Watching England will soon be like watching Arsenal. Anyone fancy Suárez?

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Jenkinson choosing England over Finland is indeed good news, not for Finland but for us, it reminds me of the day under George Graham when we had 6 Arsenal players in the England team.

We now have Gibbs, Jenkinson, Theo, Oxo and Jack Wilshere in the England set up so if Afobe steps up we may well be back there next season, good times indeed!

So next year International breaks won’t be so bad will they!

Isn’t it funny that all the players that leave us and don’t do well can’t stop talking about us. Whereas Robin goes, lights up the world and we hear nothing, that shows in his mind he made the right choice.

Song has been gone 10 minutes and he’s already banging on about his father figure, Wenger. Well Alex, if he was such a father figure, why did you leave him? What a rotten kid you turned out to be!

I wonder what its like going to a country as a ruba-dub and playing in empty, non atmospheric stadiums, ha, ha he’ll be finding out when he gets a game!

I honestly think players do that to cover their tracks, to leave themselves a way back when things go wrong, most people that leave Arsenal regret it, not just in the Wenger years but all the way back to Bertie Mee.

I think about the players we lost over the years, Kennedy, Brady, Stapleton, Thomas, Rocastle, Merson, Anelka, Hleb, Petit, Stepanovs, Bischoff, Overmars, Vieira, Henry, Adebayor, Cesc, Nasri, and now Robin. Some list eh!

There is talk about Sturridge today, in some weird swap deal with Walcott, sorry I can’t see that happening and to be honest it doesn’t fill me with any excitement.

Bendtner coming back in January is another dud but don’t get suicidal, there is no way that would ever happen. And Kevin Prince-Boateng on the radar is a nasty rumour.

Other rumours about Guardiola taking over from Wenger next year have more credence than us signing Falcao but I still believe that Wenger will be around forever and that Falcao has as much chance as signing for us as Santa sliding down my chimney this Christmas, a complete non story that one.

I talked yesterday about Llorente, the chance of him coming is more likely because of his price but only if we can get shot of Chamakh, otherwise that won’t happen.

I have to say though that Diaby is once again proving to be a disaster, how long do we keep waiting, I had hoped upon hope that this would be his breakthrough season but he is yet again proving his weediness, very disappointing I’m afraid and time to seriously consider letting him go, it’s not that he’s not good enough, it’s that he is standing in the way of bringing in a decent replacement.

Francisco Suárez (Isco) is a player I really like but only if we sold Arshavin. As an ex team mate of Cazorla it may work out well, he is a local boy and may not want to leave, but you never know.

Song was always the weak link for me, him going has proved we are a better team without him, sadly I think the same about Diaby and I say sadly because I think he is a major talent, a bit like Owen Hargreaves and Ledley King. A luxury we can ill afford. Fellaini would make an able replacement but there’s as much chance of that as there is of Falcao and to be honest I’m not even sure we need to replace Diaby.

I wonder what we’d be like if we played Arshavin in the middle, with or without Cazorla you know in a rotational midfield, give players a break without losing the talent? We seem to be doing it accidentally with Theo and Oxo, maybe it will keep the team fresh and on its toes, just a thought.

I do think its time to use Giroud though, a battering ram against Norwich and time to give him a run, if we don’t he’ll lose confidence like Chamakh did, don’t forget for a while Chamakh did the business, not for long I’ll give you that, but he did it for a while, Giroud though for me is a different animal and would benefit from game time.

I don’t like the Santos rumours because I like the bloke, but if he really isn’t happy not being first choice then we have to think about our options, I like Yennaris but he’s a right back, I liked Vertonghen as a centreback and cover but as I said yesterday, Sakho would tick the boxes for me, whatever we do we need to be decisive, the rumours start to niggle then they become a problem, if a players isn’t happy then let him go, if indeed the stories are true.

Pedro and I had a few sherbets last night and thought we were going to see the England game in the bar, talk about disappointing! Almost as bad as not seeing Arsenal until Saturday, oh well Grovers, not long now.

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  1. Leedsgunner

    Just like we have given the defence a shakeup with Bould coming in, may I suggest the next big shake up has to be in the scouting & legal departments. Like I said, if the club genuinely believes that we cannot compete with the Chelseas and the Man Citys of this world… we need to:
    1. spot top talent earlier
    2. having done (1) we need to learn to close the deals quickly and more clinically. No use scouting top talent for two years only for the rest of Europe to catch on and snatch it away from us… frankly it’s starting to become hazardous to my football watching pleasure.

    Along with this shakeup we need to reassess our academy. Why? Do we need to poach from the Barcas and the Real Madrids of this world if we can produce them at home. I remember Wenger saying when he came in that developing youth was his priority.. and it would take 10 years. Clearly he’s done that with youth from overseas — but my question is besides Jack, are there any other academy grown talent that has broken through to the first team? Or is this another broken promise of Wenger?

    Honestly, how they could make the statement “we can’t compete” whilst announcing large warchests every year I cannot understand. It is completely hypocritical and illogical… and it makes the club look foolish.

  2. Nathan Dale

    Kennedy, Brady, Stapleton, Thomas, Rocastle, Merson, Anelka, Hleb, Petit, Stepanovs, Bischoff, Overmars, Vieira, Henry, Adebayor, Cesc, Nasri, and Robin…

    Who are these players? I’d never heard of them until I just read their names on here.

  3. bazza

    I also like Francisco Suárez, but it’s probably too soon for him to leave Malaga (he only joined in July 2011). It’s interesting that Malaga play him on the left although he is right footed, it tends to make him a one trick pony as most of the time he cuts in and crosses with his right foot. He looks like the type of player that would benefit from Wenger coaching. I wouldn’t pay more than £7 – £10 m for him though.

  4. marxdrive


    Geoffrey got a blow-job,
    Geoffrey got a blow-job
    and wrote a good post…………hey
    and wrote a good post……………hey

  5. SDE

    Nathan Dale
    Kennedy, Brady, Stapleton, Thomas, Rocastle, Merson, Anelka, Hleb, Petit, Stepanovs, Bischoff, Overmars, Vieira, Henry, Adebayor, Cesc, Nasri, and Robin…
    Who are these players? I’d never heard of them until I just read their names on here.

    Funniest thing,I’ve heard from a so-called Arsenal fan in years..LOL

    Sorry not taking the proverbial piss,just it’s hilarious,especially if you’re meant to be an Arsenal follower..

  6. DUIFG

    Arsh plays one decent game in the middle against cov) and you want to base a team around hime, farce! Caz is magic you don’t go dropping him. fellaini is a decent shout and i think we should make it happen,

    A 4 of caz artet, wilsh and fellaini, has not throwing the towel in during feb written all over it!

  7. marxdrive


    I’m not Arsh’s biggest fan but if you look at all his recent performances playing through the middle (here and in Russia). There is a good case for giving him the easier games like Norwich, to give Caz a rest. The last thing we need, late on in the season is for our best player to get injured.

  8. bazza

    Santos a winger? What a great idea!!!
    Come on have you ever watched him play? He has zero pace – nice bloke though

  9. AJ

    Agree with marx, we must rest Cazorla.
    Fellaini we should have, instead of Diaby. What’s the use really of having him? Two good games and he is gone.

  10. Northbanker

    ssuming Nathan Dale is joking although I don’t get it at all

    ND – come back on and tell us how far your knowledge of Arsenal goes back. I sort of get Brady and Stapleton (but childhood heroes of mine so sacrilegious to even say that) and get the wonderful inclusions of Stepanovs and Bischoff – but Henry, Vieira, Cesc and Robin -come on and explain your joke

  11. marxdrive


    I agree he’s not quick enough to play in our 4-3-3, as that relies on the wingers providing great support to the striker.

    But as the season goes on and teams learn to nullify our formation, switching to a 4-4-2 with Theo as the second striker would allow for slower wingers, with more defensive responsibility.

  12. BOOZY

    arsenal sack pat holland. when this guy was appointed, i made my opinion known. I thought he was too old for such job. Well the guy has been abysmal, so he was sacked.
    Yet we replace him with another old cargo with no future in management. Like i said then, wenger is afraid of competition from inside, which is why he keeps employing all these relics. The guy has so much influence in the club. I can’t understand how a manager who is such a failure can have so much influence in a club.

  13. BOOZY

    And when a player says this guy was like a father to me, it’s not always what it means.

    Boardwalk empire.
    A player Jimmy and his family succeeds in throwing nucky in jail. While trying to wrestle nucky’s business from him, by proposing a deal with arnold. Arnold rosthien asks him how’s nucky. Jimmy answers – Nucky is like a father to me.

  14. DUIFG

    I really think Arsh has pissed on his chips with weng, guy hasn’t even made the bench most weeks. He will be gone soon,

    We need a like for like replacement for Diaby, when he plays he brings a lot to our play through his sheer size along with his decent feet.

  15. Cartoon Gooner

    Bade, we don’t need to give Santos or anybody more playing time. I’m sick and tired of hearing that sh*t! In the end, they either want to leave when they become world beaters or they turn out to be duds. I say we only play those who deserve a chance and not because we have a crush on them over some bullsh*t speed racing with the cops! Everyone and their grandma want to take advantage of Arsenal these days… I say f*ck that!

  16. Mayank

    Long time indeed.

    Same old, same old here.

    Infuriating arguments between people not willing to concede anything. The usual. The old regulars have vanished though.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    Leighton Baines?

    With all this Cole moving talk it would be the perfect time to snatch him up quickly….I know Arsenal don’t do quickly but now would be a good time to change.

    I’ve always said I wanted Ba, though that Lopez looks a fox int he box type striker we’re missing – though it’s safer to buy from the Premiership

  18. bazza

    @ Boozy

    “And when a player says this guy was like a father to me, it’s not always what it means.Boardwalk empire.
    A player Jimmy and his family succeeds in throwing nucky in jail. While trying to wrestle nucky’s business from him, by proposing a deal with arnold. Arnold rosthien asks him how’s nucky. Jimmy answers – Nucky is like a father to me.”

    You didn’t mention that a few episodes later, Jimmy gets zapped by Nucky. Song watch out!

  19. Nathan Dale

    Fuck me guys… I presume you didn’t read yesturdays thread.

    Ben Hardy (AKA Bennydevito) October 15, 2012 13:07:52

    Oh, I’m 40 so I remember lots…
    And I can read so I’ve found out a lot of history from before I was born!!!

  20. Phil

    Less than 20 games and already bought into the english squad!
    Jenkinson may well turn out to be a very good Intenational fullback, but now?
    Well at least he will get a big salary increase and a 5 deal bumping him from 20k to 50k?

  21. GoonerM

    Lol @ Bischoff what a mug Wenger was.
    Song Bilong can f off I’ve forgotten he was at our club typical mercenary

  22. chopper4001

    Re: AA23, the shame has always been that he hasn’t been played in the centre. I thought last season (pre-Cazorla) he would have been excellent there, even out of form.

    What are peoples opinion of Rosicky? I like the guy. On his day he’s brilliant and we look a really good outfit with him (playing well) in the team. But is an achilles injury at his age basically a death knell on his career?

    Can we rely on him to be our second AM option (which is surely what AW is looking at)?

  23. chopper4001

    So where do you play him? DO you even play him (either first or second string), or is that just the end of it for him?

  24. andy

    gambon to be fair to rosicky he was essential to our 3rd place finish last year … had some good games … not really consistent but a good 2nd choice for me – and I have to say I don´t think there´s any body 30+ who turns as fast as he does … I would be happy to see him starting 8 – 12 games in EPL + some sub appearances – CC and FA cup can be played by gnabry? or maybe the ox?

    jenkinson 50k? well if you are honest he looks like one of the top 3 right backs in the league … paying him less than that for 5 years would be more shocking to me tbh. I just wonder if he starts to score anytime soon. would be nice if he can score 2 – 4 goals a season but I don´t see how that will work to be honest 😛

  25. andy

    I don´t know what you think of that guys but I would be happy if international breaks extend … let´s say just twice a season but 3 weeks each – 5 or 6 games. we can all go on holidays without being afraid of missing something interesting regarding arsenal … love the idea

  26. Johnty79

    Arsenal should wait until the end of the season before giving Jenkin a contract.. I was the only person here who baked him last season…give him a 50 k contract after 10 goodish games is ridiculous when will this club learn. Saying that wenger was on the verge of giving diaby a new 80 k four year deal. At least Jenkin stays fit.

  27. Craigy

    Great post Geoff, really enjoy reading ya posts, I gotta say Ive been so Impressed with jenkinson this season. The first game or two of the season He struggled a bit withrushing his passing no real composure on the ball and that, but fucking hell what a couple Of games does to your confidence, he a been immense, running with the ball, great in possession, not afraid to hold on to the ball and pick the right pass, he’s just really impressed me and his engine is something else he never stops, I’m buzzing for him, and he’s a life long gooner ha ha happy days,

  28. DUIFG

    Andy if we have learnt anything over the last 3 years is that 5-6 good games make a player, lets see a season of cracking form before hands out the djourou sweetie bag to Jenks.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    Djourou planning ‘showdown’ talks with Wenger, i hope he doesn’t cave in and say you’ll be getting playing time.

    We’re starting to get some stability in defence now and we don’t want to ruin it trying to keep everyone happy….especially below par, never going to make the top level players like Djourou.

    I would love to see us tart getting tough with these players, point to players like Song even Fabregas who leave and are bitterly unhappy.

    Right now Van Persie is scoring for fun and earning £250 000 a week of course he’s happy, but look at the United squad, a fearsome attack but an average to poor middle and the same again for the defence.

    I firmly believe we have a better middle by a country mile and a better defence this term, our attack is the only thing lacking and that shows in the table.

    0-0 Sunderland – easily should have won.
    0-0 Stoke – controlled the game should have won.
    1-1 City – excellent game but again should have won with a world class striker.
    2-1 Chelsea – It’s wasy to say with these results but again, a Falcao, Van Persie, Aguero type forward would have had us winning that (Mert playing as well).

    Even if you simply add on 4 points from the two 0-0’s then it becomes obvious.

    We’ve lost to Chelsea, they’ve lost to Everton and Spurs at home!

  30. van

    If England turn out to be anything like Arsenal then we’re in sh*t street
    What the hell has jenkinson done to get England call, sigh!!!
    If its one thing that England have in common with Arsenal is rewarding
    mediocrity an team full of overhyped average footballers

    And that’s why it pains me to say this BUT england will not win anything with this mentality Players need to earn the right to represent their country
    work hard, sweat and tears, that way you always get the very best players mentally and otherwise.
    Not the average thing where you pick a player because he plays 4 good games for his club, RUBBISH!!!
    Yet when england always beats the poor teams BUT when they meet better opposition its a next thing and they play all there friendlies at wembly, go play france in france and germany in germany,

  31. Cesc Appeal

    Couldn’t make it up after all this Bent talk yesterday some sites have us linked with a £12 Million move….no thank you!!

  32. Nasri's Mouth


    If England want to call up Jenkinson then great, it’ll be good experience for him, and he’s not going to be in the 1st 11 yet anyway. I’d agree that we shouldn’t get carried away with him based on his form this season, but it’s looking pretty hopeful so far, and to be fair to him, he looks as though he’s happy to work work work for his position

  33. andy

    I really start to dislike those “the dutch cunt would have scored that” and “with a world class striker we would have won” … he left because he forced the move … every report said it even SAF said he didn´t see any chance of getting him but he forced it so it went through … he is a fucking whore who should have been sent off already twice this season for being such a cunt and elbowing opponents or doing some double foot challenges.
    bringing in a world class striker like falcao or any other doesn´t guarantee you goals from the beginning – maybe you can be sure about some goals within his 4 or 5 year contract but only buying one and thinking he will score in his first 10 games is complete bullshit. who knows whether falcao will have some problems adapting to EPL standards? who knows whether he develops some kind of home sickness? you may not forget he would join a foreign non-speaking-spanish team for the first time … and – like some of you always seem to completely ignore – WHO KNOWS WHETHER HE WOULD REALLY WANT TO JOIN US? the dutch cunt left – AW´s fault. we didn´t buy falcao – AW´s fault. we didn´t buy a world class striker – AW´s fault … some of you seem to think a transfer window can be compared to some kind of fruit store where you can choose to buy bananas or apples … it´s not like that – those fruits have opinions too and – more important – agents who want to earn as much as possible (the dutch guy has earned around 5 million for getting the cunt to mancs). so to get a guy like falcao you have to meet the 45 million buy out clause, 200k a week + another 6 – 8 million for the agent. happy spending, be realistic

  34. Bade

    Cartoon Gooner

    Santos needs more playing time, and it’s a good thing foe the squad, otherwise we’ll be running players into the ground

    Sometimes players need a run to get to their best & I think Santos is decent enough to be in our squad

    If to go by your logic, then Jack would need a year to get into our side …..

  35. Bade

    So, is it the week of crying out cunts, or am I missing something on here?

    Yesterday it was about Song claiming Arsene’s fatherhood upon him

    Today it’s about Cesc claiming had Barca not come, he would have ended his career at Arsenal. As if he never gave them that slime trail to come to us knocking

    What a fucking cunt

    I hope he never wins a league titles. Come on Jose, don’t let that cunt win it

  36. Spud

    Afternoon All,

    Another good post Geoff, how you manage to do it in the middle of this international slumber I do not know!

    Jenkinson has been good recently, but Sagna has a wealth of experience over him so expect to see Bacary back when he’s fully fit. Training with the England squad can only add to the young man’s experiences and should be treated as just that.

    Sahko would be good, Llorente would be good, Isco would be good.
    Kevin Ponce-Boateng would be disastrous he is a despicable creature with no redeeming features.

    All the bleating about ex Arsenal players on skyports today has at least kept me amused at work. Kozzer’s ‘Suarez is a cheat’ article from yesterday made me chuckle. Good on him for saying it how it is!

    That’s enough from me, debating skipping training tonight to watch England. Probably shouldn’t skip excersize and drink beer instead….but its just too tempting!

  37. bankz

    Unfortuanately he is going to win the league this season unless ofc he gets shipped back to us before then….lol.
    I don’t see madrid closing that gap that has been established just after 7 games.

  38. Bennydevito

    Banks, Nathan Dale,

    For your info I’ve been posting on here since about 6 months after this great blog’s inception not like you two bandwagon riders. Ben Hardy is my real name which automatically came up because I hadn’t logged out of Facebook. Also just incase you pair of inbreds hadn’t realized I was on the wind up regarding falcoa and Llorient as the comments were low so I thought I’d spice it up a bit. Didn’t appreciate the abuse though which is against the rules of this blog but seeing as both Geoff and Pedro don’t give a rats arse about the rules why don’t you both fuck off back up your shitty little holes.

  39. bankz

    Bennydevito or Ben or is it Tom Hardy from the shit hole,even with the limited rules in that shithole you crept out from,you’d agree your shitty question deserved some abuse yesterday.
    Glad you’ve got Facebook in your shithole but still wondering how you managed to forget to log out.

  40. Nasri's Mouth

    Bennydevito: Also just incase you pair of inbreds hadn’t realized I was on the wind up regarding falcoa and Llorient as the comments were low so I thought I’d spice it up a bit

    Err…. Falcoa and who ?

  41. Bennydevito

    Banks, no, it didn’t deserve abuse and there was no question , merely a statement. And I hadn’t forgotten to log out of Facebook I had it on another tab as I was chatting to a mate in America. Anyway let’s just forget it now and move on as it’s petty arguments like this that put people off from posting. You’ve said your piece and I’ve said mine. Let’s leave it at that.

  42. Bacaryisgod

    I think Llorient would be better in Dobly. Why would your phone predict a word that doesn’t exist except in typos? Am I missing something here.

    I’ll be coming to England to watch Arsenal vs . Schalke. My six year old son, a huge RVP fan, has asked me to get him a Cazorla shirt. Crisis averted. RVP is but a distant memory now.

  43. Bennydevito


    Sabeel, franchise, Gnarly…. good to see you guys back on here, it’s been a while.. just need lurch le rouge, Queen of suburbia and that old feline raugaj then we’d have a full house and of course Gambon… Hey, remember when Sabeel would get a first every day with his boom like today? People actually believed he had some specialized software or that he was Geoff as Geoff used to write more of the posts back then.

  44. Craigy

    Van…. Have been watching jenkinsons performances of late? If so then. It’s not hard to see why Hodgson has picked him, and the fact he wanted to tie him down to prevent a very promising player opting to join Finland instead, and in my opinion his Performances hasnt been mediocore, they’ve been exceptional considering his experience, he’s gonna be a top player, the first 2 games of the season he was shaky and I wasn’t convinced he was ready, but he’s come along leaps and bounds!

  45. Nathan Dale

    Actually Bennydevito, I haven’t had my say… So here goes.

    Well done for being here from the start, that fact alone means you are better than me. Perhaps Geoff should have stopped any new readers to this blog after you joined, then we “bandwagon riders” wouldn’t exist.

    Anyway, here’s what you posted:
    “Llorent and Falcoa I’ve never even heard apart from on here and know nothing about them – are they even any good or is it more Championship manager dreams and conjecture?”

    You say that you were “on the wind up”, well it worked, and you got a reaction. What are you moaning about? I have said nothing derogatory about you (read yesterdays and todays threads); In fact, if anything, I continued your hilarious “wind up”.

    Sure by doing so, I intimated that it was a statement from someone not very knowledgeable about football… Isn’t that the reaction you wanted?

  46. Bade


    “I don’t see madrid closing that gap that has been established just after 7 games”

    That’s exactly the reason why they can still win it

    Barca were lucky to draw against Real & they will chock at some point

    Oh & Barca has Song as well

    Last time he played they were absolutely lucky to get with a win. In fact they got also a big help from the ref to do so

  47. van

    @ Craigy

    ” he’s gonna be a top player”
    The same thing was said about walcott, pennant, deneilson, Bendtner, and i can go on and on.
    I remember someone saying we’ll regret selling Bendtner, really??? we’ve wasted resources on so many players its a shame, the english players don’t seem to be able to get it at arsenal.
    Now don’t get me wrong jenkinson has look better BUT to start saying he’ll be world class because he’s played a handfull of games well and also taking into consideration what happens to players at arsenal then that’s a risk, hence the reason England have been so unsuccessful so long.
    Take ox for example YES he’s a good player, BUT not the world class player that people keep harping about i can give you videos of guy in brazil and even spain with way better technique and even germany that can’t get a look in.
    The point am making is this, in England people and the media in particular are to quick to brand people world class when the player flops they brush him aside and on to the next, let the player earn the right to be called world class.
    Am an arsenal fan and there is absolutely no pressure on the players to perform players can play rubbish every day and still start the next match, the players that left have confirm this hence the trophy drought one that will continue as long as wenger remains in charge, they may win an fa cup or league BUT the big prizes will continue to evade us because mediocrity is accepted as the best we can do

  48. bankz

    I can’t Barca were lucky to get a draw in the clasico even without defenders they should have beat Madrid.
    They’d surely lose a couple of matches but we know they don’t lose more than three league matches a season and Madrid already lost two(likely to lose more in the next 31 games)
    Song is overrated.
    I can’t remember any ref help but I remember Cesc’s hollywood skills tho’.

  49. Johnny5


    ‘Bade, no we won’t because we’ll sell our 3 best players.’

    It’s ok though becausethe players we will have left will have the mental strength to win the league. An they’ll be the best team wengers ever had lol.

  50. Bennydevito

    Nathan Dale,

    Fair enough, you’ve had your say and yes you’re right maybe the reaction was to be expected. Anyway, can we leave it now? Let’s get back to Arsenal. I bought Arsenal’s greatest ever FA cup goals on DVD last night. I haven’t watched it all yet but who remembers Reyes’s screamer against Chelsea at Highbury? And who can forget Tim Lovejoy – it’s only Ray Parlour – before parlour went on to bang it in from outside the box! Brilliant.

  51. BacaryisGod

    Just caught the winning goal for Japan against France in their recent friendly.

    Nice counter-attack (reminds me of a few goals we’ve had scored against us) but what took my breath away was Koscielny’s sprinting the length of the pitch to try to prevent the goal. See it for yourselves. He might be a little off-form right now, but his desire to get back in the last minute is as impressive as his speed.

  52. Cesc Appeal


    That article first circulated just after City won the league – I wouldn’t believe it, his wages are astronomical and only PSG/Chelsea could manage it

  53. Marko

    Great player Yaya but he’ll stay he just wants a bump. Watch the Brazil game earlier and must say that Paulinho we were linked with in the summer looked very good maybe a raid on him and Damiao in Jan can give us a genuine title push

  54. Bade


    Their equaliser against Sevilla came after a blatant hand ball from Alcantara, that stopped the ball at its track away from him

    Before that Cesc made that cheap cheat to get Sevilla player suspended with red card

    They would have never won it without those major faults. The red was was around the 75th minute & the equaliser was around the 86th minute or so

    As for the Super Classico, Had Benzema scored that chance immediately after Real went 1-0 things would have been much worse for them

    Anyway I can see Barca crumble when the CL deciding stages are on. They just don’t have the depth in their squad to cope with a busy January to April

  55. Bade


    Indeed we have

    That’s the most frustrating thing

    We don’t win trophies because our manager opts not to utilise our full financial potential

    Not even our 50% potential

  56. Bennydevito

    Spain vs France. The dumb polish decided not to close the roof despite heavy rain and now the pitch is unplayable and it’s too wet now to close the roof! It’s a fucking shambles. Why didn’t the ref close the roof a few hours ago?

  57. zeus

    Cesc trying to rebuild bridges.

    The former Gunners captain was believed to have agitated for a move away from the Premier League when he was made aware of Barcelona’s interest, but he says this was not the case, stating his love of London and Arsenal.

    “It was a dream of mine to play for Barca, but I was not bitter at Arsenal,” he said. “On the contrary, I was living somewhere which, for me, was the most beautiful city in the world, I was in an incredible team with a superb coach and supporters I adored.

    “It was not a question of life or death. If Barca had not come in for me, I would have played my whole career at Arsenal. That was certain.”

    Fabregas, 25, has also revealed that he took a cut in pay to move back to Spain in 2011, underlining his dedication to the Catalan club.

    “Yes, there are teams who pay better,” he said. “But it was always clear to me. Either go to Barca or stay at Arsenal. The last thing on my mind was money& I have come to Barca and I earn less.”

  58. sam

    just like chamberlain, jenkinson will play for england bcoz the french n english fa trust arsene wenger. is theo walcott top english winger? nope
    he gets picked coz he plays for arsenal

  59. gambon


    Remember when Sabeel had a comment show up about 1 minute BEFORE the post was uploaded, which made everyone suspicious he was some kind of comment posting software?!

    Also do you remember when i said some guy was a nigerian was an email scammer and everything kicked off?

    Good days on Le Grove

    QoS, i wonder what happened to her? Probably taken her smug “im better than you all” attitude to another site.

  60. Josip Skoblar

    I watched Spain-France 1-1. Great game. I think the French are back. They dominated the Spaniards in the second half. Giroo scored with a lovely header. He had been on the pitch for less than 5 minutes . Keep up the good work, lad!

  61. zeus

    Slightly agree with the Benzema assessment.

    He looked like his ceiling was a bit higher based on form while at Lyon. Top player nevertheless, but I don’t think he will reach the heights that I thought he would.

  62. zeus

    Kozzer has to sort it out.

    Defensive unstability came back to haunt the visitors, as Koscielny clattered into Pedro, with referee Felix Brych not hesitating to award a penalty. Up stepped Cesc Fabregas, whose powerful effort was superbly beating away by Lloris. The Tottenham custodian then produced a fantastic double save to deny Fabregas and Pedro just before the interval as La Roja failed to extend their advantage.

  63. gnarleygeorge9

    G’day Franchise 🙂

    Wow! half time Deutschland 3-0 Sweden, What a come back 😯 for 4-4.

    😳 that brings back Geordie memories 🙁