A front three of Chamberlain, Giroud and Theo | Communication and motivation | North London Derby eve…

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It’s North London Derby eve. Spurs come to The Grove tomorrow to avenge the humiliation which kick started our season and decimated theirs. What a day. 2-0 down, only to come back and smash them by three. I was there. It was one of my favourite North London Derbies, if not purely for the fact the season culminated in Spurs sacking Harry Redknapp. Arguably the best thing to happen to Spurs in living memory.

Now they have a Mourninho pretender. AVB came to England off the back of a season unbeaten in Portugal to Chelsea. That was a terrible idea from the outset. He was humiliated by the senior players and ended up taking £13million and his P45. For some reason, Spurs thought it wise to invest in his managerial skills. So far, things haven’t looked good for them. I can’t gloat too much, it’s not like we’ve fared any better. Still, you know our manager at least has a track record of winning things… and getting 4th is modus operandi these days.

Still, it’s not about what went before, it’s about what’s ahead. This weekend, the game is a must win for both teams. A loss for either is undoubtedly going to signal calls for a change from both sets of fans.

So best make sure it isn’t a loss eh Arsene?

That’s the crazy thing about football. All this pressure our manager has heaped on himself because of bad decisions can be alleviated for 5 games if he spanks Spurs out of sight on Saturday. I think that will happen (maybe not a spanking). Arsene usually pulls something out the bag when he needs to. If we take Spurs apart, we’ll slowly add ‘new signings’ to the squad over the next few weeks… Rosicky, Gibbs, Chezzer… maybe Diaby for a brief stint. Form will improve, probably the whole way through January(so we don’t have to sign players)… then we’ll have a dip… but we’ll secure 4th.

Well, that’s my premonition of the season… and it all starts tomorrow, with a 3-1 win.

I’m not sure how we’ll line up, but my guess is we’ll  have our three centre backs and Sagna (late fitness test) at the back. Midfield, we’ll have Jack, Arteta and Cazorla. Up top, I can’t see past Theo, Podolski and Giroud. I’d actually like to see Chamberlain as part of that front three. It feels like a game that could light the touch paper on his season. It could also be a game that suits Theo. The match will be open, it should be end to end and I hope the atmosphere is absolutely rocking. 1245 kick offs tend to be a bit quiet. If a North London Derby can’t shake the crowd into singing their hearts out, I don’t know what will.

I think the people that really need shaking up are the players. We can’t have a ‘jaded’ performance tomorrow. They need to show the crowd they give a damn about the game. We feed off energy. If there’s no energy from the players, it really is difficult to get motivated. Back in the day, Paddy used to gee the crowd up. We had performers all over the pitch. I’m hoping Jack can bring back some passion to that centre midfield. If he can slam into a tackle early on without getting a booking, it’ll set the tone for the afternoon. People question the character of the players we have at Arsenal. For me, I don’t think we lack characters. We just lack confidence at the moment. You can’t tell me Podolski, Cazorla, Jack, Vermaelen, Giroud and Arteta lack character. They don’t. They lack direction. It’s not coming from the management team… so the players have got to find it themselves. They’re not kids out there. There should be a element of self management. It’s not difficult to make sure everyone is picking up players in the box. It’s not difficult to shout for a ball. It’s not difficult to make sure you’re tracking a 31 year old smoker ghosting into the box.

If someone isn’t doing their job… shout at them. Footballers are like dogs. Sometimes shouting is the only way to get through to them. If they do something well, a pat on the head and a treat would be nice as well. Jokes aside, I never see verbal communication on the pitch with our players. When you’ve got the best in the world, that’s fine, when you’re struggling, a bit of talking never goes amiss.

Tomorrow is all about the team. If the boys fight for each other, there’s a chance. No moping allowed. We need a massive performance and we need to start putting some points on the board.

Right, that’s it for today. We’ll talk more tomorrow. Have a great Friday!

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  1. Red&White

    If you believe we can get 4th – good luck. This squad is inadequate – we have our first team playing now and we still cannot get results. Wait till we have Djourou and Squillaci as our centre backs in FEB when injuries rack up because Wenger does not know how to rotate early season. We will be lucky to finish 6th. Everton, Newcastle and even spuds have a better squad than us.

  2. Red&White

    guy’s at 2-0 down last year the jeers were starting and it did not look good. If we give a 2 goal lead this time – don’t know if the same result will follow.


    I expect DR .Wenger to give is troops go faster sweets for this game and i also expect to see Jack off again with clumsy German Merts tripping Bale to many times and Spurs to win 5-1 Defoe Bale Ady Dempsey Hudds another Christmas C.D. Then i hear a voice saying wake up Davspurs take your tablets i relies through bleary eyes I am in a mental home after Levey sacked Harry i cracked up. score 2-1 if Friedel plays to Arsenal 3-1 to Spurs if Lloris plays Defoe and ADY Upfront

  4. Hitchy

    The Ox deserves to get a run out, Podolski has looked a bit sluggish of late probably because he feel’s he’s being played out of position! Could this be the game Giroud’s arrogance produces a beauty of a goal?? I sure hope so!

    My only worry is that in an open game, Friedel will do doubt produce some top class saves, the same cannot be said about our man between the sticks.

    12:45 means people have drunk less before kick off, If everyone brings a nipsy of sloe-gin in a hip-flask it’ll keep them warm happy and loud!

    I’ve got that friday feeling already! Nice cold Grolsch in the fridge is purring my name…

  5. gambon


    “We will compete with the best clubs in the world once the sponsorship deals kick in”

    Erm, you said the same about Project Youth coming to fruition, the same about being able to compete once the property debts were cleared, we were told we would be able to compete once we moved.

    “We will be in the top 5 clubs in the world revenue wise”

    We are currently 6th. and we were in the top 5 from 2006-2011, so how the fuck is this improvement?

    Seriously does anyone believe a word that comes out of this cunts mouth?

  6. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Benteke scores own goal in Birmingham!

    Is he any good at all?

    I like how he thought Villa were a London Club!

    CHRISTIAN BENTEKE last night rocked Aston Villa by declaring his dream of playing for Arsenal.
    The Belgium striker, 21, has been a hit at Villa since joining for £7million from Genk.

    But the summer signing admits he sees the club as a stepping-stone to Arsene Wenger’s Gunners — and that he originally thought Villa were based in LONDON

    Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/4647131/Christian-Benteke-dreams-of-playing-for-Arsenal.html#ixzz2CNKC4nli


    Good post as usual.The only problem of not beating the Spuds is to play Ramsey.He is slow ,inaccurate in shooting and loosing the ball may may times without chasing
    Otherwise I hope Pody heps Vermalean on the flanks,and with Theo out wide we can keep Bale quite as he was last Saturday agains Liverpool

  8. dennisdamenace

    From an ANR reader, absolutely spot on, forget the finacial ifs, buts and maybes, this is the real issue….

    1. Arsenal have not been able to defend for the past 5-6 years. The defending in general during this period has been shambolic and has not improved at all.

    2. Arsenal have had a goalkeeper crisis for 5 years now, consistently losing points because of goalkeeping errors and for having second-rate goalkeeper in goal.

    3. Manuel Almunia was Arsenal’s number 1 for some 4 years.

    4. Arsenal teams very often look unmotivated and under-prepared.

    5. Arsenal’s players, especially the young ones, do not improve, they get worse. Our good players also get worse (Vermaelln a case in point)

    6. Players who everyone can see are not good enough are kept on at the club for years and years when they should be gotten rid of far earlier.

    7. Arsenal very rarely change a game following substitutions

    8. Arsenal’s best players cannot be convinced to stay at the club and are always allowed to run their contracts down, putting the club in an impossible situation.

    We can all get lost in the arguments re the club’s finances – but there are fundamental footballing questions that are unanswered at Wenger’s doors.

    Quite simply, the guy is no longer a good football manager

  9. Hitchy

    [ Pedro- hope this speeds up the moderation, I used to post on here (not everyday) with my nickname Spud (unfortunately I was a chubby child and the name still sticks), gone for a name change to aviod any spurs connotations on this NLD eve. ]

    Have just read this on the BBC sportsday feed
    “Wigan have winger Ryo Miyaichi back available for tomorrow’s Premier League clash with Liverpool at Anfield.

    Miyaichi, on loan from Arsenal, has not been involved in the last five games due to a pubic injury but is now training with the group again.”

    PUBIC INJURY? Am I being naive here, but what pubic injuries can you sustain? Accidental nick with the razor? A particulalry violent hand-job?

    Maybe BBC are getting involved with Joke Friday.

  10. AJ

    9. No rotation. Same line up played again and again, leading to some players getting physically exhausted and resulting in injuries.

    10. No depth in the squad. We have only one CM, upon which our 4-3-3 depends, in Diaby. The other is Coquelin, who wenger does not want to play, always going for ramsey, his job being to screw up our midfielders, back pass etc.

    11. Lack or absence of defensive coaching, though it comes under the ‘under-prepared’ point, deserves a mention in particular. They cannot hold a line, or defend on set pieces, opposition players going around unmarked on many occasions..

  11. Ric

    Watching the game in the Lions Den, @ my spud mate’s house, was hoping for a total humiliation, but I guess thats out the window now…

    Come on! Bring out your fecking Big Guns!

    Tear these spuds hearths out and serve it back to them still gushing and beating, preferably next to a nice bottle of Chateu Lafitte 66! (Yeah, my drug of choice is really not wine…)

  12. Ric

    dennisdamenaceNovember 16, 2012 10:50:12

    There has been those of us bemoaning every point on that list for near on a decade now.

    I fully agree for one.

    “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

    O.G O.C

  13. Jidster Talabi

    I feel confident we would win tomorrow, but it does not change the fact that Arsene has lost the plot. The issue is that he is no longer motivated on footballing matters. This obsession with the clubs finances has simply acted as a monumental distraction. His lack of motivation is simply showing in the players.

  14. Ric

    iSayedNovember 16, 2012 11:16:16

    The only thing that will do is provide a pertinent excuse for AW should we loose tomorrow.

    Am I the only one that litterally feels like we are paying our Manager 7m pa only to actively do what he can to f*ck us over? Systematically dismantling everything good about Arsenal, at just so slow a pace no one actually manages to think they should take a knife to his throat, before its to late?

  15. iSayed

    @ Hitchy
    How the fuck is Podolski being played out of position? He has 100-odd caps for Germany on the left-wing last time I checked.

    Spot on! Here’s a few more:

    1. Perseverance with injured players with the hope they will get better some day

    2. Handing mega contracts to losers and players who arent good enough, like Almunia, Chamack, Squillaci, Djourou.

    3. Being very stubborn about tactics and formation. Not changing things around when things not going our way. We conceded 8 at OT when the alarm bells had started ringing at HT, did nothing.

    4. Always play the same formation, become predictable and easy for the opponent to stop us.

    5. Over-reliance on a central playmaker. Cesc previously and now Cazorla. Stop them, and you effectively shut down Arsenal (which is what teams have done for the past 5 years).

    6. Not going out of the way to keep valuable players at the club. Utd made Rooney the highest -paid player because he was valuable to them. We let our valuable players walk to our rivals.

    7. Peter Hill Wood. Need I say more?

    8. For a team that seems to be famous for its youth players and the development of youth, who/what do we have to show for it, apart from Wilshere?

  16. Shoreditch gooner

    Just to lighten the mood here.A post from 2009

    We may or may not win anything this season…..what with the injuries to fabregas and walcott et al……but if you look at the squad that we have now….it’s quite possible that in 2 or 3 years time,they’ll make the invincibles side look like kids….vela,ramsey,wilshere,walcott,nasri,fabregas,merida,gibbs,simpson….the list goes on and on….and these kids have what it takes to become arsenal legends…….if they get enough experience in the next couple of years,this team’s gonna be god level…..
    Now,take a chill pill

  17. Ric

    iSayedNovember 16, 2012 11:32:01

    Thats my biggest problem with supporting AFC these days, rationally looking at the whole scope of AWs tenure; Accounting for all his presumed strengths and weaknesses, his actual statistics in relation to stated goals both for Arsenal as a whole and the set goals for certain prefered players that he relentlessly decided to take a chance with. Then it is obvious that even by his own standards, merits and stated goals; his actual performance over the last decade has been faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away from even reaching the easiest of the goals he initially laid out.

    Even by his own standards he is an abject failure, yet we pay him 7 mill pa.
    It must be said in his defence though, that the only idiots in this equation are the people watching him do the same damn thing everyday, everygame, every post match interview for over a decade, still expecting a different outcome.

  18. Yippee Kai Yay

    Arsenal win easily, shouldn’t be in any doubt, And tbf, anything less than that would be galling. We could even play Ramsey, as they have had Huddlestone playing in the middle recently (Think Dembele was injured so not sure if he is back for them or not?), it will be a bit like watching two ponderous oil tankers in the middle of the park.

    It is Adebyor who worries me (if he plays) on his day exceptional, but fortunately those days have always been few and far between.

    Nervy 2-1 win, cagey first half watching Ramsey and Huddlestone circling each other.

  19. Hitchy


    You didn’t see the recent interview saying he is frustrated at playing as a left-winger? Fine to play there for his country in Germany’s system, and if your in your national team, you’d happily play anywhere if you knew it meant you got a cap.
    But as a real wide man to whip balls in to Giroud is just not his position. His tracking back to cover Vermaelen has also been poor of late as he isn’t a natural there.
    At Koln he was a striker, and signed for Bayern to be a striker, and went back to Koln as a striker.

    You make some good points though to further ddm’s earlier list, my personal highlight
    7. Peter Hill-Wood. Need I say more?
    – Im sure he’s happy you take an interest in his affairs. –

  20. Leedsgunner

    I’m not a Ramsey fan but why are some scapegoating him?

    He’s an average squad player who is played constantly out of position… that’s not his fault. If we want to blame anyone — blame the LOT. Wenger, Gazidas, Kronke and the Board — they are the reason why we are in this mess!

  21. The Legend That Is Dennis Bergkamp

    you know our manager at least has a track record of winning things…
    – –
    yes but that was nearly a decade ago…as much as it was good, since then its been shite

  22. marxdrive

    Guns of Hackney November 16, 2012 10:26:52


    Fuck off ………………………lol

  23. Arsenal1886-2006

    I might be starting to hate Wenger and the board with a passion but wanting us to lose to that lot, Hell will freeze over first before I even think about that.
    Never do i want to see that scraggy old chicken lording it over us.

  24. Truth

    DDM @10;50 – points 1-3

    Our Goalkeeping situation over the last 5 years is probably Wenger’s biggest failing.

    12. Wenger’s Inability to learn from mistakes. Doing the same thing over and over again, and then expecting a different outcome.

  25. Alex James

    Wenger and the board don’t spend money on top players, and other clubs have started to overtake us in unearthing the young gems. So where does this leave Arsenal? Right in the mire that’s where! Still according to the CEO we are on the cusp of something special, assuming of course the sponsors pay up well and FFP actually works. Welcome to never never land. Wenger must be praying that the defence holds firm this weekend. Some hope?

  26. Arsenal1886-2006

    Alex James.

    Listening to Gazidis is like listening to Hitler talking about the glorious Third Reich in the 30’s.
    And we all know how that ended up.

  27. bergkamp63

    I nearly signed Ibrahimovic for £3m admits Wenger.

    But decided on Jeffers for £8m.

    Always makes me laugh that one !!

  28. SDE


    “12. Wenger’s Inability to learn from mistakes. Doing the same thing over and over again, and then expecting a different outcome.”


    Is that not Einstein’s definition of a mad man..?!!

    If so,we all agree to a man,that OGL is indeed a fornicating twisted,obnoxious,pilfering,disingenuous,obstinate madman..!!

    Aarrgh…got that out of my system..!!

    How’s everyone today peeps..?

  29. SDE


    Never do i want to see that scraggy old chicken lording it over us.

    Well if they finish above us,come the business end of the season& beat us to the final CL place…
    I’m sure they will be lording it over us..

    Probably chanting”Where’s our CL qualification gone?”..

  30. Hitchy


    I know a lot of fan’s are annoyed by the newer Arsenal logo, but it will always be better than a Cock on a Basketball!

    I just hope this weekend is about the football, and not shrouded by racism claims and the such. No doubt they will sing the paedo song, and Yid Army, no doubt we will respond with something meant to be insulting, but its derby game, and these thing dont change because of a joint statement released.

    I hope the Arsenal fan’s can keep it a little more classy in their responses, Anyone got any good chants for tomorrow?
    Loved hearing The Beatles – Hey Giroud loud and clear over the T.V. last match!

  31. SDE


    How are you doing today ?

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s match?

    Is it true we don’t do well at midday kick-offs & after international matches..?

    If so,it looks grim..

    That said,I’m of the view OGL will pull the rabbit out of that hat for this match,irrespective of form,tactics,line-up,sending offs,blah,blah..

    Thus buying him so much needed time..Again..!!

    Aargh the waiting till 2014….A decade of utter b/s & no trophies to show..& then some..

    Where’s that fornicating hamster on the wheel..

  32. SDE

    gambonNovember 16, 2012 10:33:33


    My sentiments exactly….

    Unfortunately not many people are able to take off their rose-tinted glasses & see the wood for the trees..

    Quite sad..The facts speak for themselves,yet fans by & large,are still blinded by the very nature of IG et al B/S..

    Any rational human being can see the whole operation for what it is..

    A complete Ponzi Scheme..

    Even a blind man,can you use one of his senses(smell),to detect the utter stench emanating from Senior Management..

    I despair sometimes, as to how foolhardy some of these crackpot fans think logically..

    I really do..

  33. bergkamp63


    I’m good thanks,

    Looking forward to tomorrows game in so that anything other than a win will be another nail in the coffin for Le Senile !!

    If I’m completely honest, I couldn’t give a monkeys anymore what the score is, I would rather have Roberto Martinez managing than this old French ponce !!

  34. Thorough

    Pedders oh Pedders, how can you put up an Arsenal team in 2012 without Ramsey’s name coming first? Can we bin the binner for a while? Bet Wenger will say a loud Yes.

  35. IL Capo

    Just 60 posts a day before the NL derby!

    Webmasters that Gambon avatar thing has killed your business /blog by driving people/clicks away

    You were warned!

    BTW the manager to resign this weekend

  36. wenker-wanger

    these games are the hardest to call…..its an unpredictable match as recent history has proven.
    It may boil down to who really wants it more as i see nothing between the teams.
    If we win then i will feel that the players would have shown motivation which has been lacking recently. Lose heavily and that would confirm to me that wenger has definately lost the dressing room and hopefully will walk.
    4-2 spuds im afraid with wenger spinning out the lame excuses.

  37. Jeff

    If we had a world class striker, I might be inclined to think that we can beat Tottenham but we haven’t. As it is, as some people have already suggested, it will all hinge on who turns up and which side wants it more. Spurs will be driven by the desire to stay above us and aim for that illusive fourth place. Everton, West Ham and West Brom are also genuine contenders for a top four finish. If we lose tomorrow and Fulham and Newcastle win their games, we will drop to 10th.

  38. the_real_andy

    I think we all know why comments are down at the moment – many here doesn´t say anything and would come back in case of a loss and say “I knew it before”. they just don´t want to write their opinion today to avoid embarrassment tomorrow after we won 5:0 and everybody is happy again and says: “what did you say gambon/or whoever” …

    tomorrow will kick start our season I am sure about that. giroud to put in a henry-esque performance (without running 10 times faster than any opponent but with at least one wonderful goal).

  39. bergkamp63


    November 16, 2012 17:23:47
    “I think we all know why comments are down at the moment – many here doesn´t say anything and would come back in case of a loss and say “I knew it before”. they just don´t want to write their opinion today to avoid embarrassment tomorrow after we won 5:0 and everybody is happy again and says: “what did you say gambon/or whoever”

    Guess we won’t be seeing much of you or your sub 80 IQ after tomorrow ?

    5-0 !!

    LMFAO !!

  40. SUGA3


    the comments are down as no one gives a fuck anymore, it’s not healthy to concern yourself wuth stuff you can’t change, simple as that…

    we have gone over the same things over and over again more times than I care to remember, it’s getting tedious, seriously…

  41. Hunter

    Your Comment HereI will be at the game tomorrow and i will be very interested in how the fans react whatever the result.I hope that the boys win of course but also hope that there a many a braveheart to voice their disspleasure of whats going on!If I see that bloody ‘IN ARSENE WE TRUST’ banner being displayed I will go nuts!It needs a good portion of the crowd to chant their anger!’we want our arsenal back’ is a good start but I would love to hear a ‘WENGER OUT’ one as well!Needless to say the AKB’s would drown out any anti WENGER songs,so looks like I’ll have to shout a few anti wenger ones myself,god I detest the man as well as all his cronies and that smug faced Man Shitty lover GAZIDIS!!!!

  42. kwik fit

    Wenger blowing in his press conference how he almost signed Ibra. He also advises that there was a number of other top players he almost signed.
    Is this guy deluded or just taking the piss?

  43. SDE

    Suga3November 16, 2012 17:32:45


    Even me,the so-called negative,morbid doomsayer of a fan,has reached that breaking point..

    Exhausted beyond belief..!!

    BTW one can say it’s been one heck of a white knuckle ride for the last few years with OGL @ the helm.!

    Unfortunately, all for the wrong reasons& @ a princely sum,may I add…

  44. Bade

    How pathetic all this Arsene’s “I almost signed” looks like

    Are you a rejected boy back in the days Arsene?

    Well, you almost signed Zlatan, Ronaldo & Alonso

    Instead you nabbed Chamakh, Eboue & Denilson

  45. kwik fit

    Stewart Robson: “I would make Steve Bould manager with Banfield as his assistant.”. Now your talking Stu.

    Right listen up wenger’s here’s your team for the Scum tomorrow. No ifs no buts just fuckin do it !

    Jenks SquidJD Santos
    Gnarby Arshavin Miguel

    That should do it 😉

  46. Johnny5

    Evening all!!!!

    Not many comments today is there. Anyway I’m not too confident but i hope we smash them cunts but i doubt that will happen so I’m going for 2-1 win tomorro Walcott in the 89th min with arsh providing the assist poldi to score the other. One nil down at halftime booo’s to echo around the emirates.

  47. reggie 57

    Can see nothing but a win for the boys in red and white them cunts from that shit hole dont stand a chance

    Gonna do em

  48. northerngooner

    win lose or draw tomorrow nothing will change.
    Wengers post match interview will still include the following words.
    mental. strength. togetherness. international. break.
    same old shit different day.

  49. Lee Pace

    spurs more of a threat to man utd this season so Howard Webb might help us out.

    3 penalties awarded to us, Mertesacker hatrick, but we’ll prob still bottle it. 😀

  50. Cowleygooner

    The comments section on Le Grove is indicative of the apathy felt by all us Gooners towards what was once our great love.
    It is now unfortunately a shadow of its past glories.
    I’m completely ambivalent towards our current team where as before I would sulk for days if we lost.
    A sad indication that we’ve reached the end of the road with the current set-up.
    We should all be resigned to fact nothing will change in the near future.
    I’m completely non-plussed about tommorows result due to the fact that the implications of a loss will only be felt by us supporters,not where it matters ie management,CEO etc.
    And the circus rolls on………..

  51. Bade

    Once “over and over and over again” was such a great thing to remember

    an Arsenal anthem of the greatest quality

    Now it’s a phrase indicative to our frustratingly repetitive failures

    Over and over and over again failing to make a mark

  52. kwik fit

    Tomorrow we give OUR team 100%, no make that 120% of support. Loader than the Emirates has ever heard before….So load that it Rocks Highbury.

    And remember …….

  53. DaleDaGooner

    What’s up my noogers? Are we bitching and moaning about how AVB will outclass us tomorrow?

    I like the comment ” Ramsey and Huddlestone circling each other” lol

    I hope Theo and Arteta are fit and ready for the full game…Podolski in the center, he’s not good out left. Oxlade-Chamberlain out left..i’d even gamble with playing Poldi behind Giroud and Ox out left

  54. DaleDaGooner

    ,….that is giving Cazorla a breal…he looks tired in the last 3 or 4 games..Podolski as a CF and either Cazorla as a winger or Ox…don’t know, but we need to freshen things up..and we are fooked LB wise…Vermaelen is a disaster waiting to happen as well. Gibbs is a bottle.

  55. DaleDaGooner

    @ kwik…yeah, some may say no real creativity, but it hasn’t done us any good playing a tired Cazorla…something direct with 2 goal poachers around their box with pass master Arteta and Jack….. my fear remains on the “Lenon side”…we have been weak there for ages

  56. kwik fit

    “I believe we are all amazed because, sometimes, when a guy has a shot from 30 yards and puts it in the top corner, you say, ‘It’s a fantastic goal’ — but somehow you believe you can do that as well, even if you cannot do it on a consistent level,” Wenger said

    Complete and utter fucking bullshit!

  57. Arsene's Nurse

    There’s an interesting article in the Grauniad about why more goals are being scored these days. http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/blog/2012/nov/15/why-more-goals-scored-football

    There are a number of references to AFC. Possession or ball retention has been a sort of holy grail. As a purist I can see the merits of such a strategy, however, if you create less chances in the final third and neglect your defence in search of high possession rates then the strategy falls flat on it’s face.

  58. Thomas

    This club has become so predictable. We always play the same way. Always the same comments from the board and the manager.

  59. kwik fit

    My biggest desire is to see our fans happy – like the players as well.” Wenger

    Lay off the wenger lads , he only has our best interest’s at heart. He’s such a nice polite man who deserves or respect not our anger and ire. We should all look at ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves ….do we really want to be hard and cruel to this polite and vulnerable old man…………….Of Course We Fucking Do 🙂

  60. Gunner2301


    Very creative.

    I don’t see a win tomorrow maybe a draw if were lucky. I can see Chesney dropping a clanger if he plays, which will set the defence off all jittery then we all know what happens.

  61. Bennydevito

    Who is this il capo? Are you an Arsenal fan?

    Royal bludger, just what is this incessant obsession with Gambon??

    I’ll tell you what though, I don’t get all this Jimmy Saville business – when I was 8 he fixed it for me to milk a cow blindfolded…

  62. Evan

    Today’s itinerary

    1. Wake
    2. Coffee and big breakie
    3. Watering hole opens 10:30
    4. Get best seats in the house
    5. Beer
    6. Jaw drops when I see Ramsey starts
    7. kickoff, tense, nervous, oh fuck, drink more