Theo Walcott considers leaving because of Wenger | What to do about Diaby | Fellaini & Cabaye on my Arsenal wish list…

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Fellaini (I hope this look-a-like is global in understanding)

So The Sunday Times ran an article yesterday stating Theo Walcott was now giving serious consideration to his future at the club because of Arsene Wenger and his new strategy of coercing his best players into staying with the club.

This strategy may have been a good option with Robin Van Persie last year. He was 28, he was injury prone, he needed to prove his fitness for the big pay day. However, when you’re 23, the fastest player in the league and a marketing mans dream… it’s probably not such a good idea. Not many people like being threatened. It doesn’t cause a good reaction. As it goes, Theo has been doing all he can to prove that he can play as a striker. I’m not a fan of him there, but I am a fan of a hard worker and I am a fan of any player willing to change perceptions about them to get what they want… footballing wise.

Now, I’ve heard through the murky grapevine of rumour and counter rumour that Theo Walcott isn’t interested in money. It’s playing time and getting a go up front. Normally, in a top quality Arsenal side, you’d have to politely tell him no. However, we’re in a slightly weak position at the moment. Giroud has not adapted to the pace of the league yet, he’s got a bad bout of the Bendtners. Gervinho, love child number one, has crocked himself and looks to be out indefinitely. Aaron Ramsey is doing an appalling job out wide on the right because, yep, you guessed, because he’s not a wide right player.

So we’re in a desperate position in two areas of our team. What have we got to lose? We might as well get the most out of him… I can guarantee you one thing, we won’t get someone as good as him for £8million in January. Once he goes, we really are in trouble, there is literally no pace in our side anywhere… and I really don’t think Chamberlain is in the same league as him when it comes to speed.

How are we in a situation like this yet again? I’d say why is no one asking Ivan what the hell is going on… but I know people are. The shareholders, the away fans and the press are all asking what exactly is going on at a club that used to be feared for it’s incredible football. How has this rot been able to set in so deeply over what is a relatively short period of time?

I said at the end of the summer that Wenger is playing a risky game with his transfer strategy. The fans are breaking out into disobedience earlier and earlier. This season is going down the toilet and the reason it’s going down the toilet is that £70million of uncommitted funds. If you’ve got that much spare cash, it’s because you’re not investing. It means you’re gambling on your feather weight squad. You’re basically calling the whole football market thick (in some cases, a totally just accusation).

As a club, we think we can sell out best players then invest half the sum in the replacements. Except it’s mostly not even half. Sometimes that pays off. Cazorla was the equivalent of a repossession purchase. However, in other cases, when you’re replacing the best striker on the planet… there’s a pretty low chance that £12million is going to cover the cost of that. When you’re selling a player for £15million to Barcelona and you plan to replace him with a player you bought and played every week last season (Arteta), that tends to indicate there’s a space left in the squad for another quality player.

There is no such excuse as… ‘football transfers are not as easy as buying a loaf of bread from the supermarket’… you know why? Because watching other clubs purchase our best players seems as simple as buying a loaf of Hovis at a self service check out. Why? Because teams outside Arsenal don’t seem to have too much of a problem putting their hands into their pockets (that often aren’t as deep as ours) and making the right signings. Newcastle would have sold Cabaye for £20million had we wanted him. We might have been able to buy Chek Tiote. We could have snapped up Berbatov from United and he would be doing an effective job for us right now. We could have signed a solid back up keeper from somewhere in the league. Hey, how about Craig Gordon who is more than capable of putting in top class performances. He’s on a free right now.

All those players could have hit the ground running, all those players are within budget, all of them were very publicly available. So why are we looking at an average squad bereft of ideas, spirit and leadership?

Another point I want to raise is the one around the captaincy. I said at the time I’d have given it to Arteta. There was no reason to give it to Vermalen. We’ve been talking about dodgy performances from him for a couple of seasons now, he was our second best defender last year and it was obvious he wasn’t capable of playing with Koscielny, which kind of relegated him to third choice. Now we have an awkward situation where by we almost have to rest him because he looks mentally wrecked.

Wenger gives no thought to the captains armband. It’s either a bribe or an ill thought out back of a fag packet idea.

As for key injury news… we’re all praying on the return of a teenage Chamberlain who has yet to prove anything, Kieran Gibbs who has done well this year, but is far from the finished product and an aging Rosicky who was one of our star performers from last year. What has this squad become where we’re so desperate for these types of players to return? I’m not saying they’re not good players, but I’m pointing out that the players we’ve got in their place are so average we look on at the medical centre in utter desperation in the hope these returning bodies will save us.

As for Diaby? Well, what is the point? Our season has quietly collapsed since his departure. If he was fit, I’ve no doubt we we’d be suffering far less than we are right now. He’s a top player. However, two things in life you can guarantee… Arsenal will sell one of their best players each summer and Diaby will be out for three weeks and that will then double with no explanation. You know what we should do? Sign Fellaini as his replacement. Go out and spend the money on Premiership quality. He has that physical presence we need. He can attack, he can defend. No one beats him in the air and he’s 23. If not him, buy Cabaye for whatever he costs, arguably one of the best box to box midfielders in the league. There has to be a solution to our lack of presence in the midfield. There has to be a contingency plan for Abou Diaby. Constantly hedging our seasons on him coming back to fitness is ridiculous.

How long did United put up with Hargreaves injury issues before they sought a replacement? Not long…

For me though, as much as there is work to be done on the squad, it’s not players that are at the heart of our problem… it’s a management team who can’t see the problems or work out how to get the best out of their attributes. I fear Wenger could go out and spend £200million on our squad and we’d still be suffering the same problems. We have great individual talent, we just don’t have a team at the moment. Where as United have a lack of individual talent but a team galvanised by the love of winning.

Over to you Arsene and Ivan…

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  1. peanuts&monkeys

    So, Podolski has bombed. Ain’t he? The highest earner in this team is a dud. Oh! So much for Gangrene intelligence.

    Gangrene rode extraordinary stretch of luck last two years. It has vanished now. May Arsenal under Gangrene finish 15th this PL.

  2. Bennydevito

    Just got back from a spot of shopping and had a quick look at some back pages.

    The mirror is reporting that Wenger is demanding answers from Santos for swapping shirts with RVP at half time.

    The Daily mail is reporting that Pep Guardiola has told close friends he wants the Chelsea job next season.

    One other paper was reporting Martin Keown asking why should Wenger put up with and be the subject of such vile abuse refering to the Jimmy Saville chants.

    So there you go, bang goes our chances of getting Guardiola and bang goes the earlier conspiracies on here about anti Arsenal propaganda and nobody reporting the abuse at wenger.

  3. BOOZY

    if you clear the bottom 10 players in that first team list, you’ll save a cool £200k.

    splash £50mil at santos and tell them you want neymar in the next available flight to london.

  4. ritesh

    @ Josip

    I would tend to agree with that. Don’t think Wenger will sign a new deal judging by some late signs. Example the way he behaved at the last AGM saying he is working to the best of his resources.

    Of course SS is desperate for Wenger to stay. If Wenger goes, he will have to sell the club otherwise he would have to inject money to keep our fourth place trophy instead of selling a star player every year.

  5. Ric

    peanuts&monkeysNovember 5, 2012 17:16:58

    Thats why I was banned by the way; I pointed out that based on experience I can definitely say Poldi is weak in physical leagues and would probably flop immensely. The fact that he had just scored his first for us may have contributed to my banning though, but it seems that unfortunately I was right.

    I did not however expect him to earn more money than Santi, or a number of other players in the squad. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?

    Walcott not worth the money, RVP not worth the money, but a short stocky german pole, that was relegated last year, he is obviously more deserving of our money than the greatest striker in the world. Naturally… What a disgrace.

  6. Arsene's Nurse

    Here’s a cracker from the Daily Telegraph comments section by a fervent AKB. I suggest you sit down and don’t drink anything when you read this:

    “Ramsey’s a kid who didn’t have a good game against United but has been getting better and better since his terrible injury, and is clearly incredibly talented – the new Parlour, only with better technique.”

  7. ritesh


    I am not sure Santos asked for the shirt…. Check this video… Santos is running off the field and reaches VP. Am not sure Santos asked for his shirt, probably VP just did it without being asked to.

  8. Jeff


    Your earlier comment rings true for me when you said that Wenger only wants to stay till his contract expires in 2014 even though the board would like him to continue even after that.

    In my view the reason for this is that he agreed to go along with this “model” thinking perhaps he could nick a title or two in the intervening years but our main rivals have other ideas. The realisation that it isn’t actually possible to win anything major under the current format is beginning to dawn on him and there is nothing he can do about it.

    He truly doesn’t like buying £30m players and hates paying very big wages (i.e. 200k) to individual players so the board philosophy suits his thinking well in that respect. However, reading between the lines and what has happened so far, he might be coming to the end of his tether because he has realised that players are basically not as loyal as he thought they were and any one who is worth anything will screw the club and leave for bigger and better things.

    Of course he is not blameless in all this. Far from it in fact because the duty of any manager first and foremost is not to the board but to the club and its fans since it is they that glorify his name and make him a legend. The majority of the board aren’t far from being worm food so he can expect nothing from them for his legacy but the club and fan-base live on.

    That is the big mistake he made when he, the board and the owner made a pact to carry this through and we have seen the results. A man with any honour and integrity would not have entered into any such agreement and left the stupid greedy arseholes to find another stooge. No wonder coming fourth pleases them so much because they don’t think even that is possible.

    I have never heard of any situation at any club that is as strange as this one. The plot thickens with every season as we sink a little lower and surely we must be closer to the end than we are to when this whole wretched plan was hatched.

  9. Moe

    I never wish an injury on a football player let alone one from my own team. But my word,if Wenger persists on not benching Ramsey,any suprise I celebrate like a giddy kid on christmas day when ramsey is out with a “groin strain”. A bout of the flu for Santos and it will feel like winning the elusive 4th place trophy!!

  10. BOOZY

    knock out
    arshavin 78
    djourou 50
    santos 60
    chamack 60
    diaby 60
    bendtner 50
    squid 50
    denilson 50
    you save a whooping £458k

    splash another £30mil and 150k on higuain.
    £25mil and 100k on ozil.

    so that’s neymar, higuain and ozil.

    you’d still have £200k
    wages to play with.

    This isn’t fantasy, we are already paying this wages to dross.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    I honestly don’t know how Hill-Wood, Gazidis and Kroenke can still sit there with that smirk on their faces and try to behind all is fine int he rose garden.

    The rose’s have wilted and died, petals are strewn all over the floor and the board walk amongst the stinking debris totally unaware and uncaring

  12. kwik fit

    Walcott has taken a mysterious illness ahead of tomorrow’s match. Who can blame him.
    Just watch Mr Wenger picking both Santos and Ramsey , cos he’s the manager on 135k per week.
    What wenger doesn’t know about football isn’t worth knowing. He’ll tell you that himself.

  13. Relieable sauce

    The players have just realised the genius of Rosicky & Diaby, the guys look like they’re pulling a few sickies now they know we’re not actually competing for anything.
    I see Rosicky as the maestro but his young disciple has plied his masters teachings supremely well & may even surpass his own achievements.

    £80 000 a week thank you very much!
    £60 000 a week thank you very much!

    I don’t blame these guys at all & am not saying they are worse than some others, i only blame the management!
    Which one of us would say no to that kind of deal?

  14. luke

    BOOZY November 5, 2012 17:49:18

    plash another £30mil and 150k on higuain.
    £25mil and 100k on ozil.

    so that’s neymar, higuain and ozil.

    you’d still have £200k
    wages to play with.

    This isn’t fantasy, we are already paying this wages to dross.


    how isnt this fantasy?

  15. Keyser

    luke shutup you AKB twat, of course it’s not fantasy, they are REAL players aren’t they ? Those are REAL numbers aren’t they ?!

  16. luke

    Keyser, don’t be so immediately and unjustifiably hostile. Obviously Neymay, Ozil, and Higuain are “REAL” players. Anyone who thinks, one player off that list LET ALONE THREE coming to arsenal fc with Wenger as manager is delusional. I don’t feel the need to explain myself further as anyone with any sort of mental logic will understand. My recommendation: Go play some more fifa 13 where clubs will just buy all your dross in one transfer window and Neymar, Ozil, and Higuain decide to play for arsenal.

  17. Jeff

    Of course the big question is: if Santos plays in the rematch at the Emirates, will he be up for a second shirt from Van Persie?

    And as for Mrs Santos’s excuse on Twitter that it is normal for this sort of thing to happen in Brazil (i.e. beg for a shirt at half-time), I would have to ask why other Brazilian players in the Premiere league don’t do the same?

    If he really was that desperate for a Van Persie shirt why not just buy one on the quiet? Is he and his wife really that stupid?

  18. Keyser

    Alright whatever mate, we’ll get IvoryGoonz to run some test simulations on FM and if they were out we’ll see who has the last laugh.




  19. Keyser

    Haven’t clicked the link, but if it’s IvoryGoonz I cn almost 110% assure you he’s run the necessary test simulations on FM and he’s pretty sure they’re accurate to within 33% of the overall statistical generalisation needed.

  20. Jeff


    Absolutely hilarious; I am in stitches. For those who can’t be asked, a Spurs fan phoned into Talk Sport to ask why Modric is worth 23m but Fabregas is worth 40m. Where did he get the figures from? The computer game Football Manager.

  21. Jeff

    The more acceptable face of begging is busking. And so it came to pass that the more acceptable face of prostitution became hugging.

  22. zeus

    Guys don’t be silly. Its not a normal occurrence for any player to exchange shirts at HT.

    Obviously, they must have spoken about doing an exchange before the game had started. RVP, as is customary, gives his kit to a fan in the stands after the game, so he exchanged at HT, so he could continue the little tradition of giving his kit to a fan.

  23. BOOZY

    luke to arsenal fans they are pure fantasy.

    man city’s team is pure fantasy to an arsenal fan.

    even chelsea’s team over the years are fantasy.

    so i don’t blame you.

    but le coq earning £30k per week is more like reality.

    i’m sure you one of those who said rvp was not worth £200k.

    That their is another fantasy.


    Man-u-bite-it were actually upset they didn’t get more goals so i read .Check the replay if you can stomach it and listen to the commentators, they couldn’y say enough about how shit we were.Fourth place,yeah right ya makin joke,they created a new beer after our team called the STALE ALE.

  25. Cesc Appeal

    Mirallas…less than £10 Million – Arsenal wanted him but he went because Wenger couldn’t gurantee him regular first team!! Instead play Giroud and Gervinho?? You mad???

    The open descent now is lovely to behold – all over talk sport, We Want Our Arsenal Back getting a bit of coverage.

  26. Relieable sauce

    Oooh! Wouldn’t want to be “upbraided” ….i think?
    WTF does that mean?
    Wenger revealed he upbraided Santoast about…. blah blah blah……..

    Players aren’t performing apparently!

    Yes Arsene we know, you were meant to have done something about it a long time ago, we thought thats what you got paid for, not 7.5 mil pa to state the bleeding obvious.

  27. Zacharse

    Did someone have a link to an article about Man United Ref corruption? i’d love to read it, anyone please repost.

    also good to see all the regular bat-shit crazy posters are still on here.
    Any news on Debuchy?


  28. sam

    2 myths i heard about ramsey lately:

    had ramsey signed for man utd he would have been great by now playing in his right position.
    fact: had he signed for alex fergusson he would have been playing for fulham, cristal palace/ crewe or rotherham. the old scott wouldn’t keep that donkey for too long.
    2. wenger had no choice but to start ramsey as walcott for nakered and chamberlain is unavailable.
    fact: santi cazorla is a winger and thomas eisfeld is a german. well anyone is better than ramsey. coward wenger should have grown some balls and brought pires out of retirement. still better than ramsey.

  29. kwik fit

    Wenger has hinted that his players are wallowing in unnecessary self pity after some disappointments in the last month which have led to their worst start under the Frenchman and he is now seeking to rebuild self belief ahead of Tuesday night’s Champions League clash with Schalke.

    “At the moment, it is as if the players have forgotten how good they are,” suggested Wenger ahead of the game. “Our game is about creating chances, about going forward, about having an offensive drive. We didn’t see that against United.
    No Shit Wenger!!

  30. azed

    At the moment, it is as if the players have forgotten how good they are,” suggested Wenger ahead of the game.

    I guess the players have realised that Arsene lied to them.

  31. sam

    that new sam is a wanker and he’s giving suga3 hardtime

    why can’t the admin force him to change his name to samantha or something

    or samuela

  32. sam

    how come no one noticed that santos did not ask for the shirt, man utd PR machine at work.

    santos as nice guy took the embarrassment of accepting the shirt.

    is santos really that stupid to ask van persie shirt in front of millions people watching.

    van juda did it on purpose to embarrass us, fairplay to him

  33. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Wenger skilfully deflecting attention onto the players!

    Isn’t the job of the manager to motivate them and if they are not motivated then the blame lies where… Tell us again Arsene cos we’re all a bit dim us Arsenal fans.

  34. sam

    we are the only one left behind, all the top teams are manipulating the media, the fa, the referee etc….
    Since david dein left we have not won a single work permit for our south american players, man utd had the raphaels and chelsea just got one for lucas piazon.
    anyway, this shirt thing was a PR move had santos refused, that dirty old scott himself would have come out to accuse arsenal of lack of sportmanship.

  35. Lordbergkamp

    Sam you deluded fool. He walked up, tapped RvP and asked for the shirt. Simple as.

    PR! When has a player ever forced another player to take his shirt? Are you a PR for Arsenal? It’s a great conspiracy theory. Until you look at it!


  36. sam

    get over it non flying dutch,

    your beloved robin is now member of nothern mafia, team mate with miss handshake patricia evra.
    manupilating the media is part of their training.

    Hey did you see chelsea even trying to get the referee sacked?

    hill wood out, usmanov in!

  37. Jeff

    For crying out loud; if you tell the world you’re only interested in fourth place, how do you think your players are going to react? It’s nonsense. Every time we suffer a defeat he comes out with absolute gems before the next game. He might as well just say we are just useless and it is pointless even turning up. Why? Because you can tell he doesn’t mean any of it when he tries to talk up our chances in the game to follow and everyone and his grandmother knows it. There is no fire in the manager’s eyes, no angst, no urgency, no passion, no drive and no hunger.

    The players aren’t wise old men who are going to be philosophical about it. They are mostly young men who need some sort of motivation to get them fired up. A tub of lard has more enthusiasm than Wenger.

    We had all this “talk” before the Man U game and what happened? We came out begging them not to hurt us.

  38. sam

    Right, bring in a lip reader
    we want to hear andre santos saying please robin give me your shirt.
    he was so stupid and impatient he couldn’t wait to reach the vestiaire, he wanted it right there in front of camera.

    fuck you ladybergkramp

  39. sam

    sam its ok i no jack is english and england think he can win the world cup for them thats good for them. hear at arsenal we are in real need off world class players and sorry to say english players dnt come under world class.

  40. IL Capo

    Put your money on another defeat in Germany tonight ….easy money at the bookies….team has no belief….manager is running down his contract….

    Wonder what Charlie George, Kenny samson, Nigel , Tony, Dave Seaman, Peter Storey privately think about the decline and defeatism at the club these days?

  41. Northern Gooner

    Wenger go now you fukin useless cunt and take those snivelling worthless fuckwits Stealin SK PHWanka and GolumGazidick with you.

  42. rizal

    The solution is made out of ONE word = boycott. We hurt them where they will hurt the most which is $$$ simply because they DON’T MIND TO HURT & PATRONIZING US. We need to unite for this campaign to happen & i don’t mind sacrificing of 1-2 years for the betterment of 5-10 years. No matter how many AGM we confront them but they just choose to turn a blind eyes and say the solution is from outside ” The Financial Fair Play” when the true solution is inside – “THEM” Kronke > Board > Arsene (and I do name them in order of big to smaller culprit ranking).

  43. rizal

    Btw I do agree with you Pedro what the hack is Arsene do with Walcott ??? Yes we are very lack in pace and flair, plus when Walcott say it is not about the $ & ambition then play him there and if he still leave then perhaps we could call him money grabber too because it is his own word that $ & winning ambition is not in his agenda. If Walcott leave then I would hold Arsene in accountability here especially because Walcott have not get 1 PL start and that is as the strongest testament.

  44. Moray

    Il Capo, I have 20 quid on RVP to score for Shalke against us tonight. I’m not sure how, but I just know it will happen! Typical Arsenal!

  45. James Morgan

    So Walcott considers leaving because of Wenger. He has seen RVP challenging for trophies ,not to finish third or fourth.The dm has fully vindicated his decision.
    As for Wenger this is not the first time the gunners have let slipa 2 goal cushion.If you add all the games where the gunners were leading by two/three/four to be pulled bck,it makes all fans sick. That shows Wenger has not been paying attention to the defence and are beaten regularly by the likes of mu and Chelsea.
    With Fulham lurking and a week’s rest don’t be surprised the gunners lose or draw.

  46. James Morgan

    So Walcott considers leaving because of Wenger. He has seen RVP challenging for trophies ,not to finish third or fourth.The dm has fully vindicated his decision.
    As for Wenger this is not the first time the gunners have let slipa 2 goal cushion.If you add all the games where the gunners were leading by two/three/four to be pulled bck,it makes all fans sick. That shows Wenger has not been paying attention to the defence and are beaten regularly by the likes of mu and Chelsea.
    With Fulham lurking and a week’s rest don’t be surprised the gunners lose or draw.

  47. linl

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