Jack Wilshere back in training | Arsenal have best shots to save ratio in the league | I like Cazorla more than Cesc

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Welcome to Monday everyone. What a great weekend eh? Nothing like going to see a game in the sun. A game in which you spank your opponents out of sight within the first half. Far less pressured than watching some of those nasty games against lowly opposition last year.

So, where are we? Well, we’ve bagged 8 points out of our first 4 games which sits us in third a mere two points off Chelsea. Pretty good going when you look at how bad a shape we were in this time last year. October onwards last season we showed Championship winning form until we stuttered with the rest of the pack late on. Is it too much to ask of this team to do the same and maybe extend it out a little? Maybe. However, you have to say that we’re looking strong and confident. The whole balance of our starting 11 looks much better.

It’s almost an exact replication of when Thierry left. Everyone questioned where the goals would come from, then what actually happened was a collective effort from the whole side to weigh in and help out. I’m not saying losing Robin was a good thing, but when you’re playing with someone who can finish off literally anything you throw at them, mentally, I think the team becomes too dependent, then after that, too scared to have a go.

Can we win the title this year? Highly unlikely I’d say. What we can do is give ourselves a far better showing this year. It would be nice to be in the chasing pack past February. A lot of that is going to depend on the fitness of the squad and our ability to maintain the strong defensive form we’ve shown in the opening four games. But as of now, things are looking up. With each win the side will build belief and camaraderie. Once you have those two elements going, who knows where the season could take us.

One great bit of news is that Jack Wilshere is back in training. To have him kicking a ball in mid-September is fantastic news for the squad and fantastic news for competition(I think I called it quite a way back as well). Where will he slot in if no one gets injured between now and October? We genuinely have a very good midfield this year. It’s certainly up there with the best in the league. I know we’ve only seen Cazorla for a few games, but I can confidently say I prefer to watch him on the ball than Cesc. He has a far more frenetic pace about his game. He moves the ball around with such finesse and style. I also think he’s more skillful on the ball. He has far more tricks in his locker. As for the rest of them, it doesn’t feel like we have a weak link. Some might say Ramsey, but I’m sure he’ll come good this year.

The only area we’re struggling with is up top and that mainly comes down to the fact we only have one striker and he’s new to England. Still, what better place to break your duck than at your old club where you banged in plenty of goals? Giroud will possibly get the chance to play up front tomorrow in our Champions League opener against the French Ligue One winners. It should be a really interesting game. They have some top players I’d be interested in signing. Particularly MBiwa. He’ll move somewhere at the end of the season, there’s no doubt about that. It’s a shame it wasn’t us… but the form Mertesacker and Vermaelen have shown so far vindicates that.

Talking of defense, it was interesting to see Arsenal have the best shot to save ratio on the Premiership this year. This in part is down to the fact that we’ve only conceded 9 shots in 4 games. It’s a smart way to avoid conceding… defend in a way that stops people shooting. The longer our defensive run goes on, the less likely it’ll end up looking like a fluke!

The big tests are coming up. We’ve got Manchester City this weekend, followed by Chelsea the weekend after. We’ll be able to make a far more accurate assessment of how good we are then. Heading into those games with form on your side is always a good thing. So let’s make sure it’s three points in the bag tomorrow night.

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Right, that’s it… see you in the comments!

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  1. Leedsgunner

    Fantastic result against Southampton, made all the better by the fact that Chelsea and Man City dropped points. I just hope we get a result against City, that my friends, would be a reason to celebrate, and demonstrate some intent.

    I wonder if Sahin is regretting going to Liverpool yet.

    Wenger always talks about the need to stand behind his players… I wonder if he will put his money where his moth is and start with Giroud, against his old team. Surely he should be up for it… and btw Montpellier is in a horrible fit of form. (They’ll come out fighting, we’ll need to be in a good frame of mind.) Giroud should really be able to score there, for goodness sake it’s in France against his old squad. If he can’t score there…

    For my money I would give Vito a game and let Chezzers sit on the bench. Hopefully that will really motivate him to show what he’s made of against Man City the game after. This way we create genuine competition between them for the Number 1 jersey. Go Gunners!

  2. Iceman

    I said no less than 3…….but 6 WOW…….Happy for Gervais….Polish Prodigy needs to get his out his arse…..there was a record to be broken and he fluffed it……should be benched on Tuesday……..City will be put to the sword come Sunday…….GUNNERS!!!!!!!!

  3. Leedsgunner

    Although on second thought Wenger always stands behind his players… esp the deadwood doesn’t he?

    Chamakh to start against Montpellier anyone? (No, serious, it’s not a joke…) Again it’s in France, and both Giroud and Chamakh were bit scorers in France… and at least it would give Poldi a well deserved rest. Wenger always says he has big squad… does he trust his players enough to rotate?

    Maybe even give Diaby a go as to give Cazorla a rest too. In my mind if we can keep Arteta and Cazorla fit we can boss the midfield this season… maybe just maybe we will win something…

  4. El Tel

    The thing is we have had a reasonably good record the past couple of years against the top sides but have been let down by not beating and even losing to the lowere teams.

    Southampton might have been an easy game but last season I doubt we would have scored six against them.

    Lets not get carried away at this early stage but the team does look like a TEAM.

    Can these Guys get even better after a run of games playing together?

    If they can then we are looking pretty good.

    Watching these Guys play is interesting and tells me that Billy big bollocks and his pals who have left were not as close as reported. Seeing Cazorla and Arteta with Podolski and even Gervinhio looking so happy is exciting as once they have grown together we will see much more team play and fighting for each other.

  5. Al

    No mention of Gervinho? You say we only have one striker but Gerv was class against Southampton. It wasn’t just his goals – his movement was that of a real centre forward. We’ve got options.

  6. Iceman

    @ Leedsgunner….Maybe? Try definately son……..And in my opinion, Cazorla will be better than Cesc was……Yes Cesc was great…..but Cazorla is a masterpiece…….Loving the forward line and the defence splitting defence……

  7. El Tel


    Cazorla and Podolski probably joined us because of CL football. They would be really pissed if we dropped them when playing in it as I am sure they didnt join to watch.

    I understand what you say Pal but the mind of a footballer probably doesnt work like that.

  8. El Tel

    Podolski works his nuts off is technically sound and hard to knock off the ball, his left foot is like a cannon and in a shit league like the Prem He will score a fair few goals.

  9. sam

    here is the pic wenger doesn’t want you to see, the truth about wilshere injury.


  10. Bergkamp63

    Who knows, maybe inviting Guardiola to the Emirates this November might get the juices flowing for him to come to us ?

    We play his style of football (to a degree !) already.

    Move Wenger upstairs for his last year of his contract ?

  11. samir masri

    Cazorla is a Quicker Version Of Cesc. But it is’nt fair comparing them. So I would say they Both Made the team unique withtheir own way.

  12. Bjonan

    Any team that comes to attack Arsenal will suffer…we feed off teams that play attacking football…If Montpellier come to win then we have a good game there.

    My money is on Giroud killing his duck..

    JW is a masive boost for the team looking forward to seeing him back in action,great team player,great vision,covers alot of ground and great energy on the ball.

    The Arsenal looking good

  13. El Tel

    Looks like we are having a run of luck too. That ball that went in off the keeper would have flashed wide in previous seasons and the one that came off the post from Ramset would have fallen kindly for our opponent.

    They do say that you make your own luck so maybe the hard work is paying off at last.

  14. El Tel


    We will also have selection issues when Rosicky returns and with Diaby playing well too.

    When was the last time Wenger had this kind of problem to deal with and will he screw it up?

  15. sam

    cesc should come back, we can still play him on the wing.
    we ran out of wingers as gervais kouassi looks like our new lone striker now and giroud been training with chamakh.

    wow imagine cesc on the bench with lil caz running the show then sub him after 85 minutes for our ex captain

  16. El Tel

    I hope nobody gets dropped until they lose form. Would like to see Sagna sitting on the bench for weeks until Jenkinson has a poor match, same as Santos on the other side.

  17. Sadam Mahessar

    I would only wanna give Podolski, Cazorla and Arteta 45 minutes at maximum tomorrow. Its really important for those 3 to stay fresh for City.

    Giroud should definitely start, Gervinho probably on left, can see Theo getting a start on right too, probably bringing Ramsey on for Arteta and Arshavin/Santos for Cazorla in 2nd half.

    Koscielny start with Mertesacker, Vermalaen has played a lot of football in the past 3 weeks.

  18. Iceman

    el tel…..Cesc is good, but Cazorla has more dimensions to him……and is more unpredictable………more skillful…..faster………..and has a cracker on his foot…….

  19. Leedsgunner

    El Tel @ 912

    Fair point… and a good one. Then it comes back to the point that I’ve mentioned a few times on here… our squad is perhaps big on numbers but sadly lacking in quality. It would be ideal would it not if we were able to keep players of first XI quality whom we can rotate between the the epl games and the champions league.

    For me I would rather be winning in the league than the champions league, for in my mind, unless we are to do “a Chelsea” and completely fluke it, I can’t see us winning the CL trophy anytime soon. This isn’t me being pessimistic, but just realistic. It’s a long season and as Chelsea are Chavs and Man United are scum, injuries will mount up, and then the excuses will start flying in. We all know what positions our squad needed to strengthen in the summer… especially with the departure of RvP and Song…

    Still it’s nice that we have multiple goal scorers this season so far and not just one. With RvP gone, we’re going to need to keep doing this. Wenger is right about one thing… consistency is going to be crucial this year. We need to be able to take advantage when the Manchester teams struggle…. and the egos at Chelsea begin to inflate.

  20. sam

    look at this midfield,

    cesc, cazorla, diaby, wilshere, arteta, coquelin, chamberlain, frimpong

    world class, i don’t care what doomers think
    m’vila who?

  21. Bade

    Very, very good post Pedro

    My only regret with Cazorla, is we got him one year later than we should

    He’s a top top player, for me too he’s better than Cesc, he won’t sulk & will probably end his career with us

  22. Sadam Mahessar

    There is a difference between benching and rotating before a huge game. I don’t think Diaby will feature tomorrow, Wenger will use him against City and Chelsea and rest him again till we play United/Everton/Newcastle.

  23. Iceman

    I dont see why Cesc is being hyped……..he deserted us when he knew the team was built around him………I dont want him back……same goes for every player that left except TH, he was past it when he left…….good business…….as for RVP, tho good business…i always expected him to retire at the Emirates….i expected him to sign a contract without doubt……..its about money for him………..but i guess it’s his life and career…..

  24. goonerjay

    That 1st half was magic. Arsenal were fantastic to watch both on and off the ball. I don’t get sweaty palms and a fear of dread every time the oppenent wins a corner anymore and in Cazorla and Podolski we have 2 players who give me a bit of excitement and anticipation whenever they pick the ball up in our oppositions half.

    I’m not getting ahead of myself and calling us title contenders yet but this is the most enjoyable Arsenal team to watch we have had in years.

    What was also really nice to see was that when the camera panned round to the bench on Saturday, we had a decent bench too. Mannone, Santos, Ramsey, Arshavin, Theo and Giroud…. Not a Chamakh in sight.

    Oh… and what a pair of players Cazorla and Podolski look to be… Just need the big lad to bed into the team and league now and we are laughing. Would still like to see a new striker in Jan tho

  25. Bade

    My biggest worry this season, is the reliance on Arteta & Cazorla

    How are we going to get along without both of them, or one of them in the side?

    This will tell how our season is going to end. If we are going to win games with them both rested, then we’re going to surprise maybe.

    A lot will depend on the way Le Coq & Jack do when they play together, oh and a lot depends on Cazorla’s subs, whether it was Rosicky, Ox or Arshavin

    Again our season’s shape will be decided by the 2nd string as much as the 1st XI

  26. Goona P

    ‘Lukas Podolski he scores when he wants’… was a great atmosphere at ground everyone was hugging each other in stands! I know was only Southampton but feels like we haven’t destroyed a team like that for a while, this team is vast improvement over recent sides

    There is defiantly a stronger resilience to this team, Cazorla & Podolski are constantly hi fiving & giving thumbs up to each other even when things don’t work out!

    Arteta for me has been best player this year was immense again on Saturday! Huge huge huge improvement over Song even Le Coq is an improvement over Song!

    Ps I love Lukas Podolski!!

  27. Sadam Mahessar

    A midfield of Fabregas, Arteta and Cazorla would be divine, I don’t think Barcelona will loan him to us in January though, no possibility whatsoever, they usually play around 60-65 games a season, Iniesta, Xavi, Busquets all need a rest.

  28. Iceman

    Bade….we didn’t have Diaby on Saturday who was the Player at Anfield………as long as Wenger changes tactics to suit opposition and the players available…(Which he has been doing lately) we’ll be fine mate……

  29. Bade

    We can have those 2 front 6 options



    If we opt for the OX in the 1st XI that means we can shape during the game as a 442 or a 443 much easier, but then the 2nd string will be much weaker & less creative

    Anyway I feel we’re going to see a trio of youngsters, Jack, Le Coq & OX playing together more than people would assume initially

    Let’s see how this is going to pan out

  30. Bergkamp63

    Not wishing to put a doom on things because I’m not but I thought Southampton were the worse team I have seen in the PL for a while,

    That is until I saw Reading yesterday !! WOW are they shit or what, Even Giroud could score against that lot !!

  31. Iceman

    The same City who couldn’t beat Stoke or Liverpool?? The same City who have leaked more goals than us? Cmon guys, we can beat City, they aint as good as they seem…….all the teams know their tactics now, last season they were lucky cos they had new unpredictable players…….its a whole new ball game this season………pfffftttt…..beating an above average United side to the title on Goal difference….It’s a shame if u ask me……with all the money spent……..

  32. Sadam Mahessar


    I think chances of us beating City are higher than Chelsea at current form, City have looked very average this season, all we need is to keep Yaya and Silva quiet and for Vermalaen/Koscielny to take complete care of Aguero.

    They have been very shaky at the back, have been conceding and Podolski/Cazorla and Chamberlain would be a huge test for them, also if Giroud scores tomorrow, you know his confidence against City would be sky high.

  33. Bjonan


    I dont think JW,Rosicky,Ramsey,Sagna,Giroud,Walcot,Mannone,Le Coq and Koscelny,Santos,Djourou lack quality…these are the players we have on our bench this season.. living out the likes of Ashavin and Chamak(not sure about there quality anymore)…

    That gives you the second 11 team..Not bad for FA cup playoffs n Carling Cup(keep forgeting its new name).

    Sagna Koscelny Djourou Santos

    Le Coq Rosicky


    Walcot Ashavin



    Not bad for cup tournaments.

  34. Leedsgunner

    sam @ 932

    I don’t know if I would include Frimpong in there under the banner of “world class”. It would be nice if he could stay on the pitch for more than two games in succession… he needs to get his injuries and temperament sorted out.

    As for Cesc, it just all speculation. I doubt he would leave Barca now and doubt even more that would we would bid more than £15m tops for him. Barca will not want to be screwed over by us like they did to us.

    Arteta and Rosicky are both experienced but aging. We need to look for able replacements… for my money I would like the club to go for Fellani (a proven epl player) and Isco. He played with Cazorla at Malaga so would be able to settle in nicely. Beautiful passer of the ball and thinks ahead…

    Diaby and Wilshere are both able players but so fragile. Will they be able to go the distance? They are not not like “new signings”.

    They are old signings that will need time time to adjust and watch themselves not to reinjure themselves. If they do, at worst, no matter how talented they are, they are worst of both worlds, old signings who are preventing new signings from coming in on the vain hope they will become like new signings thereby preventing the club from pushing on.

  35. Sadam Mahessar

    Would you all be happy with 3 points from City and Chelsea? A win and a loss or you think two draws, which get us less points but also mean points dropped for both opponents would be a higher confidence lift?

  36. Bade

    If we can keep in touch with the leaders & add the needed players in January, then we might have a good shout. But as it stands, I agree with Pedro it’s highly unlikely that we’re going to go the long distance & win it

    But hey, I won’t be sad to be found wrong here

  37. mystic

    Lets take it in our stride. Arsenal haven’t played top teams as yet, but in fairness it is a totally different start against last season. Lets see how things develop over the next few weeks, before getting carried away.

  38. fanboy

    Merit and rotation are the only reason anyone should get in the team now, there should be no guaranteed starters, Jack and the rest will have to fight for their places

  39. Leedsgunner


    “That is until I saw Reading yesterday !! WOW are they shit or what, Even Giroud could score against that lot !!”

    I’m not sure Olivier would take that as a compliment… dare you to tell him to his face.

  40. TT

    Jack fragile? Since when? He got over played by the manager even though the warning signs where there and got a long term injury out of it.

    I don’t recall any major injury history for Jack while he was in the youth teams at Arsenal.

  41. Geoff

    Ha, ha I’m loving reading some of the comments on how great our midfield is playing and how happy they are. What short memories some have!

    It’s no coincidence that since we got rid of the hapless Song slowing us down and making mistake after mistake that we are playing better and more as a team.

    Also no surprise that now the ‘big I am’ influence has gone the players are happier.

    Course when I said we would be better without him I was called a racist, a hater and often told to get over it…

    Useless cunt can’t even get in the Barca team when they win 4nil, just like his old boyfriend Ade can’t!

  42. Super G10

    People need to go on youtube n re-cap on just how good wilshere is, watch his game against barca…..

    Wilshere cazorla arteta 1st team, diaby on for teams with hight, give coq a run out now and then aswell because i can flaw his performance, think wenger should have converted him to a right/left back aswell for abit more depth

  43. Afc53

    Cazorla arteta and Wiltshire what a midfield trio that’s fantasy football

    We may need to bring in a striker though in jan and replace chamakh

  44. Geoff

    Bade but there were a lot more that thought the sun shone out of his arse, including the manager.

    Look at how much better we play now, he was like playing with 10 men.

  45. Leedsgunner


    You’re right about AW playing Jack into the ground… my argument would be that Wilshere has become fragile because of Wenger’s foolhardy handling of him. (Don’t quote me on this but didn’t Jack play 45 games or something like that in his breakout season? I’m sure Gambon will tell me I’m wrong before calling me a c****.);)

    As for JW’s record in youth foot team football, I don’t know. But in any case I’m sure you’re not comparing youth team football and first team epl and cl football as equivalents are you?

  46. Seven Pistols

    Vito Mannone

    Jenks Per Koscielny Santos


    Gervinho. Arshavin. Podolski


    BENCH: Chezzer, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Arteta, Walcott, The Ox, CAZORLA!

    This team can take on Montpellier and its only sensible to rest some key players. We need everyone fit all season to stand a chance.

    In my opinion, we should go to the Etihad with the same team that stole the 3points at Anfield and Diaby should not be in the team tomorrow. NO RISKS! As for Ramsey, Chamakh, Djourou and Squids, there’s simply no space for them.

  47. Super G10

    2 points out of the next 2 EPL games wouldnt be criminal…

    I might be optimistic but i think we could get 4 out of them, we are a team flowing with confidence rite now and city look shitty, chelsea look decent but not special, and were home for that match

    Fuck it i want 4+ points from them games!!!

  48. Leedsgunner


    Would love for 6 points against Man City and Chelsea (unlikely) but I would be more than happy for two goal less draws. Two clean sheets would boost the confidence of the goalkeeper and defensive unit… and when you have a solid defence you more often than not always gain points. Long live the unbeaten streak… the longer it last the more good it does to the team’s morale and more other teams begin to fear us again.

    Since we lost Cesc and Nasri especially, other teams in the league don’t fear us anymore. (Losing to teams like Blackburn last year didn’t help.) We need to get that swagger and the “fear factor” back into the game.

  49. Bade

    We’re still week in the RB position

    Diabt still far from being consistent, so I’d suggest people be a bit more reasonable about our chances this season

  50. Iceman

    Theres no being reasonable……..RB Jenkos doing a fine job….and Coq can play there………….we played without Diaby, he ain’t irreplaceable……one guy short doesn’t weaken the other world class players, does it???

  51. tuneric

    Yeah well said groovers but one thing you haven’t noticed and commented on is that MC29 is better than OG. I hope he comes into this new side again.

  52. goonerjay

    Leedsgunner – Mancini does fear us. Even against last years Arsenal team he set his team up to park the bus. City always look shit scared to attack us

  53. Sadam Mahessar

    Seven Pistols

    Is the 11th man in your team the ghost of Alex Song?

    Ramsey has looked sharp in his little cameos, he deserved a goal against Southampton, under Cazorla he is going to impress, he is not a starter but a good enough player to bring on from the bench like our very old Theo.

  54. Seven Pistols

    2points from the Chavs and Man City games will be poor regardless of clean sheets. We need 4points minimum to show intent.

    If we’re aiming for confidence and a morale boost, then we should be beating Chelsea at the Emirates, NOT looking for a draw. Anything less than a point at the Etihad is crap too. We can do this!

  55. peanuts&monkeys

    The problem upfront can only be realistically resolved by either (a) Wenger buying a Cisse/Ba/Bent in January or could be on loan too, or (b) Arshavin. Arshavin has to be a a man possessed for the next 4 months. Cant Wenger get him up and happening for a few months? Something gotta give on Arshavin> >>> What a player! What a waste!

  56. Nick

    Good result but we should be spanking all the new boys like this at home as standard hope this is the start.
    Wenger does some strange things imo manone is the only challanger to shez he has played and kept a clean sheet both times shez has been patchy and yes he may be a better keeper but I dont think he should have been put back in the team what does that do for compertition or either keepers confidence!
    Also with giroud he needs game time so he benches him against a team at home he has a good chance of getting of the mark against he has put the effort in even tho he hasnt scored, again what does this do for his confidence.
    Geoff I agree with the song bit utter twat

  57. gambon

    “Can we win the title this year? Highly unlikely I’d say. What we can do is give ourselves a far better showing this year.”

    I would agree with this. I would say we can give ourselves a great platform this season, but historically we never build from there, we never go out and splash the cash that turns a good team into a title winning team.

  58. Johnny5

    Top post Pedro

    Great news to hear wilshere being back but let’s not count our chickens just yet ay. He’s probably a fair bit away from being fit and will no doubt pick up a knock in training. It’s the arsenal way lol. I’m impressed with the overall balance of the team so far and seeing as we always do ok against the bigger teams I’m confident we can get two more wins at city and Chelsea. Both have looked a bit off the pace so maybe we can keep them from scoring and nick a few goals. Would be a great oppo for giroud to announce his arrival in the PL with a hat trick against city.

  59. Leedsgunner

    Theo is a legend…

    in his own mind.

    His biggest problem is that he believes in his own press too much… with the amount of games and hype he’s had he should be a world class winger in the mold of Sanchez or C Ronaldo by now. He should be a lot further on than he is. He has great pace to be sure, but great pace doesn’t get you anywhere if you insist of running into blind alleys again and again.

    To my mind, with his pace, he is a good impact player. Someone who is able to drag defenders out of position in the latter stages of the game to create space for others to score and get a result for the team.

    However, does he have the team ethic to play that role for the team? The fact that he’s stalling on his new contract suggests not. He could be our own version of Solskaejaer, but I don’t think he’ll be willing to. RvP’s clinical finishing made Theo look better than he really is, last year. Worth a go in the middle as you say Ice… we’re short of quality striking options anyways, thanks to Wenger.

  60. mystic

    peanuts&monkeysSeptember 17, 2012 10:37:17
    ‘The problem upfront can only be realistically resolved……’
    Appreciate that we failed to score in 2 games (Giroud should have broken his duck against Sunderland and almost fluked a goal against Stoke), but the eight goals so far have been scored by 6 different players. Isn’t that the idea of teamwork , rather than relying on a single goalscorer?

  61. Goonerism

    Satisfying start to the season and for the first time in a long, long time it finally looks as though we are defending in the way Arsenal FC should be able to defend, hopefully it’s not a false dawn!
    What makes me laugh is how the pundits always change their tack on us. I was watching the Sunday supplement yesterday and they were syaing the big test would be when we came up against the big sides that we have traditionally struggled against in the last few seasons which I think is a little wide of the mark. We beat Chelsea and City last season as well beating Spurs/Newcastle at our place. We lost games to United and City as well but I don’t think it’s fair to say that we can’t mix it with the big teams.
    Previously the pundits would say we always lost to the smaller teams which I think is more the reason we have struggled in recent seasons.
    Anyway happy days so far 🙂

  62. gambon


    Teamwork doesnt score against outstanding defences, top class individuals do.

    When youre playing in the semi of the CL or against City to decide the PL in April you arent gonna get the space & time that Southampton gave us.

    Thats where your Messis/Ronaldos/Rooneys & RVPs are important.

  63. goonerjay

    Gambon – We still have a top class individual mate… it’s just that he’s the one feeding the players the ball into dangerous areas, rather than being the one to finish the move like we had last year.
    We have world class forwards and a top class little Spaniard sat behind them.

  64. Kripakar M. Marur

    Back to your Song bashing best I see. But our improvement is not solely due to departure of that mistake machine. Arteta has been phenomenal in the deepest midfield role.

    Good point. Even title winning squads need additions and refreshment. All we do is replace outgoing players and hope for a step up from those who stay.

  65. goonerjay

    Gambon – Can’t argue with that. I think we may have enough to see us within a challenging position with this current team but def need a bit more quality up top to be a title winning team

  66. Bade


    If we can keep in touch until January & buy, they just might get something

    But as it stands, we won’t win the title

    Arteta & Cazorla isn’t enough

  67. tuneric

    Well if you don’t believe, It’s just a matter of time. OG can’t become the player MC29 didn’t become if given same chances.

    For tues; I’ll like us to go with







    Pos subs if no injuries; GERV – CHAMAKH (75) GIROUD left

  68. Iceman

    Well Gambon, lets hope Poldi or Giroud can become that player…….cos Girouds goals last season were from all types and angles………I’m confident we can win a major trophy this season……

  69. Leedsgunner

    Iceman @1053

    Fair enough… not another 200 + games though.

    Let’s give him 10 games down the middle and see, if he scores 5 or 6 in that time I would say he’s worth a go there. Hopefully he’ll do better than Torres @ Chelsea (9 strikes in 50) albeit one of those strikes won them the CL final if I’m not mistaken… I bet that goal alone recouped £50 million fee in terms of shirt sales and marketability. Oh for our club to have that opportunity!

  70. Mayank

    I wonder how Podolski will do in veryy tight matches. Of course a good freecick will be a goal against any opposition but his main asset is running at players. Harder to do when you’re against JT, Vidic or Kompany.

  71. T.billion

    Really happy to see the boys doing what is expected of them but the problem am foreseeing is some of these older guns (kuz, roz, santos,) threatning to leave but if wenger can properly and efficiently rotate them, evrybody getting playing time and luck is on our side injury wise , i think we are gon be in for a swell time this season … An additional forward man wont be a bad idea come january … …. …..

  72. mystic

    gambonSeptember 17, 2012 11:00:05
    ‘Teamwork doesnt score against outstanding defences, top class individuals do.’

    I take that was a serious comment?

    I don’t deny that a leading goalscorer can take teams apart, but of the 19 goals scored against the other sides in the top six, 10 were scored by players other than RvP. As 4 of those were scored by Walcott I assume you are suggesting that with the correct development he could be an outstanding player?

  73. Song's Golf Shoes

    Bergkamp63 what are you on about? How is it when we play amazingly, the opposition is suddenly shit? You’re talking about the same team who Man U and Man City only just beat – the same team who scored 2 goals against each one, and who broke our clean sheet run. Fix up mate, they started the season against 3 of the best sides in the world and you’re calling them shit when they haven’t failed to score? Have some respect ffs.

    Plus that one pass that G Ramirez slid through about 6 of our players only for Lambert to put it wide when it should have been their 2nd of the game was single-handedly better than anything that Villa, Norwich, QPR and Reading have produced in any of their games this season! Their only truly bad result was losing to Wigan, but even then we lost to them last season. Come on man. Bottom of the league but no way in hell will they stay there and no way in hell do they deserve to be there.

  74. Al

    Mayank September 17, 2012 11:23:44

    I wonder how Podolski will do in veryy tight matches. Of course a good freecick will be a goal against any opposition but his main asset is running at players. Harder to do when you’re against JT, Vidic or Kompany.
    I like the fact that defenders don’t no wether they should back up from him or not because if they give him the slightest of space he will shoot…and he has a great shot….very similar to Cronaldo

  75. Al

    Song’s Golf Shoes September 17, 2012 11:25:42

    Plus that one pass that G Ramirez slid through about 6 of our players only for Lambert to put it wide when it should have been their 2nd of the game was single-handedly better than anything that Villa, Norwich, QPR and Reading have produced in any of their games this season!
    It was not a pass but a terrible shot and lambert showed strikers instinct by following up the shot but got lucky

  76. Iceman

    mystic …. Wenger shouldn’t play Theo on the right against teams that sit deep on the wings to shut him out, he should put him thru the middle…..one thru ball from Cazorla and he’s gone on goal….its a question of will he score……

  77. OhtobeaGooner

    What a game that was! Arteta… what a LAD! Was impressed by everyone bar Szczesny. Theo should have squared for Giroud as well…. I was screaming ‘square it’ like a mad person at the TV. Looking forward to the game mid week. Kos should start for TV5, Santos for Gibbs, Giroud should definitely start. Maybe give Diaby 20mins or so, so he has some game time b4 facing City. Santi Clause should be rested and only brought on if we are in trouble so maybe Ramsey on for him. Podolski should be rested as well… he works his socks off! I guess headless chicken should start to give The Ox a rest as well.

  78. Leedsgunner

    @Bade 1114

    Feeling positive today? Buying in January? We all know what’s going to happen. TH14 will come in for a loan… and an unknown 16 year old will be signed as the “new —- (insert appropriate Gunner legend here.)”. Unless another Spanish club goes t*** up, we won’t bring in anyone of quality. (I suspect Cazorla was only brought because of that anyway.) Why bring in reinforcements when your injured players are like “new signings”? We don’t want to “kill off” Bellerin or Gnabry do we? *sigh*

    Does anybody know how Ryo and Afobe is doing? I hope they’re ripping up the championship…

  79. Iceman

    Team on Tuesday for me:

    Coq Kos TV5 Santos
    Ramsey Ox
    Walcott Giroud Arshavin
    Bench: Santi, Gervais/Poldi, Schez, Djourou, Gibbs, Jenko, Diaby

  80. Bade


    We just might buy in January ….. I might be positive, but we have the money & a good run might just persuade Arsene to splash the available 25m

  81. Nick

    Gerboue 😆 I said he was eboue with a head implant thats why he wears that silly head band to stop his head extension falling off, that name has gotta stick hahaha Gerboue

  82. mystic

    IcemanSeptember 17, 2012 11:29:20
    ‘…..one thru ball from Cazorla and he’s gone on goal….its a question of will he score……’
    Agree that he could do some damage running through the middle, unfortunately his tendancy for poor decision making…… though without needing to think about passing maybe he would be more focused on hitting goals.

  83. Iceman

    @ mystic….exactly….on the wing its too fast even for him, but running down on goal leaving defenders in his dust well…..like i said, question is will he score…….

  84. Leedsgunner


    … Or a good run might convince him that the squad that he has is good enough. Remember we are dealing with a man who knew he had no full backs, but who brought in Henry for two months and signed an unknown midfielder in Eisfield whilst giving out vibes that he was scouting Goetze… I’m with you mate, my heart would love to see a top top signing in January (or two) to help us get over the line and win a trophy… but my head says rumours for a top signing always come out in December to lure the ST holders in then… SNAP…. nothing.

    Remember “exciting signings Gazidas?” Where is he now? Nowhere to be seen or heard one second thought probably cold calling one of Abramovich’s companies for sponsorship deals…

  85. Iceman

    gambon September 17, 2012 11:54:56
    Think City may get a draw. In some ways i think it would be good for City to win.

    Ay it has its pros and cons i guess…….they win they can come back complacent or ready to kill……..lose the same…….

  86. Nick

    real are hit and miss but think the tactics will be more or less spot on from both teams depends if ronaldo turns on the style or not for a madrid win or bore draw imo

  87. Keyser

    Anyone watch Citeh this week or any of their other games ? Real Madrid looked like a team of Mourinho’s, petulent, a bit all over the place no-one looked like they’d played with anyone else and they should’ve lost by a whole lot more.

  88. Keyser

    We play Montpellier, Citeh and then Chelsea in the nextw eek and a bit, why are you looking for shit to moan about in January.

  89. Iceman

    IMO if you boast a team sheet like City u should beat Stoke anywhere……..they just dont have the team spirit……..which is very important to succeed