Watching England will soon be like watching Arsenal. Anyone fancy Suárez?

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Jenkinson choosing England over Finland is indeed good news, not for Finland but for us, it reminds me of the day under George Graham when we had 6 Arsenal players in the England team.

We now have Gibbs, Jenkinson, Theo, Oxo and Jack Wilshere in the England set up so if Afobe steps up we may well be back there next season, good times indeed!

So next year International breaks won’t be so bad will they!

Isn’t it funny that all the players that leave us and don’t do well can’t stop talking about us. Whereas Robin goes, lights up the world and we hear nothing, that shows in his mind he made the right choice.

Song has been gone 10 minutes and he’s already banging on about his father figure, Wenger. Well Alex, if he was such a father figure, why did you leave him? What a rotten kid you turned out to be!

I wonder what its like going to a country as a ruba-dub and playing in empty, non atmospheric stadiums, ha, ha he’ll be finding out when he gets a game!

I honestly think players do that to cover their tracks, to leave themselves a way back when things go wrong, most people that leave Arsenal regret it, not just in the Wenger years but all the way back to Bertie Mee.

I think about the players we lost over the years, Kennedy, Brady, Stapleton, Thomas, Rocastle, Merson, Anelka, Hleb, Petit, Stepanovs, Bischoff, Overmars, Vieira, Henry, Adebayor, Cesc, Nasri, and now Robin. Some list eh!

There is talk about Sturridge today, in some weird swap deal with Walcott, sorry I can’t see that happening and to be honest it doesn’t fill me with any excitement.

Bendtner coming back in January is another dud but don’t get suicidal, there is no way that would ever happen. And Kevin Prince-Boateng on the radar is a nasty rumour.

Other rumours about Guardiola taking over from Wenger next year have more credence than us signing Falcao but I still believe that Wenger will be around forever and that Falcao has as much chance as signing for us as Santa sliding down my chimney this Christmas, a complete non story that one.

I talked yesterday about Llorente, the chance of him coming is more likely because of his price but only if we can get shot of Chamakh, otherwise that won’t happen.

I have to say though that Diaby is once again proving to be a disaster, how long do we keep waiting, I had hoped upon hope that this would be his breakthrough season but he is yet again proving his weediness, very disappointing I’m afraid and time to seriously consider letting him go, it’s not that he’s not good enough, it’s that he is standing in the way of bringing in a decent replacement.

Francisco Suárez (Isco) is a player I really like but only if we sold Arshavin. As an ex team mate of Cazorla it may work out well, he is a local boy and may not want to leave, but you never know.

Song was always the weak link for me, him going has proved we are a better team without him, sadly I think the same about Diaby and I say sadly because I think he is a major talent, a bit like Owen Hargreaves and Ledley King. A luxury we can ill afford. Fellaini would make an able replacement but there’s as much chance of that as there is of Falcao and to be honest I’m not even sure we need to replace Diaby.

I wonder what we’d be like if we played Arshavin in the middle, with or without Cazorla you know in a rotational midfield, give players a break without losing the talent? We seem to be doing it accidentally with Theo and Oxo, maybe it will keep the team fresh and on its toes, just a thought.

I do think its time to use Giroud though, a battering ram against Norwich and time to give him a run, if we don’t he’ll lose confidence like Chamakh did, don’t forget for a while Chamakh did the business, not for long I’ll give you that, but he did it for a while, Giroud though for me is a different animal and would benefit from game time.

I don’t like the Santos rumours because I like the bloke, but if he really isn’t happy not being first choice then we have to think about our options, I like Yennaris but he’s a right back, I liked Vertonghen as a centreback and cover but as I said yesterday, Sakho would tick the boxes for me, whatever we do we need to be decisive, the rumours start to niggle then they become a problem, if a players isn’t happy then let him go, if indeed the stories are true.

Pedro and I had a few sherbets last night and thought we were going to see the England game in the bar, talk about disappointing! Almost as bad as not seeing Arsenal until Saturday, oh well Grovers, not long now.

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  1. Marko

    Koscielny had a decent game with Sahko at the back the Pedro challenge aside and good news for us that Giroud’s confidence seems to be on the up

  2. Bennydevito


    Yes, I do remember Sabeel posting before the post went live – how did he do that? And indeed that did bring forth accusations of foul play. I remember that email scam thing you said amongst others… Some people moan about you now but Jesus the stuff you used to say! And yes Qos hasn’t been on here for ages.

  3. azzberg

    Koscielny had good game?
    He’s lucky Lloris saved that penalty!
    That guy acts before thinks, and that sometimes makes him look stupid

  4. Bade

    I can’t & I don’t want to hide my pleasure of Cesc missing a penalty yesternight

    Hahaha the Cunt.

    Kozzer made a rubbish tackle there, to be honest

    Mertesacker was good despite the 4 goals Germany conceded. But Badstuber was awful really, you can blame him directly of 3 of the goals when he lost his man time & time again

  5. Pedro

    Leedsgunner, I understand what you’re saying… but think about it, you’re playing for a club with a monster turnover… why would you bother yourself about the deal they got for you… especially if you half the reason you’re going is because they never spend the fee anyway!