Arsenal drop Mertesacker for mobility and pace | Theo Walcott’s confidence or Chambo’s possession? Or neither?

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I’m up early and ready to roll today, I hope you are too. Today, Arsenal host Chelsea in the biggest grossing Premiership game in history. Hopefully, the boys will make it worth every penny by taking 3 points from the leagues early leaders. We’ll be facing up to a new look Chelsea side this year with some familiar faces disgracing our eyes.

Cech, Ivanovic, Terry, Luiz, Cole, Mikel, Ramires (or Lampard), Hazard, Mata, Torres, Oscar

The above line up is how one of the Chelsea bloggers sees it happening today. Obviously there are some key players we need to keep an eye on there. Juan Mata is Chelsea’s supremely gifted attacking midfielder, he glides around the pitch and has an eye for a quick pass. There’s obviously Hazard to watch out for as well. The young Belgian has had a mixed bag when it comes to performances so far this year, people writing him off already are wishful thinkers more than anything, he has the capability to kill us today, so our full backs needs to be super vigilant and at their best.

Rumours are suggesting there will be a centre back pairing of Vermalen and Koscielny today. That makes sense on a number of levels. The two ingredients those two give us are pace and mobility. Mertesacker has been excellent this season, but some games are clearly more suited to others and I think Chelea’s more continental feel this year is better placed with the other two. The benefits of having good centre back stock eh?

In midfield, pending any disasters, I’m hoping to see Diaby, Arteta anchoring with Cazorla sitting in the hole. Arsene Wenger has taken a sly dig a Song by sharing the reasons he didn’t buy an outright defensive midfielder.

“We try to find the defensive balance collectively. We have fewer players who are purely defenders but some are physically strong in defending like Diaby, some are tactically strong like Arteta.

“At the moment we have the balance because everybody participates, but we have fewer specialists, purely defenders. We are more versatile going forward because everyone has the potential to go forward.”

The above was kind of what I was talking about most of the summer. Looking around the league and in fact Europe in general, the traditional defensive midfielder is a dying breed. I think there is definitely a need to have more defensive minded midfielders, but what you actually want is disciplined well rounded footballers. The Makelele type player is a dying bread. Why do I think that is? Well, teams like Barcelona have shown that you are stronger as a unit if everyone can pass to the same standard. I remember Liverpool beating Chelsea in the Champions League by forcing them to give possession to Makelele. He couldn’t pass so the scouser broke their midfield flow.

Arteta is our deepest lying midfielder most of the game, but note how many times Diaby is level pegging with him. Watch how Cazorla bombs back if he loses the ball. There’s virtually no individualism in this side which makes for a more powerful collective. Today is going to be about confidence and taking our chances. We need to be ruthlessly clinical. We need to be efficient. We need to take the same spirit of Manchester City into this affair.

Whenever John Terry plays off the back of a scandal, he always has a blinder and it seems he always scores a goal. He’ll be one we need to play close attention to today. However, he could the weak link we need to take advantage of. He’s not the player he used to be, he doesn’t have the legs and he’s not playing with defenders that are as good as those in years gone by. If ever there was a player who deserved to be on the end of a humiliation… it’s this guy.

Up top will be interesting today. We either opt for physical presence and the hope there’s been a change in confidence by going for Giroud, or we look to pace in Gervinho. For me, Theo can at best hope for a chance out wide. I still can’t believe people are pushing for a player so constrained by inability to play through the middle. Anyway, the other option is to go for Podolski, I think that might be a waste though.

I’d probably go for…

Podolski Giroud Theo

To be honest though, it’s so damn hard to predict these days, it’s almost not worth it. If possession is important you’d go for Chambo over Theo. If pace and confidence are important, then you might opt for Theo. Whatever the line up is today, I’m confident we have a good chance of taking three points. Again, let’s not pretend we’ll be happy with anything else. We’ve got most of our key players fit and in form, we’re at home and the team has started to gel. A win would be a great way to kick off the weekend. I hope the crowd are all up for it, the atmosphere where I sit has had an injection of singing of late… I hope that continues on today. We need to make the Emirates a fortress and there is no reason it shouldn’t be…

Right, I think that’s your lot for today. Have yourself an exceptional day and enjoy your night in equal amounts!

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  1. Ritesh

    Wenger is unsackable as long as SS is in power.

    Who would want to sack someone who can land you a cash balance above 100M and profits in tens of millions every year.

    the guy can get us to fourth and in fairness he did a miracle last year…but that seems to be his limit given the current parameters.

    When you hear Pedro saying we may buy a forward if we are still in it come January, you have to ask yourself if we are not too prudent.

  2. Johnny5


    My bad. I remember it was radio lol. I kind of agree I think kos could be wicked but he makes far too many mistakes far too often. Verm for me at the min is far more solid and works very well alongside mert. I don’t get why wenger would change something that had been working well.

  3. Ritesh

    Zeus, there should be no ifs and buts if we are really serious about achieving our objectives.

    If dropping TV makes us better, then do it. His being guaranteed a starting place because he is teh Captain is bollox.

  4. Ritesh

    We need Bould to pull up his socks and get that defence sorted. Today was a joke in the way we conceded freekicks and defended set pieces.

    There was no bite in the midfield, starting by Cazorla.

  5. goonerboy

    Losing Diaby-predictable as that was-was a major blow-because we had insufficient power in midfield without him. I knew not replacing Song was a mistake-as was not replacing RVP.
    This game was a reminder that we are not good enough yet. People should not get after Ramsey-he like Ox are still learning their trade at this level as is Giroud.
    Our forwards did not press their defenders hard enough-and it was the second game in a row where Podolski was anonymous. But in truth our central defenders were found wanting in the penalty box-thats where the difference was. There is no way top defenders should be conceding goals like that.
    I dont believe that Chelsea’s defence is anywhere near as good as we made them look today.

  6. Leedsgunner

    It might be stating the obvious but if Arsenal is to keep pace with the leaders — we must win our next three league games. Dropped points (a la Stoke and Sunderland) is not acceptable.

    On paper we have three so-called “smaller” teams that we should win against. I think three clean sheets is achieveable and it would be idea if we won by more than one goal per game to build on our goal difference. If we do that, we will be in good shape going into December. Thankfully for us Chelsea and Man United face each other soon (multiple times) and I can see Chelsea dropping points against Spuds coming up and Man United doing the same against Stoke and/or Newcastle…

    Consistency, all about consistency… not the best result today but not all is lost!

  7. Alex James

    thank goodness Spurs’ defence looks poor. And what about the old bloke moaning about added time. What a cheek. How many times have a monster amount of minutes been added in the past to let Utd win?

  8. Seven Pistols

    Johnny5, what was that you said about Verm? You clearly didn’t notice how he gave away both free kicks that lead to the goal. He lost the ball for the second goal with a wayward pass up the pitch and fouled Torres when tracking back. Question is, why didn’t he fucking stick to defending rather than bomb forward time and again. There was an instance where we had 5 chelsea players against 3 defenders but those idiots have not perfected their counter attacking.

  9. michael





  10. incesc

    saw looper today, good idea but a lightweight film.

    saw killing them softly last night too

    tony soprano is still the don

    saw arsenal today

    diaby went off and ramires and oscar done us in midfeild. even torres.


    but west ham, qpr, norwich and reading

    12 points please

    really have to say chelsea were great today, injuries could fuck them god help us, they have no squad

  11. sam


    wenger getting us third position was not miracle, it was in fact embarrassing.
    you cannot blame the board at the moment, transfer window is closed.
    this team can win the league without wenger coz he will always have few players he loves and they cost us games.
    coquelin is better at defending n attacking than ramsey, giroud should start ahead of gervinho coz he wouldn’t be scoring goals sittin on the bench plus we need his size in the opposition box and chamberlain ahead of diaby( not saying ox is better but diaby fitness is a problem).
    blaming defence alone is just pathetic, they scored against us last season and we still beat them. oh we didn;t have ramsey and diaby in the team then.
    so wenger is the problem, his selection sucks

  12. Alex James

    Johnny5 Agree, he was rubbish. Back to his early days with us, when he was a joke. And where was the keeper? Same old rubbish, which Wenger has done nothing about.The fact that our club still has no top class keeper is criminal.

  13. Johnny5


    I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it.


    It’s more than a joke who drops their best defender? Who doesn’t buy proper players. Who doesn’t replace the super quality players we did have with as close to equal players as possible who puts profits before footballing success.

  14. Alex James

    Memo to Wenger. If you wish to see a team with real mental resiliance and work ethic, watch Everton. Don’t fancy visiting there. How come Moyes can pick up cheap buys and turn them into a very good side, whilst our cheapies are rubbish?

  15. OhtobeaGooner

    Poor poor game… against what I thought was a shit Chelsea side… we gifted it to them… This Gervinho false nine experiment has to stop… he scored but he was shit the rest of the game…

    Giroud should start. Yes, he should have scored… but there is no denying that when he is on we get clear cut chances… and he actually wants to get into the box. If he had started that game we would have more than one goal.. I’m certain

  16. Alex James

    Sorry. Giroud is not good enough for the premiership, especially in a team like ours, which is founded upon quick interplay. In the MOTD highlights I saw, the cloggy was doing for the mancs what is expected of a striker, even though they lost. The difference in transfer fee says it all to me.

  17. sam

    alex james.

    do you wanna swap him to peter crouch?
    jenkinson was not good enough just few weeks ago
    yeah bad day at the office can we just move on
    even manone is not good enough, we need a top keeper that never let in a goal so we will have 32 clean sheets and win it.

    moaning too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. sam

    i personally picked on ramsey coz he was shit last season and still shit.
    diaby need to start one the bench, his withdrawal doomed our tactics.
    koscielny and vermaelen had a shit day maybe they went out partying together last night.
    to call koscielny bad defender is really stupid, this is our best defender last season.

  19. zeus

    Cesc getting ripped on YouTube for simulation.

    A chest bump between him and a Sevilla player and he grabs his face as though Mourinho poked him in the eye.

    Maybe he does have barca DNA.

    Shocking result today again.

  20. K.C.

    Sorry but it’s very easy to call Koscielny shit after this nightmare of a game. He not only scored for Chelsea, he gave way the other goal as well with horrendous marking. Wenger handicapped us by starting Kos over Mertesacker and Ramsey over the Ox. Even after all that, we’d of still had a chance had we a proper CF. Giroud is a bust.

  21. Mick Singfield

    This game was a tactical failure by Arsenal. I felt Wenger misjudged the opposition-and showed once again how inflexible he is. How often has Wenger shown that he underestimates the importance of penalty box defending? Why won’t he buy a top keeper? Yet after each of these defeats he laments our poor defending.

    I would have stuck with Mertesacker against Torres. Mertesacker is the lynch pin of our defence as a unit-he is a far more intelligent and experienced penalty box defender than Koscielny-whose strength is in interception outside the box. He is not shit-and was unlucky with their second goal-but for the first goal he showed inexperience-not rustiness.

    If we ever dream of beating Chelsea (and Chelsea will always have a greater capacity to buy better individual players than us) we have to start by defending deep from the front, pulling them forward and hitting them on the break-and our penalty box defending has to be solid-and it isn’t solid enough at centre back.

    Once they score they defend deep, deny us space in the final third-that is their game they are good at it-and have been stopping us playing our game for years.

    The false 9 invites Chelsea to isolate and outnumber our forwards. We are in a shit fight when we play them-and that requires some more muscle and skill than we had in midfield.

    I would have played Santos when Diaby went off.
    At home Podolski needs to play off a CF-thats why Giroud needs to play with Cazorla behind.

  22. Jeff

    The real tragedy is that we would have won that game 1:0 had the defence managed to do its job. Chelsea did not score those goals solely by their own efforts. They got help from us and that indeed is unacceptable in the words of AW but how acceptable is it when we sell our best players and keep on the field those that we know are too injury prone or substandard or simply not up to the job?

    The teams, for whom traditionally defending forms the bread and butter of their strategy, do well against us because their priority is not to concede rather than go out on frequent excursions to test our own defence. On the other hand the teams that have ambition and expectation to win things will come at us from all angles and therefore in those games our defence has to be at its absolute best. Yesterday, Koscielny was in a panicky mood and everyone knows that if you are in any way nervous instead of just doing a professional job, mistakes will creep in.

    The game reminded me of the old frailties in defence where any ball that came in was treated like a hot potato instead of being dealt with properly and efficiently. Both goals were, quite frankly, an embarrassment.

    Whereas in the past we could sometimes rely on our attacking force bailing out the defence by scoring more than they let in, no such possibility can be said to exist nowadays because that particular avenue of possibility has been firmly shut by the departure of Van Persie with no viable replacement. So the bottom line is that against the better teams we will have to buck up our ideas in defence or it will be another season of torture and pain for the fans.

  23. Bade

    I don’t understand people sometimes

    We had a good run, now it stopped

    What did you expect with the summer we had. It’s just like last season, you can have good runs, but you never be a title genuine contender with such a poor squad

    Now This gamed showed you we lacked a another midfielder, no? We were lost in midfield & luckily we had Arteta, otherwise it would have been much worse

    We all know we needed a backup GK. Both goals should have been denied by a good keeper.

    Have you seen Andres Palop of Sevilla yesterday? He’s 39 but ten times the keeper Mannone will ever be

    Bar that, we need another striker. Giroud’s still missing those sitters. I’, still sure he won’t be a Chamakh. but just like the case of Kozzer, he shouldn’t be brought as 1st choice player, as it will take him time to adapt & bed in

    He will still turn this season on, & will be better next season, but that’s not enough, too little too late for THIS SEASON

    So we lost at home due to a personal errors of Mannone & Kozzer. I think they’re almost solely should be accountable for the goals & should pay the price

    Personally I wasn’t sure about breaking up a winning defence, the way Arsene did. Why? I rate Kozzer but as things stood we had a very solid & found CB pairing, grow a pair & keep it. Kozzer should have been winning back his position not given the start on a plate of gold. Complacency anyone?

    Diaby injured again? Nothing new there, the only surprise is that he stayed mostly fit until now ….

  24. Bade

    If anything, this game showed us Chavs has a much better squad than us

    Hazard was switched off, Mata comes in. He’s not having his greatest game, Oscar will step in

    In the other hand, all we have is Cazorla. Arshavin not even on the bench. Heh, Johan Djourou got the nod over him. Blimey why was that needed

  25. Bade

    This loss should be written on Arsene’s account

    He broke up the winning defensive set up

    He played Ramsey when it wasn’t needed, though this didn’t affect the game that much

    He didn’t bring another CF that would have helped us when Giroud is still struggling to find his form

    He didn’t give Arshavin a place on the bench, in spite of his very good game against Coventry, & in spite of us needing him while a space available. Why to put both Djourou & Per on the bench. We had 3 pure defenders on the bench (If you add Santos). Bad judgement from the manager, but nothing is new there really

    Throughout his whole career, Arsene made some cowardly decisions that cost us

    Sometimes you just feel Arsene wants to show us he can be more clever than thought, hence why messing with a winning formula …. Well Arsene, it backfired on us

    Per would have never conceded the both goals Kozzer did. He would have never let Torres make that shot, & he would certainly dealt with Mata’s cross much better. Also, don’t forget we were lucky when Kozzer blundered that ball & Torres almost made it 2-0

  26. garleygeorge9


    Last night I came on here absolutely sozzzzzled/pissed after a big day on the sauce(It was Grand Final day in the footy). I appologise for abusing u like I did, & promise to never come on here after a big footy day, etc. & do i again.


  27. Evan

    How has our GK position become this bad, Wenger should know the quality required based on Seaman and Lehmann and yet he genuinely believes in Flappy, Vito and Szczesny

    Fucksake Spurs have better keepers than us
    Hugo Lloris
    Brad Friedel
    Carlo Cudicini

  28. gnarleygeorge9


    Last night I came on here absolutely sozzzzzled/pissed after a big day on the sauce(It was Grand Final day in the footy). I appologise for abusing u like I did, & promise to never come on here after a big footy day, etc. & do i again.


  29. sam

    Giroud is not struggling for form. he’s not being played.
    how is he gonna scored sitting on the bench? torres scored because he started the game.
    he needs to start the game and played at least 70 minutes and he will scored
    unfortunately that has to wait as Le mad scientist is still experimenting gervinho as CF.
    in real world of football giroud is our frontman and needs to start games
    he’s not suffering from anything, wenger is just a liar.

  30. Bade

    It’s a bit long quote, but you have to read it to understand how self contradicting our manager is at times

    “Defensively we were just not at the level you have to be in a game like that, which is where we were punished today.
    That is a decision which was based on the opposition we played. You can say it was a wrong one maybe, but I believe [that statement] is a lowering the quality of the players who played, they are internationals.
    If you do not play Koscielny or Vermaelen and cannot win the game, you will ask me the same question.
    We did not attack the ball, on either goal. The difference between Chelsea on set-pieces and us was the way they were in the air – it was obvious today.”

    So Arsene, you say defensively we were poor? NO. Vermaelen players well, Gibbo played well, Jenko was great. Who played BAD? Yep, Kozzer & Mannone, Arsene should have named them both, he didn’t.

    Then Arsene said if he didn’t play Kozzer or Vermaelen people would have asked the same question? NO

    We had a winning formula that Arsene should have been not dealing with. YOU DON’T CHANGE A WINNING TEAM, ARSENE.

    Secondly, read the next thing Arsene said. The difference between us & Chavs on set-pieces “WAS THE WAY THEY WERE IN THE AIR”

    Hmmmmmmmm, IN THE AIR?

    Isn’t that FBG our best aerial weapon? Arsene, you kind of proved the reason why you should have not made that stupid call to leave him out

  31. Bade


    It was amusing to see how bad Song played for Barca yesterday

    Funny to see he’s keeping his “wandering spirit” even there

    Oh, & Cesc really showed against his genuine Barca DNA, playing like a total cunt, cheating like the way only Barca & Mancs players are able to.

    Barca is the Spanish Mancs

  32. Evan

    Agree strikers don’t gain form/fitness by sitting on the bench. How can you raise someones confidence when you decide a midfielder is more suited upfront? Lets not forget Wenger signed Giroud/Poldo as a replacement for RVP and yet he plays neither in that position.

    I don’t buy this whole match fitness bollox, they are atheletes, if they are not match fit, then they shouldn’t be playing for Arsenal

  33. sam


    spurs have only one good keeper, brad friedel!
    how is that better than arsenal? overrated Lloris is not better than sczeszny,
    and fabianski is now our number 4 keeper
    whats your point again?

  34. Jeff

    I think it is also fair to say that we were more up for the game against Man City than we were at home to Chelsea. Why that should be I have no idea but I can guess. We had a point to prove at Man City; which was that we could compete with the best of them at their own ground.

    Against Chelsea at home I think we went in with the mentality that we couldn’t lose no matter how we played. Perhaps that was something passed onto the players by management and of course that handed the psychological advantage straight to Chelsea. They played for a bigger prize than us. They wanted to remain top whereas we were simply trying to make up for the dropped points from previous games.

    On top of all that the manager decides to bugger about with the defence by removing Mertesacker and with his beloved Diaby getting injured it must have seemed like the world around him was about to fall apart. I don’t know if that disappointment permeated to the rest of the team but we certainly seemed to get worse defensively (especially in the second half) as the game wore on.

    You would be within your right to ask why Koscielny was not substituted for Mertesacker early on i.e. after the first goal went in. This stems from a long standing weakness in the manager. He will sacrifice the game for the sake of saving a player’s “confidence”. It is again a false economy because the three points are lost forever but Koscielny would have gained his confidence eventually and if he’s like most people it might have even motivated him into playing better the next time he gets a chance.

    That sort of enforced competition between the players is never instigated by Wenger.
    It’s always because of other factors such as injuries that bring other players in. Why, you have to ask, after so many substandard performances does Ramsey keep playing? Why you have to ask does Walcott after failing so many times to beat the defender does he keep getting a chance to do it all again? Why you may ask does Gervinho, with such a poor conversion rate and incompetence in retaining the ball, keep getting opportunity after opportunity? Why has Giroud been relegated to the bench after only a couple of starts? How much intelligence does it require to see that these are valid questions that to the ordinary observer it must seem like absolute madness?

    The other weakness in our manager is that any tactical substitution he makes for the sake of trying to win a game (whether we are chasing or not) always comes around the 70th minute mark when there is only 20 minutes to go and the opposition will have long since shut up shop by then. That particular strategy I will never understand.

    So yes, the game yesterday left a great deal to be desired from the players but their cause wasn’t helped by the howlers the manager made in his team selection as well as tactics.

  35. nishanth

    Shit performance yesterday.Chelsea didn’t play that well and still ended up winning on our ground. What was really disappointing was our work rate at times. We have improved in one aspect that is tracking back. But we never press up the pitch. Not as a team anyway.Occasionally Gerv or Poldi will put some pressure on a CB but there is no point in doing unless you do it as a team.

    And another thing i noticed was Ox’s attitude. He clearly has started believing all the hype about him. Very casual in his approach yesterday. Heard it was the same during CC win against Coventry. Hope he gets a nice telling off from Bould

  36. K.C.

    I agree that Giroud deserves some starts before we fully pass judgement on the player. But he is getting some looks on net in the games he does play and not capitalizing. He really should of buried his chance in on goal yesterday. To not even get it on frame was awfully disappointing. It’s not asking too much to expect our first choice CF to find the net in that situation.

  37. kwik fit


    Come on here more often when your pissed 🙂 Its only a bit of fun. Your comments on Gambon were funny and I’m sure Gambon himself would have enjoyed them if it wasn’t for his beloved united getting beat.

  38. Bergkamp63

    like I said from the minute we bought Giroooooooo, he won’t make double figures in the PL this season.

    We lack cohesion in our play it’s all too fragmented.

    Now that we have played two of the PL’s best over the last week and taken 1 point from 6 I think it’s fairly conclusive that the very best we are going to achieve is 4th unless Spurs take it from us.

  39. Bade

    Let’s be honest, with Robin in our team, we would’ve got 6 points out of the $ity & Chavs matches.

    With Per & an Adequate GK we would have never conceded the 3 goals we did (I knoe Per played against $ity, hence the GK….)

  40. Bade


    No need to get down the other end though

    The minute the window was shot without us adding the needed players, I said we’re not going to be title genuine contenders.

    So 2 games against 2 genuine title contenders resulted 1 point out of 6. That only proved my point. Of course, as others, I wished for the better, we always do with the squad proves us wrong, but it just didn’t

    Oh, & Diaby getting injured during a shot at goal…. Like there’s no more irony in the world of football than that

  41. Bade


    With all the falters we had yesterday, if you’d swap only the keepers between both sides, it would probably have been a 3-0 win for us

    Mannone is worse than Fabianski, admittedly & you can see that the defenders in front of him don’t trust him at all. But hey, he’s gunning for our No1 jersey ….

  42. Bergkamp63

    The most worrying thing was the lack of desire yesterday, we were 2nd to every loose ball, they were much quicker on to it than us.

  43. gambon


    Thats the root of the problem.

    In general Wenger makes pretty good signings, but he is obsessed with developing players.

    He loves selling our best players as it allows him to spend the next few years developing our next batch of great players.

    This team with RVP, Cesc, Nasri, Clichy added (as well as a great GK( would win the PL, but Wenger shoots himself in the foot every summer by doing generally good business then selling our top players.

  44. Bergkamp63

    I don’t see how you can blame Mannone for any of the goals, every top goalkeeper in the world has fallen foul to that type of delivery when their defence is running back at them facing the wrong way ?

    Kosser was at fault for both, no question about it.

  45. Bade


    Don’t be ridiculous

    With those players kept, we would have rule the EPL & Europe, but Arsene wouldn’t get the praise for developing another gem, buying him for 5m & selling him for 25m …..

  46. Jeff

    On the evidence of the last two games, nothing compels me now to assume we will fare any better against Man U. The emphasis therefore, if indeed our ambition is to finish in the top four, must be to do what we did last season and start stringing a series of 10 or back to back wins against the lesser sides just so we can make up some lost ground.

    However, as we all know that was only made possible by the prolific finishing provided by Van Persie. Without him, even though we are seventh after six games, the alarm bells are ringing just as loudly as they did this time last year.

  47. Bade


    Of course he’s to blame, not that Kozzer has to be blamed less

    1st goal was a soft ball & he simply didn’t react. 2nd goal very much the same. It wasn’t a strong shot, he should have done better, he had enough time there as clearly none of their players was on that ball, we had two defenders of ours approaching the ball & missed it completely

    Do you remember how Cech reacted to that deflected ball Giroud shot at him? or how he curved himself to deny Poldy’s header?

  48. kwik fit

    bade and Gambon

    Valid points. He started with three quality signings in the summer(still think giroud will be quality) and them sells two without replacing. OK songs not a loss but we still needed 2/3 quality players .
    Agreed on the goalie comments but Yesterday has shown that Bouldy has not yet had the desired effect on defence.
    Every corner and free looked like we could concede and we did from two. BFG may of helped but we showed some of the poor defending last week as well.

  49. Bade


    I think the defensive errors yesterday were down to two elements

    1. disrupting the unit we had working very solidly, because Arsene is a weird man that always wants to do things differently
    2. A goal keeper that isn’t trusted by his own defenders, which brings panic to the side