‘As a squad. This is the best since I have been here.’ Arsenal vs Everton match report

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Paint this result in whatever shade of positivity you like, the simple fact is a point away at Everton is not good enough, especially if you take the lead after one minute. Theo Walcott continued to showcase his clinical finishing after doing well to keep the ball under control during a winding run, he passed to Ramsey who slipped it back to to him with a clever reverse pass, Theo then struck the ball into the top corner.

A great way to open the game. The shame of it was that we didn’t build from there. Things went down hill after that… Koscielny picked up a groin injury which has sidelined him for 3 weeks. Vermaelen moved into the centre with Gibbs joining the party.

We didn’t exploit Everton’s need to attack and once again, we showed we’re incapable of holding onto a lead. I’d love to know how many times we’ve squandered an advantage over the last few seasons.

The goal we conceded was born from a catalogue of errors. Firstly Ramsey laid off a terrible pass to Arteta, the Spaniard lost the ball, then Sagna weighed in with a terrible sideways clearance, which was then followed up with Fellaini burying the ball from 20 yards. For me, the keeper should not be beaten from that range. It happens so often though, doesn’t it?

Everton picked up their game and deserved to go one ahead shortly after when Jelavic pulled off a very smart turn to take the ball around Mertesacker, his shot flew over the bar, which was a relief.

Pienaar was causing us problems, thankfully he didn’t have his shooting boots on and thankfully the ref didn’t have his glasses on when Arteta cut him down in the penalty box. A close shave…

Arsenal failed to kick into gear. We struggled with Everton’s heavy handed approach and players like Santi Cazorla looked out of ideas. If the tiny Spaniard doesn’t show up, nor do the team. Giroud went close from a Theo Walcott cross. Cazorla forced a good save from Tim Howard. Outside that, unfortunately, there wasn’t too much to report.

The simple fact is Everton will probably feel more disappointed with the point than Arsenal will.

Best squad quality wise? Are you sure Arsene?


Wenger has performed another PR masterclass. Our ambitions and expectations have shifted downwards again. I’ve read Arsenal fans celebrating a 4 game unbeaten run this morning. People cooing about our mental strength. I’ve seen justification about the result based on how other teams have performed at Goodison.

Simple fact is this. If we want to be seen as contenders, it doesn’t matter what other teams have earned point wise at Everton. We’re Arsenal. A win is the only acceptable result when you’re languishing outside the top 4. I guess that’s the problem though, perhaps we have to forget Wenger’s early season proclamations about the squad. Perhaps we just have to accept that where we’re sitting in the league now is an accurate representation of where we are as a club at the moment. I mean, what sort of team with title ambitions takes off a creative midfielder for Coquelin? Were we trying to secure a point, or was that a serious attempt at chasing the game?

Why is Theo Walcott playing with an injury in the second half? Would he have done that had he known there was top quality there to replace him? We’re going to struggle this season for the same reasons we always struggle. We have no depth outside 13 or 14 players. This in itself causes issues. We have jaded players and we’re only in November. Ferguson usually starts slowly because he rotates the hell out of his squad so he has fresh players for the run in. We don’t rotate because we can’t, so even if by some miracle we look like challenging past December, by the time crunch time arrives, the niggly injuries pile up.

This isn’t a new problem, this is one that’s been hashed and reshashed every season for the last 8 years.

Now this for me is where the £140million wage bill really rankles me. How, in the name of Bergkamp, can we not have a squad with enough depth when we’re shelling out a wage bill 11% short of United’s. To put that into greater perspective, our wage bill is 11% shy of United’s and we don’t have a single player on over £90k a week (We have a manager on £140k). They have, what, 4 or 5 players on well over £100k?

Our problems don’t correlate with the reality of our financial situation.

On the playing side, we’re always going to struggle when we have Aaron Ramsey in the starting line up. He’s not the worst player to ever where an Arsenal shirt. I still have faith there’s a good player in there somewhere. What he’s lacking is confidence. It also seems like he’s lacking a serious amount of coaching. He makes the same mistakes game after game. Wenger will persist though, regardless of how long it takes. Which for me is another reason we never have a team capable of competing. There are always pet projects that are to the detriment of the team. Aaron is this years…

If he comes good in 4 years time, does that prove Arsene right? Not for me. It just proves if you persist at the expense of success, sometimes you’ll have a player you can sell for £15million after one good season. Other times you’ll just end up with a bunch of over paid average players you can’t shift on.

I’m still confident of a top four finish, but we need to find our stride soon, if we don’t, someone is going to take the bull by the horns and hit a purple patch soon. We’re just blessed that no one around us has improved enough to threaten us.

Isn’t that a shameful statement? 4th is secure because weaker clubs haven’t improved?

Anyway… onwards and upwards. We have a point, throw it on the table and let’s take 3 at Swansea this weekend.

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  1. Rhys Jaggar

    Leedsgunner November 29, 2012 12:12:13

    ‘We are slowly being transformed into a club of mid-table mediocrity right before our eyes. If this is not a failure of fiduciary duty I don’t know what is.’

    Fiduciary duty in a plc is to shareholders. Leeds Utd are profitable. It’s not a function of turnover.

    Unless you turn Arsenal plc into Arsenal CLG//CLS ,then stipulate what the fiduciary duties are, nothing will change.

  2. jwl

    It is crazy that our manager is highest paid employee of club. Arsenal should have world class players who are paid more than manager, it is ridiculous. It is all about Wenger and his system, it is almost like Arsenal believe Wenger has developed a proprietary model and he can just put random players into his team and everything will come together.

    That Wenger feels that he has to be highest paid at club shows that he will never buy winners – people who have to win at all costs on Saturday or their week is a wreck – because they would upset Wenger’s serenity.

    Wenger seems to have convinced himself that Arsenal can’t compete against Che/Man City because of lack of investment so he doesn’t even try. There a bunch of players on big contracts that Wenger doesn’t trust and won’t play, one or two players who are trusted but constantly injured, our keepers are a joke. If Arsenal were actually trying to win league, these situations would be fixed.

    Arsenal are middling team and will remain so until Wenger is either fired or told to start investing properly in quality players.

  3. Henry

    Actually Pedro, I think you’ll find it was Sagna who laid off a terrible pass to Arteta which led to the goal conceded. Although that might not fit in with your anti-Ramsay agenda.

  4. Bush Gooner

    Have a look at our subs bench. It was an aboslute disgrace. That garbage we have would not even get in the reserve side of any other club in the PL and yet, that deluded maniac of a manger says this is his best squad quality wise?

    Be prepared for that fruitcake to….

    1) Sign Henry in Jan for cover for Gervinho
    2) Sell Theo and bid £5m for Zaha
    3) Announce that Diaby and Rosicky will be back for pre season training
    4) Tell us that there is “No super super quality players” that he could buy

  5. Mike

    Moan, moan, moan. If you’re only interetsed in trophies go and join the other glory hunters and leave us supporters to actually support the club.

  6. Ric

    MikeNovember 29, 2012 14:03:27

    If you’re only intersted in shit footie and 4th place trophies then why don’t you go support the spuds or Charlton or something, and give the winning London club back to the winners?

  7. bazza

    I think it was Gambon that said he thought Wenger was ill. I agree.

    Wenger with the grateful acceptance of the Board has gradually taken over almost total control at the club. When Dein departed, the last counter-balance was removed. Wenger has been elevated to almost god- like status. He is the highest paid employee, the Board have told him he has a job for life and he really can do as he wishes.

    Taking on power for personal financial gain is not the motivation for Wenger (although he earns a fortune), for him it’s about leadership and control. He sees himself as having the right to suspend normal behaviour because his “mission” is more important than everything else. Wenger has become intoxicated by power, meaning that often he makes decisions purely because he can (e.g. substituting a striker with a defensive mid-fielder when we should be looking for a win).

    The more power Wenger possesses, the more he focuses on his own egocentric mission in life and the less able he is to see the perspective of others. It follows that he cannot accept criticism and surrounds himself with sycophants and ruthlessly suppresses anything that challenges him.

    I admire the many positive things that Wenger has achieved for Arsenal and he deserves to be remembered as an innovator and a true legend, but Arsene, for your own good and for the good of the club it’s time to go.

  8. Bush Gooner


    100% agree.

    People are blind to the fact the club has been mismanaged for years and its has seriously affected the squad. Crap players we cannot sell we have to loan out. Even Hull turned down Manone cos he was shit ffs.

    And people on here say that we moan all the time? If I didnt love the club i would keep my mouth shut.

  9. Henry

    How old are you Ric? Because you have the attitude of a child. And a spoilt one at that. Only one team can win each year; if you’re unhappy supporting a team in transition, as Arsenal are, perhaps you stop being a football supporter. We are all frustrated that we cannot compete with the top three financially. The reality of the situation is that we have a team in transition every season as we fight to replace what we’ve lost from the previous year. The new commercial deal with Emirates which is coming into place should allow us to compete, on a wage basis, with the top three (if not on transfer fees). Better times lie ahead and, like it or not, Wenger, with the stadium move and the increased commercial power it has given us, has put us in a position that will allow us to take advantage in seasons to come. Even if we don’t qualify for the champions league this season, we will be back. Have a little patience and faith.

  10. azed

    MikeNovember 29, 2012 14:03:27
    Moan, moan, moan. If you’re only interested in trophies go and join the other glory hunters and leave us supporters to actually support the club.

    If you are interested in mediocrity why don’t you go go and support Stoke, Charlton, Reading or Aston villa

  11. Johnty79

    Wenger Says we will be amazed by how little we have actually spent on transfers over his 16 years??well please tell us I think it’s about 100 m net spend.

    Then you fool wenger you can explain how we have spent 250 m more on wages over spurs in the last 6 years. For the squad we have our wage bill should be under 100m. We only have 15/16 players who wenger actually trusts. Remember people the arsenal failure to spend started in the summer of 2002 ten years ago. Wenger has depleted the squad repeatedly. Last season we got buy on 1 striker. In 1999 we got buy on 2 strikers which ultimately cost us the double. Repeated mistakes buy that fool will ruin this club. He gets away with it because he knows Chelsea, city and man u have bigger wge bills so can justify 4 th place.

  12. salparadisenyc

    In August we knew this squad was thin, lacked a finisher and would loose it’s bottle once the frost hit the pitch. Simply not good enough to be the Arsenal we want them to be, that Arsenal is a dream from younger years, it’s gone. This is the new look Arsenal, consisting of overpaid players showcasing their abilities for a large payday elsewhere. Wenger and Gazidas have created a monster with a track record that is becoming shakier and shakier with every new result. The list of players shipped off for financial gain would play this current lot into a very deep and dark hole. Strange days indeed.

    Pull you head firmly out of your Arse, Wilshire is without doubt one of our best players and will captain this ship one day, lets hope we’ve a full clean out with a new management team to match his passion when this day comes. Otherwise you’ll see him in a Barca kit.

  13. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Sam’s a troll.. Stop feeding the duck!

    Pedro, Le Grove expects you will do your duty.

    Keyser @ 10.something this morning..
    “14 games isn’t significant for THIS team, that was the teams level, they got bullied in midfield yesterday…”

    Are you trying to say here Keyser that this team needs more time to blend and find their way?

    If So…. while there maybe something in that… consider this.. Arsenal brought in the least amount of new players in the Summer Window.. Only 3.. The least of ALL 20 PL Clubs.. So if anything.. this should not be as big a factor for Arsenal compared to any of the other 19 clubs.

    So it’s not a strong argument for underperforming when every single team in the PL has brought in more players. They all have the same problem. Some integrate easier than other.

  14. Maureen

    Thomas, it’s up for grabs now..November 29, 2012 14:35:32
    Sam’s a troll.. Stop feeding the duck!

    We know but lets hope him and his mother die of a terminal disease so the same mistake can not be repeated

  15. sam

    wilshere in a bacerlona kit? hes english mate and when was the last time a english player played for bacerlona? jack wilshere can clean the toilets at bacerlona u idots. wake up hes overrated and shit

  16. Ric

    Bush GoonerNovember 29, 2012 14:19:00


    It really bothers me people spouting that sentiment, “moan, moan, moan” as if I moan about our lack of success somehow to the detriment of the club? As if for an example it is suddenly wrong to point out a critical flaw in the design of a School bus? Before filling it with children, and waving it off in full support mode as it takes to the freeway with unbolted wheels.
    I desperately want us to be succesful, and I have patiently been saying these exact same things for near on five years only to see them ring more true for every re-telling.

    Well this is the last straw, this argument: “If you’re only interetsed in trophies go and join the other glory hunters and leave us supporters to actually support the club.” is utter BS from an admitted spud supporter.

    I say that because flip this argument over and you see; Mike also claims that our REAL supporters don’t WANT glory…! And that should be near on as offensive as my claim that AKB’s are mostly imbecillic by nature. That they drag their knuckles along the ground and that they wish they could support us far down in the lower divisions so that they’ll be more appreciated.

  17. Maureen

    amjaliceNovember 29, 2012 14:52:09
    This blog must where the depressing “supporters” come for a circle jerk

    That’s why you can f$ck off to the blog where they are passing round an AW blow doll and have a go in the wet hole at the back

  18. Arsene's Nurse

    I was round sam’s house the other week tending to the needs of his mum. On the way to her room we passed a bedroom that was covered floor to ceiling in Jack Wilshere posters. I asked if that was her daughter’s room, but she said it was young sams’.

    She didn’t mind sam being gay, but said his sheets were a nightmare to wash and thought his obsession with Jack unhealthy. Sorry to spoil your Christmas sam, but your mum has bought you a Justin Bieber calendar and 6 foot poster.

  19. ritesh

    How, in the name of Bergkamp, can we not have a squad with enough depth when we’re shelling out a wage bill 11% short of United’s.

    Its because we do not have the big bucks to shell on transfer fees…..therefore we have to buy players by giving them higher wages….Ramsey, Chamakh, Squid etc.

    Sometimes its pays..Arteta, Sagna….Sometimes it backfires…. When it backfires, you are stuck because you can’t move them on….Almunia 😉

    Forget the PR…thats what SS gets for 7M per year….. Fact is we have no money to buy big players.

    If you want to win the league you need capital injections from the owners to buy players like City, Chelsea and Manure buy. They can afford to buy RVP for top pounds…Chelsea can afford Hazard….City can afford anyone….

    We are clearly not in that league….so it is a bit naive to expect us to compete for the league.

    We have to wait until Usmanov comes in…..but I have a feeling SS will be hard to move on.

  20. Maureen

    Arsene’s NurseNovember 29, 2012 14:59:59
    I was round sam’s house the other week tending to the needs of his mum. On the way to her room we passed a bedroom that was covered floor to ceiling in Jack Wilshere posters. I asked if that was her daughter’s room, but she said it was young sams’.She didn’t mind sam being gay, but said his sheets were a nightmare to wash and thought his obsession with Jack unhealthy. Sorry to spoil your Christmas sam, but your mum has bought you a Justin Bieber calendar and 6 foot poster.

    Corker!!! He has not responded to any of this maybe he has got his c0ck stuck in a bacon bagel…….or his mum….what a combo eh necrophilia and homosexual….. Maybe he sh4gs his Mum in his Jimmy Saville shell suit

  21. kev

    average team playing average football. thats where were at. were not challenging at the top because were not good enough its as simple as that.

    well probably get fourth judging by the results the rest of the teams around us are getting but it wont be pretty.

  22. Ric

    Maureen November 29, 2012 14:55:04

    I’m just loving you today! You are on fire!

    “you can f$ck off to the blog where they are passing round an AW blow doll and have a go in the wet hole at the back”

    You make an art form out of that foul mouth! Good one keep’em coming.

  23. Maureen


    Most welcome. Most trolls stay under the bridge in their long macks waiting for the school bus to go over, Sam should be finishing himself as we speak at 3:20, then he’ll go home and teach his Mum a lesson!

  24. Ric

    riteshNovember 29, 2012 15:04:21

    Sorry Ritesh but I just have to puncture that way over inflated BS argument you’re holding onto.

    We don’t need superstar players to succeed, we never have, at least not under AWs tenure.

    Give me ten mill right now and I’ll sort us out fine, it won’t necessarily be pretty, it won’t necessarily mean we get “suber qwalidy pwayers” but for that money I’ll find enough faces to put every single position in this team under pressure.

    Wenger has 70, soon to be 100 mill to spend, a wage budget 99% of managers everywhere envys passionately, and apparently “the best team he’s ever had”.

    And as if that was not enough; We could have had Hazard, we could have had Balotelli, Aguero, C Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic etc FOR LESS MONEY THAN THEIR TRANSFERS ULTIMATELY GENERATED and this list goes on seemingly endlessly.

    In short your argument is just not based in reality.

  25. Maureen

    Sam I am done with you, its national Aids day tomorrow. Do us and you a favour go and get butt f&cked in a gay bar tonight and contract the disease, then go home and give it to your Mum. Then this time next year I might swap my yellow ribbon for a red one.

  26. Ric

    riteshNovember 29, 2012 15:04:21

    Just to clarify; I’m not saying the wage budget hasn’t balloned because of the way we bribe young players, naturally we do fulheartedly agree there. Its just that that has not and should not hinder us in a market that honestly should and could suit our needs quite splendidly.

  27. Ric

    MaureenNovember 29, 2012 15:28:29


    Line __________________ Cross. Xney on the gaybashingxney.

    I think we managed only one or two “Yids” and “Kike’s” at the NDL last time around, a new best.

    Yeah I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for someone to die from Aids.

    Apart from that another good post.

  28. Ric

    Have a good one Gooners lets hope the white haired one gets lost in a blizzard or something and I’ll talk to you later.

  29. TOLI83

    We have shown something special, what was he referring to Gambon?

    Never in my supporting history have I feared playing Swansea and West Brom as I do now. We’re f*cked…

    Also The last time Chamakh played he scored 2 and Wenger hasn’t given him a minute since . People wonder why his confidence has gone.

    Not saying he’s good or the answer to our problems but if we need a goal then why not toss him on considering he scored a brace against Reading last time out.

  30. Arsenal1886-2006

    So Theo is our top scorer so far this season, goodbye Theo.
    Can’t really blame him if he goes, seeing RVP, Cesc, Song performing at big clubs must give him hope that he can also make the step up to a top flight competitive football club.

  31. Bade

    It’s not only Arsene, seems to be. Its spreading like a plague

    “Vermaelen – I’m very happy with our mentality”

    What did you say captain?

    21 pts out of 42 possible, 5 wins out of 14 games, 1 win in the last 5 EPL games, and you’re “HAPPY” with the mentality?

    Hell! we lost another one to dementia

  32. kev

    ramseys not half as bad as people make him out to be. really needed a loan move away to a good championship side or a weak PL side after his injury. somewhere to rebuild himself away from the spotlight. too much pressure at arsenal.

    im not saying hell be world class or anywhere near it but if he can get himself out of the funk hes currently in and is played in his proper position – not out on the wing for fucks sake then he could be an excellent player for us.

  33. ritesh

    If Diaby was around we would be top of the league….

    A pity we sold Song this year….we need a physical player in that midfield as Cazorla is bullied every time….Maybe we should bench him, play Coquelin in the Arteta role and pair Wilshere and Arteta higher.

  34. Arsenal1886-2006

    Just been reading some other Arsenal blogs and the delusion is still riding high amongst some comments, some actually believe we are fighting for second with Chavski and City!
    White coats with straps anybody?

  35. bergkamp63

    Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, Top, quality signings only !!

  36. BOOZY

    so when pedro calls for wenger to be sacked, then all our problems would be solved? And wenger would get sacked?

    if anyone wants to get anything done then the fans should continue the ‘you don’t know what you are doing’ chant.
    it would send a clear message to the owners.

    if you haven’t noticed wenger hasn’t recovered from the last one.
    This is what he has dreaded the most – fans turning against him.

    swansea could be one of the biggest games in wenger’s reign.

  37. Stan Donkey


    I love the sound of Strootman. 6ft+ Dutch CM/DCM international, a few goals & assists, a few yellow cards(!) and several years younger than de Rossi.

    Add Goetze & Cavani and that’s some effective spinal surgery in January!!

  38. bergkamp63


    Is there still anyone who thinks that 19 point gap between us and the top from last year will be bridged !!

    It’s a rhetorical question !!

  39. Cesc Appeal

    Jay Z is an Arsenal fan…after Pedro’s post the other day maybe we could get him to have a word with Kroenke about running a sports franchise

  40. Cesc Appeal

    Or borrow some money off him to pay for some wet work.

    Let’s see Gazidis, Wenger, Hill Wood and Kroenke….not sure how much that would be…proabably wanna take Le Wig’s son out as well.

  41. Arsenal1886-2006

    Stan Kroenke is a businessman first and foremost, trophies are not a priority for him, making money is what he is all about.
    He has no love of football and sees us as just another part of his portfolio, and while he can make money he will continue to support and make sure the current setup is not disrupted. He will allow Wenger to appoint the next manager and move wenger upstairs to make sure he can influence and move the new man in the direction the club has taken, i.e.. making money a priority over football quality.

  42. Todd Parker

    Think what you want of Wenger, there are plenty of people who just spout out the negative so I am not writing to address it, defend it, or promote it. All I will say is this: it is absolute nonsense to insinuate or state a disagreement with Wenger being paid higher than every player in the club. It is absolute nonsense for any player at any club to be paid higher than the manager. If you think the players should be paid higher than the manager you need to learn a lot more about management. What organization runs itself that way? And don’t tell me sales. I am in sales and a coach by trade. My sales job may get me paid higher than my boss by bonus and commission, but my salary is below. My coaching director at the club I work for makes more than me as a coach-he should.

    If the player is paid higher than the manager because of playing incentives that is one thing, but stop complaining about Wenger’s weekly salary because no organization in it’s right mind is going to pay employees more than the boss. NONE.

  43. Pedro

    Todd Parker, teach me about management?

    Tell me why salesman earn more than their managers in most properly run companies. Tell me why actors almost always earn more than directors. Need I go on?

    Also tell me why Arsene is the only manager in world football who earns the most money?

    Also, if he is the highest paid and we’re the only ones on that model… why aren’t we winning trophies? I think most people are fine with a £140k a week manager who wins trophies.

    Unless your school of business management rewards under-performing managers?

  44. Cesc Appeal

    I just always think it’s wrong for Gazidis and Wenger to bang on that we can’t compete with the likes of Chelsea and City.

    Yet our CEO and manager earn a hell of a lot more than City’s or Chelsea’s

  45. BOOZY

    i don’t expect passion from stan. He probably doesn’t even know what an offside call is.

    Then again 80% of americans would think messi is the name of a tomato ketchup.

  46. Stan Donkey


    Yes Kroenke is a business man and i imagine his only interest in AFC is the appreciation of its value.

    What i don’t think he could give a toss about is the current / future set up of the football management / playing staff.

    As long as premier league football continues to grow in popularity and media based income continues to rise, he’ll be happy. The money making kind of takes care of itself.

    It’s hard to look beyond Wenger when you consider who is responsible for the strategic direction of the football team.

    Gazidis seems nothing more than an administrator in the current set up. I don’t think he is retaining cash for any other reason than covering our liabilities. I’d guess it was Wenger deciding not to spend, rather than Kroenke preventing him.

  47. Ric

    Radio RaheemNovember 29, 2012 17:21:41

    Ref: latest South Park, apparently he did.

    Disney Jedi’s…. truly the world has gone to sith.

  48. floody

    Bloody sick and tired of hearing from Wenger. Tired, bloody tired! They have not done anything to get fucking tired.
    Please Wenger, just go. Put anyone else in charge, i just don`t care.

  49. Bazza

    This discussion of whether Wenger should be paid more than players is barking up the wrong tree. You have to compare Wenger’s salary with other managers. and on this basis ne is clearly overpaid.

  50. SUGA3

    frankly, the only wrong thing here is that there is not a single player that is paid more than him and this is reflected in the team quality, as the top players are paid top dollar for a reason…

    but I agree, Wenger should not earn the top manager dosh, simply because he is not a top manager!

  51. bergkamp63

    It’s pretty obvious why Wenger earns so much money,

    It’s to keep his mouth shut whilst the BOD’s line their pockets and sell off the clubs assets !!

  52. Bennydevito

    Has it been mentioned on here I’m not sure but yesterday’s Sun was reporting that Walcott ISN’T in the 2013 official Arsenal calendar and pointed out that for the last 4 years he’s been on the cover…..


    I see no change in our future near or far,all i see is par for the course.It even takes some effort to contribute to this blog with any enthusiam anymore.

  54. SUGA3


    I agree completely, I used to spend days on here and churn out posts by the batches, now it just feels like everything has been said and there is absolutely no point in going over the same old issues over and over again…

    if it was not for the streams available at the clicking distance, I would probably stop watching this shower of shite altogether!

  55. Ric

    floodyNovember 29, 2012 17:31:40

    Most of the reason we have a budget over 140 mill is the fact that we have 70 players on said budget, yet we never have a first team with more than 25 players.

    I think its some of the Cruyff influence in Wenger, that combined with the extreme training amount, compared to other teams, is by design. The idea being to force the 1st team to grow a far quicker intuitive understanding of eachothers play. It does work, but it also means, every player needs to fully understand the system in order for it to work.

    But… that also has the consequence that you can’t make large changes without wreaking havoc on your state of play. Because of Wengers system we cannot make large changes without effing with EVERYONE. Hence we usually buy few at a time, hence they take a long time to settle. Hence every summer and autumn Wenger runs our guys new and old into the ground from the word “go” and we get an “Emirates cup” or something.

    I for one would much rather have a “Fergie” type rotational policy and a team that knows how to rely and play the “margins”, (sometimes that even means taking a dive) when up against better teams like Real, or determined battlers like Birmingham. Instead of blind faith in a system, that although pleasant to the eye when played to perfection, is just as easily broken down and disassembled by opposition as it is fragile from changes from within.
    Wenger and his system is as antiquated as its ideology, its a fine idea, but like communism its sort of dependant on the fact that the rest of the players involved (IE every other club out there), has to follow suit.

    I don’t think it will happen, I’m not sure I even want to see such a system triumph in world football, because if it did, the next Messi might be tied to his local club in the Argentines more or less for the entirety of his career, we’d get our “local expression” back, but what would that really mean for all the players doing miracles at small clubs out in small countries trying to get noticed and break free? I fear the standing of Football as both a sport and a passtime would shift and most likely not for the better.

  56. Cesc Appeal


    We’re at home.

    I just can’t believe fans haven’t called them on that at AGM’s or whatever.

    As soon as he opens his gob ‘we can’t compete with the likes of Chelsea and City…’

    I’d stand up and say ‘except for director and managers salaries Ivan?’

  57. Ric

    Cesc AppealNovember 29, 2012 18:12:15

    Someone do it, please.

    Yeah when you actually look at the figures, their entire “Cash strapped argument” really falls apart. You don’t have to be an accountant to reach the conclusion that our supporters are being exploited.

  58. Clive Hill

    I so desperately want to wash my hands of the whole sorry affair and move on. But why should I!? I love football and I love feeling a part of my club. The most complete, overwhelming moment of my life was at Anfield in 1989. I will never feel that again but 40 some years of following this club, loving this club and getting all the experiences and friendships, the wonderful (and not so wonderful) places visited, the daily cut and thrust of what will happen next, I will not sacrifice to the spin doctors in charge right now.

    The latest proclamations from our once beloved leave me shocked. I admired him for being the only one to stand when addressing shareholders and supporters at the recent AGM (Kroenke could barely muster himself from his bored slouch) and giving a heartfelt, though not convincing speech. He showed and sounded like he cared. These latest comments are nothing less than damnable lies and a flagrant disrespect for supporters. We are all free to voice whatever opinion we wish. If some fork out hundreds of hard earned on tickets, they’re entitled to louder voices. If they make the long and often expensive treks to away games their voices are louder still and all the more relevant. Who Arsene chooses to listen to reveals nothing but disdain for the people who love this club. The prattling garbage about ‘best squad ever’ and ‘looking in the mirror’ is deluded nonsense and suggests he really does think we are as stupid as so many commentators on the game.

    We have no ordained right to a trophy. We only ask that those that run our club use all available resources to compete at our highest level possible. That’s the implicit contract right there. Its that fucking simple! Stop dicking us around Arsenal INC. Stop lying to us and treating us like morons. From board to players,we are talking about very well paid individuals. Do your job or move aside for someone who can.

    I recently returned to home shores for a six week sabbatical and friends were shocked that I had no plans to take in a game. I explained I was really skint and on a very tight budget. The truth was, I no longer intend to turn my money over to this corporation as they clearly feel no responsibility to offer anything in return. I’m tired of critics leveling the no entitlement charge at Arsenal supporters vociferously protesting at the state of our club (and its the only way – they are selective in answering written correspondence). It would seem the board feel entitled to receive gate and merchandise receipts regardless.

  59. Djourpoo

    Why all the doom and gloom, I don’t see how a draw away at Everton is a bad result. We have to keep Walcott but I bet we don’t, why has nothing been sorted out!

  60. Ric

    Clive HillNovember 29, 2012 18:28:09
    Oh do we feel with you brother.


    DjourpooNovember 29, 2012 18:30:35

    You answered your own question.

  61. salparadisenyc

    Well said.

    Wenger is not stupid, its all managerial posturing to get his team to play for him. Sadly for him they know better and seemingly don’t believe a word he says either, really feels like a rudderless ship on course for the Europa league.

  62. Hunter

    Your Comment HereI for one am sick and tired about hearing ‘the will he,or wont he sign’ regarding wallnuts contract.To be honest IMO his the most overated player we have on our books and it makes me laugh that he demands,yes demands more playing time.jesus,i know his last few games he has come good but what about the last six years?Lets just sign the bloke from Palace and sell that twat wallnut,zaha can’t be that bad if the Mancs also want him and I bet he wouldn’t be DEMANDING game time either.And also lets all take a reality check here on the question will we or wont we finish fourth?The answer undoubtedly is NO we wont,with this squad and lack of depth we have at the moment and foreseable future,I can see us finishing sixth or seventh.We are being taken for a ride and we should also stop thinking we are a football club but more of a financial institution because clearly we dont win trophies,we dont re-invest our earnings we have no ambition,no desire and no brains .We should be called ‘Arsenal Financial Corporation’,we have clearly lost the plot and its gonna stay like this for years to come.There will be NO uprising like the ‘arab spring’,it won’t be allowed and to be honest the majority of the Emirates crowd haven’t got the bollocks to protest in such a way that it will make a difference.at the home games we can’t display ‘anti wenger’ banners or ‘anti’ anything we are chained,wenger wont even give the press straight answers to honest questions which says it all really,he runs the show,he decides where we are going,he decides what we spend,he is the anti-christ !!!So you can wish all you want,BUT you wont WIN,we never will unti the whole lot are OUT!!!And I will be long gone to cukoo land before that happens,WENGER is here to stay and god help us in our time of need.

  63. Djourpoo

    Walcott is one of the better players if he goes we are in even bigger trouble because you know they won’t replace him!

  64. Johnty79

    I’ve said it once I’ll say it again. Wenger is trying to leave a club with no foundations and totally fucked up wage bill. When the fool leaves in 2 years time. The manager who takes over wont be able to sign hi wage players as we will probably have diaby, Ramsay rosicky djourou on 100 k aweek. Wenger is a clever man, you can just see wenger on canal plus saying when I was at arsenal I had no money but still qualified for the champs league every year. A crafty ego maniac who have only delivered one joyous moment in the last 10 years and that was reaching the champs league final. 2004 was a massive missed opportunity for me. Please leave wenger but te damage you have caused will last for years after you go.

  65. Jamal

    The AKBs really need to wake up. From a team that was challenging every year to a mid table team that sells its best players every season.
    How is this progress?

    Its a fucking joke.

    Wanker out !

  66. Sadam Mahessar

    Honestly, if Theo goes, I don’t expect us to replace him.

    Wenger will just put Coquelin with Arteta in the middle, give Jack the no. 10 role and shift Cazorla to the right.

    We also badly need a replacement for Arshavin and Chamakh.

  67. Maureen

    Clive Hill

    Smashing piece and well said it resonates with us all on here, do stop by again !

    Has or is AW losing the dressing room? Could this happen in the near future?

    The players are not silly or deaf and at some point they will leak comments out. Their careers aerial short and surely will not endure project balance sheet forever.

    Just watch QPR go on a run when the players start playing for the manager.

  68. Adam Bucci

    I’ve come to the conclusion that wenger is trying to get fired. His selection for starters is becoming to look like doesn’t care. As for his substitutions, we had the ox and arshavin available and puts in gervinho and le coq?

    I doubt very much wenger sits down and confers with the other coaches when it comes time to pick the team.

    He’s had good run and for once I think it’s time for him to step down, become director of football or ballboy and bring in somebody who’s only responsibility is to manage the team, not worry about the bottom line.

    If he retires early, he can always cite poor health. He’d garner a lot of sympathy and might even shake off those blaming him for the last 5 seasons.

    As for replacing him we’ll need a well regarded manager, and he/she should be surrounded by coaches who aren’t afraid to question tactics and are specialists in defense, midfield, or forwards. And they should present at every game to advise the manager. I mean, I can’t remember the last time I saw wenger talking to bould during a game.

  69. Maureen

    Clive Hill

    Smashing piece and well said it resonates with us all on here, do stop by again !

    Has or is AW losing the dressing room? Could this happen in the near future?

    The players are not silly or deaf and at some point they will leak comments out. Their careers a’re short and surely will not endure project balance sheet forever

    .Just watch QPR go on a run when the players start playing for the manager.

  70. Leedsgunner

    Apparently we’re in for Mario Goetze and Gomez…. and Santa is for real.

    Honestly, why do the PR team led by that plastic CEO Gazidas do it to themselves… ? Don’t they know by now that no one believes them? Besides what is the use of bringing in new players if you can’t keep hold of the players you got, especially those players who are in good form??! We want depth in the squad don’t we? After the team’s dire performances in Oct/November with the freakin’ heavy schedule we have in December EVEN IF we bring in reinforcements in Jan — it will be too little too late. If the new recruits don’t hit the ground running.. the usual excuses of “they need time to settle in… etc, blah, blah, blah” will be given.

    Always excuses. No accountability.

  71. He's a Gooner

    Did anyone else think Sagna’s crossing last night was terrible? I don’t think he beat the first man all night!

  72. Keyser

    Thomas Up for grabs.. from earlier.

    “So it’s not a strong argument for underperforming..”

    I think it comes down to this, underperforming as a club, as a whole ? Or as a team ? Because as a team what makes you think this group of players is underperforming ?!

  73. kwik fit

    Wenger on RvP: “He texts me sometimes. We still keep in touch, he tells me he still watches Arsenal games.” No Shit Arsene he still watches Arsenal Games?
    Why would that be Arsene?
    To see what he’s missing no doubt!

  74. Leedsgunner

    Rhys re “fiduciary duty” @ 1347

    I was using the term as a term of art rather than in the strict technical sense where it is understood even under strict legal interpretation that the directors of a company (whether it is a plc or a private) have to conduct themselves in a way which is in the best interest of the company. (Don’t ask me to quote chapter and verse of the relevant Companies Act, I doubt anyone would be interested).

    It could be argued that the Lot (as I call them) financially has acted in the club’s “best interest” in pursuing the sustainable business model. although it has the airs of respectability about it, in my opinion it’s a sham — a house of cards destined to fall. Why? Simply speaking the team is not good enough on the field. Ultimately sponsors, fans, media companies want to be associated with winners. It might be just me, but I’ve noticed on the BBC AFC games are no longer broadcast as they used to be.

    Due to the Lot’s continual asset stripping of the club we are no longer a attractive proposition to the biggest brands. (The recently announced Emirates deal was a good one but by no means the best… and when our rivals renegotiate their deals I’m afraid our commercial deals will pale into average if not insignificant… why? Our rivals WIN titles, cups and trophies.)

    Our USP used to be that we had the youngest, most technically gift talent who played beautiful free flowing football — now? What is our USP now can anyone tell me?

  75. pliget

    There seems to be a malaise at Arsenal FC now; a culture of mediocrity. When your manager actually comes out and says in public then it must be pretty entrenched within the club that 4th place is acceptable. I would expect that to have an effect on players. They know that they can lose the odd match here and there and it won’t matter. They know that they will still get their increased contracts. And they also know that if they really shine then they can just go somewhere else for more money and dress it up as wanting to win trophies. There may actually be players that really do want to win. And they know that they won’t win at Arsenal where 4th in the league is all that is required to serve the money-men (and I include Mr Wenger in that – I have his quote).

    Youngsters love Arsenal because they pay over the odds, they treat youngsters like Chelsea and Man City treat established players in fact (So Arsene Wenger is actually following their policy of paying over-inflated salaries, while publicly condemning the practice – it’s just he can only afford to do it for youngsters – who said hypocrite – not me). If I were a mercenary 18 year old with real talent I would sign for Arsenal for a few years until I had proved myself and then go to a club that pays for real value, not a socialist commune where the boss says everyone (except him) must earn the same.

    It is well-known that at the top levels of anything it’s the mind that counts. Compare therefore, a Man Utd player that knows they have to scrap for every point because 2nd is nowhere (and their boss lives that credo) and an Arsenal one where the only achievement that matters is beating 16 of the 20 Premiership teams, all of whom pay less and most of whom pay a fraction (I think) of Arsenal’s wages. Can’t be that hard can it – of course we’ll beat Norwich 9 (or 8 or 7) times out of ten – and if we don’t – well 4th is ok.

    In financial terms for Arsenal to over-achieve, they would have to get 3rd or better. It seems to me their natural position, based on financials (and I have seen lots of evidence that it is financials that determine success in the long run) is 4th – and close to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams but way ahead of the 5th and lower teams. In fact Arsenal are scrapping for 4th with a few other teams. So they are actually under-achieving.

    I read that you say that “Skills-wise Arsenal are arguably not far from a complete team”. I don’t disagree with this necessarily. What worries me is the reason for it and the fact that nothing suggests to me that Arsenal will be any different in 2013/14 or 2014/15 ad infinitum. Of course they play with heart, determination and courage – sometimes. But they also play pathetically – most often in those matches where they know they will be ok – they only need to get to 4th place after all. Every year 4th place is enough. Every year there are new players to bed in. Every year there is a new captain. Every year there are players “who will be like a new signing” when they come back from injury. And it also seems that every year there will be players who keep being played without justifying their places in, supposedly, one of the best teams in Europe. But that’s ok – we only need to get to 4th.

    We used to see players who left Arsenal decline, now we tend more to see them thrive – or at least win trophies. New players come in and odd things happen; Arshavin is played out of position, Giroud, desperate to start scoring, is left on the bench. Maybe not enough examples to prove a point but even so it seems evidence of poor man-management. I used to work for a company that kept replacing people. The new ones who came in were wonderful – until results did not change and the company’s decline continued and they were sacked – for someone wonderful. Hill Samuel does not exist now and I wonder what would have happened if top management had been better, had trusted people and believed in them and not sacked them as a panacea to save their jobs. Not maybe so relevant to Arsenal except for the fact that I think all people are capable of performing “out of their skins” or just coasting, depending on the environment they work in. And, in Arsenal’s 4th place is ok.

    So I tend to think that all the excuses being offered – well just one really – that Chelsea and Man City are bankrolled by billionaires (who are willing to spend their billions – let’s not forget that crucial difference!) are just smoke and mirrors. Life is tough and you have to accept it. Surely the best paid manager in the Premier League (in the world?) can do better? But no, 4th is ok.

    Jam tomorrow is all we are fed by the Board – FFP will save us. Yet Chelsea have just overtaken us in turnover so will be able to pay more than us while Man Utd have left us for dust in improving their financials. And I am sure Man City’s CEO and Financial team are working on overtaking us too.
    We rely ever more heavily on the most expensive tickets in the Premier League (http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/19984968) and relying on others to increase tv revenue rather than increasing Arsenal’s commercial revenue (http://swissramble.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/arsenal-song-remains-same.html). FFP actually allows for losses and, as a Chartered Accountant I can guarantee you Chelsea, and the Manchester clubs accountants are working on how to succeed within these rules. While ours just moan – unfair – but wait for FFP – Ha! But it’s ok – we know Chelsea and Man City and even Man Utd are cheating – so 4th is the best we can hope for.

    Sorry for this long (English) ramble but I have a lot to get off my chest . I would say, in the light of the new deals, I would be prepared to give Gazidis, Wenger, Kroenke et al until August 31st 2013 to show some ambition and change things up. To start using tactics, to get realistic (I say, some would say brutal) with the deadwood in our squad and also the stars. We have the base to compete and to increase our financial clout. And we should run the club as a business. We should demand the best and reward accordingly. We might then attract the best and deter those who merely seek a cushy life from joining. And we should always, always, say only 1st is good enough.

  76. Dan Ahern

    Todd Parker – Also keep in mind managers (presuming they aren’t terrible) have 30+ year careers. A footballer (presuming they aren’t terrible) has at the very, very best half of that if he’s extremely fortunate.

  77. Mike

    Ric your absurd attempt at logic and excellent penchant for insults shows you up for what you are. To call me a spud or suggest I support someone else is quite childish. I was born and brought up 2 miles from Highbury; had my first season ticket in 1968; still travel 200 miles for every home game. Believe me I’ve seen shite Arsenal teams and shite managers (probably before you were born). I didn’t stop supporting Arsenal then and don’t intend to stop now just because some self=opinionated blogger thinks it makes him an authority on football management and running a premiership club. If you don’t like what’s happening, walk away but don’t spew your irrational venom at those of us who actually support the club.

  78. Ché C Cheriton

    Where is Gambon. Having a conversation with a mate about football from 30 years ago and how really the game today isn’t better at all. Sure the pitches are better but there is no way the players are any better. Wanted Gambon’s opinion.

    E.g. The likes of Shilton, Hoddle, Beardsley, Barnes, Robson, Waddle, O’Leary etc would thrive into today’s game (given the same diet and fitness training).

    I am actually thinking that a lot these player are way better than what we see in the EPL now. Just because huge coperate money has come into the game it certainly hasn’t made the standard better. Not at the moment any way.

  79. Cesc Appeal


    You said it brother.

    That is literally the end of us.

    They say they will invest on the surface. £150 Million deals.

    This is what they are doing behind the scenes, hording money and banking for us missing out instead.

    Can you imagine Ox going from £40 000 a week to £20 000 a week due to no UCL? Like United or Chelsea won’t come in for him.

    Or Jack on £70 000 a week on his new deal having to go back down to £40 000 because of no UCL…no chance.

    We want Usmanov….now. Stan can fuck off and play cowboy on his new ranches.

  80. Cesc Appeal


    Will Wenger’s wages get slashed if he misses out?

    I fucking wonder!

    I fucking hate everything about the pricks running OUR club, the FANS club, they are the most useless shower of shit I’ve seen, self preservation is king among the BoD that and lining their own pockets.

    Highest paid CEO, Highest paid Manager – but will dock players for THEIR failings. Fuck this shit

  81. sam

    the only way is to drive stan donkey out, remember he said he will start spending when we starts winning trophies. we won’t anything anytime soon so we won’t see his money.
    time to drive the fucker out

  82. Dan Ahern

    Che – I think it’s a question of what what you value in the game.
    To me, there’s no question the skill level is higher across the board. There are more good players, more good teams.
    There will be stars in every generation, and surely those players you named, if they were in their prime today, would still be huge stars.
    But, I think there are certainly many more quality players these days, and on that basis, the game overall is better.
    (You might consider this too: perhaps those stars of yesteryear stuck out because there were less good players around them?)

    At any rate, that’s my take. Maybe “better skill across the board” doesn’t equate to a better game for you. Debates like these are always highly subjective.

  83. Dan Ahern

    Embarrassing that AFC would threaten to punish players for the club’s pathetic wage/squad policies.

    We’ve already been rapidly losing our ability to attract top talent. Ridiculous.

  84. Cesc Appeal



    THAT stipulation will see us turn into Liverpool, or Everton, or Newcastle and Spurs with a manager and CEO with some balls will take our spot.

    I was utterly shocked with that when i read it.


    If you read this before you write tomorrow’s post please put something about this in! This is Ivan Gazidis, Stanley Kroenke and Arsene wenger dismantling the club.

    THEY fucked up the wage structure and now they are going to damage the club because they can’t right their wrong any other way…so instead of saying we missed out on UCL this year lets spend that £70 Million and get ourselves in some shape again they think….nah we’ll use it to cover the loss in revenue and fuck the high earners off….aside from Arsene, Ivan, Stan and generally the whole BoD

  85. Ché C Cheriton

    Like I have said for a long long time now Pedro and LeGrove need to call for change – not pay it lip service. People say to me what good will it do? LeGrove calls for it, another blog follows, fans talk, before you know it real pressure is placed and questions asked. The ball needs to start rolling.

  86. sam

    FFP is a myth, thats why wenger n gazidis need to quit.
    football is headed by corrupt people and clubs being owned by rich n powerful.
    sponsors are going to pay whatever the cost, footballers and their agents have bills to pay.
    the idea that arsenal fc will become strong for not spending is the biggest lie ever.
    if you don’t pay up players will leave, if you don’t pay up no player will sign for you

  87. Dan Ahern

    Cosign what Cesc Appeal said. Please drop the hammer on this shit in the blog. I volunteer to do it if you want.

    What makes it even worse is we’re the club that always says we have a 30m cushion every year for the exact scenario of missing the CL.

    And honestly, it’s not like in and of themselves these clauses are bad or unheard of. I’m sure plenty of teams (though more likely midtable ones) have them. But for the club to do that now, at the stage were in, in the mess we’ve created for ourselves is almost unconscionable!

  88. James Morgan

    Wenger has been saying all kinds of things.At one time he said fans come to see beautiful soccer when the gunners were winning. When the gunners started losing ,he said the same thing.The name of the game is winning. Brazil played the best soccer in 1982 wc but lost to Italy who played ugly to win.
    Until Wenger changes his philosphy swith regard to winning,th ginners will be stuck in mediocrity.

  89. Jeff

    The performance related pay only works if you have a credible force within the team that is capable of competing. If you have one or two above average players and the majority just makeweights, it will be very difficult to keep the better ones because they will want to be rewarded for their talent and not have to suffer the failings or inadequacies of others.

    A player who knows and realises he’s not good enough anyway or is injured all the time won’t mind taking a pay cut if the team doesn’t qualify for CL. But the most consistent and valued players will mind and they are exactly the ones we want to keep and conversely the useless ones need to be replaced. It goes without saying that it will do nothing for AFC other than take us out of the clique of elites (not that we’re in it at the moment anyway) and we will find ourselves tossing the caber with the likes of Stoke and Aston Villa down below.

    This whole idea is another sign of Wenger’s refusal to take responsibility for his own failing to bring in the right personnel as he continues with his tired old methods which have been slowly drowning us for nearly a decade and so long as he remains in charge. We have become a sad old failing club – just like him.

  90. Delford Magaya

    Aron Rhamsey is a good player, but he lacks marking and sometimes he loses ball unnessary, once he lose the ball, he do not chase the man with the ball. Wenger must work on Aron’s weekness.