‘The gap is very unpleasant’ says Wenger, ‘really’ says Geoff.

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Ok so after 5 positive posts I’m afraid today I have to get a few things off my chest.

Forget the fact we are in are in 9th place in the league. We are two points better off than we were this time last season, you know when we were in crisis.

Some may say  Deja vu, some may say groundhog day, either way here we go again, but let’s still throw riches at our dictatorial manager. We are good at that.

I really do not understand it, all we have needed since Mad Jens is a proper keeper, but our manager refuses to address it, we have a keeper than Hull City didn’t want, he is hopeless and we have to watch him, what on earth is Wenger thinking of?

We can get a loanee in that’s better than him. Craig Gordon.

We have a left back that is Turkish league level and that’s it, and we have a manager that refuses to kick his failed experiment of project youth. We had Jack Wilshere on the bench and he sends on Gnabry. I rate Gnabry but for goodness sake, he’s just a kid.

He spent £11mil on Gervinho who tears around like a headless chicken, he really is average at best. Hazard who we should have bought and Mata settled straight in at Chelsea why did we not buy one of them? Frankly his player judgement is appalling.

He talks about financial prudence as a poor excuse for failing to buy proper players yet he happily trousers £7.5mil himself and has a staggering wage bill of £140mil, which is about £120mil more than the 19th position team that beat our pampered rich players that deemed it necessary to fly 15 minutes to the game on Saturday.

He is ruining our club, never mind players wearing kick it out T shirts over the weekend our fans should be wearing kick Wenger out T shirts all week.

Since he trebled Oxo’s wages he’s looked as effective as Ramsey. Bribing players doesn’t make the awesome Arsene, it makes them comfortable and that is precisely why we lose all our top players, because as they all say, they want more than money.

You all know that I never rated Song, for years I said why does Wenger persist with him, for years Wenger played him and defended him, for years Wenger rewarded him with riches, much the same as he did with Denilson and Bendtner, then he shipped him out and said nothing, why? He had a long contract and he sold him, why has he not explained that decision?

If he was that good why sell him, if he wasn’t then why play him in the team for so long?

Wenger for me is way too full of contradictions, he is a dictator and like all dictators never knows when to go. He is surrounded by sycophants and yes men whom he lavishes our money on. I stopped going to Arsenal 2 years ago in protest, the only way we will get back the glory days again is when he is replaced. And the only way he’ll be replaced is if we protest. I’ve done my bit.

We have gone backwards in the last 8 years yet his salary has continued to grow, it’s a disgrace.

Still, I’m looking forward to Wednesday, I’m an Arsenal fan and we can’t be that bad again can we, can we?

Whatever happens I will follow Arsenal, but until we get rid of the nutty professor we won’t see the glory days again. The only reason he was successful in the first place was because he inherited 8 great players and spent some money, he hasn’t since and surprise, surprise, we’ve won nothing.

Time to go back to France Arsene, leave your keys on the side, mind the gap and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Have a nice week Grovers, at least we have a chance to get back on the saddle on Wednesday and put this crappiest of weekends behind us.

If anyone can put a positive spin on what’s happening at our club feel free, I can’t.

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  1. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – I’ve addressed the point about Wenger and Ferguson being in different situations and with a different set of variables, but for the conversation I was having with Jeff the point counts.

    Again, I wasn’t having a conversation with you to begin with. Go back and read for yourself.

  2. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – Good, don’t bother next time, Jeff manages to get his point across without behaving like a child.

  3. IvoryGoonz

    If you’re here to have a conversation with only one person don’t post in a public forum.
    If you can’t accept that everyone can comment on what you say, don’t post on a public forum.

  4. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – Yeah, but you can’t even follow the same train of thought, we’re having one conversation, and you’re having one with yourself. Next time you won’t confuse yourself as much.

  5. IvoryGoonz

    What a douche.
    So now you got Jeff’s point?
    And you don’t think pushing you to actually say what you mean actually helped? Rather than pissing around the pot for hours.
    Well good.
    Now you accepted those are failures.

  6. Bade

    I got up to prepare a court hearing I’m having today, & I see the relentless Keyser on here?

    Hahahaha, Oh Keyser I wish I had the time for you now ……

  7. IvoryGoonz

    Yep. Tired of you.
    You only discussed one point, it’s taken 2 hours just on that, and you can’t even admit that as a generals rule, we sell too many players to EPL rivals.
    And are we in contention for CL or something maybe?
    And no, still not mate.
    I’d have to spend 2 hours summing up all the points you haven’t even adressed. And I’m tired. Tired and fed up that you can’t get straight to the point and look at all the issues at hands, all the evidences pointing to the fact that we could have done better and that we need real change at the helm, and that means Wenger.
    You’re just in a situation of comfort, used to your little CL games. Forgotten it’s all about actually winning titles.
    And that’s what makes me sad.
    Contrarily to you, I see what Arsenal could and should be. You’re just used to what you have like our govenors with their privileges and retirement plans, instead of actually using fans money to win titles.
    I’m gone to bed. Need to sleep at least couple hours. But the matter still lays on the table.
    I don’t know what it will take so that you finally open your eyes. 5th? 7th?
    Just look at the curve of our rankings over the last 15 years maybe that will be enough for you to see the real tendance. Or maybe not.
    You see only what you want to see anyway.
    Great leaders are also recognised for their ability to take risks.
    I can’t see where raising a players value from 3m at the time, to 20+ over 7 years makes it exceptional. Considering all the wages paid, that’s probably actually less than he cost us overall.
    And Wenger didn’t replace him with a ready-to-hit-the-ground kinda player that should have been recruited a year before we sold him.
    And so on and so on. Walking in circles… ciao

  8. IvoryGoonz

    (I’d actually add with VP’s potential, if we had had deeper squad quality everywhere, maybe Robin wouldn’t have been forced to play through injuries and the likes, and would be worth twice that, to me, Robin underachieved, and in big parts because of the manager.
    After all, he’s paid to take the rewards as much as the respinsibilities.
    Morning Bade.

  9. Bade

    B’jesus said Baddy I sang it so well
    I think I’ll get up & I’ll sing it again it
    So Baddy got up & he sung it again
    Over and over and over again!

  10. Bade

    Good morning people!

    Good night as well

    A long day ahead of me as you can imagine, waking up at 4:00 AM.

    Blimey, I should have been more decisive as a little boy. Had I continued my progress as a footballer …… Oh well, at some stage people actually thought it’s easier to earn a living as a lawyer than a footballer???

    Fuck me, if my parents knew Denilson & Almunia before …..

  11. Bade

    Yep IG

    His style isn’t the best, he’s spicing it with swearing & unnecessary insults, but he has many valid points under his built

    Nice to see you around though IG

    Still touring France these days?

  12. El Tel

    Keyser wins on points. He was stating facts about The piss head that you other Manc lovers either forgot or chose to ignore.

    They sold their best players The greasy cunt and Tevez because they both wanted out. They have gone backwards since and won the same as us last season, zilch. They will win nothing this season either as the Chavs are way ahead of them and Citeh are also stronger. They may get the penalties and free kicks they dont deserve which will assist them nicely as it has donethese past 20+ years but the traitor cunt chose poorly in joining them to win a cup.

    Like this or not but we are closer to them than thy are to te Chavs and Citeh. The Spuds done them last week at their place, this shows they are slipping.

    Someone said Scholes and that cunt Giggs are getting old. How true, but they are still their most important players and they are nearing the end.

    They had a good result this weekend and we had a shocker to say the least but I see us above them at this seasons end.

    The reason we have sold more players than them too is because more teams want our players than they do theirs and they pay average players even more than we do.

    The piss head is tactically better than Wenger only just and has built up a great career over the years but they (Mancsum) arebthe nedia darlings and are as important to the media as RM are to Spain.

    They still have David Gill in control with the FA which has helped them stay near the top these past four years even though they have a very average side.

    When I see other teams kicking the shit out of them and chasing around like they do when playing us I will then show them some respect if they still go on to be successful. It doesnt happen now and hasnt for donkeys years.

    Although Keyser was right with is epic banter with Jeff I would still want the same as Jeff which is for change at the Arsenal and for Wenger to be replaced.

    There are plenty of good and some great Managers whonin my opinion would jump at taking the job on.

    Dream on regarding Usmanov as in my opinion if he wanted control of the Arsenal so bad He would have bought Kroenke out ages ago.

    Abramovich is nowhere near as wealthy yet throws billions at his bitch. Usmanov doesnt love the Arsenal enough to take over.

    We Arsenal fans are the ones suffering. Not because we are losers but because the Club are treating us apallingly ( and I work there too) and keeping us in the dark.

    Promises after promisesae being made yet we are turning into just another Tottenham. Good to watch but win fuck all.

  13. ozrus

    Does anyone else think IvoryGoonz, Bade and SDE is one person? Writing mile long ramblings. Weird shit. All three attacking Keyser in unison for dismantling Jeff’s badly flawed logic.

  14. K.C.

    Are you new? Keyser gets attacked on here on a pretty regular basis. He invites it upon himself though so I think he can take it. He’s basically the Le Grove whipping boy. One of the last brave souls who worships Wenger on this site.

  15. Bjonan

    To be honest we where missing Gibbs creative runs and grosses on the left wing..
    Santos dint make any cross into the box…Ramsey (hhmmmm) what a twat!!!

  16. Jeff

    Keyser’s main argument can be condensed into a few lines. Although he acknowledges the facts about selling our best players and replacing them with substandard ones, he does not accept that those facts have led to failure to win things. Therefore, he would argue, whatever has transpired isn’t all Wenger’s fault. So the conclusion is that we go on with the same manager regardless.

    If you accept that premise, you must side with Keyser. If, on the other hand you think we could have done better had those mistakes not been made and we managed to hold on to our best players and replenished the squad with a few more world class players we would have stood a better chance of winning, you have to side with me.

    That is it in a nutshell. No need for 10 hours of debate.

  17. IvoryGoonz

    Won on points my ass. This is not a fuxkin contest.
    And if you were real, you’d actually take into account other people’s comments.
    The pisshead still has earned more titles than Wenger over the same period. Compare what’s comparable.

    How long before the Wenger excusers just admit they are idolising him?

    Ozrus: yeah you should really re-read what Jeff and other posters said rather than blindly reading Keyser’s shit.
    I still wait for any counter argument to the fact we sell too many players to rivals. And still I was only arguing the first of Jeff’s point, but Keyser and yourself ignore all the other posters.
    So yeah, like Keyser you’re in fuxkin cuckoo land… And if you’re bored by long posts, you shouldn’t start a discussion. that’s what discussions are made for.
    But some of you take a discussion for a fuckin popularity contest.
    Keyser hasn’t answered any of the points. He barely touched at 2 players’ example and they are both not representative of Red Nose’s policy.
    Shall I remind Wenger’s own “if you sell your best players you’re not a big club anymore?” and you still bought into that crap. Shall I rub in 8-2?
    Excuses and more excuses.
    Fergie is media favourite, is always helped by refs, and so on…
    Wenger would be if he was less arrogant, more straightforward, and more successful.

    You’re all forgetting that since 8 years, Man U has won titles and not us. Which is the main reason why most people go against Wenger buy not the only one.
    The lies, the fake attempts at titles knowing he needs 3 or 4 players to do the job and the money is in the bank.
    Then the shit players:
    I ain’t taking one poor guy’s comment as relevant when all the facts point to the evidence that Wenger is useless.
    We don’t have titles from last 8 years.
    If you need more reasons than that, you’re just lying to yourself.

  18. ozrus

    Jeff, it’s a very basic flaw of logic! YOur first statement – 1. We sold our best players etc etc – cannot be used as proof of AW’s failure if at the same time you refuse to apply the same logic to Fergie. ManU sold Tevez, Ronaldo to their rivals. It must follow that Fergie is a failure too. The latter cannot be said as it is generally acknowledged that Ferguson is one of the most successful managers in modern football. Hence whether your statement is a ‘fact’ or not is irrelevant as it doesn’t prove or disprove your proposition that Wenger is a failure.

  19. Camred

    Have been reading Le Grove a long time and this is the dullest debate I have read. Anyone calling it for Keyser could only be Keyser. Of course other managers sell their best players, but rarely to domestic rivals and the failure is to combine this with an investment of the proceeds in the bank balance of the owner and socialist wage structure in return for the highest reward as a manager. Wenger;s strength was to revolutionise football, but his ideas are old. He sells a line that we cannot compete with the top clubs as a result of which errr…..we can’t – except in charging our fans for turning up and paying him.

  20. Jeff


    I think you have been infected with the same virus as Keyser. Deliberately misconstruing what I’m saying just to make some lame point about nothing. What you call a very basic flaw of logic is betrays your inability to understand the argument in the first place.

    Here it is again for your benefit. I did not set out to prove whether or not Ferguson is a failure. Keyser brought Ferguson in as an example of another manager selling his best player and therefore he argued (like you’re doing) that since Ferguson is thought to be successful so must Wenger and therefore me saying Wenger is a failure becomes invalid.

    Can you not see how embarrassing that is? If two people do the same thing, does it necessarily lead to failure? Here is an example. One man gambles £1000 on the horses and wins. He’s a success. Another man also gambles £1000 and loses. He’s a failure. The two are completely possible, consistent and compatible.

    The point is this. Over the last 8 years Wenger’s decision making and general policy has led to failure. Too many good players have been sold. Too many bad players have been bought. Too many mistakes have been made. If you still pretend you don’t understand just change your name to Keyser and be done with it.

  21. ozrus

    Jeff, what I’m saying and I think what Keyser was saying is that your argument was poorly constructed and is not legit because of that. For A to be proof of B, A needs to be conclusive and indisputable. Your “1. We sold…” statement is neither. So it cannot be used as proof of Wenger’s failure (which he very well may be). You simply can’t carry on with your conversation until you rectify your mistake. If you don’t see the mistake or don’t want to fix it then it’s a problem for Keyser because all he wants I think is to have a half decent conversation with people on here about Arsenal. He can’t have it with gambon because gambon is a classless cunt. He can’t have it with STD and Bade because they are hysterics. It’s a tragedy mate.

  22. Jeff


    You just said that my statement:

    “We sold our best players” is not conclusive and is not indisputable.

    That is a silly way of saying we did not sell our best players or you don’t think we sold our best players.

    Even Keyser admitted that Wenger selling our best players was a fact. Now you seem to be disputing that.

    Keyser argued that although it was a fact he didn’t believe it led to failure. Frankly I think your position is actually even more untenable than his so I think there is sufficient evidence here to warrant your post null and void.