Theo Walcott to Liverpool? Hardly a step up | Arsenal head to United, will Robin get the Nasri treatment?

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‘Errr, Arsene, what do you think the reception for Robin is going to be like?’

‘Well sir, I think he’s going to get an absolute c*nting from the away fans and deservedly so. He’s a disloyal pig of a player and he’ll get what’s coming.’

Never quite pans out that way when the press ask that question does it?

Arsene Wenger reckons he’ll get the reception he deserves at the weekend, I think he’s right, but I’m not sure Wenger is thinking along the same lines as most of the Arsenal fans.

Me personally? I wouldn’t waste my breath on booing him. He gave us one fantastic season in 8, which I’ll be forever grateful for, but to boo him relentlessly? I’d rather ignore him. Didn’t someone once say the best way to get even is to be massively successful? I’m sure the only way we’re going to upset Robin tomorrow is by smashing his new side by two goals.

I don’t think it’s impossible either. On the face of it, they’ve an aging midfield that really shouldn’t have the legs to compete against an on form Arsenal midfield. They’ve got a defence that is leaking goals at a frightening rate and in goal they’ve got a keeper who is almost as dodgy as Mannone. Ok, I’m exaggerating the last bit… but De Gea really is a poor mans EvDS.

The biggest strength United have is their manager. How he eeks so much out of what on paper looks so little is a miracle. United sides work hard all the time. There’s no such thing as a 3rd place trophy where they come from. It’s up to our players to take a bit of their never say die attitude. The same attitude that saw us pull back 4 goals at Reading in the week. We have better players this year. I think we have a more organised defence and I think with Jack back in the set up and with Giroud and Theo starting, we could cause problems.

A few mentioned the fact I’d missed off Podolski in my line up yesterday. That was for a reason. I don’t think he’s been particularly effective over the last few week. He’s left Santos exposed on numerous occassions and going forward, he’s looked tired and out of ideas. That said, he’s always been a big game player. Could United away reignite his flagging season? Or should the boss opt for a well rested Chamberlain? It’s going to be about balance this weekend. We haven’t found it many times this season, but if it clicks now, we’ll have a good chance at racking up some important results through November.

In other news, Liverpool are being linked with a move for Theo again. I’m not sure how they represent anything other than a step down. Firstly, it’s moving up North, secondly, it’s too a far weaker squad and thirdly, they don’t have Champions League football and it’s doubtful they will for a while. That story is a non-starter for me.

Anyway, I must dash, have a great Friday!

P.S. I understand there is a problem with the comments function, I’m getting it sorted.

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  1. fabulous

    The greedy badger should indeed get what he deserves, and never say never on theo’s issue, money works wonders with players nowadays. ManU @OT is goona be tough but winnable, they have an ageing midfield and a shit defence.

  2. Ché C Cheriton

    The only one who has left Santos exposed is Santos.

    The only ones to deserve booing and vitriol over the RVP are WENGER and the BOARD.

    Well done with saying 3rd place trophy instead of 4th. Very subtle, but at the end of the day like you say Ferguson and Man U don’t do 3rd place trophies.

    With the players we have, yes we should be looking to win the. With the manager we have though and with his lack of tactical savvy I doubt that will happen.

  3. Ché C Cheriton

    How Arsenal fans can have a pop at RVP is beyond me when the board come out with

    “He was sold for football reasons”

    “Thank you for taking an interest in our affairs”

    “By 2014 we will be able to compete with Man City, Chelsea…..”

    You bunch of fkin mugs. The Board are laughing all the way to the bank.

    Progressive change – Wenger OUT Board OUT.

  4. Dream10


    Santos should not start tomorrow. He is a below average defender at best. We need a robust team who can compete physically.

    4-4-1-1 for me GK/Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Sagna/Coquelin, Arteta, Wilshere, Podolski/Cazorla/Giroud

    I’m pretty sure they will play 4-4-2 with Cleverly/Carrick in the middle with two of Valencia/Nani/Young on the wings.

    They will use width to attack. That team listed above can compete physically and stay compact.

  5. kay

    Away fans at the OT will be busy singing “We want our Arsenal back” when we are 4-0 down.. They are undoubtedly heroes (truth) …

    wonga will send podolski to save his ass…
    game will finish at 4-4!!!!! (sarcasm)….

  6. niko

    United is quite good in counter attack. Arsenal’s defence line should be extra careful tomorrow. I prefer to keep my expectations low but a win in there would make my week.

  7. Mach III

    4 – 4 -2

    Sagna, Mert, Verm, Santos
    Jack Arteta
    Cazorla Poldi
    Feo Giroud.

    Would love to see that 🙂

    My dream situation is that the players don’t shake RVPs hand., and the fans yell, “cunt, cunt, cunt!”. Resulting in a sobby dutch vagina.

    Chamberlain would do well this match, he was our best player against them last year, and that must be on his mind. With Chamberlain out the squad, we lost to Schalke and Norwich (chelsea too). He offers much better balance in the team than Ramsey. Our current formation doesn’t suit Ramsey at all… His long balls are appalling, and he struggles to get a shot on target. He is in the mold of Jon Obi Mikel. Sticking him on the right, nulls out our attack.

    People who think Chamberlain has been quiet this season, well that’s because he has had Jenkinsen behind him the whole season. What can you do if you are making the runs time and time again, and not receiving the ball. Jenks is a good defender, but lacking in attack. With Sagna in the team he will have a nice interplay with the Ox.

    Poldi as well, he struggles without a decent player on his flank. Santos’ urge to attack centrally isolates him out wide.

    Giroud is starting to get into the right speed of the premier league. It’s a tough adjustment when pace isn’t your main attribute. I wouldn’t be surprised if he opened the scoring.

    This match is of massive importance to see how good our team is. So I am hoping that we win, and making a small bet. There are good odds available!


  8. Bracknell Gooner

    Why do so many people think Theo will start? he played the full 120 minutes on Tuesday.
    IF Ox is fit he could start on the right. with Giroud in the middle and Pod on the left.
    That would leave a weak midfield three Arty, Caz and Jack.

    Meaning that OX and Pod would have to cover the fullbacks, midfield and attack wings. NO WAY Theo will be able to do that unless he has been bike riding with Lance 🙂

  9. Danny

    I’m not at all optimistic about tomorrow. All I hope is that we loose with dignity and not to a disputed penalty in the 94th minute converted by RVP that Vito nearly saves.
    This is not 1998 with Overmars racing down the left etc

  10. aarsh

    Arsenal would do well if we get a draw..I foresee a 1-1.. Rvp and Rooney look really good..and fergies plan to introduce welbeck and Hernandez always causes problems, we really need vermaelen to be on his top form..
    Also, dont think Sanos shd start cuz Valencia looks good this season.. Would start with vermaelen on left.. Santos is rlly weak defensively.. Poldi will do well if he beats Evra 🙂 COYG!

  11. Pollux

    Dumb to boo RVP when all of us know the rot started with the board. We should just concentrate on getting behind the team. Having said that, I’m sure the away fans will definitely have a pop at RVP. At the end of the match, they might just have faeces smash into their face if RVP scores and win the game for manure.

  12. mach iii

    I’m being realistic, Santos is our only specialist LB after Gibbs. Wenger is stubborn as well, and will play him cause he bought him. Giroud is primed and ready, he has learnt a lot since his introduction to the premier league. Giroud MOTM performance this weekend! Rvp is a traitor and should be treated like one!

  13. Ché C Cheriton

    100% agree Kay. Yes, of course it hurts to see RVP scoring for Man U when we all know he could of gone on to be an Arsenal legend but the blame is ALL with Wenger and the Board.

    “Sold for footballing reasons”

    Seriously, forget the booing. When your club is telling you we sold the third best player in the world to a rival in our league for “footballing reasons” – well your hatred should be aimed at Wenger and the Board only. It’s nothing short of a disgrace – Red and White said as much too.

    How Pedro skips over this today is beyond me.

  14. PnG

    The away fans are going to boo and sing that ‘she said no’ song. I hope they don’t because it makes us look stupid.

    I’d start Pod because this should be a more open and counter attacking game. He’ can be good for the fast breaks and when he actually does defend, he’s usual good at it.

    As for Theo and Liverpool….he supported Liverpool as a kid and out of all the big clubs, it’s the one where he’d have a good shot at starting as a striker.

  15. Ché C Cheriton

    Mach III. I like Giroud too, but he needs service. Sometimes for me he is a bit static and one dimensional but certainly if we put good balls into the box he will create havoc against the Man U defence.

    What did RVP do wrong exactly? What was he supposed to do?

  16. goonerDNA

    Che, Reading (no matter how shit they are) are a premiership club.

    I’ve been impressed with Giroud its not his fault the midfield of late have been feeding him scraps.

  17. Mach III

    Che C Cheriton

    I’m sure they have been practicing on whipping in balls since the start of the season. You don’t spend 12+million of prudent money and not adapt to the players needs. Even in our first match he was pointing to where he wanted the ball. That is why I would play Santi as a RM. (Nasri strived in similar positions, and Santi is better than him in a similar mold.). Prince Poldi can also whip in a good ball. It is an art to get in a good cross, and that’s why I’d start him at LM – he will run until the match is over.

    I’d play a strike partnership of Walcott and Giroud because Arsenal need a strike partnership, all the top players have had a strike partnership. Giroud has played some excellent through balls in, and would strive in having a player running through the defense to get on the end of his ball. Yes Walcott played 120 minutes, but he hasn’t exactly been playing a full 90 for us. He has also had a good 2 weeks off with a bruised lung. 5 days for his body to recover, definitely. With the incentive of starting as a striker? He would sprint the entire match if he was awarded that role.

    He moved over to the club that most Arsenal fans hate most. That is what he did. He could have moved to Man City or Juventus, or stayed with us after we bought Santi. Moving to a main rival is not what you do, and there is no excuse for it. Yes, the board and Wenger are to blame, but it’s not like he didn’t make his own decisions.

  18. Josip Skoblar

    Booing players is a waste of time and energy. It distracts you from watching the game. I never booed a player, I only moan at the referee!
    RvP left us because he thought that he would won trophies with ManU and also because he gets more money there. Hardly a crime. It’s football in the 21 century: bar rare exceptions, footballers are mercenaries and are no longer loyal to a club. Pedro is right: the best is to totally ignore RvP.

  19. Bob N7

    Che…RVP cannot be considered blameless. If he had wanted to stay, he would have done. Sure you can point to the board/Wenger’s transfer policy but if he’d stayed I feel we would be right up the near the top of the table. He left us for ambitious/money reasons…don’t really blame him for that but from an Arsenal perspective he was disloyal! Personally I wouldn’t boo him but I completely understand why fans will boo him tomorrow.

  20. Arse&Nose©

    RVP has been involved in two ‘elbow ‘ rows in the last 6 weeks and got off scot free. We know he has that in him and will probably get away with a lot more for man utd than he would with anyone else. I raise this because maybe, we could wind the hot head up and cause him to get himself sent off? Unlikely at OT , I know but anything that could put him off his game would benefit us.

  21. nedox

    Rico Smith November 2, 2012 09:37:12
    RVP is an amazing player. Booing him is pointless
    it’s the managements fault if we had a better squad
    a better mentality he would have died at Arsenal!

    Saying its the mgt team that we had a shit team is a lil bit off the hook looking at the team RVP chose to join! We had signed Carzola and Poldi and man to man, our team was better! He went for the money! Traitor! TRAITOR!!!!!!

  22. Mach III

    I agree Arse&Nose

    RVP is going to go out there with the mindset of, “OH, Arsenal, I love those guys. I played with those guys for 8 years. They are definitely going to clap for me when I run onto the pitch! I love those guys so much! I won’t celebrate when I score against those guys that love me and think I am great.”

    By doing nothing we would be playing part of his delusion, “I wonder why the guys didn’t clap for me, oh well, at least they don’t hate me.”

    We have to boo him and make him feel really sorry for himself! Knock his focus away! Tear apart his former love story. Make an example, don’t give in that players can just move clubs and its “part of the modern game.”. No ways!

  23. K.C.

    We got beat 8-2 in this fixture last year when we had RVP. How we have a chance this year is beyond me. This one could get ugly, and deservedly so.

  24. nedox

    If we think that Sagna will perform better than Santos at LB, we are just looking for trouble, cos Valencia will skin Sagna, mote than he will Santos!

    2ndly i pray Arshavin starts or atleast plays at some point cos he is the only player in our squad that actually puts in dangerous crosses from the byline and he is a specialist free kick takerb giroud is there to nod all the balls so why not play to his strength? Ox will dribble and run outta the field.

    Theo, sign that thing!

  25. Mach III

    KC Troll.

    Relatively new Koscielny.
    Djourou – Worst defender in the league.
    Walcott, Lansbury
    Coquelin, Chamakh… Ramsey?

    That match was a joke with a makeshift team.

    Does that look anything like
    Sagna, Mert, Verm. Santos
    Santi, Arteta, Poldi, Giroud. Wilshere…

    KC Troll – OUT!

  26. Bracknell Gooner

    After @ shoreditch post, I can also reveal from a top source at OT that part of the reason RvP wen to the Manc’s instead of City was that Fergie not only agreed the extra £2M on the fee but as part of the deal MU will not score more than 4 domestic goals against Arsenal in any one season. This was a calculated gamble by Fergie and goes some way to explain why Wooton gave away the penalty and gifted an extra time goal to the Chav’s. Fergie is hoping that MU will miss Arsenal in the FA cup giving him 2 goals home and away to play with this season. Apparantly the deal does not include Finals or CL fixtures.

  27. Relieable sauce

    Booing RVP shows you have no class & no brain.

    Wongas comment about not dragging AFC into the race row shows he has no respect or understanding for the fans.

    I hope for one they do us proud again & sing “WE WANT OUR ARSENAL BACK”

  28. Fishchip

    Bringing up last year’s thumping with the expectation that it’s going to happen again ‘because it happened before’ is silly. If we go out and play Reading again this time next year should we expect to go down 4-0 and storm back because, hey, we did it last year?


    I’ve had mixed feelings on RVP leaving, but whatever happens, I think he’ll be reserved about it. He’s not Adebayor. He’ll be gracious in victory or defeat, whether we boo him or politely applaud him or throw rocks at his head. Actually, I think it might wind him up a bit if he got -no reaction at all-.

    But! We have a football game to win, not RVP’s potential reactions to worry about. 2-2 seems about right, with a 3-2 ManU win if stoppage time gets silly. (Wait, apparently we are also now masters of stoppage time! 3-3.)

  29. vicky

    No one can deny that wenger and the board are to be blamed for RVP leaving the club, but what irks me the most that he went to an English rival,that too to manure…..the most hated of the lot.

    And as far as the great season he had…..that was the least our club deserved after carrying him for years. So it is not that we should be forever indebted to him.

    All of us agree that the current great form of walcott is down to his motivation to land a 100k deal( which, Nasri a far better player did not get at arsenal), so why can we not attribute the great form of RVP to his motivation to engineer a move away?

  30. bankz

    CC Cheriton
    “What did RVP do wrong exactly?
    What was he supposed to do”

    Are you for real?
    He was supposed to not listen to that “little boy’s” voice inside of him screaming “GO TO Man united…GO TO Man united.

  31. Dony

    RVP’s form in his final season with us, wasn’t down to him wanting to engineer a move. If that was that case he would have slumped at utd. instead he is still firing on all cylinders and knocking in goals for fun.

    rvp is a class act. he was with us for 8 years and gave his maximum year in and year out. he’s now in his prime and has a few good years left to win some trophies and double his earnings. he wasn’t going to do either with arsenal.

  32. Arse&Nose©

    If I was in charge I would order our players to break RVPs leg in the first minute. I would be willing to forfeit the match and accept a 3 match player ban to ruin man utds title chances.

    I remember when Arsenal were flying and went to OT with Reyes on top form, Fergie instructed the Nevilles and Keane to destroy him and they did in the first 10 minutes and won the game.

  33. Ric

    Wenger is a total muppet!

    Now he is attacking Chelski for singling out Clattenbourg, are you effing kidding me! THERE IS NO DOUBT MANURE GETS SPECIAL TREATMENT FROM REFS! HALF THE BLOODY REFS IN THE PL SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED ONTO A PITCH!

    Now that muppet is defending the same morons he’ll be yelling at from the top of his lungs tommorow at game time.

    Good going AW. Hope you like that brown tip on your nose. If you shove it abit further up, I’m sure Fergie has a smile ready for you when you resurface.

  34. N21 Tone

    Think it is pointless to boo RVP. I was once at a match in Italy and in a similar situation the whole of the crowd turned its back on the player in question. Thought that had far more class than booing?

  35. Bracknell Gooner

    The team that played last year was
    Szcz, Kos, Djourou, Jenksinson (sent off) Traore, Rosicky, Walcott (Sub lansbury 83) Ramsey, Arshavin, Coq (sub OX 62), RvP (sub Chamakh 82)

    So side by side this week we are weaker in goal, at left back and up front
    and make us stonger right & centre in the defence, and attacking midfield
    The rest is about equal.
    In comparison MU had a back line of Evra, Jones, Evans, and Smalling. and a midfields of Anderson, Nani ,Young Cleverley with Welbeck and Rooney upfront. Oh and the flying llama in goal.
    Tomorrow they will have Da Silva, Ferdinand, Carrick, and RvP
    So MU will break up play and move the ball quickly to the wings. They will effectively have 6 at the back when we play tappy tappy in their half.

    The only way we are going to make an impact is move the ball fast and with AA and TW very unlikey to start and Ramsey taking more time than a builder on a tea break, that is very unlikely to happen. IF we can keep it shut down until that last 20 min’s then it maybe that impact player will make a difference. The problem is their impact players are likely to be Hernandez, Welbeck, and Nani.
    No matter which way you cut it the paper just don’t look good.

  36. andy1886

    Suggesting RvP went only for the money is dillusional. He’s 29, wants to win something, and sure as hell wasn’t going to do it with us. Imagine, you go to the boss and ask about ambition, the answer? We will be competitive after 2014, but don’t worry, 4th place really is a trophy you know! No wonder he told them to stick it up their ar*e!! Sorry, loyalty doesn’t extend to the point of stupidity. As for going to ManUre, would you really rather we continue to be a feeder club to Citeh?? or follow Cashley to the Chavs? Makes no difference, they’re all rivals.

    As for fatty Santos, what happened to the days when if you were short you called up the appropriate guy from the reserves? Can Meade be any worse than Santos? If you ask me the failure to give these guys a chance and instead playing first teamers out of position is why we have so few of the youngsters make it. If Wenger had been there then Parlour would’ve made his debut against Liverpool, conceded a pen, and would never have been seen again. Bonkers.

  37. Tunde

    Pedro you are absolutely right with United, their competitive advantage is Sir Alex…It still baffles me how Arsene cannot see this..we have far more technically better players than them, but our work rate and fighting spirit is nowhere near theirs, which is down to the manager. Just for this reason, I think they’ll be above us at the end of the season and they’ll have the edge tomorrow!

  38. Bracknell Gooner

    You forgot to mention that the other half aren’t allowed on the pitch if Moan Utd are playing due to previous poor performances as agreed by Howard “i gotta red devil tattoo”) Webb and the moan meister

  39. andy1886

    Oh, and bring Theo on second half (at half time, not with 20m to go FFS!) and let hime play up front in a 4-4-2. Jack and Arteta in the middle flanked by Cazorla and Poldi. That way we may even get away with a draw.

  40. Ric

    nedoxNovember 2, 2012 10:51:04

    If you were him, would you stay? Would any of you? Give me one good “plausible” reason why anyone would prefer AFC to any team out there actually gunning for titles?

    Wenger? NAturally I’d give a left nut to put on a shirt and take to the Emirates field… however, if I had a footballling career in real life, then I wouldn’t even consider joining us if I had a real offer on the table from a European club actually trying to win. Why would I want to come to AFC? We are clearly not winners anymore, and seemingly we’ve lost interest in winning all together. Bronze is now the height of our ambitions, it really, really is. Anyone imagining differentlly is simply demented. I even doubt a personal call from AW would do much to change that image.

    Now try to think of one thing apart from money and Champions League that would convince you to seek succes at Arsenal? I can’t think of one, other than perhaps loyalty from homegrown players. But then again how loyal has Arsenal been to its own players during the reign of AW? Not very much would I say, and I’m sure some would disagree. But I don’t see incessently fielding Diaby as showing loyalty to him, I see that as a money hungry vulture trying to manipulate the price of his product to maximise profitt.

    Off course Wenger has nothing ill to say about RVP, he lined his pocket didn’t he?

  41. Rhys Jaggar

    I really wish people would grow up and realise that, for 99% of players, football is their career, not their girlfriend, wife or family.

    Arsenal fans really, really have a serious headcase problem about players leaving. Ashley Cole left years ago, still you hear the mobile phone pornography. People call Cesc Fabregas I don’t know what for wanting to play for the team he grew up with. Hleb, Flamini, Adebayor, now it’s van Persie.

    I do hope you all thought Sol Campbell a two-faced black cunt for going to Spurs’ greatest rivals after 10 years of loyal service. You’re the two faced ones if not. Same with that IRA bastard Jennings. I simply think they were ambitious for success and saw Arsenal as a place to get it and am grateful that they played so well for so long for Arsenal. Crime????

    Do you all work for the mafia or something??

    I know that I evaluated all jobs clinically. I asked whether I had prospects, when I got there I found out if I liked the folks I was working with, whether they could tolerate me. As soon as any of those came up with an answer which was negative and not retrievable, I was off.

    Aren’t you all the same????

  42. Bracknell Gooner

    RvP (Realistic View Point)
    I really enjoyed working for my last company, the location was good, we made money and got paid well and the team had their up’s and down but basically all got on. THEN a Yank was put in charge, and our local leader left, The Yank put an Italian in charge who insisted that we do everything his way and between the two of them did a few deals that lined their pockets. (Does any of this sound familiar?)
    I voted with my feet on ethical grounds, being in IT & Security I also veiwed an email between said Yank and Italian stating that my resignation would save them some money and they could get someone in they wanted! and while I had the chance to go to a company that would have paid more, I choose the one that offered me the better career options.
    I still get invited to the qtrly pay day curry, and vendors that had deals cancelled because of my exit don’t shun me. So why is it any different.

    If anyone with a career on here would not make similar choices then fine boo away.
    To the rest you can’t have it both ways, If the club did everything reasonable to keep RvP and he still said no then fine Boo away at the pantomime villian But then you have to accept that AW and the Board are doing the best for the club. Or admit you have a dual personality disorder and seek help 🙂

  43. Ric

    Shoreditch goonerNovember 2, 2012 10:32:52

    How telling is this though?

    Wenger is quite comfortale seeing himself as greater than the team. Anyone in one of his teams is always expendable, he on the other hand is off course indispensible, his actions are all based on his ego, its sickening to say the least. I love Arsenal, but right now I feel like an American Republican trying to figure out how to make Obama fail, and America prosper at the same time.

    Arsenal will never turn a corner as long as its left in the care of the callous.

  44. ozrus

    Rhys Jaggar, for most normal fans their connection to the club of their choice is emotional. “How could he?!” is the only sane question that should be asked of him. And the only sane answer is “cause he’s a cunt!” I don’t follow Arsenal to sympathise with player’s feelings and needs, only my own. I don’t care if van cunts reasons are rational and make business and courier sense, or not. He’s weakened the club by leaving. He’s dragged every fans face through mud by going to a rival club. He’s a traitorous fucker is all

  45. Ric

    ozrusNovember 2, 2012 12:47:23

    Then by that reasoning isn’t Wenger the biggest traitor of them all?

    Afterall he is the one constantly in charge off the dismanteling, and he is the one that refuses to work with his employees, refuses to listen to advice, and pockets any profits instead of using it to strenghten. By your own reasoning any malice you hold towards RVP should also arrive on AWs doorstep, only to him it should come with tenfold the intensity.

  46. IvoryGoonz

    Ozrus: I can’t see how you can blame it on VP for being sold to a rival and not being replaced adequately upfront.
    He had to be sold under the 29yr old policy, and the “you wont get more money here than elsewhere” policy. and you’ll see more of these as long as Wenger is at the club.
    How someone can not see that it is Wenger who is constantly using the handbrake willingly or by accident is beyond me.

  47. Ric

    Bracknell GoonerNovember 2, 2012 12:51:36

    There’s nothing written there that has not been written elsewhere, these are more or less all the facts!

    I said as soon as the League finished we would sell RVP, we did, not one of the things Wenger said this summer did I believe, and not once where I suprised to find that it played out exactly as expected. And it will be the exact same story next season and the season after that, and so on, and so on until AW dies of old age at the rip ol age of 160. Cuz god knows he has pocketed enough money, and with a supply line of young third world individuals from the favellas directy to his doorstep, he’s probably already exchanged most of his organs with those of the poor young talents outside his door long ago.

    We will never amount to more than a holding Company with this lot running our club, and its just a shame their greatest accomplishment isn’t even on the field, its in the stad and in the bars and on the web. Convincing all of the dumb ones that, this or that player is a traitor, why? Because they tried to tell you how corrupt your club has become.

  48. andy

    walcott won´t start. we will go

    don´t see any possibility we won´t start like this

  49. Keyser

    At best, yes, AT BEST, Van Persie shares the blame for anything you think is wrong with the club, nothing less, I’m not going to boo him, and now he’s gone you have to deal with it, that’s all really.

  50. ozrus

    Ric, not sure how you leap from one thought to the next. AW’s case is a lot more complicated IMO. Van Dollars’ case is a lot simpler. He’s a trooper. He was bought, trained, nurtured and made what he is today by the club for the benefit of the team along with many others. This club gave him a chance, without any doubt he wouldn’t have been the player that he is without Arsenal. I don’t believe he’s paid his dues, neither to the club, nor to the fans. I really don’t care what direction HE thinks the club should take. Or how much money he wants or believes his worth.

    As for the coach, I think there’s too much conjecture in what people say about AW, both for and against him. I can’t say I feel the ‘tenfold intensity’ though.

  51. Keyser

    If we’d kept any momentum going from earlier in the season, we’d probably have a decent chance, Ferguson’s edge over Wenger is how far his teams will stoop for a win really, we can’t lose the ball high up the pitch leaving us open to the counter-attack and have to be strong 1 on 1 all over the pitch.

    Thing is we’re nowhere near havng the sort of settled attacking instinct that ould really hurt Manchester United, Arteta- Cazorla- Wilshere are really only a midfield that’d really work if their passing is spot on,c risp and fluid, they’ve had 1 game soo far to perfect that and not an especially good one at that.

  52. ozrus

    IvoryGoonz, He said he wanted to leave. That’s the betrayal right there. He’s playing for ManU now, the team that will do anything they can to undermine, humiliate and demoralise team Arsenal in the EPL, CL, FA and League Cups. He’s a cunt. Your problem is you think that he’s leaving is somehow a manifestation of your feelings toward AW, and that he validated your feelings. I don’t think that.

  53. andy

    it will be interesting to see whether we are able to avoid conceding more than 2 goals … I think – beside our quite impressive record – we all know we won´t we able to get a clean sheet at OT – so we need to score. at least 2 to win IMHO. 3 should be enough with our recent record

  54. Ric

    ozrusNovember 2, 2012 13:24:28

    So you just reduced the modus operandi of our whole institution to a question of individual loyalism?

    Yeah well I think thats an over simplification to say the least. You willingly decide to forget about all the other people involved just so that you can feel justified in hating one player. That is neither showing loyalty to Arsenal nor is it constructive on the clubs behalf.

  55. andy

    ozrus spot on – you can leave a club due to different reasons – this doesn´t automatically make you a bad guy or a traitor … but you should not leave a club after 7 or 8 years to join one of their greatest rivals … that´s a no-no. and don´t forget his statement “I love Arsenal” – that´s the worst thing at all

  56. Paulinho

    “At best, yes, AT BEST, Van Persie shares the blame for anything you think is wrong with the club, nothing less, I’m not going to boo him, and now he’s gone you have to deal with it, that’s all really.”

    How does he share the blame?

  57. Ric

    andyNovember 2, 2012 13:54:17


    From any other club I’d agree with you, but from us I won’t.
    Because this “flight of the best” thing has been more or less institutionalized by Wenger. Must I list all the “indispensible” players he has more or less driven out the door over the past decade? Or are you guys actually capable of retaining memories on your lonesome?

    The shit he’d faced had he gone to City over Man utd is one thing, but does anyone here even have a shadow of doubt Wenger would not have shipped him off personally had Chelsea or City put the same kind of money on the table?

    Honestly guys you fall under the weight of your own arguments.

  58. Paulinho

    Keyser – I know, but you still haven’t really given any compelling reason why that is the case. You said something about him being a product of what he now frustrated with, even though he was bought at a time when we had experienced players, and you could argue we’ve moved on from project youth anyway.

    Injuries is a fair..ish point but then he’s been fully fit for a season a half now and at his age it’s a stupid reason to stay. His reasons for leaving have already been justified by the last two weeks.

  59. SDE

    I’m not going to boo him, and now he’s gone you have to deal with it, that’s all really.”

    Reason the he’s not going to boo him,is simply because he’s never paid for a arsenal ticket in his life,or ever been to an arsenal game..

    So it’s quite a simple rationalisation for an armchair fan,he’s gone,so deal with it ..

    I suppose you can take the above comment for what it is..with a pinch of salt..

    I on the other hand thank RVP for last season& his services..If not for him,we would be looking into the abyss by now..

  60. Johnty79

    Rvp is a hero and completely blameless. He was right ll along. If we had of kept nasri and cesc he probably would have stayed. Rvp was sick of us signing shit players. Wilshere will leave at te end of te season then the fans will blame him also.

  61. Keyser

    Paulinho – I have, think you’re just a bit bored.

    “His reasons for leaving have already been justified by the last two weeks.”

    Not really, he scored 37 goals last year, if he was still here there’s a chance, however great or small that’s up to you, that he might have made a difference.

  62. andy

    ric you know what? I really doubt it. he left us after caz, gir and pod signed. he said “his little boyi nside” told him to do so. fergie said they would have never get him wouldn´t he have forced the move …

    would he be sold earlier, before we bought giroud or 1 or 2 days later I would agree. but for me – although I don´t know it like you don´t know it – he forced the move and that´s the reason he´s a fucking cunt

  63. Paulinho

    Well you think you have but you then again that’s pretty much a guarantee you haven’t.

    The mentality displayed against Norwich says it all. The whole set up is rotten to the core and RVP recognised it and left. That goes beyond finances or any of that stuff.

  64. Ric

    Johnty79November 2, 2012 14:10:06

    Probably, or at least if not this one, the one after.

    Arsenal has the weird problem that it is easier to place wagers on which players are leaving and where to, than it is to where they’ll end up in the tables or in any single game.

  65. Keyser

    Paulinho – You really are bored.

    Like I said it’s upto you really how much of a difference you think he’d have made, if you manage to work that out we’d get somewhere.

  66. Ric

    andyNovember 2, 2012 14:14:32

    Yeah, just like; Bergkamp, Henry, Campbell, Gilberto, Kanu, Keown, Parlour, Kolo, Nasri, Clichy, Cole, et al.

    It had nothing to do with the fact that Wenger took the money and ran, nothing at all. Fine then you go support Arsene Football Club! Have you started practising how you are going to curse Wilshire, Arteta, and whoever performs this season yet? No? Well you should because next game might very well be the last you see of them.

  67. Samir masri

    Bang! Bang! I’m back. I can see us escaping with a win. But their have Rooney and rvp. And that should be a concern for fucking wenger. Isn’t he the one that sold rvp? What a cunt!

  68. Paulinho

    Already have worked it the difference he would have made. Not much really, the stagnancy of the Wenger reign and his management would come to the surface when it really mattered. Probably finish 12 points behind the leaders rather than the twenty points we will this season.

    If it’s such a boring point why even bring it up then. If you can’t back up AKB statements don’t make them.

  69. Paddywhack

    So Rogers has offered 8Mil for TW. A joke. If Nasri was worth 24M in last year then TW is worth 8Mil.

    Sorry, tomorrow a 4-0 loss.

  70. Dom of Baresi

    RVP could have stayed, he stated that he loved the club. Couldn’t get his own way so he jumped ship.
    He could have stopped the transfer because of his “lov” of Arsenal but he didn’t.

    The guy has double standards and that what pisses me off the most and why I’ll be booing him.

  71. Biggles

    I don’t blame RvP for leaving. I’m sad that he did, because last season he was awesome and so far this season he’s been in great form. We got a bunch of money for someone who 7 years out of 8 was injury prone. I’d still have kept him if we could though. Thing is, he left for the same reason we all want Wenger gone – he wants to win things.

    Problem is, RvP knew that Wenger wasn’t going to leave soon enough for him to win anything. RvP has maybe 5 years left in him and Wenger will be around for that length of time. So he had to leave. And on balance, Man U are one of the most likely teams to win something in that 5 year period. They also didn’t solely buy success, which gives them slightly more credibility than Chelsea or Man City. There was no point in him going to somewhere like Juventus – an Italian league medal isn’t that glorious an honour when you could have a couple of EPL medals and maybe a Champions League winners medal.

    So no, I won’t be booing RvP. He’s not a Judas. Him leaving essentially backs our cause.

  72. Keyser

    Paulinho – So you’re not bored just a bit slow.

    I mean think about it 37 goals isn’t much of a difference, he was just happy to pick up a considerable wage under a stagnant regime.

  73. Keyser

    RIC – “Yeah, just like; Bergkamp, Henry, Campbell, Gilberto, Kanu, Keown, Parlour, Kolo, Nasri, Clichy, Cole, et al.”

    What was your point here ?!

  74. Paulinho

    Keyser – Seems you’re the one that’s a bit slow. He scored 37 goals last season and we finished twenty points behind the leaders, so yeah as I said, not much of a difference. The more we score the more we concede. Like all shit teams.

    Was that one of your compelling reasons for why RVP is just as much to blame for anyone as what’s wrong with the club? Him scoring 37 goals last season?

  75. Ric

    KeyserNovember 2, 2012 14:37:50

    All of these where forcefully shown the door.
    D10 was practically begging to be hired in a Scholes capacity, but Wenger is kind of fussy about that budget.

  76. Keyser

    Ric – Bergkamp retired with us at 36, fucking hell mate.

    Scholes capacity, Scholes didn’t even have a Scholes capacity when Bergkamp retired.

  77. bergkamp63

    “Didn’t someone once say the best way to get even is to be massively successful? I’m sure the only way we’re going to upset Robin tomorrow is by smashing his new side by two goals.”

    In the next life maybe but not in this one.

    “I don’t think it’s impossible either. On the face of it, they’ve an aging midfield that really shouldn’t have the legs to compete against an on form Arsenal midfield. They’ve got a defence that is leaking goals at a frightening rate”

    I do & our defence isn’t much better ?

    I’m sure you have convinced yourself Pedro but I’m not in the slightest bit convinced. Hang on to your hats tomorrow, RVP will most likely get a couple Rooney, Wellbeck may also get on the scoresheet.

    If we can concede no more than 4 it will be a result for Wonga.

    Expect a drubbing !!

  78. Paulinho

    Keyser – Because RVP has f-all to do with your hero being a past it senile delusionist.

    Still haven’t answered why RVP scoring 37 goals has go to do with him leaving and being just as much at fault as Wenger?

  79. andy

    there are just 2 parties – one blame the dutch cunt, one blame AW. I don´t doubt AW made mistakes, as did IG and many more. my problem with the dutch cunt has nothing to do with the fact he left us. my problem is he said “I love Arsenal” and 2 weeks later he said “the little boy inside me said I have to join Manchester United” … that´s my problem with the dutch cunt

  80. Keyser

    Paulinho – We’ve had this conversation a few times, I’m still wondering why you want to go over it again.

    If his goal scoring tally isn’t reflective of him having made much of a difference, then his sticking around when he’d scored far less says what about him, the situation and his motives ?!

  81. Paulinho

    Keyser – Well his goal tally IS reflective of him not making a significant difference in terms of winning titles. That’s fact. He could have stayed this season scored goals, and calamity Kolscieny would still divert balls into his own net. He obviously worked that into his decision and felt there was still too many flaws and that Wenger wouldn’t address them, and he was right because Wenger still hasn’t really addressed them, and addressing them would mean firing himself.

    He stuck around back then because he was younger, and/or no one was in for him. Simple as that.

  82. frenchie

    i’d suggest that podolski’s slip in play is more attributable to santos not being good thanit is to his own slip in form. he had struck up a nice understanding with gibbs, who i feel the team sorely miss. now he plays with a headless chicken–the brazillian eboue.

  83. Keyser

    Paulinho –

    “He stuck around back then because he was younger, and/or no one was in for him. Simple as that.”

    So he was happy to pick up a paycheck because he wasn’t performing well enough to attract other clubs ?!

  84. gambon

    It isnt solely Wenger to blame for losing RVP, its the whole setup of the club, which wenger is the key part of.

    Anyone that thinks RVP should have stayed at Arsenal finishing 4th and earning £100k pw for the next 4 years is a fucking idiot.

  85. Paulinho

    Keyser – Would did you expect him to do?

    Waive his rights to a wage because he might leave in a couple of years time because the manager shows no ability to address glaring flaws and the biggest and one of the most successful clubs in the world come in for him?

    RVP in not-being -a-saint- shocker. Hold the back page everyone.

    I can understand being a little pissed at him but that’s a bit different to saying he’s just as much to blame for our problems as the management.

  86. andy

    gambon – him staying would have been unbelievable … I have to say I hoped he would. he didn´t. but I know our club is not managed best to say it as diplomatic as possible.

    my problem with him is not him joining another team. my problem is saying something like “I love this club”, “I owe this club so much” and then join a rival. you can shut the fuck up and join them. my problem with him is he used his “I love Arsenal” bullshit to force his move to the mancs … and this is the reason he even gets booed by ncastle fans – cause he´s a fucking cunt

  87. Keyser

    Paulinho – I said he ‘Shares’ the blame, I’ve told you he’s complicit to anything YOU think is wrong, which he patently is and what’s worse is you’ve accepted that in the past, or at least not continued to voice disagreement.

    You saying it’s an AKB comment is bollocks.

    You posted on here you thought he’d never be top draw, well he scored 37 goals last year, you can’t have it boths ways, either that’s a direct product of Wenger’s delusions of which he should be eternally gratefull or you accept that he would’ve made a significant contribution this year.

  88. Paulinho

    Yeah but how does he share the blame for Wenger’s thought processes?

    You may as well say Nasri and Fabregas share the blame as well. Silly terminology.

    I said if he had stayed we probably would be ten or so points better off. You seem to be ignoring the fact he scored 37 goals last season and we still came absolutely nowhere near winning anything, and we still haven’t changed one bit from last season. We still can’t defend as a team and we still can’t control a game. As I said, the more this team under Wenger scores, the more we concede.

  89. mjgooner

    How can you say “if he was SOLD a day or 2 before Giroud was bought I would agree but no he f orced a move away for money”……….and not realise that the most valid word in that statement is SOLD.

    How do you “force a move” if you are SOLD FOR FOOTBALLING REASONS.?

  90. gambon


    So Thierry Henrys a cunt? He did exactly the same as RVP. Played for us for 8 years, captained us, was the best player in the PL, and left after becoming disillusioned with Wengers ridiculous management.

    Sagnas disillusioned, Nasri became disillusioned, Cesc became disillusioned, Vieira has been for years, Merson is disillusioned, McLintock is disillusioned, Stewart Robson is disillusioned.

    I have supported Arsenal for 25 years, yet i cant stand the people ruining, sorry running our club.

    Geoff has been a ST holder forever, yet he wont go anymore.

    Dont confuse hating the regime running a club with hating the club itself.

  91. mjgooner

    Also I am sure the “idiots” who will be booing RVP tomorrow are the same idiots cheering Sol Campbell where he cross carpeted from the spuds to us………….it wasnt treason when Sol did it to the Spuds. I am sure he also got an improved contract (the money grabbing cunt) when he signed for us.

  92. Keyser

    Paulinho – “Yeah but how does he share the blame for Wenger’s thought processes?”

    Because he benefitted from them, pretty simple really. How could he argue against something that made him what he was.

    “You seem to be ignoring the fact he scored 37 goals last season and we still came absolutely nowhere near winning anything,”

    Not really ignoring surprised you’ve only thought it through soo far, wouldn’t it be fair for you go back and tally his goal scoring record against where we’ve finished or with how many points.

  93. Ric

    KeyserNovember 2, 2012 14:54:11

    Did he ask for another year?

    Did Adams, Keown, Parlour, Dixon, Gilberto et al?

    Yes they did.

    And would some of that experience probably have helped us win something during the last decade?

  94. Alfie

    Ill boo RvP all day long, I dont care what you think! He is a classless prick . And yes you may give all the footballing/non trophy reasons you want but I still feel the guy should of had a sense of loyalty, shouldnt have posted the ridiculous statement and above all shouldnt have moved to Man Utd.


  95. Paulinho

    Keyser – RVP’s benefitted from a segment of Wenger’s management, most notably expressing himself going forward and the offensive side. What that has got to do with defensive shape and defending set pieces (why his scoring will never make a ‘significant difference is something you’ll have to explain.

    “Not really ignoring surprised you’ve only thought it through soo far, wouldn’t it be fair for you go back and tally his goal scoring record against where we’ve finished or with how many points.”

    Er, already done that. He scored 37 and we finished twenty points behind the leaders.

  96. andy

    no gambon they´re not – except of nasri maybe 😛

    I wanted to point out you can leave a club – of course you can. you can also join a “bigger” or “wealthier” club in the same country. joining chavs or shitty may hurt but I could live with that – as long as the player doesn´t behave like adebaywhore did. but – and that´s my honest opinion – there has to be some kind of rule for whom I (as a player) not sign – and that´s a rival of a club I stated to love and was a part of for 8 years.

    I know identification and/or love to a club doesn´t really exist nowadays. It´s sad but true – but this doesn´t change the fact of some kind of respect to your employer or ex-employer. football stars are idols for many persons all over the world and for earning 100k+ a week they have some kind of responsibility towards them – especially towards fans of their club. I know we don´t live in some kind of “everything´s nice on the world” but respect to your employer and people who pay you (mostly fans) is at an all-time-low. and guys like you – and that´s my real problem with you gambon – don´t miss any opportunity to point out how SS, AW and IG damage our club. but the dutch cunt spitting on our club gets support from you

    once again I don´t blame him for leaving, I blame him for how he did it and for whom he FORCED to sign

  97. Ric

    Alfie November 2, 2012 16:27:23

    I on the other hand maintain that RVP releasing that statement was one of the more loyal moves I’ve seen by any of our more recent captains.

  98. bergkamp63

    Poor old RVP, he must be having sleepless nights thinking about all the Arsenal fans around the world booing him in front of their TV & Computer screens tomorrow or the few thousand that might barely be heard in old trafford tomorrow.

    I guess playing for Man Utd and getting £200k + per week might help him though.

    Get over it you mindless idiots !!

  99. Keyser

    Paulinho – So no previous seasons to that ? You’re basically resting everything on the idea that last season was somehow the norm for us defensively and that this year there’s been no difference.

  100. Ric

    andyNovember 2, 2012 16:34:38

    Well it speaks volumes of the troubles at Arsenal when most of us seem to be fretting over wether or not to boo a manure player or our own staff.
    I for one feel I’d rather boo Fergie, but look how AW is just asking for it!

  101. Paulinho

    Keyser – Our defence has crap for years now hasn’t it?

    And there’s no been no real difference this year. Only reason it’s pretty good is because we’re not scoring. Score against Man City literally gift Aguero an open goal, score against ten men QPR, and gift them two chances. Clowns.

    I do like Arteta in front of the back four but he’s going to get played over and over again till he gets injured.

  102. CH30

    Facing RVP for the first time is like meeting you’re ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend for the first time after a bad breakup!

    Best thing is to make sure we beat United, and move on..

    Again, the lineup I’d like to see..


    Jenkinson Mertesacker Vermaelen Sagna

    Cazorla Wilshere Arteta Podolski



    Goals from: Walcott, Giroud, Arteta

  103. azed

    Anything better than 8-2 is progress…. I’m going to watch the game expecting NOTHING.
    if we get a win i’d love it more than our 4th place trophy.

  104. Ric

    azed November 2, 2012 16:54:50

    Well said! I don’t expect much this season so a win over manure would certaintly make the rest all the more bearable.

  105. ritesh

    euuhhh….Is it mad to ask to team up Chamakh with Giroud tomorrow?

    I am thinking it would be good to drop Rambo for the last 20mins if the match is still tied and bring on Chamakh.

    He can act as an anchor and bring the team to play….just like he used to do in his first 6 months….. euuhhh….right?

  106. telarse

    Doesn’t matter how old or infirm Man U players are cos they’ve got a manager who is tactically aware and considers the opposition when setting his team out. How many times over the years, when we had the better footballers, did Sir Rudolph totally cancel us out by playing the likes of Fletcher and Park? He had his teams just sit back and watch our tippy-tappy crap – where he allowed us to play it, then smash and grab the win?
    Man U were shite last year, by their standards, their central defence was a shambles at times and they relied enormously on Giggs and Scholes.
    They lost the league on goal difference to a City team with the best collection of stars in the league.
    RvP joined a team to win things – and, in my opinion, chose the classier option. Any team that wins pays more than Arsenal so he can’t be accused of moving for money.
    Sir Rudolph is a brilliant manager – wish we had one.

    PS I won’t be surprised if we win tomorrow just as I won’t be surprised if we follow that win with a loss against Fulham!

  107. ritesh

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    If you access with Chrome, you should have no issues.

  108. Keyser

    Paulinho – Not really what I asked, Van Persie had 8 years, last year was his highest ever goal tally, in a season that was probably the most disrupted in any of those 8 years.

    Having a striker who’d finally lifted himself into the World Class category, playing in front of Cazorla, next to Podolski and Walcott, with players like Sagna and Wilshere to come back, would’ve been immensly helpful.