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Good morning Grovers! A super quick one from me this morning as I’m attending a wedding today. Amazing how many people are selfish enough to book these things on the days Arsenal play? Don’t worry though, I’ll raise my concerns when delivering the best mans speech.

Onto the game today, we play host to a Swansea team who are more than capable of taking us on with deep lying possession football and attacking flair. Swansea joined the Premiership and showed you can survive playing the game in the right way, which had been a total breath of fresh air.

I’ve been told the referee for today is Clattenburg. It’s his first game since the Chelsea accusations. The email i received suggested we give him a warm reception. 1) because he was treated in horrendous fashion by Chelsea 2) win some brownie points init?

Team news looks interesting, No Koscielny and possibly no Sagna. That’ll mean a back 4 similar to the one that started the season so positively. It’ll be good to see Jenks back in the side and it’d be nice to see if Vermaelen can have a respectable game at the back.

Up top, Gervinho is rumoured to be starting. Giroud picks up a rest after playing most of our games of late. Swansea aren’t a physical team, so if there’s a game suited to the Ivorian, it’s this one. Which guy will turn up? The free scoring early season Gervinho, or the the one that struggles to stay on his feet longer than 13 seconds!

Today is about turning an unbeaten run into a wining run. The table doesn’t lie and to be nearly into December and a million miles away from our rivals… well, it tells an all too familiar depressing story. Points mean prizes. The boys need to click today and someone needs to start shooting. You don’t score if you don’t shoot.

Before the game, there’s a BSM march to the ground. It’ll be interesting to see how well attended it is. Send me some pictures if anyone heads over there. I’ve met a load of the guys from the movement. All top chaps. I’m still not sure their purpose is clear, kicking greed out of football is like trying to kick fatty food off the McDonald’s menu. Anyway, I’ll never knock someone for doing something proactive if they feel its for the good of the club.

Have a great day!

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  1. Thorough

    Our best back four starts? Jenkinson isnt fit to lace Sagna’s boot and Kos, on a good day, is what Vermaelen can only dream to be. And its not like Vermaelen has too many good days of his own anyway. Give me Sagna, Per, Kos and Gibbs/Verm anyday and I can brag. With this ramshackle four for today, am not gonna get my hopes up, especially if Ramsey starts again.

  2. Donald Costello

    Best back four????? Sagna is the best RB in the country.And i forget the last time TV was even average in a game

    The march should be anti Wenger.No good getting rid of Hill-Wood and keeping Wenger is it?

  3. Wengerafc

    I’ve been watching arsenal since the seventies. If anyone thinks we are shit now they should be glad they didn’t have to endure terry neil and don Howe – but that said the fans always cheered them on and got behind the team. . So I hope that whoever puts on the red jersey we get behind them and sing our hearts out. Don’t be fickle modern fans who moan when we don’t win. Maybe one day soon we will win a trophy( with or without wenger)

  4. Sid Murrey

    Tough game today I think. We’ll mis Giroud up top as their back line will dominate any long ball options.

    Gervinho ( love how autocorrect makes that ‘her bingo’ ) is shit. He might come up with a goal or two, but he wastes so many breaks.

    Ramsey can’t start. Not in any sane managers mind anyway…… Here Endeth that lesson.

    Come on the Arsenal. Need a result to warm the mood!!

  5. Colonel Mustard

    also we WILL never win another trophy under Wegner. he is no longer a winner. again with the greatest respect to the man, he has’nt adapted. Like Einstein who was a genius in the start of his career became a figure of mild ridicule as he did’nt move with science as he got older.

  6. Nabby

    I’m no akb but I don’t get why Ramsey in particular is the main focus of fan vitriol towards players. It seems to me that a vocal minority of our fans aim to bully a payer a season add no matter what that payer tries to do, he is effectively picked on for the rest of his Arsenal career.

    I for one hope that our more reasonable, fair-minded fans would see beyond this. How anyone can call themselves a gooner and yet wish death or injury on one of our own players is frankly disgusting.

    I’m not calling for Ramsey to be started every game nor for him to be given some meg sucks contract. All I’m saying is we should support the players in the red and white and make fair criticism of their performances.

    Rant over, peace and goodwill to all men, women and Gambon 😉

  7. andy1886

    Clattenburg was in charge of Southampton/Norwich last week wasn’t he?

    Yes Neill/Howe was bad, but at least we had three cup finals in a row (one win) to look forward to, and even with Howe it was ability and not lack of effort that was the problem. And the team that GG built was based around youth players brought through under Howe.

    AW, the new Don Howe, lol.

  8. Alexander


    I disagree with almost everything you said.

    Kos is having a bad run as is TV, but he was our best cb last year.
    Jenks did a fantastic job at the start of the season and let’s face it, Sagna has been average since he returned.

  9. Bazza

    It will be interesting to see how visible the black scarf movement is today. As Pedro says they seem to be a decent lot who have thought through their method of protest carefully (unlike some of the people on this site). It is not a “Wenger Out” movement, they are more concerned more with the way the club is run and the way in which the fans are treated. They also make the point that they will not protest during the game and will support the team throughout.
    If you’re interested here’s their web-site

  10. AJ

    No Giroud, no Walcott (he was injured against Everton was he not?). Ramsey sure to start. Will be surprised if we start with Rosicky. It can be a good game for him to comeback though, as Swansea play like us, without being too physical.

  11. Kurt F

    Let’sd hope these Reina rumours are just that – 10 million for a keeper who has been out of form for a couple of years now is madness. For that kind of money would much rather see us bring in an experienced, steady pair of hands like Begovic, or we could get Robinson or Gordon far cheaper.

  12. Wengerafc

    colonel M . I don’t disagree with your point about Wenger. But my point was more about cheering the team on come rain or shine . The Arsenal will out live Wenger, Kroenke and all the other greedy bastards ! Up the Arsenal !

  13. Donald Costello

    Best back 4????? Sagna is the best RB in the country.And i have forgotten the last time TV even had an average game

    Forehead should not be within a thousand miles of the E******s today

  14. Ben

    Any one think Forster from Celtic would be a good ? The goals from Bale and Fellaini were terrible keeping.
    Hope to god we win today but if we didn’t it wouldn’t be a surprise at all, how did la ligas top scoring midfielder end up at Swansea? I expect our scouts were all in France

  15. Oota

    Happy to see Jenks back in the side…..solid enough for me at this stage of his career but i’m loving his progress since last season – hints at a level of determination that many of the team are lacking and i would like to see wenger investing more of his time in getting that out of his players…

  16. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Do you think that Terry Neil or Don Howe would have left a significant amount of cash sitting in the bank? Whatever the size of it?

    How do you think we lured Champagne Charlie south or bought Alan Ball for a record Fee in 1971?

    “On 22 December 1971, Arsenal paid a record fee of £220,000 to take Ball to Highbury. He was 26 years of age and at his peak for both form and fitness when he joined Arsenal;…”

    Whatever about those times.. Good or bad..at least every manager used whatever resources he had available to him. Some badly of course and some not so..

    The minute a manager thinks he is wiser than every other manager out there and thinks he can use his ability to success, rather than ability plus all the resources (i.e. cash); he’s simply setting himself up for a very big fall..

    And our Humpty Dumpty is sitting now precariously on a very high wall.

  17. johnny5

    i think we will win today but i doubt its going to be pretty. verm has been lb for a while so he might not be the sharpest at cb today. ill be surprised if the good jenks turns up today i know for a fact that if i played well in someones absence then they automatically get their place back despite clearly not being at 100% id be pissed. royally pissed and no doubt that will affect form. gerv is rusty so im gonna assume hes gonna be shit. i expect a scrappy ugly game but poldi to win it for us 1-0

  18. sam

    if ramsay and wilshere start then we have no chance off winning. we have lost more points and games since jack wilsheres bein back.

  19. mike

    Thanks for the post it must be hectic for you today, Im not sure you have “our rivals” quite right. They are not man u city and chelsea anymore , its everton s…. newcastle. I think he will play ramsey today, gervinio up front oh no, i think we will struggle today, i hope for a win and a good performance today but ive seen nothing recently to logically say we will get either. I heard one of the protesters on sky just now, he was called , dave i think, hes hoping for a turn out of a thousand or so, he said they were protesting at the amount of money fans have had to spend while bringing in no cups, it is to raise awareness and to tempt the board to take action,

  20. Nasri's Mouth


    I too would be frustrated if my place was taken away from me when I was playing well, but I dont think that’s going to be the case with Jenkinson.

    1) he knows Sagna is a better player than him, a full international with huge experience etc.etc. (yes, his form isn’t brilliant, but he’s coming back from a long injury, and it sounds as though he played the last game with a problem)

    2) he’s still massively young and inexperienced

    3) he’s massively Arsenal

    4) from all the comments about him and his actions, he looks exactly like a lad who is absolutely determined to get to the top by hard work. Not one to give up after a few weeks. Wilshere’s comment about him running through walls for you sums that up

  21. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    It’s OK Kwik.. that dream was the public release version.. The full directors cut also features Andre Santos.

  22. kwik fit

    Wouldn’t have been a nightmare Thomas if I knew Andre was in it 😉

    Thomas do you not think that Rafa has outstayed his welcome . Taxi for Rafa anyone?

  23. tippitappi

    no Walcott or Sagna on the callenda apparently and yes humptywenger when he falls off that wall I hope he smashes to pieces

  24. gazzap

    If wenger keeps insisting 4th is a great ambition and achievement then this club cannot hope to grow its fanbase. New fans like success, and great players, they don’t like supporting losers. If we cant compete for trophies then only our sons and daughters will support Arsenal. The board DO want new fans – that is their basis for income growth. The board have not yet put two and two together and realised they need to put pressure on wenger to aim higher.

  25. Josip Skoblar

    Freezing cold in North London. It’s just started raining. I’m disappointed and unhappy with the current situation, but since the early 1970s, I’ve known far worse situations (including our relegation battles alongside Spurs in the mid-1970s…). Wenger made us big and ‘fashionable’ and so raised the expectations of younger fans who didn’t experience the dreadful 80s and 90s (to be fair, we won a few trophies under George Graham, but the quality football was appalling. So I’m not nostalgic of that period either!) Wenger is a tired and stubborn manager surrounded by a mediocre clique. He has to go. This said, his successor, however good he might be on paper, may not bring us instant success either. So let’s be cautious.

  26. useroz

    Some people like to bring up how they stuck with Afc 20, 30 years ago and basically how dare many show the disdain and criticism today…

    Was the club run by incompetent, greedy bastards? Bet not…

    Did the team fight despite not near the top. Bet they did…

    Did Afc play in 60k stadium?

    Were half decent, average players on 50 to 70k a WEEK? Probably not…

    Have rhe club 100 or more million sitting idle in the bank account when the team lingers on and clearly struggling? Doubt it…

    Was the club managed by progressively mental managers and not be judged? Apparently not…

    So get real and shut up…you live in 2012, not 1960s…bet you drive a different car? Have air con and stereo in the car??

    Look ahead and think what’s missing by Afc with a deluded manager!!!!!

  27. useroz

    How could I forget…

    Did Afc get paid 7m+ a year? Ok, discount it back 20 years and it’d still have many zeros I bet GG and his predecessors never dreamed about.

    Wenger out

  28. Jeff


    Your comment involving Ramsey, Gervinho and a bottle of Vaseline was very funny. We need humour to keep us going. I bet he will play them both until they frustrate the life out of everyone and then we will have the master stroke substitute in the 89th minute where in desperate need of a goal we bring on Coquelin for Giroud. Take that

    Considering how farcical the board and management have become, we might as well just change our designation to “comedy club” designed to entertain all other fans.

  29. Reality Check

    I used to spit venom over walcott. Due to our best players leaving, by default, he became our best player. (Don’t give me Santi, he just got here, and the cold is really getting to him). Time to move on, theo will be sold, demanding he get a regular starting place.. Upfront no less, is just gonna piss wenger right off. We all know what happens when a player gets to big for his shoes under wenger.

    So now, I’m focusing on Rosicky.

    Now, mabey some one could correct me, near the end of last season, wasn’t rosicky playing like a demon. Like he found his hunger for the game again..

    Was that around the same time new contract negotiations were being discussed?

    He was offered a new deal wasn’t he?

    Has he done anything since then?

    Just asking questions..

  30. Stan Donkey


    I wouldn’t object to a GK addition, but there was no GK fault for the Fellaini goal. Ignoring the errors in the build up, if TV5 hadn’t turned his back, he could have stopped it with his foot. Sczsesny’s dive did look laboured, but it was out of his reach having positioned himself correctly just left (from his pov) of centre to cover his near post.

  31. Thomas

    Wengers comment about barca is a complete joke. A barca team without messi is practically spains national team. You know the one that have won the last three international tournaments. Really average team right? Shows just how big of a twat he really is.

  32. Biggles

    Ben – Fraser Forster is pretty average. You might have seen him do well recently, but unless you watch the rubbish Scottish games, you’ll not have seen his regular mediocrity. He’s not as good as Chesney.

    Another truly great keeper out there who could be had for peanuts is Alan McGregor, the former Rangers goalie. He’s out in Turkey now, but would be a good addition.

  33. Stan Donkey


    Rosicky… the saviour of last season? I think he played well (and scored his only league goal) against sperz and for a couple of games after, then, like the rest of the team, was fairly average for the remainder of the campaign.

  34. St Freak

    I honestly think ramsey had….by his standards….a decent, if not brilliant game against everton on the left.

    I have been trying to understand why arsene Wenger plays him over and over even when his performances seem to get worse each passing game. I have come to a conclusion. Unlike so many of you, I don’t think Wenger is a stupid old dingbat. I imagine that ramsey is an excellent player…especially in training…but develops a severe case of nerves when playing a competitive game. Anyone who’se played a bit of tennis knows that in training, you hit some of the most outrageous balls. In a competitive match, it all comes down to nerves and whether you have the balls of iron to go for that baseline shot.

    What is my point? I think ramsey is genuinely talented and I saw at everton, flashes of the ramsey we ALL used to love. I believe that the manager is working relentlessly to calm his nerves, and if he keeps playing like he did at everton, soon enough, some people are going to have to eat their words. Nough said.

  35. jay

    Stan Donkey

    i have to disagree those two goals weren’t even in the corner, sczsesny was positionally poor for those goals IMO..when a defender blocks off the left side as in the two goals the keeper should know any shot will go the opposite direction, he just been positionally poor for those two..

  36. K.C.

    Be glad we’re not as bad as we were 50 years ago? Really?! Is this the last or just the next pathetic akb attempt to excuse Wenger for being worthless.

  37. Nasri's Mouth

    To be fair to Ramsey, he did do alright at Everton, he got caught a couple of times early on, but as the game progressed so did he. He was also one of the better ones against Villa, (though that isn’t saying much)

    Is he good enough to get in our starting 11 ? No, but he’s getting games because of injuries to others. Not his fault

  38. Thorough

    Alexander 10:10. Sorry I’ve been offline. Jenkinson prefered to Sagna is a no no for me. We tend to think Jenk is an amazing player cos he was pathetic when he got here. When pathetic players churn out decent games people tend to think they are amazing; its theory of relativity, just like Messi scoring a goal in 3 games will look like a drought. Watvh the game today and pay special attention to Jenks, most of his passes are safe and usually backwards. You’ll be surprised to realize he passes backwards 8 out of every 10 times. He’s trying, but in a world where some of us thing even Sagna isnt worldclass then Jenks is not where we should be looking. As per Verm and Kos? Maybe its preference, maybe its cos Kos works far better with Per, but our central defence looks better with that pair.

  39. Confidentgoner

    Be prepared for a draw or a loss with Ramsey and Forehead in the team sheet.

    What I would Play







  40. Reality Check

    Cheers stan,

    I was just thinking because like some one said b4, ramsey takes a lot of stick. Yes. At the moment. He’s shit. Yet, I can’t help but commend him for at the very least getting himself fit and ready to play every week. He broke his leg. Did rosicky break his leg. Has diaby broke his leg. Wtf! Whatever injury these wasters have, it can’t be worst than breaking your leg.

    How old is ramsey? Yet he’s showing more guts and determination to get up, get fit, get on the pitch, and fight for the crest. Yeeeessssss, he’s shit. I know, but I’m talking about ‘how badly do some of these players, even want to play football’ let alone play for arsenal.

    Ah, don’t mind me, just thinking out loud

  41. Nasri's Mouth

    @reality check,

    Are you really saying Ramsey is a better person because Rosicky and Diaby haven’t bothered to get themselves fit ?

    Highly applicable name you’ve chosen for yourself

  42. Confidentgoner

    Ramsey is shit because he is shit , simple. Wenger plays him and will continue to play him until he comes good at the expense of the team of course. He does this to justify his signing. Pretty selfish and short sighted. But that is the game for all dictators, no? But Fergusen, is a different type of dictator, he will find you out , sub you, loan you and sell you. Different strokes, no wonder one is more successful than the other!

  43. Stan Donkey


    Both shots were in the corner… both shots going to Sczsesny’s right when seemingly covered by defenders. He was slightly (to his) left, matching the position of the attacker.

    A shot from 20yds, if hit with sufficient force and accuracy, is impossible to save.

    Shots are either saveable or they’re not. If a keeper fumbles one or lets one in at his near post due to poor positioning, then they’ll be rightly criticised.

    I tend to judge keepers on how they deal with crosses, their command of the area, their decision making when leaving their goal line, etc.

    They are fairly inseparable in terms of shot stopping. I’m rarely amazed by a save. Banks against Brazil. Seaman in the FA Cup… where the ball was seemingly past them.

  44. Stan Donkey


    I won’t blame Rosicky & Diaby for not staying fit… just the lack of ruthlessness shown by AW.

    We’re (supposed to be) competing at the top level of the game, tough decisions have to be made. The season is 38 games long, you cannot rely on players who’ll only ever be available for a handful.

    I’d have got rid of RVP before he came good.

  45. Reality Check

    @nasris mouth

    You having a pop at my screen name. Lol. That’s a joke. You still associate yourself with one of the most despised arsenal traitors. That’s what happens when you don’t check reality. You end up thinking these players actually give a shit. @nasris mouth

    You work don’t ya? Well what would happen if you kept pulling sickys and taking days off?

    Even geoff gets abuse sometimes for not posting regularly.
    No offence to geoff.

    I’m just saying the guy that turns up for work every week, as opposed to the guy that does’nt.

    Natural human reaction dictates the unreliable will be questioned.

    So I’m questioning diaby, rosicky, chamacks, desire to even want to play. Football.

    You know, get up, go work, do what you have been PAID to do.

  46. Alexander


    I rate jenkinson because of his engine, his pace and his crossing. He’s even got an England call up! Alright, thats not as special as it used to be, but still means more than ‘has improved since last year’.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love TV, but he’s just been so falable this season, I don’t fell confident with him around. Per is our rock in the middle… We’re fucked if he gets injured.

    Also, Ramsey. The guy is decent, he should just be forcing his way into the team during cup games or the odd league one rather than being the first name on the team sheet!
    It’s not his fault he’s being played on the wing either

  47. Nasri's Mouth

    @Reality Check

    If you want to think that Diaby and Rosicky are ‘pulling sickies’ go ahead. You’ll be wrong of course, but it’s your choice.

    I wasn’t having a pop at your screen name, nothing wrong with it, just ironic that it’s you that needs one

    And for the record, I may use Nasri as part of my ‘name’ but that doesn’t mean I have any fondness for him, he’s a bit of knob really.

  48. Radio Raheem

    Hello bitches,

    So we’re back for another match day hope you’ve all been working on your match day witticisms and no doubt you’ll all be bringing your ever so insightful analysis to bear (i.e. calling Wenger, Ramsey, Gervinho etc. cunts)…just joking haha

    Swansea are average away from home so I think we’ll edge this one 1-0 or 2-1

  49. SpanishDave

    I agree that rosickly and diaby have attitudes to prefer to have saturdays off rather than playing. People who ‘ do’ get on with life, shrug off illness and push on. Like the kid at school always off sick for the slliggtest reason. Wenger is an easy touch so they get away with it. Fergie woukd kick their butts onto the pitch.

  50. Reality Check

    To clarify

    I don’t think nasri is a traitor

    Just saying I realize some people don’t like him.

    That’s their opinion. Personally I think he made a personal choice for his career.

    He wants to win trophies. Can’t blame him in that respect. Doesn’t matter if he wanted more money. If he’s shit. They’ll get rid of him like they did adebayor.

    Henry did it.

    Ok watching the games.

  51. Spectrum

    The bookies seem confident that we’ll win today. Latest odds from Isabet ; Arsenal 1.50 Swansea 6.50 . Pretty generous odds for Swansea I reckon. Their away form isn’t THAT bad, and if they play against us like they did last season, it might be worth having a wager on them.

    It all depends on our attitude, and whether Ramsey* plays or not. *Didn’t someone on here say that when he starts, we only win something like 40% of our matches ? Considering he’s Wenger’s pet, it will be very hard for The Senile One to leave him out. We’ll see.

    We certainly need the full three points, if only to keep the 12 point gap from getting any bigger. So fingers crossed we win, DESPITE Wenger, not because of him.

    ” In Arsene we rust. “

  52. Nasri's Mouth


    Bit harsh to say he couldn’t hit a barn door, after all he managed to hit the keeper in that wide open goal

  53. Radio Raheem


    You know what I’ll pick Chamakh over him…at least Chamakh is on a third of Torres’ wages

    Diame has turned the game in West Ham’s favour…west ham are winning the physical battles and the ref shouldn’t have allowed that West ham goal. One for Clattenburg?

  54. zeus

    Gerv at CF………….great.

    Arsenal starting XI: Szczesny; Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs; Arteta, Wilshere; Walcott, Cazorla, Podolski, Gervinho.

  55. SDE

    Aarghhh Allardici settling old scores with Benitez..3-1..

    Bet Fergie will be on the blower,telling Allardici well done..

    A bottle of the finest Red Wine is on it’s way,courtesy of the big fat spanish waiter…HAHA..

  56. Jeff

    We are no 8th. West Ham beat Chelsea to go above us. No doubt Ramsey and Gervinho will do their bit to ensure we have no hair left at the end of the game.

  57. gazzap

    Arteta,and, Cazorla in midfield again. Has wenger never heard of rotation. Both of them will be fcuked by New year. Le Coq could manager the Arteta role in home games.

  58. Jeff

    Ramsey not starting! What is that right? Why? Don’t tell me he actually wants to win this one. The BBC have the following team sheet.
    01 Szczesny
    04 Mertesacker
    05 Vermaelen
    25 Jenkinson
    28 Gibbs
    08 Arteta
    10 Wilshere
    14 Walcott
    19 Cazorla
    09 Podolski
    27 Gervinho

  59. Gunner Rammar

    Jeff, I cant understand why are so critical of the team selection. We have a long month ahead, so we do have a need to Rotate. Lets get behind this team for a change and give them a chance.

  60. Jeff

    Looks like the pressure is mounting. In order for AWto leave his dear dear Ramsey out means number 1 comes first i.e. himself who is more obsessed with qualifing for CL than anything else. No doubt Ramsey will come on later.

  61. Jeff

    It’s interesting Gervinho is preferred over Giroud for this one. Gervinho blows hot and cold but more cold than hot so who knows. If his legs don’t wobble we might get something.

  62. useroz

    We are truly mid table.

    Gerv running like a headless chuk so where’s our CF??

    No upperhand at all @ home against Swansea whatever their form may be

  63. useroz

    We are truly mid table.

    Gerv running like a headless chuk so where’s our CF??

    No upperhand at all @ home against Swansea whatever their form may be

    Very ordinary so far

    C’mom Jesnk… U don’t even pass with your left and u thought u could shoot with it??

    What rubbish cross from Gerv fucking rubbish

  64. Cesc Appeal

    Arsene Nurse

    We can’t compete with Swansea’s money though! They make the market artificial with their massive transfers! errr….footballing reasons….healthy financial position….FFP….errr

  65. useroz

    Where were our defenders

    Seriously short of top, top, top qualities.

    Wilshere is not shit but his form is atm …mispasses, losing the balls…

  66. Zeus

    So much for the Arteta-Wilshere-cazorla midfield.

    Break that up as soon as possible. Don’t really care who is benched. Even if it is Wilshere. Maybe he looked better with cesc and nasri.

    Good, but maybe not that good.

    I’m bored already.

  67. Al

    Team looks lost out there, No direction, style of play , speed of play or composure from any of the players. Really is Embarrassing

  68. useroz

    Theo really believing he’s a 100k player trying to dribble out from our defence. Theo, that’s what messi would try not you mate

  69. Al

    TV5 is shocking i mean why go for the same ball as Mert….He seriously lacks composure and discipline for a top defender.

  70. SEAN

    so TV goes for the same ball as per, TV fails to read the play and swansea are clean through. They almost score, except TV manages to get back. What do scez and TV do? fist pump. Fist pump and a well done…..wtf???? why not give him a bollocking??!!!!! this team…..

  71. Al

    We used to be poor at defending but at least great at attacking which got us results…Now we are just as bad defending but just as terrible attacking