Arsene critical of United performance and Santos | How do you think Schalke will pan out?

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Giroud gears up for a miss...

Tonight Arsenal take on a Schalke side who beat us a home a few weeks ago. This game takes on extra significance because we’ve lost three of our last five  games, we’ve conceded 10 in the process, we’re flat on confidence and we’ve struggled to find any sort of rhythm. If there is a common theme with Arsene Wenger sides over the years, it’s the inability to pull themselves out of a bad form patch. I have no idea why that is. Is it because the manager doesn’t address the issues. Is it because the manager remains shell shocked for a period of time. Or is it just plain old bad luck?

Whatever it is, we have the chance to rectify our form this evening. Thankfully Aaron Ramsey isn’t avaiable for this evening, but at the same time, this joy is tempered by Theo Walcott being unfit because he’s been sick over the last few days. That kind of leaves us in a bit of a hole (assuming he doesn’t make it, he might do, the only sick I’ve known past 12 is alcohol related). Apparently Johann Djourrou is replacing Rambo in the squad. Great news. What depth we have. I have no idea who will replace Theo. Quite possibly Andrey Arshavin. I hope it isn’t Gnabry. Could this even be a game that Eisfeld gets a start? He showed some impressive form against Reading when he came on late in the game. He’s very slight in build but he has that hard working mentality German people boast and he’s technically sound.

The back four will most likely remain the same. Wenger will continue with Santos at left back. He leapt to his defensive in exasperative fashion (I made a word up there) in regards to the outrageous half time shirt swap saga of the weekend. I know some people will point out it’s not important, I’d argue the opposite, it’s extremely important in top class sport to get the small things right. The psychological aspect of the game is hugely important. If your left back is thinking about the opposition strikers shirt, he’s not focused. He’s not aware. He has no fear or worries about the ramifications of his behaviour. He’s not focused on the one thing he should be… winning a game of football for the club that pay him (that said, if you were one of the people who abused his wife on Twitter, you really are a sad c*nt for 1) Following a footballers wife on Twitter 2) Thinking you’re in anyway helping the cause by being so unbelievably pathetic. Twitter really does remind you how dim a large percentage of society is).

Wenger said it was a cultural thing… personally, I’ve never seen a Brazilian do that in a game before.

‘I can understand that an English guy doesn’t understand it and I’m French and I don’t understand it either. He is completely in a different world when he does that.’

At least the manager understands this was bad form. I think the bigger issue with the left back is quite how bad he is. He looked like he might turn into a good player at one point. Then he picked up an injury and he’s been frighteningly suspect since he returned. Geoff pointed out the other day that Meade looked more motivated and able when he came on against Reading. I’m not saying we should play him, but it shows the desperation we have in certain positions when I’m making points like that one.

I’m going to assume Thomas Vermaelen will start at the back with Mertesacker this evening. Hopefully a game out of the British limelight will give him 90minutes to gather his thoughts and bring some confidence back into his game. Huntelaar isn’t the striker you want to be facing when you’re in a mess mentally. I’ve never thought the Dutchman was good enough for the Premier League. I saw him score the first goal at the Emirates. He has fantastic movement, but he’s one of the slowest strikers in the Champions League. He always scores goals, I just wonder if he’d find the same space in the Premier League. He didn’t fair so well in La Liga and the Premiership has the same, if not more intensity.

Our midfield will be Jack, Cazorla and Arteta again, They have to try and dominate. It doesn’t help that both Arteta and Cazorla have to learn how to play with Jack. I still feel they’re trying to work each other out. It’ll happen, it’s just a shame we don’t have the luxury of time on this one. They need to dominate, they need to move the ball around the park a lot quicker and they need to try and break with a bit more pace. Our real problems this season have come from our front three. Podolski is struggling to showcase his talent out wide. Giroud is struggling with the pace of play and the team is struggling to work to his strengths, which I have to say, aren’t clear at the moment. Then there’s a spare position which I’m guessing has to go to Andrey… another player who is missing that yard of pace and that dollop of effort when you most need it.

Wenger summed up the importance of sorting our form this evening with this comment.

“We want to respond to that and rectify that very quickly because it is not only the fact we lost the [Manchester United] game but the way we lost it.

Bang on my friend. I’ve heard things are not well behind the scenes. The camp spirit is low. The people who pull you through the bad times? The senior players. Is Arteta a big character? How about Podolski? How about Vermaelen and Mertesacker? This evening is their chance to show they are. It’d be nice to see some motivation on the pitch. It’d be nice to see a bit of shouting. A bit of geeing up. You know, like there was back in the day when Paddy or Adams would rev the boys up. I always find the lack of noise on the pitch from the boys perplexing. It’s fine when we’re winning, not when everyone is feeling a bit low. You need a voice on the pitch. You need a motivated leader. Tonight, we need 11 leaders.

Let’s hope the away fans are served up a treat this evening…

P.S. I hope the rumours of our fans chanting unsavoury songs at Robin Van Persie were untrue. It’d be might hypocritical if not and very disappointing.


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  1. Johnty79

    Reggae 57, we don’t rotate our key players that’s why we’re tired.. Just look back over our collapses after February in the last 8 seasons…

  2. Leedsgunner

    I wonder what the Dear Leader’s excuse for this poor poor defensive display will be now?

    Tiredness? (Why didn’t you sign quality players?)
    Lack of confidence? (Why didn’t you sign quality players?)
    Lack of belief? (What did you expect when you sell your stars and keep your dross?)
    Other clubs destroy our work… We can’t compete. (Give me £70m in transfer fees and I’ll show you how to compete…)

    No ifs, buts or maybes.

    You are running out of time, excuses, and ideas.

    Tick tock tick tock… Time to get our Arsenal back!

  3. bergkamp63

    I can’t believe some are talking about tired players when we are barely 1/4 of the way through the season ?

    Stop making excuses for shit players and a shit manager !!

  4. Lordbergkamp

    The reason we don’t rotate is that our squad is shit.

    Coz le know-it-all wont sign proven squad players.

    Time to leave le senile twat.

    1 point from two games against Schalke. Piss piss poor.

  5. Al

    Problem is …it doesn’t matter if these players don’t try or under perform as they know that they will not be dropped due to the lack of competition and the managers resistance to drop under performing players

  6. Johnty79

    Ful ham will destroy us on saturday as we r knackered. Le senile has his excuses ready. We r the worst run club in the league spurs make a profit with out champs league money where as we Will make a loss season after next.

  7. Johnty79

    Exactly reggae 57, who faults that. In 2002 we had Kano and wiltord to come on. Now we have no won. 6 years ago Henry was on 140 k aweek and our wage bill was 91 m per year. Now our top player is on 80 k aweek and yet our wage bill is 143 m. Work that out someone….

  8. kev

    yawn. boring. was like watching paint dry at times out there. i dont know what the fuck is after happening at arsenal.

  9. azed

    After selling Song, Wonga said “you can see we have quality in the middle of the part. Thats an area we have plenty of options.”

    I laugh in french!!!

  10. The JD Flick!!

    Theo sums up the Arsenal.
    Do well to get into a good position.
    Then bottle it.
    Fucking bullshit.
    Say what you want about us taking the score before the match, but we got ourselves into a good position. We should be professional enough to hold onto a two goal lead. This Arsenal team is supposed to be the “experienced, mature, and battle hardened” Arsenal team, not the soft Arsenal we had with Na$ri and Eboubou.
    On the plus side, we scored 2 goals, so that’s something. i guess.
    Also, Bade, you owe Bergy a blowjob.

  11. Alex James

    Chance at long last to comment, given problems with the comments box. See the Danish ref did for City. Utd will be putting in a bid for him. As for us, usual bag of rubbish

  12. northerngooner

    that’s the fucking reason Walcott isn’t a striker. last kick of the game and he fucks it up. big fucking changes needed. if Giroud is playing we need to be crossing the ball to him not fucking about with pissy little passes.
    I can be arsed moaning any more.
    Wenger out.
    I give up with this half arsed team and the half wit manager

  13. Danny

    Well lads, we didn’t loose! We would have all accepted a draw before the match so no point in moaning about all the usual negative shit, let’s just move on and pray that this is the start of some kind of revival.

  14. Paulinho

    It got stuck in your feet Theo because you haven’t got a left foot. Another reason why he’s a load of shite.

  15. Jeff

    We threw away another one. No end in sight to these miserable years under a deluded, demoralised and destitute manager. I wouldn’t mind if we came back from 2:0 down but we capitulated from 2:0 up and that is just unforgivable. We panicked, kept making mistakes, kept falling down, slipping and letting them in over and over again until we put it in ourselves for yet another defender own goal.

    At the other end a series of obligatory failed attempts from Giroud and a final nail in the coffin of our hopes in the dying seconds comes an unexpected one-on-one with their goalkeeper and Walcott but all he could do is demonstrate for all to see that he’s not worth whatever he’s asking for by showing that under even the slightest bit of pressure in front of goal he will just wilt and miss the golden opportunity to win the game. Words just aren’t enough any more. Needless to say, we have no chance against better teams than Schalke of which there are plenty.

  16. marxdrive

    As shit as Walcott can be at times, if he leaves and we don’t replace him with better (unlikely), we are fucked.

    Bade vs bergkamp63………..Pedro said he would give you a hand job each.

  17. Thorough

    Using DD’s language, ‘something is broken here’. And Wenger said it, as he looked up to God, having no clue what was going on around him. He said it, by making changes 23minutes later than his usual late time. We are doomed…if we fail to help Wenger by sacking him.

  18. Relieable sauce

    90 min sub of Pod for S****s is another fucking smoke & mirrors shitty trick from Wonga, he knows Pod will get booed so any fan anger for S****s is drowned out or misread.
    Also trying to soften the blow for when he plays next in the prem, which just shouldn’t be happening at all, never, ever, ever again!… shouldn’t have done in the 1st place, the 2nd, 3rd.
    I knew this from the first few times i saw him play for us & so must many others, he is not a prem left back, probably not a prem player at all, maybe not even a footballer.

    The attitude at this club stinks from the top to bottom!


  19. Ché C Cheriton

    There is something wrong with this Arsenal side. They have no confidence in their manager or their ability. Dominated by Shalke again.

    Wenger will be happy though.

    Wenger OUT Board OUT

  20. supergunner14

    Errrr I believe errrr I hate the twat always excuses with him.started good than went shit!!! MENTAL STRENGTH

  21. Doubdoubz

    Fucking drop Walcott out of it, he’s clearly our best player atm, he try’s and still has form even though he’s not being started. This is not a Walcott is shit thing its a wenger has mismanaged him thing. If he gave him a striking role from last season or even this then he’d be able to finish chances like the last minute in his sleep.

    You all scream for a saviour, go buy “worldclass” but don’t support whats already at the club. I support AFC i support the fucking team.. Do the same!!

    Walcott wants to stay and fight for the shirt but clearly is being mismanaged. He’s no Henry but Henry was nobody special and got his chance and Learnt to be a deadly marksmen. Some will say but Henry this an Henry that… Henry was swag on the juve bench doing nothing while trezeguet lauded it up.

    Give the boy some support, If and i think its more when he leaves we are in a right paceless bog of eternal stench… Jus sayin

  22. Jeff

    I actually don’t think Wenger can do much about the lack of quality in the team. You can’t make someone better than he is. The only option is to buy better. In these situations the manager’s job becomes all the more difficult because he has to get the absolute maximum from the players he does have in every match and with every kick of the ball. But of course he is utterly useless at that sort of thing as well. So we are left with a bunch of mostly substandard players thrashing around the park and against the better teams we are simply there for the taking.

    When was the last time we had such an average team? We used to have stars all over the place. We had players with a mission who could deliver and wouldn’t just run around waiting for the final whistle. Now we mostly just have placeholders whose performance value is at best inconsistent and at worst just totally incompetent.

    I just don’t know if one or two players are going to be enough even if Wenger was compelled to act in January. Every season, we also seem to have developed this nasty habit of multiple key players getting injured and not returning for months. Is it just a coincidence that we always seem to be one of the highest injury laden clubs? I just don’t know what is going on any more. In every match we just seem to fade away as the game goes on. I just don’t understand it.

  23. Relieable sauce


    They’re all being mismanaged.

    I think Walcott tried hard from what i saw, keeper made a good stop & he hit the post.

    A good manager would utilise his pace & acceleration to the max & he’s not a bad a finisher as is made out, bad crosser yes.

  24. Kurt F

    Quote from Wenger yesterday:

    “If you look at the goals conceded, I believe at the moment we don’t have to focus too much on that.”

    The man is a joke.

  25. kev

    are you for fucking real? “Henry was nobody special” henry won a world cup with france before he arrived at arsenal and scored three goals.

    he was a very good player before he came to us and did much more than walcott will ever do.

    nobody special my arse

  26. patthegooner

    FFS, pissed that we let a two goal lead slip,


    I would have taken a point 3 hours ago, but the fact I would have take a point is that clown Wengers fault.

    We won’t win this competion, our squad is incredibly piss poor once you scratch the surface

  27. Royal Bludger

    Who’s going to tell Wenger that time is well and truly up?

    It’s embarrassing to see him overbearing the 4th official when there are a thousand mistakes and misjudgements and fuck-up’s by him …

    The guy’s finished – get rid of him.

    Now, please.

  28. timao

    What I learned from tonight – Giroud is worse than Chamakh. He wants to much time on the ball and has insufficient vision and awareness. These are faults that cannot be trained out of him, he just doesn’t have that extra bit of quality needed to be a top striker. That is depressing. Bendtner, Chamakh, Park, Giroud, jeez, how are we going to get rid of all of them?

  29. kev

    you dont need to scratch the surface. were poor simple as. a top side will go to town on us. if schalke kept their composure they couldve had a couple more goals tonight. the chance huntelaar missed when he was one on one with mannone was disgraceful.

    the one bright spot for me tonight was the perfomance of mannone. i thought he was very good yet again

  30. SDE

    If I recall rightly ….Pedro remonstrated with me about a month ago..Told me I’ve bitched & moan all summer about how Wenger is shit & the team&squad is shit..Called me a negative so,so & so..

    He then resolutely & categorically stated,that this team & squad is a far better team than before & playing far better football..He also got his stat pack out to aid his flawed reasoning..

    All I will say is..that reasoning is the best joke I’ve heard in years..
    It brings tears to my eyes..So much for rational&objective thinking..

    It’s almost like being caked & smothered in horse manure & you think you smell divine..Whilst the whole world is telling you,that you reek of manure..But you won’t have it..Instead thinking that you smell of Jean Paul Gaultier..

    I think you’re spending too much time with OGL!!

  31. Relieable sauce


  32. Relieable sauce

    Yeah Mannone did play well!


  33. Cesc Appeal

    Anyone else notice how often Giroud loses the ball?

    Someone will pass it from the middle ad he’ll try to shield it but will lose out nine times out of ten without even touching it

  34. kwik fit


    Yeah he was dire tonight alright. Llorente is a much better player and has a turn of pace something our team needs in a striker.
    Why did Wenger not bring on a sub earlier that the 90th min . Some of the players were running on empty at the end.

  35. Tomtomtom

    I like Walcott. Hearing him say hopefully we can still win the premier league this year genuinely made me smile. He’ll totally take us there.

  36. Relieable sauce


    Oh i wish : /
    Probably the onset of a nervous brake down.

    only other thing worth saying is “fucking booooooo!”
    all i can muster i’m afraid..just aiming for 4th place so i don’t need to try that hard anyway… why should anyone?

  37. kev

    walcott seems to be a nice genuine lad but hes an utterly average footballer. still – hes probably the only player in our entire squad thats showing some bit of form and hes scoring goals which is nice.

    id fucking love to have his pace

  38. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah Agreed.

    Giroud is worrying, just doesn’t look as if he’s progressing at all.

    For a man who prides himself on his French connections Wenger has missed out on guys like Hazard and Cabaye for guys like Gervinho and Giroud.

    For someone who prides himself on spotting young talent he missed out on the whole Belgian revolution of young talent…Fellaini, Kompany, De Bruyne, Mirallas, Hazard, Vertonghen, Dembele etc

    Most all now play in the premier league and we have Vermaelen, Spurs alone have Dembele and Vertonghen…player Arsenal fans were screaming for.

    He was never great at tactics Wenger, he’s got worse.

    What he fell back on was his ability to spot a talent and grow it, I think he’s lost that too. A lot of players tend to regress with us now or we miss out on them entirely for a cheaper, shitty version of then (Gervinho/Hazard).

    In it’s current state the club is a nothing sadly. We need a change at board level and management level. Get Usmanov in and an aggressive footballing inclined CEO – not a crappy bean counter

  39. Jamal

    Giroud has no skill whatsoever when he’s on the ball. He’s slow aswell so he cant do a Theo (hit and run). In fact all he seems to do when he can beat his man is pass backwards or get tackled, haha he’s almost as poor as Chamakh.

    Ibrahimovic got 4 assissts tonight. Thats the type of cunt we need !

  40. Simon mcmahon

    Wenger has totally lost the plot! 90 minute subs ! Players running on empty for ages! We are totally fucked with squad depth! To say we need players in January is a fucking understatement! On Saturday we need Gibbs and the ox back I would ao like to see Eisfeld involved as well! WENGER OUT!

  41. Relieable sauce

    Just lost last post.

    90 min sub was coz wonga doesn’t have the balls or the squad to make a 65 min change.
    & to help that sad excuse of a player S****s for next prem game.

    Fucking pub teams got more integrity than this sorry circus

  42. Roaaary

    I went to the palace game tonight. Normally I never miss an arsenal game but the tickets were free.
    Palace are a club owned by genuine fans. They interact with the club and make u feel part of the club.

    The fans really love their club because of this. The atmosphere was electric. The team made up of journeymen run their socks off because they care. A few years ago the club was different. Shit fans and lazy players. All this because everyone now loves their club.

    Now look at arsenal. Shit greedy and silent owners who don’t give a fuck about the club. The fans have no identity with the club. Money grabbing fuckers run by a peadophile and his puppet gazidis.

    I’d prefer to watch a club with heart any day. Arsenal can stick my support up its arse till winger and kroenke are gone. Money making machine I have no love for them anymore.

  43. Relieable sauce


    I’d probably get more enjoyment from watching my own arse rather than the Arsenal these days.
    Maybe thats what Wonga was doing before he slipped & his head ended up his own.

  44. supergunner14

    my opinion:
    i honestly don’t think we have a shite team.its just wenger that’s all it boils down too.i mean when nasri,clichy,fabregas left they all said training is more intense etc…look at steve clark should of got manager of the month imo.his got a average squad but brings out the best in them.there must be something seriously fucked up for are players to give a half arsed effort besides there very lucrative contracts>
    i really don’t know what to think no more,because nothing will change and that’s the bottom line if we like it or not!sad state of affairs because we are the only fans that put up with so much shit.any other team would of got shot of wenger years ago.

  45. Lee Pace

    Arshavin was on the bench, Wenger brings on Santos. Wenger’s the type of person who would send cub scouts into a hostage situation and expect them to perform like SAS soldiers.

    ”Why carry MP5′s when you can use ze mental strength?”

  46. Relieable sauce


    They will both be gone fairly soon, the asset stripping is almost done.

    Gorcouff or whatever bargain buy wonga can sniff out in january is gonna be as effective as a ice pack for a brain tumor.

  47. timao

    it’s an utter shambles and a total negation of Wenger’s vision of building a team that gained strength from playing together over a long period. And when you think of Hleb and Flamini quitting on us and effectively ending their careers in the process – they must regret it – if they would have stayed it all might have been quite different now.

  48. Thomas

    This club is a fucking joke. Absolute joke.

    Wenger = Loser

    Also Giroud is shit. You lose RVP and replace him with Giroud? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  49. Thomas

    This club is a fucking joke. Absolut joke.

    Wenger = Loser

    Also Giroud is shit. You lose RVP and replace him with Giroud? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  50. sam

    fuck’yall of you doomers with your cult leader van persie.
    Giroud wouldn’t take 7 years to shine at arsenal football club and you are too dumb to notice that theo walcott already scored 8 goals this season.
    man city are out of cl and we still in it, we are 9 points behind league leaders in november not march you fools.

  51. sam

    2 years ago everyone including myself did not believe van pussy was strong enough to play up front.
    just 2 months ago, all of you losers wrote off jenkinson., giroud will score goals n doomers will find someone else to blame for their depression

  52. Johnny5

    My view of the game…. Pony result 2-0 up and end up drawing. Is wenger incapable of assembling a team that can keep a lead?

    Theo- started goodish then got really poor

    Verm- slow and crap

    Kos- a bit crap

    Giroud- scored but really rubbish sloppy in possession. Touch like jimmy saville

    Sagna- standard solid display

    Mert- my man of the match purely for his first half probably responsible for almost every interception in first 45

    Mannone- kept us in it but needs to learn how to catch and not palm the ball to the opposition

    Santi- awful gave the ball away more than anyone. Thought Ramsey was playing for a bit in the second half

    Arteta- so so did cock up a few times

    Wilshere- done ok but he’s still not back to his best by far played to high up the pitch too soon

    Pod- did ok after a shaky start

    Wenger- moaned like a woman to the 4th official half the night for no good reason. What was with the 90m subs?


    We’re not really that good but probably could be. Had the team that started tonight started the united game they’d have won and probably gone on to win tonight. Wengers fault what a knob

  53. kay

    Apparantly 90 min subs were precautionary… wanker dint want to lose the game…

    “”Look, we lost on Saturday and at least we didn’t lose again today.””

    Shame on him…

  54. Johnny5


    That comment just sums up wengers attitude to the fans legitimate fears regarding the club. He has no respect for the fans whatsoever. Fucking idiot.

  55. SDE

    That comment just sums up wengers attitude to the fans legitimate fears regarding the club. He has no respect for the fans whatsoever. Fucking idiot.

    According to Pedders,you should always support,or get behind the club,irrespective of the manager’s & BoD’s utter contempt for fans..

    Football has no equal & the fans that follow it- mirror their counterparts..