What has happened to Diaby and Rosicky? | Arsenal need to learn how to play with Giroud | Stan’s team bombs in London

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Yesterday was eventful eh? Liverpool failed to gain any traction after squaring the game against Everton. Suarez cruelly denied a perfectly legal goal right at the death. Shoddy refereeing costs clubs seasons and managers jobs. It’s unbelievable that in one of the most well funded games on the planet, we’re still relying on the naked eye to make the correct decision in the fastest league on the planet.

In the later game, United took on Chelsea and suffered similar refereeing problems. Fernando Torres was sent off for diving. Then Chicarito snatched the game with a goal that was clearly offside. I don’t really feel for Torres and I actually agree with Ferguson on the issue. The Spaniard was not touched with enough force to go down. He was in fact looking to get Evans sent off. So I can’t empathise. For me a foul in football should be proper contact.

‘Was that enough to knock a 13 stone athlete to the floor?’

… should be the only question the ref needs to ask.

What did make me feel pig sick was watching Robin Van Persie have another storming game. Everything good that happens at United goes through him. He scored one, set Ashley Young off for the first sending off then he fired the shot that started the move for United’s final goal. It’s so disappointing we let him go to a rival. Even worse that we have to take on the rival next weekend off the back of some very poor form.

It’s going to be very tough up at United. I hope Wenger looks at the side that he put out against QPR and makes some objective decisions based on form and positional familiarity. Aaron Ramsey is not giving us any balance out wide. He doesn’t have the pace or the control to make things happen. If we’re so insistent on putting anyone but Theo on the right, why not put Jenksinson there? He can take the ball past players, he has bundles of pace and he’s probably the best crosser of a ball at the club.  Or better still, why not just put Theo in there? The sulking over the contract thing is doing the club no favours at the moment. It was fine at the start when he could put a number of more in form players in his place, but now Wenger is cutting his nose off to spite 50,000 Gooners every week.

Jack Wilshere made a huge difference in the middle of the park at the weekend. His link up play was superb and ability to craft out space for himself and others all over the pitch was a pleasure to watch. He was visibly tired. It’s a shame he hasn’t had a few more weeks to get back to full fitness because we could really do with a ninety minute Jack for such a big game. Cazorla has looked a little lost over the last few games. I can’t work out whether that’s because he’s knackered, or whether it’s a dip in form from the the rest of the team. We only really started playing in the last 20 minutes at the weekend. It’s no surprise that came about when we injected a bit of pace into our passing and on the ground level.

I thought Giroud looked promising. He still hasn’t found his feet at the club, but for me, it’s more the other way round. The club haven’t worked out where his feet are. We’re still trying to play a system built around Robin Van Persie. Giroud is not a Robin. He’s a traditional box striker. He looks like a player who thrives of crosses, low or high. He plays well when people run off his flicks and he has pretty good movement for a big man. We started seeing evidence of that against QPR. Once his confidence builds, he’ll be getting on the end of more of those chances and I think we’ll have a really useful striker on our hands. We still need to inject some pace into our forward line. We have nothing off the bench which is alarming considering we’ve just lost Gervinho for what looks like a long period. Not that he was anything exceptional, but he’s useful on occasion.

Tomorrow night we play Reading in the Capital One Cup. I’m expecting a fairly experienced side to land a run out. Andrey Arshavin, Frimpong and Gnabry should get a run out. I hope he doesn’t use the game to play Chamakh, Squillaci or anyone else of ‘I’m staying because the contract is so good’ nature. The game was pretty cheap from what I understand and we picked up a fair few tickets so it should be a pretty good day out for the away fans and possibly a chance for a load of Gooners to experience their first taste of an away match. I hope the win is a formality. I hope that Martinez, our Argentinian keeper who looks like Fabianski from distance, has such a good game Wenger has to seriously consider giving him more chances whilst Chezzer is out.

Talking of injured players. What’s the deal here? Chezzer disappears and doesn’t come back for months (though he is rumoured to be returning for the weekend), Diaby is ruled out for three weeks, still no news… and Rosicky is also still out. I know this happens every year, but honestly, the frustration of it all never lessens. I’d love to think Arsene will do something about it this summer, but sure as eggs are eggs, he’ll keep on counting on him for that one time when he’s good for 50 games. Quite ridiculous really.

Finally, there was an article over at Goonertalk about Stan Kroenke being majorly disappointed with Arsenal. The article goes on to say he won’t invest until we improve. I can’t see where that info has come from. It doesn’t even make sense. You invest to improve, it doesn’t work the other way round. If you wanted to read some more about Stan and his American sporting enterprises (link), take a sharp breath before opening the link.

‘And then there’s his perennially underachieving St. Louis Rams’

That line doesn’t tie in nicely with Stan’s take on  what he’s all about…

‘The reason I am involved in sport is to win. It’s what it’s all about. Everything else is a footnote.’

Unless winning is buying an asset and increasing it’s value year on year without investing any money?

His NFL team were spanked by the way…

Anyway, that’s your lot for today, see you in the comments!

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  1. SDE

    El Tel

    As for any Manager. Get serious. Fat Sam, Pullis, Hughes, Harry. No fucking way.

    Not sure why AKB’S think football begins & ends with Wenger.

    There are other contemporary manager’s that have won far more than this prick & in Europe..

    Why don’t we raise our ambitions a bit..
    Just as a standard look-in..

    Rijkaard ..La Ligue & CL Winner
    Capello…Too many titles to mention
    Vincente Del Bosque..(let’s not go there)
    Pepe..We know the score
    Klopp..We all know his works at Dortmund..

    Even this Diego Simone has a fair shout(with his Athletico Madrid malarky)

    What is the fear?

    Scared of missing out of top 4?

    Bunch of losers…..Springs to mind..

  2. Relieable sauce

    El Tel

    Regarding Pep masks – I don’t do games but would be up for a mass Pep homage when he comes to the Emirates for his talk, we should do it before the chavs do.

    Would be great to see gooners do this, it would be global news if we could pull it off in large numbers.

  3. Relieable sauce

    Anyone else think this could have a positive effect???
    Would be a great laugh either way & could galvanise the anti bod/wonga brigade.
    I’m fed up with just moaning about it.

  4. IvoryGoonz

    And if u didn’t exist Tell me why I should exist To drag along in a world without u Without hope and without regret And if u didn’t exist I’d try to invent love As a painter who sees from beneath his fingers the day’s colours being born and wonders about them.

    And if u didn’t exist Tell me why I should exist Passing girls, asleep in my arms That I’d never love And if u didn’t exist I’d only be another dot in this world, which comes and goes I’d feel lost I’d need u

  5. IvoryGoonz

    01 Tue Barclays Premier League A Southampton
    05 Sat The FA Cup N Round 3
    09 Wed Capital One Cup N Semi-Final 1L
    12 Sat Barclays Premier League H Manchester City 15:00
    19 Sat Barclays Premier League A Chelsea 15:00
    23 Wed Capital One Cup N Semi-Final 2L
    26 Sat The FA Cup N Round 4
    30 Wed Barclays Premier League H Liverpool 19:45

  6. Moe

    “You have to have width but you do not necessarily need wingers to provide it. It could come from full-backs or perhaps players such as Robin van Persie, Danny Welbeck or Javier Hernandez pulling wide.”And of course if the manager feels the opposition has a full-back who is a poor player or is struggling then he can introduce a winger.”

    Sir Alex Ferguson’s words to BBC sport this week, after watching our game against qpr, with Santos involved….God help us!!

  7. Michael Fournier

    THis squad is lacking direct play and confidence to tale a strike always one more pass one more touch. BUT the chance is gone in one more touch. No one has the confidence (or skill but I think they have it if they only believe then do) To be the one to think of NOTHING but being the one. Several times vs QPR even Carzorla received a pass around the area and the first thing on his mind before he even got it was to pass it again instead of thinking I will pass the ball and then make a run to set myself for a chance on goal in fact that is the problem with ALL of the team NO one makes that run. No one makes a pass with any intention of what they are trying to create it is all just possession no penetration and when it falls to them they are not ready they take another touch often only to loose the ball with a poor touch or even if the touch is good that moment of hesitation is enough for the defense to close them down. Instead of just taking the shot first time. What RVP had in spades what Bergkamp had what Henry had is what is missing that ability to always being ready to make something happen. More then once I saw passes that a Bergkamp would turn into a scoring opportunity just go backward instead of making something happen. ONLY Arshavin had that spark to always try to create. In fact he always does that many times he fails but he is always trying to make something happen. More then Ramsey (I Hate to blame Ramsey as he had such spark before his injury and he may still be a quality player again but right now he is average at best and frankly Arsenal can not afford Average.
    In know a lot of people will parse Giroud for the work he did tracking back (often to save Santos’ butt.) to defend but he should NOT be doing that his job is to score And Santos should remember he is a left back yes left backs in the modern game do spend a lot of tie attacking but NOT when you are too slow to get back and do your primary job of defending. It is just a shambles we have a lone striker who’e best role is as a target forward for a early cross tracking back into midfield to win tackles and a left back that wants to spend more time in the edge of the other teams goal box. PLEASE would someone tell me what the hell Wenger is thinking letting them play like this. Did Wenger NOT watch Giroud’s play before signing him he has yet shown any tactics that would make the best used of him. and podolski and Carzola need to work out just who is the false 9 (nether one is actually but both want seem to want o play in behind the forwards and Nether seems to want o play the position they where put on the pitch to play under Wenger’s 433 formation.
    Podolski should be getting forward passes from carzola and trying to get behind the defense instead he is checking back for a pass to feet. and the loan striker is NEVER there to attack the few crosses that we do put into the danger area. Sagna put in some great crosses that simply went through the box between the keeper and the defense with NO ONE making the run to get on the end. And that was Giroud’ strongest asset but if he is tracking back to midfield he is not going to be there when we need him to be. IT IS NOT his job to defend in midfield it is Ramsey and Carzola and Arteta and Wilshire’s job to be there what wenger needs to do is FORGET the 433 put Giroud and ether Arshavin or Gervinho or Walcott upfront I do not care but I think Arshavin paired with Giroud upfront and Podolski in behind the forwards with Carzola playing slightly back and then Jack and Arteta in front of the defense taking turns going forward would be more effective. BUT we need to be direct right now no one seems to have any creative spark always just playing the safe ball.
    I think I need to end this I am just SO pissed at the mediocre play of this team of late that when I try to post a simple comment I get carried away. What ever it is something drastic needs to be done and quick.

  8. SDE

    Sorry to burst your bubble…
    But I think you might need to rewrite the above,more coherently & with some paragraphs & punctuation..

    I’m sure then,we will get the gist of your arguments..

    Just a thought..& no offence intended

  9. El Tel

    Reliable Sauce

    You are probably snoring now. I just got home from work and read that you like Audrey Tatou.

    Me too Pal. She is so naturally beautiful and that gorgeous French accent drives me nuts.


    I want Wenger out too Mate. Why do you think I am happy with top 4 finishes.

    Some of the Managers mentioned earlier would definately be a step up but I just see the BOD looking at a Manager in the Liverpool sort of Supermarket rather than a true great Manager.

    My personal preference would be for Klopp followed by Guardiola.

    I reckon they would be happy to appoint a McDermott (former Arsenal man at Reading) or that unknown Fella from Japan that Wenger fancies.


    If you or a pal ever see the glorious Audrey Tatou, tell Her to join Le Grove and tell Her we will ensure She loves it up e Arse. Oops sorry I meant at the Arse.

  10. El Tel

    Was in a Cafe earlier and overheard Fellas discussing the Chavs v Mancscum game. They all think Torres dived and players all dive.

    The Mancscum will survive another scandal as football fans think it is ok to cheat.

  11. El Tel


    Tour Youtube clip of Amelie will send me to sleep a very happy man.

    The Channel advert with Her on the train is awesome.

    I need these fixes of beauty to help me in the dark days of watching the Arsenal playing. There are more and more of these dark days every year.

  12. Bade

    Today’s line-up

    Le Coq-Frimpong

    Or Theo for Podolski role & Giroud up front

    Hopefully we won’t see Chamakh play

  13. Graveyard Moans

    It’s as if RVP was the last surviving emirates striker. All our others seem to be slowly starved out of their natural game ie scrapping for crosses, chasing through balls, lurking at the far post, hunting in pairs for the chance or half chance and puttng the opposition back four under real pressure( and if you can’t do this with a 60-70% possession game, something is not right) Most of our strikers of recent years have become zombies and are now staggering around clueless. Imagine your worst nightmare-Ham Salad Thrice in charge! The strikers would indeed be busy, with no end of balls being fired in long or wide. The big french bugger would be beasting the centre backs and feeding scraps to the german poacher. On the edge of the area would be the hope of England with a rifle ready to go, a wee spaniard with thunder in his boots, and a belgian with a swerver.You could also throw a BFG into the parked bus and create chaos. The more that are in there-the more chaos, and thats when those scrappy match winning goals go in. But youre gonna need a winger. Hey, relax- it was only a nightmare.

  14. goonerboy

    A big loss to United is not only on the cards- its inevitable. They are a far far better side than us. They shouldn’t be but they are.
    I am convinced that Wenger has to go- he holds the whole unsustainable bullshit together. The Arsenal finances are not sustainable- because the clubs market position is slipping all the time.
    Selling Van Persie to United is unforgivable- and Wenger should be fired for authorising the sale.
    Arsenals owner needs to be faced with losing a lot of money- that is the only thing that will prompt him to sell.

  15. Guvnor

    ooooooohh shiiiiteeee!!! from pathetic to comical to gripping to epic shit!!!! the Arsenal alright!!!!! no fuck those cunts up..