Bad news for Theo | Promising game from Chamberlain

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Good morning Grovers! I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday morning. England fans will be over the moon after watching their country take out European superstars San Marino last night.

I actually had the pleasure of a ticket. I sat in Club Wembley and I’m pleased to report that the view was pretty spectacular. Getting into the ground was a ball ache, the trains are incredibly slow and the walk to stadium isn’t exactly Arsenal distance.

The game was a bit hit and miss. The way we knock the ball around is quite pedestrian. All those calling for Baines at Arsenal should have taken note of his performance last night, far from impressive.

On the Arsenal front, Theo Walcott found himself clattered in a crumpled heap early on in the match. He was stretchered off to hospital with broken ribs. The challenge from the keeper way over the top, I’ve no idea how he escaped punishment there.

On the more upbeat front, Chambo had the best game I’ve seen him partake in for a while. He knocked the ball around really well and sat at the heart of most of our good movement. Just as it was looking like he wasn’t going to make the score sheet, he slotted home into the top corner right at the end. A fine way to cap off an evening!

Getting out of Wembley, now there’s a disaster. It took an hour and a half to get back to central. All that investment and no one thought about the trains.

In Arsenal news, I can’t muster up much to talk about. Bordeaux are throwing Chamakh his 14th lifeline of the past two years. Not sure it’s going to be accepted until he’s drained every last pound from his current deal.

Outside that, we’re running on football news fumes!

Have a great day everyone!

P.S You gotta read this story to believe it. Liverpool class.

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  1. Geoff

    What a fucking pussy, stretchered off the pitch, ambulance to Hospital plus an overnight with a suspected broken rib.


  2. andy

    international break … why is qualifying for competition you are unable to win important? I don´t get it … spain, italy, germany, netherlands, brazil, argentinia, england, france OK but why the rest? even if they can go to brazil they don´t have any chance to win it … they should stay at their clubs and doing some friendlies for the fans

  3. Max85

    Good post, Theo’s way down the pecking order anyway – would rather give Gnabry and Miyaichi (if he were with us) some game time. No great loss.

    Very much enjoyed reading Kwiks youtube fuelled rampage from yesterdays comments, highly recommend if anyone is getting bored shitless by the interlull!

  4. Thorough

    I believe Chamberlain’s drop in form since his first game has been down to Wenger and Hodgson doing, or undoing. The youngman is almost utterly confused. Right wing, left wing, central midfield, even against AC he played Defensive midfield. Stop effing up with this young man please! Give him a role and stick to it so that he can improve and consolidate. Wenger out! I wont get tired of saying that btw.

  5. Nasri's Mouth

    People love to knock Walcott. He’s not a brilliant player for sure but he’s currently a better bet than both Gnabry and Ryo, who incidentally is hardly getting much playing time at Wigan…

  6. Max85

    Nasri’s Mouth – agreed, at least in terms of the outputs Theo gives us, i.e. decent goal return rate. However, it’s so infuriating to watch the same old trick of him trying to knock it past the defender and either a) play the ball directly into the defender, b) knock the ball past but run into the defender, or c) knock the bal past the defender and out of play. He’s not getting any better, which is concerning.

    I think Gnabry and Ryo both have more potential and a better technical level than Theo, and would like to see them given a shot out wide.

    On another note, what do people make of Zaha? Not seen him on a regular basis, but looks a bit like Victor Moses in his style of play. Worth a shot or should we be aiming higher?

  7. Nasri's Mouth


    Gnabry may well end up a better player in the future but he’s a season away at least, not so sure about Ryo, he doesn’t seem to be improving massively. As for Theo, I’d say his final ball (as the pundits say) has improved a fair bit in the last 12 months. A season or 2 ago, you’d put your money on him missing a 1 on 1, now he’s much more likely to put it away. He may not have many tricks, but when he can and does utilise what he has got, he’s very good

  8. Fuckit4thwilldo?

    Careful Rich, he has a picture of a bear next to his name….

    I’m a bit gutted Theo got injured last night, he’s looked decent recently when he’s come on, got a couple of goals, hasn’t bitched.

    Probably wouldn’t call him a pussy for taking a full size human to the chest!

  9. andy

    didnt see the wales game but the highlights indicate ramsey was shocking … he didnt seem to care that much about his missed chip for example … I wonder if stripping of the captaincy did him well
    regarding ryo … I am a big fan of him but it´s obvious he is not as good as I and others thought he is … ok he still has more or less a whole season left to proof me wrong – I think he´s number 4 in wigan´s pecking order behind di santo (he is really good), kone and maloney. if he doesn´t get in the team by training hard he may get when one of those three will be injured. then he has to take his chance … he has to be an absolute starter for wigan when he rejoins us otherwise he won´t have any chance

  10. Johnny5

    International football is boring as hell can’t wait for the prem to be back.

    Walcott injury is bad news for the club but i kinda don’t really care gerv is in form and we still hav the ox so we don’t have to panic

  11. michael

    watched ireland v germany last night, mert started didnt have to do much,podolski came on as a sub late on

    we could do worse thann sign the likes of shmelzer and kroos and we missed out on a real quality player in reus

  12. charles

    Totally off topic but while there is a low post count I want to put it out there that when Wilshere comes back to full fitness Giroud will start banging them in. I want to say this now so I can say I told you so to all the Giroud doubters.

  13. Samir

    Anyone see what Bale did to Scotland last night?
    This guy is fucking amazing!

    I’d spend our whole transfer budget on him!!
    Class act!

    ————-Back 5——

  14. Spud

    Bale should definitely bore off to league where diving and play acting is the norm. As much as I dont want to see him get a big break, a 40/50M transfer to Madrid is blatantly going to happen. (Can you imagine being a full back and being told, ‘today you’ll face Bale or Ronaldo. Take your pick.)

    He is undoubtedly a good player, but he is also a giant monkey faced twat.

  15. Nick

    Everybody else see that lead as well then 😆

    Bale is a divving fucker and his goal was hit and hope spud fucker if he played for arsenal that would have been a blatent penalty and a world class strike but he dont so his a cheating lucky welsh spud twat 😀

  16. Samir masri

    Bale is an arsenal fan also. But it is also likely for him to sign for us. And spuds fans would crucify him for joining us.

  17. Samir

    Imagine if we’d of got Bale for 3M in January!
    What could have been…
    For both laughing at the Spurs fans and glory reasons!!

  18. kwik fit

    Just watching a Bale interview on Football focus.
    Why can’t the interviewer ask the question everyone wants to know………. How much was the ear tuck?

  19. Cesc Appeal

    ‘All those who call for Baines, I hope you took note of his performance last night.’

    So you wouldn’t have Wayne Rooney at Arsenal because of his frequent below par performances for England.

    Leighton Baines has destroyed the Premier League so far this season, Kyle Walker had an awful game last night as well and that’s someone I rate quite a lot as a RB.

    Baines or Gibbs/Santos? Easy one for me.

    Actually watching how bad Walker was last night I bet Woy must have been thinking he’d like to see Jenks play – perfect game

  20. Bade

    Chamakh, interviewed at his condo two years from now, while smoking his Shisha pipe:

    “Reporter: So why didn’t you leave Arsenal once you were demoted out of the 1st team picking order?
    Marouane, After taking his time to smoke out the Hookah: Well, it was only natural for me to draw conclusions & leave to other clubs. But, admittedly, the night life of London was so great, & I had a contract too good to turn down. I thank Arsenal for letting me sort out my financial future. Now I can buy as much hair gel as I wish, & smoke Shisha pipe with my pals”

  21. Arsenal1886-2006

    That Liverpool thing is mental! love the bits about the journos, bunch of wankers.

    Pleased to say I didn’t watch the England match last night (England matches are for troglodytes from oop norf to have a day away from ‘t pit’). Watched the Geeermans instead, awesome display.

  22. Cesc Appeal

    That new Bond Girl Bérénice Marlohe is a bit of alright as well, something very Mila Kunis about her as well….though Mila Kunis’ eyes are out of this world

  23. Josip Skoblar

    Who said the French don’t have a sense of humour?… A FFF clip about France and the WC in Brasil. See the end…

  24. Ateeb

    Theo is a far better player than either Ox or Bale for that matter. His tracking back might not be good, but he assisted enough last season to merit a start this season. In European games he’s an ideal player to have in the squad. And he only started producing last season, before he has been relegated to the bench, because Arsene’s a t*at when it comes to wages. It’s become quite clear, that he stands with the board and not with his player. No wonder, every member of the so called project youth, told him to ‘F*ck *off’ and rightly so.

    Theo should be signed up, to have any chance of winning the Carling/FA cup this season. Otherwise, Arsene will run the 3-4 good players we have to the ground, by january and we’ll be out of steam for the final run in.

  25. Josip Skoblar

    I watched an awful French side lose against Japan yesterday. Benzema and Giroud were wasteful, but very good game for Debuchy and Sakho. I’ve said for a long time that these two would be good for Arsenal.

  26. Ateeb

    If Theo leaves, that means the most productive players of last season have been sold so we can earn profits in the sixth year running. Robin, Song, and Theo were the most productive players, and that a** got rid of them, and added three more, while we clearly needed Santi, Podolski and giroud, ALONG WITH Robin Song and Theo. (If you take into account that we finished 3rd with 19 points adrift). We needed to strengthen not balance. But with that lunatic in charge, we’ve marginally strengthened (that’s because we were shit to begin with). We’re still a country mile behind other big clubs in th league.

    Who sells the world’s most lethal striker for £24m? Only Arsene!

  27. scott quiller

    Got to say i broke my ribs on a night out on the piss more than ten years ago ,by running (falling)down an inbankment and landing on railings. I went to bed in some pain numbed by the amount of alcohol i had consumed,woke up the next day went to the docs and all i got was a few painkillers! Speaking of pain this international break is a real one in tha arse can’t wait untill the REAL football starts again!

  28. Ateeb

    Stop being an Arsene clone. Stop thinking about freaking money all the time. If Silva’s getting paid 170k that shows where wages stand. It’s not freaking 2002 anymore. Who cares if Theo is paid 100k or 120k, what’s it got to do with you dude? We already have shit lot of shit players on our wage bill, that Arsene signed, and enjoying their contracts run down. Denilson, Bendtner, Arshavin, Rosicky, Chamakh…………..players who don’t produce. Theo produced much more for Arsenal last season, and instrumental for our 3rd position. He had as much assists as Silva. So where did this 100k come from? Are you getting a share from the millions of profit we’re making every season, like Gazidis and Arsene?

    And he’s quite a lethal winger to have in your squad. We need more strengthening in our squad, not that we freaking sell our three best players from last season. He deserves that contract. If you’re not willing to pay him 100k, give arsene a cut from his 130k package, given he failed with his project youth.

    As for other money related issues. Which players have we produced from our academy over the years, bar 2-3? And what guarantees do we have that when they’re ‘world class’ we won’t sell them.

    Theo’s better than Bale or at least as good as him. If Barca players were shit scared of him, than that says a lot about him. Why would I take word from an online version of Arene wenger, like yourself, who thinks wages and profits, and not strengthening the squad.

  29. Ateeb

    He’s years ahead of Ox at the moment. Ox will take 2-3 years before he becomes consistent. And you only have to judge that from his performances this season for us. He’s a great talent, but need time. This isn’t a fucking training club, that players take years to develop and than we sell them. Ox should be the one coming off the bench and Theo should start.

    And what makes you think that we will pay Ox the wages, in three years time when he’s produced 15 assists in a season?

  30. Cesc Appeal


    Theo is an impact sub, a fantastic one – you don’t pay them 100k a week.

    Ox is a much better all round footballer, look at last night, drifted into the middle and dictated England’s play, I personally thought he was MotM though I can understand why Welbeck got it.

    All these up and comers like Zaha are already at Theo’s level, fast, eye for goal. The difference is they progress.

    You can stat people until the cows come home, we all know what we see on the pitch, he has zero technical ability, cannot beat his man, can’t pass and certainly can’t cross.

    ST is his last throw of the dice but i fear again a lack of a footballing brain will let him down there as well.

  31. Johnny5


    ‘Theo is a far better player than either Ox or Bale for that matter’

    Hahahahahahahahahaha. Bullshit

    Do me a favour theo is a fucking letdown. Bale and chambo make him look ridiculously shit.

  32. ardentgooner

    What a disgraceful dive by Gareth Bale last night. Just a shame the media doesnt make a big deal of it.

    Last week it was all SUAREZ SUAREZ but BALE dived last week too. Disgraceful dive over there aswell and 5 days later he does it again. BALE is a disgrace! CHEAT

  33. kwik fit

    Just heard Paul Walsh say that it wasn’t a dive by Bale as he ‘got clipped’ by the defender. He then went on to say that Ramsey dived minutes earlier.
    The anti Arsenal Basis knows no limits.

  34. Royal Bludger

    Did everyone see the mighty Gambon yesterday saving a few pounds by buying cheap Asian tyres instead of more expensive European ones …. HA FUCKIN HA HA HA!

    The mighty Gambon – when it comes to Arsenal it’s Hey Big Spender, but when it comes to his own pocket – it’s cheapskate charlie! Hahahaha!

    In his fantasies on Le Grove he’s ready to buy Falcao – but in reality he’ll actually buy Park Chu-Young.

    Absolutely. Fucking. Hilarious.

  35. Cesc Appeal


    Can see a deal there, but one of those we’ll loan him for the two years of his contrcat while you pay 75% of his wages or something.

    And yes, ever since the whole Eduardo dive thing I’ve felt that there is a lot of vitriol directed at Arsenal.

    Bale/Rooney/Lampard/Gerrard all names that should get it in the neck more for diving but don’t.

    Eduardo, one of the few players who probably has an excuse for being a bit tetchy around a hard tackle (it was a dive against Celtic) get’s slated, DM starts a ‘No Dive’ campaign with him the face.

    I’ve said for ages Gareth Bale is a serial diver, no one says anything because he plays for one of the ‘good old clubs’ and is British.

    Be interesting to see what would happen if JW starts diving or something, the media would be torn, English sweetheart….on the other hand he plays for Arsenal

  36. fanboy

    Quick grovers, before I pass out. This is an important message; the ‘Old Ones’ send me messages about the secrets of life when I am pissed because they know I’ll forget it in the morning, but now I can tell everyone how to become immortal. So listen up carefully and remind me when I wake. All you need to do is get a….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  37. Ateeb

    Like I said, i’ll value opinions, of valued footballers from Barcelona, rather than online Arsene clones. Theo an impact sub? Robin wouldn’t have scored 15 of those goals without him. So that says all I want to know how good Theo is. And him scoring himself. Ox is yet to make an assist or score the way theo has done so far, even in this season, DESPITE being on the pitch much less. Theo’s class.

    It’s quite simple. Silva earns 200k, with the same assists as Theo. Your one dimensional view that Theo is only running fast and blah blah, doesn’t hold, given the assists he have had last season. And he’s fast, that can’t be criticized. As for Ox, we will see when he can make two assists or two goals in consecutive weeks, before passing any judgement. You people have been misled easily before as well, remember Vela and Bendtner? It will take time for Ox to actually produce something, no doubt that he boasts talent.
    YOu can have all the talent in the world, but if they don’t lead to scoring goals and assists, than they’re not yet ready to merit a start.

    We’re not a training ground. Ox should learn to play as a sub, before making the team. Theo’s much more lethal and deserves a spot. Given that he assisted as much as the main creative player of the team that won the league.

    100k? Is nothing.

    It’s not like Arsene is going to buy a striker. It’s all a show. he could have bought Sahin if he wanted. He didnt. He wont spend until he sells another. He says it himself. Next year maybe, after we sell Sagna, arshavin, bendtner, et.c

  38. Ateeb

    And frankly, if Santi has one good season, then you can expect that Arsene would sell him for £30M. Given that he’s been selling the best players of the club, the past three seasons. He wouldn’t flinch. He’s a calculator! Pre-programmed to sell. If he can sell one for £30m and buy two half finished players for £20m and then develop them for a few years, he would call it balancing the books! And most of the fans would think this is the way forward.

  39. Ateeb

    Cesc Appeal,

    I doubt we’ve been watching the same football. You claim he can’t pass, cross or shoot. Kindly explain the 22 goals he contributed to last season.

  40. Bade

    Latisha Casta is also a great nominee

    Sophie Marceau is also a big hit. She was breathtaking at Brave Heart back then

    Juliette Binoche is also up there …..

  41. Ateeb

    We shouldn’t be demanding that Theo be sold. But that Arshavin, Bendtner, Rosicky, Denilson be sold and replaced by proper players. Wtf are they doing in our squad. IF we can bring on a better player that fights for his place with Theo, then well and good. But we should be keeping him at least. Ox can play on the left, and a good deputy to podolski. Arsene’s got you all confused in believing that we’ve got more wingers than we actually do. We should at least keep Theo, if we’re not planning to bring in another player.

  42. reggie 57

    Just watched the big fight with fraudley harrison the geezer should never fight again he’s conning the public


  43. Lordbergkamp

    It makes me laugh.. All his know nothing’s who slag off theo. the inference seems to be.. Stats mean nothing.. His play is shit.

    Wake up and smell the coffee! Stats is where it’s at!

    If a theo makes 15 assists, then that’s it. He has created 15 goals! You may not like how he does it, but by god he’s actually done it. Unlike others who look good but don’t create shit. Ox.

    If Santi scores 5 and gets 14 assists people will be jizzing over it.


  44. Telarse

    I’m sick of all the criticism of Theo being a one trick pony.

    I’ve just watched the X Factor and the wee fucker can sing too!!

  45. Geoff

    Cheap Asian tyres won’t win you the league anymore than cheap overrated players that we pay over the top wages to will.

    However a few decent buys may. As we have the money it makes sense, look at the difference Cazorla has made…

  46. Bade

    Problem is, we have a manager obsessed with reinventing the wheel rather than buying it

    Let’s hope though, he’s going to try & play it like others this coming transfer window & bring in a striker & a midfielder, a GK & a utility defender

    I read somewhere that Napoli are interested in Mannone?

    A swap with Inler anyone ?

  47. Bade

    I also heard Djourou’s agent admitting some interest from Italy?

    It would be fabulous. Shame he’s still in our wage bell for so long. I’d sooner have Bartley over him, not that this is practical now

    Offload him & bring in a utility defender

    Offload Mannone & Fabianski & bring in a back up GK that will push SZCZ towards improving his game

    Offload the hapless Chamakh, even if for nothing, and bring in a striker that actually interested in playing football & shooting that round rubber

    Offload squillaci. Just offload him, pay him two months ahead & get it over with

  48. Dan Ahern

    Djourou’s agent says there’s interest for a move, Djourou’s national team coach says he should move, all the fans say Djourou should move, Djourou doesn’t want to move. Between “People forget I’m a CB!” and his PR job at, he’s convinced himself that racking up money and hanging around is better than playing.

    Honestly, I’m okay with him in his current role as emergency back line fill-in. But it’s another sad case of the wage “structure” having undue influence. We harangue the oil-rich teams for screwing up the game with money, yet we’re guilty of the same thing–just on the lower end of the wage bracket.