Arsenal cave to Theo demands? | Would you have Darren Dein at the club? | Gibbs new deal? Hmmm…

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So, word has hit the new lines that Arsenal have softened on the Theo Walcott contract front. We’re willing to go as high as £85k a week. That’s big money. Maybe not what he’s after, psychologically when I was renegotiating my deal with Le Grove, £100k a week just felt right. In the end I gave in…  Theo,£85k still buys you lots of love on the West London club scene and there’s no doubt you’ll be able to afford the finest rims money can buy… and a big TV, like, I’m talking easily 32 inches.

Anyway, it’s not about the money with Theo. But it is. Maybe not as much as people are making out. I never get the whole upset people fluster themselves into around cash. Think about how you’d be if John in accounts had a 38 inch TV… and you knew the only reason he was high rolling with the fine ass ladies from HR was because he was earning double your salary, even though your skills on the Sage far exceeded his. Are you going to sit back and say, ‘ well jeez, I just love it here, and my line manager is just like my father’.

Of course you’re not.

You want the best deal for you. I also think people forget the player doesn’t perform the negotiations. It’s normally some half witted cretin who has no moral fiber smashing out the deal. It’s not Theo sitting there in a suit and birthday tie trying to hammer through the minor details of image rights.

If Theo wants £100k a week, pay it to him if we think this form is here to stay. If not, sell him. It’s as simple as that.

Another player who is being rewarded with a new deal is Kieran Gibbs. Am I going mental here? Did he not recently pick up a £40k a week deal? Apparently not. He’s in for a proposed 5 year deal. Now, I know everyone thinks Kieran has turned a corner and he’s now the greatest left back we’ve had since Cashley, but in my opinion, we’re bolting early on this deal… especially as it’s for 5 years.

In fact, 5 years? Is there really any point? Who is that benefiting? Just the player from where I’m sitting.

Why would I say that? Well, Gibbs still hasn’t proved his fitness. He’s still just as likely to pull out of a season as Abou diaby. He’s yet to manage more than 20 games a season. I know you could say that he’s only just breaking through, but Nik B never broke into the first team and he regularly contributed a large tally of starts. Not to mention managing 38 games on loan at Birmingham. I think we’re storing up another big problem at left back by tying him down like we did with Diaby. I think we need to go out and sign some proper back up. No… we need to sign proper competition for that position, because I can guarantee you this… we’ll be having left back issues for years to come if we don’t.

Speaking of contracts. This next thought has been crowd sourced from the Le Grove comments. It stemmed from a debate around bringing David Dein back to the club. Some call this a progressive move. Me? I don’t. Bringing a man, regardless of how great he was, back into the fold as the CEO at nearly 70 is not a progressive move. It’s a backwards step. Now, he might come back and do wonders, but he’s not what we need right now. Dein is great friends with Arsene. Arsene is on a downward spiral. What could Dein possibly do to help a manager with dated views and methods on the game? Is he the guy to come in a pressure Arsene? Doubtful…

The whole idea of reuniting a team of yesteryear and hoping they’ll sort things out makes little sense. Simon & Garfunkel are not going to recreate tunes like they used to, Bill Hewlett and David Packard aren’t going to reinvent the printer and I’m sorry people, it’s over for Torvill and Dean. Progressive change is bringing in football people. Guys that are the Arsene & Dein of today. Now, this is going to sound like a nasty curve ball… but if you had David Dein as Chairman, could you not have his son as our chief legal guy?

Darren Dein has been a blight on the last ten years of Arsenal. He’s shifted on countless players to pastures new. He’s incredibly connected, he knows how to strike a deal and he’s clearly a mover and shaker like his old man. Having someone in that role who knows the value of a player feels like something we’re really struggling with at the moment. Having someone who has relationships with the players also feels like something that’s missing. It seems all too easy for players to jump ship at the moment. Could this be a move that Arsenal would consider?

They’re on good terms with him… he sat with Arsenal at the FWA.

Big businesses do it… headhunting is common place. If it’s a company of talent, a massive business might buy a company just to absorb best minds into their own operation. Now, I’m not suggesting we buy Darren Dein. I’m just saying his ruthlessness is something we’re lacking. I’ve been told he has a beef with Arsenal over the way they treated his Dad. I was with someone a few weeks ago whose father used to be on the board at a Northern Premiership club. The said club treated his old man badly… which he told me put him off the club. I’m assuming there must have been some love there before, so  it’s not inconceivable bringing him back in could help him do for Arsenal what he’s done for his clients.

Anyway, one for you to chew over.

I’m off to New York this evening, not sure how I’m going to post. I’m assuming they have the interweb over there? I’ll find out shortly. I should be in the Blind Pig to watch the Montpellier game tomorrow.

See you in the comments!

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  1. Gunner2301


    Tying Gibbs down? LMFAO

    Is this how far our expectations have been dumbed down?

    This is Arsenes Modis opperandi. Remove all the quality from in front of a player to give him a run in the team. That way Arsene gets one of his youth pets in and can give them wages he would otherwise have to spend on a decent player.

    We saw the same with Djourou all CBs released to the point that Djourou looked good as an option.

    There is no quality bar at Arsenal anymore, that’s the problem and it was done away with to indulge project youth otherwise the shot Wenger amassed would never get a game.

    The only players I believe should be tied down is JW and Ox the rest would struggle to get in an equivalent team on the same salary (bar Theo who I don’t really care about).

  2. goonerboy

    The value of a Darren Dein type figure at Arsenal-would be to maximise players income by trying to engage a wider range of commercial deals and contracts-stuff like image rights etc. I have heard that RVP increased his salary by 50%-but his commercial income by about 300% by moving to United. This reflects the piss poor performance of commercial income at the club compared to others.
    Its a joke when a guy moves from a commercial powerhouse like London to a relative back water like Manchester to increase his commercial income.

  3. Johnty79

    Keiron gibbs will repeatedly be injured for the rest of his career. He should be got rid of soon as with santos. The only problem is there aren’t that many good left backs out there… Baines is no way worth 15m he isn’t much of an athlete. Look at man u they had to sign butler who is gash.

  4. Ché C Cheriton

    Question: In my opinion we need a GK as well as out the likes of Fabianski and Manone. As you also know I am a big believer in Arsenal having a core of English players (much to the disgust of many on here).

    Would it be worth going and getting Fraser Foster in the Jan or is him being picked for England just a sign of the weakness in England all round?

  5. Radio Raheem

    So 2 premier league clubs out…we call the premier overrated and crap only for an average Arsenal side to go on and win it

    …if Carlsberg made dreams

  6. kwik fit


    Chelsea now need to beat Nordsjaelland and hope Shakhtar to beat Juventus in their final group game to avoid becoming the first holders to be eliminated in group stage.

  7. Arsenal1886-2006

    Just imagine it, Arsenal, Chelsea and City all crash out.
    Would this change the UEFA coefficient and mean only 3 teams from the Prem?
    Like to see arse-end explain the 4th place trophy if that were to happen.

  8. Trickeygooner

    “We know what you are”
    “We know what you aaaarrrrrre”
    “Going out of Europe”
    We know what you are”
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    Isn’t it funny that no matter for all the trophies they win and all the money that that spend, you can still spot that they’re Pikeys !!!!!!!

  9. Cesc Appeal

    Chelsea may have been schooled for Juve tonight but I watched and couldn’t help but think for £28 Million what a difference Mata and Cahill could make to our team.

    Was interesting listening to the commentators saying what a young team they had and how talented the youngsters were but they needed some old heads around them.

    Was like listening to people talk about the 2010-2011 Arsenal team, or any Arsenal team during the project youth era really.

    However I’m willing to bet Roman will make sure everything is set right. Can see Pep as Chelsea manager for the January window and he’ll make some smart buys.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    RDM in a year wins FA Cup and UCL, very much in the title hunt this year and looks like getting the boot.

    AW has won nothing in what will be 8 years (more criminal hasn’t even tried) and is safe as houses.

    Don’t look for logic.

  11. MuddyGooner

    Was just browsing a Spuds blog, thefightingcock prior to the match and after. Quite amusing as they refer to us as ArseAnal or the Woolwich sc$m.
    They were confident after hearing the team line up that they’d rip us a new one with Defoe & adewhore starting……. and that they would control the midfield with Sandro bullying Jack.
    It certainly started that way then their joy turned to despair. It’s at the latter stage when the hilarious comments started.
    This was from one Spuds fan :

    seriously, whoever chose the grey kit for A NORTH LONDON DERBY actually needs to consider his position within the club, and I don’t care if he runs the club… that decision was fucking disgusting, and set the tone for the day…


    Yes yes, straw clutching of the highest order, but that’s what today has resorted me to… either that, or I genuinely consider hiring a Private detective to REALLY find out which employee of that rancid disgusting cunt-club actually shat in our Lasagne… ‘cos that shit don’t JUST ‘HAPPEN’!!!!

    LOL !!!!
    My personal favourite was this :

    All things considered, 5 – 2 with 10 men is a distinct improvement from 5 – 2 with eleven.


  12. Ché C Cheriton

    muddy…in defence of the kit one, I did think to myself why the fck are they wearing grey. He is right on that score. Shouldn’t fck with tradition. Of course Arsenal do though – just look at our fkin horrible Fisher Price badge. The people who make these decisions are fkin clueless.

  13. Arsenal1886-2006

    All this chatter on twatter about Henry returning is turning my stomach.
    What next? Merson to sober up and put his boots on again.

  14. Cesc Appeal


    Don’t can you imagine his face.

    Yelling ‘I want to drain all the Sol I can get my hands on, drink it down, wash it all over my face.’

    Arsenal players look at him in disgust.

  15. Arsenal1886-2006


    Seriously though, if Sol was to come back and Theo as looks likely leaves then the press will have a field day. Untold will go into overdrive defending wenger and the board hailing them as visionaries for signing a player with england caps and domestic trophies, they will probably launch an attack on Pedro and Geoff for driving Theo from Arsenal.
    Whereas for ACLF it might be the straw that breaks the camels back. There seems to be a bit more moaning on there after games these days, you do not see many in arsene we trust comments these days.

  16. Arsenal1886-2006

    I reckon that leaving the CL in the group stages could have a demoralising effect on arsene lovers, seeing the worlds greatest ever manager sending his team out in the europa cup will be a great leveller.
    It will also give the board sleepless nights at the loss of revenue.

    Win win all round i’d say.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    I fear not.

    I think for a certain core of fans he can do no wrong.

    PHW said last year ‘not getting the Champions League would not be a huge loss as we have set aside funds.’

    If that isn’t the biggest show of no ambition I don’t know what is.

    Only interested in the money.

  18. Arsenal1886-2006

    I think PHW was talking about missing one or two at most, if we drop out now it could have a lasting effect and CL football could well end as a distant dream for the foreseeable future.
    I wouldn’t mind that as it could refocus the minds of the people that matter i.e. the fans.
    And no CL makes the new sponsor deals look less attractive to big bidders, looking forward to seeing the new kit with “Spar” emblazoned across the front.