Jack Wilshere back in training | Arsenal have best shots to save ratio in the league | I like Cazorla more than Cesc

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Welcome to Monday everyone. What a great weekend eh? Nothing like going to see a game in the sun. A game in which you spank your opponents out of sight within the first half. Far less pressured than watching some of those nasty games against lowly opposition last year.

So, where are we? Well, we’ve bagged 8 points out of our first 4 games which sits us in third a mere two points off Chelsea. Pretty good going when you look at how bad a shape we were in this time last year. October onwards last season we showed Championship winning form until we stuttered with the rest of the pack late on. Is it too much to ask of this team to do the same and maybe extend it out a little? Maybe. However, you have to say that we’re looking strong and confident. The whole balance of our starting 11 looks much better.

It’s almost an exact replication of when Thierry left. Everyone questioned where the goals would come from, then what actually happened was a collective effort from the whole side to weigh in and help out. I’m not saying losing Robin was a good thing, but when you’re playing with someone who can finish off literally anything you throw at them, mentally, I think the team becomes too dependent, then after that, too scared to have a go.

Can we win the title this year? Highly unlikely I’d say. What we can do is give ourselves a far better showing this year. It would be nice to be in the chasing pack past February. A lot of that is going to depend on the fitness of the squad and our ability to maintain the strong defensive form we’ve shown in the opening four games. But as of now, things are looking up. With each win the side will build belief and camaraderie. Once you have those two elements going, who knows where the season could take us.

One great bit of news is that Jack Wilshere is back in training. To have him kicking a ball in mid-September is fantastic news for the squad and fantastic news for competition(I think I called it quite a way back as well). Where will he slot in if no one gets injured between now and October? We genuinely have a very good midfield this year. It’s certainly up there with the best in the league. I know we’ve only seen Cazorla for a few games, but I can confidently say I prefer to watch him on the ball than Cesc. He has a far more frenetic pace about his game. He moves the ball around with such finesse and style. I also think he’s more skillful on the ball. He has far more tricks in his locker. As for the rest of them, it doesn’t feel like we have a weak link. Some might say Ramsey, but I’m sure he’ll come good this year.

The only area we’re struggling with is up top and that mainly comes down to the fact we only have one striker and he’s new to England. Still, what better place to break your duck than at your old club where you banged in plenty of goals? Giroud will possibly get the chance to play up front tomorrow in our Champions League opener against the French Ligue One winners. It should be a really interesting game. They have some top players I’d be interested in signing. Particularly MBiwa. He’ll move somewhere at the end of the season, there’s no doubt about that. It’s a shame it wasn’t us… but the form Mertesacker and Vermaelen have shown so far vindicates that.

Talking of defense, it was interesting to see Arsenal have the best shot to save ratio on the Premiership this year. This in part is down to the fact that we’ve only conceded 9 shots in 4 games. It’s a smart way to avoid conceding… defend in a way that stops people shooting. The longer our defensive run goes on, the less likely it’ll end up looking like a fluke!

The big tests are coming up. We’ve got Manchester City this weekend, followed by Chelsea the weekend after. We’ll be able to make a far more accurate assessment of how good we are then. Heading into those games with form on your side is always a good thing. So let’s make sure it’s three points in the bag tomorrow night.

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Right, that’s it… see you in the comments!

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  1. bnsb

    …..they just dont have the team spirit……

    “Team spirits dont win matches, its 30 million plus player on 220,000 a week wages”
    The Mighty Gambon

  2. Harry Redknapp

    i think city drew with stoke last season 1-1 and won the title. they didnt look to have great team spirit last season either

  3. rugooner

    September 17, 2012 09:21:15
    here is the pic wenger doesn’t want you to see, the truth about wilshere injury.

    mate u working under root? it’s so… 90-s. no wonder it didn’t come up. i would expect worse things. stop doing this (for your own good).

  4. MeGunner

    Gambon, please keep up the good behaviour. When we signed players, you said we conceded 49 last season and are now signing attacking players. I think you called it Wenger logic. What do you think of our defence now?

    Geoff, I didn’t believe when guys like you said selling Song was a good thing. Now, I know better. I knew you were not hating, I just couldn”t see how but now it’s glaring for anyone with a brainstem to see

  5. Bade

    There are 2 major tests we have to before we all get too carried away

    1. How will we pan out if we face a tough series of games. We are going to find this rather quickly when facing Montpelier, $ity & Chavs within 12 days time, with Coventry at home in the COC between the last two

    2. How will we manage without Arteta & Cazorla (maybe Podolski as well). Both are the most important players by far in our set up. Podolski also a pivotal cog as he’s in a flying form.

    If we manage to scrap three pointers without 2 or 3 of the mentioned, then we can be hustling the title contenders. If not, it’s another season where we’re going to crumble the minute the injuries crises come knocking on our door

  6. gambon


    Very pleased with the defence so far. Will wait til halfway through the season though before making any judgements.


    I like the fact of our goal scoring efforts being shared amongst a hand full of players, we are no longer a one man team.Six points in our next two games hopefull, four i’ll buy that for a dollar.Our bench is the best it’s looked in years still need two more players to compete over the long haul though.

  8. Harry Redknapp

    bsnb thats all there is a bit of hope lol i think the chavs should be worried about us. afterall who have the really faced? one team who thumped the fuck out of them. and city? well its on them to beat us.

  9. Kripakar M. Marur

    Agree with your first point. But Cazorla and Arteta are or best and most influential players. We simply have to keep them fit to have even the remotest chance. I don’t think any squad could cope with losing 2 most important players. City without Kompany and Yaya. Chelsea without Mata and Terry or ManU without Scholes and RVP.

  10. Bade


    I think we did on them the double back in 2007 or 2008, when AdeTheWhore scored away, and we won 2-1 at home. Actually it was probably 2007, because Henry was still with us

    I remember that game as well Robin scored the equaliser & broke his sole foot or so in the process

  11. gambon


    We have no chance of the CL, absolutely no chance.

    We only have 1 centre forward, and wengers already lost faith. We simply cannot compete with teams like Madrid, Bayern, Barca at that level.

  12. Harry Redknapp

    if our position looks good in january and the money is hidden even deeper under the stadium then il fucking get the petrol bomb out, up till then its positiveness while were playin well

  13. goonerboy

    Even though we hammered a defensively poor team-I think it is unwise to big this team up just at the moment- because talking about champions is massively premature- leads to disappointment and anger. As ever you can’t rely on the manager to keep a sense of proportion.

    The truth is City are stronger than us in almost every position on the field and have a very strong midfield. We are not favourites to beat them away- not by a country mile.
    What I do say is we are better than I thought we would be- and the longer these players stay fit the better. I still don’t see Diaby lasting many more games without injury-myself I would keep him for City and the Chavs.

    I am very doubtful about Jenkinson and the Big German against top class players like Tevez and Hazard. A lot of people underestimate Poldi- he is a more reliable finisher than Van Persie- if not as spectacular or capable of pulling a goal from out of his arse.

    Yeah I love the Spaniards too but they have not been in a shit fight yet and triumphed-we will know more in a few games time.

    The biggest player we have aint fit yet. If he comes back to being the player he was- and thats a very big if-he will make a lot of players around him play better-because of his use of the early ball- I am talking about Walcott, Chamakh, Arshavin even- these players haven’t been the same since he has been out. Then we might be able to think the unthinkable- if Wenger doesn’t go and sell someone in January.

  14. valerie gooner

    I said a few weeks ago – watch szczesny – in his first 5 games he’ll make 3 absolute howlers …

    I also said he had more chance of catching aids than a cross….

    He is absolute fucking poison – and the fact the blog goes on “well we’ve no chance of winning the league …yada fuckin yada” is criminal – you should be pointing out WHY weve no chance of winning the league – and 99.9% is because of that fucking clown szczesny

    If he ever plays another game for us it proves once again what a fucking gimp Wenger is ….szczesny makes almunia look like a cross between Buffon and Superman…

    Absolute fucking posion – nothing should be discussed other than how terrible that cunt is.

    Szczesny = POISON

    Szczesny = POISON

    Szczesny = POISON

    Szczesny = POISON

    Do you fuckers understand? Do you fucking care?

  15. Bade


    We should topping our group before the last round of games

    Then it’s about us having a fit squad & a fair draw

    One thing in noticeable though, the only time we went to the CL finals, was the time we had a frantic defensive record, we didn’t concede for 8 games or so, since the group stages & throughout the whole knock out stage, until the 75th minutes in the finals

    Blimey, that goal was a clear offside!

    We had a big luck as well, as Real & Villareal got very close to scoring ….

  16. Iceman

    gambon…..Ya I awso feel we need another striker…..a top drawer one……..but cmon a crap Chelsea beat Bayern…..a crap Chelsea beat Barca……im sure we can do it……heres to hoping then……Personally I never feared Madrid……..

  17. Bade


    Our problem is a lack of quality subs, so we tend to play players to the ground & not rotate them

    Hence why Rosa & Jack’s fitness is so vital to share the burden

  18. mattj

    Love the urgency up front, Podolski Gervinho and Carzola were Superb, Walcott finished his goal well just a shame he couldn’t feed through Giroud that would of capped off a brilliant day. Best and most positive I have felt about us since 2008. Saturdays atmosphere was great, cant wait for the next game.

  19. Iceman

    Hopefully our season wont crumble again near the end…..but then again, back then we never had experienced heads like Poldi, Arteta, Mert, Cazorla…….we had Denilson…..and now our youngsters from then are experienced

  20. valerie gooner

    Why do so many Arsenal fans run around with their heads in the clouds, singin “la la la la la la ,la la-laa laa laaaaaa” living in a cartoon land, high on the smell of Smurfettes panties – well unless you wake up and see how bad players like Szczesny are, then once again you’ll be left with nothing more than a room full of Gargamels farts…

  21. Bade


    A wise usage of Arteta & Cazorla should prevent that

    I think the ability to keep Robin fit for almost a seasons & a half should present a good positive sign to us

  22. duvee

    I reckon we should have gone for steven fletcher. Reckon that man will bang in 15 goals for Sunderland this year. Would have been a good back up striker. at the moment we are just a bit light in that area

  23. Iceman

    @ valerie gooner Geeeeeeeeeeeee I never tawt i’d see negativity today…….i mean even Gambons been positive all day…….cmon Valerie….bask in the ambience……

  24. Geoff

    People all some of us every said was sign some decent players and sell the shit. So far he has, but he hasn’t signed enough and the shit was so bad, we couldn’t sell it, save Song of course.

    Bendtner, Park, Chamakh, Squillaci and Denilson to name but a few.

    All the above though were given a ton of games by the manager who told us they were world class. So good no other fucker wants them.

    Cazorla and Podolski are top players, but Wenger didn’t discover them, he just got them cheap. If their clubs had wanted any more, we wouldn’t have bought them.

    Lets see what we win before renewing his contract.

  25. valerie gooner

    All jokin aside id say smurfettes panties smell proper nice – not in real life coz shes a cartoon – but if i was mickey mouse or donald duck id get the first train over to smurf-land and smurf her smurfing brains out.

  26. bnsb

    Lets see what we win before renewing his contract.

    A CL, An EPL and one of the fringe trophies Capital 1 or FA. I would sign a witness to that contract for free!

  27. Bjonan

    “We dont have a world class centre forward at all.”

    Gambon,when Cesc was arround who was our “world class striker?”

  28. Phil

    Really happy with Caz and the Pod.
    those two will develop a relationship that will make Gambon and Keyser’s look second rate by comparison.
    Still clear we are down a striker, and pinch hitting with Gervinho is not sustainable.

  29. HumAnimal

    Been made to eat my words about Dmitri Billong… we dont need him. were better, more fluent without him, mor focused, more committed. we dont even use a DM now but it works.

    instead having 2 technically good players and a “destroyer” if u can call song that. we have three technical, hard workers on of which sits back and tidies up.

    Alex who?

  30. Bade


    Safe to say all those players won’t play for us again, which is half a comfort

    Hopefully those Arsene comment about Nikki still having a future at Arsenal were aimed to the ears of those thinking of buying him, no more

    We have a good platform & it’s Arsene’s job not to fuck it up this time & add in ?January, while trying to offload the rest of deadwood

    Hopefully Squirl & Chamakh won’t even see our bench

  31. andy

    as some already mentioned yesterday it will be interesting to see if we do rotation this year … like pointed out already we hadn´t the squads to do it in recent years but now I think we have a chance of rotating in midfield starting october/november. we should have coq, arteta, wilshere, diaby, caz, ramsey available. so IMO we should be able to do a little bit of rotation there to avoid fatigue. on the wings we still have gerv, pod, walcott, ox so even there I can see us rotating. and due to gerv already played CF and I personally believe giroud will become good we even have some possibilities to change players up front. and we still haven´t played koscielny yet. I do understand the reason why – it´s not because he´s a bad player or a bad CB but it´s far better to play with the same back line regularly to avoid misunderstandings. so for me I am only worrying about one thing … left back. if gibbs is out we will be in deepest shit. I like santos but he is more of a midfielder. we can play vermi there for 1 or 2 games but we lose a lot of offensive power and pace if he plays there. now he´s fit so let´s hope it will remain like this. if he stays fit I can imagine AW rotating a little bit more than in recent years due to better players around. it´s not the same level but at least not a real weakness if you bring on coq ISO diaby for example. and against soton ramsey played with commitment, composure and ability. for me it was a joy to watch him. hopefully he´s going to play on that level regularly so we can even consider resting caz/arteta for 1 or 2 games

  32. Phil

    re LJW,
    Not sure whether it is the knee or ankle, or both, but they are being extremely cautious with him. As they should be.
    Look forward to seeing him kicking a ball in anger, but I will be throwing salt over my shoulder,not cracking mirrors and not walking under ladders for sometime to come.

  33. Nick

    To be fair myself and Geoff said back when fat naz was in the team with cesc we should look at playing three mobile technical players in the middle rather then a standard DM!! Arsen knows……………………. a good plan when he reads it!

  34. Mick Singfield

    Podolski and Cazorla signed for Arsenal because of Wenger’s reputation as a coach. You might not agree with that- but it was a factor. Its a good job top players don’t think he is as shit as you obviously do- otherwise no top player would ever want to play for us.

  35. GoonerMontenegro

    With the exception of the first team who play on sat. we have: Diaby, Walcott, Ramsey, Wilshere, Sagna, Rosicky, Koscielny, Santos, Arshavin, Giroud for rotate…Wilshere, Sagna, Rosicky is almost ready to play… so i think we have very good back up.. We will compete for some trophy i am sure.

  36. HumAnimal


    Lol hleb in BATE borisov…. back in his home country literally dropped out of the football radar as soon as he left us

    Funny how we usually recover after selling big players… the only player i regret us letting go is PV4 we havent won a trophy since he left. he was the heart beat of this club

  37. Nick

    rotation or picking the team to suit the oposition is the best way to travel helps with squad fitness and continuity and tactics all add up to winning something!!!

  38. Bade

    I am in no way disrespecting Montpelier, but they’re far from the team they were last season, & they’re with no CL experience, so we should beat them, eve away

    I’d make a few rotations, maybe give Kozzer & Santos a run, maybe let Giroud start with Gerv & Theo, with the midfield unchanged, but with a look to rest Arteta & Cazorla when possible by getting OX & Ramsey

    We need to play that CL game with one eye on the Sunday match against $ity

  39. valerie gooner

    Mick Singfield September 17, 2012 13:22:34

    Podolski and Cazorla signed for Arsenal because of Wenger’s reputation as a coach.

    100% agree. They heard he rewards sub standard paralympic goalkeeping with bumper wages and long term contracts; gives players like Denilson 200+ games to prove themself even though everyone and their dead granny can see hes complete dog cunt etc – im too hungover tow write anymore….think im gonna puke…

  40. valerie gooner

    Mick Singfield September 17, 2012 13:22:34

    Podolski and Cazorla signed for Arsenal because of Wenger’s reputation as a coach.

    100% agree. They heard he rewards sub standard paralympic goalkeeping with bumper wages and long term contracts; gives players like Denilson 200+ games to prove themself even though everyone and their dead granny can see hes complete dog cunt etc – im too hungover tow write anymore….think im gonna puke…

  41. valerie gooner

    iceman – this is why im not being positive….

    coz most arsenal fans are like this kid – 1 minute ure al yAAAAAAAAAAAY! the next is – oh look Szczczczcsnys coming for a cross….SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!

    we dont need emotional rollercoasters – we need to win the league and with szzzccczzzsny we have no cunting chance of winning anything – hes fucking – lest i repeat my cunting self – poison

  42. Iceman

    @ valerie gooner I agree that mistake he made was absolutely cuntish…seriously im just as pissed at him…….but with a solid back four and our wingers tracking back and our forwards scoring he wont make much of a difference….IMO bench him like Fergie benched De Gea and give the Italian Stallion a fair chance….he did well……but he is not as commanding as Schez…..

  43. Bjonan

    “Bjonan RVP was…….he was just injured and Bendtner isn’t”

    RVP has been world class for only one season the rest he was mediocre…and he dind’t really gate a chance to play with Cesc fully…

    So brings me to my point that you don’t have to have a world class striker to win trophies,if you have players like Arteta,Carzola and Podolski success will come one way or the other.

    Before RVP went to the Mancs they didnt have a world class CF but they competed for trophies.

  44. Iceman

    Bjonan…RVP was never Mediocre……..he was just injured….whenever he stringed a few games together he was deadly…….never mediocre….dont kid urself

  45. DUIFG

    For us to get anywhere near trophies this year we are going to need a CF in Jan, somebody to come in and score 12 -15 b the end of the season. when we are playing well we wont miss an RVP type, its the games when you are not at 100% is where a goalscorer becomes invaluable, lets hope Giroud gets 1 midweek, if this drought goes on God help us!

    P.S why is there not 1 decent english CF who could bench warm for us in the entire club?!

  46. Dublin Gunner!!!

    Im lost here, I just have no idea what the starting 11 will be when JW an TR are back fit. And I must say fair play to Gervinio he played well just remember it took drogba a season to get going, he was muck his first season. But what will be our starting 11 when all is fit? It’s a good head wrecker to have

  47. Bjonan


    my point exactly,we shouldn’t say we don’t have a world class forward when we don’t know what Giroud really has to offer the club.
    No one said RVP was world class untill last season.

  48. Dublin Gunner!!!

    I no I’m going to get slated for this, but someone said is there no good English CF (we could buy in Jan) how about D Bent, impact sub???

  49. Iceman

    I’d say Giroud is World Class……….and plus he’s a late bloomer so his best is still to come….watch this space

    Dublin……I think Bent would do……..but i agree with an earlier comment on Steven Fletcher….why the feck didn’t we buy him??? To score as much as he did with wolves surely makes him good enuf for us??

  50. Bade


    Not sure who made that diagnosis

    Maybe the same one who made the “finger injury” of Almunia back then

    It remains to be seen, but any way you look at it, it’s interesting, as such an injury to SZCZ was never reported

  51. gazzap

    I wonder whether Szcz was carrying an injury on Saturday when he made the howler? He hasn’t travelled to Montpellier, so he may not have been fit to play on Saturday.
    No point in using a half injured keeper regardless of how we rate our keepers. One thing I have noticed about Fabianksi is that he is hardly ever fit. so really dont care how much potential he has, he should be sold to make way for someone else who can put genuine pressure on Szcz.

  52. Iceman

    Gazzap….”I wonder whether Szcz was carrying an injury on Saturday when he made the howler?”

    Unless he’s ankles in his hands theres no excuse for what he did…….

  53. Kripakar Marur

    Podolski career league goals in First Division
    10 12 4 5 6 2 13 18
    Rooney career league goals in Premier Division
    6 9 11 16 14 12 12 26 11 27
    OK 20 goals was a bit of a stretch. But as a goal scorer, currently Rooney > Poldi.

  54. Iceman

    AFCAMDEN also announced Sczcz out. He apparently got injured when he conceded on saturday. And usually this guy’s info is spot on.

    Okay that sounds possible……..thats maybe why he flapped at the ball….and Mannone was warming up

  55. Bade

    I’m not about this injury ….. Seems odd that he played the Saints games & now he can’t play

    Anyway no one should be a banker in the 1st team

    This should be the message to all our players: Play good, or play with your mobile in the deck

  56. Marko

    Jack the lad back in training and as long as Sagna and Rosicky are back and strong for the winter period we’ll be looking strong. Top 4 most certainly but I still feel that to stand a chance of winning the league a striker in Jan is a must. It was a must in Aug but we might just be able to dodge a bullet and stay in the mix till Jan.

  57. Thorough

    Good day Grovers. Amazing start to the season and just like ya all am creaming myself too. But actually most of us the ‘buy-buy’ or ‘buy-few-more-quality’ brigade were never afraid of the first few weeks, but the later parts. I believe so much in this team because I am of the opinion that it can still be improved further. Think of a good right back (Jenkinson has tried but he will be found out because he is just not good enough and never will be) and a capable central defender alongside TV5 (Metersacker has surprised me but who will let a Hummels go because we have Per). The real test will come in January (irrespective of where we are) if the arrogant bastard refuses to buy. M’Villa is a must for me cos that’s the only person that I see can do the Arteta job admirably, and by the way isn’t it time we start grooming someone to take over from Arteta? Frimpong is raw and should spend 2seasons in the lower leagues or lesser teams, Ramsey And Wilshere can’t do that job. M’Villa or Capoue is a must IMO. And then who replaces the magnificient Cazorla? We don’t have any like for like in our present setup aside the aging Rocisky. Ramsey and Wilshere are a No-No for me to playmake, Wislhere may be able sooner or later, but Ramsey never will. So in a nutshell, manage our resources till January and add a MVIlla/Capoue and a Moutinho because we are penny pinching. Then in the summer go bust and spend all our budget on Falcao if need be. That, to me, will be the definition of ambition. Let’s g spell Montpellier tomorrow! Glad Don Vito will be in goal. Am a fan of his.

  58. S Asoa

    I don’t think we are going to see Valerie Gooner again tonight . With so much f—-g surely must have run out of spunk .
    As to Chesney yes we understand also that we have a no nonsense Defensive Coach this year and the nonsense you f—g mentioned should be addressed .

  59. Marko

    Some people on here turn on goalkeepers more than kids do priests. Szczesny is our best keeper it’s an unforgiven position to play he’s a good keeper much better than Mannone. In saying that as good as he is I would of still preferred it if we had Handanovic or Ter Stegan as our goalie as they’re 2 of the very best in the world and young.

  60. andy

    may I remind you guys that one reason szcz made a couple of bad kicks this week was due to his wish/AW order that he shall try to speed up our game? if you are able to play a ball fast to your (own of course :)) player it fastens up your game and opens space for midfielders/strikers. let´s take an easy example here. you all know neuer. is he a world class keeper? I would say so. he has a little bit of a similar problem to szcz. he tries to fasten up bayern´s game like szcz tries to fasten up our game. but if you try to play a good ball it´s sometimes a bit more risky than playing the ball to the next best. neuer made 5 or 6 awful kicks last year where some of them really led to goals (like against moenchengladbach). the question here is do you want your goalkeeper to try to fasten up your game or don´t you? if you do so you have to be aware of the possibility to concede after a poor pass. but sometimes you have more space in front of you due to his fast kick … although that all doesn´t change the fact it´s not OK to play the ball to your opponent 4 times during a game … neuer´s fault to watch:


    it happens quite often to him.

  61. Kripakar Marur

    Fletcher is a bitch. I hate that guy. But that guy is a dream for a manager. Unlimited energy. Most tactically disciplined player. He will never be in the highlights reel but will make sure the opposition players aren’t in there.

  62. salparadiseNYC

    Spurs have Friedel and Lloris btw the sticks and were going into our Champions League opener with Vito Mannone and James Shea the latter i’ve never bothered to check out his CV. nAccording to aresenal.com he : “He spent time on loan with Dagenham & Redbridge in League Two last season but struggled to make an impact in the first team and made just a few appearances.”

    Julio Caesar, Martin Skelenburg, Hugo Lloris all on the market with 2 days to go pre deadline.

    We called for it and IG / AW did not heed our thoughts by picking up some competition for Szez.

  63. jwl

    I expect ManCity to win league this year but for first time in five or six seasons, I am hopeful Arsenal can finish second if things go our way. ManU and Che have issues with defence, Arsenal’s much better now I reckon, I only worry about injuries.

    For past five years, Arsenal collapse in Feb every year and Wenger says something about lessons being learned and things will be different next year. Being Arsenal fan was like groundhog day – same events every season – Arsenal compete for first few months and then it all goes pear shaped. Those players are gone, sold to our rivals, and we have new players who don’t seem so mopey or lethargic.

    It is joy to watch Arsenal again even tho I don’t expect them to win league. Past five or six years were brutal – supporters have been put through grinder – but new dawn has arrived.

  64. Santi Claus

    Are Vito Mannone’s relatives on Le Grove lol

    I said on Saturday he would be pissed and until today he defo would be, but now he has a chance again. Chesney had his confidence wrecked in the Euros the verdict is out on his mentality. Mannone should be confident now so good luck to him.

  65. Marko

    Really great to see how happy Podolski is since joining, apparently him and Santi are becoming the best of mates too which can only be good for the team.

  66. Kripakar Marur

    They have become so chummy that Oxo is feeling left out on the pitch. Santi constantly drifts to the left and starts footballing equivalent of making out with Poldi leaving Oxo all fuming with jealousy.

  67. zeus


    U defeat yourself with the M’vila argument. He was booed off the pitch this weekend and pundits have said that Rennes has made a massive blunder by not offloading Mvila 2 years ago.

    Heard similar arguments from Phillipe Auclair as well.

    As for Hummels, Per starts ahead of him for Germany (the past Euros aside)

  68. Kripakar Marur

    I love Per. But Dortmund are my second team. I am pretty darn sure that Hummels is well on his way to becoming the best CB in Europe. Vermaelen’s aggression with Per’s positional sense. ROCK. Will be playing for Madrid or Barca in the near future.

  69. G4L

    This orgy will soon end when d inevitable injuries come knocking. then we’ll all realise how thin our squad strength is b/c Le Senile refused to beef up properly despite d fact we could afford it, especially in defence and attack. I dont see us running the whole season successfully on our scanty options upfront and defensively where we still lack quality cover.
    Virginity is like a baloon: one prick and its all gone.

    Replace virginity with our present orgy and u see wht i mean

  70. salparadiseNYC

    Kripakar MarurSeptember 17, 2012 15:52:21

    I’d take Friedel over just about any keeper in the prem and i’d take “decent” over any of our lot, the recent performances of Szez going back to last few matches last season / Euro and Saturday.
    I’d even take a shit Dutch number one over Mannone, Shea and Szez right now.

    Although Mannone does look pretty tough, a knife fight alley kind of toughness, maybe he’s got more than we’ve seen?

    Would love it if he did as I’ve well over the Pole.

  71. Marko

    Truth is there’s a lot of good to excellent goalkeepers out there and we have one in Szczcesny. But in terms of the very best in World football in my opinion Handanovic, Ter Stegan, Ruffier, Lloris, Hart, Casillas, Valdes and Neuer are it for sheer consistency and lack of errors. But it is a position that errors are more obvious and more costly just ask Reina but that doesn’t necessarily make him shite.

  72. Kripakar Marur

    Ter Stegen is awesome. But I have a feeling Barca will go for him in a season or two. Best distributor of the ball. Will fit in perfectly with their playing outta the back system.