Arsenal award Ivan Gazidis a 36% payrise and a £675k bonus for delivering what exactly?

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The big talking talking point for many Gooners this morning is the monster salary Ivan Gazidis has been compensated with over the last calendar year. Based on tepid commercial improvements of £5.5million and zero on pitch success, he’s been awarded a 36% increase on his base salary to £1.36million as well as an additional £675k bonus plus £100k pension provisions. I think that makes him the highest paid Football CEO in the UK.

That’s taking your £30k salary and bumping it up to £40.5k without a promotion or any success to your name.

Who out there managed that this year? In fact, who out there managed a 36% increase in pay with a promotion? How does that sit with inflation? How does that sit with people’s idea of chief executive fair pay?

So this bonus… how is it achieved? What exactly is it tied into?

If you want to get a grasp of the figures that flew through the door of most shareholders this morning, take a read of the excellent Swiss Ramble write up.

Here is what Ivan has managed to achieve this year… look at the below as the notes Stan Kroenke will have had in his yearly review.

  • He made £65million profit on player sales last summer. To break this process down for you, that’s taking your organisations prized assets and selling them to your competitors.
  • Whilst selling our two best players, he managed to increase staffing costs £40million. Can someone remind me of how that works out? Robin Van Persie did not receive a payrise out of that, nor did Wenger or Jack Wilshere.
  • If you take away player sales, we made an operating profit of -£30million
  • Ivan Gazidis, in three years, with a commercial team estimated to cost the club £15mill a year has overseen commercial revenue increases of 9%
  • We create 40% less commercial revenue that Manchester United
  • In the same three year time period, Barcelona and Real Madrid have grown their commercial deals by £90million.
  • In the same three year period, Liverpoool have grown theirs to £17million, City to £40million and that, according to the Swiss Ramble, is before they announce their shirt deals in their reporting.
So basically, the club have remained static, achieved tepid commercial improvements and there is still no guarantee at the end of all this that we’ll be able to match United or any of the big boys when it comes to sponsorship deals.
Why is that? Well, what do all the big revenue generating clubs have in common? Success. Or the perception that they’re chasing success. You can pin a name to each of those clubs when it comes to brand recognition.
  • United – Wayne Rooney
  • Madrid – Christiano Ronaldo
  • Barca – Lio Messi
We have good players that are gone tomorrow. We don’t bring stars in. The only player Arsenal think is worthy of a shirt with its name on the back is the annual report. The shame is that you can’t sell a hefty bank balance into the marketing department of Nike. It’s admirable, but it’s not going to shift training gear. Whatever you want to say about football and finances, the common denominator with all great clubs is investment. We’re not investing in top players and surprisingly, we have no trophies to show for it. It’s not rocket science. You can find the whole process of player purchase grotesque, but if we want to fight it out with the big boys, there’s no benefit in having a cash balance of a £150million, £70million of which is uncommitted. Having a threadbare squad doesn’t have you in the mix come what March. Telling the fans you gambled on Diaby’s fitness when you had the resources not to only raises suspicions that as a club, football success isn’t the number one goal.

I hope with the Ivan Gazidis salary jump, we can all see through his hypocrisy. He’s delivered very little the fans care about over the last year, he’s delivered very little intelligent cash to the balance sheet (when I say intelligent, I mean something that goes beyond season ticket sales which we contribute to or player sales which is always the easiest revenue generator). Yet he’s been awarded a 36% pay rise.

What is that for? Is that for keeping Wenger in check when buying players? Well it can’t be, otherwise he’s lied in his report when he said Wenger has total control of the budget. Geoff assures me he can’t lie in that report from years of compiling them himself. So what’s the deal here? Both Arsene and Gazidis are the highest paid in the league and both have delivered very little in terms of success?

I guess the laughable thing is that this move towards FFP and the hope that it’s somehow going to break us free of Oligarchical shackles also seems a whimsical notion. If FFP is about using the cash you generate as a club, we’ll still be miles off the others. United generate more than us, City do, Liverpool do, Barca and Madrid do. So unless we pull our socks up and work out a long term cash generation strategy that has more to it than having the most expensive season ticket prices in the world and selling our best players every single summer, we’ll be in exactly the same position in 5  years time. That’s not good enough and that’s not why we all agreed to move to a shiny new stadium for the better times.

So in an age where we’re scrutinsing the pay of under-performing CEOs the world over, perhaps we should cast our eye a little closer to home, because that 36% seems pretty grotesque from where I’m sitting? More importantly, what are the objectives of Stan Kroenke? If he is rewarding mediocrity, where does that put the long term future of Arsenal? Just an asset that grows in value every year because the stupid fans just keep ploughing money into the club that we unconditionally love? Sounds like a pretty unambitious partner our aging board have put us into bed with… still, as long as everyone is getting rich, bar the fans, everything is ok…

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What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Team News for tonight:

I won’t give too much of a run down of the game this evening, needless to say there’s not Diaby and Wenger is blaming the French national team for picking him last month. Come on Arsene, you’ve been in the game long enough to know the drill by now. Should there really be exhaustion issues with a player in his mid twenties after about 6 games? No is the answer.

The other bit of potential bad news is around Arteta and his ankle injury. That really would be a problem. He’s had fitness problems in the past, we really can’t afford to lose him as well. Giroud will probably start this evening. My hope is that Olympiacos are an easy game and we can work out a way of adapting to life without Diaby. Nothing but a win this evening. Match report will be with you in the morning!


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  1. Bennydevito

    Can somebody confirm to me this: The commercial team in 3 years have incresead our income by 10m – 10m pa or 10m over 3 years? Even if it’s 10m x3 that’s 30m yet the commercial team costs 15m pa therefore it’s actually cost us 15m??

  2. Iceman

    Okay Thomas I will. You, Gambon and Yippee know best.

    Hey Yippee, nothing illiterate about my ramblings, just found you out. You cannot go teaching ‘Grammar’ when you don’t know that “Overview” is one word. I mean, it’s one thing being an idiot BUT it’s something else when you act smart and make a silly mistake like that. Just shows you sit with a fucking lexicon when typing on a blog. Idiotic Cunt.

  3. BOOZY

    you couldn’t try this shit liverpool and united fans, there’ll be mayhem by now.

    if something like this happened in barcelona, there be a civil war.

  4. gambon


    Since Tom Fox was appointed as Commercial Director/Gazidis appointed, our commercial revenue has only increased by £4m.

    £48m in 2009, £52m now.

    Absolutely pathetic.

    They were all congratulating themselves in the financial report on how well they had done, yet all of our rivals have made much more commercial money in the last 3 years than us. Even teams like Villa.

  5. BOOZY

    however this puts added pressure on arsenal.

    If we are out of the title race by december, no amount of money spent in the summer should stop a revolt.

  6. Paddywhack

    What was the difference in GG taking a bung and these wa….ers taking loads of cash for doing nothing. Why was his illegal and theirs legal. Perhaps our legal dept in Le Grove can answer this.

  7. Bubble

    Gazadis gets massive 36% payrise for delivering absolutely nothing. Haha Only at Arsenal mann. And oh, Gazadis got paid as much as the entire chelsea board last year. (Yup, a board who won the champions league, & keep buying the best players around). Round of applause for Arsenal. Round of applause. Hey, why you not clapping?

  8. Nedox

    Am still waiting for press to start the “man utd is a one man team” brigade. Rather all i hear is how he is a wonderful buy.

  9. jrh1987

    Absolute disgrace. I can (sort of) handle frugal financial spending, if we’re paying off the stadium and all aspects of the clubs finances are in order and equal. However, this grotesque imbalance of average players, CEO’s and to some extent our manager taking home their millions each year just makes me sick.

    And who is getting shafted? Us, the bloody faithful, who were here before they were and will be once they’ve lined their pension funds and departed.

    I feel sorry for everyone who paid through the nose to witness that awful display on saturday, I watched it at home and felt short changed.

    Ivan needs to pull his finger out when these commercial deals are up for renewal, but as we always say, he’d have a hell of a lot more bargaining power if we were actually winning things….

  10. Johnny5

    I’m sick of all the talk being about money all the time. We should be talking team selection and what tactics our shite manager will use to cost us yet another game. We should be talking about whether giroud should start or whether to give little theo a go up top or wheel should step in for arteta not how much some money grabbing cunt sucks from the club.

  11. Phil

    Dear Ivan,
    You are doing a great job. keep it up and next year I will increase your salary so you are on par with Squillaci. At the moment he is worth a little more.

  12. Iceman


    Bench: Kos, Cazorla, Gnabry, Gervais, Gibbs, Chamakh, ??????

  13. kapslock

    Post is spot on. I’ve been saying for a long time that Gazidis and his cronies are useless. It’s obvious we’re fucked as long as Kroenke still controls the majority of the club. Can’t see him selling up anyway.

  14. kapslock

    Funny we can’t compete for wages yet have £130 million in the bank, highest paid CEO and manager in the country. Hypocrites and a bunch of cunts

  15. Nedox

    And by the way, its only le grove that reports a 36percent increase. Everywhere else has it has 24percent. So maybe they have inside knowledge

  16. mystic

    BadeOctober 3, 2012 11:35:29
    ‘…How can we claim of being anywhere near “competitive” or “ambitious” if we’re only using 1% of our available cash flow in the transfer market?

    That means mathematically that we can do 99% better than what we’ve done’

    Don’t misunderstand me, I DO THINK WE SHOULD SPEND MORE, however the fact that Arsenal don’t doesn’t make them 99% down on where they could be.

    If you take Cazorla as an example, he was available on the cheap so Arsenal spent less, that doesn’t make him any less of a player – had he cost more Arsenal would have under spent by less, so your maths would have ended up different but the team would still be the same.

  17. Bade

    Annoying that when we were “skint” pre the Emirates move, we bought players & broke transfer records or at least matched them

    The main purpose of the Emirates move was to make us even better

    Now instead of matching the transfer fees, we’re practically buying players between the low & medium transfer brackets

    Bergkamp was bought for a club record of 7.5m’ in 1995 when it was even a transfer record in the EPL (or a close match to it).

    17 years later, we’ve paid as many as 15m’ on a single player, when the usual bracket of top players is the 20-30m’ ones

    Indeed you can always find bargains. Real bought Ozil for 15m’ Euros, Sahin for 10m’ & so. We did few very good bargains as well

    But the fact we’re reluctant to splash the cash we have on ready made players will always bound us from being at the top of the game & we will forever stay a mid table mindset club

  18. Samir masri

    The thing is that we can’t up our bid when it comes to signing players over the valuation. And we got lucky getting carzola for the low fee of 12 million pounds.

  19. Goonerhaea

    I appreciate the need for a rant on the finances, but come on, we support a football team for he football they play. So please, there should at least be as much football talk in today’s post as financial considering we have a game tonight. Just saying.

  20. Bennydevito


    So at best they’ve made 12m in 3 years yet they’ve cost 45m in wages over that 3 years? Fuck me.

    Seriously, what can we as fans actually do? I live in Bristol and can’t afford to go to games but believe me I care and suffer like a season ticket holder and I’ve watched Wenger go from a pioneer to a fucking plank but what can we do?

  21. salparadiseNYC

    Think this is your best post of the season and hits at what I consider to be the heart of the problem with Arsenal.
    Ivan and Arsene are the highest paid for their stations in England. Promoting themselves further up the financial chain with no justification in sporting result only financial. In terms of financial we’ve not finished top of the league, we’ve stayed the course keeping a massive balance that should be spend on key assets to the club i.e.. STARS. not salary increase for with no result in either category.
    I said it many times this summer and was raped with negative commentary, Van Persie is a real man for his statement of intend regarding Arsenal’s future and calling time on his days with a club lacking ambition to compete with the best. This stagnancy will fester until these corporate lackeys have set sail with their golden parachutes and Van Persie knew it and pushed onto to be with a contender.

  22. Rix On Alcohol

    He got his payrise because he achieved the club’s unwritten agenda: To qualify for the Champions League and turn over a profit from player sales.

    Until the commercial deals can be renegotiated in 2014, nothing will change. So expect much of the same next summer. Unless Arsenal make a decision to take a loss knowing that the commercial revenue will significantly increase the following year.

    The laughable thing is that people who realise this and complain about this, renew their season tickets every year. Arsenal is now sports entertainment. Why not enjoy your ‘matchday experience’ in the pub instead. That’s where most of the real fans are now.

  23. Marketing

    The point of branding was spot on. A brand like Nike likes to associate themselves to a player rather than a team. Rooney, Messi, Ronaldo all help sell thier club, sponsors all over these clubs becuase these players are known around the world attract millions of football fans. Who could Nike possibly partner with at Arsenal? RVP could have easily been that person but now that he’s gone there is no one to fill his shoes. Its a joke marketing is all about finding something that consumers can attach to have really feel something about thier brand. With our turnover every summer, media blasting how the club cares about money more than trophies really Arsenal a hard investment. Without stability every summer no brand will want to be associated with the club.

  24. Bade


    I didn’t meat literally we can improve 99%, but we can still improve vastly

    Cazorla is a special case because we took advantage of a club in crisis while no other top club approached him

    Don’t think for a second that had any other big club made an approach, he would have not played for us

    Easy to prove this, as Arsene admitted we wanted him last season (& we badly needed a player of his calibre to replace Cesc), but Malaga were 1st to catch him. Seems familiar? Yep, at least in the cases of Smalling, Sahin, Mata, Harad & Alvarez (of the top of my mind), whenever another big club gets into a bidding fight with us we ran away with our tail between our legs

    Ramsey was a special case, as his club set a price 3 teams were willing to meet & we got him because we offered him 3 times or so more than the others on wages

    If you look at most of our transfer blunders, those were due to stupid money, that wouldn’t need more than 1% more investment

    Alonso, wanted to join us, we stalled with the deal because of 1m’ (I think 14m’ while they asked for 15m’). He was a played we desperately needed then. The result, a season later he was sold to Real for 30m’

    Schwartzer, again we screw up a vital deal, sporting wise, yet we shouldn’t make their very reasonable asking price. We tried to make it even cheaper. The result. Their appointed 1st choice keeper got injured, so they weren’t willing to sell Schwartzer anymore as they couldn’t get another replacement, so when we were willing to meet their asking price they told us to fuck off

    Those are 2 mere cases, but they prove the rule at Arsenal

    Trying always to do it on the cheap, despite of it costing us dearly

  25. ColinfarkinPatesy

    Having a gooner in the first eleven is almost enough to get me excited about football again. Haven’t used my season tickets for about 5 years. The Emirates is wank, modern football is shit and Van Persie is still a cunt.

  26. Iceman

    Seems like they give youngsters 60k which is far too much. But they wanna offer an experienced player the same wage………so they end up landing all the “Prodigies” and never the “players”.

  27. paul mc daid

    Wenger and this board have consistently “Fucked us with a smile”,winning has died under this regime,Football is an after thought,that is why all our top players are moving on,they cant win here,this gang are killing us,this AGM should be a watershed for the club,but i suspect the usual rubbish will be sprouted out, maybe someone could ask what kind of merchandise is being produced for the upcoming “LOST DECADE ” celebrations,maybe a complete Black rig ?

  28. Bade


    Arsenal negotiating just like any pathetic claim settlers in a low grade insurance company

    If you ask for say 1000, they will always offer you 600, even if they need that 1000 badly & they will always try to waste time so you’d be bored & just settle with them

    So they eventually cause you to show them the finger & go with your case ahead, so they almost always pay more in a court hearing, than they could have done had they were reasonable enough & not that cheap

    This is exactly how Arsenal run their negotiations. So pathetic & narrow minded

  29. Leedsgunner

    So let me get this straight… RvP scoring left, right and centre whilst Giroud is fluffing them as fast as he RvP is scoring them — come on — I know it’s not like turning on the switch but can someone tap Olivier on the shoulder and say to him that whether he likes it or not, he is RvPs replacement, he is a footballer being paid to put the ball back in the net and he better do it quick. It does not matter if he starts scoring when the title race is over, the time to produce the goods is now. I’m not writing him off just yet, but frankly this is embarrassing. I’m getting sick and tired of the fact that RvP seems to be singlehandly rescuing the Scum, game after game.

  30. mystic

    I guess the problem that exists is that on the one side trying everything on the cheap loses Arsenal players. Problem is, if Arsenal always meet the immediate asking price, clubs will put the figure up.

    However, in the end all Arsenal need to do is identify exactly who they want and as they know they have the funds stop fucking around – no, the club shouldn’t be paying over the odds, but trawling in the bargin basement just looking for cheap buys doesn’t show any real intention.

    Becuase Arsenal won’t settle at decent valuations the players get in to auctions and then the club simply runs away.

  31. salparadiseNYC

    IcemanOctober 3, 2012 15:08:52

    Thats what world class players do, we’d have 6-8 more points with him in our side than we do now.
    BUT we’ve got wicked Bank balance and IG and AW tote the highest salaries in the league. Rocking work boys.

  32. Bade

    “Problem is, if Arsenal always meet the immediate asking price, clubs will put the figure up”

    Mystic, totally untrue. Facts, Real pay much more than us, yet they got good deals for many players

    It’s not about trying to take advantage of our financial situation, it’s about the market valuation. Of course you can always try to cut 1-2 millions, but it’s not always smart to do so, as you don’t want to end up losing on the player

    If you have money, they won’t try to sell you Mercedes for double the price they would sell me. The price is usually sett & you can always crunch it a little bit without blowing out negotiations

    The very fact we landed 5 players in 48 hours (4 were decent buys) last season, only proves my point

    If you want to buy, buy don’t play around

    It’s more a matter of mentality than anything else

  33. goonerDNA

    I’m not sure if I want Giroud to come right maybe if he continues to fuck up we might go for a cut price Llorente.

    I still think he’s heading for Juve

  34. Geoff

    Here GunGun, try writing your own blog, or talking to someone that gives a fuck about your opinion, I sure as shit don’t.

    If Pedro had seen your comment he may have said something middle of the road, me, I hate ignorant cunts like you so fuck off somewhere else.

    I hope that answers some of your interesting and very boring questions.

  35. Ateeb

    Excellent article. I am astounded to read the figures that have been quoted. What though I do find that a lot of people have already forgotten is that we sold Robin for £24m rather than keeping him here for another year. Reducing Robin’s move to ‘greed’ has been a clever move on part of the media and some sections of the fans. He never said he wanted to leave, but clearly pointed out that he is not satisfied with either Arsene or his buddy Gazidiz. And which sections of the fans are satisfied with that?

    I think Robin did not engineer his move, but was pushed out of the club by both Arsene and Gazidiz to make the profits. He only said he would not extend his contract, which is his right. (Which world class player would want to extend his contract at Arsenal which doesn’t pay good salaries and regularly sells off their best players?).

    Robin’s comments was misunderstood by many sections of the fans. What needs to be criticized is the policies of the club and Arsene Wenger foremost, who sold the whole of project youth without delivering ‘shit’ in terms of winning. Only a dimwit would sell the most lethal striker for £24m. In fact, he lies when he says he believes in the team. If he truly believed, he would have kept Robin for a year, and played him alongside the new additions we’ve made this year. We could have actually won something (more prize money) and also increased out commercial revenues from better deals. Which fans in the world wants to see fuck**ng Gervinhio try to learn to play in a football club? He’s a miles behind Robin, and would take a lot of time for development.

    But Arsene didn’t believe we could recuperate £24m of the money that through winning and neither did Gazidiz think we had better chance of getting better commercial revenues. That is sadly the truth. The club is being run by clowns.

    This whole argument that Robin was greedy,is rubbish. Most world class players are paid around £200k a week. And Robin was dominating Europe hence deserved a similiar package. You think SIr Alex is stupid to have paid £75m for him? Alex knows how to win, the club knows how to make profits, and increase the value of the club. Us? We’re a badly run club who can only compete with the likes of Liverpool and Spurs. And most fans are ok with that.

    We should have kept Robin to his contract for the last year and tried to win something. But Arsene only likes to take gamble on Diaby’s fitness. He’s completely lost the plot. The fans need to take a stand to bring trophies back to the club and hold Arsene accountable for failing to achieve anything over the years due to underinvestments in the squad. Always a player or two short. Why? Is this club in financial crisis? No. It’s run by idiots at the highest level.

  36. bazza

    In any corporate entity rewarding executives for performance makes complete sense. The question is How do you define “performance”?

    Are we financially sound? – yes
    Do we make profits/cash flow – yes

    My guess is that this is all that Kroenke wants and is his only measurement for success. But as we all know this so called “success” is achieved by consistently selling our best players and screwing the loyal fans. Is this clever management? of course it isn’t. I have sat on the Board of many large companies as a non executive Director and I have come across many Gazidis type characters; he speaks well and is generally competent and will make absolutely sure that he is like Teflon – nothing will stick and he will make sure that others take the blame. His failure and the rest of the Board is staggering. Our commercial income is a disgrace and the team is hopeless. Tom Fox is an American that knows nothing about football (sorry soccer) and Mark Gonnella has a background in financial services. The commercial team is a failure, Fox doesn’t even realise the extent of the problem and thinks we are not far behind Man U in commercial terms – WE ARE FUCKING LIGHT YEARS BEHIND, YOU CUNT.
    I am sick to my stomach how we reward failure and have a management team with such little ambition.
    Strangely my criticism of Wenger is different to most of you. I think he has let the Board off the hook by performing miracles with small resources. I hope you now realise what this Board wants and where the blame rests.

  37. Bade

    So The Spanish FA said Cesc was posing, making a show, but they warranted that red because of a “violent intention” from Medel

    Hmmm, wasn’t Cesc also threatening him? They both approached each other, Cesc even was more initiative to start it. Then he posed like a cheap liar as all the world saw there was nothing

    Yet Medel gets 2 match ban, but Cesc go through unscratched. As if their statement of his “posing” should be enough

    Disgusting double standards

  38. Ateeb

    It’s a fucking joke that we’re being made to watch Gervinhio being tested as our main striker. Fans have short memories these days. Last year he couldn’t even make the team. Now he’s our main striker? Wtf? He’s an average player.

    None of our strikers would get into either United, City or even for that matter Liverpool’s (Suarez) side. Gervinhio should have been on loan in the first place. It’s hilarious that he’s turned out to be our main striker. Fans are fooling themselves who think we will win the EPL. In fact, given Arsene’s record he can’t even buy himself a tin cup if he wanted.

    Selling RObin for £24m was the worst mistake Arsene the clown has made in his life. We are such a cheap club, that we sell out fucking captains. That’s what Arsene has come down to. People should take a stand, protest, and make Arsene accountable.

  39. Ateeb

    And if you think Arsene is better than Sir Alex, let me remind you he sold Ronaldo for much more than we sold Cesc, Robin and Nasri put together.

    He starts the season with the most lethal striker in Europe, and we start with Gervinhio (whose a joke for now). A decent average player who might become good after 3 years, before we sell him.

  40. Johnty79

    Selling Rvp was the right decision for his age and injury record. The problem is that 24 m should have instantly been spent on Goetz or ledwinski. Giroud and chamack scored most of there goals from crossess something we don’t do. They aren’t bad players but wenger is using them incorrectly. Dejong and Johnson of city would have made us very strong. Wenger only cares about money now since 2002. A shame but we are the most soulless club in world football. I think in 10 years a arsenal will still sell 60000 tickets but there won’t be any arsenal fans just corparate people.Time to set up a new arsenal like man utd fans did.

  41. goonerDNA

    ” let me remind you he sold Ronaldo for much more than we sold Cesc, Robin and Nasri put together.”

    Combined fee is 87 million Ronaldo cost 80 mill, but I get you’re point.

    Gervinho is not a striker he’s a winger at best.

    We have 3 strikers on our books currently (Polodski,Giroud, Chamakh) 1 plays outwide because we only have 2 decent wingers. Our best winger plays behind the striker (Cazorla) because he’s the most creative player and is probably more of a natural playmaker who does better centrally.

    That leave’s Chamakh who is the worst striker I’ve ever seen and Giroud a player who deserves more game time, he should of started against Southampton and now comes on with 20 odd minutes to go Wenger is allowing the pressure to build on him which is shit management.

  42. goonerDNA

    Johnty “Giroud and chamack scored most of there goals from crossess ”

    Giroud scored 1 header last season his goals last season were very impressive and Chamakh has never been prolific I think his best total for season is 14 or something.

    I still think Giroud will come right but he’s not RVP never will be.

  43. mystic

    BadeOctober 3, 2012 15:18:38
    “Problem is, if Arsenal always meet the immediate asking price, clubs will put the figure up”

    ‘Mystic, totally untrue. Facts, Real pay much more than us……’,
    First part of your answer actually proved my point – they are willing to do so, Arsenal are tight bastards.

    All clubs manage to get deals sometimes, but ultimately if you show you are prepared to pay, the prices tend to go up. When the money boys come searching Arsenal do exactly the same.

  44. Samir masri

    Giroud pissed me off when he missed that chance around 84th minute at that game against Chelsea. But I am beginning to think he is a complete waste of space.

  45. Nash

    Disgraceful, is there a chance of Ivan the terrible reading this ? I also blame the season ticket holders. How about fans not renewing there season tickets to make a statement if they say no Banners ? Going to bed. Sickening !!!

  46. Nathan Dale

    Rix On Alcohol October 3, 2012 14:37:55
    “Why not enjoy your ‘matchday experience’ in the pub instead. That’s where most of the real fans are now.”

    Yep, in my 1999-2001 Sega away shirt…
    They are not getting a bastard penny from me until I see change. I don’t care if we fluke a cup, The Premier League, or The Champions League, these toss-pots are not getting my cash until I see player investment.

  47. Samir masri

    Theo doesn’t deserve a new contract. And its ridiculous that people are actually that stupid to have a song for him.

  48. Moe

    It’s strange we feel we would miss the vice captain missing games more than the captain and not just because kolscielny would cover and we don’t really have anyone in the arteta replica style to fill in.arteta just has a gravitas,a calming nature influence on the pitch, taking influence away from the opponents and helping establish our on pitch dominance as team, that vermaelen, for all his passion and kamikaze like play we love/hate, just doesn’t have.But the guy has been here longer and was vice captain for rvp so living arteta might have caused some grumbling which we know wenger tries to avoid at all costs.2-1 win to the arsenal giroud first goal.

  49. Doublegooner

    Double standards from Kroenke, Gazidas & Wenger banging on about FFP.

    Club disagrees with Chavs & Middle Eastlands paying big money & wages, yet Gazidas & Wenger take the piss with wages of £2m & £7m respectively for failure.


    Also I’m not sure how FFP will work from a tax point of view with so many countries having different tax rates. E.g. France has 75% for the super rich and another country has 40% then how will this affect FFP?

    Or am I completely off point to think they may be linked?

  51. Relieable sauce

    I agree with the comments about not giving any more money to this shower of c***s & plead with the true fans who still do to stop for the sake of this great club.

    Can’t see protests happening with so many gooners (not sure how they all can be) being content or happy with the way AFC is being run. Not going to matches seems to be the best way to have an effect.
    Since they don’t want to spend the clubs money don’t see why we should.

    This bunch of crooks should be in serie a

  52. Leedsgunner

    I should have said Pedro, this was your finest post by absolute miles. Engaging challenging and incisive… I salute you.

  53. Cesc Appeal

    Disgraceful, but we all know where the priorities of this board lay. Making money for themselves and Kroenke. And keeping a large amount of capital in the bank to set against the debts Le Wig has ramped up buying his shares.

  54. SUGA3

    what did I tell you about these muppets being absolutely incompetent and WAY out of their depth here for a number of reasons?

    Gazidis getting a payrise for achieving precisely fuck all is a slap in the face for the fans who put their hard earned money into this club, AFC is shockingly run, we are operating at a loss as long as we don’t do our annual squad asset stripping, the thing is that soon we will run out of players worth any considerable money and then what?

    this is how it’s all going to pan out: SK will run the club into the ground sporting side wise whilst increasing the share value and when the fans will be on the brink of rioting, he will just sell to AU at an inflated price and fuck off, simple as that…

  55. Bade


    It’s rather childish to quote half of my sentence then claim it proves your point

    “Real pay much more than us, yet they got good deals for many players” It doesn’t prove your point

    “but ultimately if you show you are prepared to pay, the prices tend to go up. When the money boys come searching Arsenal do exactly the same.”

    Not really. Did we get good deals of Song or Cesc? I highly doubt it.

    The only two clubs that pay over priced players are Chavs & $ity. All other clubs, Real & Barca & Mancs included, pay the market price of a player.

    It’s not scientific figures though. Of course there’s always the odd “grey area room” for negotiations, but the main point is Arsenal never play there, they usually make ridiculous offers, or they sit on their initial offer when the other party clearly isn’t willing to be more flexible, trying to take advantage of a situation where we’re the only ones going for that certain player

    With Arshavin it went well. With Mata, Alonso, Sahin, Schwartzer, it backfired on us

    Schwartzer for example was no doubt worthy of the 4m’ asking price. Ok, so we tried to make a stand offering 2m’, they shunned it away. Why to risk such a deal, that in the sporting side of our game, worth much more, only for 2m’?

    I mean winning the CC & getting to a more advanced levels in other competition & few more point in the league, would have got us much more than the 2m’ we tried to save there …..

  56. Thomas

    I’m tired of Wenger sinking the club by trying to prove a point by winning with inexperienced youngsters. His youth project have failed hard. Why can’t he just give up and fuck off to PSG or something?

  57. Jeff

    I am pretty sure the FFP rules will not do anything to curb super-spending on transfer fees or wages for all those who can afford it (which I suppose is what we would like it to do). Why? Because EUFA hasn’t the manpower to monitor, police or enforce the rules on hundreds of clubs Europe wide. On top of that we all know it doesn’t have big enough balls to approach the big clubs who may be falling fowl of the regulations.

    As far as AFC is concerned, all that the FFP idea has done is provide an excuse for the Board of Directors to lie to the fans and get away with it because too many of us are just too gullible and awestruck by the past. Hardly anyone takes Arsenal seriously any more and the reasons are there for all to see.

    A club that consistently sells its best players to the highest bidder cannot be considered as having ambition for glory. Instead, it’s the corner shop mentality where the owner makes more than enough for himself and a few of his followers; beyond that nothing else matters.

  58. BOOZY

    self sustaining ivan gazidis pocket. That aside, i want to see this front 3 today.

    ox giroud theo

    with ramsey just behind them.

    if we aren’t going to give theo a shot at center forward, then the left side would better exploit his striking instinct.

    rest cazorla and arteta.

    play two le coq and djourou/ yenaris as defensive midfielder.

  59. mystic

    BadeOctober 3, 2012 18:04:28
    1) I was pointing out that Real do spend more money (well actually, credit where credit is due, you did); 🙂 chill man
    2) If you read my comment I agreed that all clubs manage to get deals;
    3) Re your “‘Not really. Did we get good deals of Song or Cesc? I highly doubt it.'”
    Cesc No – Wenger is a twat
    Song anything over £10m – yes

    A player that you missed off your reply:
    RvP in his final year, DEFINITELY (though I would have kept him).

    Take out Wenger and Arsenal would have got decent money for Cesc, the club just allowed the manager to behave like a prick.

  60. Relieable sauce

    Why don’t they just completely take the piss & have us come out to Dire straits’ – money for nothing

    ” i – love – my i – love – my i – love – my – F . P . P . “

  61. andy

    I think we will rotate on the weekend – mert will play for sure on the weekend – he gets rested again I think. coq has something to proof today

  62. andy

    suga3 you want to bet? I bet 10 pounds mert and giroud will start against west ham – providing injuries of course. if they don´t I´m going to donate those 10 pounds for charity reason – you want to do the same?:P

  63. kwik fit

    Guys we should pick the team in future and tell Wenger the team on the friday. Are your listening Wenger WE PICK the team in Future. If you know what’s good for you!

  64. SUGA3


    there is no logic behind this, Mertesacker is rested and Koscielny shold be dropped just to teach him a lesson for being a twat against Chelsea…

    but then again, that would mean introducing a bit of accountability, eh?

  65. Ritesh

    Hehe…Kozzer and TV have been summoned to get their act together.

    Le Coq as DM is OK except that his distribution is not as great as Arteta’s. The 2 Spanish maestros to run the show tonight, should be interesting. OX on the right is best of what is available.

    Gerv in attack….well, he gets the team in CL each year, not me, so what do I know.

    Arteta and Santi….Come on you Gunners.

  66. kwik fit

    Per Mertesacker has “bout of flu” hence absence as per the ever reliable AFCamden
    PS Why does everyone but the words ‘ever reliable’ in front of AFCamden?

  67. SUGA3

    we heard this ’bout of flu’ before, haven’t we?

    IMO, Wenger wants to get Koscielny up to speed, no matter how many games this will cost us!

  68. jack

    Good post Pedro, very good in fact. But i hope you don`t mind me pointing out what you have been saying about Arsenal progressing year on year is nothing but a delusion, which indirectly supports the scum that run this board and gives a false impression to the fans that everything is all well and good. Its time to take a stand Pedro and stand by it until there is change, real change.
    But then again HOPE is such a powerful thing and if we win tonight and the next few league games all will be forgiven and forgotten and the sheep will believe we are challengers again for cl and pl.
    Human nature….

  69. Thorough

    Expect us to maul them, when Coq plays he allows attack-minded players to do their works and makes the defense water-tight. Its not a coincidence that our last 3 high-scoring games have come with Coq starting ( and Ramsey not starting I should point out:) Blackburn, Sotton, Conventry. Its only when we miss more than one of our first 11 and Ramsey is playing that we really are poo.

  70. Spurs_idiot

    OMFG… does Gervinho suddenly focking become the main striker in this club…that guy sux…..Why buy giroud when u are not even gonna let him start …..

  71. valerie gooner

    Lets hope Olympiakos kill us tonite …itd be great to see the rails coming off the team before we lose miserably to Fat Sam as Wenger does his usual “John Travolta Helicopter” spins…
    …Wenger should trademark that move – altho im not sure anyone else could do it, as you need to be a spineless cunt with the spunk of satan flowing thru your veins to be able to pull it off…

  72. SDE

    Hi Guys,

    Quick comment…Fantastic post today Pedro…Could not believe it,had to scroll back up a 2nd time,to make sure it was you & not Geoff commentating today..

    I’ve had arguments over the way this club has been run over the past few months with yourself,comparing it to a Ponzi scheme..Now it seems you needed some figures in black& white to jump off the fence..

    Well done,anyway..

    I’m going to make this short,as I’m tired..
    Despite the financials,it’s still shocking that this club is being run by a bunch of incompetent fools..Take away player sales,& the club is effectively running at a loss..

    We all know about the commercials,shocking set of figures..

    A company looks to grow,or make money,by increasing it’s revenue streams,or cost cutting,or both..

    We are doing neither..Wage Costs are rising+ Revenue streams can best be described at best as 1-dimensional(total reliant on revenue from ticket sales)& growth in this aspect is de-accelerating..

    So eventually ,with us failing to make top4,the bottom will fall out..Our cost’s seem to be spiralling at a faster rate ,than the channels through which we generate revenues..

    Once we run out of players to sale @the top end of the market..I think it’s happened already with RVP being sold,If we are lucky,we would be looking to get £10-£15 million for Theo in January..Then we would no longer have player sales to turn over a profit,combined with the Queensland Property deals all but completed..

    Which other revenue income,do we rely on to sustain us as a business?
    Forget Commercial deals..The managements team,have shown themselves to be a bunch on inept twerps..

    The only saving grace for a few years,might be the new CL money&Premiership deal..But will it be re-invested,into the!!

    More likely used,to tide us over..

    In short,as many on here predicted many a moon ago& repeatedly..

    The House that SS,IG&OGL built,is about to collapse in a few seasons from now!!

    Happy watching the financial meltdown..

    & happy enjoying the match today!!

  73. valerie gooner

    Thats a piss poor team we’re putting out tonight – it really, really, really is shit….the usual handful of good players surrounded by abject, decrepit shit.

    It’s the equivalent of baking a cake with the finest free range organic eggs imported on cotton pillows from a farm in Germany; using the freshest flour from a the finest mills before adding in the purest caster sugar that was strained through the panties of a 17 year old Dutch girl…then when its all mixed n baked n ready to go, he ices the cake with some steaming hot excrement that he scraped off the underside of a homeless mans chin and sprinkles on the scabs off some rabid dogs cocks.

    Thats Wenger – a French baker that’s possessed by Hannibal Lecters scrotum.

    And we pay him 7m a year.

  74. zeus………..

    “Arsenal are lucky there. Major miscommunication between Mannone and Vermaelen from a goal-kick, and as the ball rolls to the Olympiakos attack, the Gunners defence just manage to crowd them out for a corner. Silly from the hosts.”

  75. Paulinho

    Exactly the sort of performance you get when you’ve got a shit manager who can’t build or rotate a squad.

  76. AshburtonDan

    Kos does make some good interceptions, for example when cutting out through balls played on the ground, but so does Mertesacker and the German doesn’t seem to make as many mistakes.

  77. AshburtonDan

    Why were Verm and Kos right next to each other when defending that cross – hence them both missing it. Why doesn’t one go front post and one back post/actually mark an attacker.

  78. The JD Flick!!

    where the fuck is the BFG?
    and since when where these 2 CBs that crap?
    this is a fucking joke.