Arsenal’s Jack wonders if he’ll ever be as good | Podolski complaining about being played wide already

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Plenty to chew through this morning, the main topic is Theo Walcott. Jack ploughed into the debate with some intriguing comments.

‘I hope he does sign.’

What can I add to that? Blog over people. I’m done. Jack is taking over today.


I did think the sentence after was amusing.

‘He’s an English lad and great to have around.’

If I’d said that on a blog, I’d have been rounded on…

‘Oh right, so he’s English yeah? So that means better? Oh right. I get it… Pedro Suarez  is it?’

Anyway, less about that and more about his interview with The Guardian. He’s been chatting. Chatting in some depth let me tell you.

‘I don’t think there was a point where I didn’t think I was coming back. It was a serious injury but it wasn’t a result of a bad tackle or anything. It just happened over time. It took time to heal and I had a few set-backs. But you question yourself as to whether you can come back to the level I was at before. Hopefully, I can get back to training well and get back to where I was.’

It’s a worry Arsenal fans have been mumbling under their collective breath for a long time. Will Jack come back from injury the same player who left? Or will he disappear into the medical room at selected intervals throughout the season like Abou Diaby? I’m hoping his recovery is similar to that of Gael Clichy. He had injury problems that plagued him for the first three years of his career. Once he was over them, he was rarely a casualty. This line made me laugh…

‘You become a world-beater when you are injured.’

So, so very true. That’s generally because of the desperation we have around the squad. When Eduardo snapped his leg, we all pined for the return of the second incarnation of an undead Thierry Henry. When he eventually returned, it was a bit disappointing. The same happened with Ramsey. We all longed for the return of a player who never existed. I think to a certain degree, we’ve done that with Jack. We’ve bandied around the comparison to Pirlo so much, we totally forget he’s 15  years younger than him and he’s only had one proper season under his belt. We need to let him develop at his own pace and we can’t be too critical when he doesn’t take us to the promised land of incredible football within 10 days.

Jack’s final comment of interest was this one.

‘We’re a bit far behind now and we really need to step it up. We’ve dropped a few points and we can’t afford to drop any more. We need to get a win at the weekend and get our Premier League season properly started.’

We are a bit far behind now. I don’t think the points would fuss me if we were dropping them because of bad luck. The concern is we’re dropping points because this is our level this season. We need to get injured players back and sharpish. We need the midfield to slip into their groove. We need to give the defence a shot of confidence and the front three need to find a settled pattern. If Giroud is central. Keep him central. If Theo is playing well. Play him. If Podolski wants to play through the middle, but he’s being told to play on the left… tell him his needs come second to the team. If he won’t listen, drop him until he grasps that point. He didn’t need to speak to a paper about his desire to play centrally, we all see him drifting there at the expense of width week in week out.

We’re taking on Fulham at home this weekend, it should be a comfortable 3 points in the bag, but at the moment, there’s no such thing. Fulham have some pretty tasty players. Berbatov is always a threat and that Ruiz chap looks as though he’s destined for greater things.

I’ll give more a preview tomorrow, have a great day!

P.S. I’m working on the comments issue. I have no idea what it is  yet, but I’m working on it. If there are any tech people out there who know what’s going on, drop me a line… I can pay with Peroni.

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  1. Tizer

    Why don’t we play 3 5 2? There’d be more goals there and we have the players to implement it more than 4 3 3. When we wen 2 up top against reading we looked threatening. Even Chamakh would function.

  2. bergkamp63


    The comments issue looks more like a browser/memory issue,

    I changed from IE to Chrome and have not had an issue since,

  3. jay

    nice write once again pedro..i feel for podolski, since he’s come he’s done a decent job for us on the left but you have to understand that he’s a central striker and not a winger..people can go on talking about how he’s done that for germany but you have to realise that he doesn’t play for germany week in week most twice a week or so, so thats a sacrifice that can be made but even for germany he drifts in to the middle..i just feel that wenger has to tweak his team somewhat to play to everyone’s strengths..

  4. Kurt F

    I sympathize with Podolski and Walcott (well, as much as you can sympathize with someone who earns 60+k a week) – as someone else pointed out recently, our current formation was designed for Cesc and RVP, neither of whom are still at the club. The personnel we have now would suit a 4-4-2 perfectly , (Podolski and Walcott upfront, Santi, Jack, Arteta and the Ox in midfield) yet Wenger seemingly refuses to try playing this way because he’s too stubborn to admit he’s wrong.

    A switch to 442 would boost morale too, because at least two of our most important players wouldn’t be pissed off about being played out of position.

  5. Tizer

    Why don’t we play 3 5 2? There’d be goals there and we have the players to implement it more than 4 3 3. When we wen 2 up top against reading we looked threatening. Even Chamakh would function in a top 2 (possibly).

  6. Pollux

    Who cares anymore? I’m looking more towards the capital one cup to be honest. The only realistic target for this year. 4th is a trophy for wenger but not me. Not going to be brain washed by Arsene.

  7. Afc53

    Get them both central with giroud and see what pair are better together and get rid of this 433 as it doesn’t work at all.

    We were better with 2 sat like the good old days vieria and petit anyone?

    Move cazorla out wider but not on the wing and get Gibbs fit and used as a wingback same on the other side with oxo and Sagna/jenkinson

  8. N21 Tone


    Good article there. Is this guy somebody who post on here? Looks like a lot of the same points being made.

  9. dennisdamenace

    Aj – I sense a groundswell of opinions critising AW & the BoD by the footballing press, particularly after that recent AGM.

    And, if you ask me, it is well overdue, they all (including AW) need to be outed, and shown up for what they are really doing.

  10. AJ

    Agreed. But the article is quite frank considering it comes from a popular site. A must read for brainwashed fans here in India.

  11. Terence Andrade

    we need to use both 433 and 442 depending on who are opponents are.. its really lame that wenger never changes the formation…. Not every game can be won by possesional football (433).. at times you need to take the games to the opponents and what better way than playing with 2 strikers… my observation, against teams like man city and chelsea 433 works best, but against teams like man u or other mid table teams i think 442 would suit us best.

  12. AJ

    Iceman something like
    BACK 4
    Poldi-Giroud (Walcott)
    And when it comes to choosing Gerv or Arshavin on the left, even Santos could do there. Not bad going forward. And keep Ramsey out.

  13. Iceman

    I think thats what Wenger is trying to instill into the team, to change their shape as the game changes, cos of what i’ve seen recently, we do play 442 at times during the game….it seems like Walcott or Podolski moves up and Santi moves wide. Thats how Theo scored at Schalke, but i think the team dont do it properly yet….they struggling to adapt to changing formation without the managers request…..

  14. bazza

    Some facts of life:

    1. Big spending does eventually pay off. Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United are out of sight. Realistically we are fighting to be best of the rest.

    2. Of course Wenger is right when he says that 4th place is an accomplishment. It doesn’t alter our collective frustration, but it’s true.

    3. Financial self-sustainability is the only way to run a business in the long term.

    4. Arsenal have no god given right to win silverware.

  15. SDE


    So after 8 weeks or so,do you still maintain from your assertions a month ago,that we are a far better team & squad,playing far better football Pedders?


  16. kapslock

    We’re linked with Taraabt and it’s by John Cross so I bet there’s some truth in it. If Wenger signs him I’ll never go to an Arsenal match again. Absolutely disgraceful. Gazidis is that what you call ambition you fucking grease ball, over paid, good for nothing muggy cunt.

  17. Iceman

    @ AJ…thats just it, Wenger will stick to the combination that works ALL the time….thats good and bad…….I still think the formation we play is down to the amount of CM we and strikers/wingers we have

  18. Bennydevito

    Good post Pedro. Onto the comments problem, I don’t think it’s a browser problem as some on here have suggested otherwise the same problem would happen with other sites. I use IE and have no problem anywhere else, just here. What I have to do is copy my comment then refresh the browser, paste it back to the comment box then press post comment and that works. I’m also having a problem from my phone which is a htc android phone. I can’t post comments at all from that and it’s been like that now for a week.

    Back to football. I too don’t understand why we don’t go back to a 442, Giroud in the deep lying target man position with Podolski right up top, Theo on the left in the Henry position, Cazorla on the right, Arteta DM with Jack in the middle. I think this would be reall good. We could swap it around too for rotation anjd injuries – Cazorla in the middle, Gerv on the right or Arsh in the middle, Cazorla on the right, Chambo on the left etc etc. It really seems obvious to me that we have the potential to be very good if the players we had were played in the correct god damn formation and positions!!

  19. gazzap

    Cazorla has played as a wide man all his career, so he can play the Pires role. Ox on the right, Jack and Arteta box to box. Theo and Giroud or Poldi up top. Sounds great to me.

    the commnets work OK ONLY in chrome as far as I can tell.

  20. mike

    giroud isnt good enough, and lets save the suspence he never will be, podolski and me are the only ones who knows he cant make it so his plea is to give him a chance up front, arteta isnt good enough either, granted he works hard but he came from everton, players like him dont get into top first teams. slowly but surely our standards have dropped over the past few years. its like everything in life, who moans tht much about not being able to smoke in the pub any more, when new things are introduced they happen slowly, the quality of our team is mid table, yea when diabi is fit chezer is fit gibbs is fit and we give wallcott a chance down the middle, but without we have a mid table team trying to play top team approach, mertsacker is another , why have these been bought, add up podolski and giriud cost and thats a world class centre half, add all the others and , well you get the point. Im not convinced at all this season and the crap talked by wenger that it is a loss of confidence , capital cup someone said, thats how i feel, we need good performances more than results right now, that might at least give some hope but not with this team,

  21. AJ

    Agree. We are dependent on the central midfielder, as they call it, too much. If the CM is absent if suffer. And we do not have many of them. We had Song, and the only guy who is capable of that currently is Diaby, a permacrock.
    Wilshere and Arteta aren’t really suitable for that, from what I have seen upto now. That is why we must have Fellaini, if we can. Someone in the Vieira, Yaya Toure mould.

  22. mike

    bazza, agree with three out of your four but our final approach better in long term, how long is this long term cause chelsea have done pretty well now for some years and man city are lauding it, if you want the best you either pay for it or you draw it in cause your a topp top team, the way we work it leaves us exactly where we are, thats a fact which every one can see, all this ffp is just speculation at this point in time, im dying one day, will we be benefiting from ffp before then, we live in a world of instant gratification , lets join

  23. Matchy

    Walcott is a one in ten game player. and he is best coming on against tired defences the last 30 minutes.

    And guess what? Arsenal plays with 3 rotating strikers. So this thing about walcot wanting to play as a striker is plain stupid. It means the guy just still dont get it.

    Henry was a true striker or a winger or the combination?
    What about Van Persie? A striker or a combination of mf and striker?

    Arsenal doesnt play the traditional striker.

    Just look at the wingers. The traditional wingers are what? They run on the sides of field and to the far corner and crosses the ball in.

    Arsenal wingers never crosses the balls. Its usually left to their fall back who corsses the ball.


    Do you ever see walcott or gervino crossing balls?

    Did henry cross the ball in ?


    Walcott is just brainless. He doesnt understand. it all about movement, being in right places. Get your arse in the right place to score. Thats whay henry scored because he plays on the wing but he put himself in the right place and scores. Then suddenly people see him as a STRIKER

    Thats the same with van persie. He is not a striker. But because he scores people suddenly brand him as a striker.

    As for Ramsey, he lacks skill and intelligence. I said it two weeks ago on this post eisfield is a very inteliggent player … who can create and he gets himself in position to score.

    Suddenly this week the reserve manager at afc comes out and stated he is intelligent etc etc.

    And i also mention the only thing about eislef is he is a little light for the epl.

    Get rid of walcott, get rid of ramsey.

    Get zaha. Yes he is young but he is imensely powerful and skillful. He can go past players not only on power but with skills.

  24. kapslock

    Our back 4 is exposed time and time again with our current formation. If we went 4-4-2 it’d be even worse. Arteta is a great player but we need someone who can challenge him. A beast in the middle who will just sit in front of the back 4 and protect.

  25. Guns of Hackney


    First of all, Jack Wilshere was NEVER that good in the first place so who cares if he doesn’t get back to where he once was. Seriously, JW wouldn’t get close to Arsenal of 1998, 2002-2006 but our ideals have fallen so far, anyone with a modicum of ability is the next Maradona – silly. I like JW but he isn’t a goal scoring midfielder, hardly a Vieira type…he’s a short passer with a bit of bite – more David Batty, than David Beckham.

    Podolski is correct if the story is correct…why should a professional footballer who has been capped nearly 100 times and scored 50 goals be treated like a YTS kid. Arsene is writing his own obiturary every single day.

  26. Gooner83

    Nothing thing to do with your individual browsers it’s a server error.
    I would say its an configuration setting with either your CSS (Style sheet) or maybe your index page, like index.php for example, might have the incorrect path in the Apache.conf ???

    I had a similar problem on forum that I used to run.

  27. Mach III

    If we adapt a 4-4-2 we suddenly have 3 strikers that look able. The first time Podolski played striker for us, he was isolated just like Giroud and in Wenger’s books being isolated means that you are not “contributing to the collective” and you are reprimanded.

    I’m just excited to see something different. This 4-3-3 we’ve had since 2010? I think since then we have been far from the top of the premier league.

    I think that we have some excellent players at Arsenal, Einstein said that insanity was doing the same thing over and expecting the same result. The longer our drought goes on, the harder it is going to be to motivate our players that are already doubting their abilities.

    Come on Wenger, play them where they want for a little. Great Job on Thierry and RVP, but for shit sakes 🙂

    Poldi and Giroud would be perfect together, those excellent runs that Giroud makes would happen not once per match, but about 11+ with them close together.
    Cazorla on RM with bac behind him sounds perfect to me. Ox on LM He’s solid at defending and going forward. Arteta and Jack next to each other in the center.

    It is a much better adaptable formation than trying to force players into an already tried and tested and failed system!

  28. Mach III

    Guns of Hackney…

    Jack Wilshere was never that great?

    Can you remember when he outplayed the entire Barca team?
    Or the time he just broke into the 1st team in the Emirates cup and he was man of the match almost every match?

    Or in the Schalke match, being out for 17 months, running up against some of the most in form players in the world and retaining possession?

    He is just as good as Fabregas. + He is modest. If you were 19 and injured for 17 months, would you already be thinking oh you going to come back and be the greatest. No, he is taking small steps at a time and trying to get pressure off his back.

    People that doubt a 20yr olds ability in a period where he is still getting his fitness back in the toughest league in the world must just fuck off.

  29. Guns of Hackney

    Mach III

    “Toughest league in the world” – do you work for Sky? I am not doubting JW ability, but he is not some superstar footballer. I didn’t hear you correct me on his goal scoring or ability to turn a game on its head…as for outplaying the whole Barca team…tell me again who won that tie. Perhaps we should start signing Celtic players as their midfielders ‘held’ their own and actually won the match last night – your argument is flawed, mine is factual.

    And as for JW being ‘modest’…um, is this the same JW who was caution by the Police for fighting someone in a nightclub after trying to chat up their girlfriend, splashing the cash and asking the immortal line “do you know who I am”??? JW…Mr Modest? Like all footballers, a piece of shit.

  30. Mach III

    Who won the Barcelona match when Jack outplayed their team? I’d have to say it was Massimo Bussacca that won that match. We were better than them over a game and a half until RVP was sent off.

    Jack Wilshere wouldn’t get into the team of 2002-2004-2006? If Fabregas did, so would he.

    As for working for sky? No, but if you read what players that have played in the different leagues have to say. They rank the premier league as being the toughest. Also eyes are a good organ for perceiving the speed of the game being played.

    His goal scoring ability? Where has he had the opportunity to test his goal scoring ability in this teams current set up? FFS Fabregas didn’t score many for us and at Barca he finished 2nd top scorer to Messi. I’ve seen a few cracking shots from Wilshere so he definitely has the ability.

    You say he is just a short passer with a bit of bite. In his first match back he had a 100% success rate at passes completed for the first half – and they were spread throughout the entire field. So compared to Beckham, definitely – you wrong again.

    Did you see Jack Wilshere win the young player of the year award when he was fit for the season? Oh, guess that doesn’t mean much… And 2nd best young player in Europe, guess that doesn’t mean much either. Andrei Arshavin even said when Wilshere was 18 that he is already a better player than himself! (Yes, that was around the time that he banged 4 in 4 shots against Liverpool)
    But hey, what do the players that vote for the Young player of the year awards in Europe and England and Superstars (in their time like Arshavin) know? I’m sure you have a much better eye for talent than them. The list goes on from professionals at awe of Jacks ability.

  31. gambon

    “I’d have to say it was Massimo Bussacca that won that match. We were better than them over a game and a half until RVP was sent off.”

    Wow, what utter bullshit!

  32. Paddywhack

    It’s Fulham, should be 3 points in the bag!!!!!!!!!!!! What a comment, Berbatov will run riot and I can see it being 3-1 to Fulham. It’s not a Sunday League team we’re playing. And they have a Manager who will just love getting one over on us.

  33. Guns of Hackney


    He said it. I was suggesting that whatever ‘not being as good’ meant, he wasn’t ‘IT’ in the first place.

    JW would probably just make the bench in the 1998-2004 years if he was around then.

  34. dennisdamenace

    “I’d have to say it was Massimo Bussacca that won that match. We were better than them over a game and a half until RVP was sent off.”

    Desperate delusion strikes again….

  35. Guns of Hackney


    I concur. Which makes my intial point even more valid. Our current players are elevated to extraordinary levels by fans who have been dining out on scraps for the past 6 years, hence why in some people’s eyes, JW is some sort of superfootballer. He isn’t, just a good one at the moment. But…after one good season, AW does what AW always does, reward an untested player with an enourmous salary. Through no fault of JW he was then injured for 17 months!!! Anyone who suggests JW has ‘Arsenal DNA’ and is staying for life is an idiot – he is an asset, and probably our only long term one and he, like the ones before will be sold within 2-3 years.

  36. Mach III

    Why are you diverting the attention to the result of a match? ala red herring fallacy?

    ie: A: Messi was the best player last night against Celtic.
    B: Celtic beat Barcelona.

    Therefore Messi was not the best player on the pitch.

    You see my darling, that logic doesn’t work. As for apologist, in what direction are you going with that ad-hominem attempt?

    The idea in question is that Jack Wilshere is top class.
    I have shown you that hundreds of the tip top players and managers regard him as being top class. You don’t and you can’t even substantiate it with clutching at straws scenarios.

    Anyway, it is sometimes hard for people that have never kicked a football to have the empathy to grasp the quality of players like Jack.

    Close your eyes, and imagine playing against Jack Wilshere in a 5vs5 game of footy. If it is hard, put a football by your feet, and then close your eyes and picture it.

  37. Guns of Hackney


    LOL – exactly! Man alive, these apologists are rampant.

    Anyone remember Bart Simpson’s catchphrase after he destroyed Krusty the Klown’s set…”it wasn’t me” – Arsene Wenger, 2006 – onwards.

  38. Guns of Hackney

    Mach III

    It’s naive of you to suggest I, or anyone on here has never played football. I grew up near Clissold Park, went to Highbury Grove and played for the junior gunners, leyton orient youth and The Crackney Associated 11…then my George Best lifestyle kicked in and I threw it all away.

    Honestly, when I close my eyes, I don’t think about Jack Wilshere…I normally think about ladies I would like to sleep with.

    Anyway, in my prime, I would have made JW look like a telly tubby.

  39. Confidentgoner

    Some facts of life:

    1. Big spending does eventually pay off. Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United are out of sight. Realistically we are fighting to be best of the rest.

    2. Of course Wenger is right when he says that 4th place is an accomplishment. It doesn’t alter our collective frustration, but it’s true.

    3. Financial self-sustainability is the only way to run a business in the long term.

    4. Arsenal have no god given right to win silverware.


    Sad to see that some Arsenal fans … matter of fact, most have this mindset. Brainwashed by Wonga and the Board, they believe that its a question of spending beyond our means. No sir, it is called spending sensibly and well within our means and having a reasonable wage structure that pays the deserving very well.

    Look at the bundesliga. Clubs like Shalke, Dortmund hold their own against league leaders -Bayern. What are their wage bills? Even Bayern has a wage bill similar to ours, but we have not performed to their level. By how much is ManU’s wage bill different from ours? Or even chelsea’s? Fact is that we pay dross players too much money and hence cannot shift them when we want to. Whoose fault is that?

    Can we compete? Yes sir we can. Can we compete under Wonga? Not sure! matter of fact, No.

  40. Guns of Hackney


    point 2. 4th isn’t anything special seeing as the other three are out of sight…so we are the 4th best side and finish accordingly…finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd is technically better but for our wage bill, we should be 1,2,3 every year. BUT…we might finish 4th but points wise are closer to relegation than 1st.

    point 4. no one on here suggests we have a right to win trophies…BUT, see point 1…with our club/finances and wages, we absolutely MUST COMPETE. 20 points off the top is fing humiliating.

  41. Zoran

    I would like to see us fans standing all the time during the game behind our team, let’s say, my wish would be to see us supporting Arsenal like Celtic fans did last night support Celtic against Barcelona. The fans won the game for Celtic, nobody else. Or irish fans against germany. At any time they where fully behind their team.
    by us it is the case only at away games, we are then fantastic. At Emirates, it is like in the theater. Only 2000 Schalke fans made more noice than the rest of 59000 Arsenal fans.
    Let’s be more critical toward ourselfs, and not always blame players, AW, gasidis or anybody else. I am sure we would see also better results when we change the atmosphere at Emirates.

  42. K.C.

    Zoran blaming the fans for this team’s performance is just sad and pathetic. You sir have drank way too much of the akb kool-aid. Your hero must be that cunt Peter Hill-Wood. You sound just like him.

  43. dennisdamenace

    Yep i knew it, fucking brilliant……….it’s the fans fault that our defence can’t defend, it’s the fans fault that Wenger spunks £140m+ a year on average Joe’s who couldn’t lace the boots of any of the ’98 team let alone the Invincibles, it’s the fans fault that RvP was sold for ‘footballing reasons’, it’s the fans fault that AW ran LJW into the ground because he has no one else except the 70+ players on professional contracts, it’s the fans fault that our £7m a year man sits on his arse during the game while his team falls apart, it’s the fans fault that we were humiliated at Old Toilet 8-2 last year, it’s the fans fault that we have £150m+ cash reserves whilst we struggle to score goals, it’s the fans fault all right, well done, well spotted…..

  44. Confidentgoner


    way to go! How is the protest movement going? I still think the AKBs far outnumber the rational thinkers. Many fans still don’t get that these guys running Arsenal are con men, who line their pocket and fleece the fans and supporters. After watching Santos against Schalke the first leg, why did Wonga play him against manU? Because he has played 50,000 teams during his career? Ha Ha

  45. Zoran

    @dennisdamenace and K.C.
    I was avera that there will be comments on my view of the situation. And I am sad that you may also missunderstand.
    I never said that the fans are to blame for the teams performance or that my hero is that asshole of PHW, for God’s sake!
    I just said that I would like to see us supporting our Arsenal the way Celtic fans supported their team last night against Barcelona, or irish fans did against Germany.
    Dont you think that was fabulous? Or tell me one game at Emirates we created similiar atmosphere? Apart the faitfuls Gooners that travel with Arsenal away from London. They will have always my deep respect.

  46. dennisdamenace

    And, my point is make those accountable, accountable……..

    This lifeless bowl of a stadium is what the management wanted, a theatre that day-trippers can go to, rather than the die hard followers who have been priced out of watching these over-paid, characterless pussys belittle the shirt they wear……

    How can you have an atmosphere in a stadium where over 50% of the attendees are either not really Gooners (corporate) or are tourist…….?

    What’s left of us (old skool) are slowly dying in our seats watching everything that AFC once stood for being sytematically sqeezed out of the club.

    Here’s an idea, give us a team we can relate to, a team we can cheer on, give us a team that excites us, not the other fucking way around.

  47. Zoran

    you are damm wright about the 50% attendees.
    We need to create the atmosphere at Emirates as the one we created at Highbury before.
    Then even realisticaly better teams than our would get full underwear like Barcelona got last night at Celtic place. Celtic as a team would never ever beat Barcelona without those fans. I wish to see our beloved Arsenal having the same support at Emirates.

  48. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – Fuck knows if you’ll read this, but unless you’re just a bit of a nutter what are you on about.

    You asked about tactics, mentioned Arshavin and the Ox, then when I reply start rambling on about next bollocks.

    I told you it’s lazy and what happens you put fuckall effort into your own point and then accuse me of ignoring what you’ve said.

    If you want to talk about tactics at least bother to follow it up mate.

  49. Kushagra India

    Well I believe in PL a premier striker is must even at the cost of midfield , as Rvp is showing and manure have showed over the years i.e.
    A gr8 striker + good/above average midfield + solid defence >>> avg striker + gr8 midfield +leaky defence. Arsene star struck with total football will never realise this

  50. Ché C Cheriton

    I just love Arsenal Truth. Don’t get me wrong, I love LeGrove too but a lot of the time the author at Arsenal Truth just sums up how I feel.

    “I’m afraid to say, there’s only one way supporters can get rid of this group of smug, deceitful frauds, and that’s by voting with your pockets.

    I don’t go to Arsenal anymore, I don’t buy Arsenal merchandise and I’ve scrapped my Sky Sports subscription – if you want change then do the same. Don’t renew your season ticket, stop buying shirts and don’t buy programmes, refreshments or merchandise at the ground until your season ticket expires.

    Personally, I feel liberated. No more frustration, more free time – less wasted time, more money in my pocket and it also just feels like the right and principled thing to do.

    Every supporter that refuses to fund this sham will change the topography. There were a lot of empty seats at the ground against Schalke and match day income dropped by £5m last season, proving that the club is losing supporters due to its policies – so add to it.

    hear hear

  51. Kushagra India

    Here we have three average strikers in Pod Giroud and Theo. On Pod, jog off mate you were never good enough for a striker and currently you haven’t been good enough on the wings as well

  52. SDE

    The Grim Reaper,limps in…Continues his diatribe from last night..

    Anyway,when’s Wenger & IG&SS leaving..?

    Don’t care for results anymore,just awaiting their exit strategy..!

    I hope with every defeat,those fornicators (OGL,IG&SS)are closer to the trap door..
    I pray,the Arsenal faithful,grow a pair of balls & launch a revolution..

  53. Cesc Appeal


    I sleep and work. You?

    You never ever make any points. It’s kind of irrelevant to argue with you as you quickly realise you’re arguing with no one but yourself.

    You seem to just ‘have a go’ at what people say and then offer little if nay points of your own.

    Do you have a view on anything or do you get off on conflict?

    What is your view on tactics then because you just rambled through a barley literate statement there of ‘bollock’s’ and ‘shit’s’ etc and I don’t understand why you’re so confrontational.

    Is Arsene Wenger your Uncle or something? Stan Kroenke an unnamed benefactor for you when you were young?

    If i say, I think Wenger is rubbish at tactics…you’d say BOLLOCKS look at this game and that one and the other.

    If i say, I think Wenger is a tactical genius…you’d say BOLLOCKS look at this game and that one and the other.

    You are an angry, angry child.

    If you want a debate fine, but stop assuming your vile little rants are the only correct ones on the site, that you are right and everyone else is some fucking moron with no real grasp of football.

    Because I doubt you’re any kind of aficionado, work for the FA? Work for a football club? I doubt it. Your point is no more or less valid than anyone elses on here.

    By all means comment, but don’t deliver your comments like they are the absolute truth.

  54. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah not sure if this is the reason Arsene didn’t want so many experienced players.

    Theo Walcott questions his tactics and his deployment on the wings no one really listened.

    Lukas Podolski says the same – people pay attention. I guess because of his international pedigree, the fact he’s played under extremely talented managers in his time.

    Sagna started to question OGL’s wisdom in the transfer market.

    He’s an Arteta interview away from a real problem.

  55. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – It seems like the only reason you asked me the question in the first place is so you could go on a childish rant.

  56. Bade

    Unlike Ramsey (was still too young) & Eddie (Was only starting to gel with the team), Jack was by far our best player in that season, before we crocked him

    Also, unlike the two others, Jack’s injury is first & foremost Arsene’s fault, not a horrific tackle with so unlucky tackling angel

  57. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal : “Do you not think though that our players don’t get the coaching that say players at United do, or Chelsea.

    certainly Vermaelen has become a worse player, so has Arshavin, Chamberlain seems thus far to have lost that spark he had when he arrived,”

    This is what I wrote in reply :

    “Take Arshavin, we didn’t buy him at 24-25 before he’s to reach his peak, we bought him at 28, and even then commenting on the Euro’s Wenger didn’t think he’d have the stamina, and 2-3 years later it’s obvious he doesn’t, it’s not about a preferred position or tactics, he’s just getting on.
    Chamberlain’s moved up two divisions and is 19.”

  58. Relieable sauce

    We can’t play 442/4231 (442 with a withdrawn forward) with the central midfielders we’ve got. When AW made that work he had arguably the best 2 cm we have ever had, unless le coq, frimpong can step up to the plate, or TV can become EP mkII.
    He would be the poor mans version of course but he could be a real enforcer in midfield compared to what we’ve got. His defending is shocking atm & this could help his confidence & keeps him in the team.

    AKB’s are complaining that Durham doesn’t give MU stick for being a one man team.
    LOL : /

  59. Relieable sauce

    “regular diet of trophies” ?
    I know he was out of the PL for 2/3 years but….oh yeah it was Holland wasn’t it?…of course!…..
    I reckon the troll loves a bong.

  60. Hunter

    Your Comment HereLets face it we are finished for the next few seasons,crap team,crappier manager,crappiest BOD and a complete TWAT of an owner!Fulham will smash us this weekend followed by a tonking by the spuds a week later.DOOM and GLOOM all round and YES that just about sums it all up.Despondancy throught LE GROVE comments section,AKB’s sneaking under the radar and stupid bloody scouting missions at QPR,Tarabaat my arse!!,there he goes again trying to get mediocre players for silly money and no doubt waving a massive salary cheque in their faces too.Sod getting Tarabbt,we should be going after Felani and Baines from the premiership,Isco from La Liga and just about anyone from Germany.Lets get aggressive,bollocks to all this behind the scenes crap.lets make our intentions clear WE ARE OUT TO SIGN QUALITY and are prepared to pay up.Lets spend some if not all of the transfer kitty.Us fans deserve it,we are owed and we want to collect,WENGER and all his cronies have shafted us for years with “PROJECT YOUTH’,well thats failed dismally so lets shaft him!We demand change so for gods sake make it happen.The media campaign MUST liven up,the X players must be seen to put more pressure on WENGER with their comments,the newspapers must be more crytical,TALKSHITE are doing their bit so dont knock them!And I must wake up from this dream!!!

  61. ritesh

    @ SDE. Just imagine this scenario…. Wenger does not sign on in 2014 but SS choses not to sell.

    He stay on and on and on hiring a shit manager (maybe Adams or promoting Bould to the delight of fans initially)…. and we see our Arsenal dragged lower and lowwer and lower.

    What could we do about that?

    Come on LG and continue moaning 😉

    Conclusion? Arsenal downfall will be good for LG’s business.

  62. ritesh

    @ Jeff, so Jol saying that in three years Arsenal will be looking for someone like Wenger.

    That rumor about Wenger not carrying on after 2014 may have some substance to it. The guy must be pissed off.

    Lets pray that SS also sells when Wenger goes otherwise, we will be relagation fodder sooner that you think.

  63. Jeff


    Martin Jol is just poking fun at us using double speak. On the one hand he tells us that we should not expect trophies (i.e. you’re not good enough) and on the other he says Wenger is the best man for the job. Why would a manager of one club support the idea of replacing the manager of a rival club with a better one? The same goes for all the other “well meaning” two faced dickheads like Ferguson and O’Neil. They know we’re on a slow descent and are privately having a jolly good laugh watching us die.

    No I wouldn’t trust what the other managers are saying for anything they say is driven by self-preservation first and accolade for others last. If anything I guarantee that they are all ecstatic that we keep shooting ourselves in the foot every season; make no mistake about it.

  64. Arsenal1886-2006

    Martin Jol and Fergie both rubbing salt in the wounds.
    Fergies line about “A hardish game” was akin to someone saying “She has a lovely personality”, when in fact we all know what they really mean is “She’s a minger”.

    You know when a manager has had his day when the others talk about him in glowing terms when years ago they would have torn into him.
    They now look at him as the poor old great grandfather who masturbates in front of strangers because he don’t’ know what he is doing.


    Arsenal have the best team in England never bought.
    We have the best players never bought playing for everyone else.
    Arsene should manage fantasy football with his never bought team.
    Arsene should leave real football to real managers.

  66. sam

    remember he said he’s signing someone special?
    now wait for january, gareth bale and neymar
    50 millions for only 2 special players

  67. Relieable sauce

    M’Villa banned by France until 2014 missing the world cup.
    No need to worry though, they’ve got Abou “1st name on the team sheet” (injury list) Diaby.
    French team a complete shambles as well! LOL

  68. Relieable sauce


    I’d prefer,

    Wenger, hill wood & SS out

    Pep, Dein & Usmanov in

    Wonga shouldn’t be able to splurge money now, not now the pressure is really on him, finally!
    Let the new guy have it

  69. kwik fit

    “I don’t want to go into any details but you can believe me [that] we do the maximum we can to keep our best players.”

    That fucker continues to take liberties with us addicted fools. ‘You can believe me’

  70. Bennydevito

    Love the way Gambon just appears to throw the odd insult about and then buggers off! He’s like David Dickinson in Dickinson’s real deal poking his head in and saying you’re a cunt – now that’s the real deal!

    Seeing how it’s quiet on here tonight how about a spot of January transfer window fantasy football but within our budget. I’ll get the ball rolling. Baines, Fellaini and Ba. And how about Swartzer or Jaskelinal (sp)

    Suggestions night grovers?

  71. kwik fit


    He is indeed because he always wanted to play for the Gunners and he knows that it’s the only way wenger will take him…..on the fucking chirp a chirp a cheap cheap

  72. sam

    Theo is a squad player worth keeping. its only those who try to compare him with thierry henri that see him as a failure. if you only see him as Theo walcott, our super sub. you will know why he will be snapped up quickly in january if we decide to sell.
    our new suga daddy wants him to replace nani, maybe he’s the highest bidder and already gave the greedy bod offer they cannot refuse, maybe not.

  73. Thomas


    Walcott is shite.

    Lol we have practically 1/3 of the squad just taking money and not contributing anything. Embarrassing.

  74. SDE

    Cesc AppealNovember 8, 2012 17:09:13

    CA..Spot on..Could not have put it more succinctly myself..

    I agree & I’m sure many others on here,were all nodding in unison with regards to your post..

    He’s thrives on conflict & is twisted..He even wanted the last say with you as per usual..

    Twisted & deranged like his Master…OGL!!

  75. Zig

    Hey Pedro… tested your comment form out earlier. As far as I can tell, you’re having this problem because of your Facebook login button above the comment form. To test… remove the button code and things should work normally in all browsers. Check out FB to see if they have a newer version of the button (preferably not an iframe version) that you could use instead.

    Thks. Go Gunners! 😉

  76. Pedro

    Suga, unfortunately, this isn’t a fortune 500 company that has access to IT resource at the drop of a hat.

    The comments button is broken because of Twitter… I’m getting it fixed.