Jack Wilshere to land a forever contract whilst Sagna faces a cold silence?

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Arsenal are going totally contract crazy at the moment. Walcott is in talks, Gibbs is being offered new terms, the Ox is negotiating another deal and now attention has turned to Jack. The club are interested in tying him down for the rest of his life. According to the Daily Mail, there’s also the standard bribe of eventual captaincy. If I were the club, I’d have that little trick in my back pocket for when Darren Dein joins the party… which can’t be that far away.

I have no idea what the terms of the deal will be. Apparently Podolski is the highest paid at the club at the moment on £90k a week (behind Wenger by £50k per week), so I’d imagine he’ll go up to £70k then £90k, then wherever he wants from there if he hits his KPIs which I’d imagine consist of playing more than 10 games a year.

It’s difficult to moan about tying Jack down to a long term deal. Certain players you can comfortably predict will grow into their contracts in terms of value. There’s no danger in dishing out new deals to people who deserve them. The only trouble is, when they’re so young and you’re a club that’s so tight, it doesn’t take long to hit the wage ceiling. Still, if we’ve bumped up our commercial deals to £55million extra, plus the additional TV money, we should be in a pretty good position to offer him whatever he wants when he hits superstar status.

I’m hoping the next two years will see us chop out a lot of the fat we currently have within the squad. Nothing players like Djourrou, Chamakh, Bendtner, Denilson and Squillaci will find their contracts expire and the hope is that Gazidis shows a bit of back bone when Arsene insists on tying down average players down to mega deals. He has to really, Wenger won’t last another 5 years here, if we keep tying players down, they’ll be the next managers problem. You want to give them as much room to manouvere as possible.

Our strategy on contracts over the next few years should be to increase the gap of the lowest and the highest. Making the best well paid and the lowest paid at a level that leaves them aspiring become better. For me though, money shouldn’t come into it, if you’re the type of player who is only motivated by money, you’re never going to be elite. We want players motivated by mastering the game. Dennis, Thierry and Paddy spring to mind. When you’re only goal is becoming the best you can be, the money follows. That’s the same in most occupations or passions.

One player who has a contract issue that is so far being ignored like a Jimmy Saville complaint at the BBC is Bacary Sagna. Now, I know that this tends to be a bit of a pattern at Arsenal like many other predictable sagas. Sagna has come out and complained about the direction of the club, Arsene Wenger won’t have liked that, he has a young right back he’s just tied down for 5 years… the mathematics are simple. Cheerio experienced French international right back. Hello 10 games Jenks. For me, this is huge factor in our decline. We don’t hold on to top quality experience. The top quality experience that led us to glory back in the old days. For me, we should do whatever we can to sign Sagna up for another 3 years, even if those years aren’t all with him as the first choice. Jenkinson looks a solid back up, but he’s not top quality and he’s not shown sustained consistency to merit binning one of the best right backs in Europe.

Still, what you can’t say about Jenkinson is this… ‘he doens’t know his sh*t’… look at the below headline.

Hell yes we do Jenkinon, hell yes we do.

It’s a massive game for us tomorrow evening. It’s a 6 pointer according to our keeper, it’s a must win according to Jenkinson and it’s a ‘we need to be decisive’ game if Gibbs is to be believed. Amen to all three of those comments. I totally agree.

I just called Denilson and Johann Djourou, all they had was ‘this team will do better next time’… obviously they hadn’t received the same pre-game media training the above have. What can you do eh?

Anyway, it’s a great chance for the boys to bounce back from the Villa game I haven’t seen yet. For me, it’s a question of motivation. How can you convince the players that every game is as important as the last one? How can you make a team click every game? Well, I think a big part of that is instilling a fear into the players. I think you do that by insisting that 1st place is the only barometer for success over a season. I’ve said it many times before, people psychology is a fragile art to master. The default position for most people is one of laziness. If you give them an excuse to take their foot off the gas, most will take it every day of the week… I think this is most certainly true of footballers. How do you stop them doing that? Give them purpose. Make them feel part of something special. Build a winning machine they all want to be part of. A machine that doesn’t tolerate lazy cogs. A machine that doesn’t accept players on apprenticeships. A machine that has one purpose that all the players can believe in.

Anyway, tomorrow is hugely important for the side. A loss there heading into December could be disastrous  There has to be some point in this season when the team clicks and we build a winning run, Everton is a pretty good place to start that run.

One final thing, am I the only one who finds Arsenal.com an extremely dated website considering how much traffic they must receive on a daily basis? I find it amazing that in the digital age we don’t have a fully functional mobile website and I find it even crazier that it looks so haggered and dated. Come on Arsenal, what are you playing at? That site is your global shop window… I’m sure you can do better! (I know there is an Arsenal app, but the percentage of people who use apps that aren’t social is pitiful).


I’ll give a fuller Everton preview tomorrow. Have a great day!

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I like De Rossi….but I think £25 Million is a bit steep! £15-20 Million I’d say is fair.


    Can you imagine if we had M’Vila and Fellaini!

    A future middle of Fellaini, M’Vila and Wilshere!

    Sadly I think Wenger see’s Diaby and Ramsey as the future and just as good as anything out there…one is a permacrock and the other totally useless.

    Was watching back pre-leg break and to be honest he wasn’t that good even then.

    He really was able to hide because of Fabregas.

    The only reason he’s lasted this long is because of his leg break excuse for poor form. What, 3 years ago now?

  2. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah De Rossi anchoring and taking charge in the middle would be good, that’d give us both Arteta and De Rossi as voices of ‘wisdom’ in the middle.

    Huntelaar and Lopez for £20 Million for both sorts our striking out. If we’re being realistic, I’d love Falcao/Cavani but…

    M’Vila will be going for dirt cheap now but I have always liked De Rossi, Fellaini is brilliant but is less an anchor now more a forward thinker and we need a Ron Burgundy desperately.

    Mbwia for £10 Million would be decent, or splash for Baines and trust that Vermaelen will pick himself up.

    But I stress, I expect none of it…we’ll see Henry on loan and not a lot else

  3. IvoryGoonz

    ref Ramsey, he’d be fine in 442 sitting deeper. but still would need s tronger DM next to him.
    in 433, you got to have 2 of your 3 midfielders that are ultimately good at both attack and defense. simple as, with the one up top focusing on attacking, but needs pace and stamina. that’s where Wilshere should be rotating with Cazorla, but behind them, Frimpong and Coquelin will both need to make lot of mistakes to learn, send one of them on loan, replace Song by De Rossi, and get one “rotating” option., with still Arteta in the ranks.

  4. Dan Ahern

    Sal – Hey, sorry, but Everton’s not doable for me. Was it Oscar Wilde who said, “Working is the curse of the drinking class”?

    Maybe Swans?

  5. El Tel


    I am from your part of the world.

    The El Tel bit is a nickname from firends and has nothing to do with Spain or Venebles Mate.

    I could change my name like some of these guys like Blobby Cheriton who is Joppa Road but why?

    As for the Manc thing. Do you see how much these same people mention all good things about them and get very defensive when you mention their cheating?

    Only true followers of them lot do this.

    Just saying.

    There were some real good writers on this blog a few years back who all went away when it got nasty on here.

    Things like wishing injury and death on Wenger and some players is not good. The racist shit recently. It goes on unchecked.

    Unfortunately for Me, I love this site and always check in.

    Come on you Gunners.

  6. Bade


    I agree about the long term & short term issue re Fellaini & De Rossi

    I’d get them both. De Rossi, because he’s a definite leader & vastly experienced, a warrior & can play wherever in midfield, but better as DM/CM

    Fellaini I’d take also for the said virtues & he’s young too

    Both also unbelievably strong

  7. gambon

    We should be going all out for Cavani in January for so many reasons.

    We seriously need a world class striker, he is amongst the 5 best in the world. He wants to play in England, he wants to play in the CL.

    Anyone that thinks we cant afford him is fucking mental.

  8. gambon

    Bade I agree.

    Bayern Munich fall behind Dortmund for 2 years, their reaction? They sign Martinez, Mandzukic & Dante for big money.

    Man Utd lose out to their City rivals, their reaction? They sign the PLs best player, along with one of the Bundesligas best players.

    Arsenal go 7 seasons without a trophy and scrape the CL by 1 point. Our reaction? Tell the fans 4th is a trophy and sell our 2 key players from last season.

    Anyone see a problem in the differing mentalities?

  9. Cesc Appeal

    I just hate everyone at the club.

    Except the players, even the shit ones, its not their fault that the get paid too much and get played…

    …maybe hate Ramsey

  10. gambon

    We’re at the point now where its gonna take so much to get us competetive again i dont know if its even worth trying. We need to replace half the squad with better, and Wenger just wont ever do that.

    My squad would be:

    Szczesny (sell Fabianski)
    Martinez (sell Mannone)

    Baines (sell Santos)

    Cabaye (sell Ramsey)
    Fellaini (sell Diaby)
    Isco (sell Rosicky & Arshavin)

    Cavani (sell Chamakh, Bendtner, Park)
    Zaha (sell Gervinho)

    Now for me thats a much much better squad.

    We would have a proven keeper at a great age, and Szczesny would finally have to compete, we would at last have a decent LB, we would have a much stronger MF with Fellaini & Cabaye replacing the crock and the league 1 player, we would have 2 creative specialists rather than just 1 and we would have a striker thats up there with the best in the world.

    Hummells would be nice as well, but you wont see him going anywhere.

    So how much would that lot cost? These are estimates:

    Reina £10m
    Baines £10m
    Cabaye £18m
    Fellaini £20m
    Isco £17m
    Cavani £30m
    Zaha £10m

    So £115m to be right up there challenging the big teams, and maybe not get embarrassed in europe and againt UTD.

    Sell Fabianski, Mannone, Squillaci, Santos, Diaby, Denilson, Rosicky, Arshavin, Bendtner, Park, Chamakh, Campbell, Miyaichi, Frimpong & a few kids.

    We can raise £25m from these guys, and wages should balance out, so we will likely keep our wage bill at the £150m mark.

    So we would need to find £90m. We made £30m in property money in the last 6 months so thats £60m, which we can certainly afford.

    This couldnt happen in one window but certainly could over the course of Jan and the summer.

    I know it wont happen but dont you think this is how wenger should be thinking rather than “i’ll buy Zaha, sell Sagna and give Diaby a blowj, i mean new deal”

  11. GUNNER786

    gambon November 27, 2012 20:51:46
    We should be going all out for Cavani in January for so many reasons.


    Wenger to buy Cavavi?

    Have you not learnt anything?

  12. Joppa Road

    “Arsenal go 7 seasons without a trophy and scrape the CL by 1 point. Our reaction? Tell the fans 4th is a trophy and sell our 2 key players from last season.”

    Cracks me up.

  13. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    You did hear Wenger’s recent? I’m in the market only for a top top top player..

    Translated – fuck you lot. I’ve got a good team. Nothing major wrong.. But of course if a super player becomes available…. Standard sound bite stuff.

    Available? They don’t become available! You have to go and hunt them down and bid.. Starting with Napoli.. These Italian clubs are not lush with cash and a fistful of dollars will tempt most of them! Not to mention the player.. But I did read recently that Cavanni was happy there and his family was happy there.. Now I wonder if they could find happiness in London with a bigger salary?

  14. Stan Donkey

    OK Gambon… the Dir of Football job is yours.

    I’ll even accept the error prone Reina if you can make the rest happen.

    Replacing Djourou with Hummells or equivalent is essential though… we need a no.1 centre back.

  15. follow the money

    ACLF has become a tolerable place these days, allowing productive debate but today someone posted that he is sure Arsene is going to buy in January with the intent of delivering a trophy THIS season. I have to wonder what drugs this person is on. Delivering a trophy this season would require a cash outlay of at least 50-70 million in just transfer fees. How many think Wenger would do that? Not me

  16. kwik fit

    Alright Wenger listen up!
    Team for tomorrow is as follows;

    …Kos Mert Verm
    Sagna Art Jack Gibbs
    …….Wally Giroud

    Yes thats right wenger ,Wing Backs.
    Remember them?
    Have you got the balls to pick this team?
    Come to think of it, Have you even got Balls?

  17. kwik fit

    Wonder what time tomorrow wenger will be flying from Stansted to Liverpool. Possibly the 4.03pm . Should arrive at John Lennon Airport at about 5.35pm. Customs should take about 25/35 mins. There’s a coach right outside the door which takes them to the city centre about say 6.45pm . No51 to Stanley park leaves city centre at 6.57 pm leaving sufficient time for a quick rub down before kickoff. Sorted Arsene. Cheapskate!

  18. gooner87

    Gambon @ 20:51

    Often despite your valid points your anti wenger rhetoric and bile spoils your arguments but this one speaks volumes

    Our mentality is of a relegation side struggling for financial survival, not that of the 5th richest club in the world with the 3rd biggest trophy cabinet in the country in terms of history. we are a disgrace. No faith left in my club

  19. gambon

    Weird quotes by Wenger:

    ““For example, at the end of last season we finished third. Honestly I don’t think there was much more in the team than finishing third. My pride comes from that as well.”

  20. azed

    gambonNovember 27, 2012 23:35:03
    Weird quotes by Wenger:““For example, at the end of last season we finished third. Honestly I don’t think there was much more in the team than finishing third. My pride comes from that as well.”

    Wenger is a loser so by surpassing his anointed 4th, he actually out did himself

  21. Keyser

    “People forget we built a new stadium. We had to go through limited resources and maintained the club at the top and that we didn’t have the money available.

    “I accepted to stay and to do that. We are now going towards a period where we will be able to compete again financially with other clubs.

    “We know that. And we knew that would happen. So let’s hope we can show that in the future.”

    Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/4669184/Arsene-Wenger-Are-majority-of-fans-with-me-I-honestly-dont-know.html#ixzz2DTLGoEAT

  22. ranxzy

    Gambon and others calling for Cabaye just shows how useless you guys would really be if you had to make transfers. If you done actual research on the players you want to drop 15-20 mil on you would see that Cabaye is crocked until Febuary.

    That would really help us get some depth in our squad to sign a player that’s injured for three months don’t you think?

  23. Cesc Appeal


    We pay Diaby £60 000 a week to do the very same 80% of a season, so we may as well collect every crocked player in Europe.

  24. ranxzy


    Yes we might as well buy Cabaye in January then seeing as we might be able to lower the asking price to something more reasonable for Wenger.

    We can forget Fellaini for this season as Everton selling their only hope to us in January would be them automatically giving up their fight for fourth place.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, what kind of shit club sells their best player….oh wait.

    Wenger’s comments in the sun are pathetic as well, getting awfully desperate now and he is essentially selling Usmanov to us and his ‘unlimited resources’.

    Why should Arsenal fans suffer because the board ‘don’t get on with Usmanov’…that’s the most annoying part. We’re all in this ship together they keep saying, but I’m not getting the largest bonus given to a CEO or the largest wages given to a manager for fuck all.

  26. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – How do you come up with this shit ? Selling Usmanov to us ?!

    Do you not see what’s happening ? The time for outside investment’s gone.

  27. Cesc Appeal



    I thought it’d be a you free zone by now.

    If you read it through, as a fan, Wenger banging on about limitless resources and then couple it with the knowledge that Usmanov is only behind Mansour as the richest men involved in football in this country….then you’d be sold would you not?

    Not that Wenger is selling him. That he would/could inadvertently sell him.

    This is what I was talking to you about last week, read what’s written, engage your grey matter, then type. Don’t just get all rude and jump down my throat.

    Why would you say the time for outside investment is gone?

  28. ranxzy

    I actually think Gourcuff is much more of a Wenger buy than these unrealistic names being dropped like De Rossi.

    Wenger has always looked at getting Yoann Gourcuff and with Lyon in debt and ready to sell it could happen. I mean he even comes with a terrible injury record, just for Arsene.

  29. Cesc Appeal


    you may be right, he’s also now out of his top form, top price range zone.

    He really is the forgotten man and I wouldn’t touch him.

    Which means Wenger will probably pay £15 Million for him get Henry on loan and sell Walcott for £15 Million thus protecting the most important thing at the club.

    The balance sheet.

  30. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – Mate, I don’t mean to be rude, but you post the same shit regardless, it gets tiresome, I mean think about it. Usmanov had all that time to invest to go out and do something, and he’s done almost fuckall.

    Why the fuck would he invest now ? We had a quality team in 08, probably a better one 2 years ago, Wenger’s done all the hard work, we’ve renewed sponsorship deals, we’ll be able to increase sponsorship in other areas to, and both Citeh and Chelsea ar thinking twice about their spending.

  31. Jeff

    As much as AW tries to defend himself (this is on the back of his comments in the Sun article which going only by the name of the newspaper is no guarantee of accuracy), it still doesn’t add up; not for me. The condensed version of his message is simply that the team gave its best, he gives his best and we should be grateful for third of fourth. It doesn’t take a genius to read the real meaning between the lines. He is basically telling us the following:

    1. Don’t expect AFC to spend £150m because it’s not going to happen.
    2. Don’t expect us to win the league (or CL by inference) because the team isn’t considered to be good enough to win either.
    3. The majority of the fans are still on my side and I intend to carry on in exactly the same way.

    Actually it was precisely the same thing that he said in the rage interview after the Aston Villa game except this time it was more polite.

    I wonder if there is a trophy for stubbornness because in that department he’s in the super league and no one can touch him.

    Bottom line: he’s not going to change; ever.

  32. SUGA3

    the problem he has is that he is deluding himself that the majority of fans still back him, for me the baroemeter are the away fans who are the staunchest suppoerters of the club, if he does not get them on his side pronto, he will not last beyond this season and thank fuck for that…

  33. Jeff


    We fans are fickle creatures. It only takes a win or two to turn down the volume of dissent. There is nothing long-term bout fan dissatisfaction unless we really start dropping down the table. Wenger can fully expect the support of the majority without any question if he continues to finish third or fourth because that is what everything seems to hinge on. For most people on this blog (including myself and I have said this many times) third or fourth is no longer good enough.

    If any Arsenal supporter thinks it is arrogant or too much to expect that we win the league or the CL, it means that supporter has fully bought into the “third or fourth” paradigm and they will be satisfied with it regardless and Wenger knows that. He has already brainwashed the majority to accept the inevitability of never winning or competing for those trophies so it’s really game over.

    This season, there is real danger that we have leaked too much quality in the transfer window to see us drop out of the top four. Only if that happens, and we won’t know for sure till around January or February, will the dissent gather momentum.

  34. SUGA3


    I agree that all it takes is a few good results, but can you see this lot picking up enough to placate the fans?

    I don’t, so it’s only a matter of time…

  35. GaryC

    Personally speaking, and I really hope I’m wrong,, I think we are one game away from being absolutely trollied by someone.. If Jelavic and Felliani are up for it tonight then that game might not be too far in the distance

  36. mrz

    No other Premier League coaches talk as much about club’s financial matters as Wenger does. It seems he is no less worried about the club’s balance sheet than he is about the team’s performance on the field.

    ||“People forget we built a new stadium. We had to go through limited resources and maintained the club at the top, and that we didn’t have the money available. I accepted to stay and to do that.”

    “And I went through it and, overall, I believe we maintained the club at the top and we are now going towards a period where we will be able to compete again financially with other clubs.||

    SOURCE #


    ||””If we find the real top, top, top player then we will be on the market,” he (AW) added. “We have no fixed number, we look just at quality.”||

    SOURCE #


  37. Adam Bucci

    despite the piss-poor decision making by wenger today – ramsey starting, coquelin in for cazorla etc – i’m beginning to think there’s something going on behind the scenes and wenger is actually trying to get sacked before it happens and he gets the blame for it.