Where will Jack Wilshere play? | Sagna full of praise, but will he get his place back? | Usmanov and his £4billion windfall

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Welcome to a very cold Wednesday morning! What’s on the agenda today? Same thing that’s going to be on the agenda everyday for the next two weeks. Tracking the daily progress of Jack Wilshere and Bacary Sagna.

Well, I can safely report that both of them are still on track. Arsenal are looking to fix up another game for the both of them to regain a little extra fitness before the international return to take on the rest of October. Having those two fresh heading into what is always a testing period fitness wise is a massive boost to the squad. The ability to rotate our midfielders and rest some of the more overused players in the side couldn’t come at a better time. It’ll be interesting where Jack ends up playing, or whether he ends up playing all over the place.

Does he sit deeper in the role Arteta played last year, perhaps slotting in for Diaby whilst he’s out nursing injury 986 of career. Or does he move into the more advanced position just off the front line. The position we thought he’d play when he first started at the club? I’m thinking he’ll play smack bang in the middle. The fact he’ll probably be quite adept at playing any role in the middle is a good sign for the squad.

Sagna has returned enthused and full of praise for Carl Jenkinson.

“He has been really good, and has learned a lot. He is a bit more confident with the ball, and is very solid as a defender.”

“He brings a lot to the team, and I am very happy for him because he is a hard worker, a very good guy and is going to be one of the best.”

Big words from one the best right backs in the league. I’m not sure how he feels about reclaiming his place. It’ll happen I’m sure, but what Jenkinson offers us that Sagna has always struggled with is the ability to whip a decent cross into the box. With Giroud finding his feet in front of goal, those dangerous Jenkinson balls into the box will become a bit of a weapon. The progress Carl has shown defending only goes to strengthen his case for maintaining his role… until something goes wrong I’m sure.

In news on the succession plan of Arsene Wenger, Rafa Marquez has stormed ahead, putting his pal Pep Guardiola forward as a prime candidate.

‘[Guardiola] will soon return to the game. I think he’ll go to England. He’d be perfect for Arsenal,’

He sure would be perfect for Arsenal. Would Arsenal be perfect Guardiola? As revealed in the accounts, we’ll soon be able to handle a wage bill the size of Manchester City’s and still be FFP compliant. We have a warchest of cash ready to invest in the squad and we’ll likely be the second biggest cash generators in the league. Question is, would Wenger step down inside the next year? I highly doubt it personally. However, it’s nice to know we’re being considered for such a manager by someone who has no control over the situation!

Final bit of interesting news is financial. Alisher Usmanov is looking to add another £4billion to his £12billion fortune. He’s selling his stake in a company called MegaFon. It doesn’t make a jot of difference to us though people, because as long as Stan is there, we’re never likely to see Alisher flex his financial muscles on superstar players. What we could see is Alisher make an obscene offer to Stan, which could be worth his consideration. However, everything about the American says he’s here to stay, forever preaching the gospel of self-sustainability. Oh the joy…

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Right, that’s all I have time for this morning. Today I’m off on a train ride. Have a good one!

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  1. Yippee Kai Yay

    I think it’s now clear that Iceman could argue with your own avatar.

    I’m just amazed it took him so long to realise he was a fool.

    ‘Pep is not a good manager’, still laughing hours later.

    That’s a good one Ice, what about tomorrow ‘Man City didn’t buy the league trophy’ perhaps?

  2. andy

    and gambon, I know I did an improper comparison yesterday, but I would really ask you to be a little bit less impolite to other persons on that blog. it´s completely unnecessary to use bad language on persons to back your opinions … I think you enjoy the attention different guys pay for you but you will get it without insulting …

  3. SDE

    Don’t go..Your comments are how should I say in a diplomatic manner,thought-provoking& unique..

    If no-one else will miss you,I will..especially with pearlers like
    Mourinho got lucky to bag a CL with Porto!!

  4. Johnny5


    Agree about Rodgers. I think he’s out of his depth a bit. Don’t knock liverpools demise I can see us going a similar way if we don’t make top 4 this year.

  5. Phil

    You are right, it’s not all that bad.
    Just imagine if we had an owner who doesn’t understand or appreciate what it takes to achieve success.

  6. andy

    SDE liverpool shows you how hard it is to reach top 4 levels in EPL … they have a decent squad, dalglish bought bad players for an awful lot of money but they have skrtel and agger (two good CBs in my opinion), jones is a good RB, sterling is a real talent, suarez is a diver but a good footballer, there´s still gerrard, allen is a real good player … but they don´t manage to get back into top 4 … I don´t really get why to be honest
    the funny thing is a read on this blog many guys wanting us to get downing at the time he went to lpool … or enrique … I wonder if those guys still think they would have been good buys 😛

  7. f4phantomphreak

    what I dont understand is you bitch about City, Chelski ruining the game by spending huge amounts on players, but then you want Usmanov to come in and do the same at Arsenal…..cant have your cake and eat it too.

  8. Yippee Kai Yay

    Have seen snippets of the Liverpool programme, the thing that strikes me about he whole situation is that Rodgers effectively inherited an overpaid, under-talented squad and is trying to address it’s core issues.

    That will take time, but I’m not sure how patient any set of fans / board of directors / media types are these days.

    There was a time when a manager would be given the minimum of a season to make such wide ranging changes, but those times are long gone.

    They are doomed to fail by whatever standards they are expecting, as any team which is relying on Downing for assists is ‘fokt’ (as the local dialect would have it) from the start.

  9. SDE


    The frightening thing is,it’s not a question of if,but when..?
    Unless,there’s a major turnaround in events with both owner& manager vacating the hot seats& being replaced with an ambitious owner& manager!!

    The calm before the storm@the moment!!

  10. marcus

    Regarding Wilshere’s position:
    I would say it depends. It depends on if his playing style has changed due to the injury. Often you see players with bad injuries get more carful once returning. One of Jack’s strengths pre-injrury was that he was fearless when going in to tackles, that made him a great asset in the Arteta role.

    However, if he will be more cautions now and not commit as much as before. I would prefer to see him higher up in the field, in a CAM position.

  11. andy

    SDE I think I heard many persons saying we are just 2 years away from being out of the top 4 – but they said it 5 years ago … don´t be too pessimistic mate, we are on our way back to the top IMO. won´t work this year, maybe not next year, but I think we will be a threat for mancs, shitty and chavs pretty soon

  12. karaul

    well im not arsene fan but come on – its isnt that black and white.

    they call each other quite often they both said that. so what are the conversation like gambon?

    wenger – hello, is this pep?

    guardiola – just wanted to remind you that youre useless prick! you french cunt! you didnt win anything in last 8 years. Hahaha. So long!

    nah, i don´t think so.. guardiola must win things elsewhere first and wenger must leave arsenal soon if nothing changes. i would welcome guardiola to arsenal but if that happens it would be because of friendship and respect between those two

  13. SDE


    Think the demise started when Moores,or whatever his name is effectively sold out to Hicks& Gillet..Then their in-house political shenanigans,coupled with money,differing objectives to that of Benitez,came to the fore..

    I reckon,if they had sold to the Dubai group at the time,things might have looked somewhat different for Liverpool today..

    They picked the wrong owners…The rest is history..
    Lesson learnt,do your due diligence when picking owners to take over your show!!

    American owners,usually have a let’s either saddle the club with debt,or asset strip the MOFO club(Glaziers,Lerner,SS)& ride off into the sunset with some dough!!

  14. Samir masri

    You guys are really depressing me. I think most of you should really find a new hobby rather than arguing on a football blog. Funny cunts

  15. Phil

    Agree YKY.
    Kenny spent the cash badly, and now BR will be given less to invest and less time to achieve.
    Lucky to finish top 7

  16. SDE


    Gotta say,I like your optimist..

    But the walls are closing in…& just looking at the financials makes for grim reading..

    The game has undoubtedly changed& the ‘ole foggies that run Arsenal,have not kept pace with the change..

    Happy to sit there idly,making bold pronouncements,without aggressively pursuing other revenue streams to effectively move the club forward& at the very least ,narrow the financial gab,b/w us & Man Utd& other top clubs around Europe!!

    They are not a pro-active bunch,instead hoping loyal fans,will accept their soundbites& ride on our fears that any prospective,or ambitious change will sound the financial deathknell..


  17. mystic

    Come on guys, one of the reasons why the AKBs still have steam is because of the insistence of people using the term ‘……..natural loser.’

    Give him some credit, he is a partial loser, at present a persistant loser, but stop giving the AKBs an easy way to fight back.

    Gambon, I don’t get it, you keep on talking about how Wenger HAD only 1 opposition and flunked it and HAD the best european team in 2004, but you are the one that tells people not to harp on about long past glories but to live in the present.

  18. Thomas

    ” I prefer Jenko to Sagna and Pep is not a good manager”

    This shows that Iceman has absolutely no clue about football. He’s an idiot.

  19. SDE

    BR’s undoing will be in Europe..They got done by Udinese at home..

    Tactically he’s out of his depth..

    Yep he inherited an overpaid,under talented squad..

    But he’s hardly covered himself in glory,buying that Joe guy from Swansea for £15 million..
    or that Italian guy from Roma..what’s his name!!

    I like the guy,but he’s not the guy to get them out of the doldrums..

    Think L’pool missed a trick,not signing Van Gaal,as manager..
    The owner’s appear to be a bit clueless..

    It seems L’pool have a preponderance to splash stupid money for shite players..The decline of l’pool continues unabated..

  20. andy

    SDE I´ve just got this feeling something will change in 2014 with new commercial deals … how much more are we going to earn? 40 million? I think something like that. people tend to forget selling a certain player and get 25 million is a one-time achievement, of course you save the wages too, but that´s not a real “profit” you can reinvest.
    many pointed out recently we aren´t run as well as some may think we are, in fact we only make profits due to player sales – but that´s exactly our problem. if we make profits due to player sales and we would buy bigger we wouldn´t make a profit or a balanced book but a loss. when we have bigger commercial deals soon we can calculate with 30 or 40 million more a year. I think we are to see some changes pretty soon; and if that happens we will see a successful arsenal and even a successful arsene wenger … I know it´s optimistic but I really believe in it. so let´s wait and see what´s going to happen next year or 2014

  21. azed

    Andy, Iceman, That ibo Boy,

    Wenger dropped Arshavin in an important match because he wanted to prove to his prima donas that they could win without Arshavin.

    And you guys tell me he is a world class manager?
    Wenger -> Chamakh, Squillacci, Almunia, Djourou. All still here except Almunia
    Pep -> Zlatan, Chrymisg……(spelling). Sold after a season
    Fergie -> Bebe. Sold
    Maureen -> nothing need be said.

    So if being world class by your standard means coping with dross and hoping by some miracle they come good then Wenger is world class.

  22. SDE

    long past glories but to live in the present.

    Presently as it stands,OGL is,according to you a “persistent loser”..
    Last 7 years attest to that!!

    Confused by the partial loser,but persistent loser bit..?
    Either you are a loser,albeit a persistent one,or not a loser at all..non?

  23. SDE


    You forgot to mention OGL did not sell Alumnia..
    He allowed him to run down his contract..
    Can’t see a top,top,top manager allowing that to happen..
    & for that read Chamakh,Djourou,Squillaci,Flappianski& Mannone(in his last year of his contract-I hear),all will be running down their contracts..

    Now that’s what you call a WC manager,allowing crap players to call the shots!!

  24. gambon


    We wont get as much as you think.

    We arent very marketable cos we dont win things, dont try to, dont sign big players, and are stagnant.

    As for the idea that we will suddenly start spending…lol!

    We were gonna start spending after the stadium move, then once highbury square was completed, now its 2014, then there will be another excuse.

    What you are also failing to notice is that all of our rivals are growing much stronger than us commercially, so by the time we find new sponsors, our rivals will also be moving into new deals and the gap will stay the same, then Gazidis will do what he does best, defer success to an undefined future date “When we can renew these deals in 2019 we will have much more money”

  25. mystic

    Natural = “Having a particular character by nature”
    As he was once a winner, he can hardly be dscribed as a ‘….natural loser’.

    Partial = “affecting only a part; not total; incomplete”
    Persistent = “….remaining in the same state for an indefinitely long time”

    Incorrect usauge of words is what gives the AKBs amunition to refute criticisms of their Lord and Master.

  26. PK

    Why are we talking liverpool on an gunnerblog?

    Anyway i dont think that Pep is the answer. In my opinion he only did two major changes at barcelona and that was “using hus squad to tap up transfer targets” and getting the players to bitch at the ref systematicly. I want none of that shit at Arsenal!

    The rest was all messi, xavi and iniesta. Put those three players in lets say liverpool (as its the subject of the day) and they would win everything (pinch of salt on the last one).

  27. AC Gooner

    Ash79 October 10, 2012 11:48:42

    So im not the only one who thinks Arteta is the ‘real’ Captain.

    I agree. Watch how he talks to the players, especially when they are together in a group. Everyone stands still and really listens. I would.

  28. SDE


    It’s irrational to assume,that our commercial deals come 2014,will imply bigger funds to play with..
    Off the back of what..?

    Commercial companies, won’t exactly be queuing up,kicking the door down to offer us top dollar to be associated with us..
    Given we’ve won nothing of note in the last 7 years& continually flog off our best players,on a yearly basis..

    Our recent track record speaks for itself..& besides most companies would be thinking,if we offer them decent money,would that money be re-invested into club to enable us to challenge for top honours..

    Given our track record,highly unlikely..

    They will most likely pay the going rate..Hardly world-breaking commercial deals,to strike fear into our opponents heart..

    What players can be associated with our products,when there’s n a rapid turnover of players annually..

    For Man Utd read..Rooney,Giggs,Scholes,Rio..
    For Barca read..Xavi,Iniesta,Messi,Puyol,Valdez
    For Real M,read..Casillas,Ramos,CR,Ozil,Alonso..

    Players that fans around the world can associate with..
    Player’s that companies know can be associated with their brands over some tangible period..

    Who do we have..?Cesc’s gone,RVP is gone.?Sagna,THW14(soon to go),Arteta?

    Not really optimistic about 2014,I’m afraid!!
    It’s not as if,we would be suitable placed,to have all the bargainning chips on the table,come negotiation time..

    I’m sure the chavs down the road,have stolen a march on us with their CL win last season,plus their aggressive recruitment of Mata,Oscar,Hazard..

    The winds of change,have occurred.
    It’s time the BoD&OGL had a major re-think/re-evaluation of the club’s strategy!!

    Or all we will be doing is urinating money up the wall,faster than you can say..Europa League beckons!!

  29. gambon


    You are just making incoherent arguments.

    Of course you can win trophies if youre a natural loser, and vice versa.

    However, answer this:

    How many “top managers” have lost more finals than theyve won? How many have finished second more often than 1st in league football?

  30. SDE

    I’m lost..

    Persistent = “….remaining in the same state for an indefinitely long time”

    8 year’s is not a long time,to effectively say OGL is a persistent loser?
    In that time we’ve lost 3 finals& fluctuated b/w3rd&4th..?

  31. PK

    The solution to the manager question i think is someone that knows and respect what AW has done over the past 16 years. The basics are there and we should not mess around with that and do “big changes”, its enough just to continue whit present basics but ad a couple of minor adjustments to it:

    1. Always have a “plan b”.
    2. Subs should come in when they are needed and not in 67 min every time.
    3. Be ruthless to deadwood and injury prone players.
    4. Get David Dean back to handle the tranfers and wages.

    Just by doing step 4 we would compete for real right now.

    So point is dont get someone who needs to prove him self by changeing everything at the club (ref AVB).

  32. AC Gooner

    azed October 10, 2012 14:20:47

    So if being world class by your standard means coping with dross and hoping by some miracle they come good then Wenger is world class.

    Completely agree. There are two kind of people in this world:

    1 Those that make mistakes, correct them, and move on.
    2 Those that make mistakes, refuse to admit they were wrong, remain stuck in the shite they caused acting as nothings wrong.

    We all know Wenger is a number 2 personality. But I also give him a lot of credit for many other things. I openly admit that I am a Wenger fan. But I am certainly not an AKB.

    I just wish he could get some good therapy and cure himself of his delusions.

  33. Johnny5


    ‘ people tend to forget selling a certain player and get 25 million is a one-time achievement,’

    Which wenger does at least once a season every season for the last 4 or 5. Sort of blows your idea right out of the water that ay Andy son

  34. SDE

    4. Get David Dean back to handle the tranfers and wages. Just by doing step 4 we would compete for real right now. So point is dont get someone who needs to prove him self by changeing everything at the club (ref AVB).


    I don’t think Pepe,is going to radically revolutionise AFC..

    He’ll play the same standard of football,just with a more clinical & pressurised edge..

    None of this tippi,tappi baloney from OGL,with no real cutting edge,we’ve seen over the years..

    Our defense won’t be facing such hard work,with the forward line,denying time& space to opposition’s back 4..
    Instead of standing off them,dreaming of their next big contract!!

    & plus someone of Pepe’s standing,will come in with a fresh impetus,ambition& hunger..

    Not a stale manager,that thinks competition,is when all clubs have equal money to spend& all 18 clubs should play OGL’s tippi-tappi football& not rugby football like Stokey Pulis& Allardici..

    I think Pepe,would do wonderful things,as long as he has an owner,that matches his ambition’s..

    & just think if Pepe was to come,the Barca players that would follow him to AFC,along with his backroom staff..!Sigh..If only!!

  35. Kripakar Marur

    Jack Wilshere should form a double pivot with Arteta. Cazorla is the best we have in the #10 role and it will be detrimental moving him. Wilshere is superb in the deep midfield role, dictating the tempo of the game and spreading the play wide. I was previously of the opinion that Wilshere-Arteta will be physically weak but after watching Diaby this season, I feel Wilshere can protect the defence better than him. Diaby, due to his multiple injuries in the past, still shirks away from 50-50 balls. Only problem could be defending set pieces.

    As to Pep Guardiola, he is NEVER going to be the manager of Arsenal. Chelsea are already assembling a team of little #10s to seduce him. Even De Matteo knows this. Why would any sane manager choose to manage Arsenal over Chelsea? Don’t tell me history and class. He will want resources to win and Chelsea will provide him that. Best Arsenal can hope for after Wenger is Jurgen Klopp as long as bigger fish don’t come calling for him.

  36. this ibo boy

    below is the complete list of real madrid, barca, and arsenal during the 2004 season for comparison. we may have the best team, but i don’t think we had the best collection of players in europe. i’d still settle for our first 11 though. wish we could have the same squad again bar cygan.

    Real madrid 2004 squad
    No. Position Player
    1 GK Iker Casillas
    2 DF Míchel Salgado
    3 DF Roberto Carlos
    4 MF Borja
    5 MF Zinédine Zidane
    6 DF Iván Helguera
    7 FW Raúl (captain)
    9 FW Ronaldo
    10 MF Luís Figo
    11 FW Michael Owen
    13 GK César Sánchez
    14 MF Guti (vice-captain)
    15 DF Raúl Bravo
    16 MF Thomas Gravesen
    17 FW Javier Portillo
    18 DF Jonathan Woodgate
    19 DF Walter Samuel
    20 MF Albert Celades
    21 MF Santiago Solari
    22 DF Francisco Pavón
    23 MF David Beckham
    24 DF Álvaro Mejía
    26 GK Diego López
    27 DF Álvaro Arbeloa
    28 DF Miguel Palencia
    29 MF Angelo
    30 MF Marcos Tébar
    31 MF Ruben de la Red
    32 MF Juanfran
    33 MF José Manuel Jurado
    35 DF Javi García
    36 MF Álex Pérez
    37 MF Ernesto Gómez
    38 MF Roberto Soldado
    39 FW Adrián
    40 MF Borja Valero
    41 GK Francisco Casilla
    42 DF Javier Paredes
    43 MF Jotha

    Barcelona 2004 squad
    No. Position Player
    1 GK Víctor Valdés
    2 DF Juliano Belletti
    3 MF Thiago Motta
    4 DF Rafael Márquez
    5 DF Carles Puyol (captain)
    6 MF Xavi Hernández
    7 FW Henrik Larsson
    8 FW Ludovic Giuly
    9 FW Samuel Eto’o
    10 FW Ronaldinho
    11 FW Maxi López
    12 DF Giovanni van Bronckhorst
    14 MF Gerard López
    15 MF Edmílson
    16 DF Sylvinho
    18 MF Gabri García
    19 DF Fernando Navarro
    20 MF Deco
    22 MF Demetrio Albertini
    23 DF Oleguer Presas
    24 MF Andrés Iniesta
    25 GK Albert Jorquera
    28 GK Rubén Martínez
    30 FW Lionel Messi
    31 MF Joan Verdú
    32 DF Damià Abella
    34 DF Rodri
    36 MF Javito

    Arsenal 2004 squad
    No. Position Player
    1 GK Jens Lehmann
    3 DF Ashley Cole
    4 MF Patrick Vieira (captain)
    7 MF Robert Pirès
    8 MF Fredrik Ljungberg
    9 FW José Antonio Reyes
    10 FW Dennis Bergkamp
    11 FW Robin van Persie
    12 DF Lauren
    14 FW Thierry Henry
    15 MF Cesc Fàbregas
    16 MF Mathieu Flamini
    17 MF Edu
    18 DF Pascal Cygan
    19 MF Gilberto Silva
    20 DF Philippe Senderos
    22 DF Gaël Clichy
    23 DF Sol Campbell
    24 GK Manuel Almunia
    27 DF Emmanuel Eboué
    28 DF Kolo Touré
    30 FW Jérémie Aliadière
    31 DF Justin Hoyte
    34 MF Patrick Cregg
    35 DF Johan Djourou[2]
    39 MF Sebastian Larsson
    42 MF Quincy Owusu-Abeyie[3]
    46 FW Daniel Karbassiyoon

  37. salparadise49nyc

    “pep is not a good manager”?
    Yes and Usain Bolt is a step off pace, the Clash over-rated and Trainspotting was about a couple of guys whom loved spotting train.

    Iceman think your new call sign is Goose.

  38. mystic

    Natural = “Having a particular character by nature”
    Like it or not, in using the term ‘natural’ you are using very poor terminology and givings AKBs the amunition to argue with you. Wenger has for the past 8 years fucked up plenty, so he has become a loser, but cannot be correctly described as a ‘natural’ loser.

    Sorry mate not sure I follow – I have said that Wenger has become a persistent loser – which agrees with your 8 year point.

  39. Johnny5

    Here’s my prediction for the next couple of years


    No new signings in January Walcott signs for Liverpool. Wenger will say gervinho and giroud are as good as messi. We finish 6th unluckily due to a strong finish by both everton and Chelsea. We lose out on CL cash. Kos or verm sold along with sagna


    1 new arrival in the form of a relatively unknown French ligue 2 defender. Last day of window wenger sells gerv for 9m. No replacement. We start ok but will falter by November no signings will be made. We finish 5 sell JW and podolski buy mediocre replacements wenger will say its the best team he’s ever had. First season we make a loss.


    The promised land ffp kicks in and makes arsenal no stronger than they were before it makes no difference whatsoever we finish 7th make a massive loss financially lose our captain cazorla and then the fans riot outside ashburton grove kroenke sells up usmanov takes over his company megafon (or whatever) signs massive sponsorship deal with arsenal to the tune of 400m. We buy everyone who’s good win the league become Chelsea.

  40. Kripakar Marur

    To all morons who claim Pep Guardiola is not a good manager and he won stuff because he inherited a great team:

    In 2008-09, he inherited a team that had finished 3rd, a whopping 18 points behind champions Real Madrid. Infighting was rife and the club seemed broken. Following were the major ins and out in the squad:

    Dani Alves
    Martin Cecares
    Seydou Keita
    Alexander Hleb
    Gerard Pique

    It was not like he had an unlimited budget and went out and spent cash Galactico style. He transformed the way they played to ape the Luis Aragones template of multiple playmakers. More than the transfer business and footballing philosophy, it was the work ethic he instilled in the team. Just watch the highlights of 2008-09 seasons. The way they pressed opponents was simply a joy to behold. Barca consistenly outran teams by about 30% that season. He was the coach who unlocked the true potential of Xavi and Iniesta. He was the guy who had the balls to drop probably their most expensive signing Ibrahimovic (40 million + Etoo) and move Messi to the false 9 role. The rest as they say is history.

  41. gambon


    It doesnt really matter but youve got that wrong. They are the teams for the season after.

    Giuly as at Monaco, Deco was at Porto. RVP & Cesc werent involved.

  42. SDE

    Anyway talking of World Class -Wenger..HAHAHA

    Just looking back at the Arsenal vs Birmingham Line up..CC2011
    & we still contrived to butcher that CC,against a relegated team..

    Van Persie.

    Subs: Almunia, Denilson, Squillaci, Eboue, Gibbs, Chamakh, Bendtner.


    Subs: Taylor, Murphy, Phillips, Jerome, Martins, Parnaby, Beausejour.

    Surely with Arsenal’s 1st eleven,Pepe would have destroyed B’Ham,with his assistant manager holding the forte on the touchline,whilst he was sat at home having a siesta..!!

  43. gambon


    You are so dumb its painful.

    Wengers first 8 years at Arsenal….

    Won 3 PLs, out of a possible 8, hes a natural loser.

  44. Samir masri

    Haha johnny5 that’s exactly what’s gonna happen. Even the most loyal akb wouldn’t get pissed of with that comment.

  45. Johnny5


    Maybe But it depends how lucky we get with injuries suspensions and whether wenger picks his best team with the best tactics possible or whether he fucks up selections and tactics. We’re in a stronger position than last year but I feel our lack of options in the striker department will cost us.

  46. mystic

    ‘Won 3 PLs, out of a possible 8, hes a natural loser.’

    Jesus Gambon get a fucking dictionary (I am assuming you can read) – he is a partial loser – by a simple definition if he has won 3, he cannot be a natural loser.

    Wake up and start to think straight, rather than doshing out nonsense.

  47. Samir masri

    I Agee with wengersweeties. But Lehman was dumb to come out and make that challenge. As I recall their was a defender protecting him. So I am not really sure why he came out and cost us the game. I will never forgive him for that.

  48. Johnny5


    Na I think spurs will lose their bottle as usual. Everton and maybe Newcastle are a bigger threat because they’ve got bigger all to lose. Re: striking options I reckon that the reason we will be short on a striker will be because now giroud has scored he will drop gervinho who will slowly lose form and be useless as a sub and we will probably flog theo in jan giroud and arshavin will be our attackers but feel the latter will not get alot of time to find form.

  49. S Asoa

    Hopefully Usmanov’s windfall leaves him with a cash surplus so obscene that will leave the highest priced exploitative call girl ready to ditch her golden goose which lays only one golden egg a year . With peppy Pep news hope a miracle happens . Tired of the gut wrenching suspence year after year as to whether we be Cinderela or plain wench.

  50. PragmatistGooner

    Agree with Gambon that we only won 3BPL with Wenger in his first 8years with a star team like that..We missed out the BPL against Leeds (2002-03)..BUt a natural loser?? That’s tough to say.

  51. Bergkamp63

    I’m not sure what everone is afraid of when it comes to giving someone else as manager ?

    In case some have been living in a cave for the last 7 years, we haven’t won anything and beating Spurs into a CL place each year is hardly a task beyond someone like Pep Guardiola !!

    We might even start playing attractive football again ?

  52. Varun

    Article of Cazorla and Arteta interviewing each other
    Cazorla: Here at Arsenal you’re a real leader. When I arrived, I was a little surprised at the level of respect that you have in the dressing-room. But when I saw you with the group and on the pitch it’s obvious that almost all consider you the Captain. You are a leader. I’m no good at that, nobody would listen to me! But when you talk they listen.

    Pretty beast

  53. charles

    Does anyone else reckon Giroud might explode with goals when Wilshere comes back? Looking back nearly all of Chamakh’s goals involved wilshere. I hope Giroud can build up the a similiar partnership to the one he had with Belhanda.

    Then we could have a serious title tilt.

  54. Cesc Appeal


    Where did you hear this? Usmanov only got to 51% in MegaFon over the summer after years of battling with the board (sound familiar?).

    Unless said board have clubbed together I doubt it.

    Also Usmanov has a near on £20 Billion fortune, £18.5 Billion I think according to Forbes and if the 50th most power/influential person in the world if anyone’s interested

  55. kwik fit

    Reports from France that Arsenal’s Koscielny had to be carried from training with what appeared to be a ‘serious looking knee problem’

    FFS I hate internationals!

  56. sam

    where will jack wilshere play?

    in my opinion he should join arteta and cazorla in midfield and diaby drops on the bench.

    Team A: arteta, wilshere, cazorla
    Team B: diaby, rosicky, coquelin
    Team C( possibly capital one cup midfield): frimpong, yennaris, ramsey

    some games diaby can start for cazorla to rest. Arteta is resting for 2 weeks anyway.

  57. SDE

    One less selection headache for Wenger..

    That said,I’m sure Wenger, will conjure up,new & twisted way’s to still butcher the back4..

    Up steps..Djourou..!!Verm watch your back?

  58. sam

    how useless is koscielny?

    even experience defenders do make costly mistakes
    i said costly coz their mistakes are more likely to happen in the dangerous area

  59. Harry Redknapp

    with cazorla arteta and wilshere we have a good footballin midfield but theres no height, i do believe that 3 players so small will also lose out in certain scenarios

  60. Keyser

    Arteta doesn’t have the physicality, actually probably none of them do, Podolski probably has more of it than any of them surprising how quick and strong he is.

    2 weeks of International bullshit just waiting for players to fall away like flies.

  61. SDE

    2 weeks of International bullshit just waiting for players to fall away like flies.

    & then the real games begin in a fortnight..Seeing how strong our squad is..eh?How well Wenger,did his homework pre-season?
    Diaby 1st name on the team sheet-pre-season..Pfttt…

    These are the occasions,when the hard luck stories start to kick in..
    Well if X,Y,&Z were not injured,maybe,maybe we could have won a trophy..

    If we had not sold X,Y&Z,we could have marshalled a team,that would have won,blah,blah..

  62. SDE


    That bad..Wow.some statement there..Thought Djourou would top that list..Then again he’s always on the periphery..

  63. sam

    after his performance last season if koscielny was playing for another club, moaners will have him in their shopping list.
    the fact that he’s in arsenal shirt he’s considered useless

  64. Bade

    Nice gathering Pedro

    Jack will take the Diaby spot.

    No, no. Not the one in the medical centre, the one on pitch

    We’ll have the best midfield in the league & one of the best in Europe in the shape of Arteta, Jack & Cazorla

  65. Bade

    Sagna a should earn his place back

    Jenko is doing a very good job this season, surprising the most of us, so he needs to get the credit he deserves

    Not to mention that Sagna will need a month or two to get back to full game fitness

  66. BOOZY

    Lol ! pep not a good manager.
    someone has been listening to aliaksandr kleb lately.

    just close your eyes and imagine wenger as barca manager for the last 5 years.

    messi would probably be stuck in the left wing.

    xavi, iniesta,puyol, all would have made way for bojan, thiago, and some other kids from the famous la masia.

    there would be no david villa… i could go on, there’s no limit to the damage wenger would bring to that team.

  67. Bade


    Why not

    He doesn’t think 4th is a trophy
    He won’t say ever he’ll be happy to finish 2nd for the next 20 years
    He won’t win the balance sheet trophy
    He will win actual trophies & retain them
    He won’t give players 6 years & 200 games before he decides they’re shite
    He will take care for our footballing success & won’t matter the financials as he’s no accountant he’s a football manager
    He won’t register his voice on the platinum line (that’s for Geoff eyes only…)

  68. BacaryisGod

    What would a combined squad of Invincibles and the current roster look like? Here’s my best guess:

    Starting XI:
    Lehmann, Sagna, A.Cole, Campbell, Mertesacker, Vieira, Gilberto, Cazorla, Pires, Bergkamp, Henry

    subs: Sczcesny, Lauren, Vermaelen, Arteta, Ljunberg, Podolski, Giroud

    Invincibles: 8 starters, 2 subs
    Current: 3 starters, 5 subs

    Looking at the Invincibles squad it’s interesting to note that even back then we had no cover for Lehmann (Stack and Wormuz were reserves) but Jens played all 38 games. There was no cover for Lauren (Justin Hoyte was the only registered right-back but we used Kolo on occasion).

    Of course, the difference is that the Invincibles had a Top 3 player in the world in Henry, and arguably 4 more in the Top 20 (Bergkamp, Campbell, Pires and Vieira). They had one of the top defensive midfielders in Gilberto and match winners in Ljunberg, Reyes and Wiltord.

    This current squad actually has more depth but just not the world-class quality in the first team that the Invincibles had. Basically, the Invincibles first team would win 8 out of 10 against our current first team, but our reserves would win 7 out of 10 against the Invincibles reserves (just an opinion of course). I would rather have a stronger first team of course…

  69. BOOZY

    lets even imagine wenger sticks with this team, he still would manage to go trophiless with those bunch.

    barca were not called the best team of all time before pep.

    barca are what they are today, because of pep, not the other way round.

    vilanova just inherited a system and philosophy, not the players.

    take out that system, barca would become ordinary. vilanova has been smart enough to know, how not to fix what isn’t broken.

  70. kwik fit

    Not good news for Gambon

    Koscielny suffers no serious injury according to a source close to the player. He’ll be available for matches against Japan & Spain.

  71. Kripakar Marur

    Interesting. I will have Kolo Toure over Mert as he will complement Sol better. And Arteta over Gilberto because I am currently besotted with that guy’s game intelligence and passing and this is a very biased opinion.

  72. Gunner2301

    Given the power and influence Arsene has in every corner at Arsenal anyone who believes that if he wanted to be backed financially and started stamping his feet the board wouldn’t bend over backwards to oblige him? You must be smoking crack if you think any different.

    Arsene is not spending on principle and his cautious accountant tendencies are coming to the fore instead of his management skills. He’s afraid of the pressure big name signings and egos would bring. So he’s settled on spending little or nothing or balancing the books.

    He’s comfortable in this in between zone where he isn’t spending vastly and not achieving hence he can get away with shit like Parks transfer wastage and dross on the wage bill that are being overlooked.

    So in my opinion Arsene could have the money to buy players for 30mill but he has assured the board he doesn’t need it because he can achieve what’s asked of him (which is CL qualification for the money) by spending minimally.

    The board don’t care about winning just CL qualification so Arsene isn’t pushed.

    So the board saying money is available is probably true. Arsene saying we have to sell players every year is probably partly down to his balancing the books principle (even though he doesn’t need to) and his fascination with youth and finding or creating the next big player. Which he can sell on at a massive profit. So this is largely self imposed.

    Just like George Osbournes austerity plans he had a choice to spread the pain over a longer period but he chose to cut deep. Even though its not working he still perseveres to save face.

    Arsene is just the same. He’d probably be happy to leave never winning anything again as long as he doesn’t compromise his principles.

    Id welcome Klopp or Pep they dont have a loser mentality like Arsene and at least believe in being competitive. They would in short time get rid of half the shit Arsenes has accumulated like these people you see on these hoarding programmes. It’s an illness and Arsene is very ill.


  73. Keyser

    “Given the power and influence Arsene has in every corner at Arsenal anyone who believes that if he wanted to be backed financially and started stamping his feet the board wouldn’t bend over backwards to oblige him? You must be smoking crack if you think any different.”

    Gunner2301 – That’s pretty irrelevant really we don’t exactly have several hundred million to spend.

  74. BacaryisGod


    Funny you said that, because those were the two I struggled over the most (although leaving out Freddie is tough too). However, Kolo was still pretty green and when you think how well Adams and Bould played together, I would think Mert and Sol would have the same success.

  75. Gunner2301


    If Man U still have Bebe on the books good for them. They are not preaching the virtues of self sustainability whilst throwing away money hand over fist on shit and dross like hypocrites.

    They are lying and trying to deceive the fans by using this as an excuse not to spend whilst all the time behind the scenes there is massive waste going on and money being lost.

    Writing off Park says it all really.

  76. SDE

    We’re probably the only club,in Europe with 2 fornicating billionaires on board..Yet we count the pennies to supposedly save for that never-ending rainy day..

    Yeah right..We don’t have millions to spend..??!!
    Geez,forgot,it’s in the bank,sitting there for the rainy season to come…
    Anyway,I’m out!!

  77. gambon

    “Gunner2301 – That’s pretty irrelevant really we don’t exactly have several hundred million to spend.”

    Haha this cunt Keyser has been learning from Gazidis, his hero.

  78. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – Nah, seriously how far do you think Wenger could make the board go ?!

    Don’t just throw out inane paragraphs, how far could we stretch ?!

  79. kwik fit

    Julien Laurens ‏@LaurensJulien
    Good news for Arsenal and Koscielny bad news for Gambon. He is ok. It was a big scare but he is not in pain anymore and will start on Friday

  80. gambon


    I cant afford to spend £200m turning my brain to mush.

    I hear theres a good movie on TV tonight, but i cant afford to spend £500m on a TV, so im fucked i guess.

  81. Johnty79

    Strange how people forgot how shit Lehman actually was. He cost 9 league goals in the invincibles. Watch the video if you don’t believe me…..

  82. Marko

    People who still don’t rate Koscielny or Jenkinson for that matter are beyond hope there’s no fixing them. Shows how little they know of football they have short memories and only remember the Chelsea mistake he made and forget the strides he’s made in the last year and a bit.

  83. Marko

    Johnty Seaman too wasn’t any better I always thought he was slow as fuck. Goalkeeping isn’t a problem for us really Sczescny and Mannone are competant keepers and Damian Martinez is supposed to be a future star. In saying all that if we wanted to sign Handanovic or Ter Stegen or Ruffier I’d be ok with that.

  84. ikon

    I hope Koscielny starts the game against Norwich… In my opinion Mertesacker and Koscielny will pair up better than Vermaelen does with Mert. Which means how things have changed owing to some fabulous performances by Mertesacker.. he is almost un droppable.

  85. Cesc Appeal


    Yes, but if all these reports circulating about Wenger spending in January, names like Llorente, Alvarez, Zaha, Vorm, Ba etc have come up – IF that’s the case then fine.

    Gazidis said ‘the time for us asking Arsenal fans to be patient has almost come to an end now.’

    Again IF that’s true then fine….however if they continue to spend pennies and expect Arsenal supporters to spend fortunes then not OK.

    Right now there’s nothing to be done, we can’t spend. There’s four weeks in January to do something I’m not saying judge him then but we can see where we are in the league and if Wenger is interested in adding to our squad that needs topping up

  86. goonerboy

    Gambon hates the real Arsenal- and loves himself. How many people watch Gambon FC?
    That is Chelsea FC with Ferguson as manager playing in imaginary Arsenal shirts?