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I’m away in NYC, I needed a guest poster to help out, so I drafted in Dan from the LG comments to pen me a guest post (he’s from NYC, which made this topical).

Enjoy, I certainly did.


Oh, Chelsea. You know just how to make us feel better. If Arsenal’s condescending Chairman, political-stump-speech CEO and window-fearing manager make it the on-going black comedy of the Premier League, well, Chelsea is the slapstick masterpiece. And the best part is, we’re on season nine and the jokes are as good as ever!

If we’re honest though, they’re more akin to a proper Greek tragedy, where a god-like figure continually f*cks over the mortals, and never for any good reason. You have to feel for poor Roberto Di Matteo: he picks up the pieces in the wake of AVB, wins the FA Cup, even wins the Champions League (!), but the second he stumbles he finds his head on the guillotine while Ron Gourlay strokes his hair and whispers,

“Shhh, everything will be okay…”

Adding to the hilarity of another knee-jerk Abramovich sacking was the fact that it came on the heels of Chelsea’s Champions League loss to Juventus. You’ll all recall that the only reason they’re even playing in the Champions League this year is because Di Matteo won it last year! I wonder if Abramovich even sensed the irony.

So now Rafael Benitez has stepped up to lead the circus. Wenger himself said, when the subject came up in an interview after the Montpellier match…

“I am surprised he accepted the job.”

Well I’m not. Rafa’s been out of work for two years. Even a position as fleeting as Chelsea’s boss starts to look pretty attractive after two barren years. If the reports are to be believed (and really, why shouldn’t they be?) Sr. Benitez took the job before he’d even met Abramovich. In a way I can’t blame him. What could meeting with a deluded oligarch do besides dampen your mood? You can’t have the depressing reality of the future standing in the way of a massive bag of money! I would say congratulations, Rafa, but it’s not the right word for it. So, good luck with your new position as Interim Manager. Or as it’s known at Chelsea, Manager.

Just one more point on Chelsea and then we’ll get on with it. We all accept CFC is run on a whim, but do you know what the very most capricious thing about Roman’s revolving door is? I suspect he’s accommodating Fernando Torres here. I mean, it’s safe to say Torres hasn’t really worked out at all. At least not for a £50m striker. But he’s the last man standing here. He complained about feeling warm and accepted and loved, and look what happened: Drogba gone. Anelka gone. Lukaku gone. Kalou gone. Strikers brought in? None, just young attacking midfielder-types. And now that Roberto Di Matteo has got the sack, who should Roman bring in, but the last manager Torres flourished under? It seems once again the owner is bent on making his prized delantero work, despite any evidence that he ever will. For an ultra-wealthy mogul, isn’t it a tad ridiculous that Roman Abramovich can’t recognise the sunk cost fallacy when it’s staring him in the face, wearing a girly skinny headband?

And speaking of the sunk cost fallacy, what a great segue into Arsenal Football Club!

Something’s happened to us recently. I’m getting a strange, tingly feeling in my football-thalamus. Could it be…optimism? Amidst our rivals’ European woes, we actually find ourselves on a minor upswing of sorts, at least confidence-wise. I’ll skip the part where I demand you all apologise for slating Giroud, but suffice it to say he’s looking a very capable striker. Lukas Podolski’s firing again, Santi’s back in form after a brief lull, Wilshere’s back, period, and—dare I say it—Theo is having a run of great games. Are things actually going well again?

Perhaps they are. But we’d be fools to put on our rose-tinted sports goggles (supplied by Adidas®) now.

The fact is, our squad is still abjectly thin. Our offense is beginning to click again, but what of the unit in the back? We still have a captain filling in at left back for the damningly trifold reason that, a) our regular LB is more accustomed to the treatment table than helping out with the league table, b) our backup LB is more accustomed to begging for keepsakes than playing defense, and c) we’re not convinced of Vermaelen at centre back. Then there’s the keeper: I really do rate Szczesny, but it’s obvious he’s got work to do. Unfortunately there is no other option. What serious contender would have Vito Mannone playing a quarter of the season for them?

Even midfield is a big concern. How can I say that, you ask? As awesome as Arteta-Cazorla-Wilshere is, do you think they can play every game? They’re a great midfield three (albeit a tiny one), but what possible rotation do we have for that unit? And what tweaks can we make if our opposition bullies them? I don’t know about you, but I’d feel much better about this year if Ramsey stopped exercising his god-given right to appear in every match. Coquelin’s a solid player, but he’s still more a cup-game level talent at this point in his career. Diaby I can’t even force myself to count as a real person anymore. The very concept of him is too absurd at this point. Rosicky is fast approaching that level too, but I still have faith we’ll see him kick a ball again. He’s another that can fill in when we need a body, but he’s not one I’m picking when I need points.

Even our offensive corps is questionably shallow. Theo is playing very well, but we all know how many times he’s gone from having a blinder to seeming to be blind in the very next game. I really hope he keeps it up, but you couldn’t convince me to lay any amount of money on it.

It’s true the Ox can deputize for Theo. Well, at least until Theo leaves, that is. And in the middle? Let’s see, after Giroud there’s… um… there’s… help me out here, you guys… there’s… uh…. G… Ger… ugh, I can’t even write his name. No offense to the man, but my stress levels are about three hundred per cent lower when he isn’t out there running around aimlessly. Only Ramsey is better at hesitating and losing possession.

I should note that I absolutely want those players to succeed. I’m not on a mission to tear them down here. But let’s face facts and look at the performances. Our forward play has been good recently, but after our preferred choices we have hardly anything to offer. And when you see things like Podolski’s recent remarks about how playing two games a week is new to him, you can’t help but worry. It’s the same lack of depth that sinks us year in, year out.

Anyway, maybe the worst indictment of our attack force is the Henry talk bubbling up again. Sigh. How pathetic and predictable. It goes without saying that every Gooner loves Thierry. But I can’t help but see this as much more than a diversion. Is it just capitalising on the goodwill of fans to willfully ignore squad issues? Because that is despicable. I will gladly welcome Henry back for another stint, but I will be very much less than pleased if he’s the only inbound player.

While we’re on the subject, what does the Henry situation say about Walcott’s status? Arsène said he doesn’t rule out bringing back Henry because Gervinho (ugh) and Chamakh (snigger) will be off to the ACN, making us short on strikers. Does that mean he doesn’t consider Walcott as an acceptable backup striker? Is it a dig spawned by the contract impasse? Or does he just not expect him to be with the team by that point? I don’t mean to arouse conspiracy theories. I’m simply pointing it out.

At any rate, the bottom line is this: good form, bad form, we’ll go through them both like any other team. But what we need to hold ourselves accountable for is how much of that form is self-imposed. How much of that form is a direct result of the squad we choose to maintain? Some wise person I can’t be bothered to Google once said, “You make your own luck.” Going into a season with Szczesny as your only viable keeper is making your own luck. Playing Gervinho as a false nine is making your own luck. Selling Robin van Persie is making your own luck. So come January let’s not forget that with this squad, we’ve got lots of a luck to make.

For more finely crafted nonsense like that, follow the superb Dan @topical_storm

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  1. gambon


    You dont pay a player his yearly, 2 yearly, 4 yearly wage packet the day you sign him.

    Its a huge misconception that i see on here way too often.

    “If we sign a £20m player on £100k pw for 5 years it actually costs £45m”

    No it fucking doesnt.

  2. Guns of Hackney


    “If we sign a £20m player on £100k pw for 5 years it actually costs £45m”

    No it fucking doesnt.

    It does if said player sees out his contract.

  3. Max85


    I know that. My whole point was that we are currently able to afford, if we so wished, two players in the £20mil+ brackets and not worry about breaking the budget. If they wanted to further budget for future wages out of the money in the TPA then they would also be able to do that as well without any issues.

    However, as there is absolutely no indication of Wenger doing this now when we have such a massive sum in the bank, why would anyone buy into the idea that all these extra funds would change his behaviour.

  4. gambon

    Guns of Hackney

    But you dont pay someone their 4 year wages from your current cash in the bank.

    Honestly some people really seem to struggle with this concept.

    But yes, one of the reasons Wenger has to go is his utter refusal to move on deadwood, and his ridiculous wages policy where 80% of the squad earn too much and the top players earn too little.

  5. gambon


    Agreed, even before this deal we could afford to sign 2 top players.

    The fact that we dont isnt financial. Its a combination of an owner who is asset stripping, a CEO who is doing the asset stripping for him, and a mentally ill manager.

  6. Guns of Hackney


    I know…but IF a player sees out his contract, the overall transfer value of player a x wages over 5 years = £???

    …but how many genuine £100k per week players do/did we have over the last 5 years??? 3 tops and they went on to greater things so any GOOD player seeing out a contract at Arsenal is a moot point.

    As you said, the balance between players worth it: Cesc/RVP as opposed to: Djurou, Chumpack et all on £60k+ PW is abysmal.

    Wenger out. Now and forever.

  7. gambon

    The £15m threshold shouldve been obliterated a long time ago.

    Lets not forget that along with this new deal we will almost certainly be signing a big deal with Adidas, PL money is rising by £20m pa from the summer, and the foreign rights will also be going up.

    Its likely our revenue will increase by AT LEAST £70m in the next 2 years.

    This means we can push wages up significantly from here on. We certainly will, but i’ll tell you right now, it wont go on top players on big salaries, it will go on £3m pa extra to Wenger, and big payrises for Diaby, Gervinho, Ramsey, Gibbs, Koscielny etc.

  8. Guns of Hackney

    This means we can push wages up significantly from here on. We certainly will, but i’ll tell you right now, it wont go on top players on big salaries, it will go on £3m pa extra to Wenger, and big payrises for Diaby, Gervinho, Ramsey, Gibbs, Koscielny etc

    some real prospects there!!!!!! don’t diss them!

  9. roaaary

    If henry is still good enough for us then why the fuck did we sell him years ago whilst near his best for just 16million? If he is still good enough years on why didn we keep him. Wenger is a joke. Henry is past it now. Go out and sign someone class like siem de jong.
    End of rant.
    Ramsey tonight eat a few packs of diazapam and beck a bottle of vodka. i dare ya

  10. goonerDNA

    Ivan Gazidis

    ‘Arsenal have agreed with Emirates to bring payments forward so additional money is available to invest this year,’ he said.
    ‘The decision to invest is up to [Arsenal manager] Arsene Wenger, but now more resources are available to him.
    ‘We’ve got funds to make the right decisions for the club.’

    Wenger, the ball is in your court

  11. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Players salaries are paid from the current years income. Nowhere else!

    Last year we paid 143m from last years earnings! Which is 60% of our total income for last season.

    Therefore cash in the bank (at the end of a season) is not for next years salaries..

    The cash balance will only reduce if we make a loss in a particular year. Simply outgoings exceeding income. (all outgoings incl wages which is the single biggest factor).

    So we sign a player now on a four year contract he gets paid from the income over the next 4 years.

    And looking forward it’s not difficult to predict our wage ceiling year by year. There will be significant room to grow it looking at the revenue coming down the road. And we are already up 13m this year and next year from Queensland Rd.

    The single biggest variable which has the board and Wenger buying a bigger mattress to stuff the cash into is the possible loss of the CL revenue.

  12. Guns of Hackney


    Terrible idea…Hunterlaar is at a fantastic club in a great league. Why come to Arsenal? But seriously, at 30 he isn’t getting any better. We should/could have got him 6 years ago but…ask the lunatic in charge.

  13. Max85

    ikon – I’d replace Mbiwa with Baines in that list. LB is by far the more precarious position what with Gibbs’ injuries and Santos being worse than useless.

  14. Guns of Hackney


    They all play for better clubs, with better players, under better managers…why would they come to a falling club like Arsenal? Who wont even be in the CL next year.

  15. Guns of Hackney

    Fuck me. Everyone is shouting names out but will someone please explain to me WHY any of these players come to Arsenal?

    We are a shit little club.

  16. gambon


    Baines – Much bigger club, payrise
    Cabaye – Much bigger club, payrise
    Gotze – Could be tricky, he would need to be convinced we are aiming for real success, German teammates
    Cavani – Much bigger club, payrise

    Obviously none of my plans ever include Wenger staying as the manager.

    Dont doubt how much pull we have provided we stop underpaying the best & overpaying the rest.

    Mata wanted to sign for us, Hazard used to go on about us, Ribery wanted to sign for us, Di maria wanted to.

  17. Guns of Hackney

    Gambtanamo bay

    Thank you. And the main point is…WENGER can not, under any circumstance be our manager.

    Pep, Klopp…and we may have a shot at some of them you named.

  18. Piotr Juszczyk

    we are the seventh richest football club in the world. it came to a point were we have nothing to offer for Dortmund players to lure them in (except wages). We should be raiding them for at least 3 players

  19. goonerDNA

    “We are a shit little club.”

    We’re not a shit little club we’ve never have been, regardless of wenger and stan and his home boys Arsenal has history and as we know cash (which isn’t spent) we also play in one the best cities in the world and play in the best league in the world.

  20. Max85

    Gambon, Guns

    Agreed, in wages we can pretty much outpay anyone who isn’t currently at a bigger club then us – including all of those in that list. Of course that doesn’t take into account competition i.e. from City, Chelsea etc who can pay even bigger bucks, but they can’t buy up everyone can they.

    Also agree that Wenger isn’t the man to take us forward – however, a lot of players still see him as a great prospective manager to work with (always read about players banging on about how they would like to play under Wenger etc), so he could still be a big draw in attracting talent if we are stuck with him.

  21. Guns of Hackney


    It isn’t the best league in the world. Only Sky think that.

    London is the best, however, we are a failing club with a rich history…it doesn’t count for anything these days. There are 10 other English clubs with long, successful histories that outshine us and they don;t get the top talent.

    Liverpool, Newcastle, Villa, Forest spring to mind.

  22. Guns of Hackney


    They can’t buy everyone, but they can buy the best which is why City got Arguero and we got Chamack. Chelsea get Hazard/Mata/Oscar and we get Frimpong, ramsey and giroud…

    Unless we change the manager/ethos and board, we will be the third biggest club in London and the 6th ‘biggest’ in England.

    Wenger has turned us into alsorans

  23. Max85


    True, but think of the number of players at so called ‘lesser’ clubs that would walk into our team – e.g. Falcao, Neymar, Cavani, Llorente, Cabaye, Huntelaar, Isco etc. There’s probably a player from every second tier team who would improve our side.

    Yeah, clubs like City will blow us out of the water for Falcao, Neymar etc. But there’s only so many they can buy, even if they needed them. For example, Barca are set for forwards, as are Real unless they sell Benzema/Higuain. United have got 4 great striker, as do City.

    Not saying we will sign Falcao but there are plenty of options out there for us to strengthen.

  24. Mart

    Dream signing would be Dortmund’s six: Klopp, Schmelzer, Hummels, Goetze, Reus and Lewandoski but i don’t think any of them would be tempted to leave now.
    I’d go for:
    Left back – Zenit’s Domenico Criscito or Atletico’s Felipe Luis
    Defensive Mid – Toulouse’s Etienne Capoue or Gorkhan Inler
    Attacking Mid – PSV’s Dries Mertens
    Striker – PSV’s Jeremain Lens or Barcelona’s Pedro or Marseilles Loic Remy

  25. goonerDNA

    Guns, Which 20 to 30 year old player even remembers Newcastle’s Liverpool’s Villa’s history where are Forest now days?

    The premiership is the best league in the world only Barca and Real madrid fans beg to differ, la liga has 2 great matches a season the german league is pretty good and will become great one day the rest are shit.

    Liverpool got Suarez so why can’t we get Cavani?

    Tevez once signed for west fucking ham

  26. Guns of Hackney


    Agreed, but it brings me back to my earlier point…we aren’t a superpower. The players you mention would go to Chelsea/City/Utd before us and that’s just in England. Add PSG, AC Milan, Inter, Barca, Real, Bayern and we are absolutely nowhere…not even in the second tier.

    We need change from the top.

  27. ikon

    Dont think Cavani will be needed. The most important players in that list are Goetze and Baines… rightly pointed out about the left back position we are short in.

    The reason why I want us to go for a clinical finisher is simple, Giroud cannot dribble the ball 2 steps. I have noticed as soon as he gets the ball he either looks to shoot, or loses it either trying to control it or trying to make a killer pass. His lay offs are also way off. His sole strength lies in his aerial threat and his body strength. I dont think we can bank on him to score in tight matches or in important matches where the occasion will get the better of him.

    If we could get Huntelaar for within 8 million, forget about resale and make use of his poacher instinct, we would actually start to see the benefits of having Cazorla in the team. Even if we dont go for Huntelaar, we have to look for someone who has been in imperious strike form for the last few season… well we all know whose name pops up in our heads … Falcao

    Baines 12 million, Goetze – 20 million, Falcao – 25 million or Higuain – 14 million, sell offs, 10 million.

    That would be making a big statement and the first big statement under new ownership. While other clubs make statments by firing their managers, we really should make use of this opportunity to make our own statement by backing the manager

  28. Guns of Hackney


    I know mate, but footballers care about one thing…actually two: CL football and wages. Currently we can offer one and that is looking tenuous. After that, what have we got to offer a class player?

    We can’t even get a prospect because A. most are shit and b. IF and I mean IF we got a real deal of a 20 year old super star, he would be sold. Pointless being at Arsenal, it really is.

  29. fuckit4thwilldo?

    Guns of Hackney

    With your summary of Arsenal in your last few posts, surely you must also think IG is a genius for flogging a dead horse for £150m?

  30. Herkules


    No one outside England knows more than a few English teams and Arsenal is one of them. A huge percentage of revenue comes from the global market. In NewYork Arsenal is a big deal… Great stadium, great city, better wages than all but a few… Attracting good players nada good manager is not the problem. our current manager is the problem

  31. Nasri's Mouth

    goonerDNA: Liverpool got Suarez so why can’t we get Cavani?

    Not only did they get him, but he re-signed for them too.

    And us signing Cazorla shows we can still attract / nick top players that are arguably better than new signings in richer teams

  32. Guns of Hackney


    Goetze is a £30+ player
    Falcao £40+
    Higuain is class – not sure why you think he’s a £14m player…more like £25+

    We are at the £15m MAX level – that might get Baines but nothing else.

    Pay peanuts, you get monkeys

  33. Max85

    Guns I see what you’re saying, and I agree that we’re not going to be any top players first choice if all clubs are in for him. However, we are a step up from most second tier clubs in terms of money, prestige, and opportunities (we know how blindly loyal Wenger is to his players). The top clubs don’t actually need that many players, so there are plenty on the list I mentioned who won’t be snapped up by the big fish. It sounds dirty saying this but the ‘leftovers’ will be more than strong enough to improve our team.

    You don’t really believe that we’re not second tier? I’d say we’re right at the upper end of second tier.

  34. ikon

    Higuain is 25 years old???
    Man he is been around since long yet just 25.
    Even if we go by your valuations, probably we can still go for Goetze and Higuain.

    In all possibility we will probably wont see any movement in January since Wenger will want this last chance to prove himself right, but by next summer the pressure will be well and truly on to spend that money.

  35. Guns of Hackney


    I think with the right set up, we should be in the top 5 teams in the world and genuine champions league winner every year, but Arsene and the board are happy us being the 4th best team in England.

    Our ambition for Arsenal is bigger than the people in charge and until that changes, all the players mentioned on here are pipe dreams.

    I love Arsenal but I do not like where the club is going. Even when we had the invincibles, we under achieved – with Moaner or Ferguson in charge of THAT squad, we’d have cleaned up for the next 5-6 years and be bigger than United. But no. That prick ruined everything with his 2006 ‘children’s ideal’…sustainable my arse. Look at us, a laughing stock.

  36. Radio Raheem

    Let’s assume there are 20 clubs that pay transfer fees in excess of £20m and the big wages that often accompany that. Squad size is probably about 30 thus making 600 players altogether. In a world of over 6 billion people where football is the most popular sport I find difficult to accept that the pool of talent is as finite as, say, 600.

    Even with a penching board I think there is still room for improvement in the level of talent in the squad. As things stand it is pointless thinking that a growth in revenue would improve the quality of our playing staff, it’ll only swell people’s bank account.

  37. Guns of Hackney


    Ha, ha…I see what you did there. But you fail to mention that of those 7 billion…babies, old people, women…and countries that don’t even know what football is! That pool gets a whole lot smaller. Ultimately, the players come from Europe and the Americas – that makes it a WHOLE lot smaller that your 6 billion LOL…

    Come on, mate…we are the ramoras (sic) of the football world…sticking near the sharks to get fed.

  38. SUGA3


    we all know full well that this club has invested A LOT of money VERY badly, and also have a handsome sum of uncommitted funds right now…

    so I agree, it is a question of whether these funds will actually be spent, given that we could have a nd should have spent in the past two summer transfer windows, but these mugs completely butchered the summer of 2011 and did not do enough in the 2012 either…

    hopefully we will just get rid of a few names from that ridiculous wage list, including cunt Fabianski who has decided to sit out his contract Almunia-stylee as well as Chamakh who supposedly had a few good loan offers, but he would rather stay here and fight for his place closest to the cunting shisha 😆

  39. Guns of Hackney


    I don’t blame the players. If someone want’s to pay me millions to do nothing, I am your man! Contracts are Arsene, no one else.

    I get what Arsene was/is doing…but the plan failed and he didn’t act to fix it when every man and his dog saw it couldn’t work. That makes him silly.

  40. Dan Ahern

    Hey all, thanks for the (mostly) kind words about the post.

    Just scanned the new deal. It looks pretty solid! Granted, we may be looking way up at Manchesters+Chelsea again in 2019, but for now it puts us money-wise on their level despite the fact we’ve actually performed nowhere near as well as them. When you consider our only accomplishment eight years running is making the CL, that money looks pretty fucking impressive.

    I’m worried about how we’ll spend it though. It’s not like we don’t have money now, and Wenger still loves his communistic wage system. So who’s to say we won’t just be more upset when the only change is that the midlevel players and dross all get pay rises. It could happen. I hope it doesn’t, but it could. I mean, right now we have the TPA, which is so vaguely defined that AW throws it away on shit contracts for squad players and kids.

    So, good deal resource-wise. But we need somebody to ably direct that money. Who can that be?

  41. Radio Raheem


    Nah not really not in the conventional sense any way


    We need to sort out our scouting system as well. Players like Michu and Arouna Kone were well known before they moved this season and would certainly have improved our squad yet we have to endure Ramsey and Chamakh

  42. Guns of Hackney

    Oh, and another reason why Arsenal can not be considered a top team is that we haven’t won anything for 8 years…we still have the same manager that led us to those trophyless years in charge…no ambitious/top club would tolerate that.


  43. Dan Ahern

    P.S. gambon – If you can’t laugh at the world around you, you’re bound to spend a lot of time crying! I’ve said nothing of Chelsea’s performance and never deny they’re way better than us. But their owner’s behavior is fully ridiculous. In the same way we laugh at how much of a straw man-loving cunt PHW is, I find entertainment in Abramovich’s despotism.

  44. Ché C Cheriton

    Have no interest in Chelsea whatsoever. For what it’s worth I think Abramovich has done the right thing. Disappointing to see Arsenal fans trying to score points off this. All I will point you to is the trophy haul over the last 8 years. Who’s would you rather have, Arsenal’s or Chelsea’s? Enough said. Sick of Arsenal fans trying to be clever and taking the moral high ground.

    See that prick Gazidas is at it again:

    “I think we’ve been very responsible on ticket pricing over time.”

    What an absolute c**t this guy is. Don’t be fooled for one minute that Wenger is going to go out and spend big. It ain’t going to happen but no doubt most Arsenal fans are lapping it all up.

  45. SUGA3


    seriously mate, whoever scouted Fabianski for Arsenal, I want fucker’s job, I said he was shit the moment he was signed and never rated him, now look at him, obviously not injured, yet he does not play, what the fuck is that all about?

    we have really pissed up a lot of money up the wall, and the squad seriously needs a boost in January, I reckon this is a do-or-die January transfer window for Wenger, if he does fuck all, he is finished and it is as simple as that…

  46. trickie

    Gazidis on the new sponsorship deal: “The deal is all about football, it’s all about giving us the resources to be able to invest in what we put on to the field for our fans,” Since we don’t currently spend the copious amounts of money we have available to buy quality players, why will having more money change that?

  47. Ché C Cheriton

    Agree Trickie, it’s just more hot air and bollocks from Arsenal – the masters of spin. Gazidas and Co. need to be outed. Why the fck is he coming out and spouting such BS?

    Proof is in the pudding. Other clubs just go out and buy. We don’t, we just talk. Wankers the lot of them. And when we do buy have a fkin word!

  48. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..


    Sorry I forgot how many A’s? 😀

    Seriously, Is Larry the stooge (Ivan) taking the piss? Does he think we are fucking sheep.

    Talking horseshit about front-loading the deal so we can compete and buy…..

    Did anyone stop and ask him: hey Knobhead, Ivor Mc Scrote, from the daily Bulletin here. I’d like to ask what the fuck you are on about there Larry talking about front-loading when you already have 153m in the bank, plus Arsenal are owed 50m payable within 1 year, and you will receive 13m this year from Queensland road, and you will receive almost 100% more this year from CL participation and you also have a 50m Pre-approved credit facility?

    Could you please explain to the fans why is it we need front loading? Are you planning to go on a 200m spending spree?

    Oh and final question Larry.. Tell us again why Man City are jealous of us. We’re in more competitions than them right? Isn’t it that time of the year when you trot that out?

    I’m done. Who wants the mic?

  49. Ché C Cheriton


    They live in their own little bubble. The trouble is these men in charge of the club are clouding my views on Arsenal and making me feel hate towards not just them but the club too. That cannot be right. The sooner the lot of them are gone the better.


    Our manager is going to rely on other teams fuckin up ,and a player we have already immortilized in bronze.C’mon REALLY, that’s our game plan for this season.
    You know what,i’m gonna Fed Ex my crystal ball i hope it gets there before tomorrows game……

  51. Nasri's Mouth

    Thomas: Tell us again why Man City are jealous of us. We’re in more competitions than them right? Isn’t it that time of the year when you trot that out?

    Not that I’m a fan, but he would be technically right with that statement at the moment

  52. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..


    I think I got it right there! 😉

    Hey, don’t go down that road. I won’t have it! We are still one of the greatest around. Steeped in 126 years of tradition and history. Magical moments and achievements that will never be erased.

    We are merely in the hands of risk-averse low target-setting dicks right now. That is all. The club has its own persona and the Arsenal of your youth and your father is still alive and breathing. No ventilator required.

    We have a beautiful Milan Catwalk Queen. Only Curly, Larry and Mo are sending her out in cheap clothes, no make-up and her hair is a mess. She can be quickly turned back into the beauty queen with a good make-over! 🙂

    Standing back and taking a hard cold look at the situation the only credit you can give this lot is that they have not run us into the ground and have actually built some form of a foundation for us going forward . (fuck me, did I just give them some credit there?)

    Because of that, the club could be very rapidly transformed into serious competitors with a hand like Hiddink or Pep at the wheel and a serious loosening of the purse-strings.

    Keep the faith. I don’t have a timeline!!

  53. andy

    thomas I thought about that too. it´s very unlikely but maybe we are saving money to invest heavily after FFP ties other clubs like chavs or city up. in this case we would be the only club who´s able to pay high fees – it´s a dream but imagine in what position we may be in a scenario like that? having 200 million to spend and except of bayern nobody´s really able to invest more than 20 or 30 million – we could buy all talented players

    what a wonderful dream

  54. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Nasri’s mouth.

    And he was technically right when he said it last year too.. Before we rapidly tumbled out of all competitions! Then he looked like a dick.

    And he will this year too if he dares to say it.

    Oh and I’ll look like a dick too if we go on and win the CL!! But I’ll take that! I’ll take that!! In fact I’d get a Tee-Shirt made up proclaiming I was the one! 😀


    Manu paying homage to a man who has done over the years what no other manager may ever do again,yessss i know give credit where it’s do though.We have already put Un-ree in bronze…..still paying our players too early?Just looking at a pattern of sorts.
    Don’t get me wrong Henry is still my boy.


    Finally found a way to get rid of Arsene….convince Abrom to buy us.Lets see anyone of you come with a better idea.

  57. kwik fit

    Too much talk today about this apparent big deal. The reality will be in the small print and will come out in the wash before long. Don’t like any tie up that takes us through to 2028. I’ll be almost Forty by then , perish the thought. Anyway I don’t believe any thing baldy says .

  58. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Rednose being a little bitch again..

    Talking about Rafa taking over at Chelsea and The Club World Cup:

    Benitez won the cup with Inter soon after taking over and could do so again with Chelsea next month.

    Ferguson said: “On his CV he could have two world championships and nothing to do with the construction of the teams.”

    Ferguson added: “Rafael Benitez is very lucky. Jose Mourinho won the treble at Inter; Rafa took over and they won the world title without having to do anything.”

    Hahaha what a (spiteful) little genius.. Winding the fuck out of Raga before he’s even done one game for the Chavs.. He’ll give Rafa another heart attack!

  59. Johnty79

    We now will have the second highest turnover on English football what does this mean…absolutely nothing. We still won’t spend money. Three players who could really save us.
    Benfica – John, Lacey left winger
    Braga- Alan, tore man u to shreds
    Mbiwa- erratic but has heart and size.

    These r realistic players we can afford. All those cheering pushing leighton Gaines. He is physically weak, but is better than Gibbs.

    Diaby is going to sign a new 80 k aweek contract in January. This is guaranteed. Don’t be socked.

  60. BOOZY

    just seeing the new deal.
    £30quid a year. We could easily top that if we were winning trophies.

    Arsenal winning major trophies 3 years consecutivelly would make up the biggest club in the world.

    but no one is willing to take risks.

    All i see now from his last 2 interviews, is gazidis trying sell a new wenger deal to us.

    Not happening G.

  61. Cesc Appeal



    Before I buy into anything I want to see this money used properly and a new, energetic manager in place

  62. BOOZY

    All wenger would do is buy 2 more oxlade- chamberlians with this money and maybe hunter.

    while selling theo.

    Yeah. more money in the club to wenger means we can now afford to sell theo.

  63. BOOZY

    However CA.

    I had a strange feeling about stan kronke this morning.

    I think he’s going to sack wenger if he wins nothing this season, and maybe wenger knows it.

    i know it goes against what i’ve posted about him( stan).

    but i just have a hunch, and i earn my leaving on hunches.

    so watch this space.


    I believe it has already been said and i agree,the new money is there if(when) we fall out of CL in the years to come.Trust me that money has been factered in and distributed at corperate level it will never see the field.

  65. BOOZY

    And this whole chelsea affair, just shows the division of class in the society.

    it isn’t about chelsea, rdm, benitez, torres or anybody else.

    its about one guy who just sits in his office, barely says a word- but has the whole world talking about one of his toys.

  66. goonerboy

    This deal is certainly not bad news for Arsenal’s ruling elite but all it is doing is extending with an existing sponsor. Is this deal showing the value of having Stan Kroenke as major shareholder-opening a window into the US commercial market? Well we are still waiting to see any benefit whatsoever from that arrangement.
    It doesn’t matter how much the club makes in commercial revenue-when they don’t spend what they have got on strengthening the team., and sell our best players at the end of each season. When the club competes on salaries for adults and does more than talk about top players then I might care more about their commercial success. Otherwise why should I care that some of Arsenal’s shareholders will be better off?

  67. kwik fit

    Thomas, it’s up for grabs now..November 23, 2012 19:11:05

    Sorry mist your post, was in the Gym. Now sweating ferociously.
    Nah let ‘arry do a spot of wheeling and dealing first. He might even take some of our dross 🙂
    No it’s got to be Rafa next. He’s already overstayed his welcome at Chelsea.
    Lets do it Thomas, focus all our efforts on Rafa!

    Rafa Out Rafa Out Rafa OuT!!!!!!!



    Arsenes ear hair will be long enough to cornroll,and he will be eating his roastbeef through a straw before this club lets him go.

  69. SUGA3


    stop polluting this fine blog with your ‘exclusives’ you little twat, anyway, why do I even respond to you?

    run along, limp dick, there’s a good lad 😆

  70. BOOZY

    The british intel should keep an eye on that guy.

    These whole football club owner stuff might be just a smokescreen.

    Imagine while the whole world was busying its self with the whole chelsea affair- while something bigger was going down.

    too much booze talking.

  71. goonerboy

    Unlike Gambon-I don’t crave instant success to the extent that I want Arsenal to become Chelsea. From his posts I’ve always suspected that Chelsea is Gambon’s spiritual home.

    I don’t respect them or their owner. When they won the ECL with their shite brand of football they cheapened the competition. But we are at the other end of the spectrum when it comes to replacing ineffective managers-Wenger should have been replaced years ago-and Gambon is 100% right about that.

  72. Nasri's Mouth


    Unless performance changes dramatically, Kroenke will never sack Wenger. Wenger is probably the best manager Kroenke could ever have.

    (for financial reasons)

  73. Gunner2301

    Dan nice post – I thought I was on a Chelsea blog at the start, you might have just scraped the number of words in favour of Arsenal.

    I don’t believe the increase in revenue will be invested. That’s what they’;ve been waiting for with all the dumbing down in recent years. Pay rises for the unworthy and hangers on and little else.

  74. GoonerHart

    personally i believe we are creating not a massive war chest, actually no a nuclear transfer chest for when AW goes we already have £70m in free funds, and with the new TV deal and our new commercial deals, and especially if wenger doesnt leave until the stadium naming rights are up for renewal i believe you are looking at upwards of atleast £300m to spend…( i can dream right)

  75. BOOZY

    Nasri the financial aspects are being taken care of now, and it isn’t wenger’s face on those deals.

    The man has a stone in the shoe- a fat russian, looking for an excuse.

    And if he’s really in it for the long, then…

  76. sam

    btw, i do fly with emirates most of the time and i am going to dubai in 3 weeks , guess what plane i will use?
    etihad is crap, i used it once you have to land in abu dhabi then travel to dubai by coach.

  77. kwik fit

    ‘arry was all set for the Ukrainian Managers job during the week but when asked could he speak Ukrainian he replied…..’ Ukrainian? I can’t even speak fucking English’

  78. Gunner2301

    Joke Friday

    Dwarf couple who work in a circus are having a baby. They go to the doctors for a check up. Doctor says “Everything’s fine, tell me, what do you want, a boy or a girl?” Guy says “We don’t really give a fuck to be honest as long as it fits in a cannon.”

  79. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Here’s one for joke Friday.

    The new Nicklas Bendtner!!! Does our fucking stupid scout know Bendtner is not at the club anymore because he was shite?

    ‘New Nicklas Bendtner’ Andreas Cornelius is Arsenal transfer target
    Arsenal are ready to battle AC Milan for teenage FC Copenhagen striker Andreas Cornelius who, worryingly for fans, is dubbed ‘the new Nicklas Bendtner’.

    Read more:

    More refreshingly you will also see a strong link to Huntelaar on the same page..

  80. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    We have a 3rd team member on board!

    London hotel mocks Chelsea coach Rafa Benitez with re-naming of suite.
    A Premier Inn hotel in west London has changed the name of its top floor suite to Rafa Benitez to ‘honour’ the new Chelsea coach – saying the room is ‘perfect for short stays’.

    Read more:

  81. Mayank

    Great guest post by Dan! Nice change in tone.

    I can see here no-ones getting their hopes up because of the new deal.

    I myself don’t expect big changes in the way the club is run. My greatest hope is the new deal allows us to say no to offers for our best players.

    If that does happen, I trust we’ll win something soon. I