Theo Walcott to run down deal? | Giroud stats stand up | Spurs ripping Monday!

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Did you catch that stench on the tube this morning? No, I’m not talking about the person in a suit standing next to you who has somehow managed to acquire a serious body odour problem 20 minutes after leaving his door. I’m talking about the sweet smell of Gooner smug polluting the airwaves across London and the globe!

Nothing beats a Monday morning in England after smashing the spuds. Their little beaten down faces are a joy to behold. In fact, sometimes it gets to a point where you think, ‘jeez, is this right? I’m actually upsetting them’, it’s at that point you have to turn it up a notch. Break out a little victory dance, perhaps just go and sit with them for a while without saying anything (a classic for me)… maybe graffiti their business cards when they go to lunch or put together a witty postit montage on their computer screen.

Don’t relent Gooners, because one day, the shoe will be on the other foot and they’ll show no mercy.

Anyway, the weekend panned out rather nicely didn’t it? Chelsea dropped points to West Brom which was super excellent, then United of all teams dropped points at Norwich. Which just goes to show how strong the league is this year. Anyway, I don’t think that does much for our primary aim of winning the league, it just means we’re within touching distance at Christmas. 7 points behind United and 9 behind Chelsea isn’t the worst by Arsenal standards.The results that sadly did matter were the ones which involved Everton and Newcastle losing. Hooray!

No? You don’t like celebrating those results?

On the Spurs game, I’m surprised at how many Gooners think Spurs would have taken the game had Adebayor not been sent off. Not sure how that works out as an argument. We didn’t just beat Spurs, we tore them a new back passage. They lost a striker, they didn’t lose three of their back 4. There is no excuse whatsoever for a team with Champions League aspirations to drop 5 goals because they’re one man down. That’s a disgrace and a sure sign that Spurs have defensive issues as bad as ours.

The dominant player issue we have at the moment is Theo Walcott. Wenger has now stated he’s not going to sell him in January regardless of how contract negotiations go. That’s a dangerous situation for Arsenal. He’ll continue to get better and better, the offers on the table will get larger and larger… and even if he is playing centrally by the end of the season, financially, it would be stupid for him to stay.

Still, at least that gives us a bit of time to work on a 17 year old replacement.

When Wenger was questioned on the crux of the Theo issue… which is position, he said this.

“He can play both positions, he can play up front, and he can play up front with [Olivier] Giroud as well. He has found a good mixture on the wing. It makes him difficult to stop. He finished as a centre forward [against Spurs] and he scored. With the midfield we have, Jack Wilshere, Santi Cazorla and Mikel Arteta, in any position they will find you if you move well.”

It’s an interesting point and one I think Wenger has been making for years. If you’re good enough on the wing, you’ll be good enough up front. The same can’t be said if things are the opposite way round. There are plenty of ok strikers who don’t have a well rounded edge to their game. Theo is playing well centrally, but it’s no coincidence that he’s also looking very tidy outwide. That’s what makes him so dangerous at the moment, outwide he has great delivery, centrally, he has great finishing. He’s looking a more complete player at the moment… which makes this contract issue a real shame. That’s £20million down the toilet…

Anyway, at least we know we’ll have his goal scoring form until the end of the season.

Jack Wilshere has been raving about Santi Cazorla, calling him Maradona. Is that because his training ground behaviour is reminicent of a gun totting, coke snorting Argentinian? Quite possibly, but I’ll put a big fat ‘I have no source to confirm this’ next to that one. It’s probably because of the Spaniards style of play. He rightly said the following…

 “His touch and his vision is just a joke. He is a dream to play with.

He never gives the ball away, he is creative and busy round the pitch. He is a joy to play with.

Playing down comparisons with Cesc Fabregas, he is a different player to Cesc. Cesc is more of a passer.

“With Santi, he can pick the ball up, he can beat people, he has got a great shot on him. He is just different class and he is great to play with.”

I’d agree with that. I said earlier in the season I prefer Cazorla as a player because of his turn of pace and lust for taking on players. He’s movement and first touch are out of this world. There was a particularly special moment over the weekend when he took a high ball down over his shoulder, stopping the ball dead, he then fired a long ball across the park to Podolski who also demonstrated great technique to bring the ball down.

His technique is so pure. My pals dad played for Arsenal for a few games back in the day… in the days when their leg work outs consisted of loading a man on your back and doing shuttle runs up and down the west stand at Highbury. I remember having a beer watching a game with him once and he said the most impressive  thing about foreign imports is how their first touch is always away from their body into space.

Cazorla and Cesc are masters of that. The main difference between the two is pace. Cesc only had one gear, Cazorla has two or three as demonstrated when he was tripped, picked himself up and powered into the box to set up Giroud over the weekend. He’s an absolute talent, we just have to be very careful with his fitness. He often looks exhausted. He’s integral to our system, without him, we’ll really struggle for ideas.

Up front, Giroud is starting to look value for money both on the pitch and off the pitch.

Played 11 Scored 7 Assisted 6

Not a bad return for a player many were calling the second coming of Chamakh. Not only can this man apportion a reasonable amount of hair product evenly round his head, he can also play the central striker role the way it’s supposed to be played when you have height and strength. He’s everything we wanted from Nik B and more.

By the way, did anyone read that pathetic come and get me plea the Dane made to Spurs over the weekend? Like someone said in the Le Grove comments, it’s easy to consider a move to Spurs when no one else wants you! I was also reliably informed by a source that he’s a poor tipper… I don’t know why that matters. I just felt that by telling you, it would some how give me more credibility. It didn’t did it?

In transfer news, there’s nothing of importance to report. So I’ll leave the match report there for today!

Have a good one!

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  1. Sammie

    So if Theo is hell-bent on the central strikers role, doesn’t that mean that he’d turn down a new deal of 100k? After all he’s adamant that money ain’t a thing for him…

  2. andy

    there was an interesting comment after saturday´s match. the guy asked theo how it looks like regarding his contract and he said blablabla: “… hope THEY sort it out soon”. he really said they. we all know players have their agents and they do their negotiations mainly but for me that looks like it´s more down to his agent´s problem with our offer than his own. just a thought though

  3. Big Dave

    Nice result Saturday, but we must move on ,no point in going to Villa and losing in good ol fashion Arsenal style. Hopefully it will give the team a lift, but still have concerns over our defence and leaking goals

  4. Cornelius Lawrence

    Good morning fellow Arsenalites!

    By jove, what a thrashing we metted out upon the filth at the end of the road! When the tall french fellow struck the third, I spilt my wine everywhere.

    Fantastic result lads, well done to the lot of you. I am not one for violence but it was amusing watching young Jack Wilshere show his bottle when the Tottenham primate shove dhim in the back. Well done Jack.

    Still…two goals conceded, defence was not great, regardless of the result.

    My gardener is a Tottenham fan, he will be in shortly to clip the Willow tree at the back, I will rib him no end.

    Onwards and upwards from here please! I hope you all had alovely weekend.


  5. Gooner 72

    Great win, but the Bale goal, the way he was allowed to score it and the subsequent jittery 15 mins after it, summed us up completely. Bricking it with a two goal lead against ten men!!

    Lets hope the end result gives us confidence and we can win at Villa, it’s all about confidence!

    Theo? WTF, just sort it Arsene!

  6. andy

    bd as far as I know we have the best record against moyes´ everton? I´m unable to remind any loss against them in the next 3 years? last year we won 2:1 and 1:0 didnt we? the year before we had the same results as far as I know – I think I can remind of a certain scandal goal of saha who was at least 5 yards offside.

  7. Big Dave


    They have improved this year, even tho they had a blip the weekend, The glass half full fan in me tells me to worry about us in every game we play regardless of the opposition. Everton at home have been pretty good so far.

  8. Thorough

    I know much has been said about Theo and his decent contribution on the wings. But I think Oxlade-Chamberlain, in just five minute showed all the attributes of a great winger: dribbled well, ran at the defense and crossed/passed to the main striker. This is the reason why Theo should be a striker. In those five minutes Ox made him look like an apprentice wingman.

  9. jogon kitty

    ‘There is no excuse whatsoever for a team with Champions League aspirations to drop 5 goals because they’re one man down. That’s a disgrace and a sure sign that Spurs have defensive issues as bad as ours ‘

    we have shipped in 5 with 11 men , so you are correct that a team with champs league hopes should n’t be letting in these amounts of goals….

  10. George

    Absolutely agree with u pedro, if he can have good run from the flanks, then he can gradually mature into a good striker, afterall pedro @ barcelona plays from the wings and he is quite a descent finisher, he should be patient his time will come.

  11. gazzap

    Your Comment HerGreat result but there was clearly some terrible defensive errors by us that doesn’t bode well for the season. defend like that all season and we’ll finish 10th or thereabouts. wenger needs to realise that and sort it out. Its not the players, its the system. Fergie can get Evans and Carrick to defend competantly and they are shite!

    As for Theo, he is saying the sort of things you would say if you knew you were on your way to Liverpool soon. Similar to the thing RVP said when he knew he was going to United. Theo is gone.e

  12. andy

    bd they got better and better in recent years. they have some pretty good footballers – but the reason why we are quite successful against everton is down to their desire to play football as well which opens up space for our players and they know how to use it normally. that´s the reason we have problems against “destroyer”teams like stoke and are better against teams who try their best to play good football like everton or even lpool

  13. useroz

    If we could score. 3 a game on average, current defence would be fine. So it’s all relative.

    Unfortunately even with Giroud firing more we don’t have 3 to 4 goals in us on average. Frankly the spanking we gave spurs was more one off in my view; and still thanks to a stupid Ade…

  14. Josip Skoblar

    More and more impressed by Giroud. I didn’t like him first (slow, etc.). He scores beautiful goals; goals that are difficult to score like on Saturday.

  15. Ryan Black

    Hey all..

    Could I have a link to the ‘long extended’ highlights of the game?Atleast 15 Minutes. I was at a trance party this weekend and had zero cellphone reception and no tv. So missed the fucking game!


  16. AJ

    Santi is more of a wide man. Explains why he is good at beating people etc. He drifted out several times and showed what he could do against spurs. I feel he should do it more often. Because on the wings we have Podolski and Walcott, both prefer playing central. Some decent crosses will also help Giroud.

  17. Matchy

    “”It’s an interesting point and one I think Wenger has been making for years. If you’re good enough on the wing, you’ll be good enough up front. The same can’t be said if things are the opposite way round. “”


    i have written this many times. wenger never played a so call traditional wingers. his wingers are strikers. sighhh

    since when you see wengers winger crosses the ball into the middle man until GIROUD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Arsenal has for the last few games scored from headers than they did for the 15 years of wengers rein.

    hence, walcott is just plain stupid. he thinks he has to play centrally to be a scorer?

    hahha… ronaldo is a striker? messi is a striker? do they play as a striker? Messi players very much on the wing and he moves into the RIGHT LOCATION, WITH THE RIGH SKILLS AND WITH THE RIGHT INTELLIGENCE AND SCORES.

    Ronaldo is the same. They have freedom to roam. This is the same with wengers front free. they have the freedom to roam about.

    That goes to show why and how wenger wouldnt care much about him leaving.

    If Carzola is earning $75k a week at arsenal. And walcott is taking $100k a week. And carzola who is 100X better then walcott than how are arsenal going to reward carzola?

    Then other reason why wenger isdoes not really care about walcott is carzola cane play on the wings …

    “”I’d agree with that. I said earlier in the season I prefer Cazorla as a player because of his turn of pace and lust for taking on players. He’s movement and first touch are out of this world. “”

    Carzola all of the above, but he is fantastic player because he comes in against a big guy like abbywhore head to head and againt big defenders and tackle.

    Since when do you see walcott tackle and takes the ball away from a player?

    Hence he is a liability … he played ‘ok’ on satuday because spurs gave him room to run. Because they had one less player.

    Am because now with giroud as long as you can corss the ball giroud will have a chance or make a chance to score of put the goalie under pressure.

  18. kapslock

    Prefer Santi to Cesc but wouldn’t it have been nice to have both in the team? A midfield of Santi-Cesc-Jack could rival anyone in the world. Small but they would run rings around most teams. One can dream.

    I knew Giroud would come through, his movement is brilliant and once he scored a few it would only be a matter of time until he started banging them away. I reckon he’ll get 20 for us in all competitions. We need to use this win to go on some real run, Villa shouldn’t be so tough they’re poor but Everton away will be a challenge. COYG

  19. Cornelius Lawrence

    Do any of you chaps see the same starting XI running out on the turf against Montepellier mid-week?

    Also I am still at a loss to understand why young Ramsey is played. He is incredibly slow, we broke towards the end of the game and he completely slowed his train and allowed the filth to get back. I can only deduce that he is actually Mr Wenger’s illegitimate son.

    Heartening to see Alexander Oxlade-Chamberlain have a run out and power his way through the filth to assist young Theo. He could be some player, perhaps.


  20. RodneyK

    My opinion is that Theo would be lethal in the hands of a proper manager; one who plays players according to their own strengths unlike Wenger. He would have played Ronaldinho at right-back!
    Theo doesn’t have what it takes to cut it as a winger. Oxlade obviously has the potential to excel on the wings and in midfield.
    Re Giroud: he scored some spectacular goals for Montpellier last season. I know – different league and all but here’s wishing he can do the same for us this season and beyond.

  21. andy

    I don´t think we will have a complete first team out there on wed. I can see the ox starting, coq starting, maybe even santos starting. I would go for

    jenk, verm, kos, santos
    coq, jack, caz
    walnut, gir, ox

  22. Ric

    Say what you want but go back and check the comments; at least I anticipated Pedros return to blind obedience should we secure the win on Saturday.

    As soon as Cazorla took an involuntary back flip early on; I said to my spud friend ( who had been quite obnoxious until then)that this was the ONE deciding event of the game, and he agreed.

    Until then we had been completely run over, Adebayor was ripping our defence to shreds, Vermealen had been tested thrice and failed on every attempt. Mertesacker was being pulled out of position every which way.

    And we’ve had nothing going forward at all, Peddie mentioned the one run made by Walcott up to that point in the column yesterday, he made it sound as though that was a legitimate chance on goal. Wich I think is as far from the truth as it is possible to get. It was indeed good play by Walcott, but and as had been the case up until then, for the first 20 minutes or so both Giroud and Pod had barely been visible, poor runs and bad decisions was more or less a fitting description of their entire game up until then. Your entitled to your own oppinion, but stating anything differently is just factually untrue.

    The ONLY reason we won that game was Adebayor.

    To say we somehow destroyed a team we had the good fortune to play “power play” against for full on 70 minutes is a stretch even for a toddler. However for a make believe sports journo to say something like that is just rather pathetic.

    Even if you are expressing a partizan stance.

  23. bnsb

    Read that former Gunner Adebayor was responsible for handing over victory to Arsenal on a platter.

    Also former gunner Gallas had a hand in every one of the 5 goals scored by us.

    I really hope Bendtner goes there!

  24. Robhj

    Good post, well written.

    Some of my mates have said the sending off made the difference but that’s bollox. We were all over them before the goal and like you say, we ripped them apart. I was slightly concerned when Bale scored but in the end we all felt a little short-changed with just 5.

    Santi Cazorla = dog’s cock.

  25. kapslock

    Chamberlain hasn’t done anything to merit a contract 3x his currently salary. He should be earning it. Big problem with players these days and Arsenal. We really need to sort this ridiculous wage structure out.

  26. Cornelius Lawrence

    Robhj – “We were all over them before the goal”

    Sir, that is simply not correct in the slightest. The big Togan was a thorn in our side, continuously dropping deep and bringing the ball forward and creating a nuisance of himself. We did not look good going forward until the dismissal.

    Also many thanks to the chap that posted the vide of Sagna ignoring the greetings of the Togan in the players tunnel pre-kick off. Too many smiley friendly faces on the faces of our players, hugging and handshakes. It is nonsense, it must be warfaces throughout until the final whistle! Shame to think that Sagna may be shown the door.


  27. Ric

    RobhjNovember 19, 2012 11:22:20

    Anyone saying we demolished anything other than the very deserved campaing for making Arsene go on saturday is a liar and or a footballing ignoramus.

    If you say we brutalized a team leading us one nill, and creating chance after chance, then you have a very interesting and rather faulty perception filter on your glasses.

    I place comments like these in the same category as the AKB BS being spouted on here from time to time. Its fan fiction not based in a factual reality, naturally you want to support your team no matter what, however in these instances you just end up looking very unintelligent and very silly.

  28. Bade


    “7 points behind United and 9 behind Chelsea”

    Oh please, we’re 8 points behind Mancs, 9 points behind $ity & 5 behind the Chavs

    Maybe you should consider your elementary school once again? 😆

  29. Ric

    Cornelius LawrenceNovember 19, 2012 10:52:53

    I do agree with you to the fullest extent my dear sir, the good lad Ramsey does indeed seem a very fine welsh chap, but I find that he has been a rather shambolic footballer of late. Neither in form nor substance has he been able to fulfill the role he has been assigned, he squanders even the simplest of passes.

    And I’ve even seen him attempt to finish an attacking run long after his pass had been intercepted and his side had lost possession of the ball.

    Its a rather strange turn of events; and an especially peculiar decision from the man in charge, to retain such a case on the field throughout this apparent crisis of form.

    Oh well another day and another unfathomable development at the Emirates.

    Yours truly


  30. Bade

    Theo is a goner, I don’t think our management has enough balls to know how to keep him, and this was said well before he produced his late form, whereas the offers from pastures new will get more & more lucrative

    But we’ve been there, haven’t we?

  31. Bade

    Giroud is starting to pay back the faith

    All he needed was a run of games. Once he got that, he’s showing his true value & there’s much more to come from his

    Indeed he offers us something we usually lacked. A box presence & an aerial threat. He’s winning most of the aerial duels he’s going into.

    It has been several times now that he’s knocking the ball off a keeper kick down to Theo & it ends up in a dangerous attack or even a goal

  32. Terence Andrade

    Matchy.. ur a dick walcott has been instrumental in our form this season… he beginning to have an impact in every game he plays… his pace keeps the defenders on their toes… his crossing has improved and he gets into good space most of the time he is playing as a striker between the right back and the right center back… we should give him the a 85k- 90k a week 5 yr contract. Also we need to add to our midfield… Ramsay/ coquellen/ frimpong are not top quality.
    Diaby and rosicky too injury prone. i would prefer us selling diaby and rosicky and giving frimpong and ramsay a season long loan spell. Top priority this window should be to get a left back sell the dross and get a good def mid.

  33. Bade


    Well, there’s not much to say for me really

    I was excited to the moon when we were linked to him

    I saw him play enough times to know he’s a cracker of a player

    I said he would be better for us than Cesc & he’s right on course I’d say

    The only weird thing about him, is how he slipped down the radar of Real & Barca. He’s a huge player & he’ll pan out as one of our best buys ever.

    He just needs the right supply of players around him & needs us to manage his fitness carefully

  34. James Wood

    Really like the look of Danny Rose for the January sales,he reminds
    me of Paul Parker,but would Spurs let him go,thought the keeper
    Mignolet had a blinder and his stats are good,ideal replacement for
    Fabianski,pretty sure he’s the Belgium no 1,must be better than our
    present back up,if not our first.

    My two players to sign last week Hoillet and Enrique both scored.

  35. Ric

    BadeNovember 19, 2012 11:59:34

    Yes and he was expecting to fullfil that role next to RVP, something I think would have worked very well. However his problem as with Pod is not that they are bad footballers or just “not good enough”, its that they are still brand new having to adapt to a new league, country, etc.

    And as I bet against them before the season; neither will be able to break the scoring record of more than 15 goals for a new striker coming to England.
    Not because they are bad, but because 15 plus goals is not luck, or purely skill, its also experience.

    And in my oppinion making that demand of them is rather unsupportive, unprofessional and unintelligent.

  36. higz

    Ha ha I’ve emailed my spurs pal at work at 9.55, 10.55 and 11.55 asking what the time is. Hilarious. Unfortunately the game is only bragging rights and I don’t see it being a massive turning point. If however we went on to beat villa and Everton away, then that would be a dif story as we have very winnable games after that. Still no chance to win league but possibility of atleast getting close to top 3.

  37. Ric

    andyNovember 19, 2012 12:19:43

    In fact I have you down as 20+ plus Andy, don’t you remember?

    “We don’t need that traitor RVP, both Giroud and Pod will get 20+” was more or less your exact quote at the end of summer, if I remember correctly…

  38. andy

    ric I´ve never used the word “traitor” but “the dutch cunt” 😛
    my 15+ is refering to your previous comment. I would still consider a bet for 20+… provided no longer injury lay offs

  39. wenker-wanger

    another superbly balanced and perceptive article. We dont get carried away on this website, but we are enthusiastic and optimistic enough to realise we have tha makings of a brilliant team. A bit like a racing car with some bog-standard parts, or alternatively a family car with uprated engine and gearbox. The defense worries me and our keepers…..not good enough to mount any challenge for a major trophy. Its a crying shame that cazorla, willshire the ox and at times theo these days are all we have of the quality needed to win something. For the money wenger has wasted in his bargain hunting, he could have bought much more wisely….mert and squillacci cost the same as cahill for instance. The keeper situation is currently a joke….although chezzar maybe will be outstanding again.
    The spuds proved again how lightweight they are…10 men isnt an excuse for the hammering they got. It was a great arsenal attacking display..lots of urgency for a change.I would try the verminator at defensive midfield for a few games when arteta or jack get injured or need a rest. Buy a top quality centre back with experience and a striker and maybe with a strong spine we could challenge for a trophy. I see wenger settling for fourth though,,,so no change there.(giroud is improving to be fair)

  40. He's a Gooner

    Great result on Saturday, for anyone who says we would have lost had it stayed 11v11, the fact is it didn’t, and you’re not psychic.

    Don’t believe a word of Walcott to Liverpool. Although a lot will depend on where they are in the league come January.

  41. Guns of Hackney

    After the euphoria of the weekend, I have had time to reflect and I am fully backing Arsene Wenger to lead us back to glory.

    I’ve been harsh with my critique of Le Professor for the last 6 years but hey, everyone deserves 1000 chances to get it right.

    …no but seriously, ARSENE OUT! Giroud is pants, Theo is playing ok because he’s in the shop window, our defense in sieve like and our fans are pathetic sheep. Spurs were shit, down to 10 and we beat them…A.M.A.Z.I.N.G…

    Can’t wait to read ther commets after our next football lesson.


    Theo is leaving trust me,he has watched RVP,Nasri Clichy,Cesc,Song, i guess what was left of his alma mata leave for the bright lights and big city.If he believes he is worth 100 bills a week that tells you he also feels he is ready for the proverbial big stage.Like the rest of his former mates,i guess he believes Arsenals ambitions dont coincide with his.

  43. Northbanker


    for f***s sake it is Cazorla not Carzola. You even quote someone else with the right spelling and still fail to spot the clue. That puts you into the same category as those numbnut pundits on TV

  44. Dony

    cazorla is the kind of player that should allow you to attract top quality players. just need kroenke and wenger to finally show some ambition…

  45. gambon

    Would love to know what Jack did to sam to make him hate him so much?

    Probably got mouthy with Sams rent boy boyfriend.

  46. Leedsgunner

    “I dread to think back. We had serious debt issues, the club was close to administration. Had we not done the deal the incumbent owners would have had nothing else to do than sell three of their best players,” he said.

    David Gold on the state of West Ham when he took over the club.

    As we all know AFC likes to trumpet itself as financially the best run football club in the world — with the balance sheet that even Barca would give its eye teeth for (apparently). If so, if we are indeed in such a good shape — what’s our excuse for selling our two best players for the past 4 years?

    The answer? Lack of ambition and vision by the Board and the Manager (hereafter called “the Lot”) but sadly no lack of self serving greed who sell the club’s cown jewels so that they could live like KINGS whilst laughing at us — the fans who fork out a king’s ransom to watch our club achieve the bare minimum of fourth place.



    Jack short for jackass needs to pull slack tight,i’ve seen cats like him act tough when thier ten deep heh heh.I wonder if he’s that brave when riding solo probably not ,in jail i see guys like him talk shit once thier door has been secured all the time.

  48. Bennydevito

    Why the hell would Walcott want to go to Liverpool? They’re shit and won’t get Champions league football for the rest of Walcott’s career! It would make sense if he goes to Chelsea in my opinion and I know opinion’s divided on here but after losing Toure and Adebayor one season, then Clichy, Nasri and Cesc the next, then RVP and Song this season, if we then go on to lose Walcott as well and especially to either City or Chelsea I will be so pissed off I won’t know what to do with myself.

  49. gambon


    If he stays at Arsenal he wont win the PL or CL, if he goes to Liverpool he wont either, so wheres the benefit to staying?

    If both options are incapable of winning i guess it comes down too which team is trying to improve and which will pay the money.

    Liverpool have shown they have ambition and are willing to spend to try and get to the top, they also have a young manager with ideas.

    Arsenal routinely sell their best players, its actually part of the business plan, dont pay world class wages, and have absolutely no interest in winning trophies.

    I can totally understand why he may see Liverpool as an option.

    Also, i seem to remember hes a Liverpool fan.

  50. Bennydevito


    I didn’t know he was a Liverpool fan so if that is the case then that and everything else you said makes sense so bugger it you’re probably right. I’m just so sick of our best players leaving year on year, fucking sick of it.

  51. gambon


    Tell me about it! But lets be honest, we all know Theo & Sagna are going this time round, with Cazorla & Vermaelen the summer after, and Jack/Ox the year after.

    It will keep on happening until we start paying top wages, and buying top players.

    And until the communist Wenger leaves that wont happen. Im pretty sure Kroenke & Gazidis dont care how the £145m wage bill is spent, and the fact is with £145m to play with (that number will be more this and next season), you can easily get a few £150k pw players onto the wage bill.

  52. biodun

    Don’t want to bust anyone’s bubbles, but we were tentative against Spurs. We all forget that they had the ball in our net twice before Ade’s ballotelli. We could not even dominate the ten men completely. Our defense was in shambles as usual. So much for the Steve Bould effect.
    That said, it was a deserved and well won victory. Red cards are part of football and it would have been sweeter to thrash Spurs fairly and squarely.
    We can use this victory as a confidence booster to roll over Montpellier, Villa and Everton. We need these three victories badly, anything less is not good enough.
    This game may have cut Wenger some slack but I still think he has to go for Arsenal to rise again.
    We look forward to Montpellier.

  53. sam

    send jack wilshere back to bolton and he can the world class player england make him out to be. 5 games back and not one shoot on goal i clean my ass with hes no.10 shirt.

  54. Yippee Kai Yay

    now the dust has settled a bit, maybe it is easier to be objective.

    Anyone who has played 10 vs 11 for that length of time knows how much harder it is by the 70th minute just to keep up with the movement.

    They got spanked and that has to give gooners everywhere a warm and fuzzy feeling all week (or at least until wednesday).

    Maybe that should be enough, but I just have this image of Kos waving his arm around in the air for some spurious notion of ‘offside’ about ten seconds after their first goal. And then Per being so slow he couldn’t close down Bale shooting off the ‘wrong foot’.

    If I could shake them then I would have more confidence going forward.

  55. Dan Ahern

    I’m just going to reiterate how impossibly stupid it was to let Theo start the season without signing anything. The second that happened, we locked ourselves into the two wonderful options of overpaying him, or letting him go for a very small price. (I’m not counting the third option: hoping that magic is real and he’ll become an elite, consistent, loyal forward.) And now that he’s strung together some decent efforts, it looks even stupider. His camp has all the bargaining power. Honestly, our best option at this point is to overpay him so we can actually make money selling him later.

  56. Bazza

    If Wenger really means it when he says he will not sell Theo in January. There are only two alternatives:

    1. Run down his contract and let him go on a free or
    2. Sign him on a contract at £100k and agree to let him play as centre forward

    The reason I think the Board will go with 2. is because they are governed by profit and only profit. The arithmetic is simple. If we sign him on say a 4 year contract at £100k the incremental cost is £5.2m over 4 years (100k – £75k x 52 x4), but his market value on a four year contract would immediately go to say £25m. If Theo really does develop into a world class talent (who knows he might), then paying an extra £5.2m over 4 years really isn’t a big deal. However, If by the end of the season it doesn’t work out with him, we sell him for £25m to Liverpool. The question is whether we would be falling into the same trap as we have with our overpaid squad players? I don’t think so. Theo is a much more desirable player that Bendtner, Denilson etc. and Liverpool already have 3 players in the £90k + range.
    Seems like a no brainer to me. Have I missed something?

  57. Bade

    Benny, Gambon

    You’re both so wrong about Liverpool

    To suggest Theo won’t play CL football for the rest of his career is simply denying the truth

    Liverpool played 6 times in the CL in the last 10 years. Arsenal played 10 times

    Liverpool won the CL & ended up as runner ups once, Arsenal got their only ever CL final in 2006.

    Liverpool had won CL 5 times (OK 4 in the former setup, but still)

    Arsenal never won it

    Liverpool has won overall 8 European cups, comparing to our only 2.

    Their last European silverware was in 2005, before in was in 2001

    Our last European silverware was in 1994, the one before was in the 70’s (can’t quite remember the exact year)

    So they might have a current dip, but they’re a team with massive pride & ambition & unlike the Arsenal management, they don’t think 4th is a trophy, and probably they will win another European silverware way before we do

    So what’s the point in staying with us?

    Of course Liverpool is much more ambitious option

  58. sam

    this fake sam is a bitter spud
    anyway, why are we losing walcott for few quids
    who told you only liverpool wants him? if it will be robbery if we let him sign for man utd or chelsea.

  59. Bade


    I really don’t think the 1st option is pragmatic

    No matter what, Theo will end earning much more elsewhere

    I’m sure his agent isn’t waiting for our dithering management & before we table the next offer he will tie him a deal elsewhere that we won’t match

    We don’t really compete with others on wages, because we’re poor pathetic club

    We’re only competing when it comes to the whole wage bill, where we have 50% of totally wasted money with zero return,

  60. Dan

    If walcott stays or goes we will still not win Sh*t, its easy to play in a derby because the players are pompt up it the lesser games that show how goo the manager is because he has to motivate them we’ll see this weekend am sure.

  61. Dan Ahern

    Bade — If we start with the assumption that Theo wants to continue with us (which I think is fair), he should be willing to take a hit in earnings potential. We will have to overpay him, but not as much as other clubs.

    If we don’t get him to agree to any deal, he becomes a near-worthless asset: either he will go for free, go for a heavily reduced fee in January, or sign a new deal in summer that sees us have to more closely match what other teams will put up.

    Our bargaining situation now has no power. The only way to get any is to get him to sign up now at more than we want to pay him. That way, the risk is paying him like 4-6m too much over the next four years, but the upside is he has market value again.

  62. kwik fit

    Isn’t it amazing how much players lift their game’s when their contract’s are running down . This season Theo and Rosicky last season. Theo has not earned a contract for 100k at this point. It would be a gamble to give him one on the basis of a few good performances. It may be a bigger gamble however to let him go for nothing.

  63. SpanishDave

    Gibbs 41 league appetences in the last 5 years , why do we not have a reliable back up ???
    This and Diarby permanent crock is why we have such a poor defence, Still Wenger pockets his 7 mil and telks us lies abuot his super squad.

  64. Dan Ahern

    Pedro – That is a massive “if”. I don’t disagree, but how many times have we seen him look like a £100k pw player one week only to look like a £10k pw player the next?

    I will say though, I’m pretty encouraged by the fact that he knew how to cross last game. Has he actually improved his game? Amazingly, it’s possible!

  65. BacaryisGod

    “Not only can this man apportion a reasonable amount of hair product evenly round his head”

    Brilliant, Pedro!

    Very disappointed with the Theo situation. For all his flaws, he scares the hell out of teams. I can only think what damage he’ll do against us with the way we get hit on the counter-attack by much slower players.

    Cazorla is an interesting one. That Arteta/Cazorla conversation was interesting because Arteta noticed that Caz had bags under his eyes, and he said that he needed to get some curtains for his house to keep the sunlight out. Maybe once his housing situation is sorted, he can get some proper sleep.

  66. Gunner2301


    We should have bought Baines when Clichy left. As long as there are teenagers in waiting Wenger will force them into the squad to see if he can raise their value to sell on, whether they are good enough or not. There should be no way we have both Gibbs and Santos on similar wages as one or the other should be our main LB and the other the understudy on smaller wages, but because we are awash with cash Wenger can fuck up by not replacing Clichy adequately even though he has had two attempts to do it in both Gibbs and Santos. Had he brought Baines in problem solved and money saved, because we’re still going to need another LB unless we intend to remain weak there, which is probably what happens.


  67. Pedro

    Dan, it’s a massive if… but I suppose when you consider his age… it might not be so far fetched.

    23 is about the age lots of players come good.

    Can’t work out if the crossing has got better… or the movement in the box?

  68. Jeff

    The win against Tottenham was very nice but I can’t help thinking our season is going the same was as the last one; so far but no farther.

    There’s really only a couple of questions we can ask to measure satisfaction levels come the end of season.

    1. Will I be happy if we finish third or fourth again and win nothing? No.
    2. Will I be happy if we finish third or fourth as well as win a domestic cup? Yes

    I don’t think we can be any more ambitious than those two options. Anything less and something must change. That position is still the same whether we beat Tottenham 5:2 or 10:2. The problem is that finishing in the top four only manages to buy the establishment more time to flush us down the toilet the following season. It is so difficult to stay optimistic.

  69. Dan Ahern

    Pedro – Yeah, true. I’m always criticising him, so I have to be fair and say he’s looked very good lately. Still some heavy touches, but overall very involved and dangerous. Could be he’s improving? Again though, consistency was always his problem, so we’ll have to wait and see.

    As for crossing vs. movement, I have to say crossing still. Theo usually has shit technique for crosses unless he’s ramming it in on the floor. I would argue the movement’s not significantly better–it’s not as if RvP was flat-footed. If you mean Giroud compared to Gervinho, I’ll definitely give you that though.

  70. Peter Wood

    Dan. the worrying thing is he’s improving to leave…

    That would be a fucking slap in the face.

    Years of shite… for fuck all return.

    That’s the problem with buying in young people… they have a career life cycle. Most want to move after 5 years in the real world… why would it be any different in football?

    Theo’s got the 7 year itch!

    What are you thinking on Chambo?

  71. Dan Ahern

    By the way, apologies to Gervinho, but I feel genuinely less stressed knowing he won’t be playing. Sorry. Now if we could just undo Ramsey’s divine right to play…

  72. Dan Ahern

    Peter Wood – Nothing you can do about that.

    Oh wait, there is something you can do about that: invest in the squad and make players want to play for you.

    Chambo: love him, but we need the depth. Can’t just have him step into Theo’s spot. Thinning out doesn’t make sense. Also, like AW I see him as more of a midfield dynamo. Quite enjoy the shifts he puts in on the wing though. He’s one of the few we have who isn’t afraid to take on players.

  73. Josip Skoblar

    Ha! Ha! I’ve heard of the new Domenech book. Apparently Ray gets personal with several players. He wrote that ‘Nasri is dumb and an egomaniac’, ‘Ribery is an unbearable prima donna’ and ‘Anelka is an absolute idiot’. Apparently, when Anelka insulted Ray at half time of the Mexico game, they started to fight and Evra got punched in the face! An absolute farce this French team.

  74. Dan Ahern

    Josip – Hahaha, that’s fantastic. I always thought Domenech was just crazy and an awful manager. Maybe he never really had a chance with all those players. Still, I get the feeling his ego was just as big.

  75. zeus

    Heh. Sam, why do you hate Jack so much? Its inexplicable.

    Take your point about his lack of everything (goals and assists) in the final 1/3 though.

  76. Lee Pace

    Espn press pass pundits are a bunch of biased mugs.

    20 minutes devoted to man u and chelsea’s defeat then 4 minutes on our game.

    9 man Cheslea lose to Man utd, they praise Man utd. We beat 10 man spurs 5-2, they focus on Arsenal’s 15 min poor play saying we would’ve lost because we were a goal down and looked scared before the sending off.

    Fuck the media, anti-Arsenal cunts.

    Villa game will be on ESPN, no doubt that anti Arsenal prick will be doing the commentary. Will watch this on mute.

  77. Royal Bludger

    It’s not Walcott running the contract down, it’s Wenger. It’s obvious he’s going to be sold.

    At the very moment he comes good, we sell him.

    It’s not just a pattern … it’s a business plan.

  78. kwik fit

    Apparently, Eisfield played a blinder again tonight for the U21’s. Wenger has got to replace Ramsey with Eisfield in the first team squad ASAP. Don’t just save him for the Micky mouse cup promote him FFS!

  79. Royal Bludger

    KW – are you taking the piss out of His Royal Highness? He who would magnaminously not turn down a job at the club?

    Shoosh – or you’ll be binned.



    Theo is going, period. Everyone else is gone from the team he started with, and before any of you get cute yes Sagna also is departing,BELIEVE IT.

  81. sam

    gnabry is the replacement dude
    don’t even waste your time thinking we will buy hunterlaar, lloriente blah blah blah.

    i’d rather he stays coz it will be a tragedy if fergie has eye on him as nani’s replacement.

  82. Cesc Appeal


    I liked to believe at 23 Theo will now find some consistency at the level he’s currently playing but we all know he can go into a slump for months at a time.

    So don’t know really, keep him playing for a contract but then you run the risk of losing him for free.

    Not that it matters, we don’t do anything with any money we get…

  83. SDE

    How many faultless displays have we had from players going into the last year of their contracts..!!

    Only to rest on their laurels,once they’ve bagged their fat contracts.

    Rosicky springs to mind last season..Putting in performances like a man possessed..

    I knew what the end result would be..Where is he this season..?

    Theo is no different from any other player at Arsenal..

    The fault line is not with him,but yep you’ve guessed it..With OGL..

    He runs Arsenal,like it’s a Butlin’s Holiday Camp..

  84. uk

    Stop being akb pedro. Giroud has played 12 matches in d league alone, with 4goals. So i wonder wher this 7goals and 6assists in 11games is coming from. He might turn out better than chamakh, doesnt mean we have to cook up statistics for him