Arsenal drop Mertesacker for mobility and pace | Theo Walcott’s confidence or Chambo’s possession? Or neither?

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I found this, if it's yours, I'm deeply sorry

I’m up early and ready to roll today, I hope you are too. Today, Arsenal host Chelsea in the biggest grossing Premiership game in history. Hopefully, the boys will make it worth every penny by taking 3 points from the leagues early leaders. We’ll be facing up to a new look Chelsea side this year with some familiar faces disgracing our eyes.

Cech, Ivanovic, Terry, Luiz, Cole, Mikel, Ramires (or Lampard), Hazard, Mata, Torres, Oscar

The above line up is how one of the Chelsea bloggers sees it happening today. Obviously there are some key players we need to keep an eye on there. Juan Mata is Chelsea’s supremely gifted attacking midfielder, he glides around the pitch and has an eye for a quick pass. There’s obviously Hazard to watch out for as well. The young Belgian has had a mixed bag when it comes to performances so far this year, people writing him off already are wishful thinkers more than anything, he has the capability to kill us today, so our full backs needs to be super vigilant and at their best.

Rumours are suggesting there will be a centre back pairing of Vermalen and Koscielny today. That makes sense on a number of levels. The two ingredients those two give us are pace and mobility. Mertesacker has been excellent this season, but some games are clearly more suited to others and I think Chelea’s more continental feel this year is better placed with the other two. The benefits of having good centre back stock eh?

In midfield, pending any disasters, I’m hoping to see Diaby, Arteta anchoring with Cazorla sitting in the hole. Arsene Wenger has taken a sly dig a Song by sharing the reasons he didn’t buy an outright defensive midfielder.

“We try to find the defensive balance collectively. We have fewer players who are purely defenders but some are physically strong in defending like Diaby, some are tactically strong like Arteta.

“At the moment we have the balance because everybody participates, but we have fewer specialists, purely defenders. We are more versatile going forward because everyone has the potential to go forward.”

The above was kind of what I was talking about most of the summer. Looking around the league and in fact Europe in general, the traditional defensive midfielder is a dying breed. I think there is definitely a need to have more defensive minded midfielders, but what you actually want is disciplined well rounded footballers. The Makelele type player is a dying bread. Why do I think that is? Well, teams like Barcelona have shown that you are stronger as a unit if everyone can pass to the same standard. I remember Liverpool beating Chelsea in the Champions League by forcing them to give possession to Makelele. He couldn’t pass so the scouser broke their midfield flow.

Arteta is our deepest lying midfielder most of the game, but note how many times Diaby is level pegging with him. Watch how Cazorla bombs back if he loses the ball. There’s virtually no individualism in this side which makes for a more powerful collective. Today is going to be about confidence and taking our chances. We need to be ruthlessly clinical. We need to be efficient. We need to take the same spirit of Manchester City into this affair.

Whenever John Terry plays off the back of a scandal, he always has a blinder and it seems he always scores a goal. He’ll be one we need to play close attention to today. However, he could the weak link we need to take advantage of. He’s not the player he used to be, he doesn’t have the legs and he’s not playing with defenders that are as good as those in years gone by. If ever there was a player who deserved to be on the end of a humiliation… it’s this guy.

Up top will be interesting today. We either opt for physical presence and the hope there’s been a change in confidence by going for Giroud, or we look to pace in Gervinho. For me, Theo can at best hope for a chance out wide. I still can’t believe people are pushing for a player so constrained by inability to play through the middle. Anyway, the other option is to go for Podolski, I think that might be a waste though.

I’d probably go for…

Podolski Giroud Theo

To be honest though, it’s so damn hard to predict these days, it’s almost not worth it. If possession is important you’d go for Chambo over Theo. If pace and confidence are important, then you might opt for Theo. Whatever the line up is today, I’m confident we have a good chance of taking three points. Again, let’s not pretend we’ll be happy with anything else. We’ve got most of our key players fit and in form, we’re at home and the team has started to gel. A win would be a great way to kick off the weekend. I hope the crowd are all up for it, the atmosphere where I sit has had an injection of singing of late… I hope that continues on today. We need to make the Emirates a fortress and there is no reason it shouldn’t be…

Right, I think that’s your lot for today. Have yourself an exceptional day and enjoy your night in equal amounts!

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  1. BOOZY

    i like theo for many reasons, NOT having a twitter account has to be the biggest.
    I just don’t get why players need to comment on twitter all the time.

  2. PragmatistGooner

    There is absolutely no chance that Spurs will hold on to this 2-0 lead, you know what’s coming next, a United comeback. Probably finish 4-2.

  3. Cesc Appeal


    Don’t the thought is just too amazing.

    We’ll Have Yaya, Ageuro and Kompany please, here’s a cheque write down a number you think is fair 😉

  4. kwik fit


    Wouldn’t be so sure. They are completely outplaying united. If anything they could score more. I would love a draw though with a few injuries.

  5. SDE


    No I understand completely what you are saying..Well I think so..

    Yes the game,has changed remarkably so…
    Owners,or rich benefactors that have come in,have no doubt changed the game from say 20 years ago…
    The fans are but mere pawns in the game..

    That aside,in order to remain if not one step ahead,but at least on an even keel with the new oligarchs..

    The strategy at the club must change,by understanding to win cup games,or titles you must invest heavily in your squad..& that has to come from an owner & manager,who are equally ambitious & want to sweep all before them…

    Both Manager & Owner/BOD of the club,have to be singing from the same hymn sheet…

    It’s no coincidence that Mourinho rocks up @clubs,that match his own ambitions…

    -Chelsea-RA wanted to achieve Real Madrid’s legacy..fires Claudio Ranieri..Mourinho delivers what 5 trophies…2 EPL’s sails off into the sunset..

    -Inter Milan..Massimo Moratti wants CL-fires Mancini..
    Mourinho steps in & delivers the elusive CL..

    -Real Madrid..Not won a trophy in years..Barca sweeps all before them..
    Mourinho steps in,delivers La Ligue & other cups..

    Point,I’m trying to make is that there needs to be some kind of synergy b/w manager & owner to achieve a level of ambition..Once that is fixed..the rest filters to the fans…

    We accept,acknowledge& pay for that synergy & effort…

    So Wenger & Kroenke need to bugger off& an owner with a different vision,albeit one of a Perez,or a Moratti,needs to come on board,with an equally adept manager to,give the fans want they want..

    But it sure comes at a price..!!

    It really is a question,of adapt or die..& the BOD &OGL,don’t want to adapt.Holding steadfast to FFP,whilst sitting on a warchest..Showing no ambition…
    So fans either way are suffering,win,or lose!!

  6. PragmatistGooner

    This is why I don’t mock the yids or any other team. Sort your own shit first and then take the piss proud. Those days are over 7 years and still counting..AKBs are the other reason for our failure..They just overhypes any decent player we sign.

  7. BOOZY

    i also think theo is a goner . wenger doesn’t want to give him the money he’s asking for.
    Wenger also doesn’t want him to earn the money he’s asking for elsewhere. he knows theo would be playing for a new deal elsewhere, so he wants his value to fall.
    even at the expense of the team.

  8. PragmatistGooner

    kwik fit—Agree with you a bit but UTD does it day in day But remember my words we won’t be close to outplating Utd 0n 3rd November..When was the last time Arsenal beat Utd at the OT??

  9. BOOZY

    theo is not having any of it. i think he’s quite happy play wenger’s little game with him.
    Theo really doesn’t give a shit about wenger any more, but he still likes arsenal.
    don’t ask me how i know this.

  10. Doublegooner

    Let me tell you, all the foreign owners would like an international league.

    I predicted 2 years ago these owners will take our clubs out of England within 10 years. They’ll be 50% games played here & the rest in different venues ie Asia, Middle East.

    Platini is suggesting it with the Euros & if it happens by 2020 then it’ll de happen with the domestic clubs.

    Anyone for up for FC Arsenal ?? !!

  11. BOOZY

    if wenger ego doesn’t get in the way of common sense.
    he would take full advantage of a player playing for a new deal.

    if at the end he still thinks the player is not worth the money,then fine, at least we’ve had his very best for one season.

  12. Phil

    Interesting that Wenger used not to single out players for criticism, now he does it to to deflect from his own poor performance.

  13. BOOZY

    Giroud had a good game. wenger now needs to start giving a starting shirt. anybody could miss that chance.

    if he had played 90mins he would have scored.

  14. Alex James

    9 out of 18 points! Liverpool picking up the pace and Spurs looking good today, according to the radio. It is perfectly true that US owners are cautious, which is why I saw us as another Villa when our man took over.Wenger, Kroenke, Giroud, Gazidis Chamache and Hill Wood have messed up my saturday again. And to think that I used to taunt my Chelsea loving friends years ago.

  15. PragmatistGooner

    @kwik fit–Neither do I want ManUtd to win…I see ManUtd more threatening to us than Tottenham..We play for the top 4 spot…Spuds will crumble after the Christmas but ManUtd will just get stronger..

  16. peanuts&monkeys

    This will be Rooney’s EPL. He should be scoring 25 goals this season. He is so perfected in each of his shots, off-ball and with-ball moves. My God, will i see a player like that in Arsenal shirts in my lifetime?

  17. Evan

    The only time Peter Hill Wood has made sense, soon changed his tune

    Call me old-fashioned, but we don’t need his money and we don’t want his sort…”

    ’Americans are buying up chunks of the Premiership football clubs and not because of their love of football but because they see an opportunity to make money…”

  18. GaryFootscrayAustralia

    Ramsey! Giroud! Koscielny! Wenger! Mugs!

    …..sorry about that, I was just absorbing and regurgitating the general consensus of this thread.

  19. SDE

    The guy has transformed his bones and muscles

    & Arsene’s are degenerating at an alarming rate,along with his brain cells!!

    Please ,please send the white men in coats to deliver us!!

  20. peanuts&monkeys

    Has Wenger’s house of cards started crumbling? Scares me to my gut imagining losing Cazorla for even 3 games. If that happens before Jack starts kicking, we would go back to 17th. Wht say you, Mr Wenger?

  21. GaryFootscrayAustralia

    Pragmatist Gooner, I would go for Klopp. Has produced trophies on a tight budget allied with a brilliant scouting and youth system. Sounds familiar except for the crucial bit about trophies.

  22. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Evenin’ sufferers!

    Depressed, as I am after every defeat. Chelsea didn’t tear us a new one. Fuckinh stupid mistakes. (starting with breaking up a winning CB partnership). That aside.. Wenger finally calling it what it is instead of blaming the melting polar ice caps. Bad defending he said. Right. Giroud should have scored. Right…

    So we’ll see Merte back then! No solution to Giroud unless he finds his scoring boots!

    And the fucking spuds finally win at OT and we don’t take advantage. Bollox!!

  23. kwik fit

    The day just got worse. Spuds look like a very strong team.

    I think that we all thought before today that Arsenal had finally got a team/squad that could challenge. How wrong were we.

  24. peanuts&monkeys

    That degree of passion from AVB!!! OMG. I hate Wenger to the core.

  25. PragmatistGooner

    AVB always wanted & challenged SAF I admire that from any manager..Le Senile needs a surgery or show him the 2003-04 DVD..

  26. peanuts&monkeys

    Wenger is the master at Arsenal. He decided to see of RvP. He did. He decided not to spend more than half of RvP’s sale money to buy a striker. He did. Everybody knew Giroud will take a year to locate his striking boots. For Gossake, why could you not get a Berbatov, a Drogba, or even a Dempsey to see off the Giroud blues, you old cunt?

    Hate you Bastard Wenger. I wish some irate Gooner cuts your balls off one night while you are taking your daily dose of blowy from Diaby.


    It’s sad when people on here champion AVB over Wenger. How pathetically sad.

    We had a bad result today, it happens. Two defensive errors cost us what looked like a win as I only thought one team were going to win after half time.

    I question Wenger on dropping our best defender of the season of course. Players have bad games, Kos had his today but we are not a millions miles behind Chelsea, no way and we will come back. Sometimes you just have to take a result like this on the chin and then come back.

    Please stop with the AVB bollox though. We’ve had a decent start to the season, today was a blip.

  28. zeus

    I feel we played against a good team, but we gave the game away. They had three shots on target and scored two goals, from soft set-pieces. Defensively we were just not at the level you have to be in a game like that, which is where we were punished today. For the rest, we have shown quality and spirit but we have to show more personality and authority on the goals we conceded.


    Sums it up really. We weren’t overrun, but changing the CB partnership after your first choice CB didn’t play midweek and so was rested, was fucking stupid.

    Don’t tell me about Chelsea’s mobility, per played well against Aguero, Sikva and Tevez. Doesn’t come more mobile than that.

  29. SDE

    I question Wenger on dropping our best defender of the season of course. Players have bad games, Kos had his today but we are not a millions miles behind Chelsea, no way and we will come back. Sometimes you just have to take a result like this on the chin and then come back.

    Love your positivity..But we can cut & paste your comment above for the past seasons& over the next seasons,as long as Wenger is in charge!!

    I’m afraid,no change at the OK Coral!!
    Rinse,Repeat is the order of the day!!

    We are about the only top club,where are best players & captain’s leave with alarming frequency!!& in sequence..(Vieira,Henry,Cesc,RVP!)

    Something’s just not right!!

  30. Johnty79

    Well grocers in from work so missed the game but I told you so… Verm and kos can’t play together I hope you finally see that. Koz had a night mare by all accounts. I told you all he was to small and not good enough. Spurs looking much better than us now. We didn’t we sign Dempsey and dembele?????

  31. Leedsgunner

    Today ladies and gents was an Opportunity Missed.

    Perhaps we will remember this result when we start talking about world beaters again when we do what we are expected to do against weaker sides like Southampton and Coventry. I think the 2-0 win against the Pool put a veneer of respectability on our first XI who demonstrated by this result today that they are very much a side in transistion and not title contenders yet. Unfortunately a 5 game unbeaten streak fooled many into believing the hype and not focussing on the facts.

    The facts are:

    Our defense still needs lots of work. Unfortunately TV5 to me seems like he’s trying too hard to be the star captain rather than going back to the basics and doing what he does best: defend with concentration. He needs to lead with discipline rather than trying to be Captain Marvel.

    Who is our finisher? Beautiful passing and build up means nothing if we can’t put the pall in the net. Giroud needs to get his mind/composure sorted out… fast. Unfortunately in my opinion, the club’s most natural finisher is playing for Celta Vigo at the moment.

    It was good however to see Wenger admit the frailty of his defense today and not make excuses.

    We need to pick ourselves up, respond strongly… Not lose our focus or heads when we are doing well and pretend all is well.

    We need to strengthen with another striker and keeper of that there is no doubt.

  32. GPharm

    For the first time in my life I find myself cheering on Spurs. Makes me feel sick but that’s what its got to. Fuck RvP the cunt. I will support any team that plays against him. People say that we should have kept him and let him see out his last year, how could we? Would anyone of you keep any of your other halves if they came out in public and said you were crap in bed and have an one inch penis? Fact is he made ridiculously stupid demands (personal physios , 230k etc.) which is effectively handing in a transfer request, it also maintains hospital ‘brand’ as a good guy and of course he gets loyalty bonus (perhaps Judas bonus is more apt?).
    Fucker would have won the league for us. I would put caravan on him seenetting all those nearly moments this year. Oh well break a leg mate.

    P.S Gallas nearly redeemed himself with that tackle!

  33. Harry Redknapp

    i seem to recall an FA cup semi final at wembley when wenger decided to drop our best player at the time, a certain number 23. what was he thinking selecting those two numbskulls over the big german

  34. BOOZY

    Peanuts lets not go over the top just because we lost to a better side.

    The real test comes against the smaller teams.

    We also need to rest cazorla in the champions league game.

  35. zeus


    Avb in, Wenger out is just silly. Think some are being tongue in cheek or just venting.

    But it’s always something with Arsenal. Rarely are we comprehensively taken apart. It’s always some dickhead. It was Almunia for years, then flappy tried to upstage him.

    Now it seems, when the stakes are highest, koscielny will do his best to grab the headlines.


    I thought we shot ourselves in the foot today. There is no way we were totally outclassed .I’m not having that.

    There are two things I question Wenger on today. Leaving out Mert – it turned out to be a bad decision – why change a solid looking defence? And also keeping Gervinho on instead of Podolski. Despite his goal I find his overall play poor and frustrating to watch. I would of kept Podolski on and he is a far more intelligent player.

    But please, don’t tell me we were outclassed because we weren’t.

    Positives: Better with Ramsey on pitch. Jenkinson working so hard and combining well with the OX.

    Not all doom and gloom here. Yes we should not be letting top players go, why that is happening needs answering but with the players we do have I am happy that they are giving their all. The supporters should give them their all too.

    Strongest bench we have had in years today.

  37. Kushagra India

    Too long a comment from many posters can’t be arsed to read, regurgitating the same old shit. I have confidence in the defense , we have got the personnel and the coaching staff to make it it right. It’s in the striking department we are lacking imo .
    Giroud or Girouuuu

  38. BOOZY

    joppa wenger is a better manager than AVB. But not by much – if wenger is a 6, then AVB is a 5.5.

    but the thing AVB would improve with experience, while wenger has reached his peak.

  39. kwik fit


    We were lucky to be level at half time. Our midfield were completely over run at times. Today was a reality check.
    Are you the same Joppaaa who used to be so pessimistic about our team a few weeks ago?

  40. Johnty79

    Every comment I’ve made has been proved right. Pedro can’t you hand over the running of this site to me and Gambon as we r right about most things. Particurely on koshitney……

  41. Kripakar Marur

    I agree with you. But the reason he takes out Poldi is because Poldi tires badly in second halves. Whether a fully fit Gervinho is better than Poldi on one leg is debatable though.


    I’m going to stick by the manager and team for now. I think it’s the best team we have had in a few seasons. Today it just didn’t happen but i’ve seen enough this season (and I was a huge sceptic pre season) to think we will do well enough.

  43. Kushagra India

    Yep missed chances have cost us the maximum points till now. It will make things so much easier for our midfield if we are more clinical . Especially since Wilshere and Rosa are returning. Defense will sort it out , Bouldy will make it happen .

  44. BOOZY

    You know a manager is losing it when he doesn’t pick his best team. Like AVB at chelsea , like fuckie benching hernandez for welbeck last season.
    You need to know what your best team is, wenger doesn’t know yet this 6 games into the season, and i must be honest i don’t know what our best team is, but i’m not the one recieving 7mil a year.

  45. Johnty79

    Oh forgot our right I was proved about having a big centre half pairing……koz and verm vs terry and Luis,,,,,arsenal please hire me as head of player recruitment I can save this club…

  46. Kripakar Marur

    De Matteo got his tactics right. Flood the centre. Check. Deny Arteta time on the ball. Check. Deny Cazorla space. Check.

    We weren’t outclassed by any means. A fair reflection of the game would be Arsenal 1 Arsenal Defence 2.

    If the team are to convince fans that they are a better than last term, they should win the next 4 games before the annual spanking at Old Trafford. Last season, it took us 2-3 weeks to recover from a defeat.

  47. GPharm

    Fuck being over run or not. The score at the end matters. I can not believe he dropped Per. The guy is as cool as they come and he would have organised us far better. Hopefully Wenger has learned that Koscienly and Vermalen should not play together in the big games. Its just too risky.

    Anger aside I still think we’ll be up there come May. Not because we are that good but the other so called big guns look shit. Oh another thing, RDM done us and fair play to him but he had to resort to using almost 100+ million talented players like Mata, hazard and Oscar as kicking boys. Lol.

  48. AA23

    Gambon must be all over the place today.
    Over the moon because we lost, then crashing down to earth because his team got beaten by spurs.

  49. kwik fit

    The Chelsea players out played us by working harder than us when they didn’t have the ball. They denied our players room and space and counter attacked with pace.
    Whether we like to admit it our not Diaby going off mean’t that we were outplayed in the middle. Ramsey just is not good enough.

  50. Gunner2301

    SDE 17:15

    We are lacking a world top 10 keeper (regardless of whether Manone was at fault or not today). We need a World class striker we can’t afford to wait for Olivier.

    We need two solid CBs no matter what we do with the 3 we have we will always come up short.

    We need someone to get a grip of the defensive tactics. Looks like we spoke too early about Bould. I’m glad we’re not caving in to weaker teams but fuck me every game we see defensive lapses and individual mistakes. Half the time they’re using zonal the next corner it’s man to man what a fucking shambles how hard can it be? Maybe we need another coach to sort us out defensively because I’ve seen enough to come to a conclusion now. We are better than we were but I doubt we’ll achieve what we need defensively to win anything with the current personnel.

    We need those players that can make the difference in games like this like Hazard and Mata but we only have Cazorla and he ran out of ideas and Walcott who I can’t wait to see sold in Jan. if you want things turning round against top opposition he’s not the man. Bring him on when the games already win and he’ll run riot. He’s a pussy of a player whoever thought he was worthy of wearing our shirt.

    Wenger you are holding onto money the fans gave you because you and your cronies have no commercial sense to make money in football apart from assett stripping. Spend the fucking money the fans entrusted you with or fuck off you sour faced tosser.

  51. BOOZY

    i support taking podolski off for giroud, they have no relationship on the pitch.

    But taking off ramsey when you are bringing on giroud – i don’t understand that one.

  52. SDE

    Wenger made many unforced errors today,even before the season started..

    His reliance on Diaby,being the first name on the teamsheet,if fully fit..
    -Well six games,in we found out,he’s not fully fit..Thus the shape of the team was disrupted..

    Not to forget his Jekyll& Hyde performances against Montpellier&Man City…

    -Everyman,to a tee this summer was calling out for a DM..?
    -Wenger’s response..Pfttt..I know best ..!!
    Diaby 1st name on team sheet..

    -Everyman was calling out for a top GK,pre -season..
    Wenger’s response..Mannone& Szech..
    Mannone,responsible for at least 2 goals in 2matches from set pieces..
    Problem still persists,despite Wenger stating,he wanted to flog Mannone this season…

    Here Ramsey splits the camp…Some for,Some against..
    But truth be told,Ramsey offers nothing on the offensive front..
    A waste of a position..
    Wenger’s response-to include him in his line-up in the big games!!

    Everyman to a tee,was calling out for a big striker,to replace 30 goals RVP..

    In comes Giroud…
    Wenger’s replace RVP,with a cheap alternative& bench him for two of our biggest games so far this season..(i.e.Man city,Chelsea)..& play Gervinho instead as our frontman..
    Gervinho scored today,with a well taken goal,but we still lost!!

    In the last 2 games,in terms of substitutions..
    Wenger needed to take off Gervinho& at least leave Poldi on..
    Wenger’s response-He subs Poldi,leaving on klutz Gervinho..

    The player’s are not really the one’s in question here…

    I think Wenger is living in some parallel universe..
    & mark my words,the way he is going with subbing Podolski in 2 key games..
    That guy is going to have the confidence drained out of him,sooner,rather than later…

    Jokes aside..Wenger is beginning to really scare the living daylights out of me..& I wonder how must the players feel?

  53. zeus

    Vela? Hehe. Really clutching at straws now.

    And do tell, where would Vela fit in? If Tahoe won’t & can’t play CF on his own in the formation, what makes you think vela (a player that goes over with the touch of mild breeze against his back) can?

    At some point, Wenger has to make some kind of decision about Podolski. He is clearly the best finisher until January.

    But can he trust anyone to put in the defensive work that Lucas does in protecting Gibbs down that side?

  54. BOOZY

    Wenger is very good at copying other managers tactics – and i admire him for that. Maybe he should take a look at juve, those guys are yet to lose a game since last season, and its not like the have the greatest players in the world.
    And the just dumped 3 goals against roma in the opening 20mins.

    Something must be working right there.

  55. N21 Tone

    If any of you guys went to the game you would have seen that we showed our level. We didn’t even deserve the goal we scored as it was against the run of play. They were far more mobile, aggressive and tactically estute. We got what we deserved and merited. We need to really improve if we are to beat who we see as our direct rivals. There were 4/5 players that should not be starting in an Arsenal team and it showed. We have to be patient and support our club come what may but we are long way off of challenging for any trophies I would say.

  56. zeus


    You give Diaby too much credit. At his best, we wouldn’t get outplayed in midfield, but he is rarely at his best.

    Chelsea certainly better off the ball today. But even then, Chelsea had 2 shots on target. And as below par as we were, we had chances to win the game.

    6 games in and I want to play football manager already.

    > demba ba
    > isco
    > cb

  57. Johnny5

    In fact no it wasn’t koz. He knows he’s shit and a liability. So does mannone. It was wengers fault for picking them. And also not buying a proper keeper during the window.

  58. Alex James

    Wenger destroyed Arshavin and is on the way to doing the same with Podolski. Mark my words as well, Theo will play upfront for another club and will prove a revelation. Swear one of the angels on Doctor Who tonight looked like Wenger.Pity we don’t have a tardis to take us back a few years. Don’t worry, if I win the lotto tonight, I will buy the club and start a new era.

  59. Seven Pistols

    Please STFU about Ramsey. He was sh*t today! Kept losing the ball… Remember how he earned his yellow card?

    I can’t believe I doled out £66 for THAT… In addition to making the trip from Austria! I couldn’t care less about Man Utd or Spurs. All I can think of is that we lost. GK, RAMSEY, ST were shown for what they were against a top class team. Gutted!

  60. SDE

    The sad fact remains,that Le-Senile cannot even get the basics right..

    It’s no longer about re-inventing the wheel,or trying to prove you are a genius,or einstein of the footballing world..

    —A top GK—
    -A solid defense–
    -A solid DM–
    –Creative midfield–
    —A top striker—-

    A simple formula,that top managers like Klopp,Mourinho,Fergie,Guardiola,Del Bosque,Ancelotti follow..
    If you’re finding difficulty,follow their manual!!

    What is Wenger’s purpose?What is he still trying to prove?

  61. gazzap

    I thought we lacked quality up front today. and as much as theo is a silly boy, I think when the opposition see he is on he bench, they feel a lot happier.

    Of course, Kozzers mistakes were key turning points. We do need to sort out the defending at set pieces. But beyond that problem you are still looking at the forward line and wondering whether they’ve got the quality. I am not a fan of Gervinho.

  62. valerie gooner

    ok mofos!!

    im gona go n take a dump then go out n hopefully get some muff…i need my hole badly ..

    but to cheer you all up – I want to show you two pikes gettin a bit of a kicking near to where I live…

    But the real star of the show isnt any of the fighters…it was the old granny screamin..”ahhhhh leave it out!!”

    So in true youtube style – her voice has been transmogrified onto many videos…
    Enjoy –

  63. sam

    podolski walcott/giroud chamberlain

    cazorla arteta coquelin

    gibbs vermaelen mertesacker jenkinson

    we still needs to buy another striker in january, i wouldn’t pick gervinho ahead of walcott and giroud coz he’s not a CF.
    anyway, this line up could have won us the game. we have a great squad its arsene that needs to start picking the right team.

  64. follow the money

    Fergie persists with Jonny Evans like Wenger persists with Djourou. Manu have serious defence problems. Even with Smalling and Jones Rio is a shadow of what he was and same with Vidic.

  65. Johnny5


    Wenger is a cunt. His purpose is to get fucked. I agree we need a gk desperately as well as a striker and two wingers and a LB. Le cunt won’t but though he will say they have the mental strength. Dick. I say sack him clearly he’s not moved with the times and will never get us where we wanna be.

  66. BOOZY

    And just because we lost, doesn’t mean i shouldn’t give props to arteta. The man worked his socks off today. I’m sure he’ll be deep in snooze right now.

  67. Ritesh

    Wenger fucked up today by not selecting Mert.

    If he had done that, we would have won this match.

    Wenger mostly fucks up on the big occasions.

  68. Ritesh

    Jhonny, no. In fact I was quite worried that he dropped Mert, see my posts on page 1.

    I dont like the TV / Kozzer partnership. To be honest, I don’t rate TV as a great defender. He always has that headless chicken moment from his time in Holland.

    I prefer a Mert/ Kozzer partnership.