Arsenal award Ivan Gazidis a 36% payrise and a £675k bonus for delivering what exactly?

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The big talking talking point for many Gooners this morning is the monster salary Ivan Gazidis has been compensated with over the last calendar year. Based on tepid commercial improvements of £5.5million and zero on pitch success, he’s been awarded a 36% increase on his base salary to £1.36million as well as an additional £675k bonus plus £100k pension provisions. I think that makes him the highest paid Football CEO in the UK.

That’s taking your £30k salary and bumping it up to £40.5k without a promotion or any success to your name.

Who out there managed that this year? In fact, who out there managed a 36% increase in pay with a promotion? How does that sit with inflation? How does that sit with people’s idea of chief executive fair pay?

So this bonus… how is it achieved? What exactly is it tied into?

If you want to get a grasp of the figures that flew through the door of most shareholders this morning, take a read of the excellent Swiss Ramble write up.

Here is what Ivan has managed to achieve this year… look at the below as the notes Stan Kroenke will have had in his yearly review.

  • He made £65million profit on player sales last summer. To break this process down for you, that’s taking your organisations prized assets and selling them to your competitors.
  • Whilst selling our two best players, he managed to increase staffing costs £40million. Can someone remind me of how that works out? Robin Van Persie did not receive a payrise out of that, nor did Wenger or Jack Wilshere.
  • If you take away player sales, we made an operating profit of -£30million
  • Ivan Gazidis, in three years, with a commercial team estimated to cost the club £15mill a year has overseen commercial revenue increases of 9%
  • We create 40% less commercial revenue that Manchester United
  • In the same three year time period, Barcelona and Real Madrid have grown their commercial deals by £90million.
  • In the same three year period, Liverpoool have grown theirs to £17million, City to £40million and that, according to the Swiss Ramble, is before they announce their shirt deals in their reporting.
So basically, the club have remained static, achieved tepid commercial improvements and there is still no guarantee at the end of all this that we’ll be able to match United or any of the big boys when it comes to sponsorship deals.
Why is that? Well, what do all the big revenue generating clubs have in common? Success. Or the perception that they’re chasing success. You can pin a name to each of those clubs when it comes to brand recognition.
  • United – Wayne Rooney
  • Madrid – Christiano Ronaldo
  • Barca – Lio Messi
We have good players that are gone tomorrow. We don’t bring stars in. The only player Arsenal think is worthy of a shirt with its name on the back is the annual report. The shame is that you can’t sell a hefty bank balance into the marketing department of Nike. It’s admirable, but it’s not going to shift training gear. Whatever you want to say about football and finances, the common denominator with all great clubs is investment. We’re not investing in top players and surprisingly, we have no trophies to show for it. It’s not rocket science. You can find the whole process of player purchase grotesque, but if we want to fight it out with the big boys, there’s no benefit in having a cash balance of a £150million, £70million of which is uncommitted. Having a threadbare squad doesn’t have you in the mix come what March. Telling the fans you gambled on Diaby’s fitness when you had the resources not to only raises suspicions that as a club, football success isn’t the number one goal.

I hope with the Ivan Gazidis salary jump, we can all see through his hypocrisy. He’s delivered very little the fans care about over the last year, he’s delivered very little intelligent cash to the balance sheet (when I say intelligent, I mean something that goes beyond season ticket sales which we contribute to or player sales which is always the easiest revenue generator). Yet he’s been awarded a 36% pay rise.

What is that for? Is that for keeping Wenger in check when buying players? Well it can’t be, otherwise he’s lied in his report when he said Wenger has total control of the budget. Geoff assures me he can’t lie in that report from years of compiling them himself. So what’s the deal here? Both Arsene and Gazidis are the highest paid in the league and both have delivered very little in terms of success?

I guess the laughable thing is that this move towards FFP and the hope that it’s somehow going to break us free of Oligarchical shackles also seems a whimsical notion. If FFP is about using the cash you generate as a club, we’ll still be miles off the others. United generate more than us, City do, Liverpool do, Barca and Madrid do. So unless we pull our socks up and work out a long term cash generation strategy that has more to it than having the most expensive season ticket prices in the world and selling our best players every single summer, we’ll be in exactly the same position in 5  years time. That’s not good enough and that’s not why we all agreed to move to a shiny new stadium for the better times.

So in an age where we’re scrutinsing the pay of under-performing CEOs the world over, perhaps we should cast our eye a little closer to home, because that 36% seems pretty grotesque from where I’m sitting? More importantly, what are the objectives of Stan Kroenke? If he is rewarding mediocrity, where does that put the long term future of Arsenal? Just an asset that grows in value every year because the stupid fans just keep ploughing money into the club that we unconditionally love? Sounds like a pretty unambitious partner our aging board have put us into bed with… still, as long as everyone is getting rich, bar the fans, everything is ok…

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What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Team News for tonight:

I won’t give too much of a run down of the game this evening, needless to say there’s not Diaby and Wenger is blaming the French national team for picking him last month. Come on Arsene, you’ve been in the game long enough to know the drill by now. Should there really be exhaustion issues with a player in his mid twenties after about 6 games? No is the answer.

The other bit of potential bad news is around Arteta and his ankle injury. That really would be a problem. He’s had fitness problems in the past, we really can’t afford to lose him as well. Giroud will probably start this evening. My hope is that Olympiacos are an easy game and we can work out a way of adapting to life without Diaby. Nothing but a win this evening. Match report will be with you in the morning!


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  1. sam

    flow ball,

    no one hates ramsey, he’s just not good enough for arsenal please get over it.
    he will make a good football career in scotland or small epl team., he’s not creative enough for a top team.

  2. tippitappi

    who cares they were lucky to win by two how many flattering scorelines have the mancs had over the years and they had saten as well good header he got in too. To be honest though we look no nearer a title come 2013

  3. SDE


    Could Gervinho,be our new “Henry”??!!

    Step aside Theo…Gerv might just beat you to that spot,if you’re still around next season?..Doubt it though..!!

  4. kwik fit

    Arsene should pay for a trip to the brothel for giroud. It may be the release he needs to get the goals coming.
    Looked good tonight when he came on. For me Podolski comes alive in the box so would like to see him play with the big man.

  5. Paddywhack

    What do you mean Sam, Ramsey not good enough for a top team. He doesn’t play for a top team he plays for AFC ffs.

  6. Cesc Appeal

    I think Wenger has to unshackle Arteta a bit at the weekend, if Le Coq is playing (as long as he isnt injured) then let Arteta be box to box, if not play Ox in the middle as well, we look so toothless at the moment, the opposition crowd out Cazorla and thats that

  7. Radio Raheem


    I fear Wenger might be thinking the same. It’s logical Gervinho starts, he’s our form player atm with 5 in 7 but it shouldn’t be at Giroud’s expense.

  8. Leedsgunner

    Glad we got the win… it’s a little worrying though that we play so laboured against so called “minnows” in this competition. We should be cruising against sides like this but we look so pedestrian — I hate to say it but I think the scoreline flatters us tonight.

    Santi is going to be burnt out or injured soon not a question of if, but when… why Wenger didn’t give Andrei a run out I don’t know.

    Our club record signing, a benchwarmer. If that is not an indictment of Arsene’s transfer and man management skills I don’t know what is.

    A win is a win though. Boy we like to make life difficult for ourselves.

  9. kwik fit

    We need to give the players a little bit of slack. I know they looked a bit slow and laboured at times but it’s been a long season and it’s understandable.

    Ramsey took his goal well and Walcott was lively and seem interested when he came on. Then again all of Europe was looking .

  10. Radio Raheem


    Nah I’m not surprised with City. I said as much when the draws were made…just knew City won’t make it. I’m really hoping Dortmund beat them in Germany and Real need a point at City when that comes round.

    Mancini is crap!

  11. incesc

    like to see this team on sat

    jenks mert verm gibbs
    arteta ramsey
    walcott gerv

    arshavin and pold off the bench

    our midfield looks so light now against an long ball team

  12. Nasri's Mouth

    Both fullbacks were excellent tonight. Wouldn’t be a big surprise to see one of them called up for England

    When will Giroud score ? He’s certainly playing well enough though

  13. Keyser

    RR – We had this same conversation last year, I’m still kind of willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, I think Dortmund look a lot better than last year for instance ? Though it’s his own fault for being soo wasteful with that much money and talent at his disposal.

  14. SDE


    I think the team in future should be,given Diaby is out injured& injury prone..

    .——Szechny/Mannone(if Szech still injured)—






    .———Szechny/Mannone(if Szech still injured)———-





  15. Radio Raheem


    I didn’t see the match but you think Dortmund look better this season than last? This is the second season in the champions league with this group of Dortmund players. Same as for City?

  16. SDE

    Walcott is shit,to put it politely & disinterested..His mind is elsewhere..Not on,being seen as Henry MKII,but on securing that £100k contract..

    Good luck to him…!!Don’t need any more passengers!!The coach is full to the brim as it is…!!He can step off& find another coach to carry him,with his dreamy primadonna demands!!

  17. Keyser

    RR – Citeh are methodical, powerful and talented but can be rigid at times, Dortmund were an excellant team last year, technically very good, they just passed around Citeh’s midfield with ease, and they absolutely battered Citeh with shots, maybe more cutting edge, a better striker they’d be a proper threat.

  18. kwik fit

    As someone said previously, if teams mark cazorla out of the game we don’t seem to have anyone else capable of opening things up. This is worrying. The first half display was abysmal.

  19. Cesc Appeal


    To be fair tonight I thought Walcott did well, put in a spirited effort and ran at his man….and you know I’m not his biggest fan.

    However you have to go with form at the weekend and play Gervinho, Giroud and Poldy up top.

    Coquelin looked a little wasteful and error prone tonight so I’d go for a Cazorla, Arteta, Ox middle against the hammers.

    Jenks, Mert, Verm, Gibbs at the back – whether he needs to play himself into form I don’t know but Koscielny looks a shadow of the defender we grew to love last year. Error prone, tentative, indecisive, dangerous (in a bad way!).

    Would also be tempted to give one of the young keepers a go in goal, Mannone was dreadful tonight, comically so (that corner)

  20. Keyser

    Kwikfit – It’s been 6 games, give them time, teams are working Cazorla out, now he needs to adjust and so does the team, think there’s an International break soon ?!

    Then Wilshere, Sagna and Rosicky to come back, Along with new signing Diaby who we’ve loaned somewhere for 3 weeks.

  21. Keyser

    Cazorla could go out wide, Rosicky or Wilshere sit in his place. Sagna could swap hairstyles with Gervinho up front. Think he’d be a powerful version of him.

  22. Cesc Appeal

    Diaby is turning into a bit of a joke around the net…..sad really because he does have talent but he will never make it as a main man of any team, instead of hoping he was the next Yaya just wish we’d bought the real one when we had the clear cut chance.

    But yes, Wilshere and Rosicky to come back diversifies the middle and Sagna does help out in attack as well

    On another note I really love Borussia Dortmund – that is all

  23. goonerboy

    Won a game we did not dominate -Out muscled and out fought in midfield for much of this game. I say “fought” when the referee penalised any physical contact what so ever made by us. Defence looked uncertain until Bould sorted it out at halftime. Have always said our defensive probs are 90% organisational and lack of discipline- and caused by lack of midfield pressure and cover.
    Coquelin-who has looked too lightweight in every game I have seen him play inwent down ominously near the end. Not enough midfield strength and nous.
    Criminal of Wenger not to replace Song.
    Gervinho was our most dangerous player. Ramsey’s goal was good- at least he took it well.

  24. kwik fit


    Sagna’s going to have his work cut out trying to dislodge Jenks. The fullbacks were again superb tonight.
    We really need Jack and Rosicky back ASAP

  25. Cesc Appeal


    I agree, play Cazorla RW, Giroud in the middle and Poldy LW. Then play a middle of JW, Arteta and Rosicky

  26. SDE

    kwik fit..

    The various problems with Arsenal& Arsene,are oo many too list..

    We are all aware of them,it will be further compounded,with Carzola,picking up an injury,a suspension,or some other calamitous incident,or accident..That will leave us plucking out straws& calling upon some crocks,or some disinterested player(s),who are happy to run their contracts down…
    As opposed to wanting to perform& play for the cause& win something of note.

    AA,Rosicky…Talented players..But would you want these players beside you in,in the a war of attrition..?

    Talented…? Yes..Dependable & consistent?..No…
    Especially with a defense that is suspect..

    We are pretty much screwed,with the kind of personnel@ our disposal.. Look @ the personnel of Man City,Chelsea & Man Utd to a certain degree that they possess,one we can only dream about!!

    60+ games..These guys are only human..& Wenger over the years only has a select 14 that he chooses from…
    Injuries,suspension,fatigue will come into play..

    Lack of squad depth,amongst other things,will be our achilles heel..

    Always short 2-3 players a season..Result?..Expect the same finishing..b/w 3rd& 4th place finish if we are lucky this season!!

  27. andy

    Just looked at koz header after artetas freekick – vermi wanted to jump and hold himself on the bar … He felt. It looks so funny, didnt check it during the game

  28. Cesc Appeal

    I reckon Wilshere, Arteta and Rosicky as a midfield is pretty decent, strong, tenacious and able to hold onto that ball better than any team save Barcelona in Europe, all three are accomplished on the ball. Wilshere and Arteta are good off the ball as well, hassling and sticking legs in

  29. kwik fit


    I thought pre Saturday that this season could be different but now realism has set in and I now concur to your opinion. I will still have hope howeverthat we can get those guys back performing consistently at levels we know they can and we can add some quality in January and with a little bit of Chelsea luck who Knows?

  30. andy

    I wonder if theres a striker out there in europe getting more curses and blames than gerv – 5 goals in 7 i think … Would be 28 goals in obe epl season more or less

  31. Johnny5


    I agree mate. With all the other teams usually below us strengthening and us arguably weaker and relying on 14 players to play 60 odd games getting 4th could be a hard job. Wengers a fucking idiot.

  32. SDE


    Not being funny Keyser,but a new guy in a new league,is usually given a free pass..Not all players,but some players..

    Opposition find a new player in the league,is an unknown quantity

    Papa Cisse,Torres@Liverpool,some examples..
    With Torres@Liverpool everyone knew he was a goal scoring machine@ Athletico Madrid..

    He came to Liverpool & hit the ground running..

    Anyway the point that I’m trying to make,is that Carzola comes with one advantage,his vision& technical ability,far & above the current team’s level& opposition in the EPL..
    That in itself,is a leg-up,he has to stamp his authority…

    It’s quite worrying,that so early into the season ,in the past few games,he’s being shut out..

    I’m of the opinion,he’s thinking,what the heck,have I got myself into @ this club..

    The club’s mentality resembles thatof having no real desire to be champions,surrounded by crap team mates& he’s discovering,he has a lot of work on his hands..
    He tries to find that 6th sense amongst the rest of the players,intricate passing..

    They don’t just match up..& I think ,frustration is creeping into his psyche & game..Very worrying…

    Would not be surprised,if he takes off in 2 seasons to be honest,unless Wenger bucks up his ideas, game & get’s in real quality into the team..

    Again he is the lone orchestrator,with that responsibility on his head..

    For Chelsea,read Oscar,Mata,Hazard..

    For Arsenal read, Gervinho?Ramsey? Diaby?..

    A bit hard to motivate yourself for every game..Podolski& Arteta maybe..
    the rest for him..pftttt…

  33. roaaary

    I just got home from the game and cant believe how hard we made that for ourselves. Against a shit team with a shit away record in europe we were quite lucky to get away with a win.

    Gervinho is amazing. How a man can be so shit and score consistantly is beyond me. Terrible player in the first half who couldnt pass, hold the ball or make runs. He looked clueless when dribbling and he cant be trusted to lead our attack.

    Kozzer and vermaelen are ridiculous at the back. No coordination between the two all game. Their attackers found space time and again and they watched. Vermaelen spent half the second half playing cf or lw when we were protecting a narrow lead. He is a joke and shouldnt be allowed to get away with it. Kozzer just looks shaky and out of form.

    I love chambo but he needs to be dropped. Had a very poor game tonight. I would love to see his pass completion. The poor lad has had his natural direct approach trained out of him in favour of the backwards pass made famous by denilson.

    Positives were theo looked direct and interested. Gibbs and jenko again really impressed me. And before i sound too jolly i remembered how shit mannone was. No words for his display. Especially the fumble for a corner in the second half.

  34. kwik fit

    Half the problem is Verm moving forward at times when there is no need to chase games. Its kamikaze football and he needs to be told to limit it to time’s toward the end of matches when were chasing the game.
    Thats only half the problem . The other half is Kos. A player who is completely unrecognisable to the player of last season.

  35. Keyser

    SDE – It’s been 6 games ? Against Chelsea he lashed wildly and missed wide, today Gervinho cut back for him and he curled wide.

    If he’s got anything about him he’ll be thinking about those misses, watch him he’s more critical of himself than anyone else.

  36. Keyser

    Coquelin and the Ox were pretty crap in the first half, Coquelin got better in the second, Arteta is not superman, he’s a ball playing midfielder who can pass and link play, he’s nowhere near what Flamini or Gilberto were for us defensively, and up front we’re still finding our feet.

    Diaby is missed, even if you don’t rate him, we must’ve at least factored him in, in pre-season with the way we were playing, he makes an obvious difference, against Stoke Diaby marked Crouch automatically from every goal kick and long ball forward, it mean’t Vermaelen and Mertesacker were able to pick up the loose balls.

    We’re still going to make mistakes, and we’re still working teams out, West Ham are going to be another challenge, the defence doesn’t even have the same protection it had a couple of weeks ago, and even against Montpellier Mertesacker and Vermaelenw ere hardly convincing.

    We’re doing ok right now, we need to cut out the silly mistakes putting ourselves under needless pressure and we need to work a lot harder in attack.

  37. Keyser

    KM – If you’re reading Benzema’s finish today was class.

    RR – ridiculous goals from Eliseu, he’s small, very quick and tricky, didn’t know he was capable of that though, he’s been pretty ordinary at times when I’ve watched him before, also a bit of a diver.

  38. SDE

    watch him he’s more critical of himself than anyone else.


    Most top professional talented players are!!They are their worst critics…

    But I can foresee,a point where that self-criticism,will turn into frustration with the teammates that surround him& the club’s ambitions..

    If you disagree..Just ask Cesc,RVP…?

  39. northerngooner

    Nice to read all the moaning fuckers are still here. We play shite and win. So what. 3 or 4 years ago we played well and lost. So what.
    Nothings going to change this season or next season. With a bit of luck on the injury front we may put a little run together and cheer everyone up.

    We won tonight so let’s be happy.
    Lets moan when we get beat.

    Thank you and good night.

  40. SDE

    Diaby is missed, even if you don’t rate him, we must’ve at least factored him in, in pre-season with the way we were playing, he makes an obvious difference, against Stoke Diaby marked Crouch automatically from every goal kick and long ball forward, it mean’t Vermaelen and Mertesacker were able to pick up the loose balls.

    Diaby is missed…!I’m one of his biggest fans..A talent-yes..!!
    But unfortunately he’s a perennial crock…

    Beg’s the question,Wenger should have done his homework..He’s had 5 seasons now to look at Diaby’s injury record & get in a quality replacement..

    This is not really an argument,it’s just common sense..

    Something that Wenger has lacked for sometime…


    Not really rocket science..We find ourselves in this predicament,yet again,because of one man’s fascination with his egocentric ways,to put it politely!!

  41. Keyser

    SDE – If he’s missing chances that he should finish then he needs to sort that out before he cricises anyone else. Which I think he will.

  42. Keyser

    Wilshere’s out aswell, been 14 months, maybe he could’ve got a replacement there aswell, either way we obviously planned for Diaby being there the first few games and now we’re going to have to adjust to him bein out.

  43. Paulinho

    Thing is Diaby was there for the first few games, and he’s now got injured right on cue. The way we ‘planned’ it you would think Wilshere was having his first run out back in August, not in October.

  44. SDE

    Cesc Appeal

    To be fair tonight I thought Walcott did well, put in a spirited effort and ran at his man….and you know I’m not his biggest fan.However you have to go with form at the weekend and play Gervinho, Giroud and Poldy up top.Coquelin looked a little wasteful and error prone tonight so I’d go for a Cazorla, Arteta, Ox middle against the hammers.

    Good to hear from you..

    Walcott has had,how many good games a season,over the past 5 seasons?

    Not enough to warrant,an automatic 1st team place& not enough,given the so-called “strength in depth we have this season”..

    I know it’s all relative,but maybe by accident,rather than by design,we have fashioned a squad that maybe might be stronger than in previous seasons..
    But is certainly not enough realistically to challenge for honours..
    Not with the the scope& depth of the Manc’s.Chelsea,Barca,Bayern,RM of this world…

    That said,if we are going with form,I certainly would include Gerv,Poldi & Giroud up front..

    But I would prefer to play with a twin strike-force of Giroud& Poldi..


    For a number of reasons…
    1)Giroud needs a run of games..It’s his first season in a new league,new environment,new team mates,new system..

    Strikers thrive on confidence& forging a partnership& understanding with a fellow hitman-Podolski,who seems to have hit the ground running..Would be a perfect bedfellow for the guy..

    2)We sold a 30 goal striker in RVP..
    You cannot expect Giroud,new to the EPL,to hit the ground running like Torres did @ L’pool& score 30 goals..Unrealistic..
    Those type of players are anomalies..

    So to relieve that pressure..Why not share that responsibility,with a fellow striker…Who seems able to adapt to the rigours & demands of the EPL..(Poldi)

    3)Having a twin strike-force,alleviates the pressure on the defense,which is not only suspect at set pieces,but also circumspect to teams hitting us on the counter with Kosc& Vermalen,having a propensity to bomb forward at every turn..

    4)Giroud,brings a lot to the team,with his physical presence,link up play& other attributes..It’s just a question of time…& surely with teams worrying about the effect of Giroud,Podolski& Gerv,surely we should have the opportunity to run riot..!!

    4)An outlet for crosses to be played into the box,with Carzola& Ger,or Chambo,supplying the bullets..

    5)Gerv,should be used as a stop-gap striker,only if the 2 mentioned,are misfiring,injured/suspended,or to offer a different proposition to the opposing team!!Not as an automatic CF!
    Though I suspect OGL is grooming him to be the new “Henry..”
    (Hey THW14,stick that in your pipe & smoke it!!)

    You make do with what you have,so let’s make the best use of the players we have at our disposal& make it difficult for the opposition’s back 4..
    Instead of being cautious,tentative & destroying player’s confidence in the process,by benching them,or playing them out of position!!

  45. SDE


    planned for Diaby being there the first few games and now we’re going to have to adjust to him bein out.

    I think it’s high time,Wenger stopped with this adjustment process..

    We are always a team in perpetual motion..
    Relying on crocks,or looking to play- player’s in their wrongful positions..

    It get’s know…

    Always a player or two short every season…

    I think the financials released last week&the pay rises to certain member’s of the BoD,highlight,where are priorities really reside..?

    Don’t you think..?

    We are almost approaching a decade of not having won anything…
    Yet,we say as fans almost to a tee,if only Diaby was fit,if only Wilshere was back..If only we kept Cesc…If ..if…if…

    But never a proactive action,with a warchest we have at our disposal,to at least make a concerted effort to address issues that are so naked, even to a blind man’s eye!!

  46. SDE

    Radio RaheemOctober 3, 2012 22:12:49

    Not bad line-ups there. I’d rather Gervinho plays with Giroud upfront though.

    You might have a point…It’s doable& workable..

    So from this realistic line-up of mine…

    .———Szechny/Mannone(if Szech still injured)—



    to your change up with Gervinho ,partnering Giroud…

    ———Szechny/Mannone(if Szech still injured)—–




    Sounds good…I like it…!!

  47. ikon

    Giroud has real presence upfront, very strong and wins most of his battles in air. The 3rd goal was all because of his strength and of course Ramsey’s finish was superb.
    I though Coquelin looked very average, positionally naive at times. I think Frimpong is far far better with his engine and his ability to come out of danger areas with the ball at his feet.
    So many misplaced passes from Vermaelen and so many positional errors that I think he is the 3rd best defender at the club. Giving him the armband was a mistake and Arteta should have had it. The spainiard had another outstanding game. He was everywhere. We will really struggle without him in the middle.
    Good finish from both Gervinho and Podolski. Gervinho had a great game again, an improved finishing will probably make him into a feared striker.
    Manone – unconvincing
    Vermaelen – needs to be rotated
    Full backs – super again
    Chamberlain – is simply trying too hard to do things… needs to keep his simple, think straight and not try too many showboating scenes.
    MoM – Arteta/Gervinho

  48. Iceman

    I’d say Walcott did better lastnite than any other games he’s played, Giroud is still a great player in my eyes and adds value to the team, Gervinho is our best attacking threat, Poldi does what he needs to, usually important stuff and Coq looked okay, needs more games. TV needs to stop going forward so much, expecially when we dont need it. Jenko is our rightback, Sagna’s gonna struggle. Gibbs is becoming Cole-ish and Ramsey, great finish, great assist from Giroud… anyone famous die yet? And anyone who still thinks Giroud is shyt cos he doesn’t score…….please.

  49. Jeff

    The only thing I would say about individual players is that Giroud just needs to break his duck but Gervinho absolutely must perform to a more consistent standard. He has neither the strength nor the presence of Henry so that talk is just wishful thinking.

    I am happy with Podolski and Cazorla. Jenkinson and Gibbs are showing more consistency than we could have hoped for but Vermaelen and Koscielny are still very much in a trough. I do not like seeing Vermaelen sprinting towards the opposition goal when we are 2:1 up and only 5 minutes to go. That is just stupidity and shows a lack of discipline in him as well as management.

    He should be TOLD to stay and defend when the game is tight if not all the time; and that goes for Koscielny as well.

    Walcott is again one of the many players we have that pleases in one game and bombs in the next 10. The same could be said of Ramsey and Chamberlain. As always consistency is the key.

  50. SUGA3


    fully with you on the Vermaelen issue: I mean, fucking hell, we are 2:1 up, a win is a win, I can understand that they might want to put the game out of the Olympiakos’ reach, but if you bomb forward, you leave the back exposed and increase the risk of getting caught out and them equalising!

    call me old-fashioned, but is the captain not supposed to be a shining example for the others?

    and by the way, is anyone still prepared to argue that TV + LK should be played together?

  51. xavier

    My goodness Arteta really lucked out on a four year deal at Arsenal..Like seriously apart from always keeping a manicured haircut not sure what else his really good for.For a guy whose meant to be an attacking mid his the most conservative of all our midfielders.Consistenly gives the ball away..totally adept at sideways and backpassing the ball. doing those silly half turns that lead no where.

  52. OhtobeaGooner

    Xavier definitely just watched Arteta for the first time yesterday. He doesn’t play attacking mid for us….

  53. wenker-wanger

    is anyone surprised at the grotesque pay rise gazidis got?…i mean arsenal is all about profit and he did deliver a profit….ok only by selling off our best players….but for kroenke its good business. Success on the pitch is what these plastic bast++++ want as a bonus as that would aid the profiteering…but it isnt their priority. Champs league is a huge income, and thats why arsenal manages an economic 3rd or 4th each season. Wenger has given up competing with the big boys like city and chelsea….hes happy to spend just enough to make a team that beats off the spuds newcastle everton and liverpool. However this season im not so sure…..our season will depend on matches against these teams…..against the big boys we are a predictable 2nd best.

  54. Black-Red

    Hishh,,,ivan is a football player?lol Bring OUT PHW,STAN,IVAN from ARSENAL and ramshit to he’s not good enough, he’s just like medioker player hes should play at N-PoweLeague lol,,Bring back DEIN,Get in USMANOV..