The Arsenal team for United is very strong | Theo Walcott – do you change your formation for him?

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So what did I learn last night? Trick or treating in a kebab house when you have no trick is basically a demand for free food. It doesn’t go down well. You still have to pay your £4 like the rest of the rabble.

Someone who certainly wasn’t paying for their own kebab last night was Theo Walcott. Fresh off the back of a kebabtrick two nights ago, all the talk is around his unsigned deal and whether or not he deserves the right to a more central position.

I’m not a massive fan of Theo in general, I don’t think he shows enough consistency and I think he really lacks technically against teams that have a bit of tactical nous. However, you can’t argue against the goals he’s scoring at the moment. You can’t argue against the impact he’s making every time he’s coming onto the pitch. You also can’t play Gervinho when he’s injured, even though I’m sure Wenger will try.

I’m still not sure how Wenger is going to play Theo through the middle. He doesn’t have the physical presence to play as a loan striker. It almost feels like there needs to be a change of formation to accommodate him. Perhaps he could play off the Giroud? That would require going back to a more traditional set up which might leave us exposed by not having an extra midfielder. Whatever happens, it seems we’ll need to do something to accommodate his ambitions of becoming a striker soon otherwise he’ll leave and likely go to a rival.

Isn’t it amazing how well people play when a contract is on the line?

I’m interested to see what the manager has in store for the United game at the weekend. They played out a long winded high scoring game at Stamford Bridge last night which included a number of players that could be considered for the first team. Hopefully a bit of mental and physical fatigue will have set in. Amazing how serious both of those teams took the competition. They knew full well that giving a rival team any hint of an advantage could have negative ramifications for their team. We need to take that approach with cup matches. I know we beat Reading,  but we nearly embarrassed ourselves (we certainly did in defence) because we put out a weak side. Wenger needs to take all competitions seriously because we’re not in a position to be snobby.

A win at Old Trafford puts us within touching distance of United, and really, they’re the club you need to stay in touch with across a season. A loss, well, that pretty much kills off any hope we may have had of competing for anything other than fourth. Arsenal need to progress this season, I think a win away would be signal that we’re improving.

We’ll have a pretty strong side on show for the game. Our defence, for all the criticism it has face, is still the best in the Premiership (unless I’m going blind, we’ve conceded 6). We’ll have a had a week to work on tactics and we’ll have Sagna back in for his second game. Our midfield should be running the socks off United. Wilshere, Arteta and Cazorla are a match for anyone. A front 3 of Giroud, Theo and Chamberlain is a pretty scary prospect. On the face of it, there’s no reason we can’t take three points.

What do you think?

Anyway, there’s not much else going on, so I’ll leave it at that!

Have a great day!

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  1. sam

    me think feoo should start on the bench after playing 120 minutes this week.
    the only tragedy here chambo is not fit and le clown will play his favourite new winger there n we will be fucked.
    we will outplay them as usual but they will still come up with a better winning formula. we can’t efford to have anyone crippling the team.

  2. Dan Ahern

    Bade — Yeah, no good solution at LB. You’d never catch me saying this last season, but we need Gibbs!
    I like Santos more than most fans, but I have to admit he gets caught with his pants down. No support? May be true, but he’s such a wing back. Not much of a battler.
    Anyway, right on about the midfield. Arteta-JW-Cazorla is so potent. Just need to click with the wings and Giroud.
    (If it’s up to me I’m playing Podolski-Giroud-Theo, even if Gervinho has a miraculous recovery. And Ramsey doesn’t touch this game, not even in MF. Get Coquelin if we need more steel.)

  3. Ché C Cheriton

    I said after watching Martinez vs. Coventry he looked very shaky. I was told on here he looked solid. I think after Tuesday’s match we know exactly where we are with him.

    I find it shocking we can be paying the likes of Chamakh £75k per week but at the same time will not pay to keep world stars such as RVP. No blame is attached to RVP – only the manager and board.

    Santos, another complete dud. He is a truly awful defender.

    The clubs treats it’s fans like mugs. Shipping 5 vs reading doesn’t bode well for Saturday.

    Wenger OUT Board OUT

  4. hjw

    I’m thinking maybe we could move to a 5-3-2 formation (with wing-backs) to accommodate Theo up front with Giroud. That we we can still keep our solid midfield trio of Cazorla, Arteta & Wiltshire.

  5. Rohan

    best news i’ve heard all week. Gervinho is out for 3 weeks.

    Hate to be cynical but still. I like Theo and Giroud.

    Podolski is worrying. Yet to perform in a big game

  6. Bade


    I agree about red nose & that little being their advantage, but their defence is worse than ours, and also their keeper isn’t reeking of confidence, hence why I think we’ll control the midfield & score the same as we concede in it

  7. kwik fit

    Think Pod could be carrying an injury Rohan which has restricted his performances. At least I hope that has been the case.
    Giroud impressed the other night as did Theo but only after the shit had hit the fan. Can they do it from the start?

  8. Bade


    Yeh, Santos is a gander, but with the right cover from Jack & Poldy I think we can just edge that one with minimum casualties


    I think it was touch harsh to say it’s good news mate. He’s still our player. I wouldn’t even consider it for Chamakh, maybe we’ll be able to flog him after all, he had a brace so we have what to show in his special performances DVD 😆

  9. JJ

    I bet me left nut Santos starts at LB.
    I bet my right nut Ramsey starts at RW.
    Although, I hope I have no nuts at the end of the game…. (?)

  10. sam


    bad news for wenger coz theo looking like he’s winning the battle for number 9.
    if theo does well for the next 3 weeks then project gervinho will be binned.
    now project ramsey as the new pires is the dumbest idea ever, i’d rather see miyaichi being recalled, ramsey is too slow to become a winger.
    time we start picking up 3 points n move up the table, no more time for stupid experiments please.

  11. Keyser

    Didn’t Rosicky do his achilles ? That takes ages.

    Rohan mate come on you’re being sucked in by doom.

    Lastly Fergie gets more out of a poorer squad ? It’s more likely the other way around.

    He’s got a similar problem to us in a way, he’s not got enough money as he would like so he overspends on youth hoping he can bridge the gap.

  12. sam

    i am wishing wilshere-cazorla midfield will create many chances n make the likes of chamakh look good .
    unlike that arrogant dutch cunt, giroud seems like a nice guy to get along withat

  13. LeMassiveCoq

    This is the team I would play (4-4-2)


  14. Relieable sauce

    Any news on shezza? BBC says he may have a chance.

    As has been said already MU defence is not the best its ever been, they might not need to be though. Anyone hear the other night that Johnny Evans hasn’t committed a foul this season…..WTF!!!

  15. localcelebrity

    I would love to see wenger play a 5 3 2 against united with starting line up as follow;

    Mannone (unfortunately)
    Sagna kos merts verms santos
    Artete carzorla wilshire
    Giroud walcott

    I’m tellin you I dunno if its coz I’m relaxed right now or this is the way we need to play. Sagna and santos up and down midfielders roaming giroud target man walcott on form finisher

  16. Jeff

    Judging by the reports flying around before the game on Saturday, it looks like Wenger is already trying to soften the blow if we should suffer a loss. More words justifying Van Persie’s leaving and how he turned down 300k from Man City are among the gems we’ve been privy to and of course his insistence that the fans should show respect to Van Persie as though somehow it was our fault that he left.

    What does all this say? It says that Wenger has already conceded the game. He knows we’re going to lose and is managing our expectations. It is unbelievable the drivel that comes out of his mouth sometimes. Underneath all of that spin is the obvious, constant and unwavering fact that we have been sold down the river with the excuse that “there was no choice”. There is always choice. It is only if you make the wrong one that you are forced to say that and hope people accept it. We had a choice with all of them from Veira to Van Persie.

    I will not buy the maxim that there is no choice because it means any player who is worth anything will always be poached by other clubs and we will never have any choice but to take the money and run. A vibrant, ambitious and highly motivated club does not sell its best players. It retains them and attracts others. Players tend to find the decision to leave us much easier than they ought to because over the years we have become stale, static and stagnant at all levels. We have lost our way and each season all we do is follow the others in a mad stampede towards May and often get trodden on and knocked about because we’re in the middle of it with no particular desire to get to the front.

  17. nedox

    Ché C Cheriton November 1, 2012 20:58:28
    I said after watching Martinez vs. Coventry he
    looked very shaky. I was told on here he looked
    solid. I think after Tuesday’s match we know exactly
    where we are with him.
    I find it shocking we can be paying the likes of
    Chamakh £75k per week but at the same time will
    not pay to keep world stars such as RVP. No blame
    is attached to RVP – only the manager and board.

    Chamakh is on 45k/week

  18. El Tel

    Arsenal 18186

    I went on your link Pal and it is a Manc and Chavski wankfest.

    After reading some of their fans drivel I hate the Mancsum even more which I thought was impossible.

    They are the most arrogant,conceited bunch of cunts you could ever imagine.

    They truthfully believe they dont get any dodgy decisions for them and that everyone else is making it up. They went on to say they got beat by the Chavs first team v their reserves.

    Such cunts.

    Tomorrow could be a great day for me if we do them.

    Come on you Gunners.

  19. peanuts&monkeys

    Finding RvP firing from more cylinders than even his last season is such a pain. And, if he scores against us tomorrow, it will be like knife through my heart.

    I still wish him well. He is justifiably greedy in this wild world. Why would a footballer of his callibre, form and age forsake 4.7 million pounds by staying back with a losing club? It must have been genuinely difficult for him to take this selfish decision. But now, after having got over his conscience he is a a lethal striker.

    Wenger is the worst form of a football coach plying their trades in global stage. So, is Stan Kroenke. If God was a Gooner, he would have taken these two out.

  20. useroz

    Walcott you chase if you lost the damn ball

    We are hopeless right from the start anyway too little too late with arshavin on at 82″…….

    Wenger out now we don’t need u for warm down