Theo Walcott to Liverpool? Hardly a step up | Arsenal head to United, will Robin get the Nasri treatment?

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‘Errr, Arsene, what do you think the reception for Robin is going to be like?’

‘Well sir, I think he’s going to get an absolute c*nting from the away fans and deservedly so. He’s a disloyal pig of a player and he’ll get what’s coming.’

Never quite pans out that way when the press ask that question does it?

Arsene Wenger reckons he’ll get the reception he deserves at the weekend, I think he’s right, but I’m not sure Wenger is thinking along the same lines as most of the Arsenal fans.

Me personally? I wouldn’t waste my breath on booing him. He gave us one fantastic season in 8, which I’ll be forever grateful for, but to boo him relentlessly? I’d rather ignore him. Didn’t someone once say the best way to get even is to be massively successful? I’m sure the only way we’re going to upset Robin tomorrow is by smashing his new side by two goals.

I don’t think it’s impossible either. On the face of it, they’ve an aging midfield that really shouldn’t have the legs to compete against an on form Arsenal midfield. They’ve got a defence that is leaking goals at a frightening rate and in goal they’ve got a keeper who is almost as dodgy as Mannone. Ok, I’m exaggerating the last bit… but De Gea really is a poor mans EvDS.

The biggest strength United have is their manager. How he eeks so much out of what on paper looks so little is a miracle. United sides work hard all the time. There’s no such thing as a 3rd place trophy where they come from. It’s up to our players to take a bit of their never say die attitude. The same attitude that saw us pull back 4 goals at Reading in the week. We have better players this year. I think we have a more organised defence and I think with Jack back in the set up and with Giroud and Theo starting, we could cause problems.

A few mentioned the fact I’d missed off Podolski in my line up yesterday. That was for a reason. I don’t think he’s been particularly effective over the last few week. He’s left Santos exposed on numerous occassions and going forward, he’s looked tired and out of ideas. That said, he’s always been a big game player. Could United away reignite his flagging season? Or should the boss opt for a well rested Chamberlain? It’s going to be about balance this weekend. We haven’t found it many times this season, but if it clicks now, we’ll have a good chance at racking up some important results through November.

In other news, Liverpool are being linked with a move for Theo again. I’m not sure how they represent anything other than a step down. Firstly, it’s moving up North, secondly, it’s too a far weaker squad and thirdly, they don’t have Champions League football and it’s doubtful they will for a while. That story is a non-starter for me.

Anyway, I must dash, have a great Friday!

P.S. I understand there is a problem with the comments function, I’m getting it sorted.

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  1. ritesh

    We wont win anything until Stan is around. We need to sell a player every year to pay for the shortfall in our operating expenses relating mostly to salaries.

    I don’t blame Wenger too much for having dead wood on the books as we need capital to buy good players. And Stan is not going to inject anything.

    I doubt whether the reserves is available to spend on new players. They are just keeping it there for rainy days. Wenger to protect his job, SS to protect his investment.

  2. HumAnimal

    Booing van persie wont make a difference, he doesnt giva a fuck about us and pissing him off will only make him more hungry for goals… the man is not a normal sobbing bastard… he is a determined footballer.

    the only way we can get to him is to fuck his team up… maybe jack can help us with a nice anklebreaker and not get sent off hopefully

  3. Phil

    This whole concept that somehow RVP was disloyal or owed the club for creating/ making him is absolute bollocks.
    Wenger didnt create him.
    Why do people think he should have somehow been compelled to sign a new contract ?

  4. Bade

    I wouldn’t quickly dismiss Theo to Liverpool for numerous reasons

    1. Theo is a Liverpool fan
    2. They will meet his financial demands
    3. It’s always tempting to go to a team with a great history trying to revive it. It’s even more tempting if you’re a true fan of the club
    4. Liverpool might get CL next season. Anyway, Arsenal playing for 15 years in the CL gave a much less end product than the few years Liverpool managed. They won it several times, we had only one final
    5. Liverpool try their best to improve. Arsenal almost intentionally sabotage their season, year after year
    6. Simply, Liverpool is a MUCH MORE AMBITIOUS club than us. They might be less successful at the moment, but surely more willing to win.
    7. Liverpool is a much bigger brand than Arsenal

    So there you have it. More than 1 logical reason why Theo might join them

  5. Jeff

    So the choice for the away fans tomorrow is get even or get ugly. What if we can’t get even (i.e. beat Man U) and what if they are all over us by the end of the first half? I would say the ugliest reception will occur at the Emirates where 55,000 fans will be screaming, whistling or jeering every time he gets anywhere near the ball.

    It will be a different story if we start well, keep going and actually beat Man U. That will be the better option as far as I’m concerned but there is so much pent-up emotion among the fans that if things don’t go our way tomorrow it will all come out an the obvious outlet will be Van Persie.

    I myself don’t have any respect for him because all his integrity, good deeds and words went out of the window when he darted soon as Man U came crawling at the door with cash and a promises of trophies galore. Yeah; we’ll see.

  6. El Tel

    I am now officially an impostermon a Mancscum blog site. The wankfest for these cheats is ridiculous on an Arsenal site.

    That cunt Red Nose is now trying to tell our fans how to behave. What a total cunt. He reported our home fans in one of the quietest partsmof the Stadium for abusing him then we get the disgusting vitriol sung to Wenger from their fans.

    This Jock shit cunt just wants everything his way. I say to the away Gooners, cause fucking mayhem. Tell the rapist traitor exactly what you think of him. Let the Jock cunt know what you think of his be nice comments too.

    Lets see the traitor react like Ade the whore when He gets the full blast from our superb away support.

    That Jock cunt said all former Mancscum fans get a good reception from them neanderthal wankers. Of course they do. Lets ask Tsvez how Hw got treated. Even that piss head himself abused Tevez.

    We want our Arsenal back, well lets start by supporting the Club like them awesome away fans do.

  7. Alfie


    He done nothing short of hand in a transfer request, he was never going to stay, he just thought that by releasing that statement he was going to get a nod of approval and “AM I RIGHT GUYS” thumbs up from the fans. I dont blame the guy for moving, I just think the way it was engineered and who he went to was nothing short of disgraceful. Fucking talking about little boy inside him and all that bullshit…….

  8. andy

    I still hope frimmers will be benched tomorrow – in case we are 2 or 3 goals down to introduce him and let him break the dutch cunts legs

  9. El Tel


    Liverpool, ambitious?

    Brendan Rodgers?

    Spending millions on average players?

    It gets fucking silly saying that Liverpool are more ambitious than us. Apart from the jammy CL win they have been nowhere since 1990.

    Come on Pal, if you want o beat the Arsenal up please do better than that.

    Theo will go for the cash. No more no less. Cash talks to these mercenaries.

  10. Phil

    I accept that is your view.
    but he was never going to go to a Wigan or a Villa.
    Logically he was only ever going to go to one of three clubs.
    Don’t get me wrong, I have huge respect for the Henry’s of the world who could never join an English competitor. But people like that are the exception not the rule.

  11. andy

    alfie that´s my point. “I love Arsenal so much and I owe them so much” – 5 seconds later calling fergie to tell him he will join them this summer … I would love to break his legs by my own I have to admit … for me he is more scum than adebaywhore

  12. andy

    phil it depends whether they got a good reception from fans, staff and many others around the club. if you get support daily and fans singing your name it IS THE RULE that you don´t join another club in the same country, or at least not one of the firecest rivals … he´s a cunt

  13. sam


    i will add one more
    Liverpool will let him have his marketing rights on top of 100k salary
    while greedy arsenal board want to control everything for only 75k

    who wouldn’t want more money if your company is using your pretty face to market his products.
    Thats why they love buying young kids to exploit them as soon as they open their eyes they are sold. and clueless fans will call them greedy mercenaries.

  14. Phil

    Somehow I woud be surprised if RVP woud run the length of the pitch to celebrate in front of our supporters.
    And to me joining the scum is worse.

  15. andy

    I can´t talk about the dutch without using the word “cunt” at least once in my comments … fucking cunt makes me using curse words on a regular basis

  16. El Tel


    The fact that shit cunt wrote a letter to the fans and strung us along is enough to condemn him. For him to join them is the nail in hte coffin.

    He is scum of the highest oreder. He told his Dad He wouldnt join any other English Club. His wife was happy staying put.

    The traitor is a cunt. He knew what He was doing. Arsenal almost begged him to stay and so di most of the fans.

    He gave us no choice and we lost out on even more cash.

    Before you hit back with Wenger signed Poldi and Giroud for insurance. Of course He did. Thats what most Managers would do. Thats why He signed Giroud because giroud would be happy as a squad player. If he had signed someone like Huntelaar and the traitor had stayed He would have had big problems.

    We cant afford to pay strikers like Dzeko and Torres £100.000+ per week to sit on our bench. we dont even pay our main strikers that.

    Do you not see this.

    RVP is a cu t.

    He runs like a Girl, He runs like a Giiiirl. You fucking traitor you run like a girl.

  17. Bade


    I would amend & say, Mancs have 2 major advantages on us, Red Nose & Robin

    Other than that, I totally agree we have a better midfield & at least we’re a match in defence

  18. andy

    phil I don´t want to compare joining mancs or scum. both are aweful. but adebaywhore was never really treated that well by us fans while the dutch got every support. I don´t want to leave any positive on ade at all but he didn´t get a song by our fans … we treated him as he deserved – bad. but he didn´t say “I love Arsenal” while talking with fergie about your next contract

  19. El Tel


    I may be a clueless fan but to say they are not mercenearies after saying they go for the money is a bit of a contradiction.

    My point was against Bade cunting the Arsenal off by saying Walcott would join them for more success.

    You think Theo is pretty do you.

    Oh well, each to their own.

  20. sam

    EL TEL!

    If you call theo a mercenary wait next summer, chamberlain is the new face now and he also has agent just like theo.
    then there is wilshere, gnabry etc……..
    the board will always get away with it coz everytime a player demand an improved contract they will brand him a mercenary n sell him.
    it works everytime!

  21. El Tel


    They have two advantages against us.

    The media and the Officials.

    Curbishley on SSN( MUTV) today talking about Arsenals weaknesses. Why not how to beat them?

  22. El Tel


    On the playing side.

    That fat cunt Looney is my main worry for them as He has always been a thorn in our side. Lime Dogshit was for the Chavs.

  23. Jeff

    Tomorrow will tell us a great deal. If Van Persie plays, we’ll see how much he cares for his “X” and how far he will go to rub faces in it as he fondles Rooney’s genitalia in open play.

  24. andy

    eltel – in fact they have 5 advantages

    the media, the ref, linesman1, linesman2, 4. official

    bet we concede at least 1 penalty

  25. Phil

    El Tel, am not hitting back with anything.
    You blokes hate RVP for what he has done.
    I blame the club for creating the circumstances for yet another quality player to leave.
    We won’t agree.
    You all hope someone breaks his leg this weekend. I would rather he misses a penalty and they lose.

  26. Bade

    El Tel

    Do you even what’s the meaning of ambitious?

    From the free online dictionary.

    1. having a strong desire for success or achievement; wanting power, money, etc.
    2. necessitating extraordinary effort or ability an ambitious project”

    Arsenal: Have a manager with 7 trophy drought years, stating he’s happy to finish 2nd for the next 20 years, guaranteed a “job for life” after finishing 3rd, thinks 4th is a trophy. Making 50m’ of profit in the transfer market, in the last 7 trophy less years. Don’t spend even what the manager’s is given to do so

    Liverpool: Every single season splashing money in the seek for success. Not always successful to do so though. Never thought that anything less than 1st is a trophy, even though not being in the CL every season, managed to win it & two seasons after that managed to make the finals again. When they sold a 50m player, they immediately spent the money back into the squad (Again, not making the right decisions, but trying)

    I’d say Liverpool are ten times more ambitious than us

  27. andy

    for diving of course … young against mertesacker, mert is 2 yards away from young who dives and gets the penalty .. who´s ref btw?

  28. El Tel


    I have no argument with you regarding greedy players.

    You said I am a clueless fan for saying this then say I am right.

    My point was the comparison between the Arseanl and Liverpool by Bade.

    Honestly. Them more ambitious than us, because they waste cash and throw it about.

    They are suffering now and starting to behave like a mid table team.

    Hiring Rodgers is not ambitious for me just like hiring Dogleash before Him. It stinks of mediocritiy and desperation.

  29. Bade

    And I forgot that Liverpool weren’t afraid to fire underachieving manager, no matter how big they were, or how legendary players they were

    Arsenal promising Arsene a job for life after 7 seasons without any trophy, and giving the CEO a hefty pay raise & a bonus for the “excellent season” where Arsenal finished as high as a quarter final in any competition & 3rd in the league thanks to a blunder from a WBA keeper in the last day of the season ….

  30. andy

    ref mike dean; 4th official phil dowd … is this better than webb? I´m not sure. we all know dean is a spud supporter.

  31. Bade

    El Tel

    Arsenal fans should start pulling their head off the sand & realising the reality.

    It’s not only about the money

    Blimey, even Arsene admitted Robin was offered 300k a week by $ity, yet he went for the Mancs for about 80-100k a week less. How does that go with your theory then?

  32. El Tel


    Ask any Liverpool fan to swap recent history and see what THEY have to say.

    You can call anyone ambitious who chuck money around. I call it foolish of after 20 years a title is nowhere close.

  33. sam

    EL TEL,

    i wouldn’t trust football agents nor arsenal board
    its like watching a fight btw 2 giant snakes
    i think arsene wenger should intervene and convince theo to stay.
    the agent want more money and can surely get it somewhere else
    the board doesn’t want to spend, they’d rather sell him and tell arsene to bring a cheap replacement to balance the book.

  34. Jeff

    I wouldn’t call it hate. One can hate Lasagna or Marmite but the emotion towards an entity like Van Persie is something even more profound than just base hate. It is extreme disrespect. He has shown himself to be a shallow person who thinks nothing of telling outright lies to the fans just so he can be seen in favourable light when he does his dirty deed behind the scenes. He’s a greedy, conniving, lying scoundrel.

    Nasri has more respect from me than he does.

  35. Bade


    I do understand the “logic” of his move

    But what has logic to do with football?

    It’s about desire, winning, competing, sincere & primitive emotions, pride, legacy, honour, passion……. Hence why I hate him for what he did.

  36. andy

    bade this argument is complete bullshit. the numbers were not officially used but only filled in by a journalist. fact is the dutch earns around 200 – 250 k and he got offered between 220 – 270k … nobody – except himself and his agent – knows how much he got offered. sources say he now earns 250k by the way. so even if he got offered 300 h earns 50k less, not 80 – 100

  37. Gavqatar

    Theo is definitely off to Liverpool……he is a boyhood fan and it means he can play golf with his buddy RVP again as he will no doubt live in Cheshire.

    Watch this space

  38. Phil

    El Tel,
    Even the legends who love the club know their value and expect to be compensated correctly.
    And when our management hand out 50k pw to people like Squillaci and Djourou. It’s no wonder Theo thinks he is worth 100k.

  39. El Tel


    I never liked the traitor when He was with us, it is checkable if you go to the Le Grove archives.

    I would never want anyones leg broken so you can cross that off too.

    Would love to see him endure pain but not of the physical kind. Just the kind He has inflicted on my fellow Gooners.

    I am glad the greedy cunt left as our game was all about Him. His new Manager even pointed this out before buying him You might not see it yet but we are much mre a team now.

    Sure He is a WC player but this doesnt always mean the team are great.

    There are many WC players at Clubs who win nothing. Ask Bade, He will point a few at Liverpool out for you.

  40. SUGA3

    El Tel,

    I am sorry mate, but as a matter of fact, Liverpool are trying (whether they are successful is another matter) to change their fortunes, whereas Arsenal is a stagnant club, plain and simple!

    I am 100% with Bade on this one, could not have put it better myself if I tried, if thethings continue as they are, we will be behind them in a season or two!

  41. Bade

    El Tel

    You seems to be passing over the point

    You might question Liverpool ambition, but they’re much more ambitious than Arsenal

    This was my point and you totally ignore, as you know too that a club that makes profit & make basement bargain can’t be ambitious

    So I don’t need to bring on anything, as you never answered my comparison. Shoe me please why do you think Arsenal is more ambitious than Liverpool?

  42. andy

    suga3 you think lpool will be better than we are in one or two seasons? I´ve read this 2 seasons ago. it´s funny 🙂 like we won´t be top 4, I´ve read it 1000 times in the last two years. lpool won´t come back into top four anytime soon

  43. Johnny5

    Can’t believe I’m saying this bit we should keep theo purely because there’s not many better options for the money wenger will likely spend on a replacement. He won’t go Liverpool either if anywhere it’ll be Chelsea. A draw proves nothing we need 3 points at OT and I hope someone smashes RVP to bits. I’d boo the fucking shit out of him not because he left but because he went to united. He deserves to be bottled then what’s left stabbed into him repeatedly….. 50 times. I’m not all that optimistic but in the back of my mind there’s a glimmer of hope.

  44. SUGA3


    well, we have spent the last decade laughing at Sp*ds and look at them now…

    we are regressing like clockwork, anyone saying that we are improving needs his head checked, all there is for the others to do is to stand still, which is not something they do…

  45. Bade

    As for “Average” managers

    Hmmmm, I think average at best is:

    A manager who think 4is is trophy, never won a final in his 16 years at the club out of the FA, lost more finals (5) than won (4), never retained a league title, happy to finish 2nd for 20 years, won ZERO trophies for 7 consecutive years, including embarrassing loss in the CC to a relegated side & losing in the CL final because he can’t keep a lead for 15 minutes ……

    Do any of you know he is?

  46. El Tel


    Andy answered for Me.

    If Arsenal hired Brendan Rodgers and got rid of Wenger. Tell me from your head rather than your heart you would be happy with this.

    Liverpool making same mistakes as the Spuds. Poor Manger appointments.

  47. andy

    that´s the problem with drawing/losing against sunderland or norwich – you have to win the difficult games like tomorrow. as long as we lose/draw as many games as we do/did recently we won´t be able to be title contenders. Imagine we would have won against norwich and sunderland or at least drew one and won the other – we could be happy with a draw. now – in fact – we have to win tomorrow to be anywhere near the top.

  48. Phil

    I agree it’s all about passion.
    We are passionate about our club all our lives.
    Most players are only passionate whilst they are at the club, and then their passion, or their desire to compete etc has to move with them.
    Unless they happen to play for the club they grew up supporting and remain a one club player. Not a lot of those anymore.

  49. Ric

    Doesn’t the fact that fans are split over wether to boo the manager or an opposing player at least make the managers position untenable?

  50. SUGA3

    El Tel,

    the thing is that they TRY to change their fortunes…

    as for Sp*ds, well, they might have got themselves the right man in AVB this time and ‘Arry did not do too badly either!

  51. Jeff


    That is very funny. You’re saying there are so many things to boo about that the fans will probably end up booing nothing and no one.

  52. Gunner4Life

    Comparing RvP’s situation to someone who changes jobs is completely wrong. The company you work for does not come with legions of adoring fans and an emotional attachment. I don’t know of anyone that kisses their company logo.
    You can’t be kissing the badge and declaring your love for the club and then join their most bitter rival.
    They do have an advantage with Old Red Nose, BUT he is not infallible. Last season when we beat ManShitty it looked for all intents and purposes the title was Munure’s, but somehow they dropped easy points to let Shitty back in.
    So here’s hoping he fucks up again and arsene flukes a lineup that can cause them problems.

  53. sam

    El tel!

    i didn’t call you clueless, if you feel so i apologise.
    theo will no sign for liverpool anyway. if man city n chelsea are after him you should forget liverpool. he supported as a boy when he didn’t have an agent.
    don’t rule man utd out as fungus is looking for nani’s replacement.

  54. El Tel


    You aremaking assumptions. The Spuds and Liverpool are big Clubs so by right should be competing with us.

    We were 3rd last season not 4th yet like last year talk of us being mid table is still being said.

    Sure we are not strong at the moment nad for sure I want Wenger replaced.

    I will not though make tings up to prove my point with factless assumptions and I will not disresepect a Manager who HAS won the League and FA cup mant times.

    To call Him average because you dont like him is ridiculous.

    I have a different reason to most for wanting Wenger out but if we got Rodgers in I would be fucking angry.

  55. Bade

    El Tel

    As for chunking money on average players …..


    Are you mental mate?

    Diaby, Denilson, Bendtner, Eboue, Vela, Squillaci, Fabianski, Djourou, Senderos, Traore, Almunia, Chamakh, Park …… I can go on & on

    At least you’ll never hear such a line from a Liverpool ex-player

    “I should have left a season before, but honestly I had a deal too good to turn down”

    That was Manuel Almunia, who “served” Arsenal for 6 years, was shite all the way long since day one, yet got contract extensions, pay raises, was on 50-60k a week & the club simply couldn’t off load him

    We should also state we have a much bigger wage bill than Liverpool, without having any star player

    We lost our Captains for the last 8 years, mostly to rivals (English or European)

    Liverpool didn’t lose their captains & best player

    Liverpool try to bring in good players, willing to pay more than 15m

    Arsenal play in the 3rd fiddle market, unwilling to pay more than 15m’ for a player (& always looking for the resale potential) but always happy to SELL players for more than 25m’ ……

    Give me a break

    Arsenal is the club of my life, but talking about them being ambition is like persuading yourself Park in the new Messi

    El Tel, Do you think Park is the new Messi?

  56. Phil

    Liverpool have shown ambition, they have just shown an equal dose of incompetence.
    Throwing money around on average players.
    Rogers is being punished for Dalglish’s poor decision making.
    Questions is , when will their American owners dust off ther wallets again?

  57. Bade


    I agree with you, and I would add this

    When Theo was granted the 60-65k a week he’s earning now, on what basis that was given to him exactly?

    You can’t pay players so much at a young age & then not expecting their demands will grow as they grow with the game

    If he was on 45k a week, he’d see the 75k as a big improvement

    But as we’re paying players huge salaries & pay raises without any correlation to their merits, we’re putting ourselves in a ridiculous situation in the 1st place

  58. El Tel

    Agree Bade.

    The goal posts moved since then but show respect. He has done something even the piss head will never do.

    Please dont be qucik to point out other Managers history then dismiss ours.

    We are the most hated Club in the Country because we have a French Manager who happened to be the first really successful Manager in this Country.

    He has it all going aainst him and in them days proved he has what it takes.

    The youth project and his stubborness aee his undoing and it is time for him to move on.

    Would tou take an Harry Redknapp or Brendan Rodgers calibre Man though then call it ambition?

  59. SUGA3

    El Tel,

    Sp*ds are nowhere near as big as we are and it is a fact, however, we are allowing them to shorten the distance due to the sheer ineptitude of our manager and board, as far as I am concerned, this is high fucking treason…

    and the worst thing about it all is that the lemons ‘running’ the club are shooting it in the foot by the way of waiting for the FFP salvation which will never come…

    counting on this is silly, as it will not have any teeth and the clubs that may fall foul of it are some two-bob outfits, the big boys had it covered when it was introduced, there would be no chance of that happening otherwise!

  60. Bade

    El Tel

    Unlike you, I will judge the new manager only for his actions

    People forget Arsene was absolutely nothing before Arsenal

    Liverpool TRY, I don’t say they’re doing better than us. But that wasn’t the question, was it. It was who’s the more ambition

    Ambition is about TRYING to fulfil you potential

    Arsenal simply don’t try. Selling your best players & making PROFIT in the transfer market is in the opposite end of the definition “ambition”

    Unless ambition is a financial target of course ….

  61. El Tel


    You conveniently mention Wengers poor signings.

    Most of them were cheap squad players.

    How about mentioning.

    Arteta,Cazorla,Podolski,Merteseker,Vermaelan,Kosser,,Chamberlain and Jenkinson ( yes Jenkinson) who many cunted off when first seeing him play, the same Jenkinson being fast tracked to play for England.

    How about al, those players like Ade,Nasri, RVP,Cesc, Toure,Hleb,Song who all our rivals are tapping up?

    They only want our players it seems. Yet you pick out the failures.

    You say I rate Park as much as Messi. Tell me when I said this. And how you come to this conclusion.

  62. SUGA3

    El Tel,

    why don’t we keep these good players and let the dross run down their ridiculous contracts?

    fuck me, you are easily pleased, aren’t you fella? the good players are the lifeblood of a big club, the dross are the leeches, simples!

  63. Bade

    El Tel

    Our main problem is, if we tried, we’d do MUCH BETTER than Liverpool, as we have the means, but we don’t

    This is what is frustrating

    Just imagine where we would be now had we kept Robin & brought in a good keeper (Cesar, Loris) & a Sahin?

    Blimey we’re fulfilling 20% of our potential, whereas Liverpool fulfilling 80% of their current potential

    And the major question is WHY do we do this for ourselves?

  64. Phil

    Our wages policy is completely flawed.
    As you say, paying too much too soon to young players leaves us nowhere to go.
    I read we are renegotiating Frimpong’s contract.
    Well i guess that means-telling him ” stay fit, don’t be sent off stupidly, stop tweeting, put your head down and work hard work to earn an increase”.
    Or more likely here is 50 and 5 years

  65. El Tel


    Arsen was nothing to us English fans who rarely look outside our own League. He actually came runner up to Marseile when Managing Monaco to which Marseille had the title taken from them for cheating. Sonds familiar does this.

    He also had players like George Weah. World player of the year give him his trophy and thanking him .

    Come on Pal.

    I agree with you regarding going stale etc. but dont take away the mans CV to help you win a row.

    Suga. Bye Mate.

  66. Bade

    El Tel

    You’r mentioning a good players (Not sure about Kozzer & Tommy this season, OX is still a potential not fulfilled), but you’r forgetting who we lost

    Robin, Cesc, Nasri, Toure, Clichy, Gallas, Flamini, Gilberto, Hleb …..

    Tell me how many times Arsenal lost/sold a player & recruited a better option? I really can’t recall so many

    Even Cazorla, who I rate as a better player than Cesc for us, was brought a year late

    Arteta was a panic buy, we brought him even without a medical, it was more luck than brains …..

    I don’t say Arsene only getting bad players, but if you run a comparison, we have too gash/cack players for every good one, & I’m optimistic here ….

  67. SUGA3

    El Tel,

    it really is not relevant what happened 9 years ago or so, it is an eternity in this day and age!

    as you admit yourself, he has become stale and shoulod be moved ob before he takes this club down with him , which he will!

    the problem is that no one at the club can challenge him as no one can tell his arse from his elbow here, there are no football men above him and even the likes of Bould are quickly ‘wengerised’, so it is all pointless, really…

    recently I have realised that I just don’t enjoy it any more, there is no excitement ahead of the coming season, just trodding along, fuck this!

  68. Gunner4Life

    People forget Arsene was absolutely nothing before Arsenal

    Yes this is true but don’t forget Arsenal was a Tottenham, Everton, Villa type club before Arsene. He raised our club to one of Europes most respected club.

    I know he has lost it now, but don’t belittle his achievements.

  69. SUGA3

    El Tel,

    is it the manager’s fault? it is to an extent, as he no longer has the constraints he worked under when we needed to pay off the Highbury Sq loan, yet he continues signing dross who are a drain on our resources…

    why do we pay Squillaci 50K a week? what, his mates would laugh at him if he only earned 30K, as sure as hell he ain’t worth a penny more?

    there was absolutely NO NEED to sign the players like him or pay exorbitant wages to Almunia, would he find a better wage somewhere else? would he fuck!

  70. sam

    why should walcott be a benchwarmer at man utd?

    he has better goal ratio than nani n will click well with van persie
    go ahead, encourage gazidis to sell players n don’t think anyone is safe
    including jack wilshere.
    when is jack’s contract ending anyway? its going to be the same formula.
    they will offer him shit contract he cannot agree while vieira is waiting with 45 millions n 200k a week.

  71. Shoreditch gooner

    El Tel wants Arsene out because he thinks there is too much hatred towards Arsene because of his French connection,not because of his trophyless years.
    Strange logic that.

    “We are the most hated Club in the Country because we have a French Manager…”

    Some logic that fella. Assume Liverpool were the most hated club in England when Houllier was managing them.?’

  72. Bade

    El Tel

    Arsene had only 1 French cup in 10 years of managerial career before
    Arsenal (maybe a title too? I’m not sure), hardly an achievement

    I’m not writing him off. Bur simple he wasn’t a Pep or Capello or Jose before he came to us. He was no more than a Rodgers or Harry then …..

  73. El Tel


    You cant see that I agree with what you want as I want the same too.

    Its just your explanation is not supported by facts.

    80% to 20% where do you get these numbers?

    Liverpool like Villa. Are showing ambition to their fans by spending big.

    That has stopped. They will sign Theo only because they will get him cheap, otherwise why not bid before?

    The so called biggest Club in the World are cutting their cloth bu their standards.

    Brining back Scholes was probably not an option for their Manager if it was three years earlier but they are spending the budget he has been given.

    Only Citeh and the Chavs are still chucking big money at players and Citeh had an extremely quiet year last summer.

    If I am wrong about this then bring on the facts. We all agree that Mancsum are not as good as the past bit they are not spending so big to replace. The traitor and Kagawa was probably maxxed their budget last summer. They never signed Schenider the year before.

    Maybe Liverpool could be more ambitious by getting the Management right before wasting millions on Johnson and Adams.

    Their Captain stayed their because He got involved in some Gangster shit. The Chavs wanted him and would have got him if he could leave there.

    Gerrard will be a Legend to them too and rightly so.

  74. sam

    ox is a good player n england international but wenger doesn’t play him much.
    ramsey n gervinho are picked ahead of him what do you want him to do?

  75. Bade


    “Yes this is true but don’t forget Arsenal was a Tottenham, Everton, Villa type club before Arsene. He raised our club to one of Europes most respected club.”

    HA? Am I missing something? Arsenal were the 2nd best club in England before Arsene. Now they’re 3rd with a margin from 2nd

    Arsene made Arsenal respected in Europe??????

    It was the CL, not Arsene. He just happened to sign for us in the right timing. Had the CL not come to life, we would have 3 CL campaigns, no more

    Talking about Europe & Arsene is ridiculous. In 16 years he got us only 2 finals, losing both of them

    El Tel

    By the way, in the same time frame Liverpool won 3 European cups, inculing the CL which we never ever won

  76. SUGA3

    El Tel,

    so, our advantage over Liverpool is that whilst both club have poor management team, ours at least doesn’t piss the money up the wall that much?

  77. Gunner4Life

    Bade you are right he was an unknown before he came to us, and while his profile was raised so was the profile of the club thanks to him.

    You really don’t know for sure the next manager will be a success or not, even if he comes with history or is an unknown.

  78. SUGA3


    well, this one is surelt a failure, but then again, I would not trust these idiots on BoD to appoint someone capable!

    I guess, Kroenke and that cunt Gazidis have to go first…

  79. Bade

    El Tel

    It’s not a measured science really, it’s my own thought of 20% – 80%

    Liverpool are pushing their ability almost to the maximum, but they’re not getting it right I agree with you. Hence why not 100%

    We’re, in the other hand, making profit each year, losing our best players without even caring to replace them, we can bring 50m players, but we really don’t need to, But we don’t even get the 2m ones

    Why Arsenal are 20%?

    Because we could have easily had another striker, midfielder, defender & a good GK already this season, then we would have been in a much better status, but we’re not

    Just the same as it is in the last few years

  80. Bade


    I don’t & never denied Arsene’s achievements in his first 7 years

    Just so you know how low Arsene declined

    He’s our most successful manager in term of trophies (But not trophies per years), but he’s also the manager with the longest trophy less spell at the club. So he’s the worst in that matter as well ……

    As someone wrote once on here

    When Arsene came he was 8 years ahead of all other managers
    Now he seems to be trailing 8 yrears behind all other managers

  81. El Tel

    Shoreditch Gooner

    It is not just because He is French. It takes too long to write it all down. He WAS the first Manager from abroad to be successful. He opened the door to other foreign Managers and made this trendy.

    Ferguson and his henchmen plus the whole of little England take offence to this, even the chairmen of another Club called DB10 a Johnny foreigner.

    He is hated because He bought tall powerful players with great technique and changed the outlook of the League as our league has been and always will be about power and fight first.

    We have always been a Club hated by all others and him coming only made it worse.

    He di a great job for many years but now sadly he has faded into the man you see today.

    He still sees great players and signs them too but because they are not 20 million plus it gets said that they are basement bargains.

    He has bought to many duffers too and his reputation has been severely damaged because of this.

    He has fucked up far to many times and for me the end was years back when he dumped Jens for that disgrace Almunia. He also said Almunia was WC.

    The lies to us fans and the siding with the BOD when they stitch us up isnt helpful and now he will go with his past forgotten by many.

    Pep by the way came through the Club. Wenger was fairly successful in France and helped France move on to be a WC side because He nurtured many of their best players.

    Arsenal have always been bigger than Tottenham and probably always will however they have been Londons second Club until the Sugar Daddy came to Chelsea and took them from fourth biggest London Club to maybe first. That is questioanble still though.

  82. Gunner4Life

    Bade do you know how the CL came to life?
    The elite clubs of Europe were going to breakaway and form a super league. Arsenal were NOT one of them, only Liverpool and ManU from England were in the mix. This is after we won the league in 89 and 91, we were still behind Liverpool.
    We were not no2 in England until Arsene came along and not only had success but also changed the way we played.
    Granted liverpool won a CL, but as for winning EUFA cups, we’re above that competition, although regrettably we may see some action there soon.

  83. Bade


    Go check it mate

    When Arsene came in September 1996, Arsenal & Mancs both had 10 titles, Liverpool had 18

    Now we have 13, Liverpool stuck with 18 & Mancs with 19

  84. SUGA3

    El Tel,

    end of ends, we are fucked, and it is really sad to see, especially knowing that no matter what we do, it will not change!

    the only thing which could influence the state of affairs would be if people just chucked the STs an this is not goinf to happen, boycotting games with seats already paid for won’t change a thing…

  85. Kushagra India

    a man was in the dessert with a camel who wouldn’t move,he’s tried everything,a passing nomad wanders over & says “Allow me!” he goes behind the camel,all of a sudden the camel looks alarmed & races off.”What did you do?” asked the camel owner,”I kissed his bollocks.” replied the nomad “well,”says the owner “Can you kiss mine please? i’ve now gotta catch the cunt!

  86. SUGA3

    Josef Fritzl has divorced his wife of 55 years because she has never visited him in prison.

    That’s terrible. He went to see his daughter every day when she was locked up.

  87. Gunner4Life

    Bade, ok I see you’re saying we were 2nd in England because we had equal 2nd amount of tittles and now we have 3rd.
    Before 1996 we never considered a glamour club like ManU and Liv, now we are.

  88. Bade


    We’re by no chance considered in the same league of the Mancs

    Blow that bubble of sweet dream mate

    We’re a feeder club, the Mancs are a winners club, hence why we take Silvestre of them, but they take RVP of us ……

  89. Bade

    It’s not history El Tel

    It’s the current state of affairs

    As it stand now, Liverpool got 5 EPl titles & 5 CL titles more than us

    Why is that “history”?

  90. Jeff

    In his prematch interview Ferguson said it is going to be a “hard-ish” match. Translation: he’s confident of walking all over us.

  91. SUGA3

    disgraceful if he said that, we really don’t command any respect anymore, do we?

    if he had any respect for us, he would say that the game will be hard or not comment at all if he thought it was going to be easy, but then again, why would he respect us, we have just sold him our best player!

  92. kwik fit

    Guys it’s what Arsene’s doing now that is relevant.
    He’s putting out teams void of motivation, ambition and tactics and we play United in the morning 🙁

  93. SUGA3


    well, our last title was nearly 10 years ago, as far as I am concerned this is as much of an ancient history as their titles in the 80s, besides, when was their last CL triumph again?

  94. Gooby

    I hate united more than ever this year.

    fucking bunch of twats.

    If we beat them tomorrow i’d be over the moon, seeing that first class cunt van persie, his new mate evra traitor to his own country and red nose fuming. Who be a delight.

    disgusting club, disgusting glory hunting fans and suspicious love from the refs

  95. Dave


    No argument from me. I was just saying why I thought it was history. As far as I am concerned both clubs are run by piss poor management. Liverpools board don’t understand football and allowed dagleish to spunk stupid money on average players. Arsenals board don’t give a shit about football and allow wenger to spunk stupid money on average players. Liverpool in transfer fees and arsenal on wages. The result is the same though, joe average team incapable of challenging for the title until things drastically chage.

  96. Bade


    I didn’t get your post

    So if a team won 50 titles, but the last was in the 80’s, while a team won 10 consecutive titles in the 2000’s but had only those 10 titles, then who has more titles overall NOW?

  97. SUGA3


    and this is exactly what I was going to say: there is no way either club will challenge for serious trophies anytime soon, unless a drastic change occurs, which we all know is not going to happen!

    still, given the choice of occasionally winning the FA or League Cup or playing in the competitions we have no chance in hell of winning and getting nothing whatsoever, I know what would bring me more joy…

  98. Dave


    Agreed. I would rather had stayed at highbury and have a good cup run like the good old days. As I’ve said before, being in the CL only serves the board. We don’t attract top top players, we don’t keep top top players and we have no chance of winning it. Didn’t wenger say the other day we need to be in the CL to attract the best players…. Hahahah

  99. Gooby

    at least that what the club thinks.

    being the CL keeps Arsenal’s name among the best.

    I don’t know where their policy will take us but maybe they know things we don’t

  100. Piyush

    All the fucking people who comment on this site are not arenal supporters with vry few exceptions….. ARSENAL fans are those who do not accept defeat before even the ball is kicked…..u shud support ur club at all times even if u dnt like sumthn or sum1 at our club….. I really hope that boys put up a great performance and we beat united tmrrw so that majority of u hav to eat ur own words…. Bloody fuckers most of u are.. CUM ON U GUNNERS!

  101. SUGA3


    oh well, the way the things are going, we will be out of CL next season and quite rightly so, just because we are not good enough to be in it, simple as that…

    and don’t kid yourself, the BoD are inept as fuck and the European football is as much of an old boys’ network as it gets, it is pretty damn obvious that a bunch of twats with next to no football experience (Gazidis was acommissioner in the Mickey Mouse Yank Soccer League and that’s it) or that in the field of marketing a professional sports team will get obliterated in the market, be it when they are in for the players or for the new sponsorship deals, we are getting nowhere with these idiots!

  102. Gunner2301


    “I don’t blame Wenger too much for having dead wood on the books as we need capital to buy good players. And Stan is not going to inject anything.”

    So who brought those players in gave them ridiculous contracts to a point where we can’t get rid of them? Wenger has sole control over this so anyone drawing money out of the Club and not contributing is directly his responsibility.

    The fact Stan isn’t going to inject anything and we harp on constantly about FFP, doesn’t that mean we should be squeezing every ounce of value from our purchases? But the reality is we are covering the mismanagement and frittering of money by selling our best players.

    If you consider Wenger rarely rotates, Our squad doesn’t need to be bigger than 20 players. Chamakh, Park, Bendtner, Arshavin, Squillaci the list goes on there’s probably 300k+ per week that is wastage and it’s probably over 500k in reality. Inefficiency of the highest order within a club that lives by financial prudence. What a joke.

  103. Adam Bucci

    Going to a casino later. My put 20 on arsenal to win, but without knowing if Ramsey is starting I’m a little reluctant. Though if he does start the odds will be better.

  104. kwik fit

    Tomorrow is all about Wenger. Can he finally turn the table on old red Nose. Can he put together a team that can win at OT.
    Come on Wenger it over to you son!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t let us down you hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Gunner2301


    The Club is running a cover story for all the mismanagement and the fans are just falling for it. As long as people keep paying Wenger and the Club will see that as license to carry on making duff purchases that blow up the wage bill. 140mill with the squad we have. I’m actually shitting not pissing my self with laughter :lol:.

  106. Piyush

    Johnny5. I started supporting arsenal arnd 99….. There is too much negativity on here….. Its just my thoughts….. We hav gone through some bad times but i think the gud times are around the corner….. I m a positive person…. I think we shud all be on same sides and start supporting our team…. Be positive we ll beat them tmrrw i ve got a sneaky feeling abt that.

  107. Johnny5


    I love the optimism bud! I’d love it if we could do the wankers on their patch. Midfield is the key!!! And please wenger if your reading this please for the live of god bench Ramsey!!!! I’d take Walcott aver him anyday.

  108. Johnny5


    Whether positive or negative we all get an opinion here at legrove. You must be able to see why some people are frustrated to the point they want change. Personally for me arsenal are a roller coaster many ups and downs mainly downs of late. I love the team but not those who run the club surely you understand that!