Koscielny picks up knee injury… | Arsenal in the hunt for big name striker | Gazidis says there is light at the end of the tunnel

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Good morning one and all. Today, we have an interview from Ivan Gazidis to smash through. It’s so gushing, I actually  had to read it sitting next to strategically placed waste paper bin. Seriously Ivan, you’ve out done yourself this time.

“I don’t think Arsene is conservative, I think he is extraordinarily brave. I think he does things others don’t do and sees things others don’t see,”

I think Arsene is conservative. Very conservative. If there was an award for the most conservative manager in the world, hands down, Arsene Wenger would win it. On the net spend front, he’s spent less than Bolton over the years. On the conservative spending front, he’s certainly one of the best in football. He saw something in Alex Song no one else could, it didn’t really help us over the past 7 years, but we did manage to sell him to Barcelona for a fee, which kind of widens the quote… ‘Arsene makes people see the same things he’s seeing’… which is kind of magical. We’ve shuffled on a few players over the year for fees that exceed the said players talent, again, this hasn’t really helped our cause, but it has resulted in many Octobers worth of cash surpluses.

The really interesting quote from Ivan came just below this sentence.

“I think the time when we have to continue to ask them [the Arsenal supporters] for patience is coming to an end and I think we will be able to deliver the kind of success they want on a consistent basis going forward as one of the leading clubs in Europe,”

Well, if the AST meeting I went to the other night highlighted anything, it was that we’re in a fairly good position financially if we can reach 2014 in the Champions League. Our commercials will treble, we’ll have all that additional TV money… but will we have a manager who has an interest in stepping out of the bargain bin? Will Wenger go for the idea of building out  a squad that has solid depth to it? That’ll be interesting to find out…

In other news, Jeremy Wilson of the Telegraph has suggested that Arsenal are in the market for a top striker for January. If we’re in the running, I fully expect it to happen, if we’re not, we’d probably look to move for one in the summer when you don’t have the premium. We’re apparently monitoring all the same names we were in August. What I don’t understand is why we didn’t simply buy one when we all knew we needed one after Robin departed. Even if Giroud was banging them in for fun, we’d still be short. Still, at least the rumblings are positive. We can afford almost anyone we want. For me, we should be investing what we sold Robin for. Preferably someone a bit younger with a good streak of health behind him.

Finally, things aren’t looking good for Laurent Koscielny. He apparently had to be carried off the training pitch in France with a bad knee injury. That would not be good for us regardless of form. Knee injuries are always a long time healing, let’s hope it’s a twist at worst.

Have a great day!


Good news for Arsenal and Koscielny. He is ok. It was a big scare but he is not in pain anymore and will start on Friday #afc #bleus
Julien Laurens

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  1. Harry Redknapp

    i dont mind a third coming of TH14 as long as they bring in another. could give the pod a little rest of the left. its a bust part of the season as well. also its something to look forward too

  2. Kripakar Marur

    If you look at it objectively, FFP is just a way for the cabal of already rich clubs to prevent other clubs challenging the status quo. I agree it will be helpful for Arsenal. But think about a club like Everton. Once FFP kicks in, they will forever be locked in the poor man’s zone. Lot of fans of lower table clubs are just praying that they do a Man City or Chelsea one day. I mean there is nothing wrong with Sheikhs pumping money into a club as long as they don’t do it as loans. Take the Etihad deal for instance. That deal is extremely beneficial to Man City and it does not in anyway jeopardize it’s future. The only people affected by the deal are the Man Utds and Arsenals of this world.

    However since I am an Arsenal fan, I want FFP to kick in and cut the Oil clubs’ spending power.

  3. Josip Skoblar

    I agree. Lewandowski is inconsistent: great games are followed by wasteful and rather anonymous performances. We have already a lot of players in that department… and they’re cheaper! 🙂

  4. Kripakar Marur

    But he will only improve. It was his first year as 1st choice striker last season. His movement is one of the best in the world. He can mature into a top striker like Van Judas.

  5. Maciek

    Thanks for the info Kripakar!

    I hear you Josip, but to be fair, Wenger won’t spend any money and won’t sign any new players even if we will be leading in january. We just know him too well. The stubborn man won’t change.

    And it’s a shame. We really need at least 2 new players in january. Ideally I would say 3.

  6. Josip Skoblar

    Cheers! I learned something today. Funny thing this FFP. It’s a very mixed bag and I understand better why some oppose it.

  7. BOOZY

    top 5 wingers.

    di maria

    truth is, great wingers are no more wasted in the wings in modern football.
    cazorla comes to mind.

  8. BOOZY

    i’ve followed arsenal long enough to know we are not buying anybody.

    And if we do buy anyone, then it’s just to placate fans on not winning any trophy again, gazidis being the highest earning CEO, and last and most dreadful – Arsenal about to offer wenger a new long term contract.

  9. kwik fit

    Got a feeling if we do go for a striker, and its a big if, he could be the Athletic Madrid forward. But not Falcao rather Adriano. He looks like he could compliment Giroud and would cost a fraction of the price.

  10. Northbanker


    It was an impairment which means the cost of the players registration that was originally capitalised ie the transfer fee

    The wages as with all wages would be written off as they are incurred

  11. Mayank

    Disagree with your assessment of the FFP Kripakar.

    In some way you are right that it does prohibit smaller clubs from disturbing the status quo. However, this argument is a slippery slope. If the system doesn’t allow clubs to rise above in a natural way then it is the fault of the system. If we agree that Everton can’t ever reach the apex of English football without a cash injection we’re condemning every club, no matter how sincere and hard working, without a rich benefactor to perennial mediocrity.

    Dortmund, little that I know of them, are a good example of this. They were able to restore the club to its former glory by hard-work and patience.

    Patience is the key word here. The FFP does not prohibit outside cash being poured into football or into clubs. It allows club to invest indiscriminately in academies and so forth. If a Sheikh is passionate about football and wants to buy a club and make it one of the best, he can start to do so at academy level and wait patiently for non-guaranteed returns. Not something anyone but the most sincere investors would do.

    To Man City’s credit they have invested heavily in their academy.

    Coming back to my earlier point of the criticism of FFP, from an ambitious small club point of view, being a slippery slope. How long does football get to the point where no club can win a trophy without a cash injection? When Man City start to reap the rewards of their academy, what if Everton get taken over by a Chinese billionaire and win the treble? Doesn’t football just become a war between who’s got the richest owner? Is that fair for the clubs that haven’t got a rich benefactor?

  12. SDE

    I’m trying to get my washing out of the washing machine & I have a bleeding headache( serious hangover from a b’day night out) from a major hangover&struggling to spell in the process..

    The first thing that springs too mind,is that…..

    “Venger ,is a bleeding vankwer..”

    Conservative my very fornicating ass.
    More a natural born loser,with a very squeaky communist ass”..

    & IG,is a ball shitting highly paid,conniving,green snake in the grass,moss growing fungi..

    I think,I’m done..!!

    .Great post Pedro..
    Shame,you were not sitting next to Victoria,or Niagara Falls@ the time of reading IG ‘s next glorious statement
    That would have been fun,falling of the edge of your chair,as IG spilled out his next glorious statement/dictat..

    Good post by Ped’s once again!!Keep growing those balls..

    Less Preparation H..!!

  13. mystic

    MaciekOctober 11, 2012 17:13:15
    ‘Wenger won’t spend any money and won’t sign any new players even if we will be leading in january. We just know him too well. The stubborn man won’t change.’

    You are assuming that such decisions remain in his control. SS and the BoD will be looking at the likely progress for commercial deals in 2014.

  14. SDE

    Part of owning the blog,is being able to take the rough with the smooth..

    That said,done a bit of kay-yaking in NZ,bungee jumping,extreme sports..?

    Definitely takes you out of your comfort zone..!!

    I think,Ped’s has been experiencing,some sort of,out-of experience “carjorlee,grow some caounas”..in recent days..& I’m beginning to like it..

    Long may this continue..

    Where’s the panadol..!!Aaarghhh…

    What’s with Lance Armstrong..?

    Don’t believe all that you read peeps..

    SS,IG&AW,are a case in point…8 years of misery,& many more to come..

  15. Kripakar Marur


    My question is why should he not be allowed to invest in the first team? How is it OK to invest in the academy and not the first team? As long as the owner doesn’t load the club with debt, it is the owner’s prerogative how much money he wants to invest in the team.

    Look at the Manchester scenario. Man Utd are the biggest champions of FFP cause while City are the biggest target for FFP. But in actuality the Glazers have caused nothing but trouble to Man Utd while Sheikh Mansour’s investment has lifted Man City to unprecedented heights.

    The biggest trouble with FFP is the wages to turnover rule. Now assume you build a winning side on a low budget by performing miracles like Dortmund. Your revenue streams won’t increase exponentially immediately. Take away the Etihad deal, and you will see that Man City’s revenue growth hasn’t been much. So once you assemble a winning team, the clubs with bigger revenues will come and cherry pick your stars because with your current turnover you can’t afford mega salaries. Dortmund have already lost Sahin and Kagawa. In the next 2-3 years, I am almost certain Lewandowski, Goetze, Grosskreutz, Piscek, Hummels, Subotic will all be cherry picked especially if they start turning on the style in Europe. Klopp will be back to square one soon.

    Plus it is infinitely more difficult to do a Dortmund in EPL coz in Budesliga there is only Munich who are the big dogs. In EPL, you have Chelsea, Man Utd and Man City. In fact, Wolfsburg’s triumph a few seasons back is an even better underdog story.

  16. SDE

    Lance Armstrong…hmmm what a story..

    Th major cover up..

    Could tell you you stories,about major athletes,that would make your eyes water..!!

    & trust me,I did & do have people in the know..!!

    The EPL,what a great project,for aspiring footballers..??!!
    & we have IG ,AW&SS, as our glorious leaders..??

  17. Kripakar Marur


    The worst part was he had people believing in miracles. A man who came back from a life threatening cancer to win the toughest tournament in the planet an unprecedented 7 times. People will never believe in sporting miracles again.

  18. Kripakar Marur


    More than EPL, think of clubs in La Liga. There is no equitable distribution of TV revenue. Hence even if you bring a manager who is a hybrid of Mourinho, Fergie, Guardiola, Rinus Micheals, Lebanovski and Sacchi to a club which is not Barca or Real, you can never rise above mediocrity on a sustained basis. The moment you build a decent team, Barca/ Real will just steamroller you with their mammoth revenues.

  19. Nasri's Mouth

    Off topic, but I can kinda understand why Armstrong did it.

    Massively talented cyclist, massively driven, in a massively corrupt sport where the only way to have any success is to cheat. Without cheating he would have worked his absolute bollocks off and got nowhere.
    So what did he do ? He decided to be the best at cycling AND at doping.

    Doesn’t make it right of course

  20. Keyser

    KM – The answer to your question is simple, because it’s a sport, and you should be able to get ahead just by the talent and skills you’ve accumulated. When you’re talking of the owners perogative, you’re not describing a sport anymore.

  21. SUGA3


    nah, he is a bit of a pillock coming from Mickey Mouse league (MLS) where you can’t get relegated and no one really gives a fuck who the champion is, because ‘soccer’ is a niche sport in the US…

  22. Mayank


    The problem is you’re looking at this from the point of view of any one club. Football cannot work only for a few clubs the rules laid down should be to regulate all clubs. What the Glazers did to Utd was wrong, but the debt didn’t come from over investing, it came because they leveraged the buy out against the club. As such that has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

    Coming to you first point, investing in the academy and investing in the first team are both allowed under FFP. What the FFP asks is that over 3 years, the investment in the first team evens out. If it doesn’t,you’re in trouble but that’s the risk with any investment. The same rule doesn’t apply to the academy simply because the academy’s return on investment is going to be much longer than 3 years. Also, there is a social benefit to investment in academies there isn’t in paying Nasri 130k p/w.

    The Dortmund scenario isn’t as cut and dry as you put it. Dortmund have done a much better job of replacing their talent then us. That shows they aren’t sitting ducks when the big boys come to take their stars. Also, they have a massive fanbase to help them kick on. German football is much better because of them.

    Finally this brings us to your point of German football v/s English football. Your last paragraph just goes to show what’s wrong with the laissez faire approach. EPL might have already reached the point where clubs without benefactors might as well not be invited to the party. Germany has one powerhouse like England only had Utd. With the advent of Chelsea and City its become harder for a Dortmund to occur in England. How is that better for the whole of football?

    The majority of the clubs will never have sustained cash injections to help the along the way. That is something that is completely random and has nothing to do with the fans, the club or the players. However they still have the chance to build themselves up on hard work. Why reward randomness and punish hard work.

  23. Nasri's Mouth


    Exactly. Why just dope yourself, when you can also dope your team-mates, the guys who are there to improve your chance of winning ?

    He did it to the max

  24. SDE

    Kripakur Marur

    Honestly I could tell you stories,on the athletes front..but I can’t..

    The LA story,threw me a bit,but raised questions simultaneously..
    With the massive EPO nonsense,that was going on before,during& after his cause..Raised a lot of questions,either way..

    What raised even more alarm bells,was with, his comeback from the dreaded “C”…
    Even I,after that point,bought into it..& thought what I a warrior..!!

    With the French,moaning,& insinuating for years,that something was un-towards,on LA’s part..did I start too raise questions on my part..

    Just like @ the top ItalianFC’s(no names mentioned),of top,experienced players,prolonging their careers ..

    Football is no different..In short elite sport is no different..

    There’s a massive cover-up in football,with regards to this issue..
    Make no mistake about it,& it has been happening since time..

    I recall playing against a player,in club league football,that was tanked up on steroids& consequently broke an opponent’s leg,with what seemed like a slight tackle..
    That guy’s footballing career was soon ended, over the grand old age of 18 years old!! I wonder why..?

    Sad,but true..

  25. SDE

    Nasri’s Mouth

    Exactly. Why just dope yourself, when you can also dope your team-mates, the guys who are there to improve your chance of winning ?He did it to the max

    You’ll find it’s a massive recurring theme across all elite sports…

    It’s just a question of the anti-doping authorities,eventually being one step ahead of the game..

    Funny,I used to see a certain athlete,@ a young age,(who’s now a pariah)in T&F,at the age of 15,who was tearing records through natural talent/ability…
    He was seen,as the next best thing thing,by respected coaches,who till to day,coach the best GB athletes..

    Every one,on the T&F,used to watch him,go through the motions..
    Coaches& fellow athletes,used to rave him about him..
    How he will be the next GB Olympic Gold medallist..

    I even,used to see him in action on the track..

    & the athlete in question-screwed up,big time!!

    By going the way ,of former athletes, his mistake,was to get caught& think if the top athlete;s are doing it,it’s all good..

    All I will say is..think of UCLA Santa Monica.&Barb…(for past names)?

    Clubs& coaches have since moved on from there..

    Just look to the new clubs,& truckload of athletes,breaking records galore..!!& look for some pasta & paella in your football make-up..

  26. Nasri's Mouth

    There is a difference between football and cycling though. In cycling, it’s almost all about the fitness levels. You need to plan your tactics yes, but other than that’s it’s all about how fast and how long you can go for. The other issue in cycling is that if you didn’t dope, you’d get nowhere.

    That’s not the case in football.

    Interestingly I’d imagine something like rowing would benefit from similar practices, yet it doesn’t happen in that sport.

  27. sam

    i get laughed at last time i said we have new Le tissier in reserves.
    Only if arsene wenger can coach him well.
    this short video is for Gombo and other haters to enjoy

  28. Kripakar Marur


    I am not saying professional sports league should be regulated. It is just that I don’t agree with FFP. It has more to do with protecting the current cabal of powerful clubs. If UEFA were really concerned with improving football as a whole, they should have collective bidding for TV rights mandatory for starters. There are many more things they could have taken from Bundesliga like fan ownership criterion.

    As to your point about Nasri’s wages doing less to society than investment in academy, it may be true. But as Man City is owned by Sheikh Mansour, he should have the right to decide where his money is spent. Football is a professional sports and each club is a business. It may not be easy for other clubs to bear but the fact it is Sheikh Mansour’s choice.

    This just seems like the last stand of the big clubs against the oil upstarts. And trust me oil will win. PSG will soon announce a 100 mill sponsorship with some organization in Qatar and the Sheikh will route his money through it.

  29. SUGA3


    rowing does not involve this kind of distances, hence no such prolonged effort is involved, cycling is more about endurance, therefore there is more scope for doping IMO…

  30. SUGA3


    IMO, when UEFA tries to question these sponsorship deals, the sheikhs’ lawyers will obliterate it in any court in the long run, this should be fun to watch 😆

  31. Kripakar Marur


    It is near impossible for UEFA to question such deals. All they will get to know is that it is Qatari money. The Etihad deal has not been challenged yet. Will be fun what Gazidis next favourite catchphrase will be once everyone sees that FFP is fucked.

  32. Nasri's Mouth


    I was thinking more about the training regime to be honest. Being able to push yourself more in the long build up to a race would be a big gain. There is also the issue of increased strength being of benefit.

  33. SUGA3

    like you said before, FFP is no more than just a tool used to stop new Chelseas and PSGs from emerging, this is the big clubs’ last stand as far as protecting status quo is concerned, anyone thinking otherwise is naive and probably still believes in Santa too!

  34. SUGA3


    the thing is that you can’t really push the strength that much without it looking suspicious, which is not so much the case with endurance…

    IMO, the success in cycling is not so much about strength as it is about being able to maintain the effort at the high level for a prolonged period of time…

  35. SUGA3


    he’s done, he’ll just sit out his contract and retire at 30, you can pay for a lot of shisha and ladyboys with the money the cunt will leech out of the club by then!

  36. Nasri's Mouth


    Certainly with cycling it’s mostly stamina, but stamina is also a big issue with rowing, but as I said, its more about the training regime. Drugs would allow you to push yourself harder for longer in training sessions, allowing you to be better on the day.
    Also think about the sprinters that have used drugs, that’s less about stamina than rowing

  37. SUGA3


    fair point about sprinters, but again, the number of doping cases was pretty marginal when compared to stamina/endurance based sports, plus, rowing is niche, I think you will find a direct correlation between the percentage of doping cases and the money involved in a particular discipline…


    he won’t do one in January, no one will buy him or even take him on loan, he is done for, looks like he has forgotten how to play footy altogether!

  38. kwik fit

    Chamakh is a real mystery. I seem to remember when he left Bordeau he got a tearful sent off by the fans. Their seemed to be genuine affection from the Bordeau fans and the player. Unfortunately it appears the fans weren’t so much sad he was leaving but delighted to see the back of him.


    The only thIng Wenger will buy in January is more shares in AFB……HOLLA CITY OF SQUALLA in my Mr Chow voice,from Hangerover pt2.

  40. SDE

    Suga3/Nasri Mouth
    I’ll think you’ll find strength&stamina go hand,in hand..

    What doping allows you to do,is recover faster,in order to enhance your training@ higher&optimum levels..Than at natural based levels..

    More reps for endurance& speed based events,in training,equals more strength,stamina&speed at certain events..

    Creatine,was a questionable enhancing product at one point,way back..!!

  41. SDE

    Suga3/Nasri’s Mouth

    I recall some time ago, taking Lemsip,was deemed a stimulant@some point by the BOA &IAAF…But hey,they were crazy times..

    Roll forward the years,what with blood doping,injecting of horse hormones,etc,etc..,we’ve certainly got a fight on our hands for sure..

    Certainly questionable tactics,in questionable areas of sport…
    The higher the price/rewards,the higher the risks involved..

    I wonder what OGL’s take on this would be,in days gone by..?Hmmm…

  42. Bade

    Djourou is heading to Italy?

    Couldn’t be better for us as long as he won’t be wearing soon the Arsenal red & white …..

    Johan, you’re a nice bloke but you have no room

    Italy would be a much better place for you

  43. Rhys Jaggar

    Try Charles Green’s opinionated diatribe about a European Superleague if you want a story to write about!

    Seriously: ‘we at Rangers have conned the taxman through legal shenanigans so we”ll be in ESL. All those honest clubs out there can fuck off!’