Arsenal have £70million in uncommitted funds (transfer kitty) – Chelsea game will be biggest grossing in history

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Yeah, that day of the year Arsenal fans collectively say…

‘God damn i t we’re a classy club… and my god, I’m proud we’re run the way we’re run’

Well people, on the one hand I’m pleased we’re run in a self sustaining manner. We’re not heavily indebted, we’re not getting red letters dropping through the door from Pay Day Loans and we’re functioning in a healthy way.

Here are the headlines if you missed the post yesterday:

• Group turnover was £243.0 million (2011 – £255.7 million). Reduction was due to the expected lower level of property sales activity.
• Revenues from football increased to £235.3 million (2011 – £225.4 million) with Commercial activities contributing £5.6 million of this growth.
• Operating profit (before exceptional costs, depreciation and player trading) in the football business was £32.3 million (2011 – £45.8 million) with revenue gains outweighed by increased wage costs.
• Profit from player trading of £26.0 million (2010 – loss of £14.6 million) with gains from a number of significant player sales, including Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri, partially offset by higher amortisation charges.
• Low key year for property business with an operating profit of £2.2 million (2011 – £12.6 million) as Highbury Square project draws to a satisfactory close.
• Group profit before tax was £36.6 million (2011 – £14.8 million).
• Cash and bank balances amounted to £153.6 million (2011 – £160.2 million) at the balance sheet date and as a result the overall level of Group net debt was stable at £98.9 million (2011 – £97.8 million).

So the good news is we’ve managed to add £5.6million to the commercial revenues. So we’re growing there. The fruits of our infrastructure overhaul are on track. Operating profit is down because of player wages going up. A staggering feat despite losing Nasri and Cesc off the wage bill! The big one though… cash in the bank.


So when I think about self-sustaining, I think about a man out in the woods, living off the land… surviving. So when Arsenal talk about self sustaining  with a £153million sitting in the bank, I kind of don’t think of us being self sustaining. I think of us as being cash horders. The term ‘self-sustaining has the psychological connotations of us struggling like Everton. A bit rich when you consider our wage bill and turnover being amongst the biggest in football.

You never really hear United talk about being self sustaining or any of the other major clubs in Europe. We’re obsessed with it… I mean, we’re so obsessed with money, the opening paragraph from our Chairman says…

‘We have invested in the team and in the Club’s infrastructure as a whole and this will continue. UEFA’s new financial regulations have added a further emphasis to the need for a sound financial model.’

I mean seriously, when are we going to stop going on and on about our sound business model and how future proof it is? It’s like we think if we talk about FFP enough, it’ll come true and all of a sudden, every club in Europe will cede power to our almighty business model and we’ll be the only club in the world allowed to buy players.

That £153million has about £80million that is committed. So we’re looking at cash reserves of £70million. That’s money we’ve once again not invested in the squad. That’s money that’s once again sitting there doing nothing, Now ,  I know it’s going against the grain to talk like this because we’re winning. However, you have to cut past that and not let your views on this money be tarnished by the now. A season spans more than two months. We’ve come out of the summer having sold two of our best players and not replaced them. Now, that might be a masterstroke… however, I’m doubtful it’s going to win us the league… and that’s what we’re all here for right?

Is the objective of Arsene Wenger to turn Arsenal into the greatest club in the world? It is. So why did we scrimp on the summer? Why are we in a situation where we’re arguing the merits of whether Theo or Gervinho should play up top for us… neither player a natural or gifted striker. We’ve got £70million going spare… shouldn’t that be used for buying in a proper front man with pedigree? There’s literally no one we can’t afford with that sort of money.

Some might like the fact we do things on the cheap, however, I find this idea of celebrating lavish cash reserves a bit empty when we don’t have a squad capable of winning the league or Champions League. I find the concept of celebrating a business model that has directly resulted in our best players leaving every year for 7 years absurd. I look at £70million and think… jeez, you’re kind of telling the world and his wife where your priorities 100% sit.

So on the eve of what is going to be the biggest grossing gate in Premiership history, with no ticket going for less than £60, how do we feel about that £150million? Shouldn’t the club be giving something back to the fans if Stan Kroenke has no interest in investing in the squad? I mean, really, when you think about it, the most expensive season ticket in the world should have some correlation with 1) Investment and 2) Success. I’m not seeing much of either. Our club keeps foghorning about how much money it’s making off the back of our yearly investment. It keeps telling us FFP is great despite it not doing anything to prevent owners taking cash out of clubs or hiking up season ticket prices. In fact, all FFP seems to be good for is increasing the value of clubs assets… and we all lap it up?

So all in all, it’s great news we’re making money. It’s great news we’re not going broke. However, £70million cash in the bank with a squad that likely won’t be competitive isn’t a cause for celebration, it’s a cause for introspection we know won’t come.

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  1. Iceman

    Why do guys always wanna lament on the past? The team is looking good so be happy about it……we look much better than last season and i dont dispute we woulda looked better with RVP but cmon guys, he made the decision to leave, dont blame Wenger…….Wenger took 24m instead of nothing next season

  2. Al

    Iceman September 28, 2012 14:30:05

    Ya i was embarrassed………but with Djourou, Jenko, Traore, Coq,….it was inevitable….I didn’t expect 8-2 but ya……
    It was not who was playing but the actual shape of the team on that day was disgusting and i pray it is something that haunts Wenger because he should be embarassed with how he sent the team out that day…..

    Fast forward to this year if we played that game again with the shape of this years team with the players of last year no way in hell they would have scored more then 3 against us

  3. Iceman

    Kripakar MarurSeptember 28, 2012 14:34:52

    Keep dreaming Pal……..he’ll NEVER score 30 ever again……RVP scored 30 cos he was playing for a bumper contract……

  4. Al

    Iceman September 28, 2012 14:34:54

    Why do guys always wanna lament on the past? The team is looking good so be happy about it……we look much better than last season and i dont dispute we woulda looked better with RVP but cmon guys, he made the decision to leave, dont blame Wenger…….Wenger took 24m instead of nothing next season
    I agree …The tart has already moved on so i dont get why fans still yearn for that traitor…to me he does not exist anymore,,,,Look forward guys show that love you have for a traitor to those currently in the team who deserve it

  5. salparadise49nyc

    You did not leave your congratulatory well wishes for AW.

    Agree w/Falcao but one never knows until the offer is sent. Regarding Ba was surprised he did not get snapped up this summer, with his buyout a much cheaper option and pretty deadly.

  6. Mayank


    I’m one of RvP’s biggest fans. Or at least I was. But just counting his goals doesn’t paint a fair picture.

    While I wish we hadn’t sold him, there is no way he’s going to reach the levels of the last season. If you look at his movement he’s isolated for large portions of the game. He’s a class finisher and that’s what Fergie’s using him as. Sort of a technical RvNistelrooy.

    Of course this could change but Fergie rarely builds his system to suit any one player. Last time he did it it was for Ronaldo.

  7. mystic

    IcemanSeptember 28, 2012 14:37:01

    ‘……RVP scored 30 cos he was playing for a bumper contract……’

    My point exactly, which is why even if he had been unhappy at Arsenal they still should have forced him to see out his existing contract.

  8. theHotHead

    @MJGooner and Bob N7.

    Walcott played as a striker at Southampton NOT a winger, we bought him because of the goals he was able to score at such a high level at such a young age !! Wenger tried to convert him to a winger but he doesn’t have the footballing brain for that.

    England managers have been as dumb as the last playing Walcott as a winger when it is painfully obvious to anyone that it is NOT his natural position – he lacks the mindset. Walcott is a forward. He is best deployed against teams that play a high line to give him space to run into. He plays his best football when making runs between the CB and the FB, when through on goal he is usually lethal – his goals against Coventry are a reminder of how he can play and his 2nd half performance against Spurs at Emirates last season – where Wenger pushed him further forward than out wide after his dismal 1st half – are proof again.

  9. Leedsgunner

    It’ll be very interesting come January if we are in the mix of the title. Will Arsene stick and hold with the squad that he has (declaring belief in their mental strength and quality” or will he spend and go for the title and/or a cup? Based on the track record of the past 7 years my head tells me he’ll do the former but my heart wants him to do the latter. This year, everybody knows the monies there. in fact we’ve known the monies there for a while. If he does not spend even when we are within striking distance of the title — RvP and et al… will all be vindicated. AW will have shown conclusively that AFC is a selling club without ambition to win.

    The problem with Arsene is that he has been extremely fortunate that circumstances have always played into his corner. Take last year for instance, RvP, the permacrock striker has a whole season fit AND scores the most goals for the league. Song plays half decent. Rosicky hits a purple patch. As a consequence we achieve third place by a whisker.

    I keep hoping Arsene learns from his mistakes but more often than not I’m disappointed. I really hope the best for Arsenal. I really hope it’s different this year.

  10. Byo

    Not finances related:
    Have noticed of late the confidence of Rodgers at Liverpool to give the young ones a chance. Something Benitez (and to an extent Dalglish) will not even countenance. The kid Suso(saw him in the Europa league first time)is a gem in the making, so is Sterling.

    I think the clubs are now realizing you have to use the academy to complement spending. Something AW has tried to do for a long time.

  11. follow the money

    I don’t even think about RVP anymore. But the way he left the club was pretty lame, much worse than the way Cesc and Nasri went about signaling they wanted to leave. And Karma is a b*tch. I will have a little smile when he goes down injured

  12. jwl

    I blame Wenger for Arsenal not spending on players, no one else. For all we know Kroenke wants Wenger to spend money but he doesn’t.

    Wenger does not care about winning and losing like a normal fan does, Wenger does not buy top notch players, he rewards players with big contracts who are not going to play unless something cataclysmic happens. Wenger is style before substance, Arsenal have not won anything in years and Wenger is serene.

    Wenger spends money should be questioned because winning is not his main priority, Wenger takes pride in our strong financial position while it makes fans bonkers. It is ridiculous that our wage bill has increased with the players we have bought and sold over the past year – how is it possible Arsenal are paying more in wages now then we were 18 months ago?

  13. Dan Ahern

    Misstep from Usmanov? He says he won’t talk to the press for a while in his latest statement. Included this gem:

    “For now, we stay in Arsenal as shareholders as long as we don’t lose our love for this club. Now we wish it support and great victory.”

    …Did he just try to emotionally blackmail us?

  14. theHotHead

    Iceman he may have “played” on the wing but the runs he made were not from wide areas and he ran on to through balls and shot at goal. That is NOT what wingers do, that is what forwards do – which is EXACTLY what Walcott is.

    When he has to think about things and interplay he is poor, put him through on goal between the CB and FB and he scores more times than he misses.

  15. Ritesh

    Unlikely Walcott will play in the middle. If we spend as much time preparing him and Giroud to play central, the latter will be a much better player after a year or so.

    Walcott will be sold by Jan. Lets hope we get a good price for him as he fucked up with that statement. No way Chelsea will bench Torres to buy him now. His best chance is going to Liverpool but again not sure Rodgers will take a chance on playing Walcott central while he can but a proper CF ready to go much cost effectively.

  16. Dan Ahern

    Lurch – Fair point, and his preceding line (in the Reuters report anyway) was, “if you sell what you love you lose yourself,” so he may be going on with equating his stake with his love as well. I could see all that coming from a difficult translation.

  17. zeus


    Hahahaha. Is it true that the typical Russian deal involves the two negotiators sitting across from each other and Vladimir (any Russian guy) standing in the middle with an AK 47 ready to kick off?

    Thats how I imagine those deals anyway.

  18. Kushagra India

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    “That’s it!” She blows her top. “You bastard! You waltz in here, flop your fat ass down, don’t even say hello to me and then expect me to run around like your slave! Don’t you realise that I cook and clean and wash and iron all day long?”

    The husband sighed. “Oh shit. It’s started.”

  19. SUGA3


    given that Russian is pretty similar to Polish in aspects, I’d say I went a bit further than that 😉

    sure, if you are to read Tolstoy, he will bore the pants off you, but his works do it in any language 😆

  20. Kushagra India

    A guy walks into a bar with his dog and approaches the barman. “Here barman, my dog can talk and answer questions” “Show me and you can drink free all night” the barman replies.

    So the guy asks the dog “Whats the opposite of smooth?” … “Ruff” answers the dog.
    “You’re not getting away with that” says the barman “out you go”
    “Wait one more then”
    “Fine on you go”
    “Cheers” the guy asks his 2nd question
    “Right when you’re playing golf and you miss the fairway what does your ball land in”…”Ruff” answers the dog.
    “Right thats it you’re taking the piss now fuck off” the barman shouts.
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    “Right well if you take the piss again me and the bouncer are throwing you out” replies the barman
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    The guy finally comes round lying in a heap outside the bar, and turns to the dog.
    The dog looks at him and says “I’m really fucking sorry m8 was it jim leighton?”

  21. G4L

    Having all that 70m sitting there and not winning the premiership or champions league is like crashing out of ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ at the halfway stage with your 3 life lines intact.

    As well as implementing FFP to make clubs self-sustaining, I think UEFA should also put some measure in place to force clubs like arsenal to reinvest money in the club and remain very competitive for honors. There should be a balance struck between being sustainable and being reasonably competitive with player inv.estment

  22. Lurch LeRouge

    God decided he needed a holiday.

    One of his aides suggested Venus. “Forget it,” said God, “I went there 10,000 years ago and suffered from the most terrible sunburn.”

    Another aide suggested Jupiter. “No way,” God replied, “I went there 5,000 years ago and froze my holy arse off.”

    A third advisor suggested Earth. “That’s the worst suggestion yet!” remarked God, angrily. “I went there 2,000 years ago and they’re still accusing me of knocking up some stupid Jewish bitch!”

  23. sam

    i know it will break some people’s heart once Le cunt finally accepts to play TW14 up front.
    thats actually my wish,
    anyway, the breaking news is we are not signing debuchy as martin keown’s love child will soon be called up by roy hodgson.
    time for humble pie haters.

    JENKO FOR ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Kushagra India

    Man United have signed a new striker from Nigeria.

    On his first day of training, Fergie picked up the ball and said ‘BALL’ then pointed at the goal and said ‘Goal. Then he demonstrated a kicking motion and said ‘Kick’ understand, ‘Kick ball, goal, GOOOOOAAAALLL!’

    Eventually the young African plucks up courage to say “Excuse me Mr Ferguson but I speak very good English”, to which Fergie replies ‘ Sit down son, I’m talking to Berbatov.’

  25. Bade

    The reason for my love to Jenko, besides the money his Gooner dad gave me to write this post, is those quotes he made to the

    “I am a fan of this Club and that will never change,” he said. “I am just lucky enough to have been given the ability and the chance to play for my club.

    “I was going to watch Arsenal the same as the fans were and [now] just count myself very lucky to represent them as a fan who has become a player.”

    You know he will be of the Parlour type of players, he might not be the best technically or the most gifted, but he will serve you his 100% at each game, under any circumstances

  26. Bade

    That said (the mention of Parlour) it’s always nice to remember few of his fabulous goals

    Oh, we still could use a player of his style nowadays ….

  27. danny

    right so we spend 50 million on torres and 25 on another, they play crap and we have lost the lot and we can’t use any of the cash for extra wages spending a fortune is not the answer 6 clubs spend loads every year but there are only 2 things top teams want to win if rvp had played the whole of 2008 we would have won the title our team is not doing to bad so far enjoy it

  28. SUGA3

    Pedro/Geoff, is your filter smart enough to immediately ban these who talk bollocks about us not being able to afford £50M players?

    a little electric shock through their keyboards would not go amiss either 😆

  29. Skandibird

    Suga3 – link please, I was out of the country at the time for 1 week, so would love to hear it and re live it, any chance it was recorded?

  30. Johnty79

    Can some one explain why if we have153 million in the bank why don’t we pay off the 100 m debt or morgage so we r debt free and hav no interest payments?

  31. SUGA3

    because it would incur significant early repayment charges, you can’t expect someone who borrowed you that much money to just take it all back with no interest at any point you happen to be in the money, can you?

    plus, you need SOME reserve, just like yiou do in life…

  32. Footballing Hero

    Just a quick note – Carl Jenkinson is a legend. Van persie, Nasri and the rest. Take note. Proud to be a gooner!

  33. Hitman

    Sell Nasri & Fabregas & Clichy for over £60m,earn £3m per game on matchday, and spending sod all on w/class talent and still only make a profit of £35m

    I am actually not that impressed. The last few years we have been crap on and off the pitch.

    Probably would be doing better if we had kept some talent, brought some decent players in, won some trophies to generate more TV rev, prize money and commercials.

    Too safe. Take some risks. The rewards on and off the pitch will be greater.
    I dont think this lot will ever splash out even if FFP gave us a level playing field and we had £200m in the bank

  34. Bade


    You web master, can you dig out that Freddie interview after the win against Chavs?

    I think he said back them “It’s fucking A” or “It’s fucking excellent”

    What a legend

    Says it as it is

  35. SUGA3

    I believe he said ‘It’s fucking excellent’, I absolutely LOVED Freddie, Walnutt should watch him making space for himself and then hit the ol’ steroids cabinet 😆

  36. Mayank


    It’s not wrong though is it? We can’t afford a 50m player just because we have that much cash in the bank. If a 50m Torres goes wrong for Chelsea they buy a 35m Hazard and 25m Oscar to set it right. If it goes wrong with us we’re basically screwed as far as future transfers are concerned.

    Saying we can afford a 50m player amounts to saying we can afford a 50m player to flop.

    Consider this, you have 10,000 pounds in the bank available for investment. Do you put the entire amount in one risky investment with high returns or a few less risky investments with lower possible returns.

    Chances are with 10,000 in the bank you won’t be considering investments which require 8-9k upfront.

    We are being cautious in the other extreme but we can’t afford a 50m player nonetheless. Practically at least.

  37. Dan Ahern

    Johnty79 – It’s because it’s in the bank’s interest (literally) to have us paying incrementally for a long period of time. As part of the loan conditions, they will include huge penalties for early repayment to make sure they earn a lot of money. The debt is at a very manageable level anyhow. It does not make us much better off to wipe it out because the payments are easily covered each year. And wiping it out would cost more than the actual figure due to the penalties.

  38. SUGA3


    I just have no time for idiots toeing the line set by PHW, I am pretty sure no one on here above the mental age of 12 even wants us to buy players like that…

    another thing, if you think about the amount of money pissed up the wall by OGL, well…

  39. SUGA3

    especially that in the UK when you are speeding (as in 125 mph kind of speeding) there are some halfwitted cunts deliberately getting in your lane to slow you down, they have no idea how dangerous it is…

  40. SDE

    Back in Keyserville…..

    Keyser..the pussycat meanders through the fields,smeared in his own shit,having survived another sustained artillery bombardment all week,from the defenders of free market competition..

    Keyser..the pussy..(cat),surveys the wreckage & casualties strewn around him..His fellow comrades,incesc,mystic,are now just part of the soil,pounded into submission..Victims of their folly..

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    Keyser sensing impending doom,prays fervently for divine intervention..He meows loudly..The sweat on his face,starts to cascade down his almost whiskless gaunt face,or rather the smeared shit on his face cascades with increasing fervour as the warrior approaches his target..

    The tall warrior,stops in his tracks to greet Keyser & bellows..

    “Keyser..I offer you sanctuary,I offer you life,I offer you a thousand pieces of gold,I offer you a princess,a 4th prosthetic leg & fortunes beyond your wildest dreams to come & join my comrades,the lions of the Blue Moon revolution..Defenders of free market competition..”

    The warrior points to around him & booms through his gravel-laced voice….
    “Look around you,your comrades-defenders of FFP& the much derided sustainability model,are no more..Where are they?
    What glorious battles have you won over the last 7 years?” he sarcastically laughs..
    “Do not be another victim of your comrades folly,or hostage to your immense stupidity,or I shall cut you to a thousand pieces..& use your pieces as fertile soil,on which to build my new academy& growing empire”

    “It is your choice..a thousand pieces of gold,that will change your life forever,or be cut into a 1000 pieces..”

    Keyser..pauses for a moment,scratches his last remaining half a whisker,meows loudly& counters..
    “Where have those 1000 pieces of gold come from?
    Do you own those 1000 pieces of gold,or were they loaned to you?
    How will you sustain your model& unfair empire?If you are no longer leader,who will be?You skew the market with your fortunes….”

    Keyser after a 60 minute diatribe,trying to talk himself out of a deal,that would not only save his life,but change it forever,further remonstrates that..
    “I’m sorry,but we will wait till 2014,when our commercial deals& sponsorships are up for renewal..We have done ok for now,we would do better,if you & your other warrior friend over in Siberia,had not embarked on world domination…
    FFP will be our saviour…
    Unless you give us 200 million of your gold pieces,with no strings attached& just disappear into the background.It will not be fair to accept such a ludicrous offer”

    The warrior (& even his horse) growing impatient with Keyser’s,incessant & stupid questions,& nonsensical claptrap,mutters the words..

    “You stupid,stupid,insolent pussy..(cat)& unsheathes his mighty sword,glittering in the sun & delivers a mighty swoosh onto Keyser- the pussy cats head..

    Keyser’s last words & actions were- meow,meow-interpreted as “I hope your oil well dries up one day”& projectile pissing into the warriors face!!

    The warrior saunters off into the sunset,with Keyser’s pieces in the bag,laughing loudly & proclaiming “FFP is dead, long live free market competition& world domination is here to stay”

    Moral of the story..Keyser

    Adapt,or die!!

  41. Mayank


    Why the aggression?

    From Pedro’s post
    “We’ve got £70million going spare… shouldn’t that be used for buying in a proper front man with pedigree? There’s literally no one we can’t afford with that sort of money.”

    Now that’s clearly insinuating that we can afford a Falcao for 45m and the like isn’t it? You can’t be surprised that a non-regular tries to reason that we can’t.

    Also, Wenger getting purchases we can afford wrong, just goes to show how larger purchases can hamstring us if they go the way of Chamakh or Arshavin(despite his initial success). These are players we litereally can’t give away. Imagine that with a 30m striker on 170k p/w.

    My point quite simply is having 70m in the bank isnothing when you compare it to clubs who are actually buying top players.

  42. SUGA3


    first of all, what aggression?

    secondly, stating the fact that we can afford just about anyone is just that, a statement of the fact, without directly implying that we should go ahead and do it, no?

    the point is that we are going into the season with a very good team but our strikeforce is pretty inadequate (my opinion) and given that we have this kind of expendable cash reserve it is piss poor management, plain and simple!

    this is also the case with our GK situation where we have kept Fabianski who does not even get a runout in the Mickey Mouse Cup ahead of Martinez, whereas Saints have just signed Boruc who is ten times the keeper and he was FREE, can’t fathom how on earth have we let him pass…

  43. Thorough

    MAYANK. You mean if we had accrued the wages of Bendtner, Park, Vela and Chamakh for the past 2 years and the transfer fee for Vela, Giroud and Park to buy Falcao and pay his wages our lives wont be a lot more bearable now?

  44. mjgooner

    So Mayank, in your opinion what do we do to be successful AGAIN?
    Just sit & keep piling the money till its 2billion, then go out and get Messi.

  45. Mayank


    “I just have no time for idiots toeing the line set by PHW, I am pretty sure no one on here above the mental age of 12 even wants us to buy players like that…”

    Seemed a bit out of place if not aggressive. Nonetheless, I agree with most of what you’re saying at least in spirit. We replaced RvP with Poldi and Giroud. Both good players but we could’ve done with more, since we were short on goals even with RvP in the side. Ideally a player should’ve been bought last winter with Poldi and Giroud arriving in the summer.

    As for the GK situation I don’t know about the Boruc situation but my guess is a top GK wouldn’t be available on a free mid-season. Unless there’s something I’m missing. Also, I’m not cynical enough to think that Fabianki’s injury is made up. We went to Montpellier with Shea as back-up. Even Wenger isn’t ego-centric enough to risk playing Shea over Fabianski, just to stick to his injury story.

  46. SUGA3


    I am sorry mate, but this is exactly what I think, not that it was directed at you or anything, but you should know by now that this is how I roll :mrgreen:

    in a 4-3-3, Podolski is not a central striker, he is an awesome player but playing him centrally is a waste, reaistically, the only proper nominal CF we have is Giroud and I am yet to be convinced here, Park scored against Bolton in the Mickey Mouse Cup too , you know?

  47. Kushagra India

    You have the advantage of hindsight which the managers don’t have who could have predicted that after a such a great start Chamakh’s form will vanish in thin air at least he is not on Torres-esque wages.

  48. SUGA3

    as for Boruc, he did not sign a contract extension at Fiorentina, he was only without the club throughout the summer…

    you don’t get shortlisted for a GK of the year amongst the likes of VdS or Buffon for being shite, the guy is seriously good…

  49. Mayank


    Doesn’t work like that does it now? You can’t just take the failed purchases and add up their transfer value to equate to a player you want. I could argue that Chelsea could’ve bought Ronaldo and Ozil with the wages and transfers of Torres, Shevchenko and Lukaku.

    The point is these players were all affordable losses and them flopping hasn’t curtailed our spending power at all. Falcao flopping would probably send us back to 2008.


    Not a bad suggestion! Jokes aside, I would say the first thing to do is stop any first-team transfer outs for the next 2 years. Then, make fewer purchases in the market but of higher quality (Like Wiltord, Reyes etc). Finally, work on the commercial side.

  50. SUGA3


    all he could ever do before he came here was score headers, ever saw him score a proper screamer with his foot?

    me neither…

    add the fact that someone did not do the homework on his private life and we have a problem, the guy is in pieces, having been outed as a fudgepacker, it usually does not go down well in muslim countries, does it?

  51. Cesc Appeal

    You just think with that £153 Million, Baines, Falcao (or striker of similar ilk) and someone like Schwarzer in January and we’d be sorted!

    …and the BoD would still have well over £100 Million in their cash surplus

  52. SUGA3


    you see, the ‘never-try-never-fail’ approach is bound to get you through the life in pretty safe albeit dull as fuck manner with no real flavour…

    the thing is that players like Falcao cost so much money for a reason, of course it is a risk, but give me such risk over a guaranteed failure like Squillaci…

  53. Mayank


    Fair enough.

    As for Boruc, there are many good clubs in need of a good back-up keeper and a few in need of a good first team keeper. Yet in the end Southampton bought him. Tells you something about his quality. Maybe just a drastic loss of form?

    Is Fabianski/Mannone worse than Turnbull of Pantilimon?

  54. Kushagra India

    Fudgepecker haha
    Well he was called in as a foil for our midfield, moreover as as an understudy of Rvp worked well for 6 months then the fudge pecking began 😆 . It can happen with anyone. Kancheliskis, Djemba Djemba et al for whatever reasons.

  55. SUGA3


    yes, they are, Fabianski strikes me as the type who would piss his pants if you said ‘boo’ to him and Mannone, well, he is just lucky and that’s it…

    Boruc had his eyes set on the Premier League, was invited for tests at Everton, but he figured that save for some ridiculous injury situation, he will not get a runout ahead of Howard and Mucha to showcase his talents, was also on tests at another club, can’t remember which one…

    no disrespect to either of the Saints goalies, but Boruc pisses all over them and one cockup by their no.1 will see him in their goal, then watch him go…

  56. Mayank


    Arsenal have gone into the season with one recognised CF. You can’t say we don’t take risks.

    Taking financial risks is healthy. Gambling most of your available funds on any one player isn’t. Falcao is worth a lot of money because there are people potentially willing to pay that much for him.. Kaka, Torres, Shevchenko, Berbatov and Veron were also deemed to be worth a lot of money. Doesn’t mean they’re worth it on the pitch.

    There is a difference in rate of success of players as we go up the transfer fee axis. The question for us is, is the difference in that rate enough to risk most of our available funds.

  57. SUGA3


    I am realistic and I know that Falcao is a pipe dream, unless he was to do a Fabregas (what a cunt) and go on strike to force a move to us for £25M 😉

    what I am saying is that there are numbers of £15-20M rated players who would improve our odds to win something no end…

  58. SUGA3


    it’s not subjective, Boruc is better than Fabianski and Mannone combined and signing him would a masterstroke as far as keeping Szczesny focused is concerned…

  59. Thorough

    MAYANK. What I meant is that those guys were not proven (either in good leagues or with us) and should have been cut loss as soon as we smelt it and not have to wait until d whole world knew they were shit and the others we bought shouldn’t have been bought at all meaning we would have saved money on the wages we eventually wasted just because we bought them. 1. Chamakh – Even his then coach Laurent Blanc said he was shocked it was Chamack we wanted. 2. Vela – We kept pushing him around for so long with only one thing constant – he was never going to make it here, especially when we changed to a one-man striker team. 3. Bendtner – It took me just one night to get fed up with this bloke and that was CC with one lower league team where he missed at least 6 sitters. Funny thing that Birmingham still wanted him at that time because he had done well during his loan with them in Nationwide. But instead of cashing in the OG Laughingstock kept hoping against hope. 4. Giroud. With what we experienced with Chamakh he should have been on our radar only after another super season and maybe a good spell in UCL but that poor scanty fool never learns. KUSHAGRA. Nope, its simple logic. The worst players we’ve bought are the cheapest: Chamack and Silvestre readily comes to mind. Why? Because the players tested over time are proven, and even though not fail-proof, tend to turn out good mos of the time (few exceptions being the Torres case). Wenger is way too cheap for a top four team and his mentality is killing the team. We know some of these players are overrated fee-wise but you get some way below their value as well. But guts is important, being a cheap sod wont, and is not, helping Wanker.

  60. SUGA3


    the thing is that Chamakh was never really that good, IMO, he should be signed on much lower wages a year earlier to be Bendtner’s competition, instead OGL ruined the latter by allowing him to become too big for his boots without any threat to his position…

  61. Mayank

    I was actually really hoping that we sign Giroud right after the season ended. The Montpellier story was very compelling. Not overly impressed by him yet but he does have a certain swagger about him. Not passing judgement yet.

  62. Mayank


    Chamakh was brought in as second choice/plan B off the back of an impressive season. Did pretty well initially and then was kept out by RvP. After that he lost all form. Hardly foreseeable.

    Vela was bought cheap and was on low wages and was loaned out for a good portion of his career.

    Comparing Giroud to Chamakh is lazy. Giroud scored twice the number of goals and only two were headers. Unlike Chamakh he’s not a plan B striker.

    Still you’re relying too much on hindsight for this to be a valid argument.

  63. sam

    arsene wenger won’t spend 25 millions on anyone
    thats why somepeople want to see walcott gone hoping we will spend on a new striker in january.
    yeah keep dreaming
    chamakh is still around how about you count him as new signing

  64. SUGA3

    as for the ‘hindsight’ bit, it is always the case with your ilk: before a player is signed, you say that there is no way to tell how a player is going to fare, when he bombs as it was predicted by DooM™ Raiers Massive, you say it is hindsight…

  65. SUGA3

    as for Vela, he has been absolutely ruined by Wenger, all for the sake of playing 4-3-3 to accommodate Fabregas, so that he could learn his trade for Barca nicely…

  66. Mayank

    5 Goals in the CL is probably why we noticed him. Reached the QF’s off the back of his goals and he scored in the QF as well. Also he’d won the League with them.

  67. Mayank


    Someone or the other from the doomers had predicted the failure of Arteta, Per, Podolski, Kos, Gibbs, Jenks, Song, RvP and Szcz. It’s the prediction equivalent of carpet bombing.

    Anyway, really sleepy now. Later.

  68. Kushagra India

    We were courting him for a year or two so in the coaching staff’s view the salary was justified.My point is that it happens for different reasons, happened to the best of the managers.

  69. SUGA3

    one goal against Bayern when they were pretty shit under Van Gaal, one against the might of Olimpiakos, one against Lyon (they lost that game) and another in the return leg…

    four goals in group stages: two against domestic opposition and two against shit or struggling teams, the more I get into it, the more it pisses me off…

  70. SUGA3

    …just like it is now, there is no real ‘focal’ player in the current team and I like it a lot, not only it makes replacing players whenever necessary a bit more seamless but also allows for much bigger tactical flexibility…

  71. Thorough

    MAYANK. Sorry but I dont think Chamack was bought as a plan B. I think Wenger knew he needed a striker to replace Adebayor and Van Persie by then was still like El Jackson in unbreakable. And btw Hindsight don’t exonerate the Manager or cover up his ineptitude. Do you think anyone in his right senses, having seen Falcao for 3 years, will blame Wenger if Falcao comes to Arse and doesn’t deliver?

  72. SDE

    LeedsGooner-LeedsgunnerSeptember 28, 2012 22:05:18

    With regards to your link earlier

    Wenger has been on this 1 man crusade since Mourinho entered the amphitheatre ,back in 2003..

    With his pronouncements back then,that Arsenal could not compete with Chelsea& that there were 2 markets,the Chelsea market& the market for others..

    Quite frankly,the man is scared of competition..

    Someone likened Wenger to a kid in a park,playing inferior opposition & beating them for fun,until a new & better team rocks up,offering stronger& stiffer competition.Only for him to storm of with the ball,because he does not,or will not get his way!!

  73. SDE


    How goes it?

    Must be hard trying to convince peeps on here,about ambition& going the extra yard to realistically challenge for trophies,without having to break the bank..

    I feel you…

  74. Gunner2301

    What I find strange is the reports of big money bids but nothing ever materialises or we never seem to find an alternative of the same value. Hazard, Goetze come to mind for two seasons running now.

    Personally I don’t believe the bollocks. If we were really after players of that ilk we would have one already. Bid for Hazard when you know he’ll never sign for you because the CL winners have bid and offered better wages. In Goetze case make a bid whe you know he’s not that interested in big money and says he’s staying at home.

    It’s all propaganda. Also can anyone tell me why Wenger feels he has to pay average players extremely high wages? It’s fucking obscene the way the man squanders money on shit players he has no faith to play then preaches about prudence.


  75. simon green

    Once again we see the obsession with financial performance rather than performance on the pitch. Ever hear Di Matteo, Mancini or Fergie talk like our finance professor of a manager? This is all about the owners having to invest as little as possible. When did PHW ever put his hand in his pocket? Our commercial revenues are way behind the 2 Manchester clubs and even Liverpool. If you dont believe me check out the Deloitte report on top European clubs from earlier this year And guess who coughing up with the most expensive tickets in club football in the world?