Theo Walcott to Liverpool? Hardly a step up | Arsenal head to United, will Robin get the Nasri treatment?

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‘Errr, Arsene, what do you think the reception for Robin is going to be like?’

‘Well sir, I think he’s going to get an absolute c*nting from the away fans and deservedly so. He’s a disloyal pig of a player and he’ll get what’s coming.’

Never quite pans out that way when the press ask that question does it?

Arsene Wenger reckons he’ll get the reception he deserves at the weekend, I think he’s right, but I’m not sure Wenger is thinking along the same lines as most of the Arsenal fans.

Me personally? I wouldn’t waste my breath on booing him. He gave us one fantastic season in 8, which I’ll be forever grateful for, but to boo him relentlessly? I’d rather ignore him. Didn’t someone once say the best way to get even is to be massively successful? I’m sure the only way we’re going to upset Robin tomorrow is by smashing his new side by two goals.

I don’t think it’s impossible either. On the face of it, they’ve an aging midfield that really shouldn’t have the legs to compete against an on form Arsenal midfield. They’ve got a defence that is leaking goals at a frightening rate and in goal they’ve got a keeper who is almost as dodgy as Mannone. Ok, I’m exaggerating the last bit… but De Gea really is a poor mans EvDS.

The biggest strength United have is their manager. How he eeks so much out of what on paper looks so little is a miracle. United sides work hard all the time. There’s no such thing as a 3rd place trophy where they come from. It’s up to our players to take a bit of their never say die attitude. The same attitude that saw us pull back 4 goals at Reading in the week. We have better players this year. I think we have a more organised defence and I think with Jack back in the set up and with Giroud and Theo starting, we could cause problems.

A few mentioned the fact I’d missed off Podolski in my line up yesterday. That was for a reason. I don’t think he’s been particularly effective over the last few week. He’s left Santos exposed on numerous occassions and going forward, he’s looked tired and out of ideas. That said, he’s always been a big game player. Could United away reignite his flagging season? Or should the boss opt for a well rested Chamberlain? It’s going to be about balance this weekend. We haven’t found it many times this season, but if it clicks now, we’ll have a good chance at racking up some important results through November.

In other news, Liverpool are being linked with a move for Theo again. I’m not sure how they represent anything other than a step down. Firstly, it’s moving up North, secondly, it’s too a far weaker squad and thirdly, they don’t have Champions League football and it’s doubtful they will for a while. That story is a non-starter for me.

Anyway, I must dash, have a great Friday!

P.S. I understand there is a problem with the comments function, I’m getting it sorted.

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  1. kwik fit

    Johnny 5

    Wenger reads the grove every Friday in order to get an idea of the team for the Saturday.
    Listen up Wenger here’s the team that will do you a favour at OT

    Sagna Mert Verm Coq
    ……….Art Jack
    Walcot Cazorla Pod

    Under No circumstances do I what to see Ramsey or the Porn star near the starting lineup.

  2. Piyush


    I understand that bro…. But surely we shud stop accepting defeat even before playing the game what sayy???

    Football is a funny game u never knw what will happen.

  3. SUGA3


    who is ACCEPTING a defeat here?

    the very essence of this site is a bunch of folks who don’t accept what is happening to this once great club…

  4. mjgooner

    Kwik fit
    For a “regular’ on Legrove, you have just dissappointed yourself. You know Wenger drops by on Legrove on Fridays to get a feel of what team the fans want and DOES THE EXACT OPPOSITE on saturday………..YET you put out a team without Ramsey, now I have to endure that “welsh cunt” for 90 mins tomorrow.

  5. Arsenal1886-2006

    If the rumours are true about Theo and ‘Pool then Theo should refuse to move until the end of the season. Would love to be in the boardroom as they watch £20+million walking out of their pockets.

  6. kwik fit


    Fuck your right 🙂

    Here’s the team for midday tomorrow Wenger
    Ignore my previous post. ( I was pissed)
    Jenks Kos DJ Porn Star
    Rambo Frims Carter
    Helder Hawley McGoldrick

  7. Arsenal1886-2006

    If Theo had 2-3 years on his contract and we looked to sell him I reckon we could get £20 million for him in todays inflated market. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him team up with RVP again, Fergie wanted him years ago and would love to turn him into a proper player.

  8. azed

    If Ramsey starts tomorrow, i’m going to blame you. How could you not know wonga reads le-grove and does the exact opposite?

  9. kwik fit


    I will take full responsibility . I just jumped in with my preferred team for tomorrow like a virgin in a brothel . Now that I’ve ‘shot my load’ ,I will not be so premature in the future with my picks.

    You just know Wenger will pick Ramsey and porn star tomorrow no matter what. They will be the first two on his team sheet.

  10. HP

    Ox is injured meaning ramsey will start

    can see utd easily scoring 4-5 goals without conceding any

    lol@people thinking we have a chance.

  11. Arsenal1886-2006

    I meant if he had 2-3 left which he obviously doesn’t thanks to wengers sustainability model. They thought he would jump at the chance of re-signing a new contract so he could stay with uncle asinine.
    Seems to me as though the wenger fatherly figure portrayed by the AKB’s is looking as attractive to the kids as having an uncle jimmy.

  12. Johnny5


    ‘Seems to me as though the wenger fatherly figure portrayed by the AKB’s is looking as attractive to the kids as having an uncle jimmy.’

    Lol dude that gets comment of the day lol.

  13. kwik fit

    To the players……..if your just settling in getting ready for 40 winks ( WINKS ) an you’ve just decided to have a quick wwww……..peep on LG to see what the fans are thinking. Can I just say don’t listen to that Wenger, just look at the united number 20 and Fucking do it for the fans!!!

  14. goonerboy

    Whether you admire Ferguson as a human being or not-and I don’t-at all- you can’t argue with either his record as a manager of Man U or our piss poor record against his team-losing 8 out of 10 of the last games we met.
    If they weren’t good enough already Wenger and the Board’s greed is such that they just had to help them get even better by selling them last years best player for peanuts-and 24m for a world class player is peanuts.
    This is one of the easiest games in the calendar for United. Arsenal do not have the weapons to hurt or stop United. Arsenal are wide open. People need to get real. We are at the level of Villa or Fulham.

  15. kwik fit


    Disagree that we are the level of Villa etc but firmly agree that fergie rates this game as one of his easiest . Wenger’s teams play one way. United are drilled by fergie to exploit theirs weakness. Nothing changes with Wenger’s tactics. Fergie always has a cigar during matches with our Arsene.

  16. kwik fit

    Liam Brady Maclom Mc Donald Frank Stapleton…..Sorry not him Valdemere petrovic Paul Mariner Tony woodlecoc and Perry groves its all about the match tomorrow.
    ‘Our Arsenal’ will fight and fight and fight until we just can’t fight any more.
    Question is will Wenger’s team?

  17. kwik fit

    Man U at Old Trafford ? I have watched then twice against Chelsea ( 2 different teams)
    I don’t know about you but our players will turn it on tomorrow big time IMO!

  18. kwik fit

    That sugar cane that tasted good that Arsenal that (hollywood)they said they would ,tried their best ,At old trafford we’ve got Giroud fuck the rest!


  19. kwik fit

    Today we are marching up Fergies back side!
    He pull’s he’s zipped coat up and pull ‘s what he used to call the refree. He has called the shots for a long time you know what I mean!

  20. kwik fit

    Guys and girl;s I am all nervous cos its against United but this is for you no H C( the horny you know what) Fergie cos its Arsenal ‘ Champion section’

  21. kwik fit

    I 45 or as far as pedro is concerned its 2.45 because its a joke. PEDRO CAN’T EVEN CHANGE THE FUCKING TIME CLOCK.
    I’m on enough pressure cos my world is all about Arsenal!

  22. sam

    90% of grovers are scared and negatives.
    we have a better chance if wenger makes it a decisive day, experiment can wait coz we need 3 points to move up the table. so no welsh winger n a fat brazilian in the starting line-up we will beat them

  23. Rhys Jaggar


    You appear to have a mentally ill psychopath writing on your blogs.

    I am sure that you consider threatening to throttle a human being a criminal act.

    I will not be pissing in my pants thinking about it.

    I will be thinking about testifying in a court of law to put that psychopath in prison, I will be thinking about ensuring that Arsenal football club bans them for life from their environs, their membership and their websites. And I will be thinking about what a total LACK OF CLASS that this miscreant portrays on behalf of Arsenal FC. I judge a club’s ‘class’ or lack of it by how their fans behave, you know……..

    I am sure that they will agree to this, because Arsenal prides itself in being ‘the classiest football club in England’.

    I thought that threatening violence was what you jeered the Chavs for.

    Clearly not.

    Now I would appreciate it greatly if you would supply me, Arsenal FC and the Metropolitan Police with the IP Address of that sad psychopath and ‘help everyone with their enquiries’ to ensure that their kind, who more than anything are the reason Arsenal FC no longer win trophies, are ostracised and removed from any contact with an ailing organisation.

    The truth appears to hurt Arsenal fans.

    The truth is this: no more trophies until you grow up.

    The Club’s aura, the club’s DNA, is now that of whining, whingeing children.

    Ashley Cole went to Chelsea to win trophies. He won a lot. That’s why he left. He was, in effect, encouraged to leave by Patrick Vieira. Who appears not to be returning to Arsenal as he sees better opportunities up north.

    Tony Adams won a lot of trophies at Arsenal. That’s why he stayed. Ditto Bergkamp. Ditto Vieira as a player.Ditto Henry as a player.

    Until you bring basic human respect into your football dealings, you won’t get anywhere.

    Basic respect means that you fight for what you want but respect legal decisions taken by others that you may not agree with.

    The day you think that violence equates with class is the day that the aura of class dies.

    I’m sure 60,000 fans will applaud the threats of violence as Arsenal is such a classy club.

    I’m sure David Bernstein and Trevor Brooking believe that fan violence has brought unrivalled respect and success to the English game over the past 40 years.

    I am 100% sure that Arsene Wenger believes in violence after so many of his players have been on the receiving end of it.

    Make your minds up: you are communal garden thugs or you are a classy football club.

    You can’t be both…………………..

  24. Jeff

    It is at times like this when we have to play the big boys that the things are really put into perspective. Our defence this season has (so far) been much better than last season. The rate of goals we’ve been shipping has taken a very dramatic dip but unfortunately so has the rate of scoring.

    I absolutely despair when the name Ramsey comes up against a team like Man U. He has no business being on the pitch. It’s not his fault; he simply doesn’t have the ability and what it takes to be playing at top level and of course there are many others in the squad who aren’t up to it either. So we have to pick our players on the basis of who will do “least damage to our cause” as opposed to “most damage to theirs” and I don’t believe Ramsey should be in the team – period.

    Of course we don’t really have many options (not viable ones anyway because either we’ve sold them all or haven’t bought enough) so I have no logical grounds for assuming we can win today. However my heart (as ever) is hopeful but it isn’t based on anything concrete; probably just good old wishful thinking and I won’t be able to tell the difference until the final whistle.


    The only i broke was sinking to your level ,but you’re still a prick.
    nov 2 12:17:43
    “i do hope you all thought Sol Campbell a two faced black cunt”,you’re the one who belongs in jail.

  26. Evan

    KWIK FIT you truly are a funny fucker with your late night shift, never fails to make me chuckle good work

    Watching Sky Sports its all about Robin Van Rapist. My plan, start drinking soon ready for kickoff , it maybe 07:04 but i’m a hero. Come on Gooners

  27. Evan

    Oh joy, note the SECOND TIER, Wenger all over it

    Monaco striker Ibrahima Toure admits he would welcome the opportunity to test himself in England, possibly at Arsenal.

    The 26-year-old has been a revelation in the French second tier since linking up with Monaco in January.

  28. Jeff

    Suppose, during the transfer window, someone put before Wenger the following hypothetical scenario. We are nine games in, currently 6th in the league, seven points from the top, Tottenham and Everton both ahead of us; we are just one point above Fulham, West Brom and West Ham who are snapping at our feet. The date is Saturday 3rd of November and we are playing Man U at OT?

    Do you feel lucky? Do you still want to sell Van Persie to Man U?