Theo for Sterling + £8million | Diaby crocked on two levels | North London Derby day has landed!

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So we’ll start with some of the not-so-fun-news. Then I’ll crack into the preview.

The Sun reckon Arsenal are going to offer Liverpool £8million plus Theo to lure Sterling to Arsenal. Honestly… can you imagine? There’s no chance of Liverpool letting their prized asset leave. We’ve got more chance of landing Suarez as part of a deal. Wenger has been speaking about the player and his deal and it doesn’t sound good.

‘You think I’m not fed up? I want them to stay,” he said. “He [Walcott] was fantastic last year in this game. He will certainly be again.’

‘Its always important to keep your best players. If that should happen we’ll replace him with someone – another big name. Or make another big name.’

No, no, no, NO! This is where Wenger gets it all wrong. Theo isn’t a superstar to start with. He’s a good player who could make a living on Manchester City’s bench. He’s a player who has taken 7 years to get to 50 goals. So when Wenger talks about making a superstar, you have to seriously ask questions of him. Making stars at the expense of success, then letting them go at 23 is one of the most counter productive concepts going. Well, if you want to compete at the highest level that is.

Something else that’s counter productive? Gambling a season on a player who can’t be trusted to string 5 games together.

“The situation for Diaby is so frustrating and for us as well we started the season well with him in the team and since he has been out we have felt it,” he said of the 26-year-old who has managed to play just nine Premier League games in the last two seasons.

“He balances our team as he has stature and presence physically when he is there, but clearly his injury problems are a concern.

“I can tell you he has been everywhere in the world to be assessed. There is an explanation. He is quick, strong, has good stamina, good resistance to repeat, but his muscle strength is not good enough to deal with that. Sometimes little fibres go in his muscles, this is basically his problem.

“When you play every three days, you cannot rebuild your strength as you need to recover. When you don’t rebuild your strength, through the games you burn your fibres a bit and become weaker and weaker, so that means he gets injured.

“The second reason for his problems of course is his ankle. Since he was slaughtered at Sunderland, his mobility in his ankle has been affected.”

A very interesting quote, but surely all the factors contained within were abundantly clear before August 31st? If we have all this medical opinion that points to him being broken on multiple levels, shouldn’t we be purchasing another midfielder who fits the same mould? It seems beyond comprehension that we haven’t attempted to replace him over the last 5 summers? Anyway, I hope this is the last season we put up with this and I double hope, if there is such a phrase, he isn’t given an injury special contract (The contract that looks great value if he finds his stride / terrible value if he spends another 5 years crocked).

North London Derby day has arrived. It doesn’t matter how atrocious your teams form has been in the build up to one of these games, because it counts for nothing. Form goes out the window, all sense of what is normal disappears… and don’t we all absolutely love it?

Arsenal vs United has lost is appeal of late, this game certainly hasn’t. There are always goals, there is always controversy and there’s usually quite a lot of Arsenal joy attached to these days out. Arsene Wenger is under pressure, but not as much as some of the players. We have a glut of superstars who have gone missing over the last few weeks. Today, there are not excuses. We don’t have any injuries of note. The only place we’re looking short is at left back. Returning to the side today should be Chezzer and hopefully Chamblerlain. For me, there should be no place for Aaron Ramsey, I don’t want to see him creeping into the front 3 and I certainly don’t want to see him occupying a space in the midfield.

That’s where I think we have the biggest battle today.  We have three very small but technically gifted centre midfielders. It’s early days, but the trio of Jack, Arteta and Cazorla hasn’t looked good so far. They’re all kind of similar which gives us a real unbalanced look. They need to find their passing pace early today and they need to press Spurs like a pack of terriers from the off. They simply have to give cover to the defence as well. When you have  department that’s on it’s knees, sometimes a bit of extra vigilance and attention goes a long way.

Our backline need to man up as well. This quivering mess of a unit we’ve had to suffer over the last few weeks is starting to grind. Sometimes, when things are going badly, you just have to say ‘f*ck it, I’m going to go out there and enjoy myself’. That’s what the back four have to do today. They need to keep things tight. Do the basics well, leave the fancy stuff to the people who are paid to do exactly that. We can’t have a captain with confidence issues. He’s supposed to exude leadership. He’s the one the rest of the team look to for that inspiration. We need him to show he’s versatile and gifted, which he’s more than capable of.

The front three of Giroud, Podolski and Theo need to help the midfield. Too many times this season a total lack of movement up front has cut short our attacking options. Back in the day, this wouldn’t have been a problem. You had two or three locksmiths who could make possession on the edge of the area count. I’m not sure we have that this season. Or maybe we do, but the players doing the unlocking are out of sorts. Theo needs to be hanging off the last man where he can and he needs to switch up wings whenever he can. He plays best when he’s not thinking. He has to make his decisions quickly and stick with them. If he’s not played centrally, what he mustn’t do is make a play for the central role all game. We’re not a threat if we don’t have width. Giroud is built for crosses. When we’re serving them up, he looks dangerous. I thought he had his best game against Fulham. He needs to take to the pitch pumped. He was unplayable at times in the last game. Strong in the air, very good on the floor and always looking to have a pop at goal. Hopefully that £12million price tag will look VFM after today.

The attitude of the team will directly influence the attitude of the crowd. Though I hope it doesn’t need to. Fans are already heading into this tie with a negative mindset. I appreciate it’s justified, but if you go into something beaten, you’ve got no chance. We wouldn’t expect it of the players, so let’s not head into the ground quiet and sombre. We need to lift the roof of the Emirates, if we do and it doesn’t work out, well, then we’ve done our bit for the side.

I think we’re going to win this. Most of the Spurs fans I was speaking to last night think the same. Let’s hope it’s a thunderous affair!

Gunners globally… have a great day!

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  1. Moray

    we got lucky today! I could see us losing that game 2-0 if that cunt hadn’t been more interested in getting to the coats in the changing room first than winning the match.

    Hopefully, this will spur us on to put some wins together. We need Wenger to go, but surely it doesn’t have to come at the cost of our pride (what’s left of it)?

  2. incesc

    oh so your point was we scored 5 and played really well…

    sorry had you down for one of the crazies

    we did play really well didnt we.

    wengers decision to bring in cazorla and giroud is starting to pay off isnt it

  3. Spectrum

    Nasri’s Mouth – ( quote ) ; ” Because you know what? I don’t care. At all “.

    Yep, and that’s why with your attitude, and those of similar mind, we’ll never win anything OF NOTE . Guess you don’t care about THAT either ? But there’s always the NEXT derby to “look forward to” isn’t there ? Why worry about those pesky inconsequential things inbetween ?

    See what ( some of us ) have collectively become ?

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  4. Spectrum

    incesc – Thinking obviously isn’t your forte, is it ? And did I say one DAY you might “get it” ? Try another 7 – 8 YEARS ….( …..God help us ).

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  5. incesc

    what am i supposed to get

    your not making sense

    that you think that we need to lose to spurs so wenger gets sacked? despite the fact kroenke, hill wood, usmanov, gazidis etc all love the tits off of arsene. Add to that that wenger preetty much runs the club. Kroenke the owner probably didnt even know we were playing today.

    but yes your right, of course. losingto spurs today would have been awesome, your so intelligent and definatley a forward thinking fan 🙄

  6. Zeus

    Chelsea lost. 2-1.

    Did Newcastle lose as well?

    Most mental decision to award pardrew 8 years. The over excelled last year.

  7. Doublegooner


    I’m with you, as much as I have lost it long ago with Wenger, in a million years I couldn’t ever want to get done on our patch to that rubble.

    Wonder how we’d have coped up against 11. Arteta was poor & after they made 2nd half changes pushing their full backs up & sticking Dempsey in midfield, it really bothered us a for a while.

    The to add to another nonsense Wenger brings on Ramsey. He really is a tactical clown.

    Anyway, at least we can relax for a few days !

  8. ikon

    For Spurs the most dangerous man was Adebayor. If Arsenal didnt manage to win this, it would have been a serious problem for Wenger. Now we go into the UCL game in good shape.. and hopefully the guys will take this victory as a stepping stone. I dont see us being out of title race yet frankly. I feel we have played some tough matches already.

    Btw, I liked the idea of Santos and Vermaelen on the left…. gives us one more option of playing Podolski upfront or on the right. Giroud is definitely winning a lot of fans over by his work rate and direct play. Might not be as technical as RVP, but hey, if he can do that for the next 4 years he would have done more than RVP in his 1st four years.

    We need to steal the Michu guy though, and yeah can put in a cheeky bid for Lloris as well, if they keep playing Friedel.

  9. Spectrum

    incesc – Yes, your references to the board loving Wenger, and him running the club, are correct. And that is ALL PART of the problem at Arsenal. At any other BIG club, if we had lost a derby ( after the record of just last season and this, let alone the previous 7-8 years ), Wenger would have been thrown out – and rightfully so – despite his achievements pre 2005. Here though, that isn’t guaranteed. Because of the reasons you mentioned, and others. But ANOTHER loss, at HOME, and to our local RIVALS, might have increased the groundswell against him, which in turn, would likely hasten the process of change.

    How ? Well left to the board, nothing would happen ( unless we missed out on Europe perhaps ). So that leaves the fans themselves. Gazidis said the only way Wenger will leave is if THE FANS wanted it. So it’s up to us. As you seem resigned to our fate,it’s best that you don’t concern yourself with this. But for those who HAVE had enough, it’s in their hands. Hence why losing the derby would have assisted this aim.

    The problem with Arsenal supporters, is that many of us ( the A.K.B.’s ) still give Wenger too much credit for what he HAS done, rather than what he IS doing currently, and over the last few years. We’re way too forgiving of his faults, and we need to get tougher if we want our club to progress.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  10. Johnny5

    Well thank fucking fuck for adebuywhore!!!!! Might have been the other way had he stayed on. So glad we won now I get to gloat to the yid cunts at work. Happy days! I’m still rooting for wenger to get the sack though he’s still a cunt and his subs and tactics are still poor. Luckily for us the players turned up for a change.

  11. Spectrum

    Arsene’s still setting records – Last season – our worst start in 58 years. This season – our worst start in 30 years. Yet our wise board have a new contract waiting for him to sign. Have we gone mad ?

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  12. TransGunner (@BeZSe07)

    Hell yeah, I’m so happy with today’s victory, BUT we need to consider that this victory keeping quite the fans again, for a while 3-4 weeks, but I don’t think we will do better without some quality in some areas. I love Wenger, I really do, and I appreciate his work at the club and every trophy, but he needs to go. If the Adefuckingbayor wouldn’t been sent off, I don’t think we would won this game. Seriously, sorry guys if I’m bad, but this is how I feel now…

  13. Spectrum

    Nasri’s Mouth – Your point was we beat Spurs – “and that’s ALL that matters”. On the day. I didn’t miss that. But that’s short termism. It’s always great to beat Spurs sure, under NORMAL circumstances. My point is, our club is NOT experiencing NORMAL circumstances, and hasn’t been for a long time. That’s why it would have been better for us to have lost this match, grating as it may have been. So as to heighten a sense of crisis, and speed the renewal of our hopes for better times.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  14. incesc

    seeing as your talking in complete fantasies that will never happen

    what about this hyperthetically

    wenger guides us to win the league this year, would you celebrate at all? be happy?

  15. Pedro

    Evening gents!

    Great win today, not sure how anyone can say that Ade was the only reason we took the points. Spurs weren’t exactly dominating play before.

    That said, it made it a lot easier.

    Loads of goals… great for gloating.

    Defence still looks a mess.

  16. kwik fit

    A message for Ivan Gazidis
    Listen up Baldy……
    If Walcott doesn’t sign then we lose him for nought in the summer.That’s Zero Dollar’s ….Comprendre? Right here’s the plan, Give him 100k per week and sell him for say 10m in the summer. I will only take 10%.

  17. Ché C Cheriton

    Not read all the comments but I’m guessing the general gist is going to be one of euphoria and I told you so. Today’s game for me still leaves many questions unanswered. Unfortunately Adebayor’s sending off means we are no closer to knowing just what Arsenal team turned up today. I still have serious question marks over Wenger and the team set up.

    Our defence looks as weak as ever, particularly the left back position and the GK. Szchzney was awful today and got away with a couple of casual kick outs as well.

    In the second half at home against 10 men we again fail to go for the throat and let Spurs back in when it went 4-2. Again, Wenger insists on bringing on Ramsay (who looked fkin awful) and that clown Santos. Kind of as if he had to prove a point.

    No doubt all will be rosey in the world of Arsenal for a few weeks now but this team under Wenger is well short. Funny how Wenger is already talking about fourth.

    And so it goes on and on.

  18. Nasri's Mouth

    Spectrum: That’s why it would have been better for us to have lost this match, grating as it may have been.

    The fact that you refer to a loss against Spurs at home as simply ‘grating’ tells me all I need to know about you.

    Its madness to want us to have lost today, simply madness.

  19. Ché C Cheriton

    incesc…I know we got 5 but for me the tempo isn’t there. OK, cannot play high tempo for 90 mins but you can for two thirds and this season we just haven’t done it.For me this result flatters to deceive. Wenger and the board know we are good enough for 4th (most probably) and it has rubbed off on the team. Spurs were much the better team up to the sending off. That worries me.

    Walcott, by far our player of the season and yet still he’s not even sure to be here come the end of January. Add him to Cesc, Nasri, Clichy (not like we need a LB), RVP etc etc and it’s just a joke.

    You can crow all you like but for me this is a slightly hollow victory which just means more of the same. Fine if you are happy with not challenging for a god damn thing, but personally I want more.

  20. sam

    sterling for walcott will be madness.
    suarez walcott maybe
    we should swap our top goalscorer for another kid.
    i can name at least 3 speedy tricky kids we don’t even play them.
    chamberlain,miyaichi, gnabry. unless wenger is planning a new experiment, raheem as left back.

  21. kwik fit

    PedroNovember 17, 2012 17:39:00

    Not exactly dominating!
    I’ll think you’ll find that the scum were one up and could have been 3 up before Ade brought some Karma into proceedings.
    But hey listen I’m not complaining . Sweet victory.

  22. Arsenal1886-2006

    Oh Yeah!!! 5-2 baby, today I am a happy bunny.
    Leaving the dissecting of the negatives until monday. enjoy the weekend and be thankful you don’t wear a Cock on your shirt.

  23. sam

    can we start our revival now?
    if we play well we can win all our next 10 games till 1 jan.
    that will possibly make us top 3 or top 2.
    we really really need ze mental strength but we can do it.

  24. Pedro

    Kwik, we went pretty close a few times as well.

    No one can make a judgement on the open 15 minutes of a game… especially not against a team who were only one point better off than us.

    Great result….

  25. kwik fit

    If only Walcott could play like that every game he would be worth 100k per week.
    Its what he does over the next few game’s that will determine whether he stay’s or goes.

  26. Ché C Cheriton

    Keeping Theo is an absolute must. I’m not convinced he will stay though, why would he when the big offers come in? But if he does stay I hope the Arsenal fans give him some credit because the stick he gets is not justified.

    By far Theo is our best player this season IMO.

  27. useroz

    On Sterling, I don’t want to see another kid and be frustrated for several more years.

    And I don’t want another midget anymore.

  28. fraz

    walcott always plays well against teams that play a high back line. the problem is he disappears as soon as they defend deep. he is still the same player. okay a bit improved , but wenger has been very smart with him . he has only played him against teams that suit his strength. its most probably a ploy to drive up his market value for when we flog him off. we should try to keep him but no way 90 k per week, and we still need a right winger with podolski on left wing. the idea of a technical player on right was the correct one, but the personnel wrong. i.e ramsey on right experiment

  29. El Tel

    Sure they started a bit better than us. Our confidence looked shot to shit but we were getting on top before that thick cunt got sent off and in my opinion we would have beaten them anyway.

    I am upset we didnt get seven or eight as Theo missed a couple of routine 1 v 1 situations. Hi sfirst touch when clean through knocking the ball straight st the keeper and then another chance which henshould have hit first time but decided to try s dribble.

    Lloris pulled two decent saves from Giroud headers too and TV5 was to late too when he got put through, it should have been a corner but a goal kick was given.

    Bale had a couple of close shots across goal but that was about it.

    Chesney beaten from long range AGAIN today. Walcott for Reina swap would do for me.

  30. Arsenal1886-2006

    Chris Hughton to be the Spuds manager by xmas methinks. He is proving to be quite a good up and coming manager.

  31. Leedsgunner

    I’m glad we won –but doesn’t change the fact that against teams that we should be scorching (Stoke, Sunderland, Norwich, Fulham) we have either lost or dropped points after going into a lead. Like I said in the big picture this result is immaterial — a sticking plaster to the gaping wound that is the lack of quality in our squad. Everything is NOT ok… Far from it.

  32. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Calm down Kwik! 😀 Much better feeling today hah? Excellent! 😉

    Jeez lads give it a break today! We just beat those fucking Nobbers. Enjoy it. Enjoy the fire drill in the spuds end. Seek out your spud mates hiding under their beds and give them hell! There’s a lot of things we are not but we’re better than those plebs.

    It’s like taking a sick child out of the hospital. Taking him to Alton Towers and reminding him all day he’s still sick! Let him enjoy the fucking day out.

    A victory over them is to be celebrated whether we are 1st or 20th.

    Being happy is not endorsing the dicks in charge. It just means the Arsenal blood coursing through your veins is a pumping bright red.

    I’m off out to have a few pleasant ones and we can get back to the reality on Monday!

    Yehaaaaa :v

  33. Leedsgunner

    kwik — the title race is only still on if the teams above us keep dropping points and we keep picking up three points — if we continue to drop points against the weaker sides — results like today does not matter. Wenger was right about one thing, the most consistent team will win the title — in present form that team is not us.

    On paper we should have an easy go of it now looking at our fixtures — but because our squad is so thin — I think injuries will start mounting up and we’ll be forced to play the dross to make up the numbers… obviously I hope I’m wrong and we go on a good run — but sadly if we do — we all know what the French f***wit will say — he’ll talk about how the squad is good enough and how he has “new” players coming back from injury blah, blah, blah. It turns my stomach just thinking about it.


  34. kwik fit


    I’m with you . Those arsehole’s running OUR club haven’t got a cat’s chance in hell of winning the title. But we must enjoy wins when they happen especially against the yids .

  35. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Kwik, sorry mate.

    I got carried away after the early result. I was on the phone for the rest of the day hunting down spuds. Man they can crawl into some spaces.

    The conversations went something like this.

    Hello, that you mate?
    Yeah.. Oh fuck it’s you…
    Hahahahahahah wahayyyyyyyyyy
    Hello, hello?

  36. Leedsgunner


    Mate I’ll enjoy any win against Spuds but really we SHOULD be winning against the Spuds. Being happy to win against the Spuds is like congratulating your plumber for unblocking the toilet. It’s basic… part of every Arsenal players required duty…

    F*** does take the b****** long to talk about how “special” his squad is. What about when they lost to Norwich, and Schalke and drew to Fulham, Sunderland and Stoke?!? It was the f****** same side.

    Wenger seriously needs his head examined for severe memory loss.

  37. kwik fit


    Once again agreed but I refuse to think about him on this special day. Anyway’s getting the bog unblocked when your dying for a shit is not that bad 😉

    Thomas, it’s up for grabs now

    Shoot those fucking Cockerels down,,,,,,as many as you can

  38. Hunter

    Your Comment HereWell done lads,we stuffed the spuds again!great result and I was there to see it again!OK we played ten men for 70 minutes but that could have made it even harder as normaly ten men don’t roll over and die easily.There were some good performances today,The BFG at the back,Carzorla in the middle with JW and giroud AND WALNUT upfront too!.Someone must have had a word in Walnuts ear cos he looked more interested today than normal.Giroud is definately as slow as a donkey but he does put himself about which I like to see.One of the main ingredients in a big centre forwards display,is of course his heading ability of which he has bundles.The only problem is we dont have many that are capable of putting in a decent cross either from the right or the left!Ok there were a couple today from Walnut but that about it,we just dont seem to play ti Girouds strength!It was also good to see the OX come on and do what he does best,thats taking them on and directly put the opposition on its back foot,no tippy tappy shite!Anyway I am pleased for the team and the fans despite still agreeing with a large percentage of ‘LE GROVE’ comments re WENGER OUT!!!,oh and by the way I didn’t see that stupid banner today either you know the ‘IN ARSENE WE TRUST’,maybe they got the message or maybe I was blind and didn’t see it!!

  39. Bade


    Why can;t you lot just enjoy a superb win over our Derby rivals?

    Arsene lovers, don’t come out with “We told you so” nonsense, as if we won the league or so

    In the opposite hand, really no one needs to try & prove to us why this season is shit now, so stop the rant

    Let’s just enjoy the win, can we? we have enough time for other matters

  40. Bade

    As for the Ade suspension, it made it look easier

    But you all should remember what happened last year. They were 2-0 up & we still stuffed them the same hammering

  41. Johnny5

    Hahaha. Been winding up yiddos all afternoon!!!!! So glad we fucking done them ladyboy shagging grandma robbing pasty eating cider ( white lightning style not posh cider like koppenberg ) drinking cunts. The team looked a bit more fresh today and credit where credits due I’ve slated him to fuck but Walcott has impressed me of late only criticism is he still doesn’t take people on other than that he’s done well another 20 games like that and he might actually earn that contract.

  42. sam

    why can’t arsene wenger look at the table and say hey wait a minute we are only 9points behind the leaders in november we can do it.
    btw, the internation break did hit everyone today thanks to adebayor we got away with it. i am hoping this is the start of our revival. we are really missing kieran gibbs n we need to buy a proper DM.

  43. Bennydevito

    Royal BludgerNovember 17, 2012 16:20:57
    Hahaha – The Arsenal win the NLD – Gambon silent.
    Fuck off Anti-Fan.

    Royal BludgerNovember 17, 2012 19:23:43
    Arsenal in the NLD – and Gambon’s team just lost … Glad Day!

    Royal Bludger, your obsession with Gambon is almost as worrying as Gambon’s with kiddy fiddling..

  44. Double Dutch

    So…RVP has his first quiet game and they lose. Giroud 5 in 5 but they still slag him off. 3 points, 5 goals and still a lot of miserable cunts bleating about how shit we are. Gambon’s anonymity spells out exactly what we all know he is. Nuff said.

  45. sam

    exactly doubleD,

    chelski and man yoo lost, what a weekend.
    but wenger needs to do something about ramsey, we dont need him.
    he had chamberlain, coquelin and arshavin he made everyone nervous including players on the pitch by picking his favourite ahead of everyone. that was pathetic!

  46. kwik fit

    Their all picking on Kevin Webster’s daughter in the jungle. WTF……leave young Rosey alone she’s only in the jungle for some titalation. And may I say, she’s doing a fine job 😉
    Get em off!!

  47. arsnl4Life

    happy with today’s result but must say walcott 4 sterling and 8 mil. not worth it
    Sterling should jump at his chance to go the emirates if there’s any team worse for overplaying youngsters its liverpool .

  48. arsnl4Life

    Giroud will be a great signing and i hav 2 admit i didnt think we could play in the air to suit him but well we did gr8 performance today will give us motivation for a year
    Any arsenal fan here to moan about wenger should just enjoy the good days

  49. sam

    our midfielders are very tiny and arteta as a DM all season will be costly.
    send cazorla on the wing and bring in a big man in the middle.
    sandro was having a field day before the red card.

  50. arsnl4Life

    Can’t wait 2 see redknap on MOTD 2night

    to all s*purs fans

    P.s. I know 100 different pepole probably left dis comment but who gives a shit

  51. The JD Flick!!

    The general vibe of the anti-Arsene brigade seams to be that we should have lost this game. That is bullshit.
    Last season, they where 2 goals up, with 11 men, we carved them up.
    What we did this game was inevitable. It’s like us finishing 4th. No matter what happens, the Totts will always be shittier than us. Which brings me to my next point.
    Why on Earth would you want us to lose to these douches? Seriously. I’d rather Arsenal lost to Norwich, QPR and w/e other shithole is down that end than lose to Totts and the Chavksi, Why? coz these matches actually mean more than a trip to Carrow road. Beating our rivals has proved in the past to be a huge factor on how the team performs. You may hate the Manager, i won’t sit here and say I’m a fan of him, But to want a loss to Tottenham is SHAMEFUL. All of you who are not enjoying the win are Man city fans. You know who you are. You care so much for shiny things you forget one major part to being a fan, and that’s savoring the defeat of your cunty rivals. Sad when people can’t even enjoy a win for 5 minutes.

  52. Lee Pace

    Redknapp on MOTD ”spurs will still finish above Arsenal, better squad”.

    Vincent Kompany, ” Arsenal were harder to beat than spurs, strongest side we’ve faced this season, Arsenal will finish above Spurs”.

    That shut harry up lol.

  53. Phil

    Clear red card today.
    Changed the momentum. It was as though suddenly the passion switch was turned on.
    After that we were threatening regularly.
    Santi and Theo were excellent.
    I detest the management and Wenger as much as most, don’t think we will win a trophy but that doesn’t stop me enjoying a victory, particularly against them.
    As Bade said, plenty of time to load up on Wenger later.

  54. gnarleygeorge9

    😆 5-2 Its groundhog day, again!!!!!

    Adebayor must be the dumbest footballer going around, anywhere 😀 And the dicks who decided that a certain team would wear regal purple to illustrate who are the Royals of rugby are the dumest officials. Anyway, it provided a good laugh 😆

  55. goonerboy

    Much as I agree that

    I think this argument that Spuds would have won without Adebayors send off is absolute crap. We got caught by a long ball from the left back position for the first goal- Mert went missing- for about the only time in the game- a move they tried several times later and got nowhere with, prior to that there were clear signs that Spuds back 4 was too square.
    In reality we ripped their defence apart in this game- and it wasn’t because they played a high line- they were regularly second best in the box- because our delivery was so much better than usual.
    The game was over by the time Bale got the second- but there was nowhere near enough pressure on him in midfield after Wilshere went off.
    The game changed once we scored and got a bit of confidence. I think we knew from the outset that we could do this Spuds defence.
    Ramsey is simply out of form- its like a re-run of last year and thats a worry- because he is only marginally better than abject.

    No idea why Arshavin was not part of this- Spurs defence was tailor made for him.
    Our biggest problem is that the team has not gelled yet and we are short- short in goal, left back, defensive mid.- because Wenger gambled on youth and fitness of players with chronic injury histories-and lost- and several players Wilshere especially, are not fully match fit. Lets hope this lifts their confidence.

  56. Samir

    I agree with sam!

    We need a big guy in the middle!
    We can’t rely on Diaby…He’s so injury prone we should let him go in the summer along with Rosicky, Chamakh, Arshavin, Mannone, Fabianski, Santos, Djourou, Bendtner.

    Fellaini and Reina in January might make us competitive again.
    Let Eisfeld take Rosicky’s place in the squad.
    Demote Chesney to second keeper behind Reina.
    Get a decent left back in.
    Let Miquel take over from Djourou.
    Make Afobe our Welbeck.

  57. Ric

    Wenger is calling out favours from former players it seems, just look out for Cesc scoring an own goal if we ever get to meet Barca in another final.

    Finally he is being proactive, and based on this result Ivan should be proactive as well, sign him up now, if we can beat spurs we can beat Real, Wenger for four more years! Yay!

  58. valerie gooner

    everytime arsenal win, royal bludger and the rest of the human centipede segments look for gambon to berate him – but before you do – why dont you think about the trophies weve won in the last 7 years – why dont you think about the fact the manager continues to play sunday league footballers like ramsey, santos, szczesny etc, why dont you think about the fact our manager will never buy world class players which will give us a chance of competing for trophies, why dont you think about the dearth of tactical nous our manager possesses, why dont you think about the fact our manager has said finishing 4th is acceptable as opposed to winning, why dont you think about the fact you rim Rylans anus every night and therefore cant help talking shit all the time, why dont you think …..full stop.

  59. Gunner2301

    Late to the party only just watched the match.

    Credit to the team for the win. The team worked hard the whole match which was nice to see. Why they can’t be this motivated for all our games is a mystery.

    I think we’d have seen a different game had the Whore not got sent off. The Spuds covered for his absence well though and didn’t just lay down it never looked like 11 v 10.

    Couple if takes from the game. We play better when Pidolski feels like defending he was a rock on the left. Theo is no striker he showed again his lack of instinct and first touch where he could have got a couple more goals. And i could hear Henry saying “i would have buried those”. he could be a good 2nd striker but mot enough to play on his own.

    The midfield 3 are too small we should be swapping around Jack and Arteta not playing them together and bring fucking Felaini in. Sagna can’t cross still though I love him. Why bring on Ramsey? I don’t see a point in him.

  60. sam

    i don’t think we can afford fellaini, here the guy we need to replace song in midfield. although a ducth cunt and man yoo fan, i wish we buy him.

  61. zeus

    Are we doing championship manager?

    Reina can drop in a ditch. Never forgive him for the fabregas kit incident. Yes, I’m petty. Still need a GK though.

    Fellaini and Hatem Ben Arfa in January.

  62. SUGA3


    isn’t it just?


    could not respond earlier, would have to clear the cache on my mobile every time to post…

    do you seriously believe that there is any need for you to ‘lecture’ me about the long term shit like I was some mug?

    bitch please 😆

  63. SUGA3

    seriously, can’t a man enjoy a win against these Spud cunts?

    I know we are in trouble long term and that it is highly unlikely that Wenger will be able to turn this around for good, but for crying out loud, advocating a Sp*d win for the greater good of sacking the manager?

    I liked Le Grove threads in the summer when we have signed a few good players but not sold RvP yet, even commented that this summer has proven that this site (as in: the comments section) is anything but a pit of mindless doom, now being reduced to argument whether doing another 5-P-U-R-2 is a good thing, I mean, really?

    I am not a fan of this whole top brass setup at the club, as I consider them to be incompetent, but quite honestly, nothing would make me happier than being proven wrong in this respect!

  64. Confidentgoner

    A win is a win is a win! I’LL take that. But what amazes me is the guy that gets paid 7m quid to play Ramsey, when everyone can see that he takes the team back. I don’t think, Jack and Arteta are working out in the middle. We desperately need a hard working DM, and play one of Jack and Arteta. Both of them should not play. We also need to replace Diaby. My problem is that we all see the problem, and we sure know the answers, but the guy paid 7m quid to correct it has his head buried in the sand. We need a left back, a DM, a CM, a GK. We Need to thank Aaron for his services and release him.