Happy Hammers get hammered by an even happier Arsenal

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Well a day of mixed emotions really, we went one down to a well taken goal but when you have a keeper that dives at the floor and stretches his arm up aka Fabianski you are never going to get to a shot that’s roofed into the net.

Never mind, this is not the day to have a pop at anyone, not  even our third choice keeper, he did make a couple of important save later on so I guess it all evens itself out along the way.

Giroud opened his account with a blinder, he got there one game quicker than Henry so if he’s in that guys league we have a lot to look forward to.

He started the move by passing to Podolski who crossed it back for him to nail it on the volley, poetic.

I think he offers us a new dimension and holds the ball up well, he’s certainly no Chamakh and we have a better balance and a set piece threat with him in the team.

Podolski had a quieter game as did Gervinho but Theo once again showed what a great finisher he is, if Wenger stopped sulking and stuck him up font we would be better for it, in my humble opinion.

The star of the show was Cazorla, what a player he is, if only we had bought him when we first spotted him, we could have had a midfield of Cesc, Nasri, Jack and Cazorla!

However by waiting three more years we saved at least £5mil and that makes so much more sense, is a shining example in financial prudence, and of course allowed us to be able to reward Ivan with a modest bonus.

Well we can’t have that midfield but a midfield of Arteta, Cazorla, Jack and Ramsey isn’t all bad is it?

Mertesacker got injured but I hope it isn’t too bad because he looked good at the back, I think he steadies the ship and I would prefer a back four with him in it.

Jenkinson proved himself again and looks to be giving Wenger a selection problem, great as that’s what this team has always needed.

I figured we have some great players and the only time their form dips is when they get their salaries doubled, look at Oxo and conversely look at Walcott, one got a pay rise and one didn’t.

Getting back to Theo, he is a poor winger and not worth keeping, we all know that, so what has he got to lose trying him up front? Nothing thats what, so if he does and it doesn’t work then sell him at Christmas.

We are starting to look solid as a team but make no mistake, West Ham had a couple of open goals that had they scored I wouldn’t be writing this like a dog with two dicks. We still have those mad moments, last week they cost us and this week they didn’t, I hope Stevie boy is working on that in training.

So a great day at Upton Park, the team looked united and up for it when we went one down, Giroud looks like the real deal to me and his goal will lift him, it was a great finish, Theo’s goal was super cool and the way he curled it round the keeper was Henryesque but Cazorla’s was a ripper.

It’s also worth mentioning that Theo passed to Cazorla to score his wonder goal and that Giroud threaded a super ball to Theo for Theo’s goal. How’s that for teamwork!

A final mention to the defence for keeping the monster that is Carroll out, I still remember him scoring against us when he was a Geordie.

I sure did get hammered after watching us hammer the Hammers but I don’t have a hangover, hangovers are for girls. Sorry Pedro!

I did think it was sweet watching the automatic bubble machines yesterday, perhaps we ought to get a couple of them at the Emirates…

I feel like Walcott did when he scored against Southampton, I spent 17 years of my life in East Ham, which paradoxically is where West Ham are and I have an affinity with them, so gloating is out.

But it does make me laugh when they are called Cockney boys when the Arsenal ground is 6 miles closer than Upton Park is to the Bow bells.

So bad luck to all my West Ham supporting chums, don’t forget you were the first team to beat us in our shiny new stadium so enjoy that memory this morning.

Have a great day Grovers and bask in the warmth of another great away day, last season we were dropping points at those games. We are up to 5th, just behind West Brom and Everton but a long way from Chelsea, we need to close that gap as soon as we can.

Starting at Norwich week after next, same time, same channel!

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  1. Jeff

    Here is a dose of reality that some people mistake for pessimism. We have won many games like yesterday in the past 8 years. We have had many occasions to celebrate and be happy because the team was good enough to produce the goods on very many happy occasions. No one will deny or try to repudiate that fact.

    The reality though is that we have been here before and finished winning nothing when the end of season came. In fact, the seemingly indelible and inexorable pattern that looks roughly like a fat inverted bell curve when time (x-axis) is plotted against points dropped (y-axis), has remained roughly the same for the past 7 seasons. It should look more like a straight line that tries to hug the x-axis.

    On what evidence would you be willing to stake your mortgage on it not being the same for the 8th year running (Arsenal fan or not)?

    This is the argument that people refuse to acknowledge and try to alter or justify their opinions on the basis of the last result. Yes it was an impressive and classy act against West Ham but that was in complete contrast to the game against Chelsea only the previous week. Those facts may seem irreconcilable until you consider who was actually chosen to play in the two matches.

  2. Samir masri

    That was the greatest team to ever play in a football field. And somehow we didn’t have the balls to boss around teams like the way barca are doing right now.

  3. SalparadiseNYC


    Over managing ego maniac.. Exactly what I want those cunting splooges to have. Let mutiny begin and just when they were starting to gel.

  4. valerie gooner

    Further to the above hypothesis, I also feel that if we were to take the co-efficent of Gervinhos forehead and chart a graph from his spine to his brain we’d see that the inverse ratio of his temporal flux capacitator is significantly less than that of a hybrid reptilian shapeshifter.

    Using our trusty anemometer we see that the differential in turbulence from Gervinhos runs compared to say Ljunberg or Pires has a minus .37474% result which indeed would rarely give rise to anything like a cumulus cloud or such desired effect.

    If we were to measure Gervinho within the confines of an adiabatic system, we’d most likely find his capacitance and inertia are less than the required -.00003mgs of inner fandanginess.

    You were probabaly all thinking the same – but just puttin it out there.

  5. Cesc Appeal


    I went to the 3-2 FA Cup game against them last year and they sung that ‘I wanna go home, London’s a shit hole, i wanna go home.’

    I said, what as opposed to Birmingham??

  6. Thomas

    Like gambon said I think Wenger is scared to contend for the title. He knows if he has a good enough team he will get a certain amount of expectation and will get blasted if he fails so he goes for the safe 3rd 4th spot trophy so he can say “we have to be realistic” in May. As we know by now wenger can’t take criticism When someone asked why he played Silvestre he just walked off. And they stopped doing fan questions or what ever it’s called. Or when he said he doesn’t have to justify why he made a certain substitution because he has made 50,000 in his career.. What a cunt he is.

  7. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, people have thought that for a while.

    Say he signed Mata and kept Van Persie, or even this season just kept RVP, JW comes back fit and people would start to say with a 30 goal a season striker you should be winning the league as long as you get your tactics and training right.

    Then there’s no excuse, no ‘they have a bigger wage bill than us’, ‘they are an unrealistic team’ blah bah

    It irks me because Dortmund have assembled a great team in the face of Munich, THE most commercially successful club in Europe. Rake in £170 Million a year JUST from commercials. Not too mention that gorgeous new arena the allianz.

    You think Subotic, Hummels, Bender, Gotze, Reus, Lewandowski, all would get into our team

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Add to that they’ve lost players like Sahin and Kagawa and last year they did the league and domestic double

  9. ritesh

    We were the invincibles, then we became the invisibles…

    Now we are somewhere in between…. When the winter months kick in we will know. But this team is at best third or fourth for me. Its only during the christmas period that we will have a better idea.

  10. valerie gooner

    thats a fairly attacking team…

    POS No Name

    1 David De Gea

    2 Rafael

    3 Patrice Evra

    5 Rio Ferdinand

    6 Jonathan Evans

    10 Wayne Rooney

    16 Michael Carrick

    19 Danny Welbeck

    23 Tom Cleverley

    20 Robin Van Persie

    26 Shinji Kagawa

    have to hand it to fergie – hes got balls…

  11. valerie gooner

    do any of u know clark carlisle>?…..hes been on countdown a few times with rachel reillys arse…hes supposed to be britians smartest footballer (wouldnt be hard in fairness)…

    this is a great interview with him – well worth watching …talks about his battle with drink and how ian holloway helped him and other gud stuff…

  12. andy

    I hope we start contract talks with mannone soon to avoid him joining the mancs … he would improve them more than the dutch cunt does 😛

  13. andy

    webb amazes me today … I feel he wants to proof the world he doesn´t love them and due to a game which seemed to be decided after 15 minutes he thought this would be a great possibility … let´s hope he has a decision to make after 50 minutes and sending off ferdinand for a tactical foul …

  14. RockyPires

    Not a Fan of De Gay either RSPCA, he is a Flappi no2. Well impressed with the lads yesterday, Giroud is steel we require for away gmes, maybe we are better starting Theo/Ferv for some home games but the physicality Giroud gives in attack and defence is superb.

    I would nt worry about the Ox, some people getting excited that he not in top gear, the lad is only young and needs to be gently introduced to the dreaded second season . HE has picked up few bad habits but will get back into gear with Theo and Gerv playing well, he will learn what is required.

    Ramsey I like but know there is so much more in him . disappointed he was turned so easy by Diame, I prefer le Coq for away games like that.

    2 weeks for Wilshere, Sagna and Rosicky to return to fitness, cant wait .

  15. gambon


    Thats possibly the most embarrassing thing ive ever read in my life.

    You are either a nutter, or 7 years old. More than likely both.

  16. zeus

    Was that a goal? I think so. Listening to the manc loving Peter Drury say u can’t categorically say the lineman made a mistake is just sickening.

    As for kagawa, again I was calling for his purchase, but how wrong I was. He hasn’t settled at all, while our Spanish gem is taking the league by storm.

  17. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    rocky…. the only good thing about diaby being out for three weeks ( three months) is that le coq and jack can ease in i like both of them good steel in them….

  18. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    kagawa is pony… ball crossed the line… webb and his posse wearing a united shirt under the yellow phoney shirt….

  19. BOOZY

    I don’t care if wenger is given £100billion to spend in the winter break. if he is out of the title race by then, the fans should start calling for his head as early as january.

    Let’s stop falling for the same gimmick every year.

  20. Josip Skoblar

    Loulou Nocollin assessing the recent row between Deschamps and Wenger: ‘Wenger should mind his own business and busy himself with running Arsenal. He taks so much rubbish, Mister-I’m-always-right, what a pain. He should stop pissing us off in France’. No one messes about with Loulou…

  21. goonerDNA

    Josip, Louis Nicollin is a nut case


  22. kwik fit

    Whats the chances of Webb running down his contract and Arsene picking him up. We could do with a webb type in the middle of the park. Come on fergie let him go after all you’ve already got Dean, Riley, Tanner, Mason and new kid on the block Andre Marriner

  23. Josip Skoblar

    Cesc is having a torrid time at home. Unbelievable. Good game for Ronaldo and Benzema. It’s a lethal partnership.

  24. Josip Skoblar

    There’s another classico which is about to start: OM-PSG. The Velodrome is a cauldron, hot, hot, hot.

  25. Alex James

    RSPC I agree. I have been saying for years that Utd are the enemy. Always have been; always will be. We would have won more titles when we had a great team, if it were not for them and Ferguson. Every other child supports them, as do the vast majority of the media and the referees. Spurs are light years behind us in titles, and are not worth getting an ulcer over.

  26. Cesc Appeal

    Alex James

    Unfortunately though they are not light years behind us on the pitch anymore….spending some of our £55 Million transfer budget might go some way to restoring us though.

    Can’t compete with City and Chelsk for budgets but we can easily skip over United in the pecking order with a bit of investment

  27. Cesc Appeal


    Cheers! I forgot about the effing International fortnight…..fuck sake we just had one of these frigging things! Boring!!

  28. Confidentgoner

    Lets stop dreaming about overtaking ManU. They, along with City, Chelsea are ambitious clubs. Our ambition is to turn a profit and get to top four. That is why players leave. No top player will play for Arsenal until we change Board and management. We will never be a top side. Enjoy the ride or slide.

  29. goonerDNA

    No wonder over 400 million are watching this

    Zindine, Henry, Ronaldinho all were great players but Ronaldo and Messi are more than just great they’re both goal scoring machines too.

  30. Josip Skoblar

    Gignac 1-0. OM is on fire. The Velodrome is erupting. They all seem to hate PSG so passionately there! Great classico so far.

  31. Josip Skoblar

    Sorry, I was away for a while. There were 3 goals in the space of 10 minutes at the Velodrome. It’s Gignac 2-Ibra 2! Crazy game.
    No Barton who insulted Waddle this week via tweeter. Unwise of him as Waddle is a OM legend.

  32. zeus

    Was for Madrid. For some reason since our recent duels with Barca and the Cesc thing I hate them. (barca)

    But its more to do with making La Liga at least the same level of boredom as it is every year. Two horse race. If Barca went 11 clear, La Liga would be over.

  33. ritesh

    Zeus, am with you.

    Barca play beautiful football, but they are a classless bunch of guys, throwing themselves on the pitch and crying like babies.

    Sadly, they are causing the other teams to do the same to win favours from the refs.

  34. Josip Skoblar

    OM is a club with a history and amazing supporters. PSG, well, is the French equivalent of Chelsea.

  35. ritesh

    Pastore playing. The French have bigged up this game, tremendous coverage this year because of Ibra, Silva. 2-2 for the moment

  36. Josip Skoblar

    Pastore is playing. He’s had a good game so far. It’s a game played at a high tempo with 4 great goals and scoring opportunities . Two teams which hate each other. A great show.

  37. Josip Skoblar

    OM-PSG has been the French classico for the past 30 years. Like in Spain, it’s more than a football rivalry, it’s political.

  38. Dream10

    Josip Skoblar

    Cracking match so far. Would love to see a Marseille match live. The fans are passionate and the atmosphere seems incredible.

    Zlatan hit us with a couple of classics.

  39. Josip Skoblar

    Still 2-2, still a briliant game. I’d love to watch a live game there. I’ve never been to Marseilles, but I’m told it’s a special place for football.

  40. fanboy

    Is there any point to football anymore? Let’s just make 5 Messi and Ronaldo clones, throw in a couple defenders and keepers, sit back and let them do their thing forever.

  41. marcus

    1 (1) Chelsea 7 6 1 0 15 4 11 19
    2 (6) Manchester United 7 5 0 2 17 9 8 15
    3 (2) Manchester City 7 4 3 0 15 8 7 15
    4 (3) Everton 7 4 2 1 14 8 6 14
    5 (7) Tottenham Hotspur 7 4 2 1 13 8 5 14
    6 (4) West Bromwich Albion 7 4 2 1 11 7 4 14
    7 (5) Arsenal 7 3 3 1 13 5 8 12

  42. Royal Bludger

    I’m an escapee from the Le Grove blog’s abuse, racism, and juvenile FIFA 13 team comparisons – there’s a guy there, Gambon, who actually posts about his fantasy team *bench* FFS! On a blog about Arsenal FC.

    He’s always bringing up the topic of paedophilia and suggesting blog posters are young boys – is he grooming young boys on the Le Grove blog?

    Keeps calling himself “bigger than Jesus” (geddit?)

    Anyone who calls him out or challenges him is banned from the site.

    Someone should look into it – just to make sure.

    Let’s face it – on a site where all mature conversation is driven out with abuse so that only trivial and juvenile posters remain; where paedophilia is a constant theme; and racism (white boys only please); and where they are continually brainwashed with a “fantasy” that some guy is “bigger than Jesus” – begs investigation – and he has your email address.

    Someone should ring this Peter Wood guy and ask a few questions.

    Better to be safe than sorry.

  43. gnarleygeorge9


    U refer to cricket as a girls game 😉

    All things bright & beautiful, all creatures gr8 & small, We just won the hit & giggle WC, & Team Wales & England 😳 I mean Team GB 😳 I mean Team Europe won phuck all 😎

  44. fanboy

    Royal Bludger

    Who are you appealing to exactly? It seems the other posters here are at least tolerant of this gambon you speak of or just ignore him.

    What is your obssession with him anyway? Keyser usually disagrees with him and he hasn’t been banned so there goes your theory. And what mature conversation are you even speaking of? All you ever talk about is gambon.

    If you have a comment, post it and be a man. Don’t chicken in at the wee hours when there’s nobody else around

  45. SUGA3

    I hate glory supporters excuses…”Well my Dad supported them when I was young”…

    My dad used to fuck my mum as well, It doesn’t mean I have to..

    I do that because I’m Welsh.

  46. Geoff

    Bludger, that came out of the blue, do you have issues?

    We have all sorts of bloggers on here and they all offer different points of view, you are one of them.

    Show some tolerance, I do.

    Gnarley I can’t argue with that, but as you said, cricket is a girls game!

    Fanboy, my sentiments exactly.

  47. gambon


    How many times have you come on here and talked about Jesus?

    How many times have you come on here and talked about the mighty gambon?

    I rest my case, im bigger than Jesus, well I certainly am to you. I am literally your whole world. Its flattering, but weird.