Arsenal need to make a Fulham statement | No booing or negative songs please…

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Wet, windy and cold. Proper footballing weather outside today. Not for the feint hearted. Fulham come to town today. Well, they don’t really come to town, it’s only a few miles. Will they fly? Depends how busy the trains are I suppose. Will they come with a tactical master plan? Of course they will.., what will that be? Listen on my friends… listen on.

Fulham will have watched Schalke in midweek and seen exactly how they played. The don’t have he resource to go at us quite like the Germans did, but they’ll know Thomas Vermalen is a shaky mess and they’ll also have noticed the rest of the defence are still quite alien to each other. Expect them to put a lot of pressure on the left hand side and expect lots of high balls into the box. I’d imagine Berbatov will be hanging off the last man, in the hope our offside trap isn’t sprung in a flat line. United and Schalke both had a lot of luck in the department.

There’s no quick win solution to this one. It took George Graham years to drill his defence to perfection, Steve Bould has had a few months. The defence have to get back to clean sheet ways today. A home match should suit us.

Wenger has been speaking about all manner of things in quite a franc manner. The issue of captaincy was flagged, he thinks the pressure of being the best player on the pitch has adversely affected the Belgian. I can’t agree, I think the sharper light shined on his game has made it glaringly obvious he’s a flawed defender. Performances were poor last year. He shouldn’t have been given the armband until he was ready enough mentally not to be effected by pressure in that way. That’s why Arteta or Mertesacker would have made more sense. Older, wiser and more consistent.

Stil, it is what it is. I love him as a person and a fighter. But he needs to fight his way out of the dark space he’s found himself in mentally, sadly for Arsenal fans, there’s no magic switch for that. It could come from an amazing tackle, it could come from a goal or he could just work out how to deal with his game after a good nights sleep.

We need change fast. The last person you need to be a calamitous passenger in your team is the man you’re asking to lead it.

Today’s backline should look the same as the one we played in midweek. Koscielny and Mertesacker through the middle with Sagna and Vermaelen flanking them. Rumours are that Chezzer might drop back into the number one role. That can’t come soon enough. I hope a reserve keeper is on the shopping list this January.

Midfield will see Rambo back in the mix. Why this has to happen is a mystery. It will though. Wenger is more predictable than an Ivan Gazidis AGM speech. I’d be giving Chamberlain a chance. He had an exceptional game against Milan in the centre, he’s fast, has better vision and passing efficiency and most importantly… we know what Ramsey offers and form wise it’s not deserving of constant starts. Reward good performances. Not perceived potential. The latter is what we did with Alex Song… and look at how we were rewarded there.

Up front, it’ll be Podolski, Giroud and Walcott. Wenger has spoken about the Germans lack of form and thinks he’ll come good (this same piece was on last year but with Gervinho as the central focus). I’m sure he will too… I’m just second guessing whether that will be out wide? The most direct and clinical striker we have in the team is being adapted as a wide man. The second most clinical is facing the same fate. Really odd. Still, Giroud found the net in the week, he’s another adapting and he’s another I have faith in. That said, I believed in the Danish ego…

We need to play with a bit of guts today. It won’t be easy, it never is… but the fans do not deserve another dross performance. Far too much negativity has set into the squad of late. They need to play their pass and move game, they need to be expressive and they need to take a chance when presented with one. When you’re down on your luck, no one gambles. When no one gambles, responsibility for making things happen becomes confused which ends in a stagnant attack. We need some big performances from our big players… If that happens, the points will follow.

If you’re at the game today, make some noise. If things go badly, I really don’t think breaking out into negative songs is the way forward until the game is over. Nothing can change until January, we need to help the team pull through this… home should be where the players feel supported. Most of the issues we’re suffering come from bad management… That’s not the players fault. They’re not blameless, I just feel for them.

Anyway, enjoy the game, see you there!


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  1. Apw


    Great points! Our passing is predicatable. We have no real counter attack, except for Walcott with his pace. The invincibles were so great. Big strong players at each position but now this team is slow, predictable, and without game winning personalities. I hope we fall out of the top 4 this year. Hopefully Wenger will go. The entire system from admin to the coaching is flawed.
    Gone are the days of the devestating counter attack. The speed, the power, the no fear attitude. Who would have known at the time we were enjoying the best ever Arsenal team.

  2. Bade

    The difference between Red Nose & Arsene


    His team leading at home 2-0 in the 1st half, yet “managed” to fuck it up & end in a 3-3 draw

    Red Nose

    His team was trailing 0-2 down in the 50th minute away to Villa. They fought back to win the game 3-2

    This is the difference between a man who can’t accept anything less than being first, and a man thinking 4th is a trophy & is happy to finish second for 20 years in a row

    Or, more summed up, the difference between a winner of a manager & a loser one

  3. paul mc daid

    Wenger and this board are killing our club,Silent Stan is going to be a long term problem as he has never been or cared to be a winner in sports,winning went out the door at Arsenal with David Dein,we really need an uprising because as a football club we have become a laughing stock.

  4. tomb

    LJW wont leave the club for at least another 2 years , hes stilll learning. Trophies are not important for him at the moment. and he still love the arse.

    All that will change after that. He willl then realise he wants to win silverware(not a made up trophy of 4th place) and move to a team like all the rest Cesc Nasri RVP Henry et al with a club thats serious about competing and winning with a manager who understands what a club is there for.

    A total change from the top is needed. Its like a communist heirachy at the top all rewarding each other and patting each other on the back covering up each others faults keeping the status quo big pay rises screwing the loyal support.

    What a farce this club is , not really bothered anymore , at the beggining of the season when you know your top players have all left and you know that the very best you can achieve is 4th it dosent relly matter if we draw or loose to Fulham in the grand scheme.

    SHAME ..

  5. tippitappi

    and no so called easy games anymore as we have become one of the rest now just a side making up the numbers…….first time since what the mid 80s we’re be back just not yet

  6. Jeff


    We’re not even one of the rest any more; not by a strict definition. Every club in the Premier League (apart from us) has a clear set of goals driven by ambition that is rooted in football success. Arsenal are the only club driven by the ambition of making profit (even if it is small) over an above all other considerations.

    To them playing a game of football every week is just a necessary choir that has to be done. They couldn’t give two hoots about actually winning any trophy or title; all that is just a necessary evil to keep the fans coming week in week out.

  7. Jeff

    We are basically no longer a football club. It is more like a gentlemen’s club the upkeep of which is being paid for by the fans. It is tragic and must be brought to an end as soon as it is humanly possible.

  8. SUGA3

    I watched the game on some Fox Soccer stream and the commentators were absolutely ripping the piss out of us!

    and John Cross who spent the last week on Tw*tter defending Wenger tweeted the following:

    ‘Arsenal allow Berbatov completely free header from within the 6 yard box (I kid you not)’

    this goal was fucking shocking, what the fuck is this zonal marking nonsense all about? I bet I could score a goal against this defence 😆

    Vermaelen is no captain, this team was begging for leader when we conceded the first goal, where was it?

  9. Jeff

    I don’t think we’ve quite got the gist of what zonal marking is anyway. I’m sure it doesn’t mean all stand around the 6 yard area, don’t move and the ball is bound to come to one of you so you can header it away.

  10. Jay2oh

    I have mate who knows someone.. He works in a banner factory,I have had this idea for a while but this season has pushed me to far…

    I have asked him to quote me for a 30ft by 15ft banner with “wenger and board out”…

    It will cost a bit, couldn’t give a fuck.

  11. northerngooner


    with the current board and manager we will never learn.
    in all honesty and I may be being generous here. out of the current squad we probably have 7 or 8 players worthy of a shirt. the other 20 are championship players at best.
    however if my employer offered me 50 grand a week to do f**k all I wouldn’t turn it down.
    so again it boils down to the suits who are ruining the club.

  12. Bade


    The sad part with that goal, we had 4 players around Berba, but no one attacked the ball

    Sagna was closer to him 1st, then left him, then Kozzer. Vermaelen wasn’t far of as well, and Mannone was nailed on his goal line

    It was so pathetic, I felt he could have stopped it on the chest & fire it home without any nuisance from our “defence”

  13. Jeff

    How much sadder is it going to get? Even our fantasy scenarios are turning into jokes. One report starts off like this:

    “British newspapers claim Arsenal are making a £30m January bid for Edinson Cavani, but the Napoli hitman’s price-tag is set at £50m.”

  14. xavier

    xavierOctober 4, 2012 08:13:28

    My goodness Arteta really lucked out on a four year deal at Arsenal..Like seriously apart from always keeping a manicured haircut not sure what else his really good for.For a guy whose meant to be an attacking mid his the most conservative of all our midfielders.Consistenly gives the ball away..totally adept at sideways and backpassing the ball. doing those silly half turns that lead no where.

    Could not have said it better myself……..

  15. Stefan

    Don’t boo the players, boo AW, before, during and after the game.

    But you probably shouldn’t be going to the game at all. I’ve got rid of my membership, and apply again until AW is gone.

    He has sooooo had his day. It’s laughable that anyone could still defend him based on his Emirates record.

  16. Jeff

    The Arsenal share price isn’t affected despite the slump on thepitch. They went up from about £8,000 in 2007 to around £17,000 (now) and no sign of a fall. Maybe they know something we don’t. Of course that answers the question about why Usmanov isn’t making any move towards buying out Kroenke because he would have to offer him more than the current price which is colossal. It’s not going to happen.

  17. bergkamp63

    The share price won’t be affected because 2 people own 96% of the club between them so only 4% of the shares can change hands.

    The reason they have been steadily rising is because the TV deals are getting bigger and so will the commercial deals (albeit ours would be a lot better if we were successful on the pitch) for most top flight clubs.

  18. Jeff


    If that is the case and shares can go up because of TV deals getting bigger, they can also go down if those TV deals start to flounder and that can only be if we fall away from the limelight. So why is Kroenke happy to let the steady decline continue? He must see that those TV deals and other sponsors propping up his share prices are going to start waning as we continue to fall from grace.

  19. AJ

    Bould dropped a clue as to how shocking our managment is when talked about the pre-planned subs. I have no doubt wanker does the same, always podolski out, if ramsey is on the bench, he would come on. Arshavin always getting maximum of 5-6 minutes plus injury time.
    Kick him out now.

  20. AndyB

    “We have shown that we can fight”
    What a cunt.
    Someone show him the villa Man U game. That’s fight.
    Lame, limp wristed, clueless cunt who still takes us all for mugs, by what he says.
    Fuck off now, we’ve had enough

  21. jimd

    As mentioned already it seems a big sacrifice for season ticket holders to make but how about an organised late arrival in the seats, say 20 minutes into a chosen match or matches. E.mpty seats fora long period would provoke more media coverage than is given to the current level of fan disquiet

  22. Robhj

    Good post, agree with everything apart from Suarez, I bloody hate that dirty, cheating turd. As you have mentioned, this is no longer the minority view and is rapidly becoming consensus. I wrote to the club a few weeks back to moan about things. Said PH-W is an embarrassment, Gazidis is not half the CEO Dein was and Wenger has been found out. He cannot do it on his own. Some kid phoned up and politely said for what’s it’s worth we all agree with you but can’t see anything changing. I hope the AST can make enough of a fuss to get noticed, but having said that I can feel the mood at the ground could go downhill very rapidly, and they’ll notice that.

    By the way, glad that you’ve started to check the grammar and all that before you send it out, it’s much easier to read now.