Jack Wilshere back in training | Arsenal have best shots to save ratio in the league | I like Cazorla more than Cesc

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Welcome to Monday everyone. What a great weekend eh? Nothing like going to see a game in the sun. A game in which you spank your opponents out of sight within the first half. Far less pressured than watching some of those nasty games against lowly opposition last year.

So, where are we? Well, we’ve bagged 8 points out of our first 4 games which sits us in third a mere two points off Chelsea. Pretty good going when you look at how bad a shape we were in this time last year. October onwards last season we showed Championship winning form until we stuttered with the rest of the pack late on. Is it too much to ask of this team to do the same and maybe extend it out a little? Maybe. However, you have to say that we’re looking strong and confident. The whole balance of our starting 11 looks much better.

It’s almost an exact replication of when Thierry left. Everyone questioned where the goals would come from, then what actually happened was a collective effort from the whole side to weigh in and help out. I’m not saying losing Robin was a good thing, but when you’re playing with someone who can finish off literally anything you throw at them, mentally, I think the team becomes too dependent, then after that, too scared to have a go.

Can we win the title this year? Highly unlikely I’d say. What we can do is give ourselves a far better showing this year. It would be nice to be in the chasing pack past February. A lot of that is going to depend on the fitness of the squad and our ability to maintain the strong defensive form we’ve shown in the opening four games. But as of now, things are looking up. With each win the side will build belief and camaraderie. Once you have those two elements going, who knows where the season could take us.

One great bit of news is that Jack Wilshere is back in training. To have him kicking a ball in mid-September is fantastic news for the squad and fantastic news for competition(I think I called it quite a way back as well). Where will he slot in if no one gets injured between now and October? We genuinely have a very good midfield this year. It’s certainly up there with the best in the league. I know we’ve only seen Cazorla for a few games, but I can confidently say I prefer to watch him on the ball than Cesc. He has a far more frenetic pace about his game. He moves the ball around with such finesse and style. I also think he’s more skillful on the ball. He has far more tricks in his locker. As for the rest of them, it doesn’t feel like we have a weak link. Some might say Ramsey, but I’m sure he’ll come good this year.

The only area we’re struggling with is up top and that mainly comes down to the fact we only have one striker and he’s new to England. Still, what better place to break your duck than at your old club where you banged in plenty of goals? Giroud will possibly get the chance to play up front tomorrow in our Champions League opener against the French Ligue One winners. It should be a really interesting game. They have some top players I’d be interested in signing. Particularly MBiwa. He’ll move somewhere at the end of the season, there’s no doubt about that. It’s a shame it wasn’t us… but the form Mertesacker and Vermaelen have shown so far vindicates that.

Talking of defense, it was interesting to see Arsenal have the best shot to save ratio on the Premiership this year. This in part is down to the fact that we’ve only conceded 9 shots in 4 games. It’s a smart way to avoid conceding… defend in a way that stops people shooting. The longer our defensive run goes on, the less likely it’ll end up looking like a fluke!

The big tests are coming up. We’ve got Manchester City this weekend, followed by Chelsea the weekend after. We’ll be able to make a far more accurate assessment of how good we are then. Heading into those games with form on your side is always a good thing. So let’s make sure it’s three points in the bag tomorrow night.

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Right, that’s it… see you in the comments!

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  1. sam


    in case you didn’t know
    Giroud goals last season gave montpellier champions league football and french league tittle.


  2. eboue

    i dont see why we should rest any key players tomorrow because we dont play till sunday thats 5 nights sleep they will get before there next game besides chelsea will play a full strength team on wednesday for sure also next week we will be playing in the carling cup so we can rest our first 11 then no point changing players around when there finding consistency between then. anyone agree?

  3. valerie gooner

    Kwik –

    keepers will always make mistakes – but its the frequency of szczesnys mistakes which is alarming…

    for example when joe hart went on loan to birmingham he made a few errors in his first few games – but knuckled down, worked hard and ended up becoming not only their player of the season – but also voted into the PFA team of the year – he was 22 at the time – same age as Szczesny is now….

    The problem is that Szczesny is becoming more and more error prone – and I think this is to do with his attitude – theres a lot to be said for humility and working hard – Szczesny goes on as if hes won every honour in the game…

    Seaman was confident but he was no big head…I’ll gladly eat my words if Szczesny makes the PFA team of the year and has a cracking season – but I would bet big money against that happening…

  4. Leedsgunner

    Chesney has the following weaknesses in my pov.

    1. Poor positioning and judgement on long range strikes (eg. Udinese and Borussia Dortmund away last year). Sadly if we had an experienced international to mentor him these mistakes could be rectified but he is the senior goal keeper in the squad. Seriously perhaps someone should tap Seaman on the shoulder and get him in to be our GK Coach. We should have tried better to get a senior international keeper to kick Chesney up the arse a little bit. Boruc is available on a free, worth a punt? I wonder.

    2. He believes in his hype too much. A certain much of arrogance is necessary for a GK as they have to believe they are good enough to stop every shot, and beat every attacker to the ball. At the moment though, for some reason, arrogance is the only thing the Chesney has in his locker. Strangely, he looks jaded. I wonder if the Euros and his poor performance thereof is still playing on his mind…

    Don’t get me wrong, Chesney is a bright prospect, and we should keep him. Yet, I think years of Almunia has made us grab on to anyone else remotely better as our next goal keeping hero. Seaman was never adequately replaced and we have been suffering the consequences since.

    3. No real competition for Chesney… so complacency has set in. Hopefully Vito will come good and they can both spur each other on.

    I’ll be very interested to see if Mannone does well and keeps another clean sheet. Surely if he does he should deserve another go during City and Chelsea, shouldn’t he? Or is AW going to play favourites rather than playing on form? In a way, if we keep a clean sheet I see it as a win win for the club. Chesney will hopefully be raring to go to prove himself to the manager and to rest of the club and we will have a back up high on confidence. All in all, a good place to be when facing your rivals.

  5. Keyser

    Reina made more mistakes in a week than Chesney probably made all last year.

    He’s been injured came back, missed a catch and it just happened to fall in exactly the right position for a player to hit home despite there being about 5 Arenal defenders in the box.

    He kept 13 clean sheets last year in a team that conceded 8 in one game 49 goals all year and we still finished 3rd.

    Joe Hart ? Come off it, Birmingham were one of the most defensive teams in the league, he managed 10 clean sheets and now plays in the top team in the league with a ridiculously talented squad around him.

    All keepers make mistakes, it was Chesney’s first full season last year under intense pressure, he saved a penalty at Anfield, make a ridiculous save against Udinese to help us qualify for the Champions League another penalty and was excellant for most of the season.

  6. Keyser

    LeedsGunner – Borrusia Dortmund ? you’re kidding right. Boruc ?!

    Chesney needs to sort his kicking out, realise that attitude is good, arrogance works like Karma, and needs regular games behind a settled defence.

  7. valerie gooner

    Dan Ahern September 17, 2012 22:40:55

    “Size – Hermann Monster is big – you wouldnt necessarily want him playing in goal for you…”



    Im glad you see size is irrelevant. Youre either a good goalkeeper or not. Size has nothing to do with it. Youre hardly going to pick a fucking dwarf to play in goal are ya? All keepers need to be a certain size.

    Its also preferable theyre also not in a wheelchair – but youre not gonna bring that up are ya?
    “Lads Szczesny is brilliant coz hes not a dwarf and hes not in a wheelchair. Dunno why youre all slagging him off.”

    “Command(ing) – Youll see from my above comments why hes anything BUT commanding…”

    Your evidence is your own opinion? Okay…


    Its my ONLY my opinion that Szczesny dropped a clanger against Southampton because he couldnt command his area properly? So that actually DIDNT happen? Is that your argument?

    Did you goto the Peter Pan school of debate?

    Nearly every Arsenal blog had fans questioning his inability to command his area….and anyone who has eyes and a brain would tend to agree.


    “Chutzpah – unfortunately this is his major weakness – he has a dose of the Nicky B’s about him: a living legend in his own dreamworld – but no-one elses…”

    Yes, it’s a double-edged sword to be sure. But confidence is important in being a keeper. SZCZ isn’t so big-headed as to whine his way out of the team like Bendtner. I haven’t seen anything to suggest he’s delusional about his own ability.


    Hes a cocky cunt.

    Heres a good article on him –

    “Most concerning of all is Szczesny’s cocky attitude and all-too casual demeanour. It’s part of the dark underbelly of Arsene Wenger’s insistence on youth, that putting teenage and twenty-something players into such prominent positions at a big club, can inflate the ego.”

  8. sam

    farcelona to hand our cesc back we know they didn’t need him. just wanted to score a point against arsenal then do a hleb on him.

  9. Keyser

    That was a piss poor article, you didn’t write it did you Tiernan mate, I didn’t see much mention of Stanley Kubrick so wasn’t sure.

  10. Thomas

    sam @

    No not AVB but there are about 10 other managers who would do a better job than Wanker. And yes Giroud is shit. The guy can’t hit a barn door right now.


  11. valerie gooner

    Thats right Keyser – compare our keeper to a keeper thats into total utter decline. Thats the attitude that will win us the league.


    “He’s been injured came back….”

    He WAS injured. If hes playing hes presumably NOT injured – therefore NO EXCUSE.


    “….missed a catch and it just happened to fall in exactly the right position for a player to hit home despite there being about 5 Arenal defenders in the box.”

    You could do that for every goalkeeping error. What about Reinas.

    “Ehh he’d had an argument with his wife the night before, his lunch was cold, he was upset, angry, a little bit apathetic towards life, the ball was kicked at him, he didnt get his full body behind it, and it squirmed under him – there was 10 other Liverpool players on the pitch – anyone of them could have been standing on the line to help him out – but they werent – they hung Reina out to dry – the cunts”

    Stop trying to rationalise mistakes – thats not going to benefit anyone. He dropped a fucking clanger – sometimes you get lucky and it falls to a team mate – sometimes youre not so lucky and it falls to the opposition.

    But guess how you can always be lucky?

    Dont make the fucking mistake in the first place.

    I guarantee you – if Szczesny gets back in the team – my prediction of 3 clangers in his first 5 games will come true.

    After that I doubt Wenger will pick him again.

  12. valerie gooner


    Well funnily enough I can see where your going with the Stanley Kubrick / Szczesny connection – because every time he plays for us its like watching a fucking horror movie….

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Wojciech.

  13. Keyser

    “Thats right Keyser – compare our keeper to a keeper thats into total utter decline. Thats the attitude that will win us the league.”

    I’ll compare him to Cech if you want or De Gea, who’ve also made several high profile mistakes in recent times, fuck that Chesney isn’t even half as bad as De Gea started last year.

    “He WAS injured. If hes playing hes presumably NOT injured – therefore NO EXCUSE.”

    He’s 22, and just finding his feet, you’ve been comparing him to Seaman who played behind one of the best defences of the past 20 years ffs, and getting lobbed from the half-way line sticks resolutely in my mind as does his save against Sheffiend United I think ? where he almost defied his own momentum to reach back behind himself and claw the ball back, something like 10 years between those memories.

    “You could do that for every goalkeeping error. What about Reinas.”

    Go watch his mistakes, he basically threw the ball into his own net, wasnt soo much a mistake as a whip around in a Malaysian betting syndicate, if that’s not convincing, a week or two after we supposedly bid 20 million for him, he did the same to a Chamakh header remember surely you do ?!

    Not in decline then eh ? Just been at the Euro’s with Spain, hmm and two years on ?!

    Who cares about your predictions, I’m trying to reationalise your argument here, and you don’t really have one, it’s easy to pick apart like people who predict an 18 year old youth player might not make it to be Ballon d’or winner.

  14. Keyser

    Sorry Tiarnan mate, the Kubrick connection was down to intense studying of High definition televions screens on pause, and if you look really closely at Smurfettes inner right thigh, you’ll See a tattoo depiction of Stanley Kubrick fellating a rabbit that bears a startling resemblance to Bruse Forsythe.

  15. valerie gooner

    Keyser –

    Thats right De Gea made mistakes and was dropped. Cech has never really been the same player since his head got dented. Hes still a far better keeper than Szczesny though.

    “He’s 22 and finding his feet…”
    Well let him find those fucking feet at a club thats not trying to win the league. Im fucking sick of this potential bullshit.

    Reina is in decline – hes already lost the number 2 position for Spain to Victor Valdes.

    When a keeper goes into decline their mistakes are amplified due to the importance of their position.

    Shay Given who’d be regarded as one of the best keepers over the last 10 years in the Premiership had a terrible Euros and has now been dropped by Villa.

    It’s looking like his career is over. Reinas in the same boat.

    But for 10 years they were both majestic.

    Szczesny had a promising start to his Arsenal career but is now being shown up to be another false dawn.

    If we’re serious about winning the league then we need a world class keeper – not one who constantly acts like he’s just been rimmed by Rihanna.

  16. Keyser

    De Gea wasn’t dropped, he continued to make mistakes until fergus has little choice, he tried lindegaard realised he wasn’t that good and gave De Gea a shot again, whereupon he started to play a bit better.

    Since the red nosed fuckwit is usually your barometer for these sorts of things, think about it Manchester United had an 8 point lead with 7-8 games to go and if Fergus had just selected a better goalie they might not have collapsed so spectacularly and lost out on the title in the last few minutes of the last game of last season.

    This ties in with potential, Chesney’s saves got us past Udinese, he actually had a decent season overall, despite us being all the over place as a team, and managed 13 clean sheets, 4 less than Hart admittedly, but then it’s not his fault that we’re not Citeh, and you’d have be pretty deluded to expect us to be.

    Why doesn’t fergie just buy in a better keeper, well apart from the fact he spent 20 million on him, like us at some point we need to turn to potential.

    Reina wasn’t in decline 2 years ago was he ? If he was at what point was he actually good ? This is like Seaman again you can’t just pick and choose instances where goalies were good from whole careers.

    Shay Given majestic ? I’m not even sure Reina was that good, and he’s probably been better than Given, and Cech finished the league in 6th, I mean look at the comparisons you’re using, if Chesney was in Given’s position what would you be saying ?!

    Bought in a keeper who’s never made it a top club, who’s claim to fame is making a string of sensational in a 5-0 loss to Liverpool.

    “Szczesny had a promising start to his Arsenal career but is now being shown up to be another false dawn.”

    Again 10 years here or there, a career spanning 20 odd years, some of the best keepers of thei generation and you’re writing off a 22 year old after a season and a bit playing for a team that finished 3rd last year.

  17. Keyser

    Worse thing is I’m not even saying he’s perfect, which is usually the next point of call for the perrenial fuckwit.

    He needs to sort out his distribution, obviously needs to take heed of advice and realise experience counts, but considering it was his first game back and all players make mistakes no need to go overboard with the criticism.

    If we keep our defensive discipline going he’ll have the perfect oppurtunity to work out any quirks.

  18. Keyser

    Also it’s probably the best place for Rihanna unless you want constant reminders of how Gervinho was probably created by the powers vested in her forehead.

  19. valerie gooner

    ‘De Gea wasn’t dropped, he continued to make mistakes until fergus has little choice….’

    Little choice for what? for….come on, say it with me – forrrrrrr….DROPPING him…!

    So effectively what you wrote is – De Gea wasnt dropped – he was dropped.

    Clap yourself on the back for that stunning piece of debate.
    Right lets see what other nonsense you wrote…

    ‘Manchester United had an 8 point lead with 7-8 games to go and if Fergus had just selected a better goalie they might not have collapsed …’

    So you agree with me on how important a great goalkeeper is when challenging for the title.
    Good boy.


    No Reina wasnt in decline 2 years ago….hes in decline now tho. Whats your point?

    Given has been selected in the PFA team of the year on 2 occasions…he wouldnt get that for being turd, would he?

    Anyway, Im not going to be proved wrong about Szczesny – hes a very poor keeper and hes now so error prone that Wenger has, apparently, lost faith in him.

    The ‘ankle injury’ is just a ruse – the real truth is – hes not good enough.

    Wenger did the same bullshit injury stories for Almunia.

  20. LJB

    I see Wenger is denying that Steve Bould has had any influence on the team.Apparently we are doing nothing different to before,and Wenger organises the training sessions.He has been coaching for 30 yrs and is not going to change how he does things just because Steve arrived in August.
    There you go folks,there is no “Bould effect”;any improvements in defence are down to one man,Arsene Wenger,and Bould is just the cone man.That man cannot stand anyone getting any credit can he? What a Wanker!!!!!!If the journos keep going on about Bould,Wenger will stop him working with the team.I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Wenger has only let him get involved due to the CL ban,and once its over will take control again.

  21. El Tel


    I never said Chesser is shit but he does need a couple of more seasons before he ripens and we havent got the time.

    He makes lots of mistakes from long range shots for my liking but with the right keeper coach which we dont have he can improve.

    We need an old head for him to learn from rather than competition from Mannone who isnt as good as Chesser but is luckier.

    By the way Lehman was as good if not better than Seaman. It wasnt just that heart breaking lob he fucked up, he also made me very sad when he let that over rated cunt Giggs beat him at the near post for that so called greatest ever FA cup goal.

    Seaman that day made 6’5 into 4’0. He was also our keeper when Ronaldinhio chipped him for Brazil and he cried plus he let the last ever goal in at old Wembley after getting beat by a 40 yard free kick.

  22. Keyser

    “So effectively what you wrote is – De Gea wasnt dropped – he was dropped.”

    No you plum, you don’t bring in a keeper for a game, see him make one mistake and then move on do you ? In fact United probably have a far lot more cause for concern than we do. He made several mistakes, Fergus kept faith, decided to see if Lindegaard was any good, then went back anyway.

    Why because even with talented players you need to give them time to adjust unless you’ve given them every other possible chance as in put them behind a perfect defence and a settled experienced team, now surely you’re not going to say that are you ?!

    “So you agree with me on how important a great goalkeeper is when challenging for the title.”

    Fergus kept faith, yet suddenly it goes against your argument, your tongue isn’t trying to massage his prostate. Think about it someone who had Schmeichel in goal a decade or more ago, is now keeping faith with an error riddled youngster, why ?!

    Reina made the Chamakh mistake two years ago, Given ? You want a title challenging keeper and are illustrating your point with a keeper that’s made a career out of trying to keep out the 4th or 5th goal his team would be conceding.

    You’re wrong now, forget anything else, a player who was injured, injures himself in his first competitive game back ? Oh yeh like that’s soo suprising at Arsenal.

  23. Keyser

    El Tel – fuck knows how good Chesney will be, but you can’t deny he’s hardly had the most constructive environment to develop in, this is all pointless anyway, think people are just soo used to moaning that they need something.

    Seaman made mistakes, despite being in a George Graham team, behind one of the best defences in our history, it wasn’t soo long ago Koscielny was thought of as one of our worst ever buys.

    Chesney needs to develop and kick on but he’s got enough talent to make it.

  24. valerie gooner

    keyser –

    help me out here – so what youre saying is De Gea wasnt dropped? Really? Have a read of this:

    He was dropped -even Ferguson said it….altho u’ll prob still argue against it…

    You see the difference – Ferguson says one mistake could be catastrophic and will sharpen the axe if need be….

    Will De Gea come good? I honestly dont think so – I think theyve wasted alot of cash there…

    Szczesny? dont know, but hes miles off being good enough now….

  25. Keyser

    As long as you continue with exaggerated bullshit obviously I’m going to argue against it, miles off ffs..

    ‘I think young David made a mistake last week (against Fulham),’ Ferguson told Sky Sports.

    ‘He knows it. ‘With the form he’s been in, he’s been making some fantastic saves but one error like that could have cost us the game.

    ‘It’s just a learning process for him and he’ll be back in a couple of weeks after the international break.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2197472/Sir-Alex-Ferguson-dropped-David-De-Gea-Fulham-blunder.html#ixzz26mXIvqvo

    I don’t have to argue against it, your article does it for me.

  26. valerie gooner

    keyser –

    This is like trying to argue against Rain Man .

    I’ll try again – you said he wasnt dropped. I’ve shown you an article where Ferguson says why he dropped him.

    You cant get clearer than that.

    So do you still say he wasnt dropped?

    How about this – is the answer a or b?

    a) Yes he was dropped.

    b) No he wasnt.

    If you answer honestly I’ll give you a hundred dollars. Youd like that wouldnt you…a hundred dollahs. Yehhhhhhhh a hundwed dollahs.

  27. Keyser

    It’s not mate, you’ve just been stuck admiring cartoon underwear for too long you’ve frazzled your mind.

    ‘It’s just a learning process for him and he’ll be back in a couple of weeks after the international break.’

    That is a quote from Fergie.

    “No you plum, you don’t bring in a keeper for a game, see him make one mistake and then move on do you ?”

    That is me explaining my thoughts for you.

    What are you stuck with here ? Fergus has got an inexperienced keeper he’s willing to go through a learning process with, ask yourself why.

  28. Dan Ahern

    valerie –

    “Im glad you see size is irrelevant. Youre either a good goalkeeper or not. Size has nothing to do with it. Youre hardly going to pick a fucking dwarf to play in goal are ya? All keepers need to be a certain size.”

    You’re right, size has nothing to do with athletics. Great point. I like how you hammered it home by directly contradicting yourself in the very next sentences.

    I would continue to argue the rest of your assertions, but there is very clearly no point.

  29. valerie gooner

    Keyser –

    Fergie dropped him. And will recall him. I never said he wouldnt recall him. I said he DROPPED him. Fergie said he DROPPED him.

    You think because he recalls him that he wasnt DROPPED. You do realise its possible to be DROPPED and the recalled dont you?

    All you need to do is apologise, and Ill forget it.

    Dan –

    Would you say the following –
    “Hey guys Szczesny has two hands – I reckon hell make a great keeper…!”

    No that would be slightly retarded. Its kind of expected. So saying that he has a big frame is again slightly retarded. Its not like having a eureka moment – that all other managers have failed to realise that a keeper needs to be a certain size….

    However the fact that he IS 6 foot 5 means fuck all. Because if it did – then why dont we sign this fella up?

    A keeper needs a skill set – good judgement, ice cool nerve, quick reactions etc…
    the whole size thing is irrelevant because its assumed theyll be of a certain height to actually play in goal.

    Being tall doesnt make you a good keeper. But having the right skill set combined with the right coaching would.

    Would you be a great keeper if you were 2 foot 3? Most likely not – so itd be best not to sign dwarves and invest millions on their training etc.

  30. Keyser

    You nutter why the fuck are you pointing that out then ?!

    Did De Gea make mistakes ? Yes.

    Did Fergus keep playing him after his first mistake ? Yes.

    Is Fergus still playing him a year on and another few iffy games ? Yes.

    erm, Yes, but no but he dropped him for that one game.

    Is he still playing him ? Yes. Why ?

    ‘It’s just a learning process for him and he’ll be back in a couple of weeks after the international break.’

    Thanks mate, Tiarnan still loves you even though you’ve made him look like a muppet.

  31. valerie gooner

    Keyser –

    He dropped him last season as well… Fergies obviously beginning to regret buying him now…In February he said he regretted not buying Joe Hart…thats a real vote of confidence for De Gea…not.


    But hes spent 20m on him so unfortunately hell have to try and give him as many chances as he can – but he wont stand for the continuous mistakes…

    And why should Arsenal? If Szczesny cant get his shit together then he should be dropped ad infinitum.

    Do you agree?

    No course you dont – youre Keyser the Special Olympian of debates. Black is white, white is black, Walcotts a great footballer and Szczesnys an even better keeper.

    Welcome to the world of Keyser – a carnival of mind fuckery and a wibbly wobbly distortion of facts.

  32. Bade


    Is a very good GK, he just needs some fine tuning from time to time

    The lack of competition seems to be his biggest obstacle to complete his development

    So dropping him from time to time when he’s complacent isn’t a bad thing

    He likes to fight for his place, he won’t sulk as he’s a winner in his soul, so I’m not worried

    I still would like to have an experienced GK to push him up

  33. Bjonan

    “OK 20 goals was a bit of a stretch. But as a goal scorer, currently Rooney > Poldi.”

    Put into consideration the teams they both played for….Am sure by the end of this season it will be Poldi > Rooney = RvP

  34. Cesc Appeal

    I really detest the sheer arrogance of Barcelona when things start flying around about player’s they’re interested in.

    Barcelona to ‘add’ Hazard to their attack….despite the fact he just signed for Chelsea for £32 Million and his value will only go up, despite the fact Barcelona can hardly afford a flip flop right now, despite the fact he’s on a four year deal worth close to £200 000 a week!!

    Yet we all know one great season and every single one of their players will come out saying he’s Barcelona material and destined to play there.

    I fear the same about Cazorla if he keeps this level of brilliance up. ‘He needs to play for Barca to get into the National side.’ ‘His talents are that of someone with Barcelona DNA.’ ‘He needs to be in the Barcelona set up.’

    Then before you know it Pepe Reina is pulling a shit rag over his head.

    I just hope FFP is implemented strongly and it will finally stop Barcelona, Madrid will always have money but Barcelona will struggle.

    I also found it funny to hear from Gazidis ‘with the year Chelsea had they might overtake us in terms of commercials for a season or two….’


    Yes Ivan! Well done. With success comes more money from your sponsors!

    You couldn’t make it up

  35. wenker-wanger

    Wenger is full of his usual pomp and arrogance again. This is the price we will have to pay for success again. The more success we have the more wenker will renew his contract……noooooooooo!!!!!! .and steve bould will help wenker defensively and cazorla is wenker’s get out of jail card…..jail in this case being non-champs league football

  36. Michael Fournier

    LeedsgunnerSeptember 17, 2012 23:13:25
    you are obviously a Seaman Fan I however do not put him on the pedestal you do he made his own blunders at times BUT there was NO question when he was in net he ruled that box but remember also just who he had in front of him as well. I watched that play Szczesny dropped the ball several times on replay and Puncheon should never have been given that much space to make that cross and Jenkinson was in Szczesny’s way. had Jenkinson not been running back facing his own goal and in his keepers way (he was not even looking toward that ball) it would have been a easy catch for Szczesny. SO it was NOT all Szczesny’s fault.

  37. Michael Fournier

    Picture proof as https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.266906506761407.61752.100003261794359&type=1&l=7ef4e34d93
    Jenkinson is actually pushing Szczesny as he trying to catch the cross. You try and make a catch as your own team mate pushes you just as the ball hits your hands. Sure maybe Szczesny should have come punched the ball and taken out Jenkinson and all to make sure he got the ball away but Jenkinson was nether in position on the player on the back post nor in a position to clear the ball but he was right in Szczesny’s way to make the catch AND then pushes him so he can;t jump on the loose ball that goal was a combination of gibbs not closing down the cross and Szczesny maybe not yelling at Jenkinson (if he didnt Don”t know). and Jenkinson being in the wrong place even had Szczesny not touched that ball Jenkinson was NOT in position to clear it or mark the player on the back post.