Jack’s back in the groove, boy do Arsenal need someone, and fast!

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Jack Wilshere came through a tough game against Everton yesterday and got two assists for Tommy Eisfield, at last, get him in the team quick Arsene, you need someone to get this team firing, perhaps our new number 10 is the man for that job.

This team needs a midfielder with grit that makes the team push on when they are looking like fairies and I believe that man is our Jack, waste no more time and get him in. He’s a footballer, he’s had his injury and 14 months off, let him loose and stop pansying around treating him like a china doll.

We already have that with serial sick notes Rosiaby costing us, we don’t need anymore. Two are enough.

There are the age old rumours about Jesus joining us from Seville, please blogsites, drop that one, Navas gets homesick going to the toilet, he won’t be joining us, give it up.

Next up are the bully boys from Germany, we need to put out a team that can win this one, we need to sack Mannone and put in Martinez, he can’t be worse can he, if we don’t let players know that crap performances will be punished, then our players will never learn will they.

Rumour has it they are digging up the Holloway road so our players can fly into home games, I think it makes sense, there is a lot of traffic around London on match days and Ferraris and Maserati’s don’t like traffic jams.


Sagna Vermaelen Mertesacker Gibbs

Oxo Arteta Cazorla Wilshere

Podolski Giroud

Ok this team has Martinez, Sagna and Oxo in it, some may say that Jenkinson has done well and he has, but Sagna when fit is the best right back in the EPL, so he must go in, Oxo if fit and I have introduced a 4-4-2 as what is the point in having Giroud if we don’t.

I think with a strong midfield we will move better and with two up top we have more chance of scoring goals for fun, like we did against Southampton.

Eisfeld appears to be knocking on the door with Gnabry, but they are young so a word of caution.

We seem to have a number of players we appear to be collecting, that I believe we should move on, certain players that will never make it and we really need to reduce our crazy wage bill, these are those I would ship out this Christmas, don’t fall over, be realistic.

Mannone, Fabianski replace them both. Squillaci, Chamakh, Denilson, Bendtner, Park (who still seems to be on the books) Wellington, Ryo, Campbell, Rosicky, Djourou, Galindo, Diaby, Arshavin, and have a look at the 19 coaching staff we have, because we sure as hell don’t need that many.

None of the above players will ever feature for Arsenal and it’s truly criminal and financial madness to be lavishing on them the riches we do.

If a young player is going to make it he is fast tracked, like Oxo and Jenkinson, some players can’t get permits, like Wellington, Galindo and Campbell but seriously, will they ever feature? No and players that I have no idea why they are here, like Ryo, because as nice as he is, he just isn’t good enough.

As for players like Squillaci and Chamakh, we just need to pay them off and let them go, it’s embarrassing.

Tomorrow we talk about Shalke, have a nice day Grovers!

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  1. Evan

    Doublegooner: First part of that email, nothing to do with me, but I wish them well

    It’s time for action
    A recent BBC study on football ticket pricing was published and unsurprisingly, Arsenal were top of the list for the highest admission prices, with the cheapest season ticket some £255 more than anyone else’s.

    Ironically £255 is also the amount of money that will actually buy you a season ticket outright at Wigan Athletic who offer the lowest prices in the top flight. £255 however, will not be enough for you to gain access to all five Grade A games at the Emirates Stadium; for that you’ll need a minimum of £315 just for the ‘cheap seats’. And finally, £255 x 8,432 is the amount of money that Ivan Gazidis coined in from Arsenal last year for his services as Managing Director.

    After Saturday’s debacle against Norwich it transpires that the first team squad and backroom staff FLEW from Luton to Norwich for the match. A gruelling 14 (fourteen) minute flight. Yet our overpaid, over-pampered prima donnas couldn’t even be bothered to try when they took the field. How many thousands of pounds did it cost to fly the squad and management to and from a match which was easily and relatively quickly accessible by (luxury) coach? The Board don’t worry about things like that though. The team can fail to take the game seriously if they want; the fans can pick up the tab. There’s nothing for the fans to complain about… or that’s what the Board would have you believe.

  2. Cesc Appeal


    Agree on 4-4-2 though I’d play it with Cazorla RM, Arteta and Jack CM’s and Ox LM, but give both wide players license to roam so Santi can do what Silva does for City – he’s that sort of player (better in my opinion).

    Cazorla is so difficult to get the ball off, ti sticks to his feet and he has played RM for a long time.

    Jack needs to be in the centre and I think him and Arteta form a nice pair. JW tenacity, young enthusiasm mixed with Arteta’s steady game and old head, perfect.

    Then yes Podolski’s pace and power with Giroud’s movement and hope that the German partnering him brings something out of the Frenchman.

    I never get it with Wenger, so far the £13 Million on Giroud and £11 Million on Gervinho seem’s wasted that’s almost £25 Million you could have spent on a class striker – like United did with Van Persie.

    Wenger always seems to want to say ‘Yes I could have bought Hazard but I got three players instead of one.’

    That one though is an excellent player and potentially world class one day, do you think Gervinho or Chamakh or Giroud will be? I rather doubt it.

    For someone who preaches financial prudence we sure do waste a shedload of money

  3. kwik fit

    Wenger defends ’13 minute flight to Norwich’
    Arsene Wenger and his troops took a 13 minute flight to Norfolk on Saturday afternoon, following problems with the other types of (more sensible) transport. Wenger said at today’s pre-match press conference ahead of the Champions League game against Schalke: “Usually we take the train and there was no train available, so in the end we decided to fly because we had to drive up on Friday afternoon at the moment when you never know how long it lasts.”

    Wenger said that traveling by road on Friday was not an option because ‘you never know how long it lasts’
    One thing he does know however is the overnight cost of staying in an hotel in Norwich. Who is the tight git trying to kid?

  4. Jeff


    I think I can explain the bit where you say:

    “I never get it with Wenger, so far the £13 Million on Giroud and £11 Million on Gervinho seem’s wasted that’s almost £25 Million you could have spent on a class striker – like United did with Van Persie.”

    It’s more to do with the wages Wenger would have to fork out for a £25m player. That would break the wage structure which would be sacrilegious. That policy alone is the single most damaging factor of them all. It explains why we only buy cheap players or try to nurture up home-grown ones (as they are bound to be on small wages), it is why we pay high wages to low talent and it is also why players who become world class up and go. Every single thing about the wage policy has damnation written all over it and it is Wenger’s brainchild from beginning to end.

  5. Cesc Appeal



    But we waste £180 000 on Park, Chamakh and Gervinho – two of those don’t even play.

    Cheslea pay £180 000 a week to Hazard…even 1/3 that’s better value for money.

    Missing Mata is Wenger’s worst crime, arguing over £3-4 Million for that kind of talent, a tema with both Cazorla and Mata? Unbelievable stuff.

    Though with Mata carrying the team it’s doubtful Wenger would have bought Santi…he never builds on successful players merely replaces them (sort of).

    The year we had Schez, Sagna, Kozz, Verm, Clichy, Song, Fabregas, Wilshere, Nasri, Walcott, Van persie would have been the year to buy.

    You Imagine making the two buys Mata and Cazorla, £30 Million for both!!!

    Then your middle could be Fabregas, Wilshere, Cazorla with Nasri, Van Persie and Mata up top.

    That team isn’t even fair!!

  6. Phil

    Typical for the club to have the AGM during working hours.
    Avoids scrutiny from its supporters.
    Whilst it is normal practice for business to hold their AGM during the working day, sporting clubs normally have theirs after hours to allow stakeholders to attend. And i am not just talking about amateur clubs.
    Another example of trying to control the message and minimize dissent.

  7. IvoryGoonz

    SkandiBird: a nobody.
    Hasn’t done anything.
    Was included in a Bolivian friendly international game and couple games at international youth stage. But doesn’t seem to have played since.

    When we get extra-European players like south Americans before 18yrs old, they end up sent on loan to get working permits somewhere in an affiliated club, in a foreign country, instead of having then sent to English Championship teams (youth network is shite, sorry). none of them have actually be shining, and are not in international teams anymore… (any counter example anyone?).
    For me only one would have been Campbell, but he should have been sent back to Lorient not sent to Betis in my opinion. He was finally starting to work out in Christian Gourcuff’s system. What has he done since he joined Betis? Anyone following him there?

    We should really be only signing south American players at 18 exactly. Not before for working permits reasons, not after for HG reasons. And that’s not really priority.
    So in other terms, Galindo is just another pile of cash stored in a saving account with hopes Saint Crisis keeps on forever…

  8. Jeff


    I absolutely see the madness of it and it is without a doubt the thing that really scuppers our chances of buying or attracting world class players.

    The wage policy is such that no single player may earn more than a certain amount. There is a threshold beyond which no one can go. I think it stands around something like 90k or may be a bit more. Anyway, let’s say it is about 120k tops. That is still peanuts to a world class player.

    So to compensate for this inadequacy Wenger buys two players (like you mentioned Giroud and Gervinho) who aren’t going to demand high wages individually but collectively it amounts to having bought one world class player.

    The other top clubs don’t do that. Their wage policy does not impose an artificial wage limit on any single player so they can pay anything up to 250k for four or five top players and considerably less to the others. Their total wage bill is comparable to or no much more than ours. So you can how see in an instant how this madness is crippling us.

  9. Evan

    Double: I work/live in Ipswich I’d like too, but can’t get the time off at such short notice, plus apparently there are no trains available, I’d have to fly (same line London to Norwich Wonga’s talking bollox)

    Providing the protests are respectable I’m supporting them all the way, could be interesting if we lose to Schalke are you going?

  10. IvoryGoonz

    Jeff: or maybe get the AGM to ask to higher that threshold. Cause if you check Wilshere’s wages, we won’t keep him very long at this rate. Think that will be Arsene’s coffin’s last nail.

  11. Relieable sauce

    Its funny until you really think about the flight to Norwich & what its purpose was. To get us in & out of there as quick as possible & get the game over & done with. Like it was some kind of inconvienient(i tried) chore!
    No wonder we perform like that really when you take it so nonchalantly(french origin i believe).
    Btw 8mins was probably taken up with take off & landing.

    Maybe Wongas spending the cash on teleportation research : /

  12. Jeff


    PHW has already said the wage structure will not be changed for anyone. We could have Messi in the team and if he asks for any more than the threshold he’d be sold in an instant. We have been suffering for years under this regime while the others just snigger and laugh at us.

    It is for good reason he carries the alias of Nutty Professor.

  13. Cesc Appeal



    We need a change, not saying let’s give Usmanov total control but we need two voices on the board, two directions.

    At the moment we have a ‘harmonious’ board in Gazidis’ words….I say dictatorial

  14. Jeff

    This is the exact statement about the wages policy by PHW this month when asked about Walcott.

    “We have got our general overall wage structure and we are not prepared to break it for anybody; we have made an offer which he didn’t think was acceptable and that is the end of it. We think it is a very reasonable offer.”

    Here is the link: http://www.caughtoffside.com/2012/10/10/peter-hill-wood-it-will-be-a-pity-if-walcott-doesnt-sign-new-deal-but-arsenal-wage-structure-will-not-be-broken/

  15. kwik fit

    Just watching the Barcelona team going past on the vidie printer on sky. The one player who stands out like a sore thumb is Song. How to hell is that guy in that team 🙂

  16. Josip Skoblar

    I see that your beloved OM is doing well this season! Good. I love the club and the Velodrome atmosphere. Clubs like OM, ASSE and RC Lens are really unique in France (unlike PSG, the French Chelsea… 😉 ).

  17. Jeff


    We have been at the juncture so many times with Wenger that it is simply uncanny. He says things that would leave people who don’t know the history of the last 8 years thinking we were struck by some outrageous misfortune. Little would they know that while the last 8 transfer windows opened and closed all he did was dither, penny pinch and revel in past glories?

    Instead of doing something about it while he has the chance he refuses point blank and then when the points are dropped in nothing games like the one against Norwich he tells us he’s angry and the gap is unpleasant.

    In other words; he keeps smashing his head against a brick wall and blames it for being hard.

  18. SUGA3

    on another note: I have seen some really funny stuff being said on here recently, like the surpirise of some at people daring to criticise a ‘positive’ start and the gem of gems in the shape of some fella making a statement that we will win the league with JW back in the side…

    I mean 😆 😆 😆

  19. Jeff

    I know Suga but a win is a win. We still had some spark, some flicker of hope. We can’t even dare dream about winning finals of any sort nowadays. It’s a shame but we simply haven’t kept up.

  20. SUGA3


    I remember watching that game, being pretty pissed off at the performance and feeling it to be a bit of a hollow victory…

    the big difference is that it pissed me off back then, would it piss me off so much now, if at all?

    shitty performances like that are pretty much expected from Arsenal these days!

  21. Jeff


    All our expectations were much higher then. Over the years we have been lowering the bar to the extent that we can actually trip over it now. It’s going to take a lot of years before we’re back even to that standard again.

  22. SDE


    Have you recovered from your 4 hour mental odyssey trip last night to Planet Keyser & beyond?

    It was quite sad watching what was unfolding..

    Just shaking my head in disbelief..The man has an illness…

    Where someone has the energy to argue relentlessly for 6 hours a day,definitely has some major issues..

    What possessed you to get embroiled in an argument with him?

  23. SUGA3


    it certainly won’t happen with the current setup, I am not sure about Wenger, who I feel should be given a go with funds to spend, but Kroenke and Gazidis have to go pronto…

  24. Jeff


    I was beginning at one stage to wonder if I wasn’t taking part in a Turing Test. I had to leave it around 1:30am. I nearly failed to get up in the morning to go to work. I was absolutely knackered.

  25. SDE


    I think it’s more than being a wind-up merchant..I think it’s an illness..

    How else can you have the energy on a daily basis,to do it for 6 hours a day,or even a whole week..

    No sane person is capable of that,& even if they were,work,or studies keeps them busy!!


    I can imagine you being knackered..I asked myself this question..It would take you a day to recover.Essentially you were dealing with an ill man..Who thrives off your frustration&energy levels!!

  26. Johnty79

    I’m alive I thought it was a bad dream and that we have been shit for the last 8 years…………..wenger and gazidas out. See arsene you can defend against barca you fool.

  27. andy

    once again the mancs needed a special moment of the dutch cunt to get anything … nice cross by kagawa, nice header by chicharito but without van pussy´s nice work they would still be down 2:0 … we would be far superior to the mancs if we had not sold him to them argh

  28. Kushagra India

    GOAL! Barcelona 1-1 Celtic (Iniesta 45m) A wonderful, wonderful goal for Barcelona – five, six passes in a blink of an eye, with Xavi
    and Iniesta key, before the later takes a throughball on the half-turn and slots it into the corner. That was everything Barcelona stand for, right there.

  29. SUGA3


    and if my auntie had a cock, she would be my uncle!

    you can only thank our own manager, CEO and owner for wanting £24M rather than a world class striker!

  30. andy

    suga3 you should know me better … the only guy to blame for his departure is himself – he forced the move, everyone knows it, everyone reported it, even SAF said it in an interview … only extreme anti-AW arsenal fans forget that … “I love AFC but I don´t want to sign on” – and then signing for the mancs … I understand your frustration and those of many others here about our recent performance and the recent years without trophies and you can blame AW, IG and the whole BoD for that but his departure was down to “the little boy inside him” … fucking whore

  31. SUGA3


    Ronaldo wanted to move to Real and made no secret of it, yet SAF told him he could only leave when he said so and squeezed the best season out of him, so I am sorry, but bollocks to that…

  32. Jeff

    Here is something we don’t see from AW. Half time substitution from Ferguson to bring on Nani, taking off Kagawa. No sign of injury just tactics. Why did we not do that against Norwich and all the other times when we held out and lost?

  33. andy

    did ronaldo have a contract expiring a year later? I am sorry but bollocks to that … 😛
    and beside that – being a fan of a certain club does not mean you may not join another one but not their rival one … a player who´s AC milan fan would never join INTER or juve, a player who´s schalke fan would not join dortmund … and if you “love arsenal” like he said you NEVER EVER join spuds or mancs …or if you are a fan of one of these you should not join arsenal at first …

  34. SUGA3

    and he actually wanted to sign on, the issue was with his demands, i.e. wages and putting his own physio (who was taking care of him for the last 12 months or so anyway) on the club’s payroll…

  35. SUGA3


    er, so you admit that in your opinion money is relevant more than sporting success then?

    like I said, your idol together with the idiot CEO and disaster of an owner preferred £24M to having a world class striker…

  36. SUGA3


    the whole ‘fight for the shirt’ thing is a sum of many things, like strong management, culture of accountability as well as getting club legends to finish their careers at the club…

    subconsciously, you are more likely to leave your heart on the pitch of you know that you won’t be sold at the age of 30 no matter what, and that you have a good chance of still playing with your mates in two years time if they are good enough!

  37. SDE

    If Celtic hold on for a 1-1 draw..Will that result have messed up a lot of peep’s accumulator’s..,with Barca down as a win for most people!
    That said Villa,just hit the post I think

  38. SUGA3

    …bottom line is: AFC has no such thing as club ethos anymore, which of the players do you think are actually proud to wear the shirt and are good footballers at that?

  39. WengersSweeties


    Wouldn’t the Chelsea result mess up peeps bets as well.


    Completely agree.

    To be fair though, our fans need to be stronger than what we are. While we accept it, it’ll continue of course.

  40. SDE

    Wenger Sweeties

    But Shaktak ‘s home record is quite amazing..Not having lost a home game in god knows how many CL games,or something..?
    Correct me,if I’m wrong..

    I would have gone with a win for Shaktak,or a draw on that match..

  41. SUGA3


    the only thing that will make the greedy board understand is a complete financial meltdown, the thing is that the cattle class seats are just a tiny fraction of the matchday income, it’s the corporate boxes that earn the club money…

    the thing is that if a company wants to fork out nearly £100K for a piece of corporate bling, it will want it to be as prestigious as possible, what is so prestigious about owning a box at an also ran’s stadium?

  42. Arsenal1886-2006


    I think the fighting for the shirt thing is a bit of a myth these days, bygone days yes.
    United players play for Fergie, they know he is a winner and respect him and fear him. If they stop performing then they are out of the door, not given pay rises like some club we could name.

  43. WengersSweeties


    Hindsight’s a beautiful thing, 😉 still would have had Chelsea, or to be fair just left that game alone altogether..

    And fuck Celtic, I remember them cheering on Barcelona and Larsson against us.

    Second rate football.


    Good question actually, who is actually proud to wear the Arsenal shirt in the team?

    Bet they couldn’t give a fuck.

  44. SUGA3


    I think you are right to an extent, but us doing everything exactly opposite to what a big club is supposed to do does not really help, does it?

  45. SDE

    Wenger’s Sweeties

    I tell you one team,I stay clear off,like the bubonic plague,when it comes to the Accumulators..

    Yep ARSSSSENALLL!Just won’t go near them..Too many bad experiences..

  46. Jamal

    Its gonna be a tough game tomorrow. it wouldnt surprise me if we lose. Wenger might decide that the coach costs too much and walk to the emirates from Colney.

  47. Arsenal1886-2006


    Loyalty these days comes in the form of a cash bonus. As for our board, I am sure they believe the fans come because of wenger and not the players , and as such have no idea how much it hurts fans to constantly lose their heroes.

  48. SUGA3


    we are probably just about the only club to consider the manager as the main asset, or perhaps the only one to do it with no merit whatsoever…

  49. SUGA3

    Ramsey should just shut the fuck up, sheep shagging cunt, why does he get full 90 minutes despite being absolute garbage is beyond me, has Wenger not learned anything from the D******n fiasco?

  50. IvoryGoonz

    Ref Rams he should probably shut up in normal conditions, agreed, but in absence of motivational manager, can’t really blame him for trying to prove he deserves his national armband again. I’d say give him a go with a proper DM behind him and another complete midfielder and you might have surprises. I still have hopes for Ramsey, my bad 🙂

  51. marcus

    loved to watch Shaktar tonight. It’s been a long time since I enjoyed watching a game that much. Arsenal seam to only give me anxiety nowadays, I really liked to just watch a great team play some good football without all the drama. Reminds me of why I started watching football in the first place. Good times.

  52. Cesc Appeal

    Ramsey seems to think he’s an equal to Wilshere ‘he’s talented and could play in any midfield…and I’m no different.’

    Yeah ok Aaron.

    You will never…..NEVER be half the player Wilshere is. You have no killer instinct, no touch and no drive about your play, total inability to dribble and take on players, your passing is also frequently wayward.

    Time for Arsenal to stop being so head in the sand with their players and I utterly agree with Geoff. Even guys like Miyachi who we all want to do well, there’s a difference between hoping a player will come good, trying to eek out any pluses and them actual having the QUALITY to come good. Wilshere had that, Fabregas had that, Van Persie had that and so on.

    Ramsey, Bendtner, Denilson etc do not.

    The next batch up is guys like Eisfeld and Gnabry who are getting on well but we’ll see, again who really knows.

    In Gnabry we might have a potential Messi on our hands, or another Walcott who just goes no where, threatening to develop but never actually turning into a player.

    In Eisfeld we might have a Gotze or an Iniesta, small, great vision, eye for goal (clearly) which is impressive for a midfield man…but he may be a Ramsey…you just don’t know.

    Difference with us as opposed to other clubs is that we pay these guys huge wages before they’ve showed. Keep them on tiny wages until they are knocking on the first team door consistantly, uprooting an established star.

    Mario Gotze up until last season was on 25 000 Euros a week! Diaby was on £62 000 POUNDS a week at the same time, Denilson £50 000, Bendtner £52 000….they hadn’t done half of what the young German had already a league and domestic cup winner worth £35 Million.

  53. Bade

    Tonight we need a win. I’d love it to come with good performance, but in the CL the result matters much more

    I’d go with Geoff in putting Mannone aside. He’s definitely going to be targeted just like Fabianski & Almunia were

    We have to gamble on Marteniz. He’s built superbly, he’s talked up as the next big thing & he can’t be worse than Mannone

    I will keep Jenko though. He’s playing top football now, he’s on a good momentum & I don’t see the point in replacing him with a player that played barely 2-3 months in the last year. I’d get Sagna in the team gradually. If we could secure this game early enough, then I’d give him a run out

    Jack, although hasn’t played for a year & a quarter, MUST play. Unlike Sagna, Jack irreplaceable in our side. While Jenko slotted in & did a great job this season, no really could cover for Jack. Diaby gave us one good game against Liverpool, then he was injured as per usual. Ramsey & Le Coq, with all the affection I have for them both, are far from being a legitimate starters for us

    Jack’s hunger & teen spirit will prevail & cover for his bit of rustiness.


    Subs: Mannone-Sagna-Le Coq-Kozzer-Gerv-Ramsey-OX(If fit)/Gnabry

  54. Bade

    So checking in Arsene.com, it seems as though OX in out of the squad. So it’s Gnabry there.

    I would play Arshavin inn the CL. Why? Because he has foxes in his hat, the CL is less physical that the EPL, so he can flourish there. Oh and because I rate him much highly than Gerv & Gerv would be our “Sub striker”, as we lack any striking options from the bench

    I hope Arsene won’t chicken out & play Ramsey. But as he’s so obsessed to proved himself he’s right, He’d probably play Ramsey not Arshavin.