‘The gap is very unpleasant’ says Wenger, ‘really’ says Geoff.

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Ok so after 5 positive posts I’m afraid today I have to get a few things off my chest.

Forget the fact we are in are in 9th place in the league. We are two points better off than we were this time last season, you know when we were in crisis.

Some may say  Deja vu, some may say groundhog day, either way here we go again, but let’s still throw riches at our dictatorial manager. We are good at that.

I really do not understand it, all we have needed since Mad Jens is a proper keeper, but our manager refuses to address it, we have a keeper than Hull City didn’t want, he is hopeless and we have to watch him, what on earth is Wenger thinking of?

We can get a loanee in that’s better than him. Craig Gordon.

We have a left back that is Turkish league level and that’s it, and we have a manager that refuses to kick his failed experiment of project youth. We had Jack Wilshere on the bench and he sends on Gnabry. I rate Gnabry but for goodness sake, he’s just a kid.

He spent £11mil on Gervinho who tears around like a headless chicken, he really is average at best. Hazard who we should have bought and Mata settled straight in at Chelsea why did we not buy one of them? Frankly his player judgement is appalling.

He talks about financial prudence as a poor excuse for failing to buy proper players yet he happily trousers £7.5mil himself and has a staggering wage bill of £140mil, which is about £120mil more than the 19th position team that beat our pampered rich players that deemed it necessary to fly 15 minutes to the game on Saturday.

He is ruining our club, never mind players wearing kick it out T shirts over the weekend our fans should be wearing kick Wenger out T shirts all week.

Since he trebled Oxo’s wages he’s looked as effective as Ramsey. Bribing players doesn’t make the awesome Arsene, it makes them comfortable and that is precisely why we lose all our top players, because as they all say, they want more than money.

You all know that I never rated Song, for years I said why does Wenger persist with him, for years Wenger played him and defended him, for years Wenger rewarded him with riches, much the same as he did with Denilson and Bendtner, then he shipped him out and said nothing, why? He had a long contract and he sold him, why has he not explained that decision?

If he was that good why sell him, if he wasn’t then why play him in the team for so long?

Wenger for me is way too full of contradictions, he is a dictator and like all dictators never knows when to go. He is surrounded by sycophants and yes men whom he lavishes our money on. I stopped going to Arsenal 2 years ago in protest, the only way we will get back the glory days again is when he is replaced. And the only way he’ll be replaced is if we protest. I’ve done my bit.

We have gone backwards in the last 8 years yet his salary has continued to grow, it’s a disgrace.

Still, I’m looking forward to Wednesday, I’m an Arsenal fan and we can’t be that bad again can we, can we?

Whatever happens I will follow Arsenal, but until we get rid of the nutty professor we won’t see the glory days again. The only reason he was successful in the first place was because he inherited 8 great players and spent some money, he hasn’t since and surprise, surprise, we’ve won nothing.

Time to go back to France Arsene, leave your keys on the side, mind the gap and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Have a nice week Grovers, at least we have a chance to get back on the saddle on Wednesday and put this crappiest of weekends behind us.

If anyone can put a positive spin on what’s happening at our club feel free, I can’t.

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  1. Craigy

    Great post Geoff, bang on! Gotta say gervinho is pure fucking shit, ok he’s scored a few. But he don’t convince me, I’m sick and fucking tired seeing this cunt prance about running round like a headless chicken, he’s fucking shit, so average it’s not funny, and shouldn’t be anywhere near this team, but wenger knows best aint that right haaaa haaaa like fuck does he, Mannone???? Really! Like u said hull didn’t want him what does that say, wenger is fucking this club up and it’s painfully, how fucking hard is it to address the problems that need addressing?? Not very, the guy is a moron on a massive salary for doing fuck all, he’s a disgrace to this club, he’s bought good players but yet again failed us by not buying in positions that we really lack quality, u can’t be contenders wiv a keeper like we have, everyone see’s it bar that cunt and Ivan who is another cunt, sorry 4 the language any1 that maybe offended, I’m just incensed, I love this club so much and it hurts me to see greedy bastards destroy it,

  2. Ash79

    just to annoy/amuse ya’ll..

    Yes [I like playing in the middle]. It gives you a lot of options. You can make a run on the right, on the left. Deep in the centre. It’s a big advantage. I feel good there and I am working hard to improve in that position. I don’t have the physical ability to play in the air or to hold the ball up so I am learning how I can make the best of my qualities for that position.
    I get a lot of inspiration from players with my physique and who play up front. So I watch videos of Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero or Carlos Tevez. I don’t want to copy what they do but just see how they move up front, how they change their rhythm. It’s very interesting. They have proved that you can succeed as a striker without having to be six foot and physical.

  3. Kiril Hristov

    I write for the first time , but have been reading for long now . And I can`t be more agree with you Geoff 🙂 I`m from Bulgaria , and can`t make much difference about the protest but I hope you can . I hope You and Pedro start a revolution and bring Arsenal to the glory days again 🙂 It`s just hurts watching this poor copy of the Great Arsenal … And Wenger …. Ouu I would love see him and Guzidis and Kroenke Out .

  4. Maureen

    Alex James

    Ahmen. OT happened because of being cheap and only then did we get a reaction from Nutty. It took that much of a humiliation.

    Have to agree with Gambon on an excellent summary, Chavs paid we haven’t and that is the difference. I was salivating at the prospect of them falling apart and now I can look forward to a strict diet of humble pie for the next few years.

    In fact I can only congratulate the Chavs for being decisive and mitigating risk. There is no need for a drains up exercise over there because they had the foresight to nip a bad situation in the bud. It hurts to admit that but it is the truth.

    There is a difference in how you spend your money, and we just don’t seem to grasp that investment in the spine of the team is the most important, in fact I ask anyone on here to tell me what the spine of our time is?

  5. KOLA

    Gambon, i know i dont always agree with you and that is because you go to the extreme like Osama Bin Laden etc. LOL
    To be honest, you have some great points. However want has always annoyed about Wenger is not the purchase of players, it is his lack of planning for a match. His tactical impudence, his lack of reading a game.
    Any of the bloggers could have done better has a manager on saturday. He sat down there with his arms folded.
    Honestly, he was the one who let the players down on saturday and not the other way round. Players need some leadership.

  6. IvoryGoonz

    Simple reason he keep playing not-good-enough players, is to raise their resale value. It’s all about the margin for Wenger.
    We can win the league if we bought 2 to 3 world class players we can afford, and let go Arsene’s experimentations with himself, would let us replace few more.
    Wenger has to learn the downside of his politics and get rid of dross and injury prone quicker, and buy proper first 11 material. Until that’s done, nothing’s gonna change. We are 4th position contenders.

  7. Bergkamp63

    If Arsenal’s & Chelsea’s Commercials were up for renewal next year and you were in a position to make a huge sponsership deal, who would you choose ?

    It’s false economy to buy cheap players.

    If Chelsea’s commercial’s are not as big as ours, they soon will be or most likely much much more.

    The trouble with Arsene Wonga is his tunnel vision.

  8. Paulinho

    Radio – I agree. The whole team was flat but we could have maybe grown into a game and developed a momentum if two players were in the stands – Ramsey and Gervinho.

    Ramsey should’ve been propping himself just outside the area, between their defence and midfield, and looking to receive it and draw challenges, maybe turn and shoot etc, but instead he chained himself to Arteta and just tried to perform the same role as him. We may as well have been playing with ten men going forward.

    Gervinho was the supposed to be the ball carrier who could travel with the ball and then lead to spaces for limited shoot merchants like Podolski who even when having an even more peripheral game than usual, can still strike the ball like a hammer.

    So, we were flat and dead from the start, but then teams like United, City consistently are as well, the difference is the players in their team try to stick to their roles and don’t become gun shy, whereas ours do so we never recover or increase our tempo. Basically a mixture of having a couple of rotten apples quality/mentality wise, and lack of direction from the manager.

  9. home and away

    SpudOctober 22, 2012 10:46:30
    Im well overdue a new Arsenal shirt, and the purple reign kit is really tempting! But I refuse to put money directly in the clubs pocket. As I usually live in Southampton the match on New Years Day would be a perfect opportunity to see my Arsenal play and blow away the hang-over but I’m not even trying to get tickets. When looking at our world-class finacial model, yet know what Wenger gets paid its f*ckin ludicrousBecome so dissillusioned with the club.

    I hope you and all the other purple rain wearing fucking sheep never return – buying a fucking purple Arsenal shirt should get you banned from this blog

  10. goonerboy

    Watch it again-if you can bear it-no getting away from it-a dire performance-any team in the EPL would have beaten us. on Saturday.
    The international break finds out clubs whose squad is too thin. Like ours. Too many tired players, too many injured players (predictably injured). Cheap keepers-the biggest false economy in football, and players whose performance level is erratic. The team play was as disjointed as fuck. The manager palpably failed to motivate this mob at halftime. He talked about the team afterwards as if their piss poor performance had nothing whatsoever to do with him. He always gets away with it-thats why he never learns.

  11. OzGooner

    Well Geoff, I think that game was the tipping point for me.
    I like your blogs, although I do sometimes think you are a bit negative at times, but I’ve slowly come to the realisation that it’s just not good enough.
    As you can probably tell from my username I live in Aus at the moment, and thus often have to get up at 2.00 in the morning every week, despite often having work the very same day.
    Performances like that against Norwich (admittedly on a sunday morning), where the team just doesn’t seem to care really makes me question as to whether it’s worth getting up. Even last season I was making excuses for Arsenal in that there were injuries across the defence, but now I just can’t give a reason, it’s come to the point where when anyone asks me about a game, I just shrug and mutter.
    To be honest, since we drew 4-4 with Newcastle (incidentally on my birthday), watching Arsenal has almost become a chore, I love the club, but I realise that I no longer care for the team (apart from podolski).
    Although I do think people are too harsh on Giroud, I still believe he’ll come good

  12. Bade

    Bombastic Geoff as ever!

    As we’re in the core of Le Grove have already said numerous times, without replacing Arsene, nothing will change

    As per usual, the gullible herd went over the moon for 3 clean sheet & 3-4 positive results. As if we were really contending for anything

    I don’t care about 4th place, all I care about is to assemble a team that could actually win the league & we didn’t, so I don’t get all the fury

    We reap what we sow

    As simple as that

    The only way is to boycott the club. I did my little share. You all should

  13. home and away

    Gambon following your success in once again proving that you are the greatest football brain that you know – when are you fighting Gooner – D ?
    I want to make sure im back in the country
    Also your tactics for the bout ?
    will you be going toe to toe like round 1 Hagler v Hearns ?
    Rope a dope like Ali v Foreman ? or
    stick and move like Suger Ray v Duran 2 the famous ” No Mas ” fight ?

  14. Maureen

    Goonerboy has a valid point re international breaks it is indeed something we have ALWAYS been susceptible to. If you look down the years we nearly always take a dip after the internationals. I think the only year we really got away with was the Invincibles, otherwise its the same old story.

    I hate to predict it but I can see a few bad results coming up, we need to get it out the system before we play manure and the Spuds. If we had played Manure on Saturday it could have been 8-0!

    International breaks are bad news for us on the injury and form front.

  15. AC Gooner

    Andy, the situation is pretty bleak really.

    On the one hand, all the die hard Arsenal board members have sold out or, well, died.

    We have an absent, foreign majority shareholder who cares more about money, his sports portfolio diversification, and fleecing fans than he does about winning.

    A googly eyed lawyer CEO who looks more like uncle Fester than a CEO of a major football club.

    And we have a complicit manager in all this with a penchant for trying to discover the next Thierry Henry.

    This is a deadly alignment of all the wrong interests. Can you imagine Wenger’s job profile as dictated by Kroenke?

    First Commandment:
    “The manager must sell our best and most valuable player every year for good money. Selling to our former direct rivals is allowed. You are not allowed to buy replacements unless they cost less than half of what the best player was sold for. Better yet, sell two players in one year and you and Ivan get bonuses.”

    Second Commandment:
    “The trainer will have enormous funds to buy lots of boys and pay them well as long as he will sell them as soon as their market price reaches double digits. The manager may also opt to loan them out for 10 years and then let them leave for minimal compensation.”

  16. Bergkamp63


    It doesn’t happen to other “top clubs” because they have managers who can lift their team when needed.

  17. Arsene's Nurse

    Radio Raheem October 22, 2012 12:18:04


    I see what you are saying but the overriding feeling I got from watching the match, and I have seen it a second time, is not one of impatient passing but the antithesis of that. If ever one needed an example of ‘sterile possession’ it was Saturday’s match. I can see coaches at the Burton centre using this match as a case analysis of how not to possess the ball.
    Sterile possession – I like it.

    The old phrase; if the opposition don’t have the ball they can’t score, brings to mind my own twist:

    If you give Arsenal the ball neither you or they will score.

  18. Kripakar Marur

    International break my arse!!! Man United would have won the match even if they had played the match last Wednesday. I am getting sick of title challenges ending in 1-2 months.

  19. mystic

    MaureenOctober 22, 2012 13:00:29
    ‘If we had played Manure on Saturday it could have been 8-0! ‘

    Too pessimistic, agree we would have lost, but Arsenal’s problem on Saturday was a complete inability to break down a defensive unit that played well above our technique. Had it been against the mancs I suspect Arsenal would have found gaps to exploit and lost maybe 5:3.

    Clearly the keeper is shit and santos isn’t a left back, have to say my feelings about Vermaelen are mixed at the moment. Only defender who I currently rate is Mertesacker – and, maybe, even Jenkinson.

    Fucked at the back and the rest of the team verge on clueless when they feel vunerable. What will Wenger do in January, absolutely sod all. Fourth place here we come.

  20. Red&White

    Until Wenger goes – we are struggling even for 4th place. 3 big games – Schalke – home – who beat Dortmund at weekend – QPR home – who will defend 10 men behind the ball – Utd away – RVP will be licking his lips. More Wenger total lack of tactics and playing the right personel. Was at Norwich on Saturday – We looked clueless – can only blame Wenger. Sick, Sick, Sick…

  21. Relieable sauce

    Arsene Wonga, lol. Very good indeed

    Ivan Gazzumpedus is my offering.

    Seems like some of the AW faithful are at least coming round to the idea that he just can’t cut it any more. The AKB’s will never smell those grinding beans, they’ll need a hot cup in the face before they fucking wake up, these aren’t gooners in my eyes anyway & they can all fuck off with Wonga & the bod.

    As has been said many times before on LG – Stop going to games & giving them your money if you want change.
    If not, stop moaning about it if you still go to games, it condones what the club are doing

  22. Bergkamp63

    I dispute the fact that Wonga doesn’t do tactics,

    His ploy is to pass the ball around 50,000 times back and forth across the opponents penalty area until the opposition fall asleep and like a coiled viper we strike !!

    Or in our case a slow worm !!

  23. Lecomber

    What a frustrating match to watch! All we seem to be interested in is possession. It might be 9/10ths of the law but it doesn’t win games. Our problem for a long time seems to have been the final third. When Santi is having an off day everything grinds to halt – we looked so unimaginative. I think a commentator on Fox described our play as predictable. That really hurt mainly because it’s becoming increasingly true. We seem to only have 1 or 2 ways to work our way around a compact defence. How the hell do Barca do it?

  24. afc53

    Is wenger the right man to spend the cash in january personally I have lost all faith.

    He has to let NB,MC,AA,SS, all go for free to free up some cash for wages

    and try and sell on Denilson,Diaby,Mannone & Santos even if he only bought in 7-10m combined that would be good business.

    I would rather see Gnarby and Coquelin than Denilson & Diaby

    But we must bring in proven EPL players like Baines,Ba,Hernandez, we cannot afford another Ligue 1 gamble we fail because we bring in untested players.

  25. Usedbustickets

    Spot on again Geoff, but how much longer do we have to keep moaning about the same things that will never change while Wenger’s running the show. My guess is as long as people keep buying the merchandise, boycott those purchases, particularly for xmas ….

  26. theHotHead

    I want answers and we the fans should be demanding them,. why have we not fixed our goal keeping problem ? Why does our defence continually make mistakes ? Why does Wenger keep playing players out of position ?

    I want to march/demonstrate, this is bullshine ! for the first time I have uttered the words ..”wenger has to go”. He seems devoid of ideas and clueless about how to change things,. Its difficult to boycott the games when you just bought a season ticket, but I would be up for marching. Gazidis is full of bullcrap and the board are preventing Arsenal from moving forwards. Why are we looking at building towers ? Why are we making short term deposits with our near £200m in the bank ? but people claim we can’t afford to buy good players !!!

  27. Clive Hill

    Some excellent posts today: IndianGooner asking why give up my personal energy for a bunch that do not care about the club; and WengerSweeties, I cannot bet against you, you’re spot on. That’s the most depressing thing about all this. We’ve been stuck in the same depressing cycle for 4-5 years. The lame, conflicting comments, the lacklustre displays, the shortage of ideas…oh, on and on, forever on and on. We’ve know our keeper’s, like so many other players in other positions, is crap and we haven’t needed a 7mil salary see that. Yet, there he was, like a recurring nightmare vision, between the sticks. The guy’s general demeanour doesn’t even look convincing. Once more the contrast between us and the real contenders is stark and undeniable. Chelsea, Man U and Man C all went behind before coming out on top this weekend. We went behind and stayed there. And to a much lesser team. The substitution(s) were needed at H/T not at that point for when the alarm is set on AW’s watch. But what was needed most of all was a right good rollicking and some inspiration. I don’t know anybody that is inspired by the site of their manager petulantly moaning with officials and tossing water bottles around (in any profession).

    The small amounts by which we missed out on the likes of Hazard and Mata when compared to the pay rises for Gazidis, Wenger, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chaberlain, Walcott (likely), Djourou and the beds in airplanes, including those from London to Norwich for Christsakes, makes me sick. They should have all been made to walk home from E Anglia, with the exceptions of Ramsey, who should have been made to do so twice, and Mannone, who should have been told not bother.

  28. SalparadiseNYC

    Rocking post Geoff
    2 points off last season tally at this date. Rvp ass saving season not with us could get pretty dire. I have to find the humor in it, thus coming off a series of articles followed by posts about Arsenal being the most expensive day out, highest paid manager and massive transfer kitty or was it war chest at our disposal and we’ve got Mannone btw the sticks. Fuckin spuds have Friedel and Lloris well done Le Fog I like your instincts. Cracking decision making process.

  29. mystic

    Pretty much agree with the list of outs, with the exception of Santos.

    The guy clearly isn’t a left back, but as an option for left midfield – maybe. I think Wenger needs to train him as such and if he is still looking hopeless by the end of the season, then flog him.

  30. home and away

    I don’t know quite how you do it but you seem to inhabit that difficult terrain of at the same time being a horrible cunt and a very funny man

    Well played sir

  31. Bergkamp63

    How come we can pay Wonga 7.5m a year but not RVP ?

    Either we can afford such wages or we can’t ? Surely if no player is allowed to be on more than 80k a week how can we justify twice that for the manager ?

    Talk about Aristocracy !!

  32. Bush Gooner

    On the money with that post Geoff. I really do feel your pain.

    Until Kroenke decides he has had enough of the Arsenal gravy train nothing will get better for us.

  33. Maureen

    The Norwich Cpt was on talksh1te this morning and admitted they had practiced and worked all week on closing Cazorla out the game which they did very effectively. We have got to October and Norwich have rumbled us….!

    As usual no plan B other than Plan A which is try and get into the Guiness record book for the most ‘sterile possession’ in a game, pass after pass after pass…

    I just heard the funniest quote… Manaone spent so much time on the deck after palming the ball in Holt’s path that he looked like he was waiting for Greenpeace to come and throw him back in the water!

    We can forget about Falcao now way will he come, we have all been on here long enough to know that. Wonga would not spend 18 mil on Mata so why on earth would he go into cardiac territory for Falcao. Falcao will go to The Chavs and they will not even blink at the asking price.

  34. Maureen

    So the question is now we have lost RVP and being a one man team, have we now evolved again into a one man team in 3 months….Cazorla FC?

  35. Ash79

    Gambon – McLlenan – really? did you have to go there?

    Imagine it.. Norwich 1 Man United 0 – Half Time. Do you really think the game would have finished that way at 90 mins?

  36. TitsMcgee

    Arsenal are trying to penny-pinch their way and are assuming we are too stupid to realize what they are doing.

    In my life I try and see things as half full and the only positive right now is that maybe if we don’t finish top 4 the board will wake up and realize. Maybe it’ll be the punch in the gut they need.

    Podolski and Giroud are complementary players that you need to surround a RVP with or a Rooney. You can’t depend on them to be your strike force.

    We have no depth and sometimes need to be more direct. It’s a thing of beauty when it works but results are the key.

    Too many players on the squad shouldn’t even be there. Chamakh,Gervinho,Squillaci,Djourou,Santos even Ramsey.

    So much $$ left on the shelf when we could have go out and gotten a Llorente(proven) or somebody.

    Heard that Chelsea aiming to sign Falcao come January. Oh joy.

  37. wenker-wanger

    Great post and indeed not enough fans have analysed where wengers success came from. Looking at the great teams of his career start with arsenal, he inherited a fabulous team from george graham and bergkamp from rioch.
    Even with the best back four i can ever recall, wenger made a strange comment that “i think i may keep the back four”……hinting that he wasn’t sure about them!!!!
    tierry henry. pires, vieira, wiltjord came to wenger on a plate….he didnt have to compete for their services or pay sky-high prices…they kind of fell in his lap. ljungberg and gilberto were good signings that wenger in fairness did well to capture. Wenger signed some awful players after that time, not adding much in star quality, because abramavitch could and did outbid him. Wenger refused to compete at that level (although realistically in many cases he couldnt)and instead made a name for himself as a cut-price player bargain hunter. He didnt have to go that far, there were players like ronaldo available for 15 million, but wenger bottled it when the price went up by an extra million. Hiding behind the emirates debt, wenger also used the FFP rules to further withdraw from the spotlight of being evaluated on major signings, prefering to have the excuse that “we havent the money or its FFP rules that are restricting me”.
    This man has temporarily ruined arsenal and totally unnecessarily. His tactics are unfathomable, his signings are way over priced for the quality they have. Some players he has bought like squillacci are a total waste of money(5.5million). But i may be cynical into believing that these players like giroud, gervinho chamakh and squillacci , all from the french league, are bought because wenger in his economists mindset wants to help fund that league by splashing unrealistic cash their way.
    Sure kroenke and gazidis could leave and that would be wonderful as well, but its wenger that is doing the most damage. He is totally inept, has nothing even remotely positive to offer and every facet of his management is poor except the imagination to dream up excuses and to “spin” the criticism away from himself.I have used the word “CHARLATAN” on many occasions and i see no reason for changing that label for the incompetent wenger

  38. Keyser

    Still don’t get the surprise, this team isn’t good enough, at least yet, to not only make mistakes, but also make-up for them, the defence isn’t half the problem people make it out to be, we’re nowhere near efficient in attack and our midfield were either very tired and kind of hid on Saturday, or they simply don’t have the energy to lift themselves to even out chase and harry Norwich.

  39. Matchy

    When Arsenal plays against teams who defend with pack defensives Arsenal must play with at least 4 attackers.

    What was Ramsey doing on the park?

    Ramsey cannot create against packed defences. He cannot defend. So basically was useless. Arsenal slhd have got another attacker on and took him off.

    Carzola was playing too deep, he shld have just stay up front and dont move back at all.

    Giroud strenght is in the air and yet the team tried to break through a brick wall. Ok most of the time the brick wall will collasp but some times they dont. And instead of trying to break the wall why not lob the ball over the wall?

    This is the same way barcelona lost against chelsea. But with Barcelona they are on three levels above Arsenal in breaking the wall.

    But they have no other option because all barceonla attackers are midgets.

    Arsenal have this in giroud. And he is not a midget and he is pretty good header.

    I have always tried to protect Chmak. Chamk is not a bad play. But the the team dont play to his strenght. How can a guy who scores most of his goals historially in france with his head and come to arsenal expecting to score with his feet?

    1. Ramsey is crap. I said it soooooooooooo many times. He is crap. he went on loan for short period and never did a thing.

  40. Relieable sauce

    Will be hard to attract the top young talent as well now, seeing as we just chuck them in at the deep end. They go into a team that doesn’t have an experienced & commanding core of players & a manager that gives no tactical input & will likely play them out of position to fit his deluded & tactically inept philosophy.
    Maybe some will come out of this baptism of fire the better for it & turn out to be a top talent, they will be few & far between & won’t stay with us in the long term anyway so long as this regime is in charge.
    It leaves us (understandably) pinning our hopes on the likes of oxo,JW, shezza & the likes. This isn’t fair on them & doesn’t help their development, its also not fair on fans. A top club doesn’t rely on kids to push a team through the rigours of an EPL/ECC season….but i guess we are no longer a top club, pains me to say it but all the evidence seems to confirm it.

  41. kapslock

    Pathetic performance, really the players and Wenger should be embarassed. I’ve also just found out that they flew to Norwhich? What the fuck…

    Wenger should be telling his scouts to get busy with looking for a striker and gk. I’ve watched a bit of this Lopez guy and he looks shit to be honest. He reminds me of a Borini. His goal return ratio is fucking awful. We’re obviously not going to buy Falcao but my god is this guy lethal. If Chelsea get him they will be unstoppable.

  42. kapslock

    We really should be looking to sign Ba. Cheap and proven PL experience. Yes there’s a risk with his knees but it’s very small at £7 million.

  43. SpanishDave

    Wonga has lost completely, he has brought too many players that are the samevwith very little real skills to unlock tight defeces likecwe used to do.Our grap gerv cannot get behind defeders he seems to be sulking on the wing. Ramsey would not get a game in the top three sides.
    The only way Wonga will go is when we end up like Liverpool which is not far away. We have only achieved 4th over the past few years by having a 6-7 winnig run during the season if this fails to hapoen this season we will be 6th at best, then the sparks will fly.

  44. Bergkamp63

    The only way to attract top players is to bring in a top manager who’m the players will believe can bring them glory.

    Bring in Guardiola and the right players will want to play for Arsenal. He will also get rid of any players who don’t perform quickly or put in the required work rate.

  45. SDE


    That’s like almost 2000 comments over 3 days so far,with the vast majority of bloggers on here(I would say 90%),calling for change& advocating the removal of OGL& his cohorts..

    How do you square that?

    Maybe they are all just deluded& in denial..?& you are the all knowing brainac of all things Arsene-related!!

  46. Keyser

    gambon – Cool mate, didn’t know he was your Uncle, explains why you’re soo obssessed with who he’s molested.


  47. Keyser

    SDE – It’s Le Grove you nutter, you do realise what this sites about right ?!

    Also have you managed to think about the question I asked of you ?!

  48. Relieable sauce

    C’mon everybody, i know what will cheer us all up!

    Lets all do the conga
    the wenger wonga conga
    la – la – la – la
    la – la – la – la

  49. Dan T


    I don’t have any problem with people critisizing Wenger in general, he fully deserves it. But if you are going to discredit him for the bad signings he has made then you can’t just ignore his good signings and pass them off as lucky. You can’t say he signed Henry, Viera, Pirez because they just happened upon him, otherwise why didn’t ferguson sign them?
    Personally I think spotting a player and the potential in a player is one of Wengers best attributes. Of course doing this carries risk and sometimes he does sign duds.
    I just think it’s unfortunate that this is about his only good attribute.

  50. Michael Fournier

    Santi Cazorla and Lukas Podolski, Mikel Arteta are the best players on the team at the moment yet… We say the reason that Cazorla and Arteta can not get into the Spain side (except in s friendly for Cazorla) they are good but just not constant enough to beat out the starting 11 in spain. Santi Cazorla is the closest we have come to replacing Fabregas yet he is not Cesc He is slower on the counter then Cesc and does not play that false 9 rule like Cesc can. Podolski is a enigma his goal scoring and number of caps at the international level show he has quality and he works hard but is he really playing in his best role on this squad. I noticed in the first games he and Cazorla often seemed to be competing for the same openings not working as a team. This may have been lack of playing together but maybe it was that instinctively want to play the same role. Yet they are very different but in the final third they tend to get in each other’s way they have seemed to combine better now but is it at the cost of both loosing some of their directness in attack. There is no player like Cazorla in the German national team that space attacking from midfield is open for Podolski but at Arsenal he has to play a different role same when he was at Bayern he had other midfield play makers there. AS for a Striker to play like Bergkamp or VP we do not have that. Giroud is a target man but he is not a prolific goal scorer in a team like Arsenal he is wasted. Watch there is a utube compilation of ALL the goals he scored last season at Montpellier and half of them are headers off early crosses a ball Arsenal NEVER plays we do not even have a midfielder that knows how to play that game and can put a cross in between the defense and the keeper accurately enough to be effective. BUT that may be the main problem we are still trying the same style with out having the players to make it effective instead of adapting the style to the players we have.
    Giroud may very well be another Chamakh he may be able to adapt his play more to fill the target man role but then we still need another striker to play off him. Lastly YES we should have bought both Mata and Hazard but we all know how that turned out and that ship sailed long ago so we can not dwell on that now. Can this team really win trophies with this squad I think maybe but NOT the way we are playing them now. We need to adapt to the squad we have Hell we where not beat by Norwich because they had more quality players then us they won because they played better as a team, Arsenal is NOT the same players it was but we still try and play the same game. Wenger is not a bad manager nether was Graham but it may be time to for a change just as it was then.

  51. Gooner L

    Two answers to two popular questions” if we get rid of Wenger who would we get ” I say with the resources we have and at 7 million a year salary ” Who wouldn’t apply ?”    We’d have an international short list the length of your arm to choose from.

    “What would be the benefit of getting rid of Wenger?” We would have a Manager who would be judged purely on the performance of the 1st team! Unfortunately we have a manager who when confronted with 1st team poor performance is allowed to side step the issue and claim success in areas surplus to his main remit, like youth development and finances! When we have in place youth coaches, a finance Director and a CEO. If Wenger is doing their jobs, what are they doing ? and why are they getting bonuses? A new Coach wouldn’t have this luxury and the policies of the Board and the Owner would be more transparent.

  52. SpanishDave

    How many good pkayers has Wonga signs to the bad ones ? I would guess 1 good and 4 bad no different from any other manager. He got lucky in the early years and he has lived off this for the past 7 years. He has failed to build a side of his own ,.No other top manager has been this poor recently and kept the job ,plus having the largest salary. It is unreal.
    Everybody at the club is scared of him and sees nothing wrong a bit like someone else in the news.

  53. Bade

    This place sucks without Lurch’s banter

    Where’s DDM too?

    Why do we have to settle for Wankers?

    You all knoe whom I referring to… Don’t you?

  54. Dan T

    @ Michael Fournier

    I agree with pretty much everything you have written there. We have tried to play the same ‘Arsenal way’ for so long when we haven’t had those same players to play the roles. Wenger needs to realise this now or stand down to let someone else adapt a playing style to the current squad. On paper, our squad is pretty decent (just lacking a couple of players) they just aren’t all good at playing the way Arsene is asking them to.

  55. Maureen

    Dan T

    I am not sure of the exact ratio and may someone like Gambon has more info than I do, I think the argument is he seems to have a bigger miss rate than he does a hit rate when it comes to spotting good players. I think if you look a the long list of the ones that either never made it or were not up to scratch I think the latter would be quite a long list.

    Wonga is good manager but he is not a GREAT manager. The GREAT managers can make the necessary changes when needed and are not afraid to spend a few quid to blend a successful team. Granted Man City just throw money away but I think Wonga is stuck in a bygone era and has not adapted to the modern game, by modern game I mean in the last 5-6 years.

    Change is good and healthy he does not embrace or inflict change, the game has changed and he has not changed 15 yr old tactics to over come those changes.

    He has held the club back unbelievably and is way past his sell by date. I have said before his reign can easily be defined in two halves. First half good, second half not so good.

  56. Bergkamp63

    Wonga’s credit rating must be higher than Spain, Italy, Portugal & Greece’s combined !!


    Thanks Arsenal !!

  57. Bergkamp63

    Other than the keeper, here’s what I think we need,

    10 outfield players
    1 manager
    1 CEO
    1 Chairman
    1 New Owner

    Other than that, we are a pretty decent club ?

  58. home and away

    This was meant for you Gambon

    I don’t know quite how you do it but you seem to inhabit that difficult terrain of at the same time being a horrible cunt and a very funny man

    Well played sir

  59. Spud

    Late response to this comment as I’ve had to work this afternoon.

    ” home and away October 22, 2012 12:40:44

    I hope you and all the other purple rain wearing fucking sheep never return – buying a fucking purple Arsenal shirt should get you banned from this blog”

    Behave you spoon.

    Away kits are for experimenting, the point of my post was that I used to clamour for any tickets to see Arsenal, and now they are coming to play in my back-garden and I won’t allow myself to get one because I’d be encouraging the thorough fucking of the club by the board/managment/owner.

  60. Relieable sauce

    Fergie was saying at the start of this term, goal difference will be crucial this season & they will strive to score more this time out.
    Can’t see it being as bad as the drubbing last season but the signs aren’t great.

    If only Wonga felt the pain of true gooners he would have resigned after that result, instead we get the usual excuses & then he sells our only world class player to them. WTF!!!

    Someone who can claim that its fine & dandy needs to explain to me how that can be allowed to happen. Maybe thats good business if you live in a Wonga wonderland but not in any reality i reside in.

  61. gazzap

    I think the young players who are impressing should get more of a chance in the first team, even if that is only until January.
    I am supportive of Gnabry getting on as sub, and he DID look lively. He showed more life in his 10 mins than everyone else did all afternoon.
    Eisfield too needs a chance and I am 100% sure Martinez is a better keeper than Mannone.
    You dont have to stick with Ramsey, Gervinho and Mannone etc if you want to because they aren’t bringing enough to the table. Give the youngsters a sub appearance or two and if they play better than the first-teamer then why not?

  62. Relieable sauce

    Kripakar Marur October 22, 2012 15:15:03

    We can have Gunnersaurus as keeper and he will do a better job.


  63. Rhys Jaggar

    1. MOTD2 put up stats which showed that Chelsea’s team on Saturday is younger than Arsenal’s. NO EXCUSES DUE TO YOUTH!!!!
    2. There appears to be a strategy at Arsenal since 2007 to build the cash reserves at year end by £30m a year, give or take. No reserves when the stadium opened £160m 2012. This explains Wenger selling Song or van Persie. Why they have the policy is something someone should ask at an AGM.
    3. If Serge Gnabry can save Arsenal a point with 5 minutes to go, he should be in the starting 11, shouldn’t he? A bizarre substitution to say the least……
    4. Hull City may very well want Mannone, but what championship side without a sugar daddy can afford Arsenal wages? I wouldn’t argue whether they wanted him or not, because salaries preclude it. Ditto with Djourou, Denilson, Bendtner, Squillaci etc etc.
    5. If 15 minutes in a plane is supposed to stop ‘stars’ getting jaded sitting in a coach/train for 2 hours, it didn’t do a very good job, did it??
    6. No excuses acceptable due to ‘international break’. City played 70 mins with 10 men and won 2-1, scoring twice in the last 15 minutes. Chelsea scored 4 against Spurs and Utd 4 against Stoke. It’s only Arsenal who make excuses about ‘international breaks’.
    7. How did Julio Cesar end up at QPR on a free? Is he too successful for Wenger?? What wages is he on????
    8. £140m wage bill is also a no excuses culture: for those wages you perform or get fired. Whingeing is unacceptable.
    9. Why did Gazidis get a big bonus just because Wenger sold two top players for a big profit? Is it hard to sell RVP to Man Utd on the back of 30+ goals?? Gazidis should get a bonus for licking the commercial operation into shape, something he has as yet singularly failed to do.
    10. There is no point in people whingeing about Usmanov not putting money in. He was rebuffed once, now I would wager that he would only invest in the squad in return for a majority shareholding. It takes two to trade shares and to date, Mr Kroenke has shown no willingness to sell his.
    11. The next two weeks will say much about Arsenal’s season: champions league, QPR and Man Utd away. 12pts from 10 games would not be awe-inspiring, would it?? 16 would be the bare minimum, 18 just off the requisite standard.

  64. SDE

    On a slightly different note…

    I recall the 6-1 drubbing on the 25th Feb 2001 @ OT all those years ago..
    With Yorke scoring a hat trick,Keane,Solskjaer & Sheringham finally rubbing our noses in it..

    How it hurt,how the pain never left me for years..
    How could we go to OT & suffer such a humiliation..

    No worries,the pain was soon erased,when we went to OT on the 8th May 2002 of the following year..& dealt with brutal tactics courtesy of Fergie& Ruud Van Nisteroy..

    Who remembers Rudd delivering a punch to Ljungberg’s solar plexus off camera,as we went upfield & Wiltord scored to deliver the EPL 2002 title@the home of OT..The theatre of dreams indeed!!

    Yes those memories of 6-1 were soon banished,consigned to the trash can..The Europhia..OGL was indeed the man with the midas touch!!

    I recall when we lost the FAC to Liverpool.2-1..
    We ripped them a new one..How we lost that beats me till today..
    Owen hit us with a one-two.Left foot & right foot..

    How the pain was etched in my veins for years..
    Spitting blood&fire as Liverpool went on to achieve their cheap treble of the UEFA(5-4Alaves),CC(can’t remember who again..Birmingham ,or something)& their undeserving FAC against us..

    It took years,despite our cup campaigns& titles in b.w,for that ghost of 2001,to be exorcised..

    But wait,roll forward to 2005,having suffered a double defeat to Man Utd,especially the Man Utd 4-2 trouncing at Highbury,with O’shea scoring in the last min& turning around like he was Cantona MKII.

    Oh,how the pain& the misery all came flooding back again..
    What was left of our season..?

    But alas,the magician the great Houdini,rocks up to the FAC final@Cardiff & decides to outfox the opposition,by resorting to Plan B..

    Yes it was damage limitation,we played a 4-5-1 formation,defended for our lives..Man Utd threw the kitchen sink at us..Hit the bar,the post,had a goal scored by Rio Ferdinad,ruled offside..

    They should have mullered us,like how we should have mullered L’pool in the 2001 FAC Final..Was this karma…

    & yes it went to penalties,with Scholes penalty saved&King Vieria delivering the final hammer blow,to sink the hearts of all Manure fans& raise the souls of all Arsenal&Arsene fans in unison..

    Memories of 2001 against Liverpool,again consigned to the trash can..
    It was about the present,the now..& yes karma served us with great distinction!!

    You see,we always had something to look forward too..To rewrite the wrongs when OGL miscalculated,when he had hunger& fire in his belly..

    Now what do we look forward to in the intervening years..
    Defeats to
    Hull 2-1
    AC Milan-4-0
    8-2-Old Trafford Debacle
    CC2011 vs Birmingham
    Newcastle 4-4

    & the litany of excuses& embarassments for 7 years..

    Cheap buys,hoarding of a warchest that we loudly boast to the rest of the world.

    Large scale incompetence across all areas of managements& shit players,who neither have the class,nor the backbone,or drive to win anything of note,other than to demand £100k salaries for what?

    For being able to run& occasionally wear the Arsenal shirt,when it suits them!

    I ask myself,when will the nightmare end..?

  65. Bergkamp63

    Call me Gregos Traitorelli but Ladbrokes are offering 3/1 on Schalke on Wednesday,

    They have just turned over Dortmund (who completely outplayed Citeh) on their own ground at the weekend.

    3/1 on a three horse race against Arsenal ? Tempting ?

  66. Confidentgoner

    I watched most of the second half. Sterile display is indeed a kind word. The team was completely shit. And with the personnel at his disposal, we did not need to play so badly. Again wenger’s matchday tactics gets shown for what it really is… 67mins, make a change see how it goes! how did this bloke get to be a ‘top manager”. Must be an easy job. Everybody at the bar could see that Ramsey was a waste of Space and Gervinho was not effective. I think Gervinho played better incisively when he was shifted to the left wing . Why was Ramsey played ahead of Coq? Why was Song not replaced? I have watched Barca play against many packed defense. The formula is the same. knock the ball from side to side and catch the opponent with a fast wing play with players coming in to the 18yard box to connect. Our players never did that, neither did they come to the box. We kept on playing ‘hopeful’ balls into the 18yard box without any thought and our manager suts quietly, saying nothing, doing nothing. And he earns 7.5m quid? What kind of world is this? Amazing!

  67. Bergkamp63


    Pretty decent forward line up Schalke ?

  68. GoonerHart

    late reply – probably time difference as im in the US at the moment but he’s been with us for 15-16 years of course this has happened before in the time he’s been with us or we would all be bathing in Premier League trophies as our trophy cabinet couldnt handle them all… however i maintain that it was the squad coming back from international’s and were tired or complacent due to most being successful in their previous games Wenger can do so much but unfortunately not this time. what we achieve with our squad is amazing for what people say about title winning aspirations our talent pool isn’t great against the other contenders

    is it wenger’s thought as he sells yes and no i mean he does sell them but if they want to leave are they really going to perform anyway?

    but i cant wait until like a phoenix he rises from the ashes

  69. SDE


    Yep,thought you would say that..Since it doesn’t give you much wiggle room..

    That said,think outside the box..!It’s all there…Not that hard..
    Step outside your ‘lil comfort zone!!

  70. Ja_Gunner

    With all the deficiencies we have in the squad..lack of great wide players, lack of a killer striker… shouldn’t we change formation to 3-5-2…..At least this way we have 2 upfront and still 5 in midfield to control possession..My suggestion would be..


    Gervinho and Theo would be the backup strikers…My first choice pairing would be Podolski and Theo maybe. If the fullbacks can help the 3 Cbs when defending we could have a 5-4-1 shape with one of the strikers dropping off leaving one always availble for the counter…this is where Theo when fit would come in handy…he would have no defensive duties..just stay up field and strike…

    Again Arshavin should never play on the wing again, he should be cazorla’s direct backup……and should be used to rest Cazorla against the likes of Norwich., they admitted they had practiced all week for Santi….Arshavin in there is a little bit more unpredictable.

    Wenger and the board seem they dont realise they are turning the fans against Arsenal….the fan base will never grow if things keep going like this….we never had a dominant period as long as liverpoo or Manure…so if we dont start winning again soon, we will start to be forgotten..

    I hope the Chavs or man city win the league…anybody but manure…

  71. SDE

    October 22, 2012 16:02:34

    That line-up of Schalke looks tasty..

    Oh well,all we can do is hide behind the couch,when the game kicks-off& hope on the day,Schalke suffer morning sickness..

    It’s fornicating sad,when it comes to this..!!

  72. SDE


    Anyway Keyser,despite you chumping at the bit..
    A bit like a sex-starved salivating dog,that has not had your leg-over in years&is looking to hump the nearest thing you can find…

    I’ll leave you panting& with this apt post from Jeff earlier this morning,which you somehow conveniently overlooked..

    I think Jeff summed it up perfectly& I share his sentiments,along with a few others I assume..

    Anyway in case you conveniently forgot,here is Jeff’s post for you below..

    October 22, 2012 06:35:38

    No Keyser. I do not sound like any kind of AKB let alone a massive one.

    Your have a very strange trait in your character where you often deliberately misconstrue what others say in order spawn futile and circular arguments that can keep going until pure exhaustion puts an end to it.

    Whatever AW is or is not, the results speak for themselves. Many, like myself, are not satisfied with those results (and this is over many years not just this season) and any excuse or mitigation provided on Wenger’s behalf either by you or anyone else are either delusions or devoid of reality. That really is the central issue that divides people.

    I think most people here are tired of debating whether this player did well or that player flopped because everything eventually comes down to the fact that we simply don’t have enough quality in the side to challenge for the majors and for 8 years now we have had more proof of it than we should ever need to conclude that this management style isn’t working.

    Now you may want to pick out any phrase from the above and try to grow an oak tree out of it but the “root” cause is still the same whatever you say.

  73. valerie gooner

    all you fuckstrels deserve this shit – u call wenger a cunt but still goto games and buy his shit (its not arsenal merchandise – its wenger merchandise – he makes all the money from it…)

    youre the very cretins that would have said stalin was a cunt – but as soon as he said drop, youd say “how low” before gobbling his hairy cock and tickling his balls….

    when will you all grow a pair of fucking balls and stop supporting this disgusting heinous regime? when will you all have the backbone to say “enough is cunting enough”?

    the only discussion that should be had is how to get rid of wenger ….

    but it wont – withing three posts we’ll have the regular wankers posting :


    Like this shit will ever happen under Cuntger….

  74. valerie gooner

    Actually, just want to make one change with that team….Sterling for Podolski….i reckon he’ll become world class in 2 years…12-15 goals a season-guaranteed….


  75. zeus

    Crazy that we have the best defensive record along with Chelsea in the league this season but we are 10 points behind.

    Too bad the 24m we got for RVP couldn’t come off the bench in a few of those games and score.

  76. Bergkamp63

    “Too bad the 24m we got for RVP couldn’t come off the bench in a few of those games and score.”

    True but it will go a long way to paying Wonga’s wages for another 4 years !!

    Suck it up boys !!

  77. Alex James

    What I can’t fathom is how, in the shadow of the wonderful FFP, the chavs can continue spending huge amounts on players. They are now talking about Falcao as the next purchase! Presumably, the Russian has been advised that FFP is a busted flush legally.If so, can he give his lawyer’s name to our useless lot.

  78. Arsene's last nail

    Same old useless Wanker Wenger. No tactical nouse, no plan B, no motivation, no british bulldog fighting spirit…. He’s just an educated idiot who ain’t got what it takes. Fuck off out of my club you cunt. And take your “wengernomics” and the deadwood with ya. Ta

  79. Bergkamp63

    3 more seasons after this one and we will have been at the Emirates a decade.

    That’s a lot of tumbleweed in the cabinet room !!

  80. follow the money

    these are the facts. We have a manager on super high wages and Gazidis on super high wages. Following the mission of the club these days, we are number 1 in profits and bank balance. But these same a-holes refuse to pay any of our players top wages, and that is why on the pitch we never get close to first place. It’s actually amazing that Wonga can keep us near the top of the table under this system. The big problem is that if we have no shot at winning anything WHAT THE HELL ARE WE PLAYING THE GAMES FOR??????? This is the question Wonga must answer. If he really thinks he can win something with this model, without paying top wages, without recruiting any top players, without paying top transfer fees, then he is truly out of his mind. And what about the fans??? This is why they have been chasing the African and Asian markets, because many Western fans have awakened to the inconvenient truth that we will win no cups and the best we can do in the league is fight for fourth and have been either giving up going to games or stopped buying kit like I did in 2007.

  81. Bergkamp63

    The problem is Spurs are getting closer to 4th, Newcastle are getting closer to 4th, Everton are getting closer to 4th & Liverpool will get closer to 4th.

    It’s only a matter of time before one of these clubs takes away our CL status because we are light years behind the other 3.

  82. wenker-wanger

    @DAN T.
    thanks for the reply and just to split hairs on the wenger claim i made that vieira, pires etc fell into wengers lap. Of course i concede that wenger may have worked hard to get these french players but i do know that vieira contacted wenger to come to arsenal and i believe henry was more than keen to sign as they both knew wenger well enough. The claim that it was easy for wenger is plausible from the french connection and even today its the french players or french league that wenger seems to have a preference for.
    He did sign and help develop some good players like flamini, but generally his ability in the market is useless. His arrogance in stating that he dictates the value of a player rather than negotiating around the players current clubs manager’s valuation is what scuppered the cahill deal. Look at that guy score great goals for a defender nowadays!.
    i mean just look at this list of real shockers: squid, stepahanovs, silvestre, jeffers, chamakh, park, denilson diaby fabianski gervinho (some would disagree i know),djourou,..and i must have omitted a lot more!.
    bottom line is that wenger got lucky….he was in the right place at the right time.

  83. Jeff

    At the start of the season I think all of us (AKBs and non-AKBs alike) gave Wenger very big thumbs up because he brought in three reasonably talented players. Not only that, he also managed to release back into the wild several long standing duds (of which there is still more to go); and that made us very happy because it signalled intent (of sorts anyway).

    Then of course we were all stunned senseless when the unthinkable happened and we saw RVP go to Man U. That was a huge mistake and once again it all boiled down to money being put before success. We might have stood some chance of winning something had Van Persie stayed but you have to question why he left.

    You will have recently heard PHW say that the wage structure wasn’t going to be altered for anyone but he was talking with Walcott in mind. We can infer from his words that it would not have been changed for Van Persie either. They went so far but no farther and it was still miles away. We can brand RVP a traitor, a greedy leech and any other name you can think of but the underlying reason why he and others have left us is still very much our Achilles Heel and it doesn’t look like it is going to change any time soon.

    Arsene Wenger knows only too well what is needed for success but isn’t prepared to commit the club to doing that which is staring us in the face. We have the power but it will mean going back on some very rigid principles. For this reason he will not do it. He wants to win but he wants to do it with substandard players. The other top clubs will not allow it. He is stuck between a rock and a hard place. The rock is the principles he will not relinquish and the hard place is the year on year failure to win trophies. The ping pong ball just keeps bouncing between the two in and endless loop. Something has to give soon or later.

  84. IvoryGoonz

    Valerie: I think you should actually make stats of people posting on here actually going to the game versus the ones boycotting:
    I’m pretty sure you’ll find out most reminiscent posters (and at least 50% of the bloggers) actually don’t go anymore. We are a beacon for Illuminati… So please be welcome darling, an direct your anger not towards us, but the remaining AKBs… You should go post on such sites where they haven’t even made the first step…

  85. BOOZY

    rvp wouldn’t have scored all those goals he did last season if we had this bunch playing behind him.

    The team has no shape, you don’t see any pattern.

    manure a not a great side, but if you watch all there goals, they looked rehearsed, like a pattern they’ve tried many times, and they are constantly switching patterns.

    but our pattern is just hold the ball, and hope that an opening would slit in the opposition.

  86. JJ

    Wenger in a post-match inteview said it was difficult to see what some players did today… I presume he was talking about a lack of contribution.

    He should include himself in that analysis. The game was screaming for a change in tactics but he stands on the sideline and says nothing. Then he comes in with the predicable 67 min substitution. What is also predictable now is that he takes off a clear goal scoring threat (Podolski) and leaves on the worst player on the pitch (Ramsey).

    I use the word “tactics” loosely as we all know Wenger does not do “tactics”.

  87. JJ

    I realize that Ramsey is probably 3rd choice in the middle of the central 3 (Diaby and Jack ahead of him) but surely Arteta at the back, Cazorla in the middle and Arsharvin at the top of the 3 is better than Ramsey being anywhere near the pitch.

    Anyone who analyzes that game has to see how Ramsey nullified the effectiveness of the entire team.

    Ramsey would drop deep and get the ball from the back 4 (Arteta’s job) leaving a big gap between him and Cazorla/the forwards. Then he would either:
    (a) dribble to close the gap and get easily bumped off the ball;
    (b) pass to no one;
    (c) fire a rocket to a forward who could not retain the pass;
    (d) denilson it to Arteta or the back 4.

    Our game is predicated on quick passing and if the link player slows that down then everything comes to a grinding halt. Why can’t Wenger see this problem?

  88. Keyser

    Jeff – “Other clubs have moved on, bought world class players, armed themselves to the hilt..” “Titles and trophies are won during the transfer season..”

    Last night you made comments like the ones above, I called you an AKB because despite what other clubs have done, what owners come in, what changes take place you expect Wenger to not only adjust but beat them.

    I wasn’t really impressed with the new signings, just like I didn’t think Wenger had turned a corner by spending soo much last year, nor was I stunned that Van Persie decided to leave, I was disappointed because we’d invested soo much in him, the club, Wenger and the fans that you felt we deserved some loyalty at least, but you knew that 250k a week is a massive sum to turn down.

    Wenger in hindsight basically had two chances back in 2008, and again in 2010-11 to break up the monotony and give the fans a some respite, his ability to get more out of the sum of it’s parts afforded him that chance and it’s also what sunk us. Just like those teams, it’s way too soon to write these players off but it’s only going to be harder for them to succeed.

    Since then he’s basically given up and the club are probably happy to meander along until we re-new sponsorship deals and hope FFP works. I don’t understand why people are soo surprised and why they expect it to be turned around without either a generous helping of luck or outside investment.

  89. follow the money

    JJ Wenger persists with that because the team needs home grown players. This is another problem for him because he doesn’t want to pay the inflated wages and transfer fees English players require. Exhibit A: Cahill. So he keeps playing substandard dross like Ramsey to a) keep him happy and b) hoping he will come good. Meanwhile, the fans suffer. Great plan

  90. Keyser

    JJ – If Ramsey drops deep, Arteta can push on, it’s not hard and we’ve been doing that for a while now anyway, we simply don’t have an abundance of people who can take on players in midfield and dominate them.

    Which is why Diaby and Wilshere are soo important, and even the pace of Walcott or the OX, Arshavin came on and basically struggled to control the ball at all, he looks well off the pace and considering last year where Wenger continued to play him before finally giving up I’m not sure he can be trusted.

  91. Keyser

    Boozy – “rvp wouldn’t have scored all those goals he did last season if we had this bunch playing behind him.”

    He wouldn’t have needed to, he’d basically be providing the pivot Giroud should be and he’s smart enough to get other players involved.

    We do have pattern and shape, but we’ve got playrs who are adjusting to the premiership, to a new team and trying to build up understandings, it took Van Persie 7 years to build those up and be as good as he was last year.

  92. Jeff


    I understand you weren’t impressed with the new signings and therefore you are not surprised by the results. Given where we are, can you tell us which position in the table we are likely to finish this year?

  93. Relieable sauce

    Untold Arsenal has crashed due to cyber attack. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Cheered me up no end. Well done to any grovers involved, we all owe you a pint

  94. BOOZY

    yes keyser we do have A pattern, we are trying to play like barca without the right players for that style of play.

    rvp wont do much with these lot.

    if i was a bottom table team manager, i’d have arsenal pretty figured out, there is a well tested pattern of keeping us at bay, it doesnt work all the time, but i would use it any time i meet wenger’s team.

    fergie has wenger pretty figured out.

  95. Yogi's Slayer

    It’s clear that a lot of posters agree that we need a massive change within our squad. And that can only be done once we can get rid of Arsene. Frankly, he’s already sold us out over the last two summers. Perhaps, with the right manager and not this prick we might have been able to keep Cesc for a few more seasons or for that matter Nasri. But Robin’s sale has really thrown us years behind the other top teams in the EPL. I don’t think we can recover from that. Giroud, Gervinhio and Podolski have neither shown promise nor boast the same talent as Robin did-though they might be good players.

    It is doom and gloom, because the players we sold were actually world class players that grew up in our ranks. And now I doubt we can replace them, at least as long as Arsene is here. Hazard, Mata, Kagawa, Aguero, Benzema etc, would have been good choices in the last 2-3 seasons to boost our squad, but he didn’t spend. We ended up with player like Gervinhio. And the excuse is we need to balance our books! But we don’t even balance. We make profits!

    Change can only come if people can voice their opinion on the ground. In the streets and in the stadium. Placards, hitting out at Arsene, directing smart comments at him about the ‘project youth’ he sold, etc. I think these things will make a difference but need concerted effort from the people. Mere blogging can only get you so far. We should form a front, at least those people who go to the stadium can and should do their most to voice our opinion in front of the management, players and the rest of the supporters.

  96. Keyser

    Jeff – erm 4th ? Who knows, last year after 8 games we’d conceded 17 goals, score 12 and were on 10 points and we finished 3rd.

    This year we’ve conceded 6 goals, scored 13 and are on 12 points.

  97. JJ

    Keyser – It is not a matter of “if Ramsey drops deep”… he did it way too much. No one knew what he was going to do. Everyone stood still and waited to see what he was going to do and most of the time he just lost the ball one way or another.

    Ramsey should just leave the collection and distrubution to Arteta and do the role he was supposed to. Even when he tried to do that he rarely turned with the ball and passed it forward. That is crucial for the position. Diaby (when playing), Jack and Cazorla can do it but Ramsey always loses the ball when trying. How can a team function when the linchpin consistently loses the ball/slows the play?

    Ramsey is Wengers pet project. There is no getting around it. He is consistenly shite and the team suffers because of it. Argue all you want. You won’t change my mind.

    As for AA coming on and struggling – that is because AA is not an effing winger. Something Wenger (and obviously you too) have a problem comprehending.

  98. BOOZY

    united goals this weekend where just textbook stuff.

    player running down the left – crosses – rooney goal.

    player from the right- crosses – rvp tap in.

    player running down the right – crosses – welbeck goal.

    stoke couldn’t tell what the next attack would be like.

    but arsenal- try this, and if doesn’t work try it again.

  99. Keyser

    Boozy – That’s say more about Van Persie than us really.

    It’s a tested pattern for any team, don’t know why people keep going on about Barca, unless you think Messi wouldn’t do much with these lot either, maybe Iniesta, Fabregas, or Xavi wouldn’t help.

  100. Yogi's Slayer

    And its important not to let this narrative or discourse sink into the minds of the supporters that ‘Robin’ was a traitor. In fact, Arsene sold him our, our club pushed him out, to balance their book. Jeff is right to point out, that as PHW just commented with regards to Theo, that we were not willing to break our wage structure. Which world class player is being paid £120k a week? Even Silva is getting £200k, just as much as Robin is getting at United. This wage structure needs to set right, if we are to win anything ever again. Now that Arsene has shamelessly sold the best players from project youth (having kept the worst, Denilson and Bendtner ), we won’t be slashing out money on big money signings. So where will our world class players come from? DO we wait another 4 years before Giroud might start banging in those goals? Our wage structure and management has royally fucked us.

    I don’t think we can rectify this situation within a season or two, there are too many average players at our club and a very tame management that only thinks about profit.

    In fact, its shameful that Chelsea is being turned into perhaps what we would have liked Arsenal to be. Highly talented young creative players with a lot of experience thrown in.

  101. Jeff


    That’s what I thought you’d say. The bottom line is that while we are and under Wenger and while he continues with the madness, we will always be a 3rd or 4th rate team. The problem we have is that even 4th is getting more and more difficult to achieve.

    That situation is simply not acceptable to me and it isn’t acceptable to a lot of people. I don’t know about you because you sometimes come across as a staunch Wengerite but then some of your statements seem to swing the other way. I don’t really know which you are.

    I myself am most certainly not an AKB. I support the club come hell or high water but the same automatic allegiance does not extent to the manager as it does with some people. Neither does it extend to any owner, board or player. That’s the way it is and that’s the way it will remain.

  102. Keyser

    JJ – Why is Ramsey the lynchpin ? Im not arguing, I’m failing to understand how you come to these conclusions, Diaby and Wilshere aren’t fit, Cazorla is playing the role Ramsey tried to play last season. Ramsey and Arteta can both rotate there, or stick if they want.

    All three dropped too deep, and all three at times failed to push on, no-one really broke through the lines and we were left passing it sideways across the midfield.

    Also Arshavin failed to control simple 5 yard passes, he looked well off the pace,it doesn’t matter where he plays if he can’t even do that. How is he going to manouveur himself in an even more tight and congested midfield when he keeps getting the ball stuck between his feet.

    Wilshere comes back, maybe push Cazorla wider, and bring Coqeulin in to help Arteta, even Gnabry looked confident on the ball and had some energy about him.

  103. Hunter

    Your Comment HereI hate to say it,but WENGER is here to stay and nothing but complete melt down will shift him!I love AFC,but the only way I can see change is if we finish lower than fourth don’t win any cups and the fan base turn on Wenger and the board by protests in and around the ground.Wev’e had seven barren years and the prospect is another seven in that manner too.Forget about the money side of things and lets concentrate on the ‘captain’ of the ship thats going down,i.e.WENGER.The last 7 years have been nothing but disasters,ok yes weve qualified time and time again for the CL,but we have never won it!In fact we haven’t won anything!and as a supporter I want us to firstly WIN above all else.WENGER is answerable to no-one in his eyes,he has complete control and can never be questioned.He buys the players,pays the players and ultimately sells the players.He picks the team,decides the tactics and makes the substitutions.he is responsible,no-one else!just him.He has lost the plot but makes the club millions so he is loved,Not by the fans anymore but certainly by Kronke and the arseholes on the board.The problem is US the fans,we need to push him out,but how do we do it?thats the question.The Emirates must be the only stadium in the country who dont let any form of protest take place (other than verbal) but I never hear a bad chant or banner shown.If we are that unhappy then lets make it happen,I for one would like to rip that”IN ARSENE WE TRUST’ banner into shreds.He dosent see its his problem at all and even after the Norwich game puts all the blame on the team,well yes they were crap but he is the instigator of it in the first place,wouldn’t it be nice if he came out and said well guys ‘its totaly my fault’ but can we ever see that happening?No of course not.All dictators end up powerless and some are hung for their crimes,he should be treated the same way or if he has any honour left take the japanese remedy and fall on his own sword and resign.God help us if when we eventualy replace him the board decide to move him ‘upstairs’ because we would never hear the last of him and the new manager would go through hell.The best way is to get rid once and for all however this could run and run for years to come.