Why can’t Arsenal sign a Striker now, Podolski was announced out of the window wasn’t he?

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I asked the question yesterday but got no answer, how is it we signed Podolski mid season, outside a transfer window, and got away with announcing it?

Now unless we signed him in January, I can’t work out why we were allowed to do that in the second half of the season.

Though we could have signed him in January but agreed not to mention it, but why would we do that?

If we agreed with Koln midway through the window that he would sign in June, then why can’t we do that with someone else to stop the price going nuts in January when the whole world knows we have £35billion to spend?

I predicted in the summer that Real or Barca would go tits up, I’m still predicting that and with Valencia looking at selling Soldado, Athletico offering Falcao and City after Busquets and 2 others it already looks like Iberia is on it way to the Spanish equivalent of Carey Street. (Bankruptcy courts)

Ha, ha I just hope we got paid for Song is all, the fact they still haven’t paid for Cesc leads me to believe we can just take him back, it would also explain him gushing over us of late and he still has his house in what he calls the greatest City on earth, London.

Now I know people will say we don’t need Cesc now, well nor did Barca when they signed him last season, that would be like saying who needs Ronaldo when you have Messi, Cesc would be an awesome addition, blimey we could even play him up front, think about that!

I know people will call him names, such as greedy but he’s no more greedy than some of our management is he? And he took a pay cut to get away from project youth, ha, ha I gave up my season tickets for that!

So I think it’s a case of watch this space, if it happens then we all know Wenger will say he knew and that’s why he didn’t spend all his money this summer.

That bloke is worse than John Terry and David Beckham combined in the ‘taking the credit for stuff ‘stakes.

Anyway we’ll all know soon enough, and if we can cherry pick bargain basements from Spain this Christmas that would be awesome for so many reasons.

With Financial Fair Play coming in next season, we may be the only EPL team that could capitalise on that happening, ooh we can only dream!

The Lopez rumours are gathering pace, they are beginning to sound like the Podolski ones, but as well the M’Vila ones (sorry Arsene) If they are true, I hope we are getting the right one and not doing what we did with Hazard and Gervinho, if you get my drift.

I read how many players we have out and listen to the excuses, now because Oxo had to play Wednesday instead of Tuesday I’m hearing how tough it is to recuperate, my goodness, think how many times Adams and Merson had 4 pints before a game and had blinders, are we treating players like babies these days?

To finish on my cost of tickets deal of yesterday, many people did the ‘actual cost’ permutations to include cup games etc, but how can kids afford that? And the future of Arsenal is todays kids, because they become tomorrows adults and it’s only todays adults that can afford the tickets.

Go work that one out! Even when I was a kid Arsenal had Schoolboy enclosures (sorry girls PC wasn’t around then) I remember going in there once for an Arsenal vs Huddersfield Cup game, I got away with it (boyish good looks) but I had to sneak the beer in, in those days you could drink on the terraces! Just not the Schoolboy ones!

Imagine that people, football, beer, cheap prices and trophies and all at the same time. I can, I was there!

Perhaps it’s time to think about the kids Arsene, you’re good at that, remember!

Have a great day today Grover’s, mañana I do a pre-match post, remember them?

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  1. Bade

    I hate when it’s the last in the page, here it is again

    So a quick inventory check let you go for this line up & squad


    Bench: Marteniz, Jack, Sagna, OX, Arshavin, Le Coq, Kozzer (Djourou if he’s not fit)

    Enough to take Norwich I’d say

  2. gats

    If anyone ver hinks Real Madrid or Barca are ever going to go tits up, as Pedro thinks in his little fairy land. I ask you read this. This tells you all you need to know about the financial power of real madrid and barcelona.


    Read rticle there, and tell me Arsenal are fighting a bloody fruitless battle. If any bloody AKB thinks barcelona and Real madrid are in trouble, they need their head examined.

  3. Bade


    1. That was Geoff, not Pedro
    2. Both Barca & Real earn 160m from TV broadcasting rights. Do you think seriously a broke Spanish media would both the same as they get now?

  4. Bade

    And those who think Barca is such a good financial shape, remember those facts

    Barca took a huge loan two seasons (or maybe one?) ago, 165m’ when they were almost broke

    Then they immediately made that Qatar sponsorship deal to get out of jail. Would a club in healthy financial situation make such a moves? I doubt it. They might be making money now, but you should check their overall debt

  5. Marko

    Yeah the big 2 in Spain wont go up in fact the reason Barca only bought Song as opposed to Javi Martinez and Real only bought Modric as opposed to Bale or Silva is because they not spending like maniacs cause they know they can’t anymore.

  6. Geoff

    Salad trawl back through my comments, I already answered that.

    People are deluded if they think a country in a worse situation than Greece would care more about Barca and Madrid football teams ahead of the well being of the nation.

    If anyone thinks the broadcasters will have the same money as last time they need help.

    Spain and it big companies are about to hit the wall.

    Why do you think Santander has spread it’s risk by buying what it has in other countries?

  7. Geoff

    All Wenger said was Europe was in a financial mess etc, any one that watches the news knew that, bloody obvious.

    I am the one saying Barca or Madrid will go tits up, look on here to see how many won’t have it.

    For some reason they believe the income they get will ward that off, see what happens when the income dries up, the fans stop going, the tax goes up and the loans are called in.

    Trust me, its coming!

  8. Geoff

    That Swiss ramble should just be called ramble. It show that one made money on player trading and one made a small loss, what piffle.

    Where does it show there massive debts? I couldn’t see it.

    So what Deloitte were all wrong were they? Ha, ha suckers.

  9. BillikenGooner

    Not being an economist, I have the sinking feeling that if Barca and Real go tits up, the economies everywhere will be so crappy that Arsenal and the fans won’t be in any real position to take advantage or even enjoy it.

  10. gambon


    Theres more chance of the fans disappearing at Arsenal than at the Spanish giants.

    Bade, you do realise that a country in troble doesnt mean every single business in that country is fucked dont you?

  11. Mayank

    Arteta is so close to being top, top class it’s not funny. As far as DMs go I rate Pirlo, Khedira and Busquets above him, haven’t seen Javi Martinez. the rest either don’t have as much defensive responsibility or as much play-making responsibility.

    Certainly the best ball playing DM in the PL.

    Like I said a bit more physically dominant and we’d have a MF to rival any.

  12. SaladFingers

    Thanks geoff, its an interesting thing! Maybe you should do a post about rambles rambling, create some inter blog warefare!! cheers for your comments:) interesting to see if your predictions come true!!!

  13. Kripakar Marur

    About Real and Barca

    Spanish economy bombing will affect them. But they won’t go bankrupt. Their revenue streams will be eroded slowly. In the long term, they will lose ground to their European rivals. But they will still be top clubs. Probably won’t have the massive advantage in revenue they have over European rivals now.

  14. SpanishDave

    Spain is in real deep shite, with the VAT going up 13% on ticket prices. Barca and RM owe the banks a billion euros or more. Barca have not paid us for cecs or song as they take up to 4 years to pay for players. I t took RM five years to pay 25 mil for becks.
    No one is paying taxes here it us all cash tonavoid VAT ( IVA )
    Valencia stadium is hslf built and work is stopped as they have no money left.
    Things are bad here believe it

  15. Bade

    Mayank, Gambon

    Arteta isn’t the best in the business, but since joining us he’s showing he’s one of the top midfielders in his new roles.

    Astonishingly I think he’s doing fairly better as DM deep lying CM than he did as a CAM

  16. Mayank

    Gambon, not true at all.

    Camp Nou
    Capacity – 99354, Average attendance – 78340

    Capacity – 85454, Avg. attnd – 74836

    Capacity – 60361, Avg, attnd – 60000

    Capacity – 75765 , Avg attnd. – 75387



    Now unless there’s a difference in policy re reporting the numbers, it looks like EPL clubs are much better supported.

  17. Kripakar Marur


    On a European level, he is not elite. But he is one of the better cm/dm in the EPL right now. Only Yaya, Scholes better than him. Cabaye and probably Dembele in a similar level.

  18. Max85

    Lee Probert reffing our match tomorrow. He’s only officiated 3 of our matches in the last two years, those were:

    Wigan 2-2 Arsenal
    Arsenal 0-1 Man City
    Fulham 2-1 Arsenal


  19. Bade


    Of course I do, bit don’t think it won’t have an effect

    Just last summer we had some kind of “public protest” to bring prices down (basically it all started to some diary products pay raises), that resulted an immediate decrease in income from commercials in all fronts

    In a space of a year, we have the 2nd largest newspaper going broke now & up for sale to save what reminded of it & the 2nd rated TV channel almost broke, unable to pay his debts as a consequence

    Don’t underestimate the effect of one failing element in a sequence

    Look how much damage one element in Arsenal sequence (The manager) caused in the last few years

  20. Mayank

    If you take the top two out,

    Average attendance in England = 30,924

    Average attendance in Spain = 24,804

    Doesn’t mean anything just some numbers.

  21. Kripakar Marur


    I feel that in a few years, once the Spanish economy collapses, Barca and Real will be pushing for a European Super League. Irrespective of what happens to Barca and Real, the decline of La Liga is inevitable.

  22. Mayank


    Yaya, Scholes, Cabaye, Dembele and Arteta are like five totally different players. No real point comparing anything but the level they play at.

  23. Bade

    Mayank, interesting stuff

    But the question is what’s the capacities of the others stadiums

    It’s also a matter of a capacity not attendance

    For a certain level, the more the average attendance is close to the average capacity the more it’s telling who’s the more attractive to fans

  24. gambon

    Lol Mayank

    1- You have completely ignored the point i was making.
    2- We dont get that many, i assume you havent been to the emirates in the last 2 years.

  25. Kripakar Marur


    All five of them are parts of a double pivot. But I concede that the defensive and distributing responsibilities are shared differently in their respective partnerships.

  26. Max85

    Krip – never been on Untold, so dunno what their interpretation of is. I do remember the games though and Probert was an absolute cock, especially in the Fulham game last season.

    Still, now that we don’t have Song lumbering around fouling everyone who moves faster than snail pace we should be in a slightly better position.

  27. Kripakar Marur


    Untold interpretation – The FA, UEFA and Referees collude to prevent Arsenal from winning the quadruple every season. Even Abou Diaby’s own goal against Man Utd was due to the referee.

  28. Mayank


    The attendances are based on tickets sold. The Spanish giants are showing a considerable gap in capacity and seats sold. The English giants are selling their quota easily. It doesn’t matter that some don’t turn up as long as we get the money.

    So it makes statement “There’s more chance of the fans disappearing at Arsenal than at the Spanish giants.” in opposition to the trend clearly visible.

    Fact is Arsenal and Utd fans are turning up while the Spanish aren’t. If the economy gets worse so will the attendances.

  29. Mayank

    Where are people getting this info about the players Barca haven’t paid for.
    Not doubting the info but it seems wierd that something like that would be allowed to happen if it wasn’t already agreed upon.

  30. Bade

    Not that I know it for a fact, but I guess most of the attendance announcement based on ticket sales and not on actual attendees

    It’s just that with Arsenal in the last couple of seasons the gap between actual spectators & sold tickets was always growing bigger & the announcement became more & more ridiculous

  31. gambon

    Ha Mayank you are talking absolute bollocks

    The attendance at Madrid/Barca is much higher than 5 years ago.

    At Arsenal, you definitely cant say the same.

  32. Bade

    “most of the attendance announcement based on ticket sales and not on actual attendees”

    * I meant not only in the Emirtaes, but also in other stadiums

  33. Mayank


    Why are you ignoring the fact there are more unsold seats for the Spanish giants and Arsenal and Utd have almost never had tickets up on general sale?

    If tickets get more expensive in Spain and the economy gets worse the gap will increase. Also, the poorer the La Liga gets the lesser TV money there will be for Barca and Madrid to suck up.

    At Arsenal or Utd I don’t see the gap growing considerably for the near future unless we fall out of the top 4. TV money is also only going to increase as can be seen.

  34. gambon


    Barcelona – Average 78000
    Arsenal – Average about 55000

    What is so hard to understand.


    Barcas attendance is significantly higher than 5 years ago, Arsenals is falling yearly.

    So whos is trouble in terms of attendances? Not Barca.

  35. Cesc Appeal


    I agree on the Lopez rumours, Wenger see’s a £15 Million investment as getting world class. I think he’ll buy him and play him RW with Giroud ST and Poldy LW as per usual.

    I sincerely hope your Fabregas idea is right, surely if we haven’t been paid we can take him back – they either stump up the funds or we reclaim what the item they entered into contract with us over.

    They can keep Song however.

    Can you imagine that??
    Sagna Mert Verm Gibbs
    JW Arteta Cazorla
    Fabregas Giroud Poldy

    Subs: Lopez, Walcott, Chambo, Gerv, Kozza, Diaby (lol), Mannone

    Shouldn’t get my hopes up but I can’t help it, Cesc is one of my most beloved Arsenal players, and there is always an air of unfinished business with him

  36. Max85

    Cesc Appeal – you’d play Cesc on the right wing? Surely have Cesc in the middle and Santi on the right in a Nasri-type creative forward role.

  37. Cesc Appeal


    You’re the money man, are Barcelona not tied up in the banks of Spain etc….will they be watching these monetary integration summits by the EU as keenly as any government in the EU?

    I mean if it’s going to happen then let’s get in and clean up! Surely only our own and the German leagues are safe then, them and the Scandinavian leagues who’s countries don’t have money concerns

  38. Mayank


    “Barcelona – Average 78000
    Arsenal – Average about 55000What is so hard to understand.[citation needed]


    Barcas attendance is significantly higher than 5 years ago, Arsenals is falling yearly.[citation needed]”

    We’re selling our quota. Utd are selling their quota. Tickets sold for both clubs are the same as 5 years ago +-50. Barca and Madrid have never managed to sell their quota and will find it even harder in the future.

  39. Cesc Appeal


    I think though Cazorla’s ball retention is more useful there and you can utilize Cesc’s killer pass instinct threading into the box fromt he right….with licence to drift obviously

  40. andy

    thomas 76 per ticket is not profit, you have to calculated match day costs too … stewards, guys at the bars, cleaners …. I would think we make a profit of 30 something per ticket. so it´s approximately half of your mentioned above 50million something … if you are up to date you know our commercial deals are quite weak so we lose 40 – 50 million to other top teams (I know gambon we are not a top team anymore) so if everything goes perfectly we are even compared to our rivals … although we are below generally

  41. Waldi

    You seriously think a company that focuses their energies on this (maybe next) quarter to give a rats arse about potential revenue that they will not see in 5, 10, or 15 years out?

    Not happening.

  42. BOOZY

    Max85 i believe the ref body look at those record before deciding who to pick.

    the refs get the message when they are sent out.

    They don’t expressly tell a ref go and cheat, they go out knowing what is expected of them. The cover up is clever, but will in bust one day.

    I am very very very sure there has/is a corrupt system in the ref body.

  43. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    i disagree with you on cesc, he is too slow to play up front.

    plus a man who strops aboiut like that to get his move, aint wanted back.

    whats the old expression never go back….

  44. ethan_gunner

    i think we could do more with spending cescs money !

    plus , our style of play worked well for cesc, hes a great player sure ..

    but its like having RVP back after he’s been to the manc’s


  45. Dave Junia

    The reason why we could announce Poldi / buy him / etc is because German xfer rules are different? I remember being told that when I asked on Twitter. Else, it would have been tapping up.

    I’d like to see Arshavin in the middle today. Santi needs a rest. Norwich are our easiest opponents for the next few weeks on paper.

  46. LB

    I’m surprised that there is even a debate about the fact that Barca and Madrid are in trouble. Considert this, Madrid bought Kaka and Ronaldo with Eur250m in loans from Bankia, which is now taking bailouts from teh ECB, using Kaka and Ronaldo as securities amongst othee securities. This is why in the summer there was no transfer activity from either club. Spain has 25% unemployment and the whole country is bankrupt, including many municipalities. Remember also that municipalities have historically been funders for the football clubs, but no chance of that now. And why do you think Spain’s game against I think Belarus (stand corrected) was not televised? Unimaginable, right? Well, the broadcasters decided not to spend the money. Spain is in shit and so are Barca and Madrid.

  47. Geoff

    LB I totally agree with you, some people think football and footballers are untouchable, they couldn’t be more wrong.

  48. Kow Donkoh

    We made -Arsene out of nothing .Di Mateo has emerged out of no where so why can’t we create a new coach and drop this stubborn Arsene who has nothing to offer this great club ,can all the fans decide to boycot a match and leave the stands empty in protest against the continuing existence of this stubborn millionaire .