Arsenal to sign up Thierry again? So, so predictable…

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If there is one thing in life you can confidently predict, it’s that Arsene Wenger is predictable. No sooner had Henry left, is it now looking like he’ll be back again. We joked he’d probably be back and now, following the below gushing masterpiece on the Pravda website, it looks a near on certainty.

“Last year I did it because we lost Gervinho. It was a good connection. This year we lose Gervinho again as they are playing in the Africa Cup of Nations two years in a row.

“You know what he gives you. He gives you hope, especially when he comes on. That is the most important thing,”

“He is a communicator. An extrovert. Very intelligent. He can only give good advice to players because he was in their position when he arrived here.

Oh Arsene, why do you do it to yourself? Thierry is all those things. Without doubt. Gervinho is not and will never be. If you recognise those attributes in a striker long lost to the hands of time, why can’t your recognise them in a younger version?

The fact we’re calling on a veteran to rescue our season again after having the mirror issue last year smacks of poor management. Worst of all it smacks of penny pinching.

Still, I love Thierry, I’m sure he’ll slink in with a goal or two, but overall it’s a bad move for a club looking to progress. Mainly because he’ll have to leave after 6 weeks.

Wenger touched on the incumbent striker… particularly the reasons for his slow integration into goal scoring ways…

“There are many factors,”

“The first one is that I believe physically he worked very hard when he arrived here. The intensity of the games took a lot out of him.

“The second problem was a bit [to do with an] understanding with his partners.

“The third problem was level of confidence. When you come to a club like Arsenal, you’re surrounded by big names. It takes you a while to think ‘OK I belong in this world’ and he has shown that on that level he has gained a lot.”

Giroud is starting to look like a very good player. It’s a shame he doesn’t have bundles of pace, but actually, if you have that outwide, you’re not in the worst position. I think he’ll grow as the season powers on and in think he’s good for twenty goals if the team stays on track… and more importantly, he’s not run into the ground. He just has to work on getting a little more clinical. Overall though, I like his team ethic and the element of plan b he brings to our game.

There seems to be a lot of praise for Per happening on the site at the moment. Sure, I’ve always been a big fan, but the simple fact is, our defence is leaking goals at a frightening rate. We need to shut up shop before we start handing out lollipops and lambasting critics. If I were Arsene I’d be seriously looking at Rio Ferdinand next year. Someone needs to bring him back to London. He’d be a great 4th/5th choice for a year and maybe some of his success could rub off on the players. I also think we should give some serious thought to another top quality centre back this summer, if Thomas and Koscielny don’t buck up their ideas.

*Note: The difference between him and Thierry and Rio is he would sign for a full year and hasn’t been away in a lesser league.

Team news for the night is that Theo is out. A straight swap for Chambo sounds about right. Gibbs also finds himself back in the squad. His reintegration cannot happen soon enough!

We need a big game this evening. Some winning continuity is needed. Nothing bar 3 points will do. We can’t afford to be complacent especially after watching Chelsea lose last night. The wheels are really falling off over there eh?

Anyway, enjoy the match!

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  1. David Andreassen

    Cabella is good, Belhanda is one of those promising players who never amounted to nothing rly….I for one think we have enough of those but can’t say I’m surprised there’s a couple of Gunners gettin worked up over yet another one..

  2. useroz

    Finally a yellow for MNP

    Let’s make sure we don’t do the 2 nil up and 2 – 2 routine we seem to like these days……

  3. IvoryGoonz

    zeus; got to say blacks are more suited for athletism than whites, first off…
    and with foreign players limitations, if you buy foreign players; you’ll hire the best, with a club like Montpellier, if you get foreign players in, you will very likely get the best foreign you can, as you have a very small budget, and lot of African born or African decent speak french, which helps, overall, there’s more african speaking french than french … They can’t really buy top french white players, they sold us their best french white striker, Giroud.

  4. useroz

    Fucking wenger wanted to prove something with ramsey?? Jesus…

    Ramsey better not fuck up …another slow as hell player on the pitch

    Where’s arshavin????

  5. David Andreassen

    Bermy, saw that, still don’t see who he’ld replace in the first eleven honestly…sure, he’ld knock a couple of the bench but there are much better options if you just wanted to build a squad

  6. David Andreassen

    Honestly, the man makes 2 world class assists and u shit on him for missing one shot when clearly out of balance after showing great technique to even be abe to control the pass?

    There rly is no pleasing some of you…


    I know they;re makin joke about Henry,they have to be.Now i fuckin know we are keeping the purse strings closed, that shit just seals it for me.

  8. sam

    we didn’t start with ramsey and won
    now its time to scrap the welsh winger project
    giroud is class and time to scrap the invorian thierry henry project.

  9. the_real_andy

    don´t know what you guys watched the last 1,5 hours but we dominated, were far better, had better chances, scored more, conceded 0 and didn´t have to fight till 90th minute … what more can you ask for? 5 goals, but we need to save some stamina for the weekend

    very very very good game

  10. IvoryGoonz

    on 10th jan 2012, all papers had been sorted out, including insurances, for henry to score for us

    are we going to re-sign him?
    never know with Arsene. at least this time he said earlier he was interested…
    mind you MLS is over for him.
    I don’t mind seeing Henry at the club. bit of a winner mentality can at least provide a morale boost to the team.
    But the rest is still a problem. the keeper situation, the left back situation; the right back situation with Sagna not getting younger, the dm situation, the winger situation…

  11. Max85

    Should have taken Jack off earlier, was clearly knackered. Might be worth handing Coq a start vs Villa, looked good when he came on.

  12. the_real_andy

    will be interesting to see whether we will play with our 2nd string or try to win our group … our game should be easier as montpellier has something to proof in front of their own crowd. I think we will win this group if we win our game

  13. Keyser

    Decent game, second half especially, solid enough defensively but created more than the last few games going forward.

    It helped Montpellier don’t really have much of an attack, Belhanda and Cabella are ok, not really outstanding, but have potential, Mbiwa would be a nice option,though we seem to be showing some of our potential now.

    Like Winterburn, doesn’t seem to talk shit just to be controversial.

  14. the_real_andy

    this site starts to get over-negative anytime. we win against spuds, you can only read “wenger out”, “fuck wenger”, “fucking team”, “we are bad” … we win against montpellier and be in the knock out stages for sure you can only read the same … some of you may remind themselves why you are here on that site – because you are arsenal fans.

  15. IvoryGoonz

    the real andy: they are free to say what they will; that’s also a big reason why they are here and not getting bullied and banned on UntoldCensorship or ACLF.
    great win, but still WENGER OUT

  16. the_real_andy

    ok in case we finish second we can draw

    we may get lucky there, malaga/milan and porto/psg should be the easiest here IMO

  17. the_real_andy

    that´s ok ivory, I love the freedom of speech, don´t get me wrong there

    I just think it´s problematic to see everything negative; it´s the same the other way round, but this site tends to be over-negative in recent weeks IMO. I checked le grove to see what other people thought about the game and all I read is “wenger out”. I really don´t understand that

  18. SDE

    the real andy

    I hope we get Real Madrid..Then Mourinho can show OGL a think or two about the dark arts of football & of course how to win a to do tactics& how to close off a game..All laced up with a winning mentality!!

  19. incesc


    how are you feeling?

    pretty upset i guess? seeing arsenal qualify?

    and you hate it when arsenal score so how did poldolskis volley feel??

  20. kwik fit

    Arsenal have qualified for the last 16 of the CL 13 years in a row. You can keep your fucking Tropheys and stick them up your derierre .
    I’m having that all day long.

  21. Jeff

    I thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s game especially the second half. Podolski’s volley was better than Van Persie’s one from the same position; just brilliant. Hope we come top after the final match.

  22. kwik fit

    I think this year it may be better to finish second .Surely we are due a favourable draw in the last 16. Anyway by the time the last 16 matches comes round we will have 3/4 top class January signings on the books and ready to take on Europe’s finest 😉

  23. Voetstoots

    Honestly, why are most of you even on this site? I read the blog nearly daily, because, on balance, I find it thoughtful & insightful. But fortunately I have long given up reading the comments, because 90% of them are the same tired cliches and expletives, so predictable, so boring, so untypical of anyone who should really be calling himself a fan. I was at the Spuds game on Saturday and I was at the game tonight and I’ve come home to the news that City have joined Chelski on the Champions League rubbish dump, whilst our beloved Arsenal have progressed to the knockout stages for the 13th consecutive time… Please remove your blinkers, please give credit where credit is due, please go find another club if you can only find fault with my Arsenal?

  24. mjgooner


    Honestly, why are SOME of you even on this site? I read the blog nearly daily, because, on balance, I find it thoughtful & insightful. But fortunately I HAVENT given up reading the comments, because 90% of them ARENT the same tired cliches and expletives, so predictable, so boring, so untypical of anyone who should really be calling himself a fan. I WASNT at the Spuds game on Saturday and I WASNT the game tonight(of course I watched from the pub), BUT I’ve come home to the news that City & Chelski ARE OUT OF the Champions League AND CAN NOW CONCENTRATE ON WINNING THE LEAGUE, whilst our beloved Arsenal have progressed to the knockout stages for the 13th consecutive time DESPITE NOT HAVING A CHANCE IN HELL OF WINNING IT… Please remove your blinkers AND USE YOUR BRAIN, please CRITICIZE when CRITICISM is due, please go find another club if you CANT SEE WHERE WHAT IS WRONG with my Arsenal?


  25. Did we win?

    Voetstoots, well said mate.
    Sde, I hope we get real as well, although as an ARSENAL fan I actually want us to (and think we can) win. Your love for Jose is well known on here, so here is a suggestion for you… Go talk shite on!!! I do feel sorry for you though, it must be tough watching arsenal win and keep a clean sheet, with 2 great goals from lil jack and podolski!

  26. IvoryGoonz

    Qualifying is not the point, it’s winning it that is.
    The further we go there, the more the squad is stretched and will fail in the league as a consequence.
    That’s a guarantee.
    Besides, as I said, check Hanuary schedule again, you might discover we were better of getting out of CL…

  27. Ric

    Is it just me that finds it somewhat worrying that apparently its only if you are a English national that it matters to the FA that someone racially abuse you?

    I don’t mind seeing Chelsea get fined for whatever reason, but does anyone actually think Mark Clattenbourgh is too good a ref to fine for setting a horrible example to his peers?

  28. Voetstoots


    So following your logic through, you’d rather not qualify fir the CL than lose in the final (given your point that only winning matters)?

    Well, I have news for you: there are 32 top European teams that qualify for the CL every year (some more top than others, obviously) – and 31 of them will end up as losers at some point. But I’d rather be 1 of them than not.