Arsenal award Ivan Gazidis a 36% payrise and a £675k bonus for delivering what exactly?

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The big talking talking point for many Gooners this morning is the monster salary Ivan Gazidis has been compensated with over the last calendar year. Based on tepid commercial improvements of £5.5million and zero on pitch success, he’s been awarded a 36% increase on his base salary to £1.36million as well as an additional £675k bonus plus £100k pension provisions. I think that makes him the highest paid Football CEO in the UK.

That’s taking your £30k salary and bumping it up to £40.5k without a promotion or any success to your name.

Who out there managed that this year? In fact, who out there managed a 36% increase in pay with a promotion? How does that sit with inflation? How does that sit with people’s idea of chief executive fair pay?

So this bonus… how is it achieved? What exactly is it tied into?

If you want to get a grasp of the figures that flew through the door of most shareholders this morning, take a read of the excellent Swiss Ramble write up.

Here is what Ivan has managed to achieve this year… look at the below as the notes Stan Kroenke will have had in his yearly review.

  • He made £65million profit on player sales last summer. To break this process down for you, that’s taking your organisations prized assets and selling them to your competitors.
  • Whilst selling our two best players, he managed to increase staffing costs £40million. Can someone remind me of how that works out? Robin Van Persie did not receive a payrise out of that, nor did Wenger or Jack Wilshere.
  • If you take away player sales, we made an operating profit of -£30million
  • Ivan Gazidis, in three years, with a commercial team estimated to cost the club £15mill a year has overseen commercial revenue increases of 9%
  • We create 40% less commercial revenue that Manchester United
  • In the same three year time period, Barcelona and Real Madrid have grown their commercial deals by £90million.
  • In the same three year period, Liverpoool have grown theirs to £17million, City to £40million and that, according to the Swiss Ramble, is before they announce their shirt deals in their reporting.
So basically, the club have remained static, achieved tepid commercial improvements and there is still no guarantee at the end of all this that we’ll be able to match United or any of the big boys when it comes to sponsorship deals.
Why is that? Well, what do all the big revenue generating clubs have in common? Success. Or the perception that they’re chasing success. You can pin a name to each of those clubs when it comes to brand recognition.
  • United – Wayne Rooney
  • Madrid – Christiano Ronaldo
  • Barca – Lio Messi
We have good players that are gone tomorrow. We don’t bring stars in. The only player Arsenal think is worthy of a shirt with its name on the back is the annual report. The shame is that you can’t sell a hefty bank balance into the marketing department of Nike. It’s admirable, but it’s not going to shift training gear. Whatever you want to say about football and finances, the common denominator with all great clubs is investment. We’re not investing in top players and surprisingly, we have no trophies to show for it. It’s not rocket science. You can find the whole process of player purchase grotesque, but if we want to fight it out with the big boys, there’s no benefit in having a cash balance of a £150million, £70million of which is uncommitted. Having a threadbare squad doesn’t have you in the mix come what March. Telling the fans you gambled on Diaby’s fitness when you had the resources not to only raises suspicions that as a club, football success isn’t the number one goal.

I hope with the Ivan Gazidis salary jump, we can all see through his hypocrisy. He’s delivered very little the fans care about over the last year, he’s delivered very little intelligent cash to the balance sheet (when I say intelligent, I mean something that goes beyond season ticket sales which we contribute to or player sales which is always the easiest revenue generator). Yet he’s been awarded a 36% pay rise.

What is that for? Is that for keeping Wenger in check when buying players? Well it can’t be, otherwise he’s lied in his report when he said Wenger has total control of the budget. Geoff assures me he can’t lie in that report from years of compiling them himself. So what’s the deal here? Both Arsene and Gazidis are the highest paid in the league and both have delivered very little in terms of success?

I guess the laughable thing is that this move towards FFP and the hope that it’s somehow going to break us free of Oligarchical shackles also seems a whimsical notion. If FFP is about using the cash you generate as a club, we’ll still be miles off the others. United generate more than us, City do, Liverpool do, Barca and Madrid do. So unless we pull our socks up and work out a long term cash generation strategy that has more to it than having the most expensive season ticket prices in the world and selling our best players every single summer, we’ll be in exactly the same position in 5  years time. That’s not good enough and that’s not why we all agreed to move to a shiny new stadium for the better times.

So in an age where we’re scrutinsing the pay of under-performing CEOs the world over, perhaps we should cast our eye a little closer to home, because that 36% seems pretty grotesque from where I’m sitting? More importantly, what are the objectives of Stan Kroenke? If he is rewarding mediocrity, where does that put the long term future of Arsenal? Just an asset that grows in value every year because the stupid fans just keep ploughing money into the club that we unconditionally love? Sounds like a pretty unambitious partner our aging board have put us into bed with… still, as long as everyone is getting rich, bar the fans, everything is ok…

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What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Team News for tonight:

I won’t give too much of a run down of the game this evening, needless to say there’s not Diaby and Wenger is blaming the French national team for picking him last month. Come on Arsene, you’ve been in the game long enough to know the drill by now. Should there really be exhaustion issues with a player in his mid twenties after about 6 games? No is the answer.

The other bit of potential bad news is around Arteta and his ankle injury. That really would be a problem. He’s had fitness problems in the past, we really can’t afford to lose him as well. Giroud will probably start this evening. My hope is that Olympiacos are an easy game and we can work out a way of adapting to life without Diaby. Nothing but a win this evening. Match report will be with you in the morning!


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  1. Alfie

    “The big talking talking point for many Gooners this morning is the monster salary Ivan Gazidis has been compensated with over the last calendar year. ”

    Nope, more interested in tonight’s game tbh………..

    For all the people who hark on about waiting for us to ‘return to being a club’ we sometimes spend alot of time on financials……….

  2. gambon

    When we moved stadiums we were even with UTD finacially.

    Now they are miles ahead of us, literally £100m pa.

    We are appallingly run. Suga used to say on here a lot that Gazidis is incompetent, and he hired a lot of unemployed, incompetent yanks, couldnt agree more.

    Gazidis – Since he joined we have become a joke of a selling club. Adebayor, Toure, Cesc, Nasri, Clichy, RVP, Song all sold since he took the reigns.

    Fox – Mr Unemployed big shot on £500k pa. He has delivered virtually nothing of note. 2 years ago he was talking about matching UTD, now he openly admits that isnt possible.

    Law – Incharge of making transfers happen, and contract negotiations. Erm RVP, Walcott, Nasri????? As for transfers, Mata, Alvarez, Cahill??? Clearly this guy is utterly incompetent.

    Since Kroenke became de facto owner of the club he has installed a load of his mates into the running of the club, and its been a complete failure. £10m revenue increase in 3 years, while UTD have seen £100m increase.

  3. mystic

    Come on Pedro, surely you don’t mean much of that article? Are you seriously suggesting that Arsenal should be spening money on players, rather than an over paid CEO! I cannot belive what I am reading! 🙂

  4. andy

    I hope arteta doesn´t play today if he has any kind of real issue there. olympiacos should be easy enough to play coq, ramsey and caz in midfield IMHO

  5. LeMassiveCoq

    Disgusting. Greedy fucking capitalist cunts who don’t give one iota about the fans or winning trophies.

    Apart from the we made the biggest profit trophy.


  6. gambon

    OK, for all the idiots on here that said replacing RVP with Giroud was a good idea:

    – RVP has 7 goals in 8 games
    – Giroud has?

    – RVP has been directly responsible for 3 wins, winning 5 extra league points, and 3 points in the CL
    – Giroud?

    Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves, always towing the company line when its obvious that you dont sell the best striker in europe.

  7. Johnty79

    Pedro we have disagreements but you r right about gazidas and wenger…kronke probable thinks there doing a good job but te truth is our wage bill for the squad we have is 50 m to much if you compare it to the spurs squad. Basically gasidaz has done nothing for the last 4 years. Our comercial turnover has basically increased with inflation. So without a CEO we still would have made this money. What pisses me off most two years ago was that wenger and gasidaz were on holiday at the end of the season when we needed to sort out the nasri and cesc deals. What says it all about the club is that cesc was willing to drop to 80 k aweek at barca despite us offering him 130 k aweek.

  8. Wengers Plastic Water Bottle

    Why dont we talk about a Major loss in RVP?

    The guy will win the golden boot award this season.

    Wenger = Nutter

  9. stu

    1. not happy that our ceo is very VERY happy to increase his wages but is not prepared to increase some of the players that DO deserve it – RVP deserved to get paid around the £150,000 a week after single handily put us into 3rd spot last season

    just imagine what a force we would be now with RVP leading the attack with poldolski on the left and santi feeding RVP

    2. when judging gazidis we cant be too critical about the new sponsorship deals – the BIG deals (shirt, kit and stadium sponsorship) have been tied down in a long term deals so he is unable to improve them until they expire in the next couple of years, however he and his team would have had plenty of time to draw up business and I will be expecting a huge HUGE deal for the new sponsorships

  10. Johnty79

    At last count arsenal has 476 paid employees spurs have 174 employees… Our wage bill is 43m more than there’s. I wonder why?

  11. ikon

    good blog post today….
    The major major problem at the club as of now is DGS – Dubious Goal Setting.

    In the light of the stadium move and the debt servicing one might argue that the usual scenario of goal setting that goes on in clubs like Liverpool, or United, or Madrid is not applicable here. But still, 36% rise means he has over achieved by a mile as per the objective and goal sheet… and over achieving like this which does not translate into something tangible (felt by the fans or the footballing world in general) means that goal setting which has been going on for so many years now needs to be seriously looked into and I hope that someone who is in touch with the club will question the CEO and manager on this pretty soon.

  12. Skandibird

    Ensuring other income bar the extraordinarily expensive tickets for games and the sale of best players every summer / year is a very valid and good point. I’m hoping that when the renewal for the stadium and shirt logos will be negotiated by someone who has a better “business” brain than Gazidis so obviously doesn’t at this present time.

  13. Guns of Hackney

    Are you actually surprised by IG and Arsenal? We are not a football team/club whose success is measured on the field, we are an organisation who does its best work in the boardroom and in the markets. Arsenal in essence apply this model to their financial approach: “Why reward a 30 goal footballer whose reasonable rate of return for investment might only be another 1-2 years when we can receive £25m right now” – this is the case in point with RVP/Vieira/Pires etc…players who may be past their prime, but still able to do a job on the pitch. Arsenal however, view them as a bad long term investment.

    IG got a business pay rise based on operating profits – do not confuse this with on-field success. IG is paid to make Arsenal run as a successful business, which they do better than any club on the planet. Arsene is *groan* paid to manage the success on the field. If anyone deserves a pay rise, it’s IG – after all, he is hitting his targets with aplomb. The real issue here is wether Arsenal see themselves as a business or a football team. For me, there is no question that AFC is a business and as long as the money keeps coming in, success is irrelevant.

    I am not advocating IG pay rise – it’s disgusting. But from a commercial sense, he is a genius. Ask yourself: “are IG/Arsene the mugs for being paid millions, or am I because I keep piling money into Arsenal FC”?

    Arsenal FC are playing on our emotions – they know we can’t simply turn our back on the club some of us have supported for 30…40…50+ years…and they know it. They’ll keep running the club the way that suits them, regardless of how YOU feel about it. It’s their club, not yours.

  14. pharo9ja

    “Arsenal’s Achilles’ heel from a
    revenue perspective has been
    commercial income, which is
    extremely low for a club of
    Arsenal’s stature. Even after the
    13% increase to £53 million in 2011/12, this still pales into
    insignificance…” Swiss ramble.

  15. Arsene's Nurse

    From SR

    ” Gazidis talks a good match, “we continue to be successful in attracting top brands to sign on as commercial partners”, but the reality is that Arsenal have been outpaced in this area. Yes, they have indeed signed some new sponsors, such as Carlsberg, Indesit, Betsson, Bharti Airtel and Malta Guinness, while other like Citroen and Thomas Cook renewed for a higher sum, but there has been little tangible revenue improvement. Furthermore, Manchester United continue to attract more secondary sponsors than Arsenal, including seven since 1 July 2012 alone. ”
    So ManU attract 7 sponsors since July – who have we managed to bag?

  16. Geoff

    Great post Pedro, talk about rewarding mediocrity…

    People bang on about Bankers crazy rewards, well nothing beats the rewards in football.

    Gazidas has to have the easiest job in the world, the money comes to him.

    He has the personality of a garden slug, he’s creepy and a massive weed. Zip charisma.

    I could do his job standing on my head. I think he and the board are a fucking disgrace, and Wenger tops the list, he puts personal gain and board glory above success on the pitch.

    How can our wage bill go up for fuck sake? We lost Cesc, Nasri and Clichy, 3 big earners.

    Someone needs to explain why on earth we don’t use the cash in the bank to get rid of the loan we have?

    It’s not like we’ll ever have a cash flow problem is it?

    I have a proxy form to fill out voting Gazidas back on as a director, I’m saying no, but I bet he’ll get back in, I urge all shareholders to say no.

    Put me in his job and if I can’t double the sponsors revenue in one year, I’ll pay it myself, how’s that for a claim Stan?

  17. hitman49

    morning all
    if you still think this board owner and manager have the clubs best intrest at heart !
    then think again.
    RVP never never never never should have been sold !
    why ?
    easy we have not re invested that 24 mill!
    for what we got we might have well kept him to his contract for the last year just to stop this situation…
    tonight for me waste of time …….it’s a money maker for the owner !
    we have no chance of wining it as we dont have the squadd..
    WENGER OUT………thats a start and the house of cards falls with him the sooner the better

  18. Top Gooner

    Drink on ivan tonight,AFC have now turn to money making machine where failure is been rewarded.atleast some glovers will stop debating that rvp is not worth 250pw for one season,what on earth have ivan done,oh i remember he was rewarded for selling his best players and increasing the ticket.

  19. Doublegooner

    Gazidas HAS been a success…Only for Kroenke.

    Their business model has nothing to do with winning silverware. It is about asset stripping as there is no other way to stock pile the cash, which inevitably will add to the value of the club & Kroenke’s share values.

    They have no understanding about the draw of a football club.

    We’ve opened a big, bright, sparkling superstore at the Brent Cross shopping Mall. Without top players, there are no top drawer players that are going to sell shirts & other spin off merchandise in quantities needed to sustain the high rents there.


    Gazidas & his commercial Dept – £15/17m pa
    Wenger – £7m
    Total – £24m pa =
    Players – rewarded for winning nothing.

    Losers: Ticket buying Fans.

    Wenger is as more guilty than Gazidas. He has supported this business model. In fact, he developed it.

  20. G787

    Unfortunately it’s getting quite clear that the club is being run purely as a business enterprise, and Gazidis & team are being rewarded for asset stripping and maintaining a net positive sales balance to the footballing detriment of the club.

    Maybe he was awarded a 36% pay rise because he helped AW facilitate Arsenal player training at the Michael Johnson Performance Center in Texas. ?

  21. tonyadamsisgod

    Great write up today!!

    I have said on here many, many times before that if Arsenal didn’t end with FC they would be investigated for the way in which they draw in so much of its customers money for no apparent return to them. It literally is daylight robbery. In fact, it might as well be a Ponzi scheme!

  22. Guns of Hackney


    No worries – It doesn’t matter who says it…we are all thinking it. My Arsenal is gone and I’m not sure I like the one THEY want me to support. Now that is truly f-ing sad!

  23. Iceman

    Gambon no offence, but RVP is a premiership Veteran, Giroud isn’t………..RVP was Player of the year in errmm the best league in the world……Giroud wasn’t, RVP didn’t need time to adapt to a whole new ball game……..Giroud does………………nobody said Giroud is RVP…besides RVP cost double what he cost…..if we paid 24m for him, by all means….he is just taking RVP’s place as CF………And all those players u mentioned all wanted to leave……..and were just sulking at the club…………about the financials, i dont wanna say anything cos quite frankly none of us REALLY know whats going on, we making assumptions…….It doesn’t look right at all but to say Arsenal don’t care about winning things…..seriously? IMO we want to win things, but feel we can accomplish it without spending as much as the other clubs do…….Ur favourite Klopp did it….so why can’t we? He’s doing the exact same thing when it comes to players/transfers…..sold Sahin to Madrid who was his best player that season, sold Kagawa who was his best player last season……..Gotze will probably go next………Klopps a hero in your eyes…….but Wengers a cunt for doing the same thing without winning anything ofcos………but winning silverware in the Premiership is difficult on its own WITHOUT the added difficulty of Mega Rich Clubs……….

  24. tonyadamsisgod

    Surely something can be lobbied to ask for Gazidis’ pay increase to be scrapped or at least cut or at the very least justified to the fans!?

  25. Alfie

    Kev October 3, 2012 10:03:38
    I so agree with this article today that I even felt the need to comment here and say so….

    we’re all glad you did Kev………

  26. Pollux

    Hahaha… Arsenal fans are the biggest fools around. Completely mugged off their hard-earned $$ to fill the pockets of the Yankees! Good job arsenal fans! Keep it going and continue to yak away at whatever CLASS talk which counts for nothing when there are no titles to show! Keep supporting and keep getting miserable! Period. Pun intended.

  27. gambon

    Gazidis is a complete fool.

    I have said this over and over and over, and he himself doesnt seem capable of understanding, that to raise revenues we have to target success, and to do that we need better players. It isnt rocket science, it really isnt.

    We make less than we should from gate receipts cos we go out of the CL at the first knockout stage, we make less TV money cos we keep finishing 3rd & 4th which gives us a lower % of CL TV money, and the big money in the CL comes from reaching semis & finals. Regardless of what gazidis says we find it hard to attract sponsors cos we are so boring, everyone knows we wont win anything and we will sell our best players. Why would a big business want to pay Arsenal £3m pa if they will be selling their star attraction at the end of the season.

    Whats worse if Gazidis seems to thing if he takes a passive approach, refuses to spend money and keeps targetting 4th, there will be a miraculous jump in revenues in 2014.

    I wouldnt be so sure. We will probably get a pretty average deal, at a time when our rivals are all entering into new, bigger deals, and then Gazidis will start talking about how things will change in 2018.

    Look at the difference between these 2 scenarios.

    Scenario 1 – Finish 4th, go out of the CL at the round of 16, dont do too much in the cups.

    Scenario 2 – Win the PL, get to CL semi, similar unspectacular cup runs.

    Scenario 1 leads to what we’ve been seeing every year, flat revenue of £235m

    Scenario 2:

    Extra gate money: £6m
    Extra PL prize/TV money: £4.4m
    Extra CL prize/TV money: £17.5m (£10m extra TV money for being champs, £3.3m for QF appearance, £4.2m for SF appearance)

    Then there are more intangible benefits like commercial money. You can be sure we would have far more secondary sponsors if we had top class players in the team & big superstar names.

    Overall our pathetic “finish 4th” approach is probably costing us £30m per year, as well as a whole lot more future income when sponsors start making derogatory offers in a years time.

  28. Nathan Dale

    I’m not going to put a penny into Arsenal until I see real investment in the squad. That means, spending more on players than you make by selling them. Commercial revenues streams should be where profits are made, not player sales. In fact, some of the commercial revenue should be used on players too.

    As of the start of this season, I now wear my 1999-2001 Sega yellow away shirt when I watch the match in the pub. I’m not going to any games this season and I’m not buying any merchandise for my kids (or myself for that matter).

    I want real success, not the “Best Bank Balance Cup”.

  29. gambon


    You said 60 goal Ronaldo wasnt worth £50m but 4 goal Gervinho was worth £12m

    Cant take you seriously mate so wont read anymore comments.

  30. Ash79

    Guns of Hackney sums it up pretty well; it’s THEIR club not ours.

    Every employee who works for a commercial business will have targets, meet them and you get remunerated, simple. Its the people setting these targets I hava an issue with, no doubt IG has input into this.

    I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to say about this. If we want things to change – HOW DO WE DO IT??

  31. michael

    this new contract brought to u by the good people who brought u
    jd’s rolling contract
    almunias too good to leave deal

    anyway 2-0 arsenal tonight fairly drab affair id say

  32. Guns of Hackney


    Stop going to games. Stop buying merch. Voting with feet is the only way to make people take notice. Hard to do, as we would literally have to stop supporting the club we love – virtually impossible and they know it

  33. TomK



    This has gone on for far too long. Ivan The Terrible and his board of decrepit old fogies are THE ONLY ONES reaping the benefits of a flawed ‘self-sustaining business model’.


    Suggestions for said protest welcome

  34. Iceman

    @ Gambon….Typical Cunt………when proven wrong u act like a 12 year old…………….u should stick to posting Google facts on blogs….suits u well…….makes u look smart………

  35. Ash79

    Guns – thats the problem mate, they know they have us by the balls and will play on that to keep the cash rolling in. Would be hard to stop fans going to games, especially those with paid-up STs however stop buying stuff at the ground, food, drink, merchandise etc.

    Damn, gooners are so polite, cant even unfurl an IVAN/STAN OUT banner at the ground.

    To quote Anne leather ass Hathaway – There’s a storm coming

  36. Big Dave

    Disgusting of Gazidis to have such a bonus like that in these hard times, agree with the post, how he dhould be rewareded with that bounus is beyond baffiling .

  37. gambon


    Yesterday Iceman, this guy with an IQ of 45, was saying that Gervinho was a £12m bargain, and Ronaldo was a waste of money at £50m

    I pointed out that Ronaldo single handedly matched the total number of goals scored by RVP, Chamakh, Park, Walcott, Gervinho, Arshavin & Chamberlain and Iceman didnt know what to do, so he called me a cunt.

    Shouldnt we just ban such idiots who have never heard of punctuation?

  38. TomK


    The 2012 Arsenal AGM takes place on Thurs 25th October at 11.30am – PERFECT place to have a dig at him.

    As Ivan said; “I look forward to seeing you at the AGM at Emirates Stadium.”

  39. mystic

    gambonOctober 3, 2012 09:57:22
    ‘OK, for all the idiots on here that said replacing RVP with Giroud was a good idea’

    Gambon, it is far to early in the season to make any long term judgement as to whether the gamble has paid off or not.

    In the end Arsenal can’t do anything until January – assuming AW even bothers or cares – so there is little point in trying to use stats to prove that one is better than the other. If the numbers were the opposite way around, I would still maintain it was too early to prove that Giroud was a hit.

    Am I fucked off that Arsenal left a premiership proven player leave to a rival, YES. Do I think Giroud is a decent replacement, probably not. Can I judge how crap he has started, YES. Can I judge what he will achieve over the next few months, guess yes, be certain no.

    Look at Chamakh’s start to his Arsenal career – what a player. Look at what a useless twat Chamakh became.

  40. Ritesh

    There you go…the incentives of the CEO are not necessarily in line with the customers of the club…but in line with the owner’s objectives.

    What does the rulebook say in that case….well if minority partners (fans) are unhappy with the way the company is run, they can support the spuds.

    So the task of our Chairman is to remind the fans of this fact at regular intervals…. using popular dialect 😉

    Well done Stan, you do a good job of running this business efficiently. Can someone remind me why the majority of bloggers could not stand Usmanov and sided with SS some time back 😉

  41. Iceman

    @ gambon…I NEVER said Gervinho was a bargain and I NEVER said CR7 wasn’t worth 50m….I DID say no player is worth that and Real caused the inflation in player prices……….Go ahead Pedro/Geoff whoever, ban me…….Cos I proved Gambon wrong……lokl……..12 year old cunt…………comes on blogs to look smart

  42. Guns of Hackney


    Ha, ha – yes. Me and Gambon are screwing each others brains out…

    I don’t think low IQ and lame jokes are connected. I am just a lame joke teller.

    Come on, Liceman – this is a football blog about the mighty Arsenal, not a swear fest. Lets all calm down. Have fun, Iceman.

  43. Ice

    Who let the trolls out who who…….

    A shabby performance tonight followed by a mauling by Sam’s fired-up Hammers could be the tipping point some of you have been waiting for…..

  44. Ritesh

    @Gambon, they need Gazidis to do Stan’s work.

    Wenger is the right guy for them because he puts up with player sales and produces talent. He is also OK with not winning anything as long as he maximises his resources and tries his best. I won’t pass judgement on that as it’s his conscience.

    Having said that, if Arsenal really had passionate fans, SS and his team would have been out of the window long ago and that includes Wenger.

    Only Usmanov can change things for us, but SS will never sell. As long as Wenger is around, we will find it hard to change our model and win anything.

  45. Keyser

    Suga3 – If Koscielny was in front of Mertesacker based on last seasons performances, it’d be completely justified, he was easily our best defender, Mertesacker statrted 21 games he wasn’t moved around, he wasn’t asked to stretch himself and we sat deeper to protect his lack of pace.

    The highline means fuckall, he can only play that way, it’s even worse calling Koscielny and Vermaelen one dimensional when Mertesacker lumbers around barely moving ffs.

    It is fantasy Mertesacker was shocking at times last year, he’s 6ft 7 and tried to push himself by playing on his knees against Chelsea, got bullied by a Norwich striker and just fell over and lay there in one game and that’s just off the top of my head.

    Who gives a fuck what he does internationally, they even dropped him based on his performances last year for us.

  46. Ash79

    So has Chamakh seriously just given up? just turns up for training knowing he wont get a game. Imagine going to work everyday knowing that everyone there thinks you’re shit and taking up someone elses space. How do you go from a good start to absolute bollocks? surely some performance clauses should be in contracts.

  47. Ash79

    According to journalist Matt Spiro, who works out of Paris, reports coming out of France state that Didier Deschamps is set to ignore Arsene Wenger who claimed that Abou Diaby will be out for three weeks with an injury picked up at the weekend and will include him in their World Cup qualifying squad with will play Spain on October 26th.
    Deschamps, who is desperate to be able to pick his best side against Spain, and Diaby, who is desperate to play for the National side after so long out, both look set to risk the wrath of Arsene Wenger, who has already come out to say that he holds Deschamps and the French national side responsible for Diaby’s latest injury.
    There are rumours that Diaby is not really out for three weeks and that Wenger simply said that figure as it would take Diaby past the international break, however, it remains to see if either the player or the international manager will pay any attention to the club which pay Diaby’s wages or if both will just forge ahead regardless. It would make no sense for either Diaby or Deschamps to play him if he is injured, however pushing him when he could probably do with being rested is a very real possibility in these circumstances.

  48. Keyser

    Jeff – You’re argument boils down, sorry it doesn’t really boil down, all there is to it is ‘No trophies = No success’ if that’s as far as you’re willing to stretch yourself what’s the point in writing soo much.

    You mentioned what would be becoming of a club like Arsenal, it seems you have a pretty distorted idea of where we should be, like the Champions League thing, we’ve never won it, the closest we’ve come is a final under Wenger in our entire history, yet for you a win would be what ? The least we should expect ?!

    I pointed out 91′ because we’ve progressed pretty slowly since then and you can’t blame Wenger for that, especially when our direct rivals were leaving us behind.

  49. Nana Quame Larbi

    The fans has to take some of the blames? we go to stadiums with banners written on it ‘IN ARSENE WE TRUST’ and for bad seven years getting to eight now arsenal as a football club have not won anything. why is it an academy whereby selling of players and making of profit goes on. Ryd now arsenal fans can’t argue with the fans of chelsea because they will rub the champions league trophy in our faces. is about time arsenal fans start boycotting some matches for the board of directors see that we need change and success in the club!

  50. Bade


    I salute you!

    This is why I so dearly love this Blog. I know it’s a matchday, but sometimes there are much more important things than the so called obvious

    Only Le Grove has balls to call a spade a spade. If the king is naked, then he is naked

    And boy how naked our king & kingdom are

    This excellent Swiss Ramble piece say first & foremost that this “Financial prudence” is just another spin & lie

    Stan, Ivan & Arsene just spitting in our faces & spiting us

    I’m so happy I’m boycotting the club, as the way its ran is nothing short of recklessness & madness

  51. gooner87

    Wenger is not the highest paid manager in the league

    The £7m bandied about to suit certain peoples arguments, vendettas and crusades is a plain lie

    I am not an AKB, or here defending Wenger, as I firmly believe we need some radical restructuring in the club from top to bottom starting with the board and Kronke first, and then seeing if Wenger would fit into Usmanov’s plans when handed an enormous war chest – if he doesnt spend it on quality, and I mean world class players – move him on and get someone who will.

    Time to behave like a club of our stature, not like an Investment bank, Actually, that doesnt work – investment banks dont sell their prized assets to rivals.

  52. anup

    there is a good solution to all these prevailing problems, i.e. mass protest. Don’t show up for the match day. They are arrogant prick and won’t care about the fans until fans do something about it. They are paid huge just to ruin the stature of our beloved club.

  53. Keyser

    Kushagra India – Sorry, don’t really like putting Mertesacker down, just Suga3 thought it was a valid point.

    Mertesacker’s a good defender who a bit like John Terry makes the best of all his weaknesses.

  54. Bade

    Now two points I would like to highlight, other than the fantastic ones made by Pedro

    First point:
    Arsenal professional playing staff in 2012 was 70. Training staff 55, administrative staff 271 (up from 248)

    We have added ANOTHER 23 employees to our Administrative staff, that was already a huge one, 248. I don’t know why do we need such a lot of people, but surely that’s explaining the ridiculous jump in the wage bell

    Interesting how many of those are employed in our “commercial” department.

    Another point should be raise is, in fact our commercial department costing us a direct loss

    If the expenses of the department are 15m’ & all it did generate in 3 years is an extra 10m’ then this department simply doesn’t merit it’s own existence

  55. Ash79

    Keyser October 3, 2012 11:21:10
    Ash79 – Imagine ? Why not just ask your work colleagues ?!
    LOL I knew it was you from across the floor!!!

  56. PragmatistGooner

    Your Comment HereThis is an utter joke. This guy has done nothing to improve Arsenal during his tenure at the club. They refuse to break wage structure but give him £2m for selling our best players every season. Bring back David Dein!! As I have said all along, we are just making the owners richer by the day. Profit before trophies. Oh well at least I was around to see us win many trophies plus go an entire season unbeaten. Some poor fans have never seen their club win a thing.I’m an Arsenal supporter, but the board are hypocrites for giving Gazidis this sort of package and pay rise. All we ever hear about is the club being run the right way financially and playing hard ball with player contract renegotiations but Gazidis and Wenger each earn a fortune when they should be setting the example.. We need a reshuffle in the boardroom asap.

  57. Leedsgunner

    Why is everybody surprised and outraged? This is what the sustainable business model looks like?! Financial success off the pitch, football mediocrity on it.

    Honestly Gazidas is nothing but a trumped up, supremely lucked out lawyer who happened to be at the right place at the right time… well done for negotiating yourself a bumper contract for doing jack****. Only if you applied that legal eagle instincts when it came to the welfare of Arsenal Football Club.

    Oh by the way according to Wikipedia he’s a self confessed Man City fan… professionally I’m sure he stands by Arsenal (whatever that means) but you just wonder whether inside the little boy in him is still screaming for City.

    I guess Ivan was right. It was an “exciting summer”. Shame it only applied to him.

    As for next summer? I reckon it’s bye bye Sagna, Theo and Jack.

    You know what really hurts? They love it, they actually think they are acting in the club’s interests while they strip it bare. No shame at what they are doing to the finest club in world football.


  58. goonerjay

    Fucking good point Bade. How can they justify the commercial team when the idea behind it’s existence is to make the club money, when in actuality it is currently costing the club money.

  59. Bade

    The second point I would like to address, is even more astonishing

    “Astonishingly, only 1% (one per cent) of the available cash flow has been spent in the transfer market” (From the Swiss Ramble)

    Got it? How can we claim of being anywhere near “competitive” or “ambitious” if we’re only using 1% of our available cash flow in the transfer market?

    That means mathematically that we can do 99% better than what we’ve done

    This only highlights our on-pitch success is far far down our management’s priority list. It’s so down, it might be relegated even.

    It’s a big shame that a club screaming for “Financial prudence while being competitive” doesn’t do even half the effort he CAN do to keep the star players, or to bring in suitable replacements, while handing the manager & the CEO the highest wages in the EPL, while both absolutely producing nothing but a spin

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry

    It’s hypocrisy & irony at their best

  60. Ash79

    How come at all these AGM, shareholders, fans meetings etc no one asks the real questions? are the questions pre-selected or something?

  61. giddygun

    imagine how we put all exertions in discussing the financials. sometimes it is all a gooner has to talk about these days. the club is gradually becoming a ‘financial organisation’ and its fans, steeped-in discussants of financial updates. NO, this is not the Arsenal!

  62. goonerjay

    Spot on Ash. AST come up with a range of questions which are then handed to Gazidis so he can script his responses so should there be any questions he is uncomfortable giving an answer to, he’s had weeks to fabricate a top of the draw politicians, skirting around the issue response.

  63. Harry Redknapp

    Ash79 he only has to turn up and he gets 70k a week then he gets back to his strawberry moose and shisha pipe with his man lover mates. cant be so bad (the money collecting for turning up bit)

  64. TomK

    MAY I SUGGEST THAT WHOEVER ATTENDS THIS YEAR’S AGM GIVES IVAN A RIGHT ROYAL ROLLOCKING??!The 2012 Arsenal AGM takes place on Thurs 25th October at 11.30am – PERFECT place to have a dig at him.As Ivan said; “I look forward to seeing you at the AGM at Emirates Stadium.”

  65. Bade

    In the last couple of weeks I used the analogy of a car race where you lose the race due to using only part of your car’s power, while your opponents using their full power

    I think this Swiss Ramble report only vindicating my analogy.

    To be honest, as it stands, it’s even worse than initially thought. When we use only 1% of our potential, we’re drawing our selves with the mid table teams mindset

    Wait a minute, a mid-table team mindset? Ohhhh, I think I’ve said it on here many times as well & this article only reassuring that

    The new Arsenal motto,

    Arsenal, Business over Football

  66. Harry Redknapp

    their pre selected and if anyone jumps up and bangs out a real question arsene and ivan will set the red action on them.

  67. Rhys Jaggar

    2% of profits = £767k thereabouts.

    £15m a year for commercial team? That’s mafia extortion par excellence. For that they raise retail to £40m a year, deals outside stadium/shirt to £30m a year to raise profits after their costs by £20m. They should all be sacked or their salaries cut by 90%.

  68. PragmatistGooner

    Unfortunately, the club know that fans will only complain online and not organise protests and other events that would attract media attention…so they can screw us over whilst fattening their wallets….

  69. Bade

    Another point that Pedro addressed is, that the club effectively isn’t sustainable as they try to deceive into thinking

    Without players sales, the club loses money

    Of course that doesn’t seem bothering enough to cut the enormous staff, or reduce few of the unjustified salaries, such as 7m PA for a manager that hasn’t delivered anything of note for 7 years running, or not handing the failing CEO a 36% of pay raise & a bonus that equates another 50% (on top of the 36%)

    I’m feeling mugged by those people

    They are killing our footballing aspirations while emptying the club out of their all football assets

    We have now only Jack left. So you all should worry. We will be certainly selling him in the coming couple of years. His injury seems only to be delaying it…..

    Don’t say you didn’t know

  70. Nedox

    Gambon Arsenal was never equal with Man Utd on revenues.

    comparing rvp with giroud aint worth it, come back next 3 years.

    Lay off iceman. After all, you said Koz is the worst cb in Europe and you spelled “repetition” as “repetetion” yesterday!

    With all due respect, you talk a lot of trash! Thats why all blogs that ain’t le grove don’t waste time in “binning” you. Am still to understand why pedro/geoff hasn’t binned you.

  71. Yippee Kai Yay

    I can tell you exactly what Ivan has done for the shareholders.

    The market cap of Arsenal Holdings when Stan took over was circa £734mill, it is currently £1,031mil.

    Stan has a 66.64% shareholding, and sop Ivan has increased his ‘asset wealth’ by approx £200mil.

    The only thing the payout demonstrates is how much the owners value the financial performance over and above the footballing performance.

    The whole thing is a house of cards, and as many have been saying for years, all it will take is one ‘bad season’ to unravel.

    Gambon (and those who see without blinkers), keep pointing out the obvious to the oblivious and the inane, maybe one day a penny will drop. Of course it will be too late by then, and won’t really be the time for saying ‘I told you so’ even though you will want to.

  72. S Asoa

    The Truth is that ARsenal Football Club is run as a con job by Wenger and Gazidias and the Kronke laughing all the way to the bank with ownership financed out of soft(?) loans from the club itself . Appears to be a round fraud and nothing else !

  73. Keyser

    Swiss Ramble :

    Since 2007 Arsenal have generated a very healthy £376 million operating cash flow, but have spent £71 million on capital expenditure, £110 million on loan interest and £64 million on net debt repayments, while the cash balances have risen by £118 million. Astonishingly, only 1% (one per cent) of the available cash flow has been spent in the transfer market.

  74. PragmatistGooner

    I for once want Arsenal to finish 5th this season..It will be a blessing in disguise…But it won’t happen because that’s the only target we set at the start of the season..This board is a disgrace..The AKBs must be very happy with this news..

  75. Yippee Kai Yay

    IcemanOctober 3, 2012 12:01:09
    Just shows Gambons still in school
    There’s more than one Gambon?

    Grammar: The difference between ‘knowing your shit’ and ‘knowing you’re shit’.

  76. LeProf

    O yea O yea!

    You folks should stop that Fuck U Ivan, Fuck U Wenger

    The reason why Arsenal purposely having higher expenses is simple: Benevolent Money Laundering

    Yes there’s such thing called as ‘Benevolent Money Laundering’

    Our club still under great danger by Alisher Usmanov and his deep love with reluctant girlfriend Miss Arsenal Groves

    Kroenke, Wenger, Ivan knew it’s near impossible to get rid of Usmanov’s increasingly extortionate shareholding level

    Instead Usmanov money get stuck in Arsenal without board representation and even dividends (yet to be corrected)

    Arsenal therefore making use of Usmanov money to pay the bigger club expenses, bonus to directors, managers, staffs etc even Kroenke himself paid himself back in some form proxy streams

    Usmanov is the biggest foolish loser here

    Giving so much money to the lady yet she still not yours

    Switching club money from left to right pocket is OK it’s all depend how long Usmanov can lasts in this blinking eye match

    HA HA HA HA Usmanov very much in love with Arsenal…lovefool!

    O yea O yea!

  77. David White

    The Arsenal board are not interested in winning trophies. They are running a business and the business model they think will make them the most profit is this: Qualify for the champions league at the lowest possible cost. And that they have done, year after year, hence the pay rise.

  78. gooner87

    Another interesting twitter stat

    Apparently Chris Foy has been demoted to LEAGUE 2 following his performance against Man Utd at the weekend

    JOKE how much influence they have over who refs their games

  79. Yippee Kai Yay

    Context is everything, and whilst you are right that it doesn’t matter IF you make sense, ‘Grammar’ is an important part of ‘context’, so there is nothing you need to say, Nor indeed do I expect you to be able to.

    As for the wider over view of comments made by some here, Gambon, Bade and fair few others (including Geoff) have been exposing the elements of the Corporate strategy which prevent AFC from on field success.

    In the current climate CEO’s for some of the largest corporations are forgoing Bonuses and pay rises due to shareholder pressure and non-performance.

    If anyone thinks that a last day ‘achievement’ of 3rd place followed by selling prized assets warrants such a pay rise (funded in part by increase revenue from attendees) funded in part by the fans and the increased demands the club puts upon them for precious little in return. Then quite frankly they are an idiot.

    I almost prefer the dark old days of pre-sky football, at least back then there was some integrity in the game.

  80. Gunner2301

    Pedro let me commend you on one of your best posts since I’ve been reading this blog.

    At last we know that those running the club are in it for themselves. Gazidis rolling up to the Q & As in his slick suit and smooth talk to gloss over his own ineptitude. Wenger on the sidelines going through his routine of fake concern and anquish to give us the impression that he really cares. An owner who probably doesn’t even remember what the stadium looks like who is so remote he has to check his stock listings to remember that he owns the Club, who has handed over running the Club to his cronies and partners in crime.

    So now we understand that it’s not about the football, moving the Club forward, trophies or even FFP, which is another cover story and excuse for lack of investmetn. It’s about pure plain greed having found a golden goose they are all looking to milk it for all its’ worth and fuck the fans and supporters who actually care.

    “Astonishingly, only 1% (one per cent) of the available cash flow has been spent in the transfer market.”

    Somebody needs to question Wenger and Gazidis to find out what they believe they’ve done to deserve salaries so vast considering they have done very little in return.

    Wake me up when Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke are no longer associated with the Club.

  81. Paulinho

    ‘Diaby’s injury record is not good,’ said Wenger. ‘I was concerned about him of course. It was a gamble, but I was calculating as well that Wilshere was coming back, Francis Coquelin is here but was sick and Emmanuel Frimpong is back.
    ‘Tomas Rosicky is coming back so we have many midfield players. We don’t have many physical players but Mikel Arteta has shown he can be a great defensive midfield player.
    ‘He was outstanding in that area against Chelsea. We’ll see overall if it was a good or bad decision at the end of the season


    Ha ha what an absolute cretin. Once AGAIN the mentally ill fool realises he’s fucked up when it’s too late.

  82. LeProf

    Usmanov is one single biggest prick that Arsenal must contain and destroy

    He is the reason Arsenal 15-year plan of new stadium, strategic income stream, players development etc got rubbished and totally scrapped

    Yes all of because to get rid of this one prick but far worse if Arsenal destroyed by him

    Is that how a true fan (allegedly) treat Arsenal?

    That’s why all of us must be thankful to current management otherwise the fall of Arsenal under Usmanov is something every fan surely resent and chant ‘why Arsenal did nothing to stop him?’

    Kroenke would be glad to offer part-ownership to Arsenal fans holdings eg.AST and eventually take custody of our own club a la Barca managed by the fans

    Look at different view why these huge payouts given and increase of club expenses

    It is to drain Usmanov money!

    While club revenue remain steady (matchday, sponsors etc) none of it will go back to Usmanov

    Such a genius eh!

    Piss off Usmanov yet Arsenal still rolling with cash!

  83. seventhwave101

    Bored of the financials, bored of the team/manager,bored of the comments – Where on Earth has the team I’ve supported since a kid gone ?

  84. Phil

    The only decent deal Ivan has done is obviously negotiating his own contract .
    Must have hit his KPIs, which in relation to actual football (the product) probably just means getting into Europe. The rest are financial, and maybe membership numbers which is fine in the normal world of business. But this is a football club, with many stakeholders , not just the major shareholder.
    Incompetence, ambivalence, ignorance. take your pick. Anything but footballing success.
    it is almost as though they resent the supporters, and are saying”it’s not about you”

  85. Iceman

    I wont be entertaining ‘Grammar’ comments anymore cos Yippee just fucked himself in his first sentence. Cunt.

    Onto football……….any idea who Wenger will choose to replace Mikel?? Or has he passed the fitness test?

  86. goonerDNA

    You can’t really blame Ivan for his pay rise, the wig wearing yank is rewarding those who threat Arsenal as a business and not as a Football club, he’s done exactly the same to the Denver Nuggets.

  87. Radio Raheem

    I think the biggest waste has to be the money paid to the commercial team. There simply is no value in having them there. The main sources of our revenue, just like the sources of future growth, are the same as they were before they arrived. I said this years ago but we might as well employ ‘completer-finisher’ type staff and get marketing ideas from crowd sourcing. Tom Fox and his buddies are of little use in European football environment. Can one actually quantify the cost of their learning??

    My guess is that Gazidis will keep them in his employ so as not to lose face and for fear of losing out on what has been a substantial cost of ‘bedding them in’. The right thing to do, of course, is to bite the bullet hold his hands up and say he got it wrong!

    If you are looking to make money in football my instinct would be to look to people who have experience in doing so not to sign people with little or no prior experience in that particular field/context. Gazidis suffering cultural myopia??

  88. Yippee Kai Yay

    Nice one Idiot-man, resorting to illiterate ramblings AND abusive responses, the last bastion of the lost cause it would seem. Classy work there.


    Just read the print out file for this evenings game. I am fairly sure most are not expecting anything other than a win tonight, regardless of what team is put out. The disparity in quality of players is more than enough for an arsenal win.

    Gooner 87, cannot believe how ridiculous that is, Foy last ref’ed a league 2 game 4.5 years ago. And I don’t think he got too much wrong at the weekend, the ‘stonewall penalty’ should have been given by linesman as no way he could have seen from that angle, apart from that I can’t remember what else he got wrong.
    And still the United fans refuse to believe that they get preferential treatment – the FA may as well just ad a ‘United at home rule’ stating that play stops when Fergie say it is.

  89. Radio Raheem

    As for our wage situation, I can’t see the board getting that down to the 50% ratio of revenue until the next couple of years when some players contracts comes to an end.

  90. Nedox

    LOL iceman is on a row!

    As for the football aspect, coq, ramsey and carzoom/arsh should start. With walcot, giroud, ox. That should win it. And please retain kos and verm. Keep mert fresh for west ham

  91. Bjonan

    “OK, for all the idiots on here that said replacing RVP with Giroud was a good idea”

    Gambon..1st of all RVP has outrstanding EPL experience over Giroud,

    2ndly Giroud has played not more than 180mins for Arsenal in the EPL…

    Surely that is an uneven comparison unless your just looking for someone to blame for our loss over the weekend.

    When Cesc,Nasri ,Clichy,Song and RVP where at Arsenal in the same team,I don’t remember us winning any trophy but some cunts keep shoving it in our faces how we have lost players who win trophies..

  92. Bennydevito

    Gambon…… sometimes………………..really ………………….. piss………………… me…………………. off…………………. but other……………………..times…………………. you ……………………crack………………. me……………………. right……………….. up………..!!!!!!

  93. gambon


    The wage ratio will fall below 50% next season i would imagine, unless more ridiculous contracts are currently being handed out.

    New TV deals kick in from next August.

  94. BOOZY

    Well, gazidis would fully earn that increase if at the end of the season, he sacks wenger, if he fails to win either the EPL or the champions league and brings in pep.
    i’ll forgive him.

    Because i’m sure if wenger tells him to give rvp 200k per week, gazidis won’t say no.

    its wenger, who is the real problem. he is now up for a new contract, which i expect will make him the number one earning manager.