Andrey’s attitude never questioned? Really Arsene? | Gnabry and Eisfeld set to impress for Arsenal

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Carling Cup time... I mean Capital One Cup time...

It’s Capital One Cup day people. That means we can all get totally over excited about a group of young players who will show off their potential, get us all excited, then disappear off to play for Bolton in three years time.

Just kidding everyone… that never happens.

Tonight is going to be quite interesting for a number of reason. The main one being, quite a lot of players who you’d expect to see playing won’t be due to the injuries we’ve faced over the last few weeks. It’s unlikely we’ll see Chamberlain. I’d be very surprised if we see contract rebel Theo Walcott start and obviously, we’ll most certainly not see Jack Wilshere slip in a game even though he’s trying to recover his fitness as quickly as possible.

That leaves us with a fairly weak looking team when you consider we’re playing a Premiership side. Sadly, I can’t see past Chamakh up front. There’s literally no one else I can think of really? He’s no world class talent, but it would be nice to see him show that he’s at least a mid-table striker., you know, considering we pay him £75k a week. I can’t for the life of me work out why teams like West Ham or some of the others that struggle didn’t put in a loan bid for him. I’d imagine Eisfeld and Gnabry will take the wide slots with Andrey sitting just behind the striker. It’s a shame that someone as talented as the Russian only seems to get a run out in League cup, but it’s difficult to pin the blame for this on anyone other than himself.

“I say that because [his attitude] has been questioned. I don’t tolerate that,”

“If that was the case I would not speak about it.“

Now, Andrey’s attitude might not be called into question, but I can tell you his work rate in training most certainly has been the topic of conversations, much in the same way it was for Alex Song in the summer. I don’t know why Wenger defends the Russian so staunchly. He’s spent the whole year trying to push him out the back door. Everyone knows that including Andrey, so it’s not like he’s doing him any favours confidence wise.

Gnabry will be the one to watch this evening. When he came on against Schalke, he pulled off a really slick piece of skill within minutes. Things went pretty sour after that, but that doesn’t take away from the clear talent he has. He’s very powerful, he’s good with the ball at his feet and he’s built powerfully for a teenager. Hopefully he can make an impact with a goal this evening. Wenger was full of praise for his mad skillz.

“He is a guy who can play in all the offensive positions, I think he could even play centre forward. He has a kind of efficiency in his game, and can get on the end of things.

“He has big potential, creative potential, finishing potential. Serge is 17 years old and strong for a boy of that age.

You know why Wenger is going overboard about this kid? Because Theo isn’t going to sign on for us. This player is why that contentious point won’t matter. The PR cogs are already turning on this one and 90% of Gooners will lap it up. I’m not saying he won’t be good, but I remember how every lapped up the Chamberlain signing and he’s still not made an impact. Teenagers rarely become world class in their teens. This boy looks good, but so did Theo, Vela and Chamberlain. You generally have to wait until they’re early twenties to get the best out of them.

In the centre of midfield, Frimpong and Coquelin will anchor. I love the energy of the Englishman and I love the composure of the Frenchman. The one thing I’d ask of Coquelin is for him to force the game a little more. He’s not blown me away this season, he’s just slipped in, done a good job and that’s it. Pretty similar to Chamberlain. Where is the energy? Where is the excitement? The lack of fear young players are supposed to show when they’re trying to impose themselves on the first team? He has a superb range of passing, he’s good going forward and he reads the game well. It’d be nice to see him lift his game and give Wenger a real selection issue.

Centre backs are settled. It’ll be Johann Djourrou and Koscielny flanked by Miquel and Jenkinson. I feel for the Englishman. He’s been one of our best players this season and he was shipped out of the first team at the first opportunity  I can’t critique the decision, it was the right one.

“It was a tough decision, very tough,”

“The team was a bit low in confidence and I felt experience at the back could help. Of course Bacary Sagna has an advantage on Jenkinson in experience.”

Sagna is the best right back in the league. You need your best team on the pitch, especially when you’re playing badly. Jenkinson will get more chances as the campaign goes on. The key take away from his first team stint is he grasped it with both hands. He was superb. He demonstrated his superb engine, his blistering pace and his eye for an accurate cross. We now have a solid right side of defence. Miquel has yet to really impress me. He’s not a typical left back, he’s a bit clumsy and he’s never really looked comfortable in defence. He’ll get his chance though, Wenger seems to have a lot of faith in him.

In goal, Martinez will take the number one jersey. In the photos of yesterday’s training, it looked like Chezzer was back in contention. That’s great news for the United game at the weekend because I’d imagine they’d planned to pepper the goal with shots and crosses to target out weak link. I digress… Martinez has the potential to take the number two slot at some point. Hopefully he isn’t tested too much this evening, but a couple of world class saves and a clean sheet wouldn’t do his CV any harm!

Tonight is hugely important regardless who is playing. We need to start building a sequence of wins. The mind is a fragile thing and even though most of the first team won’t be playing this evening, seeing your pals take a beating from a poor side still impacts. If the kids do a great job, it’ll give the first team confidence at the weekend. Some will palm it off as inconsequential, but for me, winning a cup is a hugely important milestone for this side. All the best managers in the world chase that first trophy after a drought. Mourinho didn’t care where it came from, Ferguson didn’t care… nor would most. We need to snap out of this snobby approach to the cups. If Wenger doesn’t want to build a squad capable of Champions League and Premiership glory, he needs to try a little harder to win the less glamourous trophies… not least because it’ll give the press and the bloggers one less thing to complain about.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. It can be top four and a cup.

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That’s your lot, enjoy the game!


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  1. Thomas

    Nice to be through but the fact that Arsenal nowadays are frequently involved in these circus type of games is embarrassing really…

  2. Sheppard 12

    Wenger planned it all along guys he obviously told his players lets give the fans a night to remember ship a few goals then chamahk at the end do that chip you always do in training …… See wenger is a tactical genius

    ( for anyone unaware this post is sarcasm) 🙂

  3. Santos

    CHAMATTACK!!! SHARK ATTACK. The ref was a disgrace. It was sweet that we buried the game. The cunt must have been let down.

  4. Craigy

    Fucking hell what a turn around, did not c that fucker coming, I’m buzzing, safe to say tho, if jenkinson hadn’t scored that follow up, we would have been robbed, by a poor linesman decision, giroud was really good, got the team playing, our keeper was shit, hopefully he’ll learn from it,

  5. SDE


    I bet Fergie,is watching this match,laughing his rocks off..

    “I see OGL has made no improvement on the defense..
    Still as circumspect as ever..”

    Expect aerial bombardment,crosses galore..RVP sharing his inside knowledge to Fergie in the war room..

    Should be absolute fun,us getting torn a new one on Sunday..

  6. Gooby

    Giroud and coquelin threw their shirts to the crowed on 4-4. It’s either this pair of cunts don’t keep track of the score or didn’t understand the rules 😀

  7. sam

    i said it again,
    its lack of match fitness
    it will be interesting to know how wenger prepares players who have not played for longtime.
    it took them longtime to realise that they are actually playing football

  8. Santos


    Inasmuch as I think Wenger is a cunt, be happy we won, not trying to be pontificial. Is that how you are in real life?

  9. Keyser

    Kushagra India – Sorry didn’t reply earlier, lol been a bit sidetracked.

    Got that film downloaded and been waiting for time to watch it lol..

    Lurch thought WTL had been that Investment banker who lost billions.

    All possible sightings welcome, a different class of doomer back in the day.

  10. SDE

    Now Wenger sign up Theo.
    He showed tonight that he has got a claim to play through the middle and more importantly he’s got balls.

    Against Reading in a Capital One cup..
    Yep,he showed great balls & mental strength..!!

    Geez,is this the type of fan,we have nowadays!!

  11. Marko

    I either missed an amazing game of football or a shit game of basketball. How did the Eisfeld kid look? Is he the next great hope?

    Also SDE is just the worst kind of fan also shit stirring.

  12. The JD Flick!!

    Okay, can we savor the comeback and save the critiquing the 5 goals for tomorrow?

    That was absolutely fucking stunning. To come back from that hole, that was Newcastle-esque. Chamakh can kick a ball? color me amazed. Props to the team for providing us with a classic, well done to you lads. As the mancs and chavski have shown this season, it doesn’t matter how many you concede, if you score one more than them.

    Fuck yes.

  13. patthegooner

    I dont know what Theo is asking for, but FFS dont make another Cole-esque fuckup over a few grand. Give him the money, get him starting again on the wing, and lets see what happens.

    And well done Chamakh. He was the player I thought we had bought in that 2nd half. Worked hard and played well, and looked interested!!!!!

  14. andy

    don´t want to be too negative about theo but to be honest – he wasn´t there until he scored his first … he was at fault for their first goal. he had a great game after 46 minutes but 45 mins off may not be forgotten …
    giroud is a genius in my view – the team looked ten times better with him

  15. Danny

    Lads – don’t bother analysing this freak show we just saw, simply accept it for what it was – good entertainment. All we can hope for is that those players that were shit learn from this, and those that tried – keep at it.

  16. Rhys Jaggar

    Steve Bould printed out all the Grovers comments at HT and made the team read it.

    Seemed to do the job…


  17. Leedsgunner

    I’m glad we won but the win just papers over the cracks that is so evident in our squad… The truth is we shouldn’t have gone down 4-0 in the first place. Shocking defensive display tonight — if it was another top side we would have been dead and buried.

  18. Al

    Credit where credit is due….They showed a lot of heart and didnt give up and thats the least we can expect from players

  19. Ash79

    Wow, what a game lads.

    Cant really summise this nor have an opinion on players that dont really play for the first team. All i can say is bar Jenks, Eisfeld, Theo the rest were average at best and mostly bollocks.

    If any grover on here is happy with what you just saw you need you fucking head read. Our short-medium term future looks very worrying.

  20. Goonerhea

    Yes, we all know it’s just one game and all that… But a lot of us just need to eat our words and humble pie just for tonight and let them have this one. We are all Arsenal fans so I am sure we all enjoyed that one! Personally I really enjoyed that… We can go back to complaining tomorrow 😉

  21. Nasri's Mouth

    Ash79: If any grover on here is happy with what you just saw you need you fucking head read.

    Ok, well I’m amazingly happy with what I just saw. Yes we were very poor for the most of the 1st half, but if you can’t be happy when your team comes back from 4-0 down then you are a very very sad man indeed

  22. Jeff

    Giroud was first class tonight. Chamakh, especially in the second half was a changed player, maybe it was the change in formation that did it when Walcott and Giroud came on. It was as if someone suddenly turned the lights on. It was a remarkable comeback. I remember thinking this was done to us by Newcastle when we were up 4:0 at half time and they came back to 4:4. That was one of the most dismal afternoons I had ever had the misfortune to witness.

    But this is what if feels like to do it to someone else. I am absolutely over the moon not just for the win (which of course we should have had in the bag anyway) but the spirit we showed in the second half and through extra time. It was a joy to watch and something to behold. Koscielny did redeem himself by scoring and saving us on several occasions along with the goal keeper who I thought acquitted himself quite well after that awful attempt at a save in the first half.

    Walcott played like a man on a mission. He did fluff up a few but the good things he did far outweighed the bad things tonight. We have to put it into perspective though as it was only Reading but nevertheless perhaps we can start to take this cup seriously for it may be the only trophy we can actually win.

    All in all it was a brilliant night for a fairytale comeback on the eve of Haloween.

  23. Craigy

    The reading fans were taunting the fuck out of us, got what they deserved in the end, fuck all, 5-7 ha ha crazy game, I’m really happy for arshavin he didn’t have his best game but he got 2 assists and more or less created the goal Walcott scored, one thing is for sure he wasn’t lazy 2nite he worked his socks off,

  24. incesc

    interesting point by nial quinn about chamakh

    might have a bit more confidence now

    sign theo up as well, hes not the best but hes important to this team right now, losing him would be anothe step back

  25. Ric

    EPIC doesn*t describe…

    MYTHICAL seems more fitting…

    ELATED, would describe Jenks & Theo…

    NONPLUSSED was the mood on the face of Arsene…

  26. goonerboy

    We had just better hope that we don’t have to call upon Martinez or Djourou against any premiership opposition.
    Against United-I hate to think of the scoreline if we naively try to play a high line against them. I would seriously play Sagna at left back and Santos in the middle.
    Sad thing is Arshavin will be knackered. For me he is still the most creative player we have. Lets hope Theo has a bit more confidence.

  27. kwik fit

    “The miracle happened. I brought on Giroud and Eisfeld and went 4-2-4 and we got the miracle goal in the last minute.” Wenger taking full credit for the inspired subs
    Its nearly as if the ‘we want our Arsenal back ‘chants never happened.

  28. Doubdoubz

    Arshavin was only good when Reading weakened(impact sub at best) Fuck Chamack owes us Some of you act like a battered woman always taking the guy back cos he says sorry. HE’S SHIT
    Theo is going to be a grest striker, whether it be at Arsenal or elsewhere. I for one hope it’s with us.

    Wenger is a prize cunt! wont even give Walcott any decent praise for saving his bacon tonight. Sure he aint worldclass but he’s a better class than what we’ve been playing.

    granted it was Reading but that was there 1st team and you can only beat whats in front of you. Him an Giroud up top could do some serious damage.

    Santi needs to come from the right and Jack from the playmaker role the rest is easy FFS just let me have a victory at O.T


  29. sam


    was gnabry bad?
    he was taken off because we needed a big man up front
    the whole team was shit in the first half, gnabry actually tried a shot on goal
    so please get over it, we won
    and yes, eisfeld for ramsey please

  30. Kempster

    Football……bloody hell

    At halftime I was all for lynching Wenger for letting Chamakh and Arshavin’s back on the pitch for the second half. And to be fair I kept shouting that for most of the next 45. I hope this does something positive for their confidence now. Certainly can’t question Andrei’s fitness, hen ever stopped running to be fair. He just played mostly shit, but didn’t give up. Fair play.

    Eisfield outshone Gnabry, but had the easier job, given that no-one was at the races firs half. It was an embarrassment.

    Giroud has some fight, I like him. And Jenks was rolling his sleeve up and driving across the other side of the pitch. Sagan may be the better full back now, but only just .

    Ridiculous defending by both sides, mostly by us,but what a fun game to watch. I’m glad Arsene didn’t look too happy at the end.

  31. Ash79

    Nasri mouth – not getting into this right now mate as you’re on a buzz and i dont wana kill it but once the dust settles in the morning, you know you can only take this match for what it was – entertainment. Unlike you i cant live match to match hence the bigger picture is a concern so whilst 5-7 result is great to watch, i cant really get excited about this. If those are the players that we need to call upon then we got problems.

    Enjoy the night mate.

  32. Jeff

    Eisfeld for Ramsey is definitely the right thing to do. In fact, let’s face it, “anyone” for Ramsey would be an improvement. Seriously though, Eisfeld showed immense potential and class tonight.

  33. Keyser

    I walked to the shops at half time, thinking about how if I was manager I’d probably have to threaten to cut someones throat, and you know what we’ve done this shitloads in the past, we go 1-0 down, 2, 3 and comeback.

    We made 11 changes and however shit anyone was in the first half they turned it around in the second the bigger picture is we won, that’s all.

  34. zeus

    From facebook

    About sums it up.

    “Er… Um… Nope… Still does not compute…”

    PS. Its fucking hell posting on this site. Whats the problem.

  35. Santos

    Eisfield if played in the right position will become good. That Chamakh chip was awesome, gotta say. I thought he totally lost it. He’s still gash though

  36. Kempster

    Giroud’s the key against United. He can give Ferdinand and that knacker Evans a proper hard afternoon, ESP if Theo is buzzing around for them to worry about

  37. ARGooner

    Let me eat some humble pie from the first half and say lads what an effort to come back….winger out still…..didn’t get second half owing to out of office so it was a huge wtf moment to log in…..judging by comments lads deserved it…still a roller coaster being a fan

  38. incesc

    Isn’t football supposed to be entertainment ash?

    What you do or watch on the weekend for fun when your not working.

  39. Relieable sauce

    Did Wonga get asked about the fans & the WE WANT OUR ARSENAL BACK chants?

    Great to see to influence fans can have on a team.
    They made the entertainment & made the players perform, nothing to do with Wonga except for pity.

  40. SDE

    Enjoy the fairytale story..

    We will come crashing down to earth,with a reality check over the weekend..
    The nightmare @ OT -part 2,unfolds at the weekend

  41. Jeff

    I do believe and hope at the same time that Giroud now starts to get a taste for scoring those super headers he’s renowned for. He got one brilliant one tonight off the corner from Walcott. It was a thing of beauty. Confidence is a wonderful thing so I hope he can turn it on at OT.

    If we beat Man U, I might just start believing again. But it’s a big ask.

  42. Ash79

    insesc – fucks sake lads, cant a guy feel concerned about his club regardless of the result and buzz?

    yeh football is about entertaining but i didnt see anyone feeling entertained or happy when 4 – 0 down?? just cos the result has gone our way, cant paper over the hige cracks.

    fuckin hell, shoot a man down or what.

  43. Lee Pace

    Call me ungrateful but does anyone else think if we beat UTD after tonights scoreline, the cracks will be paved over with people saying Arsenal are back only for the usual crap performances to creep back in.

  44. sam


    just don’t any new windows until microsoft releases the first service pack.
    unless you don’t worry about the security issues that comes with it.
    yes windows 8 looks great for home users but the bad news is its already been found with 8 vulnerabilities and of course microsoft will ignore it till maybe 6 months if you are lucky.

  45. SDE

    & let’s not forget..OGL has his excuses already lined up after today’s whatever you want to call of defensive errors..

    Lose on Sunday,he will cite,tiredness,long match,recovery powers were at a minimum..

    On the upside,was impressed with Giroud & Jenks,Eisefield
    AA for his work endeavour,did not stop trying..
    & Chamakh for his two goals,especially the chip..

  46. Rohan

    Worried about Vermaelen at OT. Think van Persie’s movement will tear him to pieces.

    We’ll need a lot of luck to get something from there. They are penetrable tho at the back. Giroud needs to be clinical.

  47. Gunner2301

    I’m just getting ready for the “players were tired” after OT and those who didn’t play tonight were exhausted from watching and being put through the wringer. 😆

  48. Jeff


    I think we all know that we can’t really afford to look more than a game ahead. Arsenal is renowned for beating a team 6:1 this week and losing to a bottom team 1:0 the next. The lack of consistency in form has cost us dearly over the years. I would say we are capable of beating Man U but only if we turn up. Every player must want it badly enough to play as if his life depended on it. That is what they did in the second half and extra time tonight. We need more of the same kind of spirit.

    If we go to OT with the mindset that we will lose it will be game over before we’ve kicked the ball. Man U will be anxious not to drop any points especially after their efforts to gain on Chelsea in that dodgy win. So they won’t be doing us any favours. We have to play better than them and with more desire if we want to win; there is no other way.

  49. jack

    Wanker Wenger off the hook again. It was an amazing game and great come back, however I havnt forgotten Norwich, Schalke and the AGM meeting like some of you have and I expect RVP and UTD to bring us back down to earth again. It was Reading we were plaiying,, yes Reading., who scored 5 against us and havnt won a match yet. I don’t like being a killjoy or doomer, but any team that makes Walcott and Chamakh look good says it all. Feel free to spout your venom

  50. incesc


    you should watch the video zeus posted

    bet even when micky thomas scored in 89 you said it was a bad thing because it meant wenger would come to arsenal

    probably hadnt heard of arsenal then though…

  51. SDE

    probably hadnt heard of arsenal then though…

    Yeah much like you haven’t heard of common sense & a backbone!!

  52. Max85

    jack… nobody is forgetting all the shortfalls and I doubt this changes anyone’s opinion on Wenger or the direction of the club. But if you can’t enjoy a night like this as an Arsenal fan then I feel sorry for you.

  53. SDE

    bet even when micky thomas scored in 89 you said it was a..

    The last minute 2-1 win at Anfield,was probably the highlight of my career,as an Arsenal fan..At least we had bottle back then & a manager with a no-nonsense approach to winning..

    I remember when he went & bought Seamen from QPR was it?
    I said why?Lukic wasn’t that bad..

    No,cos he was always looking to add,to strengthen..Not weaken the team& replace with cannon fodder..Like this fornicating imbecile of a manager!!

  54. Lee Pace

    @ jeff

    I agree.

    Also tonight just proved that a lot of our crap performances are down to the teams weak mentality over the players being shit. Their negativity influences their performance, same with our 1st team, it’s like we just go out to play and not to win. What was the reason for our dross performance in the 1st half? Once the reality of the comeback was on, it hit the players and they suddenly became a different team like they were possessed. It’s a shame we can’t be like this in every game.

    This is why management needs changing as there’s zero motivation going into this squad.

  55. Keyser

    Seriously love the Giroud/Coquelin throwing their shirts away and then asking for them back.

    Jenkinson quality finish under presure.

    The ref is proper lucky, linesman almost fucked us over to.

  56. SDE

    have you celebrated an arsenal goal this season?even a smile?

    What is there to celebrate..?
    it’s been a freak show for the past 4 years,or so..
    A fornicating pantomime ,that has gradually worsened over the years..

    The only thing I’ll be celebrating is when OGL & his cronies exit the Emirates..
    Trust me,I’ll throw a 2 day party& even make peace with my foes on here!!

  57. incesc

    so you dont even celebrate when an arsenal player scores a goal

    haha what a weirdo, seriously you have this whole arsenal fan completed twisted


  58. Relieable sauce

    Aaahh that Mickey thomas goal……..

    I remember scribing a beautiful piece of prose on the virtues of all the good things about football on my exam desk during my GCSE’s.
    Liverpool ribbons on the tropy, KD & Anfields shattered dreams & all that……..schoolboy dreams

  59. Relieable sauce

    Any good gooner of the right age should know where they were for that ultimate climax to a season, it beats MC efforts of last season hands down.

    So come on grovers, in the words of Delia “lets be avin ya”

  60. bankz

    I can’t remember the last time Arsenal came back from a 3/4 goal deficit to win that match and yet y’all still nagging & slitting your throats on here??
    First,it was our reserve team with a very Naïve goalkeeper(martinez)between the posts & defense playing together for the first time in a long time.
    Secondly,it was our “B” against their “A” in their home & dare I say our “B” team lacked match fitness compared to theirs who play weekly.
    Thirdly, it was a premiership side(reading) and not a championship side so what are we saying exactly?
    All we’ve ever asked for is a “fighting spirit” which they showed today.
    If we had half that “spirit” we would have won Norwich & Schalke O4….if the starting XI takes a mentality & “fighting spirit” like the one shown tonight,to the Old Trafford…believe me,they will run United riot in their home turf.
    So its all about the inspiration & motivation which the Coaching staffs & Wenger haven’t been pumping into the Squad for a real long time.
    Winning 5-7 is a great game & the young lads should be given credit..I never believed they could comeback & I bet 99% of people on here never believed too.

  61. El Tel


    Best comment of the night Fella.

    At half time I said I hope this game gets Wenger the boot and my opinion has not changed with this but we are the Arsenal and we won after scoring 7 fucking goals.

    I watched until 4-0 down on this Ipad, it was a poor internet connection but saw Reading have 5 chances with four goals and the other hitting the post.

    I knew Walcott had scored before half time but had to be at work and was really pissed off.

    The Referee from what I saw was cetainly not assisting the big Club tonight and even though we won I think He should be looked at for criticism. He was a totally shit Ref yet again judging one of our mathes.

    Apart from the goals and our very young Keeper having a mare. The only real shit player for me was that cunt Djorou. He really is toilet. Can excuse most of the others for being young and inexperienced and not match fit for this level.

    I made my comment on here and ranted about Wenger getting sacked. I still think He should go, maybe He should resign and do the honorouble thing.

    I will cut my words short as I could write all night after this match. I had the game on the radio in the car on the way to work and just knew from the commentary that we were going to come back and by the end I thought if we get an equaliser we will win the tie.

    Walcott really pisses me off as He could be a true world beater if he can play consistentl like he did second half on but I think He is a sulker. He had something to prove to Wenger about playing as a striker and fair do’s to the Boy I think He has done so now.

    Did Wenger say to them at HT. if you lose tonight you might only get one more game in the FA cup in the first team?

    Some say Wenger was angry after the game. I bet it was because He knows Walcott is going and Walcott cunted him off by showing him how good he really is.

    I am a big fan of AA23 and always will be. Andre,Cazorla,Jack,Arteta and Podolski would be an invincible midfield with Giroud or Walcott or better still both together up front.

    I think we should be gung ho on Saturday and take them on rather than trying to be tactically better and ending up getting beat again.

    We lost to Norwich away yet has it been forgotten so quickly that they lost to the Spuda at home? Not sure which result was better of the two losses.

    RVP will tear TV5 a new one will he, well how about TV5 playing LB and Kosser marking him. Plus Per will be in the centre to calm things down.

    The young lad in goal tonight will be a top top Keeper as the four goals I saw He was at fault for two of them. Very poor but He is a baby in football terms.

    To summarise. i am glad we won tonight, still want Wenger gone and not as worried as the doomers about the Mancsum.

  62. gnarleygeorge9

    All the whingers will, no doubt try to justify their pathetic rants @ 1-0; 2-0; 3-0 & 4-0, but the harsh reality is the whingers have no cred, NONE, ZERO 😈