Arsenal chase Champions League game with an untested 17 year old… an all time low

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Giroud gears up for a miss...

Arsenal headed into the Schalke game of the back of a flat tepid performance against a team who will barely survive the top flight this season. My big question after that match was how would we bounce back? Was there a new found determination in this team not to get side tracked by major set backs? Or would we be cursing a weak back home come 0935 on Wednesday night?

Sadly, the answer was an all too familiar one.

The side set out by Wenger lacked appeal on paper. It had limited pace, it had far too many shopping trolleys in round holes and it was missing that vital ingredient called confidence.

Gervinhno000 (sorry Park, you’re nick name has been stolen) set out his stall early when he burst through on goal only to fall over his own feet. He’s a walking, running, step over attempting disaster. He’s the only player I can recall who loses confidence after scoring a few goals.

Down our end, Santos wanted to make sure that we all definitely knew he was over weight because he’s lazy when he failed to cover at left back letting Huntelaar creep inside him and let off a shot. His lack of fitness and desire to track back is frightening at times. He has a real disregard for anything bar going forward and the amount of times he falls over or lunges in rashly during a game really is a worry. The Brazilian Eboue? It’s not a bad shout…

Our midfield lacked shape, it was missing passing accuracy and worst of all it seemed bereft of guts. Cazorla was once again fairly anonymous  If you mark him out the game, you basically shut Arsenal down. We don’t really have too many players in our side at the moment who can knock that ball around at pace. Well, at pace and accurately. The front three last night were all cut out of the same mould. Roughly the same height, roughly the same ability on the ball. It was a real predictable mess up top.

The second half started nicely. Cazorla started a move the ended with Coquelin cutting in Podolski, the German blocked at the near post. That was pretty much as good as it got for us.

There was one moment when Gervinho did actually manage to break free of his full back, he raced into the box, which seemed to take an age, yet he had no outlet. No one had followed him in. Maybe they knew the final ball would likely be garbage?

Wenger sat on his hands and insisted on making no substitutes despite us creating virtually nothing all half. He watched on as Jenkinson consistently had no one to play in on the overlap. He sat idly by as the whole team struggled for direction. He eventually made his change, bringing on Giroud at long last.

Moments later we’d conceded. We failed to deal with two high ball in the middle of the park. The defence charged out but not as a unit, the ball was nodded into the line of Huntelaar, the defence were flat footed, the prolific Dutchman made no mistake and buried it past Mannone. Shoddy defensive work, but you couldn’t say it wasn’t coming.

Giroud made a minor difference coming on. There was at least a target man the players could hit. It still didn’t convert into chances, the team still had no idea how to break down Schalke. Wenger made his last desperate move of the game bringing on Andrey Arshavin and Serge Gnabry. There were gasps where I was sitting… he was bringing on a player who can barely motivate himself to breath and he was bringing on a 17 year old to chase a game in the Champions League. Things looked good for the young German as he pulled off a sublime piece of skill to turn in a cross almost immediately. That joy soon turned to despair as he lost the ball twice within the space of two minutes, Schalke broke at pace, they took advantage of there being no left back, the ball was cut across the box and Affelay slotted into the empty net unmarked.

I’ve never seen so many people get up and leave in disgust. I felt sorry for Gnabry. He’s clearly got talent, but it shouldn’t be getting a run out in an important game in the Champions League. The rest of the team should be ashamed as well. Two loses on the bounce. That’s why we’ll not compete this year. The best teams rarely lose two on the bounce, Arsenal seem to make a habit.

Plenty of grumblings about whether Wenger is that man for the job as we left the ground. We’ve not really kick started any sort of form in the league. We’ve been average in the Champions League and we’re well into the season now.

Wenger’s gambling streak appears to be coming to a halt. He gambled on players settling quickly, he gambled on young players making the jump and he took a punt on us being able to deal with the loss of the best striker in the world at the time. Those bets don’t seem to have paid off and he had no one to blame bar himself. It doesn’t matter though does it, he’s the highest paid manager in the world. He’s going nowhere because he’s delivered the board a £70million cash surplus and Champions League football.

What was the point in signing Giroud if you’re going to drop him every other game and play a failed winger in his place? We looked like a team without a striker last night. It couldn’t have been easier for Schalke to defend against us. How does Aaron Ramsey keep getting games out wide? He’s terrible in possession, he has no pace and his final ball is terribly weak, yet he still manages to land a game every week. Podolski is another player who is really struggling of late. Is that because he’s not comfortable outwide? Is that because he thrives off confidence. Either way, I ‘ve never seen a more impotent Arsenal side. The most worrying thing? We can’t solve this problem with returning players. What we have on show now is what we have until January. An absolute nightmare scenario, but a predictable one.

Who is accountable? Who is going to take the blame for us once again not having a team who can compete for the major trophies?

Today we head over to the AGM to question Ivan Gazidis about the team and its lack of progress. We’ll get to ask first hand how a club boasting £150million in the bank can ever hope to be classed as ambitious if the best it can offer up to save a Champions League game is a 17 year old German with less than 5 professional games under his belt. Will we get the answers we’re looking for? I highly doubt it. These events are more choreographed than an X Factor final. Le Grove will be reporting on in none the less…

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section…


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  1. Keyser

    Arsenal1886-2006 – He comes up with the same tired shit, focus’s on the defence and then tries to justify it, he’s increasing his profile, all he has to say to is I’ve talked to people close to the set-up or within it. I could say I’ve heard people talking.

    We’ve conceded 6 goals in the Premier league, our defence can and will make mistakes, but what’s obvious is how lacklustre our attack is.

    Why would Bould moan about the defence ? He’s doing the best with what he’s got, he knows there’s players out, our problem was always going to be replacing the goals we’ve lost in Van Persie.

  2. midlandgunner

    they have been bleeding this club dry for a few years now taking 4th place for granted they deserve to miss out on it for a few years and lets see how they deal with that.just to state its not what we fans deserve its what they deserve.
    every year they get away with there shiny 3rd 4th place trophy so they can all get there bonus’s by qualifying for a competition we cannot win and we have to sit and watch our best players leave year in year out 2.5m salary for that prick gazidis surely would have been better off been given to our stars who want a payrise(rvp)what a load of bollocks sold for football reasons.the only football reason i can see behind the sale was to make sure our so called rivals have a better chance of lifting the premier league title…what a cunt phw is

  3. Paulinho

    Keyser – Diaby can provide it at times, but nowhere near often enough for me to include him as an option. He did it at Liverpool though no doubt and a few times in other games.

    Wilshere wouldn’t run the length of the pitch like Diaby – it would be more subtle and shorter bursts – but then it would be alot more consistent and all you need to do is get past the forty yard mark and get to the promised land around 35-20 yards from goal. That’s when you get in between a pressing team’s defence and midfield and become alot harder to defend against. We will probably still have problems then creating chances but at least we would be pressing the action and threatening their box.

  4. Skandibird

    So, allegedly, there’s another long term contract on the table for Arsene Wenger, when his current one expires in approx 18 months time? Is that true? Anyone know (Pedro/Geoff)

  5. Leedsgunner

    For the life of me why do we keep with this 4-3-3 system (which I believe was brought in to accommodate Cesc and Nasri anyways) it’s so obvious that we don’t have the players for it. Why buy a CF for 13m if he’s going to be a benchwarmer? it smells of Park all over again. I despair over Arsenal I really do.

  6. Bergkamp63

    Bill Shankly had a great saying which fits Arsenal’s performance last night to a tee,

    They were lucky to get nil !!

  7. Jeff

    So it’s official. Champions League qualification is a trophy and we’ve won it every single year for the last 15 years. I know why we didn’t think it was a trophy because they forgot to write it on the balcony at the Emirates. All the other trophies are mentioned but somehow they forgot the Champions League qualification.

    This season was the absolute last chance to do something about the quality in the team before we drop out of CL. When Van Persie was sold that was the final safety net. I really do think Wenger is the weakening cement that is holding the board and owner together. Like a house of cards once he goes, they will all go.

    Until then we as fans will be forced to watch the team become lambs to the slaughter.

  8. useroz

    Finally some gutsy actions by true fans!!!
    Have to quote

    The flyer lists six criteria to become a member of the Arsenal board, with rising ticket prices and a lack of improvement on the pitch given notable exposure. It reads:

    “1. Ensure best players are sold each summer.

    2. Punish fans in the pocket (again).

    3. Keep on that top 4 is a trophy.

    4. Spin about the club’s ambition.

    5. Gamble by placing all eggs in the FFP basket, with no plan B.

    6. No silverware required. Package: £2.15m PER YEAR.”

    The leaflet then finishes on the line “ever get the feeling that you’re being ripped off?”

    How true!!

    We just need one JD for Wenger and another for PHW… that would have won some best corporate governance awards this season!

    STOP spilling you 4th (or CL qualification) is a trophy shit, Wenger…….. it’s not funny anymore

  9. Keyser

    Paulinho – Yeah, but either your passing is completely accurate in the midfield, preceding that or you have to be able to get up and down the pitch to compete.

    Wilshere, Arteta and Cazorla don’t have that, you need players like Coquelin, or the energy of Gibbs, against Chelsea we were left with acres of space between defences and attack, and no-one could cover the space, and then hold onto the ball sufficiently long enough to wait for supporting players.

    Our margins are fine now and players are getting found out far too quickly.

  10. Jeff

    How naive and stupid id Ivan Gazidis? He says good times are just around the corner (i.e. when the FFP kicks in). Does he really think that clubs who can afford to pay players nearly £200m a year in wages can’t afford a good lawyer or some loophole to get around the FFP?

    What utter nonsense. It is infuriating.

  11. Xrysto


    You don’t have to be on the board to answer your questions:

    1. What their back up plan is if FFP is not properly implemented?
    Ticket increases, WHAT ELSE?

    2. What is the point of having a massive transfer pot if it is never spent?
    Bonuses! Duh.

    3. When is our wage structure going to change so that true class and quality are rewarded and dross and deadwood let go?
    Arsene Wenger is a socialist. Look it up.

    4. What exactly did Mr. Gazidas do for his bonus this past year?
    Sold the bast player in the Premiership to his boyhood club, Manchester United. I’ve been saying that Gazidis is a ManU fan for several years now.It’s painfully obvious he is a double agent. Why doesn’t anyone believe me?

    5. How long are they prepared to allow the club go trophyless?
    ‘There is no victory at bargain basement prices’ – General Eisenhower

    6. What is the point of a state of the art stadium if it is to be increasingly empty… what was the point of the Emirates then?
    For us fans, an empty stadium is EXACTLY THE POINT. DOn’t go to games and don’t buy merchandise. a stadium that is less than 2/3 full would do the trick and force Kroenke to sell. Please coordinate with doublgooner.

  12. Arsenal1886-2006

    Keyser October 25, 2012 16:48:14

    You might well say you have heard things from inside the club but you were never an Arsenal player and probably do not have the contacts and friendship with the inner circle of ex-players and staff that he has..
    Agree he might embellish the story a bit but he should not be dismissed as some other sites do.

  13. Paulinho

    Keyser – I think Wilshere does have it. His performances both at home and away to Barcelona were brilliant box to box. Our best midfielder by a mile in both games.

  14. ml

    every year the squad will get weaker. whos next ox, jack, vermalean, koscieny, sagna, cheaper replacements will be bought in. it will have to get really bad for wenger to go i.e. mid table

    the same thing happened at monaco he ended up with a team of kids, mid table and then he got the push.

    really sad state of affiairs at the moment.not seen an arsenal team so slow, pedestrian in midfield. this strategy of keeping it tight and getting 1-0 results would be ok if our defence wasnt terrible

    santos ! absolutely shocking and a third choice goalkeeper.says it all

    the selling RVP, Song has back fired big time.

    the fact were worried about QPR on saturday sums it all up

  15. Ché C Cheriton

    I have it on Pedro………make it crystal clear things are not acceptable and the sheer arrogance from the club towards it’s fans needs addressing.

    Also I think it’s the perfect platform for you and LG to call for the removal of Wenger/Board.

    Joppa x

  16. Keyser

    Arsenal1885-2006 – Exactly, I could say anything, the only reason you pay attention to him at all is because he was an Arsenal player, what 20 years ago ? It’s not the Magic Circle or the CIA.

    He didn’t say I’ve heard things from sources inside the club even, he’s saying ‘I’ve heard things..’ he could be a complete mentalist muttering to himself on the tube.

    Either he backs up his bullshit, or he’s just another freeloader making a reputation for himself on the back of what he used to be decades ago.

    Look at Merson with his ‘Green Liquid’ bollocks. He was probably injecting himself with Absyinthe.

  17. Keyser

    Arsenal1886-2006 – Actually forget that, why would there be a rift ? We’ve conceded 6 goals, our defence has actually been ok, bar the odd mistake, it’s our attack that’s shocking.

  18. Keyser

    Paulinho – I think the mix is wrong, you still need an athlete to augment them, or push one of them outwide. Wilshere wasn’t really box-to-box in that game,we sat deep for most parts, and Fabregas/ Nasri broke with pace ?!

  19. paul mc daid

    Winning died at this club the day David Dein got sacked,it is a complete outrage that Dein has been replaced by Ivan the Clown and an even bigger outrage that a senile fool like PHW could sack Dein in the first place.

  20. Bergkamp63


    When your on later, why not mention about the PHW comment,

    “Thanks for taking an interest in OUR affairs”

    In other words, it’s none of your fucking business how we run the club !!

  21. JJ

    Cazorla/Afellay conversation after the game:

    Caz: Hey Ibra, what do you think about coming to play for us next year?
    Afe: You must be joking, right?
    Caz: Ibra, we really are a good team. Look at this stadium and you have seen ourchanging rooms.
    Afe: Santi, we just punished you and we are only 3rd in the Bundesliga.
    Caz: C’mon Ibra, we all know the Premiership is better than Bundesliga.
    Afe: Aren’t you 9th in the Premier League?… and didn’t you just get beaten by some bottomfeeder team called Nor-witch?
    Caz: Yes, but we always qualify for Champions League and Arsene Wenger is a great Manager.
    Afe: Santi, you have no strikers. Who would I be crossing the ball for?
    Caz: Oh, we don’t do crosses. We might lose possession if we did crosses. We prefer to win the possession and pass completion statistic. That is a trophy you know. You don’t need strikers for that trophy.
    Afe: What? Caz, what happened to you?
    Caz: Listen, are you going to join us or what?
    Afe: You couldn’t pay me enough to join this lot.
    Caz: Oh, we don’t do that either… unless you are a teenager and just starting your career. Then we spunk the cash.
    Afe: Huh? Don’t worry mate. At least you can go play for Utd next year. They need someone to replace Scholes.
    Caz: But I have years left on my contract…
    Afe: You’ll be ok. Wenger doesn’t really know how that works. He will be “forced” to sell you and have no other option.
    Caz: Well that is good news… Can we at least swap shirts?
    Afe: Hmm… Only because it is you Santi… but I am not wearing it! I’ll just put it over my shoulder like this.
    Caz: Great thanks. Looking forward to having you join us next year.
    Afe: (Walking away) That mother****er has lost his mind… How does Wenger do it?

  22. BOOZY

    akb’s say usmanov is shady, i disagree.

    Their’s nothing more shady than a guy who wears dyed wig.

    how can we tell if those moustache are real?

    at least we know what usmanov really looks like.

  23. Paulinho

    Keyser – Well obviously we got battered but he was the only one getting tight and also trying to make things happen going forward as well.

    Agree we need an athlete though. Someone like M’Vila popping him and out would have been perfect but once again Wenger cannot buy a central midfielder unless the need for it is staring him right in the face. Even then he dithers re:Arteta

  24. JJ

    Btw – The substitutions we pre-planned (per Bould) therefore it was Wenger’s fault. He always pre-plans substitutions which is just another reason that he is a rubbish Manager.

  25. Bergkamp63


    RED and WHITE SECURITIES LTD*, 18,619, 29.92%

    No shares have been traded on the PLUS market since 26/9 when he last had 18,587 shares. They have updated the site today with the above number so Usmanov is definately aquiring shares privately that are not being traded via the market.

    I make it 47 shares needed to hit the 30% which at least obliges him to bid for the club.

    I know I’m clutching at straws here but at least we could be nearing a bid ?

  26. SUGA3


    well, Kroenke treats AFC as his top earning franchise, Usmanov would have to make him quite an offer and he won’t do it, he is a businessman first and foremost and he has not amassed the wealth he has by giving mugs like Kroenke more money than it is reasonable or even less…

  27. Leedsgunner


    Do us proud on Talks****. After Geoff’s run in with the Gazidas drone the other day do you think they were too scared of asking Geoff to come on? 😉

  28. Cesc Appeal

    We can only hope, it is totally out of our hands, enough fans will keep turning up, keep buying products.

    Come 2014, more income from commercials, less reliance on match day revenue and fans….and people think they’ll start to spend then….with no need to keep fans ‘happy’ (not that they do now) can you imagine what they’ll be like with less reliance on us???

    A big fuck you and a wave goodbye, our club they’ll say whilst Kroenke rubs his hands together

  29. Viveora

    2 more years? so they have written off the next two years. thats the people that lead our club, people who bank on the future with importaqnce to the present are successful. people who bank on the future and neglect the present are deluded. What if we miss the champions league in both of the next two years? arent we screwed? we wont get big sponsers, and we cant compete for the best player, not that they will ever come. if we are due a big revenue boost in 2 years, invest a significant proportion of what we have now, to ensure we dont fade into obscurity like liverpool

  30. Leedsgunner


    Ha, ha. If I was Bould I wouldn’t worry about my voice box… I would wonder my balls disappeared to though. Bould used to have a pair when he was a player… 😉

  31. Bergkamp63


    The club makes nothing on football, the only profits the club has been making is from the sale of it’s best players which amounts to every penny that’s sat in the bank currently.

    If he wants to make any real money, it will come from either selling the club or floating on a major stockmarket which would not surprise me.

    The trouble is he will need a decent amount of success on the pitch to achieve a decent price on the stockmarket and that won’t come cheap


    I am past the point of no return ,will always be a fan of the Arsenal brand.They want you to wait two more years for trophies WTF.That’s just two more years of fucken you over.You ever wonder why a girl lets a guy she loves walk all over her?Because she ALLOWS him….. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

  33. Arsenal1886-2006


    He cannot say it come from within the club as there would be a witch hunt against members of staff who are friends with him, the Liverpool fan who was tweeting and was hounded by the club shows how far clubs will go to protect their assets. And we all know what a dictator is like when they are questioned from within.
    He was also still at Arsenal in some capacity until this summer so probably knows a few things going on in the club, and he is not always critical of Arsenal he just says it how he sees it.

  34. Relieable sauce

    Its too late for SB now 🙁,r:3,s:100,i:13

  35. SUGA3


    he won’t put AFC shares on the open market as he knows that Uzbek would just buy the lot of them…

    share price performance depends on the financial results, not the sporting ones, of course these two are linked to an extent, but the latter always has to come before the former, unless it is the fucking dictionary, that is 😆

    so yeah, I guess the only way for Kroenke to get money out of this is to sell out to Usmanov and fuck off to the other side of the pond, tail between his legs!

  36. Relieable sauce

    Wouldn’t Usmanov at least be able to place someone on the board if he reached a certain percentage of shares?
    This would at least be a step in the right direction.

  37. Cesc Appeal


    He has 30% of the club, really he should have some voice already, Arsenal went to UEFA to get a rule change so he couldn’t look at the books (as was his entitlement)…very dodgy if you ask me

  38. Leedsgunner


    I wish you the very best in getting something going, shame I don’t live in North London anymore… or else I would be there… 😉

  39. Bergkamp63

    PL rules were changed so that he might not even be entitled to see detailed transactions of the company’s book but that might not be the case for Stockmarket rules like the PLUS market where the shares are currently listed.

  40. SUGA3


    Stan is the majority shareholder and he can do whatever the fuck he wants, bar ‘remortgaging’ the club, as he would need AU’s consent to do this due to the latter owning enough shares for it to constitute a blocking stake (in excess of 24%, I believe)…

  41. Arsenal1886-2006

    Keyser October 25, 2012 17:33:45

    Didn’t see that one, forgot to reload.

    Most of the goals we have conceded were down to poor defending, and west ham could have been different if Nolan had his shooting boots on.
    But as you say up front is a worry, we had a player last year who saved our skin.
    Last season would have been a disaster without him and we should have fought tooth and nail to keep him and bring in serious quality to help him out, but profit came before any ambition, and that is the real issue as to why we are in this mess.

  42. Bergkamp63

    Stockmarket rules would take precedence over PL rules when it comes to looking at the full books so 30% will probably be enough ?

  43. Keyser

    Arsenal1886-2006 – There’s basically nothing to back it up, he’s a miserable twunt, who’s now making his money from mouthing off about a club that used to pay his wages.

    Think about it, why would Bould be upset ? Gibbs and Sagna are out, and our defence is suffering not because it’s that poor, but because we’re really struggling to get anything going in the attacking sense. How can Bould have gone from having this miraculous effect on our team to being phased out in the space of 8 games. It doesn’t make sense.

  44. Bergkamp63


    We’ve been disrespecting the the cups for years in favour of the top 4 trophy because we never have a squad good enough for both ?

  45. Relieable sauce

    CA, suga, b63
    Thanks fellas! maybe we’re not to far from seeing all the shady going ons with theses crooks if berg63 is right.

  46. Arsenal1886-2006


    I believe he meant that wenger is interfering in boulds role, I suppose as a head coach he can do that but then why bring in Bould in the first place.

  47. Bergkamp63

    Trust me boys, if Usmanov is making a play for that 30% mark, it’s for a reason, he’s no mug when it comes to business, he will either get a look at all the goings on and start putting major pressure on or he intends to bid, which if rebuffed will have the same effect !!

  48. tippitappi

    Boycott all cup matches cutting off valuablef financial input from that quarter that would make him take cup matches seriously by forcing him to buy better players to field in these matches I suppose his warped idea is to use the crap in the cup matches thus having to buy in better players for CL & EPL to the minimum arsehole

  49. Keyser

    Arsenal1886-2006 – Exactly, Wenger gave Bould the youth role, he moved him upto assistant Coach and gave him the responsibility for the defence and now he’s taken it away ? That sounds like complete bollocks.

    If Wenger’s such a massive dicatator why would he bother giving him the role and responsibility in the first place if he wasn’t sure he was right ?! It’s been 8 games and the defence is basically fucked anyway if we can’t create chances or retain the ball further up the pitch.

    Robson’s got himself a cushy job commenting on Arsenal and has to say something, I’d be disappointed in Bould if he’d given in soo easily, he’s on the fast-track to being Arsenal manager if he works at it.

  50. mack

    Yes but it’s very difficult to buy players. If there was a player out there who would add to our team then we would sign him up. Our squad is big enough. And finally we didn’t buy any more players to give the opportunity for Ramsey, Chamberlain, and Diaby to have games.
    So there.

  51. Keyser

    I dunno, Robson’s on at 8 it says, maybe that’s they wanted, all he wanted, people to tune it, maybe he’ll have something interesting to say.

  52. Doublegooner

    Che C:

    No I’m not part of them. I have no problem joining any group that wants to voice against Kroenke & Wenger.

    if we can get enough of us from here to meet up & get together, then then there is nothing to say we all join with any other groups to swell the numbers.

    The breakthrough happened today at the AGM. Lets build on it !

  53. sam


    please tell me you are joking !

    Affelay, sahin, junior hoilet all loans/ free transfer.
    how difficult was it to agree a deal with essien before mourinho gazumped us.
    if arsene and the board think its difficult to sign players then they should quit n find another job.

  54. SUGA3


    Bould looked well pissed off when we played Chavs with Koscielny and Vermaelen as the CB pairing, it did look like Wenger went in there and stamped his authority as he could not stand the plaudits Bould was getting, as this automatically showed him as clueless!

  55. Doublegooner


    If the rift is true, then Wenger is finished because he’ll lose the players further,,,or the new players will see why the others jumped ship !

    We can’t jump ship…but we can & must start making ourselves heard.

  56. Relieable sauce


    class mate, really funny
    cant believe how suprised they were when you called for wenger to go, they call themselves journalists??? as incompetent as wonga himself


    i suppose jimmy saville was just over affectionate was he?

  57. ritesh

    So, Bould and Wenger conflict.

    Might explain the lack of decisiveness in the team particularly from the midfield caught between attack and defence. I got that feeling during the match and wrote about it I think.

    Its as though they were reluctant to move forward and attack the opposition.

  58. ritesh

    @DG, dont be naive, he just sack Bould if things get to worse.

    Else he’ll turn him inti Rice MkII. This is what I said when Pedro was trumpeting about Bould at the start of the season.

    Wenger knows boardroom politics and he knows how to run a club to his advantage. Bould is a child in front of him, he’ll just wengerise him.

  59. SpanishDave

    The agenda is now clear.
    Wengers only target is CL qualifying because to win the EPL requires seriuos investment in quality players. So it is cheaper to invest in average joes to get the 50 mil return. A pure business plan by Stan.
    To satisfy Wenger he is paid a great wage and gets a nice contract.
    Charging top dollar for ST and franchise ensures that the bottom line is achieved.
    All of Stans sports ckubs are setup the same way, winning is not on the agenda all his clubs are mid table and provides him with a nice return.
    The board are all now involved and they can relax and enjoy the dividens.
    This is destroying what our history is all about being The Arsenal. Wenger knows this but he so enjoys the money and his ego, he has no guts to make a stand as he does not want to be sacked.. Typical French attitude.
    We need to empty the seats and protest it is the only way, LIverpool did it now its our turn.

  60. Relieable sauce

    I don’t know if it was just wishful thinking but i did wonder if the team had stopped playing for him (AW) last night.

    The players are the only ones who could out him quicker than the fans.

  61. Wale

    I think its high time Arsenal fans start to boycott matches. Sincerely if fans stop buying Arsenal merchandise and stop going to the emirate to watch the team, then the board will know the fans are angry. It is high time we get our team back

  62. BOOZY

    stan’s mind.

    >why do i have to sit here and take shit from these low lifes who own just 0.00001% of my business.

    >now look at this ass telling not to take money from my business.

    >ffs who let this guy in, what does he mean by ‘you are ruining our club ‘ is this another dumb english man or what.

    >their he goes again calling it our club.

    >i think ivan has gone too soft on these guys, someone needs to show these guys who the boss is.

    >ivan see me in the states, we need to review our pricing.

  63. kwik fit

    In other news;

    My sexy Chinese neighbour told me she was desperate for a roger.It was only when i had my trousers round my ankles and my cock out, that i realised she wanted to rent out her spare room

  64. Relieable sauce


    I want this guys number, i’m sure i can sell him some nigerian lottery tickets & my pyramid scheme

  65. Relieable sauce


    Was that your 1st time on talk***** ? I remember hearing you on 5 live a while back. Thats when i 1st starting reading your blog & have read it ever since.
    You should get a load more readers if there are any gooners left with any brains & want a good read.

  66. follow the money

    Kroenke refused to rule out taking money out of the club. Well now we know why they were so desperate to keep Usmanov from seeing the financials–Stan plans to bleed money out of the club, probably on the sly. He may have started already. These figures of 70 million in the bank, how do we know that’s true? How do we know it isn’t in Stan’s pocket already? Usmanov must be brought in. Are there enough fan shares to sell him that will get him to the 30% mark?

  67. Relieable sauce


    Ask for a public apology on behalf of Le Grove for calling it le blog, bit of extra publicity for the cause

  68. Keyser

    Arsenal1886-2006 – Eh ?

    I mean seriously, whether it’s a viable form of income for their station. If they’d carry antagonistic opinions just to get more people on hold ?!

  69. Arsenal1886-2006


    Whether it is antagonistic or not is it any different from LeGrove or any other form of media? I dare say LeGrove pays for it’s bandwidth through ads, or at least the bulk of the costs.

    I reckon Gambon would do well on talksport, I can imagine him in the graveyard shift spitting venomous rage across the airwaves,

  70. kwik fit

    Pedro should get back on football focus. That’s where opinion’s really count. Wider media coverage is what we need. Go Global and forget about radio. Only a few hundred listen to talksport . No focus on football focus.

  71. Keyser

    Arsenal1886-2006 – Pedro doesn’t get you to phone your posts in and then put you on hold for however many minutes, he also doesn’t say spend 50p on a text I might post it up for you. Even the ads, I don’t even know half the time what ads are showing on here, though you’re right I remember when Geoff and Pedro use to use a lack of ads to give them credibility.

  72. kwik fit

    Don’t think gambon would be any good on Talk sport has he apparently speaks with a high pitch voice.

    This was and interview he done on foreign TV some two years ago. No don’t think he would get the message across.

  73. paul mc daid

    Had the pleasure to meet Manny in New York on St Patricks night at the Matt Macklin fight,an absolute gentleman,will be sadly missed,RIP.

  74. Wale

    Let’s all direct our anger to the right people. If Liverpool could send their American owners packing, then WE can do the same as well.

  75. valerie gooner


























  76. NorwegianGooner

    Hello, Grovers!

    Even though I’m Norwegian, I am a born and bred Gooner. My old man has been an Arsenal-fan his whole life, so naturally, I became a Gooner aswell. I was one of the only kids at school that supported Arsenal. All the other kids supported either Liverpool or Manchester United. When I was attending elementary school, Arsenal did awesomely. That was the time when Henry, Pires, Ljungberg etc ripped up the Premiership, and boy could I walk with my head held high! I now realize just how lucky I was back then.

    Times are changing. Arsenal look more and more like a business than a proper football club. Since the glorious Highbury days with David Dein in charge, Arsenal have been falling severely. It’s a shame. The wrong people coming in, ruining our great club like this. Stan Kroenke, Ivan Gazidis. What absolute WAN*ERS!

    As many of you are pointing out in your posts, Arsene Wenger must go. In fact, I believe he should have been kicked out three years ago. Not only must Arsene leave. Kroenke and that sewer-rat Gazidis should p*ss off as well. If they are allowed to stay on and continue what they are doing, we can forget about Champions League football in the future. How on earth is a team that consists of “players” like Mannone, Ramsey, Gervinho, Squillacci, Santos etcetc compete for major honours!? It is quite simply impossible. We all see that. Everyone can see that. All except from the men who really should see it. Arsene Wenger, or as me and my old man call him “Mr. Arsenal”. To us, it seems like he is allowed to do what ever he wants. He controls everything at the club.

    I know that most of you reading this blog is London-based people who attends matches on a regular basis, and has done so for quite some time. Many of you have given up your season tickets. That tells me alot. Before this season kicked off, I was playing with the idea of moving to London and follow the Arsenal both home and away. I’ve been to three home games before. All in the Emirates. Havent had the chance to go as often as I’d like because of work, but right now im glad. No more of my money is going into those greedy bas*ard’s pockets! Until I see some real change at the club, I’ll stick to watching the Arsenal on the telly. Even that is expensive enough here in Norway.

    So mutch frustration. I hate seeing Arsenal like this. Nothing breaks my heart more than when Arsenal is doing as crappy as now. Pretty strange to think that this is the same club that went an entire season unbeaten. Back then we had Henry, Vieira, Pires, Sol Campbell etc. Now we have dropped to Gervinho-quality. Jesus, when will it end? What does it take for Wenger and the board to realize that what they are doing is pissing on the people that matter, which is us fans? Without us, the club is nothing! They just don’t seem to understand that at all. Maybe they do, but they sure as f*ck they don’t care.

    Let me know when there is an organized fan-protest against Wenger and the board, I’d like to attend a protest like that. I think it’s absolutely vital that the fans speak their mind, and makes their voices heard. We want our Arsenal back!

    Pro Wenger and his FFP-trophy type of fans are not real fans in my opinion. They’re just stupid people living in denial. That is one of the things that shocked me the most when I last was in London. Sooo many plastics and Wenger batty boys. I’m sick of it all. With the ridiculous ticket prices we have, and with the profit from selling our top performers EVERY F*KING season, we should be able to buy quality players. Not settle for Gervinho’s.

    I don’t think many of you took the time to read such a long post, but if you did; cheers mate! I know most of you agree with me, and that you share my frustration.

  77. Jeff

    It really does look like we are in this for a while. Stank Kroenke has absolutely no interest in football or the club. He’s basically just a low-grade businessman hoping to make a little bit of profit from the passion and pride of Arsenal fans throughout the world.

    They are almost spelling it out to us that the financial side of things comes way above actual titles and trophies. It is obvious that CL place is important for one thing and one thing only; the money. They know we have absolutely no chance of winning it but taking part only for the cash. And what do we do with that cash? We spend some of it on transfer fees for new mediocrity, wages on existing mediocrity and cream off the rest for Kroenke to regret not getting involved earlier.

    Some people talk about us buying Van Persie for £3m eight years ago and selling him for £24m as though somehow that is a good thing. Yes it would be a good thing if:

    1. We invested all the money in another equivalent world class striker or
    2. We already had other credible world class strikers in the team.

    We have neither. The message we send out is the same one we have been sending out for nearly a decade now. You don’t need to win trophies; just tick along nicely and be good enough for third or fourth while hiding behind the pretext that we are preparing for FFP. Gazidis is a soulless, passionless pen-pusher whose only goal is to keep his job.

    It looks like the majority of fans prefer to deflect blame from Wenger and heap it on the board but Wenger is also culpable for toeing the same line. It so happens that his ideas about the wage policy and transfer fees is exactly what the board want to see anyway so there is no possibility of discord among them.

    Verdict: it will get worse before it gets better.

  78. fanboy

    Highest paid executive and manager yet we can’t pay our good players the going rate. Nope, nothing wrong here, move along