‘The gap is very unpleasant’ says Wenger, ‘really’ says Geoff.

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Ok so after 5 positive posts I’m afraid today I have to get a few things off my chest.

Forget the fact we are in are in 9th place in the league. We are two points better off than we were this time last season, you know when we were in crisis.

Some may say  Deja vu, some may say groundhog day, either way here we go again, but let’s still throw riches at our dictatorial manager. We are good at that.

I really do not understand it, all we have needed since Mad Jens is a proper keeper, but our manager refuses to address it, we have a keeper than Hull City didn’t want, he is hopeless and we have to watch him, what on earth is Wenger thinking of?

We can get a loanee in that’s better than him. Craig Gordon.

We have a left back that is Turkish league level and that’s it, and we have a manager that refuses to kick his failed experiment of project youth. We had Jack Wilshere on the bench and he sends on Gnabry. I rate Gnabry but for goodness sake, he’s just a kid.

He spent £11mil on Gervinho who tears around like a headless chicken, he really is average at best. Hazard who we should have bought and Mata settled straight in at Chelsea why did we not buy one of them? Frankly his player judgement is appalling.

He talks about financial prudence as a poor excuse for failing to buy proper players yet he happily trousers £7.5mil himself and has a staggering wage bill of £140mil, which is about £120mil more than the 19th position team that beat our pampered rich players that deemed it necessary to fly 15 minutes to the game on Saturday.

He is ruining our club, never mind players wearing kick it out T shirts over the weekend our fans should be wearing kick Wenger out T shirts all week.

Since he trebled Oxo’s wages he’s looked as effective as Ramsey. Bribing players doesn’t make the awesome Arsene, it makes them comfortable and that is precisely why we lose all our top players, because as they all say, they want more than money.

You all know that I never rated Song, for years I said why does Wenger persist with him, for years Wenger played him and defended him, for years Wenger rewarded him with riches, much the same as he did with Denilson and Bendtner, then he shipped him out and said nothing, why? He had a long contract and he sold him, why has he not explained that decision?

If he was that good why sell him, if he wasn’t then why play him in the team for so long?

Wenger for me is way too full of contradictions, he is a dictator and like all dictators never knows when to go. He is surrounded by sycophants and yes men whom he lavishes our money on. I stopped going to Arsenal 2 years ago in protest, the only way we will get back the glory days again is when he is replaced. And the only way he’ll be replaced is if we protest. I’ve done my bit.

We have gone backwards in the last 8 years yet his salary has continued to grow, it’s a disgrace.

Still, I’m looking forward to Wednesday, I’m an Arsenal fan and we can’t be that bad again can we, can we?

Whatever happens I will follow Arsenal, but until we get rid of the nutty professor we won’t see the glory days again. The only reason he was successful in the first place was because he inherited 8 great players and spent some money, he hasn’t since and surprise, surprise, we’ve won nothing.

Time to go back to France Arsene, leave your keys on the side, mind the gap and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Have a nice week Grovers, at least we have a chance to get back on the saddle on Wednesday and put this crappiest of weekends behind us.

If anyone can put a positive spin on what’s happening at our club feel free, I can’t.

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  1. AJ

    Good post. An appropriate reaction to a loss unlike AKBs who stay ever positive after a loss, and switch to orgasm mode when we win.

  2. Scott

    Embarrassing Saturdays display against Norwich. The were second bottom before the match. Just shows how average we are. Oh but wait we go by F.F.P yaaaaaaayyyy we get to hold the premier league trophy for that.
    Yeah that £52m for transfers in the bank wouldn’t of helped keep a clean sheet or score the winning goal on Saturday would it!!!!

  3. GoonerHart

    yeah i wouldnt say i am a strong AKB, but i feel i am and although i don’t think its his fault as lets face it once the player’s go out there theres not much he can do,they should of been good enough however his motivation at half time was obviously ineffective

  4. T Bone

    I’m actually sick of talking about it. We know what the problem is but it is never addressed so we stay in this lifeless, hopeless limbo of scraping into the CL every year but winning fuck all in the process.

  5. Jay

    Something needs to change,no doubting that. The only issue I’ve with ‘Wenger out’ is how culpable he is for the boards outlook. If Wenger was to be replaced but we still maintained our policies and restrictions, I fear we’d be worse off.

  6. Big Dave

    To be out foxed by Houghton he should be totally ashamed with himself.

    Enjoy your birthday ! you made my weekend horrible wenger

  7. BacaryisGod

    Geoff-I gave my criticisms yesterday. But it’s easy to put a positive spin on yesterday if you have to.

    1) It’s our first truly bad performance of the season.
    2) Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud, Gervinho, Ramsey can’t all be that bad at the same time again, surely?
    3) Jack and Bac are back
    4) If we’re looking doubtful for a top 4, then Arsene will be forced to buy that shiny new striker we all want.
    5) Mannone proved all his doubters right. Arsene happens to be one of those doubters. Maybe we’ll get a shiny new goalkeeper too.
    6) No surprise that the only players who showed up were rested over the International break. Doesn’t explain why our rivals won though (except for Spuds).

    There-I did my best.

    PS. Need two tickets for QPR anyone-help!!!!!!!!

  8. AJ


    You really cannot show any sympathy towards wenger now. He has repeated the same mistakes far too many times. And if he can’t do much I do not see why he must draw so huge a salary.

  9. Geoff

    Bacary we have had a few shit games this season. One of the things I have said many times is his obsessive behaviour to make changes between 67 and 74 minutes, he does the same thing every game, trouble is his opponents know that.

    He never makes changes when we need them, just when it gets to his stupid number, shocking management and crap coaching.

  10. Leedsgunner

    I have to say I feel sorry for all those ST holders who had to watch that tripe on Saturday… must we lose to the EPL bottom feeders every season? Last season it was Blackburn, this season it is Norwich. Honestly, after the story this week about AFC having the highest ticket prices in Europe — to watch that?? Shameful it really is.

    As Geoff has already said, only 2 points better from last season. We are no better off. Wenger and the Board still haven’t learnt a thing, still laughing at us red-white blooded gooners with contempt whilst skipping along to the Bank pocketing their undeserved bonuses.

    We deserve better than this.

  11. Ben

    It’s a good job we built that 60,000 seater…

    …Coldplay would have no where to play otherwise…

    We need a proper striker, I wonder whats available for £20m or less…

    I bet we sell Walcott to Liverpool, he’ll go on to score 20 goals as a striker and Le prof will look truelly stupid.

    Good to see Wenger using his autosub button again, I wonder if Podolski is paida bonus if he stays on after 65 mins.

  12. Steve

    Sadly , Arsenal the business is far more important than Arsenal the Football club to the board. I’m now fed up with being patient. Unlike the 70’s we now have the means to change things. Wake up Arsenal, when you start losing 56 yr old season ticket holders, you have a problem!

  13. average_arsenal

    ramsey, gervinho, santos, manone ars all shit. as far as im concerned walcott offers more than that headless chicken (ironic). cant wait for jack to replace ramsey. we really missed gibbs, one of our most improved players together with jenkinson. giroud i feel disrupts our movement and flow, although he has good movement in the box, outside the box he is sluggish and easy to mark because he is so predictable and slow. he cannot make runs behind the defence, which i felt was lacking over the weekend. he should be dropped, and walcott if fit should be given the opportunity to lead the line against shalke. the players that came of the bench were terrible. arshavin is a joke.
    to conclude our midfield had no flow, which i feel is because of ramsey, he lacks vision and speed, jack to start against qpr. ARSENAL TIL I DIE!

  14. Leedsgunner

    Oh by the way, any manager that seeks to sell the best striker in Europe without bringing in a like for like replacement is no football manager. He is a deluded fool.

    By my reckoning that is at least 7 points we have dropped that wouldn’t have dropped if (2 draws at Sunderland and Stoke plus this loss at Norwich) RvP was with us and doing what he is doing over at Manure. Yes, yes, yes it IS conjecture but it still turns my stomach. Courageous, ambitious? Don’t make me laugh. Title contenders? In our dreams.

  15. AJ

    By the way, I think it’s time we start playing Miquel at the left, we are short of wingers as well, Santos can fill in there when needed. And Coquelin instead of ramsey FFS.

  16. indian gooner

    You have summed up my thoughts over the years well. I have the opinion that the best people want to get out of the ghetto and right now we are one. Thats why the really good ones have wanted out. Hell, even Bendtner wants out and we all know hes not good enough. AW has time and again refused to buy when needed and bought mediocre players when we protested long enough, just to appease us and say “You see i bought park,chamakh and squillaci(and silvestre,denilson,bendtner,djourou,fabianski….), what more do you want.Do you understand that splashing the cash doesnt help?”….The point is that hes splashing the cash in the wrong direction. Instead of buying 1 good player he buys 2/3 mediocre players and thinks they will come good.They havent. He still is riding on his early success and people think that he’ll roll back the years. I really doubt it.He has no technical nous. And all the wa****g about Steve Buld being our defensive brains is BS since we’ve done the same mistakes as past years. I saw no heart, no urgency, no cohesion in the team on saturday. there was no switch until the mandatory 67th min(64th i know, but we did nothing in the 3mins). Why let Ramsey play for so long when he was crap. Why wasnt gervinho replaced or podolski replaced when they seemed to be out of ideas? Why isnt there AW/SB on the sidelines tearing it out. They have to have the ability to jolt lazy players into an ovrdrive rather than sit there throwing waterbottles around. All in all the last match convinced me that we shall never win anything until AW hovers around this club. You may call me a plastic or a johnny come lately or whatever, but im tired of giving my emotions at the expense of my personal life for a team of people who dont care about us anymore.
    all the best and still up the arsenal.

  17. Dplanet

    It’s so draining being put through this this year after year. There are still so many AKBs – I honestly think Wenger is never going to leave. He’s just good enough to keep working miracles with the crap he buys. The Board only care about CL qualification and, until Wenger has failed to do that on multiple occasions, there’s no hope of change.

    The Kübler-Ross model (the 5 stages of grief):
    1. Denial (AKBs)
    2. Anger (Le-Grove)
    3. Bargaining
    4. Depression (me)
    5. Acceptance

  18. Phil

    Positive spin?
    Ummm ummmmm ummmmm.
    Jack didn’t get hurt
    Diaby didn’t have to fly, so he didn’t get DVT.
    The club probably earnt some interest over the weekend on the money they aren’t spending ?

  19. Ash79

    We are predictable from top to bottom, from management to players. We were figured out ages ago. I don’t even wana hear sh1t about Shalke beating Dortmund or being a good team etc etc, fck that, we proudly boast we qualify every seaon for the ECL, we are seasoned ECL professionals, we should beat them at home. Plain and simple, no fckin excuses. I dont give a motherfck. Im there Wednesday night and will stick it to players if they fanny around. Drop Ramsey, stick the Coq in.

  20. Pez

    Brilliant Website and good post.

    I personally believe that if people can call the Wenger lovers AKB’s then what do we call the others…..ASU???….(Arsene Spoilt Us)

    Why do we think its our G-D given right to win the league when City, Chelsea and Manure outspend us threefold…..

    Wenger has a huge ego, no tactics very little class when we lose…BUT if you really believe that sacking him will give us a chance to win things…YOU RE DELUDED….Kronke and Gazidis dont care about winning….they care about profits…and that is the biggest problem….

    If Arsenal were owned by the Russian or the Shiekh and Wenger was in charge we would clean up…..if Wenger goes and we get in Guad or Jose, or even Harry….nothing would change with this OWNER…and that is a FACT!!

  21. Big Dave

    “Hisham I could name 6 off the top of my head but Guardiola would top it”

    He won’t join a club that may not make CL footy next year.

    Also the board won’t back him in the transfer market.

  22. WengersSweeties


    To be honest though I’m embarrassed to be an Arsenal fan.

    How we sit back and allow this fruit cake to continue running our club is nothing but WEAK support.

    I’m an Arsenal fan, but I don’t know if I can stomach another season of this shit and this acceptance from our fans.

    It’s embarrassing.

  23. Franchise

    Arsenal’s motto should be ‘Excitement with Limits’

    Qualify for Champions league without a chance of winning it
    Oh and its almost 9 seasons since we won the league

    Is i ever going to happen under le prof?

    I doubt it

  24. Afc53

    5 players that were carried by the rest on sat

    Santos not arsenal qty
    Mannone not hull qty
    Ramsey the crab side ways side ways
    Gerv bring back theo n quick
    Giroud super sub at best

    Wenger should have gone 5 years ago he is holding us back with his inability to say I got it wrong with …………. Enter name here

    35m won’t be able to fix us we would need to double it and would you trust him with 70m ??????

  25. Guns of Hackney

    Well done, Geoff!

    There is absolutely no reason to sugar coat anything anymore…Arsene simply has to go. There is literally no way back for the club under the current regime, and that’s what it is, a regime. There is no doubt in my mind that Arsene is totally in control of that club. I know people will say “but it’s IG and the board and Arsene is doing his best” – No. He isn’t. Look at what has happened since 2005…do you think it’s simply, bad luck, the landscape of football has changed or maybe that Chelsea ruined football? Absolutely not. Arsene, for some reason believed he could win the league with children and that his ‘magic’ would simply translate itself to really, really shit players. FAIL.

    As Geoff points out, Arsene had a great base to build from in 1996 and frankly, got lucky. Does a manager simply become bad, or was he actually that good when he took over? Did Arsene ‘turn’ average players into good players or were they already brilliant players? Bergkamp was already the real deal, Platt, too…and they weren’t even AW players. Ian wright was arguably the best forward in the league, Merson and Parlour were already established and the defence…say no more. AW built on arguably the best base foundation in the league, added some attacking flair and bingo.

    Arsene is shot and has kept his job 5 years longer than most other managers would have…Arsenal are scared that by losing this joker the club will cease to exist…in Australia they control burn the bush to instigate new growth…sometimes things need to be destoyed to be rebuilt – think London in 1666.

    Keep up the pressure everyone. This is not Arsene’s club! It’s ours…just about.

  26. Dream10


    – can we e-mail questions for the AGM

    – Ramsey thinks he is Bergkamp or Pires with some of his touches. the boy needs a reality check

  27. mystic

    Big DaveOctober 22, 2012 09:48:07
    ‘He won’t join a club that may not make CL footy next year.’

    Sorry mate I’ve heard that too often over the past few years to give it any serious thought anymore. Arsenal WILL make the CL, about 25pts from winning the PL.

    Under Arsene Arsenal are no longer contenders, but in the end they are better than the rest. To be honest it is time we accepted the fact that Arsenal are no longer a serious force, but are a top 4 side.

  28. Big Dave


    This could be the year we do drop out. HAte to say it, but if the manager keeps underestimating the opposition,

    At the moment we are fighting for 4th. We better start pulling our finger out.

    And lets face it VP single handly got us to 3rd spot, who will do it this time for us ?

  29. Ash79

    Van Persie, his little boy inside and Red Nose having a glass of wine after the Stoke match watching ESPN both shaking their heads in disbelief, hi-fiving each other on a deal well done.

  30. Bennydevito

    You know there was a time that being an Arsenal fan was a real pleasure and made me feel proud. Now it’s a real drain and embarrassing. My friends who support Man utd actually feel sorry for me and apologize rather than take the piss when we lose. It’s so fucking depressing. And seeing Rvp single handedly carry those cnuts makes me sick. Why didn’t we make him see out his contract? Oh yes, we wanted to maintain the balance sheet trophy at the expense of a real trophy. I’m quite pleased this morning that the weather is grey, wet and overcast down here in Bristol as it fits my frame of mind perfectly.

  31. Leedsgunner

    “We underestimated Norwich…” (Arsene Wenger)

    Why is that you w*****?! Why the f*** are we paying you £7m+ for? What do you actually do if you do not prepare the players to not make these errors? Make no mistake if we win against Schalke, QPR, Reading — the AKBs will crawl out of the woodwork talking about how everything is fine and dandy at AFC…

  32. Franchise

    Mystic you say

    “Under Arsene Arsenal are no longer contenders, but in the end they are better than the rest. To be honest it is time we accepted the fact that Arsenal are no longer a serious force, but are a top 4 side.”

    A top 4 side that keeps shooting itself in the foot

    We have problems and they can be fixed.

  33. Kev

    Totally disappointed in today’s post, Geoff. It’s basically an emotional rant with little substance. One poor performance during the season and you bring out the Wenger Out choruses and brigade. Come on! And then this Wenger Out brigade takes the high moral ground and takes a swing at the AKBs? Smdh..

  34. Odub

    Morning Geoff, Pedro,

    It’s been a while…..

    Just one thing to say….

    We sell the best striker in Europe, best player in the league, and replace him with a striker who by all accounts peaked in the French league last season at the age of 26!!
    We’re then surprised when it doesn’t work out…..You couldn’t make this $hit up!

  35. mystic

    Big Dave
    There is a player at Arsenal who last season scored a higher % of his clubs league goals than RvP did for Arsenal – he has recently looked poor (well Wenger keeps hauling him off), but has already scored 4 for Arsenal in all competitions so far this season – I’ll leave you to work out who I am talking about.

    Don’t think Wenger under-estimates the other teams in the league, I think we all have a habit of over-estimating them. There are only really 2 teams that could dent Arsene’s CL plans; Liverpool, who spend a fortune and acheive nothing and the spuds, who crumble when the pressure really gets tough.

  36. Guns of Hackney


    Shalke will beat us.
    Draw with QPR and beat reading.

    13-15 points beind the leader and Arsene will say “I’m concerned about the gap but we have Diaby and Theo coming back so everything is ok…also Rosicky is 2 weeks away”

    Fucking bet me, I dare you 😉

  37. Geoff

    Kev don’t be silly, I’ve been saying it for years. All he has to do is spend his budget, no more and we would be challenging, he doesn’t because he’s a greedy selfish cunt.

  38. Franchise

    personally i am bored of qualifying for a competition that we mostly get knocked out in the 2nd round

    a lo might say chavski were lucky with winning CL last season but they have been flirting with being in that position for several years

    before last season I believe they had made 4 semis in 6 seasons

  39. Ash79

    Leeds –

    “We underestimated Norwich…” (Arsene Wenger)

    I know its a total fcukin joke – HOW? WHY? WHY DO YOU KEEP SAYING THIS SHIT? ARE YOU INEPT, HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN MANAGING? WHEN WILL THE UNDERESTIMATING STOP YOU CNUT!!? you didnt underestimate anyone, your players were just sh1t.

    How many times have we heard the following phrases / words?

    – Mental strength
    – Handbrake on
    – Fully committed
    – Showed great character
    – Were a little short
    – Were missing something
    – Lacked sharpness
    – Didn’t see it
    Etc etc etc

    Say something different and tell the fkin truth for once

  40. Guns of Hackney


    Mate…it’s been 8 years of poor performances. Of course it’s an emotional post, Geoff and everyone on here are passionate Arsenal fans and we hate the way this man is ruining our club. 1886 not 1996!

    Big Dave

    Shit…not sure, mate. Maybe Arsene could ask the league to be postponed until Gerv gets back…he’s our only hope!

  41. Geoff

    Morning Odub, blimey, Odub and Franchise both back, it’s like the good old days!

    Except I don’t go anymore so we won’t be meeting at the ground!

  42. Ché C Cheriton

    Woke up on Sunday and my boy said “Don’t want to go football today”.

    “Why”. I asked.

    “Because of Arsenal yesterday”.

    Fck me Arsenal. I’ve already seen two switch alleigencies to Man U because of RVP leaving. You try telling a ten year old they have to stick by their team thick and thin in this day and age. Fortunately for me my boy does but in a modern world where Arsenal in particular are only interested in money and the fan base is pretty much middle class who is to say the next generation of football fans will be so loyal?

    I think it’s time people woke up to the fact Arsenal are a big club and should act like one. We must get this man out now. Enough is enough.

    Like I said many times last season:

    “When is LeGrove going to call for Arsene Wenger and the board to be replaced?”

  43. @babakrdaemi

    His player judgement is appalling? Why didnt we sign Harzard or Mata?

    How can we buy these players when Roman is funding Chelsea? It’s outrageous that you could blame Arsene for not signing these two players.

    I understand your frustration, however, it is misguided. Aim it at the FA that allows Chelsea and City ruin our game, not, Arsene for doing as he is told.

    Didn’t we have the same problems with Graham? We did! and why? Because we have been run this way for years.


  44. fentoon

    Morning fellow grovers, been an avid reader of the best blog about our arse for some time, but this is my first time commenting, as the majority state we need not just fresh new players, but a fresh new outlook on things, hence the reason the old bloke behind the wheel needs kicking out.
    Obviously pep is first choice to replace, but I’m sure there would be no end of suitors should Wenger leave.
    Though the main thing that bothers me is why can’t us as fans do something to get this moving.
    We ALL need to stop going to games, we need to canvas outside the stadium, local pubs and other local gooner haunts to get non blog reading fans to do the same, we need to stop lining Ivan the terribles pockets by not buying ny merch.
    Granted this is extreme and may disrupt our new signings, but we need to show were not push overs!
    Bring on Schalke this week, we should be beat them.
    Ps. Great post Geoff as always.

  45. Leedsgunner

    Guns, I know what you’re point is and we agree on a lot of things but I will NEVER actively wish for AFC to drop points… sadly with the players we’ve got propping up the edifice, dropping points needlessly seems to be a nasty habit we’ve picked up.

    Maybe it’s a footballing equivalent of an American STD… after all Ivan and Kronke have really f***** us.

  46. Odub


    I sadly still go, but now drink in the World’s End.

    Dont do CL games though as can’t be bothred with getting home at midnight!!

    It’s coming home to roost little by little tho. There’s been empty seats at every home game so far thi season.
    And to prove the point, I got offered a second ST, from being no 35,000 on the waiting list last season…. Hmmmm…..

  47. Geoff

    @babakrdaemi we could have got Mata for £18mil his buyout clause and he wanted to come, but Wenger dragged his heels and we missed out.

    We could have got Hazard 2 years ago when we first asked, but again, Wenger dragged his feet and signing Gervinho instead was a terrible waste of money, terrible.

  48. Geoff

    Odub I also got offered extra tickets, so I said how? There’s a waiting list, they said I was important, I called them liars, there is no waiting list.

  49. Big Dave

    Those fans who travelled to Norwich should ask for there money back.

    In fact ask IG and AW . whilst they sit on there millions having us over year after year

  50. BacaryisGod

    It’s not the players like Mata and Hazard he didn’t sign that bother me. He was outbid and I can live with that. But it’s giving players like Rosicky a 2 year deal when we all knew he would fall apart.

    Still need those tix for QPR. I’ll pay (a little) over the odds if necessary.

  51. Guns of Hackney


    Thing is, for change to happen, we may need to see Arsenal hurt for a bit. Better to get it fixed, than let it rot us even more.

    We’re both fans and as long as Arsenal are better for it, I guess it doesn’t matter how we get there.

    AFC forever!

  52. Odub

    Cracks me up when people say there’ll always be people wanting tickets!!

    Two seats in front of me have been empty every game so far, and I sit in the cheap seats!!

    People are def beginning to vote with their feet, next season, we could very well be playing in front of 35-40,000!!

  53. Ché C Cheriton

    I want to hear it from Pedro, Geoff!

    Losing Cesc and RVP in particular is such a massive fkin kick in the teeth to the fans. Yet, it’s been glossed over to a large extent. He even sold RVP to a rival. Fck me, the men in charge don’t care and again it’s been glossed over. Is he doing the business for Man U – yes he fkin is. Yet the fans all blame RVP.

    There is only one person to blame and that is Wenger.

    Giroud – we all knew what was going to happen. He looks like he’s playing statues half the time.

    Gerv – Not even going to go there. He is terrible.

    Manone – We’ve been going on about keepers for 5 years.

    Ramsey – Seems like he is another who will get 200+ games before the penny drops.

    And then we have the Eboue, Squill, Chamakh, Bendy, Denilson, etc etc of this world.

    We have top quality in AA yet Wenger has never got the best out of him.

    It’s mind blowing. And on top of all that we have a wage bill of £140M and yet we cannot give players away. Get these fkin clown out.

  54. Ryan L

    Great post Geoff, Like you I have issued my protest by fucking off my season ticket this year, my love for Arsenal remains but I am very happy that I am no longer letting these c*nts fritter my cash away.

    I would love to know how they rationalise a private jet charter to Norwich against a model of supposed financial prudence.

    It is all deja vu and groundhog day – like you say marginally up on points against last season, a first 11 that is decent and can compete but as soon as u barely make any changes to it, then it impacts massively against the performance, a shit wage bill, another transfer profit, the dross still here cos they are too expensive to get rid of, wage increases for the undeserving (AW, IG take a bow), misguided reliance on crocks – stpe forward Diaby and Rosicky. I could go on but I am boring myself.

    Cheers Goooners

  55. mystic

    100% agree – being simply a top 4 side isn’t good enough for most – unfortunately it clearly is for SS, BoD & AW.

    Arsenal need change, but to be honest I don’t see it coming about in the near future as long as the club reaches the goal it has set itself and I really don’t see any other teams that are likely to threaten that – before anyone talks about the spuds strengthening over the summer, remember they also lost players such as Modric and VdV and aren’t a real threat.

  56. AJ

    Geoff October 22, 2012 10:19:46

    Odub I also got offered extra tickets, so I said how? There’s a waiting list, they said I was important, I called them liars, there is no waiting list.
    Interesting. Why do you think they are doing it ?

  57. Hibeegunner

    Anyone know how many shares A.U. needs to mount a take-over bid? Because sure as hell we need the current board out.

  58. Franchise

    @babakrdaemi you are funny

    lets blame chelsea and city bla bla

    isnt the same arsene that sells Adebayor for £25m?

    you cant fault him for wishing to buy cheap and sell expensive but common sense will tell you that it is difficult to buy quality for peanuts

  59. AC Gooner

    Pez at 09:44:40 is completely right.

    Wenger is one problem. But it aint gonna get any better for Arsenal until we have an owner who cares about the team. Stan, “they asked me to say something today but I dont know why” Kroenke is going to bleed this club dry. Over in Colorado they probably think Arsenal automatically gets 4th place. When we fall out of that, we are screwed, it will be too late.

  60. G4L

    Isnt this a perfect excuse to buy falcao? Ok, why cant a player like falcao play for arsenal? We cant afford him? No we can. He is outrageously priced at £50m? No HE IS NOT. Madrid bought Ronaldo for £80m for f**k sakes and they are reaping evry dime of it. Arsenal is not a club like sunderland or Wigan or Norwich who dont have that kind of money to shell out and get results. We are talking about Arsenal here people.We have our own stadium. We were a top club in England like 7 years ago and we are supposed to be one of the top clubs in europe. If we need to buy top players to be competitive,then buy top players we must. For how long are we going to stick it with mediocre players hoping against hope that they will turn out good? Is there any basis to compare gervinho with hazard with what we ve seen so far?? or ramsey with Mata for that matter??saturdays performance against Norwich is one of those that make you cover your face in shame when you get to work on Monday morning. It wasnt Mannone,s fault! It was d fault of the person that made sure he got put btw d sticks. Lloris was available all sumeer for f**ks sakes but we wouldnt make any move not becasue we couldnt afford him or dt we didnt see d need but just because d man at d helm is a deluded wishful thinker!!Imagine wishful thinking in top european football in d 21st century!!! We need to rethink our player investment policy before we can start getting results. How can you preach financial prudence when you are the top-earning epl manager at £7.5.m. It is just so contradictory and delusionary. Ok u get paid top dollar for winning f**k all for 8 years but you cant shell out enough to acquire top players to get results becasue u want to be financially prudent!!! OK, I see the logic in that! With the way it stands, our best chance of getting out of ds doldrums is to shell out for a top quality GK and striker in January WE DONT NEED A PLAYER IN THE MOULD OF A FALCAO. I SAY WE NEED FALCAO HIMSELF.

  61. goonerstu

    I’ve been a fan of Arsenal all my life, I’ve been a fan of wenger and the style of football we play untill recently. Saturday was one of the worst performances I can ever remember and I cant help but feel alot of it was to do with our tactics and the fact we play with only one striker. Now I know in the modern game you need numbers in the midfield but when all they do is pass sideways to the wing and backwards to the defence and to the goalkeeper who then just lumps it upfield when our players are lacking in the height department, well weve got a problem.
    Our wingers can’t cross and we never have bodies in the box even when they attempt one. I can’t help but feel we’d be better off with playing two players upfront as at least that way weve got two players pulling the opposition defence around and we’d have more of an outlet going forward rather than just pinging the ball around in the middle of the opposition half without causing any real penertration. (now nobody like not penertrating after all the effort thats put into the build up).
    Now I’m no tactical genius or owt but surely we could play a 3 5 2? I mean our fullbacks play like wingers anyway so I dont see why we could’nt at least experiment with this formation? And with 3 centre halfs instead of 2 we’d be better equipt to deal with the height issues at corners, free kicks etc?

  62. Franchise

    arsene completely broke up a team in 2 years (2004 – 06) that possibly only needed refreshment

    he has been unable to build a side capable of winning the league ever since

    wage bill is 1£40m and rising

    please how do managers like Moyes run Everton on a fraction of that?

  63. bayo

    Can someone please explain to me how arsenal’s wage bill is 140 million pounds….We have no rooney, van persie, mata, hazard e.t.c…so whi are they paying or is money laundering taking place in the club.

  64. Jamal

    Nice post Geoff,

    Wengers going for the cheaper and shitter alternative again with Adrian Lopez because Falcao plays for the same team !.
    This was the exact same problem with Gervinho/Hazard.
    Getting average players while our “rivals” get the top quality ones is the reason we will never win a trophy under Wenger again.
    Oh and selling your own world class players to your “rivals” isnt going to help much is it.

    AFC – Arsenal Feeder Club


  65. Ryan L

    There is definitely no waiting list, not anymore anyway.

    After I decided not to renew my ST, I recently wrote to the club asking them why they were so commercially inept. This stemmed from the fact that after deciding against renewal and after over 20 years of being a ST holder, I wanted to know why they hadn’t contacted me to even attempt to ensure that I remained some sort of member. After some back and forth and general bullshit from the club, I was sent an email which at the end stated the following:

    “if you would like we can put you on our deferral list and make contact in May/June 2013 to offer you season ticket(s) for next season”

    I though the use of the poetntial plural of tickets was also interesting, baring in mind I have given up a single ST.

    Pretty damning if you ask me.

  66. niko

    We need a goal keeper and another playmaker, Cazorla can not do it all by him self. Arsenal is too predictable and lucks inspiration. Passing the ball around from left to right is not good enough.

  67. Dplanet

    Ray Parlour was on Twitter after the Norwich game saying that you have to treat every game like your life depended on it – every game is a cup final.

    Season after season we have too many games where players just don’t turn up. This can only be a coaching issue. Who is allowing our players to ‘underestimate’ teams like Norwich? Why can’t Wenger shake the team up at half time and get them to die for the shirt? If you initial tactics are failing, why can’t Wenger change the team significantly to make a difference?

  68. Spud

    Im well overdue a new Arsenal shirt, and the purple reign kit is really tempting! But I refuse to put money directly in the clubs pocket. As I usually live in Southampton the match on New Years Day would be a perfect opportunity to see my Arsenal play and blow away the hang-over but I’m not even trying to get tickets.

    When looking at our world-class finacial model, yet know what Wenger gets paid its f*ckin ludicrous

    Become so dissillusioned with the club.

  69. oldgooner

    However, we are in truth 4 points worse off if you compare against last years results against these teams or equivilants!

  70. andy

    hibee due to a new law or something like this reaching 30% will not do for alisher

    ac gooner
    right. I think there´s a bigger problem around than AW. although many may point out he has so much power and earns so much – who allows that? getting much money and trying to achieve as much power as possible within a company is completely normal and shouldn´t be judged negatively – there has to be a rethink about other persons in the club. I pointed out several times that AW for me is a superb coach but a average to bad manager … by not replacing dean adequately but giving AW his powers our club went down the pecking order – OK, we bought a new stadium and it´s generally a good thing – I think no real arsenal fan can doubt that – but after 5 or 6 years there has to be some kind of change of our economical actings

    like many of you know I tend to trust AW – I wouldn´t call me an AKB like gambon does as I think AW made quite a few mistakes within the last 6 or 7 years but it can´t work out giving a guy so much power like he got – and more important in departments of a club he simply doesn´t have the ability to. he is a good coach that´s why he constantly gets us into top 4 with very average squads but his management of a squad is not good enough. but I don´t think we would be in a better situation without AW. our BoD needs to change. we need a strong man beside AW like DD used to be – a guy taking a look at our cash reserves and convincing AW we CAN buy guys like mata or hazard or others. I don´t have any clue how AW and DD relationship really worked but I trust alex here (he mentioned it in his first podcast with pedro) – AW has and had a problem with spending much on a certain player but DD said “don´t worry, we will find a way and buy him” and we did. AW doesn´t think this way and that´s the reason we do not invest as much as we should/could/must to

  71. Rico Smith

    Granted our club is on a downward spiral but we have to make the best out of a situation. They are not getting rid of Wenger so unless the fans actually protest nothing will happen.

    The emirates is like a library unless your sitting in Northbank it’s a crap uninspiring place to be.

    I refuse to pay to watch the shit our overrated players are producing. Wenger is a manipulator who tries to brainwash people with his comments in the press.

    Well I’m not buying it pal. C’est la vie Mr. Wenger.

  72. Franchise

    this team would be 2x better IMO if he had a Mata instead of Gervinho and also if we keep Ramsey far far away from the team

    its a crime that we have one recognised CF and 2 shit reserve GKs in Mannone and Flapianski

    If you guys remember I have always held the opinion that Shezzer should be no2 to a more experienced stopper

  73. Geoff

    Aj because they are all just liars, they are taking the fans for granted and taking their money because non of us will take it in that Wenger would lie.

    How many times has Wenger said he has no money when the board contradict him?

    Fizman, Hill Wood and even Usmanov offered money.

    The truth is he doesn’t spend what he has because by not spending, he earns more, he is a greedy bastard.

    Arsenal lie about the waiting list to make people think if they give up their tickets they will never get them back, they don’t credit fans with having eyesight.

    They really do laugh at the fans, led by the chief protagonist Wenger, the biggest liar of them all.

    Judge me in May, the classic of 3 years ago, we did, and then what happened? He got another pay rise. Or if we sold Cesc and Nasri we wouldn’t be ambitious, the week before he sold them, the man has no scruples, no pride and doesn’t care about winning, he just cares about himself and his salary.

  74. Ash79

    Everyone spitting blood on LG, more out of frustration cos we know we are powerless…

    Seriously mate, there needs to be demonstrations etc. People outside of AFC buy the cr4p that Ivan says and we are lauded as a fine example of prudence and self-sustainability. Thing is they don’t know how totally fckin inept Ivan and his kronies are at making any money and they are simply selling our best players to keep lining their own pockets. They simply don’t know the underhanded strategies the club use, the spin, the political speak, the bullsh1t that Ivan and Arsene. If any gooners dare speak out against Arsene et al the media would label us crazy and foolish….fck em. Lets do something. This is a dictorship.

  75. Franchise

    My prayers is that Wenger goes honorably at the end of the season and we go out and get Guardiola

    what impressed me the mos with his barca side was he way he made them work off the ball defensively

    on their day they are the best pressing team in the world

    Arsenal defensively are lazy fucks

  76. azed


    You are one confused AKB. If you had any iota of sense, you would know that selling a player for 24mil and replacing him with a player that cost 12 mil means there’s a serious quality defect. Take Hazard and Gerboue as case study. Why AKB’s like you were busy saying forehead would be good this season cos he has had 1 year epl experience, Hazard is ripping it up. That’s the reason why they did not cost the same.

  77. Geoff

    Franchis Wenger has such a cushy number he will never leave, they’ll have to carry him out in a box.

    He gets money for old rope. Forget Guardiola this board are only interested in what they earn, football is an irrelevance.

  78. mystic

    Ryan L
    Read elsewhere (sorry can’t remember where) that there is more than 1 list for Season Tickets (single and multiple) and therefore being deferred from the single list, doesn’t exclude from being put on the multiple list – hence the fact of potentially offering ticket(s).

    Absolutely no idea how true this is, just something I read.

  79. Maureen

    Geoff, absolutely spot on and I have said on here many times I made my stand and stopped going years ago for the same reasons as you. In the same way players did not wear the T Shirt at the weekend, you vote with your feet and nobody can take that right away from you.

    Why we never signed Mata or Hazard when we had the chance I don’t think anyone will ever know. I had one eye on the Spuds Game and the Chavs ripped em a new one when they did their usual and celebrated being 2-1 up with 30 mins to go. It made me sick, they should both have been on that 15 min plane ride to Norwich.

    At least Mourinho makes changes when they need to be done, how many times has he brought on 2 or even 3 subs at half time, he just does it and you cannot predict that, subbed at half time, that’s the biggest insult to a pro.

    All I can say is Jimmy Saville got found out and one day this self styled demi God of principle and the reason for AKB’s living will do too. It may just take a bit more time and damage to get there.

  80. Ryan L

    Mystic, the thing is I never asked them about season tickets or renewing and i had no conversations about the differences between single and multiple requests, they just sent the email as quoted, which to me tells you that any talk of a waiting list is as Geoff suggests – pure fiction.

  81. Kurt F

    The fact that we sold RVP to a direct rival just so we could get some more money, rather than keeping him so we could compete against that rival tells you everything you need to know about where the club’s priorities lie under this regime.

  82. K.C.

    Very good post Geoff. Really like how your doing your part by boycotting going to games. The “fans” that are still paying for tickets to this nonsense are just as big a part of the problem as Wenger himself. An AKB is not an Arsenal fan, but rather an Arsene fan.

  83. Thorough

    BacaryisGod and Barbakrdem. WE WERE NOT OUTBIDED IN MATA’s CASE. It was all about the money for Wenger. It was simple, drop 17million before July 31st and Mata is yours. Even Mata’s father after the first bid said he expects Arsenal back only for Wenger to appear in London and utter one of the most annoying insults he’s ever uttered to fans ‘the Mata deal is dead and I dont have to explain anything to anyone’. That was around 26th to 28th July I think. We had given up because we couldn’t cross the mythical 15million boundary before Chelsea gave Mata the slightest thought. And they actually signed him on 23rd august for almost 7-8million on top of the clause that expired on the 31st.

  84. Bracknell Gooner

    It’s reality Bites Monday,
    Player Analysis
    Vito – clueless, punting long balls to giroud and doing Mad Lens impressions.
    Santos – Seemed to work out very early on that push forward was a waste of time (see Ramsey). Could have pushed up for the offside but that would have hidden the crap result
    TV – Capt????
    BFG – Steady but not a plan B centre forward.
    Jenkenson – Same as Santos why bust a gut pushing forward.
    Arty – Seemed lost playing along side Ramsey
    Ramsey – Made denilson look positive! IMHO the reason we looked so crap. refuses point blank to play an early ball out wide. in the first 20 minutes both Full backs stopped pushig forward as they worked out they where leaving us exposed at the back when we lost the ball in midfield.
    Corz – Bad day at the office, but the he did get on the ball had 2- 4 Canaries flying about him.
    Pod – Injury? no one to pass to out wide.
    Gerv – Looks better in the middle, again by teh time he did see the ball had 2 on 1. but time after time didn’t try to go past the right back?
    Giruoud – no wing play = No service and he has no idea about premier centre backs went down on nearly every header.
    Ox – One run caused probems got nailed and out for X- weeks (times what ever AFC say by 2)
    Gnaby – Came on instead of Wiltshire, the game was lost, Pod and Ox off injured so I think it was the right call.
    AA – Didn’t have a chance to do anything
    AW – Still can’t get past the fact that when we can all see how crap we are playing he won’t change it up. I would have OX on after about 30 min’s for Ramsey and let Arty sit betwwen the centre backs and Holt.

    All in All even the 2nd string should have been good enough to see off a championship team, playing championship football.

    AW’s post match comments seem to have been written by one on the more focused fans, saying it’s time to look at players that are not showing the quality!

  85. Franchise

    we are such unlucky fucks

    get bought by a billionaire who doesnt give a fuck

    why wasnt it usmanov that bought this club?

  86. Radio Raheem

    So we have gone from being over-reliant on RvP to being over-reliant on Cazorla. This is what you get without Song’s chipped pass and RvP to finish it off.

    Our biggest problem is our front 3. Podolski and Gervinho are simply not creative enough. Both work hard but that’s just abour it.

    As for our midfield the sooner we get rid of Ramsey the better, even when he is playing he still makes silly mistakes. The problem is Coquelin doesn’t look any better.

  87. Dream10


    Gervinho: 11m transfer fee + 12.5m (salary for 4 years) = 23.5m

    Chamakh: 14.6m in salary over 4years

    Squillaci 12.5m in salary over 4years

    Bendtner 11m in salary over 4years

    Almunia 11m in salary over 4years

    Djourou 11m in salary over 4years

    Anybody who says we could not afford Mata, Hazard, Ba, a GK and another CB is incorrect

  88. tuneric

    ObI’m always saying this,and I’ll keep saying it; don’t blame any player at arsenal even if they are obvious shit!!! Wenger is the problem. You can’t say Owen is the best for England just for what he did at liverpool. Wenger pls wake up, this is year 2013.

  89. Bergkamp63

    “If Arsenal were owned by the Russian or the Shiekh and Wenger was in charge we would clean up”

    Areshole Wonga couldn’t clean up with a mop & bucket !!

  90. Franchise

    you know what was ironic

    two of our forwards gervinho and giroud scuffed similar shot that cahill a defender delivered to perfection a few hours earlier

  91. Marrrfooo


    Mannone is rubbish, that’s accepted fact. Having said that, With Chezzer out and Fabianski out, we’re more than a bit stuck until Chezzer is back. Not many teams have both 1 and 2 keepers out at the same time for more than one game! Yep, absolutely, Fab shouldn’t be number 2 but I don’t believe Chezzer should be number 2 to a new keeper either. Not yet. I’d like to see him push on this year. If he stuffs it, then fair do’s. I think Hart got around the same amount of time before he started to show his true colours. Although if I’m wrong on that I’ll happily be educated accordingly! 🙂

    As for the ‘magic number’ of substitutions late in the game, this is statistical. It is statistical fact (Opta) that the majority of substitutions made in the last 15-20 minutes of a game have the highest impact on the outcome. This is why he does this. I even read it from his own lips in a copy of the Arsenal mag whilst browsing in a newsagents once and had it corroborated by a friend who used to work at Opta. This also comes along with the ‘3 second rule’ whereby players who statistically post-game are analysed to have taken on average more than 3 seconds from receiving a ball to passing it on again are sent for extra passing/intensity training. Those statements said, I read that around 2-3 years ago so it may well have changed. I also have to say that it’s not an excuse for doing the same thing over and over – and I agree a little variation when things clearly need shaking up earlier on would be a good thing. To counter that, those latter subs tend to give a little more injection of something (assuming the sub ‘turns up’). See Oxo and Walcott as our most common source of substitution impact at the moment. Again, not hugely reliable, but they are better as subs than starters (currently) and this probably fuels his logic.

    I am very hopeful – and yes I can all but cling to hope – that we pick up a striker in Jan. The rumblings, rumours, outright refusals to sub on Chamakh or include him in squads suggests we’re in a Giroud-or-bust scenario. I’d like to see Theo get his chance, and we really could have done with him on Saturday to stretch things, but even assuming he makes an impact there it’s not enough striker cover. Whilst I find it hard to believe he’d have a player of Giroud’s potential gazumped by a star like Llorente, he’d be ideal. Failing that perhaps a cheeky deal for Dzeko – although his wages must be enough to cause currency inflation so that’s probably a long-shot too.

    I was proper miserable Saturday night. We didn’t show up. We didn’t fight and too many players had a bad game at the same time. I don’t see myself as an AKB, I really don’t but I have to agree with a sentiment from someone else who said surely we can’t have that many players have an off day like that again? You do need to be prepared to show up and perform against the lesser clubs if you want to win the league. Not that I ever thought we could – and I guess that’s part of the problem. But man can you imagine how you’d feel and what signs it would send out if that was how we’d performed against a big top six team? Not only would we have lost the points but we’d be unable to look the big six in the face and feel we could compete. Yes losing to bottom of the table is shameful for us. We need to aim higher and do better – at least AW has started to have a go at the team publicly after those losses, rather than protect them like he used to. But again, bottom sides with their backs to the wall can produce through plain fear of losing sometime. All the big teams have been hit by near relegation sides. All of them. Maybe it was our turn. But a wakeup call like that in an away game is far better than losing at home like that. If we stop failing to turn up like that again then it might be a worthwhile lesson. But again I can already hear your (valid) counterpoint – but we’ve been here before… 🙂 I for one can’t see Bouldy being a happy man come Monday training this morning. I also hope our GK coach gave Mannone a proper beating too…

    All I can do is back the team like the rest of us will. I don’t have answers for everything though I wish I did…

  92. Radio Raheem

    I’d like to see Arteta be more adventurous with his passing. On a couple of occasions tried playing some balls over the top…just not often enough. From deep positions he could play those long passes Ramsey continually failed to execute. He certainly has the ability.

  93. LeMassiveCoq

    The only positive thing I can think of is that every good team has a bad day. (My Fantasy football team only scored 22 points this week [largely thanks to the crap contingent of Arsenal players that I deludedly thought would be rampant at Norwich..]).

    However, Wenger cannot see that players like Ramsay, Gervinhead, Santos and Mannone are never going to allow us to compete for the EPL. It’s time to leave Arsene. PLEASE, PLEASE just go. Don’t go upstairs, just go.

  94. Geoff

    Mystic, look at the gaps around the ground that’ll tell you all you need to know.

    40% of box holders didn’t renew and my mate in the Diamond club say a lot of people from last year weren’t there this year.

    Marrrfooo good managers make substitutions when they are needed, fuck the stats.

    As for Chezzer, he has always needed competition and there are plenty of better keepers available out there, Lloris was one and Gordon we could get now on loan.

    Mannone isn’t good enough to get in my Sunday side.

  95. Alex James

    George Graham for all his faults in his later days built two very good sides. We had a good goalkeeper but he ditched him as soon as Seaman became available. Wenger inherited a defence that was second to none, plus DB10 and Wrighty. I also have said for years that it is incomprehensible to me that we have three keepers who are all relatively poor. Just who is the goalkeeping coach? I like Santi, Arteta and the Prinz. The rest are amongst the worse players I have every seen at Arsenal – and I go back close on 60 years.

  96. Radio Raheem

    When Jack is fit the best thing to do will be to move Cazorla wide, Giroud, Gervinho and Podolski should fight for the other two positions.

  97. mystic

    Don’t disagree with you – but I know from experience that I have not always been able to get to games (not considered it more important than family matters), so the empty seats aren’t really a guide in my opinion.

    More inclined to feel that your mate in Diamond is more spot on, though is it that no one has taken up the tickets, or simply that they don’t attend? Regular non attendance, bit like that tosser SS, who owns the fucking club and can’t be arsed to go to most games.

  98. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Bastard iPhone!…

    Some comments today and yesterday about being embarrassed to be an Arsenal fan! C’mon FFS. Get over yourself.

    This is the one of the greatest clubs in the world. ‘Yogi’s Slayer’ yesterday said he was tired of following this shit club until Arsene left..

    It’s not a shit club. It’s an institution and I am always going to be a proud Gooner. We have the history…

    Now it just so happens our club is in the hands of fucking knuckleheads at the moment. I’m so pissed off with that performance on Saturday. 100% down to AW. As bad as Wrexham and York City! I remember those vividly. Still hurt. Would still smack Mickey Thomas in the mouth if I met him!

    But let’s not tarnish the club. It’s the pricks with the reins are the problem.

    Che C.. Get out the DVD’s for your Son. We will be great
    again. If u don’t believe your son won’t! It will happen.. Just don’t know when…

    Stan the syrup of figs, Ivan the terrible, and Arsene.. Fuck off and thanks!

  99. East London Geoff

    “Wenger has a huge ego, no tactics very little class when we lose…BUT if you really believe that sacking him will give us a chance to win things…YOU RE DELUDED….Kronke and Gazidis dont care about winning….they care about profits…and that is the biggest problem….
    If Arsenal were owned by the Russian or the Shiekh and Wenger was in charge we would clean up…..if Wenger goes and we get in Guad or Jose, or even Harry….nothing would change with this OWNER…and that is a FACT!!”

    Excellent point. We are still being run as a business. The problem is Kreonke, 100% Please Gooners lets open our eyes……

  100. Ash79

    podolski isnt a wide man, he will never contribute as much as a wide man should. go 442, stop fucking about arsene. stick giroud and podolski up front.

    bac merts koz gibbs
    theo arteta jack santi
    giroud poldi

    you know what chaps, with PERHAPS the exception of Arteta and Santi no one else in our current squad would make the invincible SQUAD

  101. paul

    to much talk about jack wilshire what is he reali gonna change for us? come on hes no messi hes ok at passin thats all very overrated english boy.

  102. Franchise

    i saw a bit of the stoke mancs game

    their movement is so much better than ours

    stoke tried to sit back and frustrate same way norwich set up but utd movement was just too much

    our problems are beyond playing personnel

  103. Ash79

    Anyone else notice Merts playing CF for last 10 mins of game. We chuck on a 17 year old whose balls havent even dropped yet.

    fuckin laughing stock

  104. Paulinho

    That performance – if we didn’t already know – just confirms the fact we’ll do nothing this season. We’ve had it confirmed again how incapable Wenger is of motivating a squad consistently so we’ll continue to get these displays whenever we’re expected to win, even when we’re not as well.

  105. paul

    its all gonna be ok when jack wilshire he wel fix it for all u idot fans who wont wake up and see how shit he reali is. all this talk about a very avreg guy is makein me sick

  106. Paulinho

    Yeah and Gnabry comes in, looks motivated and fresh, but give it a year or so and he’ll be the jaded one playing it safe.

  107. Radio Raheem

    What I found unnerving was that Arteta felt we not patient enough. If anything we looked too patient, subdued, blunt, lethargic, zombie-like…in our passing.

    Jack is no Messi but neither is Mata, Ozil etc. A fit and in-form Jack will give us a briskness in passing and forward drive in midfield we lacked yesterday…a bit like Diaby does.

  108. Geoff

    Ha, ha how long before Wenger tells one of the team to go on Pravda and say they will learn from this loss and they owe it to the fans or the manager etc, I reckon before the match on Wednesday.

  109. gambon

    Well, well, well

    It seems the mighty one was right again. Everyone is now accepting that Wenger is taking us nowhere.

    All the idiots talking about how we were going to challenge, how we wont miss RVP, how our defence is awesome.

    Where are they now?

    You can take a bunch of average players and make them play pretty football, but you will ALWAYS be found out if you have shit GKs and strikers, as they have to be clinical at all times.

    We have shit upfront and shit at the back.

    Until we get a new manager that isnt terrified of spending money we will go nowhere.

  110. Hasaucha


    How can you be so sure that its the pay raise that has caused oxlade to play poorly? It sure has coincided with his lack of form but he has barely started two games back to back.Oxlade’s best games have almost always been from other positions,remember United,Blackburn,AC Milan?

    The quality of wide players at the club is so appalling I am starting to genuinely believe that Theo is our best winger. Its certain that we’ll struggle to score goals,big time.So,its time for a 4-4-1-1 with Podolski as the second striker,Oxlade on the left and Cazorla,right where he played for Malaga. It is imperative that we create chances for Podolski because he is the best left footed finisher after Messi.

    But as well all know,the dictator won’t tweak a thing and continue to let headless chickens play.I can at least understand that Gervinho’s movement is half decent but what exactly does Ramsey possess? Ramsey makes gervinho look like henry and Gervinho shouldn’t be anywhere near Arsenal.

  111. Paulinho

    Radio – I can see what a means. Some were too patient, some weren’t enough.

    Giroud for example just could’t help himself doing some silly flick everytime the ball came near him, instead of realising he had time to take it down wait for support.

  112. paul

    IN, mario fellaini,ben arfa,lopez. out jack wilshire, ramsay,walcot. this team needs world class players and english players dnt come under world class.

  113. Alex James

    East London. Agree your sentiment but it is not Gazidis who picks the team, decides the tactics and identifies the transfer targets. Wenger does all this and needs to go. I would even have Harry Rednapp over him right now as a short term fix. Putting aside his Spurs history, he used to watch Arsenal as a boy and understands the status of the club. Importantly, he would do what Wenger seems unable to accomplish. The dross would be out of the door ASAP!

  114. Maureen

    Thomas its up for grabs now…

    As bad as Wrexham and York City! I remember those vividly. Still hurt. Would still smack Mickey Thomas in the mouth if I met him!

    That is well funny!! MT what a counterfeiting c$$t !!

  115. Radio Raheem


    I see what you are saying but the overriding feeling I got from watching the match, and I have seen it a second time, is not one of impatient passing but the antithesis of that. If ever one needed an example of ‘sterile possession’ it was Saturday’s match. I can see coaches at the Burton centre using this match as a case analysis of how not to possess the ball.

    I guess the worry part of it all is that the second half was no different to the first. Our coaching staff were unable to coax a reaction neither did our subs alter the insipid pattern of play.

  116. gambon

    Chelsea have really shown that it isnt rocket science to build a strong team.

    They looked like having a pretty awful year last season, but turned it round in the CL, then invested heavily in class players. Look where they are now.

    Both us and Chelsea have needed to Invest for a while. Us because we arent good enough, Chelsea because their core is getting old.

    Look at the difference in approach.

    Chelsea have done it properly, invested heavily after a period of not spending, and have a fantastic squad now, and all the doom mongers saying they would fall apart when Drogba, Lampard, Cole & Terry aged look very wrong now.

    We have as always, been ridiculously cheap, sold all of our top players, bought lesser players, and kept the constant revolving door turning. As a result we are just as weak as ever, and have all the problems we had 5 years ago. Why? Because we never buy better than we already have, we just replace, usually with inferior.

  117. Chris


    Agree with your view regarding Wenger. Unfortunately he is a corporate manager. This means that he has ingrained support to the boards cause, that top four is a success (plus 7million wages). As long as the funds continue to roll in, the board (and Wenger) will remain business only based. Glory days are not an considered option.

    ALSO – Just a sample of what is happening under Wenger’s watch.
    : Fourteen players out on loan. Are they good enough or not ? .
    Some of these players are not even eligible to play in the PL.

    : players not good enough for the first team ( Squill/Djourou etc) on
    ridiculous wages, Their wages could have secured one high class
    centre back .

    : A new medical centre that is always full of “injured” players.
    Did Grovers see the AFC medical video recently. Typical AFC comfort
    zone propaganda. Perhaps I may suggest that Arsenal take their play
    ers to nearby Harley Street for future diagnosis.

    : Constant selling of our best players to our rivals. Nuff said.

    No more for now Grovers, but I have a fear that unless we bring a
    footballing man onto the board and change the current ethics,we will continue to be “also competed”.

  118. Alex James

    Wrexham and York were bad but I remember Rotherham and Swindon as well.. The hurt of losing to the latter was only extinguished by the shaming at OT. No Arsenal fan should forgive Wenger for that, which was solely down to his cussedness over Cesc and Nasri.

  119. KOLA

    Geoff, unfortunately, i cant see anybody putting a positive spin on this. The biggest problem was not even how good or bad the players were on saturday. The biggest problem is that our manager had no idea of what to do when the match was going all wrong after 10mins. He does not gamble, he does not read the game. That affects players like Arteta and Carzola because in all honesty they gave up as well and i dont blame them. Seeing ur manager offering no leadership on the sideline makes the players disorientated. If i managed that match with the players we have, we would have won. After 20mins i would have replaced Gervihno and Ramsey by AOC and Wilshere but Mr Wenger does not gamble. Lastly why do we play thesame way, without any plans. One more thing, i would have won that match with our reserves. If you have a squad and you think some players are tired, play the likes of Arshavin that are not jet lagged but of course Wenger never rotates and he keeps telling us he has a big squad. Honestly i like Wenger to bits but i still dont get him……