysis of opposition, players wanting to give their all for the manager, which isn;t happening and hasn;t for a long time.

  15. Keyser

    Paulinho – Whatever mate, after all these years of us discussing what was missing for us to reach the top, that’s what you’re left with, and all it does is illustrate my point anyway.


    The icing on the cake would be Diaby leaving next year to play a full season of football at a rival club.
    ….if anyone would take his fragile ass.

  17. Ric


    This is a top of my head list of things I’ve been called by AFc fans since I came to the conclusion.


    1) . The Entire encyclopedia of swear words.

    2). Everything not listed in the encycloedia of swear words.

    3). A lot of foreign words google translate refused to translate.

  18. Ric

    Keyser is this about whether or not anyone has a valid arguement or getting rid of Arsene?

    Because if it is, then come on man give it a rest, every common name on this blog has listed you reasons enough to fill a library with their collected comments. You never listen, so why bother?

  19. Paulinho

    Keyser – Yeah that’s what we’re left with, and I hope you take it onboard.

    Face reality and accept it instead of hoping we will fill the team full of young players and you can delude yourself again into thinking that ‘next year’ they’ll improve and we’ll be a step closer to whatever promised land you think we can reach.

  20. Chris

    Thing is at united the players know if they play with no sprit or passion ferguson will tear them a new asshole whereas wenger is a fairy with the players and protects them hugely. I bet there’s no shitting themselves at HT if they’ve been god awful

  21. tippitappi

    thats two matches on the bounce the’ve played us off the field under different managers bloody Swansea its not as if between those matches they have’nt been turned over and played shite themselves its just I suppose Arsenal arn’t that difficult to play against anymore

  22. Keyser

    Lol yeah I remember you posting something similar to ‘A’ not sure if it was the same window, haven’t looked to see if there’s any others, you were slightly more honest then.

  23. Paulinho

    Keyser – Look at 0:37. Beautiful.

    Would absolutely love to have that sort of close control and ingenuity in the team now.

  24. phizzle

    f$@k you Gazidis, Hill-Wood and Wenger for selling Van Persie, Where would Man U be Without him 10th in the league i think….

  25. Chris

    Would wenger have tried to sign van Persie if he had welbeck Rooney and Hernandez. Would he hell.. There’s the difference summed up between a true winner and a has-been

  26. Confidentgoner

    A tale of two teams. One that played the ball well, passed better, ran to positions better. Another one that passed backwards, did not want to take on players and generally lazy off the ball. Arsene can spin this defeat all he wants but the signs have been there with the lucky draws we got at Everton and Villa. We are a team going down for so many reasons.

    a) The boys do not care enough. Why? The Boss is not ruthless with them. He treats them like they were fragile kids. Like he owes them a living. He does not have the right atmosphere.

    b) The team balance was poor and has been for a while. Why persist with a 4-3-3?

    c) Lack of inspired substitutions. You are looking for a win. Why not bring on a steiker? Why not leave two Strikers Poldi and Giroud and change only Carzola who was triring? Why bring on OXO to change a game on the left wing ffs?

    d) His line up is always cack. Why play Gervinho as CF or why persist with 433, when you lack the personnel with close control? Why persist with a midfield trio that have been overrun for 3 games now? What is the wisdom in that?

    Wenger has always been a poor manager in my books. I said it in this blog 4 years back and sadly nothing is changed. The quality has gone down, the lies have increased and the gate takings as well!

  27. kev

    fair play to swansea and laudrup – smashing team and way of doing things. hope they do well this season.

    if arsenals aim is just to scrape into fourth spot every season then why would the players be arsed trying? pay is only a part of it – if the club itself has no ambition then why should the players?

    our team is so fucking average its unreal. the team from today

    chez – not a good keeper. i know a few poles that watch him regularly for the national team and they rate fabianski higher. a class team needs a class keeper. chez is far from class.

    jenks – i like him and think hell be excellent in a few years but at the minute hes back up at best. probably needs a loan at a decent prem side.

    per – good not great. gets caught in no mans land too much and his mobility is shocking. our system of playing a high line means hell regularly get found out. should be third or fouth choice.

    verm – shite defender and always has been. the goals in the early stages of his arsenal career papered over a lot of faults. now the goals have dried up we see him for what he really is. a player with a lot of heart and bite but not a lot else. not good enough as a defender. we obviously never watched him before purchasing

    gibbs – wasnt good enough a few seasons ago and still isnt good enough. injury record aside hes back up quality for any team with aspirations of winning anything.

    santi – good player but again not world class. can be brilliant but can also be anonymous. needs top players around him cant and wont do it all on his own.

    mikel – does a solid job and battles hard. squad player

    jack – is class and will be class in the future. if hes on top form he can change games. my first name on the team sheet. needs to be looked after though and rotated. wont last if he gets overplayed

    theo – pace is a huge asset. seems to have improved slightly but is this as a result of the contract shite and trying to put himself in the shop window? anyway is just a squad player for any team with genuine ambitions of winning trophies.

    gervinho – not a good player. i wont call him shite because he was very good for lille and probably could be again but it wont be at arsenal id say. would be a great buy for an aston villa or sunderland or something. or fuck him back to france.

    lukas – great goalscoring record and when he gets in a decent position he can be lethal. from general play though – average. squad player.

    looking down through our squad how many of them would get in the top sides? serious question. id say maybe two – jack and santi. the rest? mid table at best the whole lot of them.

    looking at squads from seasons past this lot are shocking. its ridiculous how far weve dropped our standards

  28. Gunner2301


    What he is trying to do with Gervinho i have no idea. He said himself that the game has got a lot faster especially for strikers they now have a fraction of a second to make a decision whereas when he came they might have had half a second to make that decision. Gervinho doesn;t have that speed of thought or close control neither does Walcott for that matter. RVP, Henry, Bergkamp, Wrighty had it. He is trying to fool us into accepting his warped sense of value. Gervinho is a striker as much as 4th is a trophy.

  29. Ché C Cheriton

    Just talking to my mate (fellow Arsenal fan and long time season ticket holder which he gave up a few years back). We are sick of all the bollocks, looking into going and supporting our local team which in our case is Welwyn Garden City. Fck Arsenal – why give them £100 + a match to watch average players and an average manager. Back to basics we go with our local team.

  30. Gunner2301


    I concur.

    I’d only take Wilshire if im honest. Half the first team i’d get rid of and the others may make it as squad players beyond that I would get rid of all of them. Given that we have 55 players on the books I think, that leaves a new incoming manager mount fucking Everest to climb to turn this shit around. Well Done Wenger!

  31. Confidentgoner

    Matter of fact, when the match started, I said to my mates that our best would be a draw. I tipped it for swansea. They are a decent side. The first goal was excellent. Exposed our lazy midfield and defense. The second goal, was jenks caught in no man’s land. Inexperience. Should have booted it out to row Z. But it is clear to all grovers that the game is up for this team. They do not have any fight in them. What it will take, is a new manager and the january window.

  32. goonerboy

    The penny will never drop with the hard core AKBs many of these people are beyond reason. They are like the Hitler fanatics at the end of the war who claimed that the people failed him. Even relegation would not be enough for them to question their messiah.

    What is unarguable is that the performances of this team are declining in a very predictable way-following the sale and non-replacement of our best players over a 6-7 year period.

    This decline is the cumulative effect of Wenger’s poor judgement-from over-reliance on immature kids- and injury prone crocks. , buying cheap and finding out that most are not good enough and most of all not buying at all-keeping the squad too thin.

    The team is not only declining through under-investment-it is declining because Wenger has developed an ineffective style of play-unsuited for British conditions-and has filled the team with people who can’t tackle and defend-and his and the clubs response to failure? More of the same. That is why decline is inevitable and it will lead to relegation if this perverse frenchman is left in charge.
    Under Wenger Arsenal have always been heavily reliant on exceptional individuals-and the presence of these was for the most part enough to cover up Wenger’s glaring shortcomings as a coach.
    Well they have all left and Wenger has no one left to get him out of jail.

    The results this year show conclusively that we cannot beat average hard working English teams. home or away. We can’t do what they do-tackle and work hard-in an organised way.
    This is not because of money-its because the team is badly coached and led with the wrong type of players, the wrong set up and are poorly motivated. Another half dozen consecutive performances and results like this-and Wenger will walk. What the club needs is regime change-not replacement of one idealistic under resourced manager with another.

  33. Ichiban

    Buy Michu, he will link up well with Cazorla and Arteta. Move Arteta forward and get Fellaini to fill in at cdm. Buy Leighton Baines and yanga mbiwa.

    Michu – 10-15million max. He cost Swansea 2million in the summer where we should have been signing proper quality.

    Fellaini – 20-30million very powerful and versatile player. Better than Giroud at pretty much everything.

    Leighton Baines – 12-18million fantastic talent, will solve loads of defensive and attacking options on the left wing where we have been getting exploited heavily

    The best part is all these players have proven EPL experience and one or two players in our squad of the same nationality so will bed in nice and quickly to save this shocking season and our washed up manager.

  34. Samir



  35. kev

    we dont work hard enough to get the ball back once we lose it – thats a big reason average sides look good against us.

    its a culture that has to be instilled into a club and we cant or refuse to hammer it into our players.

    the current squad may be fairly ordinary but our results would improve no end if the players worked harder to regain possession and gave the opposition less space.

    fucking barca with all their stars are awesome at hounding down their opponents and forcing mistakes or winning the ball back. its simple stuff and can be done by any team from sunday league to champions league so why cant we master it?

  36. Zeus

    What has the psycho fan boys over at tony atwood’s site (name slips me) been writing recently?

    Surely the ‘worshipping at the feet of Arsene’ bollocks must come to an end.

  37. Zeus

    Lol @ Benny.

    Dude, why so serious. This is the new normal and has been for a while. Should be of no surprise to you.

    I’m numb to it all. Wanking before bed.

  38. Karim

    Highest ticket price in the country, possibly top 3 highest total wage in Premiership and now a possible qualification to Europe via Fair Play is upon us.Wenger is a genius. He shows to the doubters when he can managed to fulfil our ONLY target every season, to qualify for the CL even if we keep selling our best players. Clearly Wenger’s ego and arrogance is stopping the team to progress to the next level. The fans deserved more, after some years bringing higher revenues through gate receipts, merchandise and TV deals.

    Wenger shows his frustration quite often nowadays and he keep affirming to the fans that we don’t t need to great players, good defence, just the fighting spirit itself is enough.

    Well, I wished Spurs should’v beaten us last time we met, cuz if that had happen, clearly someone has to go. Even a decent manager winning major trophies could be sacked, how come a non-winning manager like Wenger is still at Arsenal is amazing.

    Just sack the old man, Wenger. The Dictator, The Parriah. The Loser.

  39. Jeff

    The evidence is piling up all the time that there is something very wrong with the club, how it’s run and more importantly the psychological state of the team. How is it possible to beat a very good Tottenham side 5:2 (even with 10 men) but go down to Swansea 2:0? We created absolutely nothing.

    The only way you can explain it is that the team lack a very important ingredient in their locker when it comes to run-of-the-mill league matches. At the back of their minds there must be the question: what are we playing for? What is our mission here? What is the bigger picture? The answer to those questions has to be “not much”. We are basically lost.

    Now we know that this team can perform. It has some good players in it. Swansea isn’t really a better team than us; they just played better on the day. The same goes for Everton and Aston Villa. I think people in general underestimate how much influence real motivation can have on us individually or as a team. They are not robots. Put Messi in a team that is completely devoid of any ambition and aspiration and see how he plays.

    It is obvious that even the players themselves are puzzled as to why this is happening. On paper we have some good players but in any given game, the majority do not seem to play to their full potential. They turn up, they kick the ball around but there’s no real purpose and no burning desire to win.

    If we look for someone to blame the obvious culprit is the manager but maybe there are other internal rifts that we don’t know about. Maybe something is boiling underneath that is hurting our game on the pitch. Whatever it is, this isn’t the Arsenal that once was and the longer we go on like this, the more difficult it will be for anyone else to dig us out of this huge hole. I certainly do not have any more confidence in the manager to do what is necessary and I think he himself is also at a loss about what to do. We are now a rudderless ship meandering in the waves just waiting to run aground; indeed if we haven’t already.

  40. gnarleygeorge9

    Got on the sauce yesterday with some mates. Why not, it was stinking hot. Anyway, crashed about 11.00 pm. Woke up about 2.00 am game meant’t to start 1.50 am, but thought narrrhhh! I can’t be bothered & went back 2 sleep. Thank the f$&k i did 2 😯 0-2

  41. Jay2oh


    Has he gone yet? Has Ivan left? No didn’t think so.
    Loved the match, didn’t go to the game. Refuse to work all week and fund the disgusting regime.

  42. Jeff

    Sometimes Wenger looks so forlorn and fed up that anyone who didn’t know the history of how we got here might be forgiven for thinking that he’s been hit with a series of very unfortunate blows and our downfall is basically down to bad luck.

    But of course, that is simply not the case and anyone who thinks so should examine the evidence. Every major negative that we see at the club can be traced straight to the manager’s door:

    -the failed youth policy
    -the unworkable cap on transfer fees
    -the crippling wage structure
    -the unwillingness to change formation to suit players or opposition
    -the predictable pattern of tactics and substitutions during games

    And the most glaring of all mistakes; the one that has had the most immediate and damning effect: the selling of our best players. Any club that has even the slightest bit of ambition to win things does not do the above; especially a club the size of Arsenal.

    Would it have killed him to say no to Van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy (to cite the most recent examples of failure) when they asked to be transferred? Could he not have said: “you will stay and honour your contract and if you don’t perform you will be benched or you will end up in the reserves”? Would it have made us bankrupt if he got rid of the non-runners and replenished with ready-made talent to reinforce those already at the club? If he decided to go down either of these routes I am 100% sure the board and owner would have been behind him.

    That is where the fault lies. He is incredibly weak in character when it comes to people skills and instead tries to compensate for it by being stubborn and intractable over his failed principles. Both these demeanours will eventually see him out as a failure and his legacy will be overshadowed by the final years.

  43. Yippee Kai Yay

    ‘footballing reasons’ if it wasn’t so tragic I would laugh at the stupidity of that comment alone for a good year.

    I believe some moron tried to twist my statement that I suspect if RVP was still at the club our league positions would be reversed.

    I still say that is true, and of all the players ‘lost’ over the years, one of the most prolific strikers on current form is probably the hardest to take, especially as he didn’t even have the common courtesy to go to Barca like everyone else.

  44. EX-Gooner

    Will not spend a single penny on Arsenal as long as that overrated, arrogant French dictator is in charge of club.

    Been watching lower league football for last two seasons, BEST fucking decision I’ve ever made. There is no place for working class fans at Arsenal nowdays anyway.

  45. IvoryGoonz

    The same way Iceland sorted their crisis by helping people and jailing banksters, the rest of the world should follow suite.
    As long as there’s assholes managers paid 146k a week to bollocktheir way through another year, and make people believe they are responsible for nothing, the result will always be the same, more lies.
    Get the fucker out, he’s already been earning enough on the club’s ass without improving anything at all.
    Wenker OUT

  46. MalayGoonerSince 1970

    This will be my last match for the rest of the season. Had enough of this rubbish to ruin my weekend mood.

  47. EX-Gooner

    Ché C Cheriton December 1, 2012 23:55:00
    We are sick of all the bollocks, looking into going and supporting our local team which in our case is Welwyn Garden City.


    Do it. You will not regret it, trust me.

  48. Maciek


    Reina is past his best. As for the rest of the players I agree. I would take Wanyama from Celtic to solve ours cdm position problems.

    We all know that Wenger won’t ever buy 5 world class players in one transfer window. He would have problem to buy at least one. He lost his magic touch in 2008 when he sold Hleb and Flamini.

    Adebayor was average, but he is twice the player Giroud and Podolski will ever be.

    I won’t even start comparing Hleb and Flamini with our current players. I don’t want to insult them.

    We need at lest 6 new world class players. It’s shocking. And it’s shocking how Szczęsny, Vermalen, Wilshire, Arteta, Ramesy, Chamberlain have declined under Wenger. Wemger also ruined Arshavin.

    What a joke of a manager he became since 2007.

  49. Maciek

    You know that something is bad if they are starting to call for Wenger’s head at the Cultured Left Foot blog. I haven’t seen this in my entire life.

  50. gambon

    Wouldnt say Reina, or any 30 year old GK, is past his best.

    He just doesnt want to be at Liverpool any more, he wanted to join us 2 years back.

    Fact is we need an experienced keeper, he may be ideal.

  51. Maciek

    Aside from Buffon and Casilas rest of the gk’s are average at best.

    Maybe Lloris will be world class one day even though he plays for T’ham.

  52. WengersSweeties

    Lloris is a class keeper…. did you watch the Lazio game?

    There’s too much work to be done at Arsenal – For now i’m just wondering how long it’s going to be before the club appoint a new manager.

    Ideally we need it to before the transfer window so that we can try and salvage this utter mess the lunatic has created.

  53. Jay2oh

    No honestly it’s not a wind up, that would be silly. It’s on SSN, turn it on, it’s the breaking news yellow but at the bottom!! Oh it’s advert break right now though…

  54. Jeff

    …the club have announced that chairman Peter Hill-Wood is recovering from a heart attack following a bout of pneumonia.

    A statement on the club’s website read: “Everyone at Arsenal football club sends their support and best wishes to chairman Peter Hill-Wood.

    “Peter was taken ill at home on Friday and is currently being treated in hospital. He is making a good recovery.

    “The club wishes Peter a full and speedy return to health and our thoughts are with him and his family at this time.”


  55. kwik fit

    Wasn’t Pedro at a wedding yesterday.
    He’s probably absolutely hanging this morning finding it difficult putting one foot in front of the other. Can’t see a new post this morning.

  56. IvoryGoonz

    and one about the protest.

    guys, aim Wenger, seriously, he actually completely deflected it on owners in the pravda.com interview. even the banner on the picture on that article is about IG. IG is easy to remove, he is already involved in 2 conflictual positions currently, just no one actually write to the federations…
    and while it’s really Wenger the problem.
    but hey, that’s just an advice…

  57. NoMoreCesc

    Gervinho’s comments only reflect the great spiwit at the club. Montpellier is a club with spiwit as well so they will do the number on Schalke which has no spiwit. Olympiakos has no spiwit either so they will lose to us and we will top the group. Flawless Wenger logic. Welcome to the Grand Illusion…

    Of course, after we lose and finish second in the group, the spin will be “we were a bit jaded after the Swansea game and lacked a little bit of sharpness in the final ball and our defending was a bit naive at times. But with the way the other groups have finished, it is much better for us to finish second anyway”.

    “But Arsene, you could be facing Barcelona”.

    “Yes, but as we all know, they are a small club without Messi. So our tactic will be to man mark Messi with 10 men and let our gweat spiwit do the rest.”

    And so it goes….

    Everyone talks about Groundhog Day, but Bill Murray learned and improved with each repetition. We are in a crazy regressing Groundhog Day.

  58. Jamal

    But errr overall i believe he has gweat chawacter and mental stwength to recover.

    Pedro has great spiwit you know so he cannot be ‘Jaded’ for too long.

  59. Jamal

    “Yes, but as we all know, they are a small club without Messi. So our tactic will be to man mark Messi with 10 men and let our gweat spiwit do the rest.”

    LOL. Wanker knows best !

  60. gambon

    Hill-Wood: “Wenger, its coming round to January, we should start talking about transfers. Any £1m players youre interested in?”

    Wenger: “Well Peter, I hear we are very very rich now. TV money is up by £30m, Emirates are giving us £150m, so how about Cavani for £30m”

    Wenger: “Peter, Perter whats up? Why are you twitching?”

  61. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Pedro , Geoff….

    what we having creative differences on what to write eh?

    bit like the beatles in late 69…. whose playing Lennon? and wants to tell the truth…. we can handle the truth…. but apparently the arsenal board dont think we can…

  62. IvoryGoonz

    bergkamp: same pictures but 2 different titles, and content under 2 different names, surely there’s an editor at the daily mail who understood the principles of competition too much :p

  63. jlp

    Guy has a heart attack friday and Arsenal think it’s good to offer him condolences on fucking Sunday.
    Surprised no one questioning the lack of integrity there.
    Something very fucking peculiar with how this club is behaving.

    All the best to PHW and I hope your well enough soon to sell your shares to someone who gives a shit.

  64. Jidster Talabi

    Poor Pedro…there is nothing to write on Arsenal except the very obvious. I really hope the wind of radical change blows through the club. I also wish PHW gets well soon, although he is part of the problem at our club.

  65. Arsenalone

    And all he’s pals should all fuck off,fuck em let em all have a heart attack including the mad manager.

    W can start again with

    Usmanov,dein,pep. The dream 3

  66. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    true jp…. if it occured on friday why wait 48 hours to inform ?

    maybe this just shows the contempt that the board have for the fans… hope the fella makes a good recovery…

    a question tho?

    Is Arsenal a football club or is it a business?

    it cant be both.

  67. mike

    we are in the shit, wenger out some say but what difference will that make, the owner is the first priority, then gazidis then wenger, Swansea dont have world class players but they have a system and i bet you they practice this on the training filed, we dont, wenger sends out the players and expects them to make it up as they go along, I remember fab4 saying that, we dont have good enough players with intelegence, even jack yesterday was far too deep, he was out on the left passing forward and then standing still, the pass and move days are gone , we are stretched across the pitch and hold that shape, thats why teams can pass against us, but we cant do the same, too much distance, we still are so predictable when bringing the ball out of defence, mersacker is crap and so is jenks, he may try hard but hes crap, oh hang on thats our level, im not accepting our demise am i , oh fuck me i forgot

  68. gats

    Woke up this morning to find in Breaking News that PHW had a heart attack. I was fuuck finally that shape shifting, reptilian, tax avoiding, money laundering, British raj cunt will finally die.

    Then I read he is making a steady recovery. One can only hope that cunt burns in hell

  69. TOLI83

    Pedro’s got the wedding hangover no doubt or currently enjoying a nine course champagne breakfast.

    I wouldn’t wish a heart attack on anyone however I’m not sure what they expect from the fans, HIll Wood seems to think we’re all a bunch of c*nts.. . I think we’ve covered it in the comments to be honest.

    Funny how a story got leaked this morning about Arsenal signing Stroodman for 22mill in Jan. typical…

  70. Jidster Talabi

    Seriously though, does anyone ever see the day when the Emirates would be empty at the start of an EPL game? Not League Cup, not FA Cup, not UCL, but a league match that is broadcast live on television for the world to see. Only when we can pull off such a clear statement of defiance would the powers that be re-evaluate how they have treated the fans. Right now they clearly could not be bothered because the numbers aren’t that huge. 1,000 fans march before the game, yet over 50,000 attend the game…the dissent isn’t loud or large enough.

  71. Cesc Appeal

    Does anyone else think this is quite significant?

    PHW is the bully boy, Kroenke’s enforcer, the power behind KSE’s take over? He keeps everyone in line and is probably the driving force behind not letting Usmanov and Red & White in…

    He HAS to be removed from the picture now on medical grounds! Has to. Pneumonia and a heart attack – he’s lucky to be alive.

    If Gazidis is left alone that’s excellent, he has no bottle at all. And the fans will go wild if someone is appointed Chairman from Gazidis’ and Wenger posse instead of inviting someone new on the board – say someone who owns nearly 30% of the club?

  72. IvoryGoonz

    doublegooner: I’d rather only moan and be right, than move around with banners and scarfs hitting wide, on wrong targets, and my protest totally deflected and ignored by the actual man in charge, eventually going the way of the fool, as long as BSM goes after owners, while ressources are there for Wenger, they wont get any results. but because they do move their asses, I don’t say anything against.
    doesn’t mean I actually share their priorities, but i respect their courage, especially amongst the masses of sheeps still thinking Wenger is King Arthur, and the Sustainable Wenger Model the holy Grail.
    if you go to war, you use war tactics.
    Wenger doesn’t hesitate to simply put blame on owners, and so do they.
    and they are both happy that this game can continues, and avoid direct reproaches. Wenger keep saying it’s his best squad, despite clearly being his worst.
    Going to a protest that is vowed to fail, is to me like being Jesus, and going to get crucified for people who’ll eventually use me centuries later to enslave millions of people. If he’d known what would happen, I’m not sure he’d have gone on to be a martyr.
    I for sure know I wouldn’t..
    When Lady Nina left, she said all she had to say about the board, and all that’s to be said about them, they are, simply put, pigs.
    And the reason they are kept in place is Wenger’s ability to remain mediocre and not overachieve too much with titles to not put too muh pressure on himself; after all, now that he’s won an EPL title unbeaten, he estimates he’s got nothing more to prove, so there’s no point trying harder. In the meantime, some would say in the same situation, well, I managed it unbeaten, let’s push it further and see if I can do it winning all games. But the fact is Wenger has hit his own wall and he’s done so years ago. he’s now only protecting his assests in the club despite having none officialy, his salary is a big reason. he refused to be national coach cause they wouldn’t pay him more, and accessorily didnt want him to coach Arsenal as well, some might ask why does Wenger tried to do both, and some might answer, it’s a Wenger prerogative, since he’s supposedly made Henry from a winger to a striker, he’s been said to be able to even change a banker into a sportsman, and lead into gold. although no one has seen what magic he uses.
    some think it’s the balls of Henry that have been Wenger’s talismans for all these years.
    some say this january window will prove him that even Henry is not enough when you don’t give a shit about actual tactics, motivations, and preparation.
    you don’t go to war like you’re going to pick up mushrooms.

  73. gambon


    Youre overestimating PHWs power.

    Ken Friar will become Chairman, nothing will change.

    Right now the board are the least of our problems, Wenger is the problem.

  74. IvoryGoonz

    RSPC: the greatest football club for us fans, and a business for Wenger and the rest of the board.
    a real sustainable model would truely put fans who pay with their own money in charge of major decisions, not like there’s no examples in germany

  75. TOLI83

    So Gambon… Do you think the ethos of the club would change if we had Klopp or Pep ( I know it’s unlikely) at the helm.

    I agree Wenger should go but wouldn’t the age old problem of a lack of ambition which is reflected is asset striping and not buying anyone of note still exist. I think Wenger is a massive problem but equal to those above him. Nothing will get fixed or change until it all gets replaced in my opinion …

  76. Cesc Appeal


    Do you not think thought that Kroenke and Gazidis will just appoint someone to maintain the current style? Make profits, no net loss in transfer windows?

    Like a David Moyes type character, basically make the most of what you have?

    I think nothing will change unless we have a clean sweep.

    The only way we get rid of Wenger is with an Usmanov take over, that would spell the end for Gazidis as well who is the worse CEO in Europe. It’s a joke he even got the job.

    Without that I can just see Wenger shifting up to board level and a stooge coming in

  77. sam

    didnt theo walcock say hes on fire? and he wants 100k aweek? little cunt should be kicked out off this club fucking dog

  78. gambon


    Is it the boards fault that we couldnt beat Swansea, Aston Villa, Fulham, Stoke, Sunderland?

    Is it the boards fault that we run our best players into the ground every season?

    Is it the board that decided to buy a fucking joke of a headless chicken in Gervinho?

    Are the board forcing Wenger to play Ramsey every single week?

    Is it the board that tell Wenger he absolutely cant make a substitution before the 70th minute?

    Do the board tell Wenger to put coquelin on for Giroud/Cazorla when we’re chasing a game?

  79. Cesc Appeal

    There’s a video up about the BSM march, good number turned up and got some good exposure on the national papers.

    Would love to see Gazidis’ expression when he was told by the media team just what is being said out there!

  80. gambon


    I just wrote a long response that this fucking site didnt post cos Pedro has put 77% of the english language on the banned list. I cant be bothered to write it again,.

    However, is it the board that tell Wenger to run our best players into the ground, not practice defending, never make a substitution before 70min, never criticise the team, and repeatedly play Ramsey/Gervinho no matter how useless they are?

    Is it the boards fault that we cant beat Fulham, Villa, Swansea, Norwich, Stoke, Sunderland?

    Is it Gazidis’ fault that Stoke, West Ham, West Brom are ahead of us?