Arsenal lacking quality specialists as we struggle to break down QPR

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Three points are three points. No one will ask how you landed them at the end of the season. What they might ask is why you didn’t challenge for the league. I think today, many factors that make up the answer to that question were on display in all their raw glory.

QPR met the return of Jack Wilshere. He stepped in for Coquelin. Ramsey the undroppable moved onto the right wing, obviously. Giroud returned to the side at the expense of Gervinho and the rest stayed the same. Sagna stole back his place from the in form Jenks.

The first half was a tepid affair. The team was low on confidence which was clear from our poor passing, lack of guile going forward and in some cases, slumped shoulders.

Jack looked strong through the middle, he sat just in front of Arteta, roaming forward but showing enough discipline to support when needed. A one two with Podolski saw him create the opening chance when he teased a cross through the 6 yard box.

Santos was having an absolute nightmare down the left. The big smile is long disappeared along with all confidence. He was making some seriously basic errors with his control, passing and the timings on his tackles. He wasn’t helped by Podolski who took any chance he could to bollock the beleaguered left back… more often than not for one his own mistakes.

Giroud went closest for Arsenal after connecting with a Sagna cross, his looping header clipped the bar. He also let off a rasping low drive that Cesar tipped wide. Wilshere nearly embarrassed keeper when he fizzed a low shot that swerved, the Brazilian spilled the shot but managed to get down for the second.

QPR had very little in the way of possession. You can see why Mark Hughes is under pressure. He has some seriously good players on his books and he didn’t seem to have a game plan.

Overall, a very bland performance. Too many of our players didn’t show up. Too few in the team looked capable of forcing a change in our fortunes.

The second half started off with a bit more zip. We won a couple of freekicks outside the box. Cazorla hit the wall with his, Giroud did the same moments later with his. Freekicks are not a Gooner forte!

Wenger changed things up bringing on Theo Walcott and things did improve. I don’t rate him highly but what you can’t deny with Walcott is his pace scares opposition. His quick feet and hunger to power crosses into the box put QPR under pressure.

We started to test Cesar. The first save he made looked like a deflection, the ball flew back at his goal at height and some how he clambered across goal and clawed it wide. One of the best saves I’ve ever seen!

Andrey was the last roll of the dice for us after Gervinho came on and went off with what looked like a fairly serious injury. Bad times.

Stephen Mbia gave us a helping hand when he swung a retaliatory boot at Thomas Vermaelen. So embarrassingly dim it really did deserve a round of applause. He took a red card and to the delight of most fans, he actually sprinted off rather than take the slow walk option. That was kind.

Anyway, the Russian came on an made the difference. He made the runs, he created the space an he slipped the cross for the goal to the back post, Giroud headed it, the keeper saved, Arteta headed it back at goal, the keeper tipped it onto the bar, then Arteta buried it!

So. Much. Relief.

Things weren’t quite finished. More incredible saves from Cesar followed. Santos curled one at the bottom corner that was pushed wide. Rambo fired a cleared ball low and hard, but again, it was saved.

We still had time to concede and Thomas Vermaelen made sure he was at the centre of both QPR chances. The first he was out of position in the same way he was for the Schalke goal, luckily the QPR man pulled his shot wide. The second saw Mackie walked through the whole team, Vermaelen acting like a ghost at the end. Mannone had to be sharp to save low with his feet.

The game finished up with Arsenal on the side of the big three points but there was plenty to chew over with regards to quality.

We took three points which is always great against a shockingly poor side. Nothing we offered today demonstrated a divide in class.

Aaron Ramsey is not a right sided attacking midfielder. Podolski is not a left sided midfielder (on account of his drifting centrally). Santos is not a defender. We can boast about versatility, but for me, the league is rarely won on an abundance of versatile players, it’s won by having competent specialists. We don’t have that at the moment. That imbalance is killing us.

Worryingly, a lack of a Diaby is the biggest problem.

Still, we move on. We can build our confidence from here and hope the side gels. The big fear is we don’t have much else to offer. We’re heading into the next two months with a group of players who are ill equipped for the fight both mentally and technically.

We’ll see though… for now, it’s one nil to the Arsenal.

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  1. kwik fit

    EL TEL

    This might work in our favour. ‘The tache’ will sell before his investment depreciates any further so maybe the ‘big boy’ can be our white knight.

  2. SDE

    I’m in total hysterics here..Tears of laughter streaming down my face..

    Talk about the free-flowing banter over the last 30 mins..
    Certainly spiced up the forum a bit..

    I haven’t laughed so much in a while..My belly’s aching me..
    Write back to the Real Madrid match

  3. Dave


    Where did El say he was happy with mediocracy. He just said he will continue to support the club and I, for one, support him in that

  4. Relieable sauce

    kwik fit October 28, 2012 22:05:46

    El Tel

    I would pay good money for 30 seconds with Nicole Sherzinger

    Ahhh, so thats why your called kwik fit 😉

  5. IvoryGoonz

    El Tel: Many fans are fed up being fed the same bs every year, and currently, you’re the one helping the BoD and Wenger to keep milking you by going to games and buying merchandise. You heard them, Wenger already has 70m to spend and he does nothing. He just trims down the team until the next bloom to sell and hope to qualify.
    And you’ve heard what PHW’s take on fans.
    No one remember 4th place in history. Either you’re complicit with the system Wenger and the BoD use to milk fans, either you’re a resistant. There’s no middle ground anymore. He has to go. You can’t see it yet, but I bet you by the end of the season you’ll have changed your mind on Wenger.

  6. Dave


    Please differentiate between supporting WEnger and supporting Arsenal. Most rational supporters want change, especially WEnger and the board changing, but why should I stop going to games

  7. IvoryGoonz

    Dave: because that’s the only thing the BoD and Wenger will listen.
    Wenger want change? You’re kidding? He hasn’t change in 15 years his transfer policy why would he change? He’s getting 7.5 already for not getting trophies and only getting CL’s qualification money in. But no results. More than 50m over the last 8 year.

    What kind of banners can you get inside the stadium, tell me… What kind of way can you protest so that you will be heard? Rather than just telling people they are not fans if they refuse to take this shit anymore, you should try to see it though their eyes too.. For now you’re just slowing down a natural process. One day or another Wenger will go, what will you do then? Suicide yourself? Just get over it. Wenger is at the source of most of our troubles, and the only thing BOD and Wenger will listen too is if you hit them on match day incomes, and constant media presence to voice our unhappiness.
    If that’s what they want before they act that’s what they’ll get.
    And your attempt at censorship is just that, a sad attempt. The ones that have passed the limit between insanity and reality will not go back to this crazy world of yours, and more of you realise how fool you were to believe Wenger had any realistic ambitions to win titles. only hopes based on speculations about future effects of Emirates Stadium disregarding possibilities of billionaires take overs, and again now, gambling on FFP, which is already flawed as no one will challenge sponsorship deals, and all you’ll get from it, is other top teams snatching all the best players, because we can’t pay them bigger wages anyway.
    If Wenger had a plan that worked, we wouldn’t be here arguing.
    And again, the only thing they’ll listen is boycott.

  8. Dave


    I didn’t mean wenger wants change ( unless it’s the 68th minute). I mean every rational supporter wants wenger out.

    To be honest I couldn’t be bothered to read the rest of your rant except if you’ve ever been to the ground you can’t get negative banners in.

    To be absoultely clear, just because I am a ST holder I support Afc and NOT AW and the board

  9. IvoryGoonz

    Dave: the fact you can’t get banner in is exactly my point.
    And exactly why the only way to protest efficiently is to not go to show empty stadium and not purchase merchandise.
    Wasn’t it the case before Kroenke took over already?

  10. IvoryGoonz

    Dave; and it’s not because you won’t go to games that you do support Arsenal FC. Currently, all the contrary. The more money that goes to them, the less they need to challenge for titles to be “sustainable” (read profitable) and have absolutely no reason to stop taking fans for fools if they keep going… They’ll just keep serving the same bollocks…

  11. Thomas

    “Stan Kroenke is ‘majorly disappointed’ by Arsenal’s recent performances and ‘isn’t keen’ on investing more of his money in the club until they start winning silverware, a source close to the American billionaire has claimed.”

    what a fucking cunt

  12. Dave


    In your world, anyone who attends games is an AKB.

    Just out of interest, have you ever been to a game? If you have, and choose not to go, that’s your right. I respect anyone’s right not to go. Geoff on here has said that he has stopped going and that is fine. I, on the other hand, chose to continue to go. I don’t spend money in the ground, nor do I buy any merchandise. But as I said before I support AFC, have done for over 40 years. I want wenger out, board out, for a team to compete and will continue to wait for that.

  13. El Tel


    I rant because I am angry at losing but why or how do you think the Club will prosper by wanting to boycott them.

    If you have been reading Le Grove these past few years you will know I have wanted Wenger out for the past five years probably more I cant remember exactly.

    I also dont want people who never go to a match moaning about the costs or telling those that do that they shouldnt.

    Truth is IG I have worked for the Club as a Steward and I am in my nineteenth season.

    My Sons attend matches whenever they can fit them in and my Dad and Grandad were regularly at matches.

    I have four generations of family who have supported the Arsenal. I dont need to be told to stop supporting them by glory hunters.

    If you knew my Wife and Sons they would tell you how intolerable I get when we lose so kindly think before you write about me being a loser without even knowing anything about me.

    There are many Guys on here Arsen Knows Best and AAA’s or whatever you want to call us but we are all Arsenal fans.

    I am sure Gammon supports the Arsenal but He must have a Manc boyfriend who he loves so much he just wants to please him.

    Anyway, enough of the cheap shots as it is just lowering to his level.

    I certainly wont change my mind about Wenger if we end the season with a trophy or fourth place but I will be buzzing as an Arsenal fan.

    So there you know me a bit better now. If I dont suit your agenda then that I can accept.

  14. El Tel

    By the way I was in Florida last weekend and walked about a mile to a pub in 95 degrees heat at midday of my holiday to watch us stink the place out at Norwich.

    I was so pissed off and my wife was having her holiday ruined. I got my thoughts back together sharply for both of our sakes but it hurt.

    It was the match that fucked our season up as I believe the players actually had ideas of going for the title before this defeat. I must admit I got sucked in too.

    That match hurt so bad that when I returned on the Wednesday the Schalke match was no dissapointment as I saw how poor we can be when the decent players are off form.

    I read this site every night while in the USA even staying up late at night to stay up to date.

    I would love to meet most of the Guys on here and especially some who left like BigRaddy and Gnarley. Geoff comes from the same area as me and is a similar age I think so meeting him would be a great interest to me. i like Pedro and I have never even met the lad. They work hard on this site and are true Arsenal fans.

    Rather than quarelling though we need to be more together and cut out the in fighting the people running thhe Club has got us into.

  15. andy

    Ok 9 games played, mancs avoided 2 sure red cards with the dutch cunt ellbowing cabaye and today evans, 2 very very red looking ones against lpool with the two footed lunges of evans and the dutch, an offside goal today, a gift penalty against lpool + a not given one for pool … Still 29 to go. Reminds me of two years ago

  16. IvoryGoonz

    * that you do NOT support Arsenal FC…

    Dave: I didn’t say or think you’re an akb neither imply you’re not an arsenal fan. In the end, you’re free to do whatever you want. If you’re happy paying overpaid prices for this shit, it’s your money…
    Just don’t blame me for telling clearly what I think about the way you spend it… But yeah, it’s your money…

  17. IvoryGoonz

    Dave: I did go for couple years when I was in London and could afford it. Took me 2 years to get to a salary where I could afford one. Took 2 more so that I could get occasionally to games I chose. Then I stopped going, because I couldn’t see any improvement despite moving to Emirates, and started seeing through Wenger’s game.

  18. El Tel

    On Saturday one of our fellow Gooners was telling me that on the way to the game he was moaning about Wenger and the AGM.

    He said, there were four Gooners behind him who wanted to have a go at him for talking about the Club like this. He told them He has been a season ticket holder for 40 years and goes to every home match and that he has a right to complain.

    This Fella isnt made of money but stumps up the couple of grand plus per year to go to all home games. They nearly got into a fight. He is a big bloke but would have taken all four on he said.

    How can fellow Arsenal fans get into these situations? There is a devide within the fanbase that is only feeding the Opposition and media.

    Whats good about this.

    We are all Gooners and should be in it together and with the Team wether they are playing good or bad.

    Unfortunately that makes me sound like a loser or an Arsen Knows Best doesnt it.

  19. El Tel


    If you are an Arsenal fan you are in it no matter what. Its not for me to tell IG what opinion he should have and I respect what He says but football has ups and downs and can not always be great.

    Those Manc cunts won fuck all last year.

    Why do you think the outragious decisions are going their way this season so early on.

    My prediction now is that they will get 10 penalties from Easter on.

  20. El Tel

    You see my take IG is that if we all stop going to games as you say the revenue will drop even more and more players will be sold. We will end up struggling to pick the game up way. Efore SS and Wenger and the mob decide to leave even if they do.

    We could end up in an Aston Villa,Everton or Spuds situation playing catch up. To them.

    I know they are not spending the money and yadda yadda yadda but to make matter sworse will not make us stronger.

    I have no answer on how to improve things as Usmanov is behaving like a tortouise in his pursuit of ownership.

  21. IvoryGoonz

    El Tel: thanks for working for our club for so long! as a S, you should then know that the only possible protest is outside the ground, and lowering attendance, by reducing their gate income, you hit them where it hurts, and they won’t be able to ignore it for long.
    I do not stand for all Gambon can say, he can say things very hurtful, but he’s very passionate about that subject, and he’s got as much right to say what he thinks as me or you or Dave. We are all tense because we love our club and feel like we can’t do nothing: but it is not true. If at least once we showed solidarity amongst fans to say stop once and for all; then maybe it would work. Maybe asking you to all avoid attending one game would work out? The more organised we are, the more united we are, the stronger we are against the board. If they wanted the best for the club, we’d have a fully fans owned club, and a voice on the board. Our only strength is our unity. As long as we’ll argue as fans, the dictators will have what they want.

  22. IvoryGoonz

    Dave: you’re funny, you think life is easy for everyone and that everyone can afford life in London? And more so an arsenal season ticket?
    I don’t think you have any idea how much shit I’ve gone through to be able to one day move to England, to London, and afford going to the games because I dreamed about it for so long. I bought merchandise when I was in France and when coming on trips, what i couldnt find in France and so on but could never afford tickets on top of the rest (apart my first ever ticket where it’s my girlfriend at the time who had offered them as birthday present so we could afford going together… )
    Was born in Ivory Coast, was forced to leave with rest of the family at 5 for Marseille. Grew up there, moved to Paris for finding a job, and managed one day to move to London until a year ago, now back in Paris.
    Despite already having doubts about Wenger’s aptitude as a manager when I finally managed to be in London and afford said tickets, I suffered 2 complete seasons of tactical ineptitude and of “bad” atmosphere. Of seeing with my own eyes why some were already complaining. When you watch on TV, you can’t watch your manager for the whole game and analyse all his behaviours.
    But after 2 full years of 60th and 75th minute sub, and of seeing a team trying to play like Barca without the necessary players, with post match interviews full of excuses, of “there’s only one Arsene Wenger” chants, I got fed up giving my money to a manager only interested in breeding youngsters and qualifying for CL.
    Now i watch games on mute.There’s more to French than Wenger, and I have to take abuse everytime because cause of him. If English see French arrogants, and you look at Wenger, you see why, he’s giving all French a bad name. And hes been the main sample of “frenchness” youve had he last 15 years, wonder why you don’t like us… And that annoys me too. His way of lying constantly to protect his players is a pure lack of balls, and just for that, he pisses me off.
    I won’t surrender. And neither would Surcouff. Wenger is an Alsatian. He’s more German than French.
    Sod him.

  23. IvoryGoonz

    El Tel: in your story about that fan, who do think was right? Don’t you think people voicing their concern get too much abuse from others? Get aggressed even.
    Violence comes from extremists who can’t talk rather than use their fists.
    But until now from AKBs all we get is insults, and excuses, no actual listening to all our questions. And no attempt to solve the situation together. Some of us started to have the guts to say clearly they didn’t want Wenger anymore couple years ago, and still now I have to defend my view to any Arsenal fan I met, despite all the piling of proofs. What I can say is more and more open the eyes and stop going. And hope this will happen soon enough before the club can rely solely on all the cash already on accounts… Otherwise the Arsenal is fucked for a generation.

  24. IvoryGoonz

    El Tel: the goal is not to harm the club. if we ever fall to Everton level it won’t be because of lack of finances.
    As the club said anyway, they could do without CL’s money for couple years, there’s plenty cash for Wenger to spend, they can easily do without couple games’ income, but it would show that we mean business.
    Could also go the Italian way.
    One Italian team’s fans still keeping going to the games ended up turning their back during all game until changes happened.
    Wenger need to stop his experiments with his favourites and stop imposing himself and the clubs stupid rules.
    – no more wage limit but still a responsible wage bill. You dont need 10 times 200k/wk players to win titles, but losing your best players because you can’t even pay them 150k is stupid and a nuisance to the club’s success.
    – no more buying players just for their resale value. Each position should be resourced with enough quality in first team and covers to challenge for all competitions engaged.
    – no more buying expensive english youngsters for millions on huge wages and develop them to sell them. All this money should be invested to improve the quality of first team until titles come, only then should money be invested heavily to improve quality of scouring network and training coaches and youngsters coming in.
    – End of this “we don’t buy stars we make them” folly.
    This is why we can’t win titles.
    To stay on top and have a chance to challenge for CL, we need massive changes in philosophy. This won’t happen if Wenger is still there. We are always few players short, and always under-resourced because of counting on injured players, and on players to improve drastically, enough to make profit on them.
    This has to stop.
    Titles have to be the real first goal when buying players. Not just finances. That’s where you lose out on more competitive and ambitious team.
    – Wenger needs to accept his mistakes on Denilson and the likes, who are not consistent and not good enough for EPL, and let them go, even for less money.
    – Wenger must stop looking for a bargain and start buying players for their actual value. Always looking for the cheapest bargains led to Squillaci, Chamakh and Park lately. And that’s just lately.
    Night grovers

  25. El Tel


    I think I have already explained I agree with the Guy I was talking too on Saturday as I have wanted Wenger gone for many years. The thing is this Guy loves the Club and although He has the same opinion of Wenger as you and I He also has the same opinion as Dave and Myself that no matter what we support the Arseanal.

    Let me explain my reason for wanting Wenger gone as it is way different to yours.

    I think Wenger is a decent bloke with wanting the right things for Arsenal and Football. I don’t know if you are aware but the English have alwayshated the French and it has nothing to do with Wenger. Wenger got stinking press from day one and it has never improved. Racism is big and hating the French is racism in my book.

    The reason I want him gone is not because of his wacky team selection or lack of matchplay tactics but more because the English will never let him have a proper say in things.

    When He moans it is a disgrace,arrogant, disrespectful unacceptableaccording to the press, even though over the years He has been mostly correct.

    when Ferguson moans they all sit up and listen and believe he is a God. In fact he is a snide arrogant cunt of the highest order and some also hate Jocks so why the innequality.

    Every time anyone writes about Wenger the line usually starts with the Frenchman Wenger da da da.

    They never say the Scot Ferguson da da da. The Jocks hate the English way more than the French yet they suck up to this total cunt.

    The Referees do treat him unfairly no matter what Gammon have you believe and now even our own fans are turning on him.

    He comes over as arrogant but he is being cornered all the time and people who get cornered act badly.

    Wenger started the all powerful big strong fast style of player over here and we got slaughtered for this. They called us bullys they counted every red and yellow card his team gets and still do to this day.

    He caved in and tried showing another Barca style of play and the other sides decided to use his old methods and bully us with all Fergies Allys using HIS war cry to batter us. I read and hear us get called Jessies by Lawrenson on MOTD after He once called us thugs.

    Are you with me yet. You see, Wenger is just plain hated and everyone plays harder against us. Dont belive this then watch the next Manc cunt v Wigan or Stoke type match.

    Have you ever heard him complain about Pullis thug tactics? No, and you won’ tbecause they calm it down when they play them.

    Also Historically football in England has been dominated by the North of the country. Check it out. They hate Lindoners, they refer us as Southern softies, they think we are all rolling in money and dont work hard. They are very typical little Englanders up north and are just catching up culturally.

    The media are all complicite in this as they would beshitting themselves if we and not the Sugar Daddy Club had won the Champions league. We would really be bigger than the Mancs and Liverpool in no time if we can get our hands on the big one. The Chavs are reaping this benefit but trust me they are small fry compared to the Arsenal.

    I read and listen to the media and other teams talking about how to beat the Arsenal but I cant ever rememeber anything like this for Mancscum or any other challenger?

    If you were lucky enough to have been at the Arsenal on Saturday you would have heard the whole crowd singing you dont know what your doing to the Ref. it wasnt an El Tel rant 55000 people were singing it. Gammon will close his eyes to this as he really does have a bias towards Mancs.

    It wasnt just the two hand ball penalty decisions it was the free kicks he gave when we had a chance to score, he stopped play. He then let QPR build a wall around six yards away. Even messi or Ronaldo wouldnt have had a chance with this. there wasthe usual time wasting when a genuinly injured QPR player who was injured off e pitch limped onto the pitch and went to ground for probably 7 minutes

    Mark wrote on here earlier how many decisions they have got after 9 matches. The thing is this HAS been happening for 20 years. The players know this too.

    Sol Campbell wrote in his book. I played for Tottenham for 10 years and never got sent off. After playing for the Arsenal for six months I got sent off twice. Same elegant brilliant CB different shirt.

    These are the reasons I want to see Wenger go. He has no chance in England as they all hate him,whilst also admiring him. This makes no sense however it is true.

    Arsenal have been hated as a Club for many decades as they are seen as football Royalty,there have been films made about our Club, we have never been relegated since winning promotion and the other teams have always been jealous of the way our Club has been run. We have a tube Station in our name, we have the clock, the marble halls at Highbury. First game on TV and radio plus first floodlit match. If it were not for the wars we would have a far bigger history than today.

    Lots of reasons to hate a wonderful Club that was handed down to my Father from his Father. I never supported them because they were great but becuase they are my Club.

    Thats why I cant get the Guys who want to damage it because they dont like what is going on.

  26. El Tel


    Please get to know your history and dontntake this as an insult.

    Arsenal have always built success from home grown players even before Wenger got involved in football.

    Football isnt a FM Manager game where you can buy whoever you want. Other Clubs with more dosh also want these players. I am glad we dont pay players 150.000 per week as it is insane and two fingers to the normal supporter.

    I know the Mancs have bought big players over the years but they have more coming through from within than they actually sign.

    Yes Wenger has seen the likes of Dennilson being not good enough for the EPL but He was never a shit player. Trust me I have seen shit players over the years.

    Almunia and Squillachi is unnaceptable for me but the likes of Bendtner and Arshavin is just a case of bad man management from Wenger. The fact that He cant move them on because of their wages is true but then can anyone afford to buy a Citeh or Chavs reserve player? Not all their players are great whatever you may think.

    As for buying young English players for profit. I dont see this. I think He would certainly keep Walcott and wouldnt dream of selling Willshere but what can you do if they want to leave. Cashley was poached from us and maybe Walcott has already been approached. What can he do about this?

    Cashley was caught getting tapped up by many peoples favourite Moaninhio. Some want that shit cunt as Manager too. Not for me I am afraid.

    I would protest too but to not attend games is not the answer. A signed petition would help maybe or some kind of media coverage. I am sure they would love to help put the boot in on the Club. There lies the problem with that, true fans wouldnt want the media to destroy our Club.

    Did the protests work for Liverpool or the Mancs? I dont think so but I dont know that much about them.

  27. El Tel

    Have you ever been to Old toilet IG? It really is an out dated Stadium built on top of over many years. Their fans are morons and it is totally understandable how and why some Refs crumble to them.

    Tell me this though, how come they get decisions away from home too? Especially at the Chavs.

    Last year it was two dodgy penalties when they were three down and yesterday it was a leg up when they were flagging against the Chavs.

    I never watched the match but saw the Torres sending off and it was a disgrace as it was no different to the Chav defender getting sent off for minimal if any contact on their forward.

    We get a dodgy goal and it is spoken to at lenght like we have killed someone, yet they get away with it again. I heard on the news that the Chavs have complained about this Ref. i really hope they take it to the limit as the Mancs lawyers may be scaed of fighting RA money.

  28. gambon

    El Tel

    If you are glad we dont pay £150k pw then you are basically saying “i dont want us to win trophies”

    Which makes you a fucking idiot.


  29. Bennydevito

    El Tel,

    Reading your posts really is a pleasure. I seriously think Geoff and Pedro should let you do some guest posts. Extremely Knowledgeable, balanced and coherent. You’re also one of the originals on here and have an air of authority which I at least look up to. It’s no coincidence that when you’re posting on here regularly there’s a much higher level of decorum and the misfit usual suspects tend to pipe down. The stuff you just said about Wenger, Fergie and the press is bang on.

  30. zeus

    What’s this now, Clattenburg racially abused Mikel today, if Chelsea’s complaint is true?

    Got this from, who has instituted the risible auto video player on the site. Video complete with dramatic movie score music as if its a murder thriller.

  31. El Tel


    Many thanks for your kind comments.

    I dont like abusing fellow Gooners but I give tons of abuse to Manc fans.
    thats why only He attacks Me or thinks He does.

    Silly Boy must have messed his nappy.

  32. El Tel

    I dont think I am better than anyone else and I also dont think my opinion is the only one.

    But I do have an opinion on the Club I and many of you love and wether right or wrong all I really want is Arsenal to win.

  33. El Tel


    Wants to spend 150 grand per week on players as anyone earning less are not good enough for us to win the League and I am the idiot.

    I am sure Cazorla and Podolski plus Willshere and Arteta would get into almost all the Clubs in the Prem yet they are not good enough.

    I suppose Clichy,Adebayor,Toure,RVP, Nasri,Fabrigas and Song were also not good enough as they were not on that salary.

    They might be on that money now but they were not then and if they had stayed they might have won the trophies they said they left us for and we might have given them that salary.

    There are also probably plenty more Cazorla class players out there for Wenger to look at who will make the difference and would not be merceneries.

  34. El Tel


    Playing your games now.

    How many games have you actually attended?

    Do you still have a Junior Gunner Memebrship?

    Have you gone back to your FM Manager game?

    Honestly, everyone can win on. Computer game as it isnt real.

  35. El Tel

    I was there when Supermac scored 3 against Newcastle.

    I was there when we won the FA cup semi final replay at Villa Park v Stoke in 1971.

    I was there when Paul Davis punched Glenn Cockerill and got a 9 game ban.

    I was there when Liam Brady was spraying balls all over the park and running past opponents like Jack Willshere but even better.

    I was there when Stapleton was hanging in the air and winning headers.

    I was there when Charlie George was smashing long shots in.

    I was there when jimmy Carter was our right winger, Ray Hankin and Lee Chapman stank the place out.

    I was at White Hart Lane when Charlie Nic scored two goals in the LC.

    I was there at Shite Hart Lane when Wrighty scored an header in the last minute and I had to leg it from the Spuds main stand as I was leaping in e air all alone.

    I was there when we lost to Luton in the League Cup final.

    I have been there for all Georges triumphs apart from Anfield 89 when I was with my family watching the greatest game ever.

    I have been there since Wenger started and have attended most finals except the CL final in Paris as I couldnt get a ticket even with 2 grand to buy one with. I watched it in a Cafe in Paris with my Brother and cried when I thought we won it. Only for my heart to be broken when that prick Almunia let two goals in which should never have been.

    I am still there even though we are playing poorly and I am not happy.

    You see, no matter what names you call me, no matter what you think of me. It doesnt matter as I have the Arsenal.

    My dear Dad died in February so every second of watching the Arsenal reminds me of the best present he ever gave to me. Watching the best most wonderful team the world has ever seen.

    I am such a loser aint I Gammon and Co.

  36. mjgooner

    Guess from the debates above you can see that there are basically TWO types of Arsenal fans on Legrove.

    One type is the “El Tel” type, who see and understand everything that is wrong with the club BUT scared to challenge the status quo cos of the fear of the inevitable…….i.e. we might become Liverpool/Everton etc.

    The other type is the “Gambon” type who also see and understand what is wrong at the club but NOT scared to challenge the status quo cos they understand that Change is the ONLY constant thing in life.

    I can understand why people are scared of change but if we are keep silent & keep HOPING that someday Wenger & the board will suddenly see the light and change their ways, then we will be waiting a long time.

    If you were “Wenger & the board”, which type of fans would you want in the abundance…………the type willing to continue to feed your greed cos he is scared of what might to the Arsenal if he stops OR the type that is unwilling to support your greed until you become more accountable. If I were the board, I know who I did want more.

    Hope you notice that I didnt include the AKBs in the categorisation above……why? They can see anything wrong at the club cos you really cant see anything out of Wenger’s ass.

  37. gnarleygeorge9

    El Tel

    Its Gooners like you with Arsenal red running through your veins that make this site a goodie. Oh & Geoff & Pedro’s post ofcourse 😳

  38. sam

    don’t worry dudes,
    wilshere will win us a penalty at old toilet.
    of course no one noticed him doing some cheating practices yesterday.
    no football pundit will dare, they swept it under the carpet

  39. IvoryGoonz

    El Tel: i understand where you come from, but at some stage you got to act like you’re the bigger man.
    There’s no point arguing about refs. You won’t change their mind.
    They’ll just make it harder for us…

    Complaining about the ref is just a loss of time and attracting more shit showers.

    If wenger hadnt been a cunt too, he’d have learned to shut up an prove people wrong by his acts…

    We are again going towards talking about refs and fuckin Fergie rather than our problems.
    Maybe if we put as much effort in trying to win that we put in deflecting problems, we might actually win.

  40. Kushagra India
    interesting facts

    Let’s now look at some stats. We saw in the 2 previous posts how long referees who took charge of Ferguson’s team went before being assigned them again. We saw how certain referees got demoted after making mistakes in United games (Atkinson,Jones) or simply officiating their defeats (Foy).

    More to the point, we saw how referees Ferguson criticized were subsequently treated. We looked at United’s title winning 10/11 season, where they only lost 4 games and how 2 of those refs went a year without taking charge of them again (with 2 being demoted) while another went 9 months.

    United’s title rivals that season were Arsenal and Chelsea. They lost 17 league games combined that season, under 10 different referees. Only 1 referee went a year without getting assigned one of their games (Mike Jones who took charge of Stoke’s victory against Arsenal late in the season and wouldn’t ref them again in the league till late last in the next term).

    A huge majority of the refs would get another Blues or Gunners game just a few weeks after reffing a defeat. Certain refs would ref 2 defeats in a row and still get assigned to them a few weeks later.

    What’s more striking, in comparison to United, is when referees made heavy blunders in a Chelsea or Arsenal game, there was no punishment.

  41. Kushagra India

    Not a single referee has claimed that the FA is reticent to assign refs to matches where the club’s manager has criticized them (as Jeff Winter did about United). No ref has claimed he was banned from another club’s games for 2 years, like Jeff Winter did about United. No premier league club has its CEO promoted to Vice chairman of the FA and pushed for a leading role in UEFA. No club has had its ties with the head of the PGMOB put under question by the Everton manager. And no other club’s manager’s criticism of an official’s fitness (Alain Wiley) and PGMOB head performance (Keith Hackett) lead to the retirement of both individuals soon after.

  42. kay

    wow awesome link Kush!!!

    is is anyway related to the ‘inside info’ that Kwik Fit said a couple of days ago on Fergie ruling us out of the title race??

  43. David Costelloe

    Your CommenStrange but true – Arsenal’s and ManU’s goals were fine.

    None knows the offside rule, least of all players and managers.

    So a QPR player left the field of play and went back on without the referees permission. As did Chelsea defenders for the Manu winner. Thus they are, according to Fifa’s Law 11, to be considered on the goal line, for the purposes of determining an offside offence.

    ““Any defending player leaving the field of play for any reason without the referee’s permission shall be construed to be on his own goal line or touch line for the purposes of offside until the next stoppage of play. If the player leaves the field of play deliberately, he must be cautioned when the ball is next out of play.” t Here

  44. wenker-wanger

    @ ivory goonz….spot on mate. wenger is at the root of the problem, he seems to think that his money-management (or blatant profiteering), is the holy grail. Wenger is so arrogant he believes in his own philosophy at the expense of building a team that could at least challenge. His money-management is crap anyway when you assess his purchases: gervinho 10million, giroud 12m, squid 6m…all either useless or below average for the premier league. His squad also includes the ridiculous money-draining saps like diaby, fasbianski, djourou and others.
    as ive said before, it may be better if we capitulate down the table and get knocked out of the cups as wenger and his immense pride and arrogance would walk away we hope. somehow this “charlatan” seems to do just enough to get 4th place and save his skin. The spuds have come close to nicking that 4th spot……..its ironic to contemplate that they may do us a favour if they did take that spot.
    One thing is for sure, it will never get any better under the catastrophic leadership of the nutty professor!!!

  45. orez


    Great post. I am united fan but I am on your side in this battle. What the current Arsenal fans are fighting has nothing to do with rivalry and football and all to do with unfairness and greed. Your fight is just and no club should be able to exploit their fand loyalty and everyone who does should be ashamed of it.