Robin Van Who? | Arsenal smash six past sorry Saints | Keeper confidence crisis

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Morning Grovers! How much can one man get wrong in a post? I thought Koscielny would play, I thought Ramsey would get a start and I thought Giroud would play central!

Turns out my thoughts were wrong. I’d like to blame the beer, but a good drinker never blames his can.

So onto the game. Coquelin’s moaning did him the world of good as he made his first appearance of the season. Diaby was ‘rested’. When Wenger says rested, what he doesn’t follow it up with is rested from injury. Up front we played Gervinho centrally and back into the side was Chesney.

The game is going to be pretty simple to report on. We dominated. We destroyed. We conceded a very disappointing first goal of the season.

Podolski was the creator for the first… kind of. He played a nicely weighted pass into Gibbs out wide on the left, the Englishman shot across goal, the Southampton keeper parried and luckily for us Jos Hooiveld was on hand to tap in.

When new teams come to the Premier League and go a goal down so early on in a game, it can end up turning into a massive thumping. We really did find our rhythmn today. Southampton were chasing shadows for the most part as Arsenal carved out chances all over the park.

Gervinho had a chance to put us further ahead but fluffed his lines, Per Mertesacker came close to scoring with his head but the keeper saved well.

Then our 2nd came. A freekick was won outside the Southampton box after Coquelin was fouled. Cazorla, Arteta and Podolski lined up for the freekick. The German elected for the smash over the wall and hit the sweet spot. What a freekick… and boy didn’t he love celebrating it?

Gervinho took the third goal, timing his run to perfection to get on the receiving end of an absolutely class pass from Arteta. He powered into the box and drilled the ball inside the keepers near post. Gervinho as a striker? Who knew!

The fourth came from an Gervinho pass to Podolski, the German ripped a shot at goal and it was again deflected into the back of the net by a Saints player. I had to double take… had Arsenal been taking lessons from Frank Lampard in lucky goals?

The second half was a little less frenetic than the first. The boys knew they’d won and they slowed down. I wonder whether the coach tells them to slip into second gear when they’re 4 in front? Conserve energy and all that… Anyway, one player who totally switched off was Chesney. A cross was floated into the back stick, he went for  it, dropped it and allowed Fox to fire home into an empty net. Not a great way to concede your first goal. However, at least it was an individual mistake rather than a collective problem. Our keeper was pretty poor the whole game if I’m honest. I wonder if those high profile mistakes he made at the Euros are bothering him still? His kicking was atrocious at times. Most of Southampton’s chances came from his poor passing.

We still had some more goals left in reserve. Ramsey came on for Coquelin. He and Cazorla combined nicely, he powered into the box and held onto the ball for far too long, he toe poked the ball past the keeper, it hit the post but Gervinho was on had to finish from a yard. I’m pretty sure he took three touches to get it over the line. But he finished. The final goal came from Theo Walcott when he slotted past the keeper in a crowded box.

All in all. A superb day. One of the last sunny ones for a while I sense. The atmosphere was fantastic as well. Plenty of singing in my block which was unusual!

So to conclude footballistically?

It’s tough to really give any insight into a game we totally dominated. The team are finding a rhythm now, our best players are finding form and some of the players who needed to step up to the plate are finally doing so. I thought Gervinho through the middle was an experiment that worked out. He’s far from cultured as a striker but he knows how to go round players, he’s very fast and he sometimes knows where the net is. I still think he lacks that decisive edge that is going to make him a really top, top player… but that could come.

I thought the back four were solid today bar the error. Having a midfield that supports you is new thing at Arsenal and it’s paying dividends. I thought Coquelin had a very solid game today. He’ll learn plenty from Arteta. You don’t realise how big he is until you see him in the flesh. He looks a far more promising prospect than Denilson ever did. Like I said earlier in the summer, he’s only a  year younger than M’Vila. If he can have a good season this year, it’ll vindicate binning Song and not replacing him.

Cazorla looks like the signing of the summer. What an absolute dream of a player he is. He can play with both feet, his movement off the ball is as good as his movement on the ball and his range of passing gets me excited in a totally inappropriate way. There were a flurry of passes in the first half that he was at the heart of… mesmerising stuff. It actually opened my eyes to how good a player Podolski is. I thought he was quite an industrial footballer, but he actually has great technique and a superb touch. He showed some deft touches when showboating with Cazorla.

All in all, positive vibes all round. Our starting 11 is up there with the best in the league. If we can keep key players fit this year, I still think we’ll be in the mixing pot. It’s a massive if obviously, but this team and squad is getting stronger by the week.

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  1. Keyser

    It seems the people who miss him most are the ones who say they dislike him most.

    ‘Peggy how could I lurve you if I keep being mean to you?’

  2. goonerDNA

    Jenks passing is shit too but his positioning has got alot better, did anyone notice how many cruyff turns he did yesterday

  3. goonerDNA

    incesc, I saw him in one match he doesn’t go forward at all and doesn’t make more than 2 touches before passing but he’s still shit IMO.

  4. Lurch LeRouge


    I think the midfield hangs Jenks out to dry a bit, being lop sided with Gibbs the more advanced of the two, Jenks gets pinned in his quadrant, for me Cazorla doesn’t really do enough to help him out, he seems to prefer working the left channel with poldi rather than Ox’s and Coquelin’s not really attuned to the problem yet.

  5. Keyser

    I think Jenkinson’s happy with that though, he can sit back and defend, but it means Ox doesn’t get enough support and our right side needs work, no biggie just something we can hopefully work on before teams work it out.

    Not really anyone’s fault just need gametime right now.

  6. Harry Redknapp

    song will be ok at barca they dont get attacked by more than one player at any time, the fat slow cunt would be under pressure otherwise

  7. goonerDNA

    Lurch, It looked like we played a lob sided 4-4-2 yesterday




    but Polodski’s work rate means Gibbs is allowed to get forward and with Arteta behind them they have alot of cover.

  8. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah I’d concur with that, but I’d say they’ve already clocked it as our weakness. Think Gerv came deep on several occasions in the second half to help out, need to watch it again though.

    If he had Kozzer next to him to drive out it’d help, but I’m liking the BFG.

  9. goonerDNA

    Jenks work rate is great too but I think he prefers the defensive side he really doesn’t look like he likes the ball that much as for gibbs I think he enjoys taking players on and bombing down the left he’s becoming a good wing back.

  10. Bade


    Le Coq is talented, that much I can tell, but he’s been played in the middle & the RB, and it’s kind of hard to tell how’s he going to develop if given a decent run of games

    Arteta is a superb mentor for any player, as we can see he’s controlling all the aspects of the midfield.

    I think Le Coq might be the kind of the more technical Flamini, so he can play the anchor or one of two holding midfielders in a 442

    I hope he’ll come good & I do think having Arteta around is enough for your apprenticeship

    Sorry, I’m just in love with Arteta can’t help it

  11. peanuts&monkeys

    @ Pedro,

    Let’s not pretend we don’t know how well-placed for big matches and well-placed for chasing the title we could have been, had Wenger not sold RvP. PLEASE DO NOT BACK SUCH LUDICROUS DECISIONS of this greedy board.

  12. Bade

    I think Podolski has upped his game since joining us

    He’s just another beast, only with the ability to score goals & make assists

    The way he fights in tackles is just the “Tevez” way, which so much power & command

  13. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah Bade Coq works in a 442, I just wonder how often we’ll opt for that formation, esp when JW and TR return.

    The moment Rambo came on, Gibbs dropped back and we reverted to type I thought.

  14. hitman

    Carzola/Pod – telepathic.

    Bit premature and immature of Wenger to talk of titles. Wait till Jan/Feb and lets see where we are.
    This sort of talk always end us with egg on face.
    I know why he does it – a smoke screen to convince everyone that he got the transfer window correct.
    Best XI maybe , but he knows just like everyone else we’re two signing short of a winning squad.

  15. goonerDNA

    With Santi I reckon the shape and interchangeability is very important we looked so static and predictable in our first 2 games.

  16. Bade


    Somehow Arsene looks more “open” this season for a shift in formation than in previous years, so maybe we’ll see him more there

    It’s his mission though to impose himself & make himself being counted

    I didn’t watch the game yesterday, but as I said earlier before the season started, we have the players to flirt between 433 & 442 I think

    The most interesting thing now is to see how we’re going to fare when our most important player is rested. I mean Arteta.

    I think his importance is his ability to utilise his abilities to suit the players around him & balance the midfield, if needed he’s a pure DM, he’s a box-to-box, he’s an AM. Madness how good he is, I never though he was that good until he joined so I had to watch him on a weekly basis

  17. Keyser

    Didn’t think there was much real attention paid to formation yesterday, everyone mucked in, but we seemed far less rigid and disciplined in comparison to previous games, it’s only 4 games in and we’lls ee how we line up against Montpellier, Koscileny maybe getting a game.

    Gibbs is far more experienced really and he’s had years of playing through the ranks, I think what we saw in Jenkinson is his physical attributes, he’s big, and once he gets going pretty quick, can’t remember when we had last had a full-back that size ?!

    Though it means he’s got a lot to learn against small technical players and you can tell he’s not comfortable with it right now.

    Anyone watch the Citeh game ?!

  18. Santos

    Yeah Santi and Poldi are telepathic on the pitch. You’d think they’ve been here for a long time. Experienced players don’t waste time to click, Arsene

  19. goonerDNA

    Bade, good point about Arteta he’s so key to the team we saw last year how shit we play without him, coq could be Arteta’s replacement as he doesn’t do the box to box thing neither is he a AM type, he could be our pivot tho.

  20. Keyser

    “I know why he does it – a smoke screen to convince everyone that he got the transfer window correct.”

    hitman – He’s got a team to motivate, new players, young players, no real massive ego everyone looks to like previous years and several players who are experienced enough to pull the rest with them.

  21. tippitappi

    I’m no wenger fan but you have to give the man credit in his comments regarding loyalty it puts in perspective the so called loyalty shown by some of those badge kissing knob heads who have worn our shirt in recent times.
    I think they will cope well next Sunday with at least a draw , there was a kind of smooth running throughout the side that was easy on the eye perhaps some disruption has been moved on this summer that maybe was really dragging the team down as much as helping it , but to put in a sustainable tilt at the title they still need to replace vp & song with similar quality at some stage this season

  22. Keyser

    Bade – We’ve basically been as rigid as we can be in a 4-3-3 in the games before this one.

    We’ve been pretty cautious for a Wenger team and we’ve tried to build confidence before we start to express ourselves this year.

    People place far too much importance on formation, once Wilshere comes back, we’re hopefully going to be playing triangles all the place.

  23. Santos

    Yeah Tippy Tappy, those players need replacing at some part of the season, which is definitely January. In Loyalty talk, RVP’s has been the most irksome

  24. Bade


    Probably Kozzer will get the CL start, as we need rotation

    But definitely I would keep the CB pairing that we have in the league, until Kozzer shows enough to claim back his position

    The bless of healthy competition

  25. Johnty79

    You will all be eating humble pie in february when the slump starts. Carzola is injured and verm would have played to many games. The genius is ferguson who is rotating already…they will be champs for def this season… And Pedro finally accept koz is third choice centre half…mert got all the blame for Blackburn last year and koz was exempt…. A centre half partnership has to be over 6 foot average. City , man, Chelsea biggest centre halves and best 3 defences in league over last 3 years. Nuff said.

  26. Lurch LeRouge

    the quality of Arteta’s I love most is his refusal to make unnecessary tackles, when tracking his man into passing backwards works 95% of the time.

    Gilberto’s invisible wall redux

  27. Bade


    Or just in one word


    I like the way we look. Pretty harder to imagine us conceding goals now. Even the goal we conceded came out of a purely unexpected human error

  28. Ebo Hero

    is it just me thats a little annoyed that walcott scored after coming on, fluffing a shit load of passes and sabotagting girouds potential first goal cuz’ his head was in his shorts?

    i can see his agent chomping at the bit trying to justify the 100k with him coming on with a few minutes and scoring the last of 6 goals against a beaten team…..

    something about that woodblocc i just cant stomach nowadays.

  29. KlausPoppe

    The ball from Arteta to Gervinho for the third goal was so good.

    How can he be not considered world class? His distribution was always sublime but his defensive work is too often overlooked. His defensive stats should be one of the best in the league as a midfielder, he won all his ground duels yesterday.

  30. Keyser

    Bade – I think that’s too easy, hopefully we don’t ever find out.

    Podolski actually works his ass off and this year both Jenkinson and the Ox are far more adept defensively, but we haven’t really been tested and for me it’ll be more how we attack teams like Citeh and Chelsea this year, last year we had Van Persie in phenomenal form, this year we’re going to have to break them down without getting caught out.

  31. goonerDNA

    Johnty79, “A centre half partnership has to be over 6 foot average”

    Vermaelen 6’0 Kozzer 6’1

    And JD is shit and is 6’4

  32. Bade


    I don’t thin we have the squad to go the distance

    Still after a geed performance & a comfortable win I’d like to celebrate

    It all a matter of timing mate

  33. goonerDNA

    gambon, shut your fanny

    The point is height doesn’t make a player better at reading positional play are you going be the fool to argue that or you just being a cunt again

  34. Bade


    I doubt we’re going to see big goals tally on those games. No way 5-3 or 2-8 there

    The feeling is there’s a defensive boss

    As Pedro rightly described it the other day, we’re far more CALM defensively than we were for the past few years

    Indeed we haven’t been tested, we’re yet to play the both Mancs & Chavs, but we’re definitely looking better.

    Mind you, Mancs conceded 5 & 6, Chavs 2, and they weren’t tested harder than us

    So we can see many positives on here, even though it’s only 4 games on the season. Last season by now we conceded 10 goals, 14 in 5 games. Noe we’re only 1 in 4

  35. goonerDNA

    gambon, you think song was our 2nd best player last season so I don’t really take you seriously anymore like I said fat boy stick to the financial matters of the game.

  36. Iffy da Goon

    the quality of Arteta’s I love most is his refusal to make unnecessary tackles, when tracking his man into passing backwards works 95% of the time.


    That’s what’s so wrong with song. Wonder how that’ll work for him at barcelona

  37. Keyser

    Bade – We’re far more calm because we’ve actually had a settled team, last year we were all over the place scrambling to replace players.

  38. Nasri's Mouth


    I’m sure that helps, but it’s also obvious that the players have been drilled in their defensive duties. Add into the mix that Jenkinson has taken several huge steps up the experience ladder and Mertesacker has a PL season under his belt.

  39. Keyser

    Bade – You can’t use last season as the yardstick, and if you are you’d have to take the whole season into account, it’s like using Chesney’s mistake yesterday, if he doesn’t do that again you wouldn’t say it automatically means he’s had a good year.

  40. Lurch LeRouge

    biggest factor isn’t experience or another season under our belts, its that daft suicidal high line has been trashed, we’re capable of closing the space between our defenders and midfielders because the Arteta’s disciplined, but mainly because Cazorla has the class to hold the ball when double and tripple teamed, & Diaby isn’t far behind him in that regard either.

  41. Iffy da Goon

    Wenger on Francis Coquelin…

    I didn’t go on the [transfer] market because of him, because of Frimpong, because of Wilshere coming back – he is not far away now. Frimpong is joining in now on Monday in full training. Diaby as well, he plays in this position. We have no real defensive midfielder because we all go forward when we have the ball.

  42. Keyser

    Lurch LeRouge – We had that last year aswell, with Mertesacker sitting we had to play deeper because he can’t cover ground quick enough.

    The difference is Cazorla by a mile, but it also makes us massively reliant on him, which is why I think the glorification of the defence is a bit premature, the promising thing was the Liverpool goal, we covered 60-70 yards in pretty clinical fashion to score.

    Though again Cazorla was a part of that and Liverpool’s defending was pretty poor.

  43. Kripakar Marur

    Yesterday Poldi had a 100% pass completion rate(31 passes). Amazing for a winger/forward. I knew he had a deadly finish in him. But his passing, control and technique have been a revelation.

  44. Lurch LeRouge

    true but we’d revert to a high line if he was crocked.

    It’ll be interesting to see our shape at the back when Merts sidelined or rotated.

    anyone know what Cazorlas injury records like offhand?

  45. Kripakar Marur

    He has a very good fitness record and his consistency levels are good. But the problem that Spanish players(Mata, Silva) have in EPL is that they fade a bit after December as they are used to having a winter break. Silva especially looked very fatigued in the latter parts of the season.

  46. bankz

    Lurch….Cazorla has a pretty decent fittness record…guess he played more than 90% of Malaga’s games last season.
    Song was only voted as 2nd best player due to his assists…..carry out the same pool now & even with his betrayal,RVP would still win the best player from last season but Song won’t as most have seen how negligent he was of his duties & now know he was d major reason for us conceding over 20% of our goals last season!

  47. Bade


    In order to play a high line you need you need a quick defenders & quicker midfield to chase the forwards if they slip under the radar

    You need a bid harmony & a beast of a fullbacks

    When & If you have a Roberto Carlos & Cafu, then you might go for it, even if you don’t have the best harmony there

  48. Bade

    Also, when playing a high line you need to press the opposition to exploit the narrow spaces the high line produces & we didn’t do it

    If you don’t press, there’s no point for that high line

  49. kwik fit

    Song had a great 2009/10 season when he maintained his defensive midfielder duties and didn’t try to be something he wasn’t. Unfortunately the accolades he received from the fans and media following that season seemed to go to his head. Literally.
    Barca deserve him. I’m very happy for both him and barca and I hope they have many happy mishaps together.

  50. Kripakar Marur

    Last season we played a high line without pressing the ball high up the field. Or to put it simply, SUICIDE. I like this season’s 2 banks of 4 defense. That and the fact that Walcott has stayed on the bench is the reason for our new found solidity. Or to put it simply, the Bould effect.

  51. nishanth

    Good start to the season but City will be a totally different prospect. I think Mertesacker has been outstanding so far but maybe koscielny is better suited for that game. With Aguero a combination of Tevez and Aguero might be too much for Mert to handle in terms of pace.

  52. Yemmy Idowu

    I really enjoyed the game yesterday,except the Sczcesny error! It broke my heart! Maybe he didn’t realise that the team was in the process of settin a new record of 4 straight clean sheets. He’s a better gk than Mannone,he only has to be tutored properly!

  53. Dimitri

    I think when wilshire is back he can fill the cazorla role effectively for games against weaker opposition when he needs a rest.

  54. ikon

    What has changed is we now have three players in Podolski, Cazorla and Arteta who , other than being superb players, are very very no nonsense. In passing, there is hardly any follow through and making sure of the right technique, we see toe pokes every match from Podolski and Cazorla which signifies one thing which has been missing… they care only about goals when going forward, not chances created, not a beautiful pass, but the end product.

    Hope this year lady luck smiles a little bit on us.

  55. ardentgooner

    Talking about height for a defender being important..

    Its ridiculous. If you read the game well you can be a good defender. That’s what Mertsacker and even Kozzer are good at.

    Fabio Cannavaro. Enough said.

  56. Zeus

    You will all be eating humble pie in february when the slump starts. Carzola is injured and verm would have played to many games. The genius is ferguson who is rotating already…they will be champs for def this season…

    Wrong assessment mate. We are 4 games into the flipping season. If u make voluntary rotations at this point ala rafa benitez, then u are just messing with momentum.

    And for the record Fergie is making forced rotations due to injuries.

  57. Lordbergkamp

    This should be the official site of doomers! We’ve conceded one goal, are unbeaten and are playing good football.

    Not good enough they cry! Only played shit, they say! Wait unti the injuries they mutter! Wenger’s still a cunt they snidely whisper!


    This Arsenal team is good. Get over it.

  58. Kushagra India

    These players who say, “Oh, I’ve won the league three times.” They’ve been at Chelsea or United but they’re not a regular. They play all over the place, they come in, they go out. I could do that. I could do that for Chelsea or United, not a problem.
    ‘But I’ve been one of the main players for Liverpool, winning the European Cup, winning the Cup treble. OK, I’m probably jealous of Giggs and Scholes and their titles and European Cups. But I played for my team my whole life and I’ve been one of the main players in what we’ve done. I could have won the league going somewhere else and just playing 25 games. I’m good enough to have won the league. I’m not trying to sound big-headed but more often than not we’ve had one of the best defensive records each season.’

    Jamie Carragher

  59. andy

    lordbergamk spot on. by the way I wonder what some of you make out of the fact diaby was fit and didn´t even make the bench due to no risk? of course this is not rotation for some of you as AW doesn´t rotate … like somebody said before rotation can be good but can also stop the team from getting momentum which is a big factor for our next games – we have momentum, city doesn´t. we have momentum, chavs look like they´ve lost it already (although I wouldn´t bet on it). all of you should be aware that having momentum/high self confidence is a big factor in games like that – that´s the reason why utd tended to win those games against us – they knew they were capable of and we didn´t – we “hoped” we were good enough while they know. that´s one of the reasons why SAF is able to be at the top year in year out with pretty average players in his team. confidence can give you those important 2 – 3 % more and rotating now would be a wrong decision for sure. by rotating I mean resting 3 – 4 players. resting 1 or 2 shouldn´t be that big problem. I really hope vermi doesn´t play on tuesday – he is the only one having 3 full games within the last week. maybe santi should be taken off after 60 mins but we will see. we don´t see them in training so it´s hard for us to know who´s really a little bit tired already.

  60. sam

    Hello Doomers!

    have you noticed we are only 2 points behind the league leaders?
    if we get maximum points after 2 games we will be top.
    and yes we have better squad than last season, gervinho scored 2 goals, per ze german giant is a monster. coquelin made his debut( m’vila who?) we love sczesney but he needs to grow up and be more serious like manone. lame ducks are axed from the first team.
    who are you blaming for your depression now? walcott? oooops he scored.
    is your leader Gambon on suicide watch? i hope he’s ok


    I have to say that I thought it was an absolutely stunning performance from Arsenal yesterday. Apart from the incredibly soft goal we conceded I thought it was fantastic. People will say it was only Southampton but to get a team to play that kind of football is not easy and Wenger deserves full credit for it. I don’t think it got the recognition it deserved in the papers – it all seems to be about Scholes and people not shaking hands.

    I really get the feeling we are a team this season which means as long as I see them working hard for each other I am happy. I don’t want Drogba. It’s a shame RVP has gone because with him I think we would be serious contenders for the EPL. We still may be tough. Early days but it’s a much better start than last season.

    Well done Arsenal, and well done Wenger for mastering a performance like that – not easy.

  62. sam


    we don’t have big squad like man city or chelsea and we know that major rotation is a huge gamble.
    nothing wrong with a lil slight rotation, like resting 2 players for the next game. like bringing diaby, walcott and koscielny for the montpellier game. mert, gervinho and coquelin start on the bench. that will also improve our injury management. diaby played 5 games in 2 weeks see what happened, wenger should have stopped him from playing internationals.

  63. peanuts&monkeys

    Coquelin is too young and inexperienced. Wish he had 15 more PL matches under his belt. But yes, he is 50 tines better than Jenko. Jenko is a complete retard who plays with Wenger’s dick on matchnights.

    With Diaby crocked already, I hope Coq gets some divine assistance and he really really delivers.

  64. sam

    Nothing to do with Akb arsenal played well last night and after 4 games we now know that van persie was just a luxury we couldn’t afford.
    we have copycat of xavi and iniesta in our midfield with the english bulldog Jack still to come back.
    gervinho looks like our new van debayor and poldi has more power than van judas.
    why should we moan? and the window is shut till january we cannot sign your dream worldclass now we have to be happy with what we’ve seen so far.

  65. peanuts&monkeys

    I loved Arsenal before i started hating ManU. Had these been in opposite oredr, should have ended up supporting Liverpool. Talking about Liverpool….what a set of promising promising players they have got this time.

    Joe Allen: hardly makes an error., You can depend on him with your life.

    Sterling: OMG!! Just what a boy wonder he is! Playing like crazy at the age of 18. He has surpassed Ben Arfa as the most dangerous winger. Best part is he is deft at both the wings.

    Why on hell, cant Wenger get players like those? Even a Croatian league manager could have scouted these guys. Raheem Sterling, will you join Arsenal one day?

    DB10 got me rooting for Arsenal 10 years back. If Sterling scores against ManU, i would be considering being a L’pool fan soon. Wenger signing a contract extension could be the last nail.

  66. sam

    (peanut&monkeys )Gambon is that you? stop hiding

    coquelin is a good player and he’s not immature, arsenal career begins slow just like arteta, koscielny etc…… he’s more skillful than yann overrated m’vila. I will accept if you said frimpong not coquelin, he has good atittude.
    jenkinson is part of a defence that conceded only one goal and unbeaten in the league so far. Unless you know more about coaching than Steve bould.

  67. eboue

    sam a bit to early to claim podolski is better than van persie dont you think? i think podolski will be 1 of the top summer signings in europe but just calm down only been 4 games.

  68. peanuts&monkeys

    Oh Sam, as if Steve Bould has confessed to you that he the Arsenal back 7 (including Squid and JD) are the best possible defenders he could have asked for.

    He just can’t go shopping on his own, Purse strings are with the pennypinching bastard. Wenger out!!!!

  69. peanuts&monkeys

    *** Oh Sam, as if Steve Bould has confided in you that the Arsenal back 7 (including Squid and JD) are the best possible defenders he could have asked for. He just can’t go shopping on his own, Purse strings are with the pennypinching bastard. Wenger out!!!!

  70. Bacaryisgod

    One of the benefits to not having a team of superstars is that very few members of our team are going to be tired after International week. The commentators missed out on this point when noting how strong Arsenal were yesterday. Cazorla, Podolski, Arteta, Gibbs, Jenks and Mertesacker were all pretty rested and it showed. This will only become more apparent as the season progresses, particularly with only Gervinho out in January for Ivory Coast.

  71. Bacaryisgod

    So what if Richard Wright has a title? A lot of weak players also have a Champions League medal and even a World Cup medal.

    The glory is in leading your team to a title not being another piece of a team that has already won it a few times (Cesc, maybe RVP) or winning for a team that lost a billion pounds getting there.

  72. Harry Redknapp

    see another regular has changed their name and tried their hand at attaining gambon fame but with a comedy twist lol quite funny though i guess theres one downside to signing DB10

  73. Bob N7

    Really pleased that Gervinho did a job as CF….appreciate it was ‘only’ Southampton but he ghosted past defenders into really promising positions. Almost more significantly, it pushes further down the pecking order and further away from appearing in an Arsenal shirt. We really looked like a team yesterday. Tougher tests in next two PL games but without a doubt a promising start.
    I didn’t realise how good a player Podolski was I must admit!

  74. Harry Redknapp

    im sick of hearing about sterling messi, he has done nothing. he has not even played long enough to lose form, he has had a few good minutes but even jenks back pocketed him apart from the couple times big per played him the ball thinking he was on our team

  75. Bacaryisgod

    Definition of a doomer:

    After 4 games: “It’s only 4 games, just wait for the collapse”
    After 2 games: “Only 2 points and no goals, this season is going to be disaster!”

  76. sam


    we suffered in the past from adebanjo to arshavin from laziness and lack of interest.
    Goals will come so i will take team work over anything and yes podolski has better workrate than van persie. we knew it but we weren’t sure he will show it so soon in the EPL.
    and it would have been better if we had them both in the team, maybe yesterday score would have been 8-0 if wenger didn’t drop manone.

  77. sam

    wenger’s only mistake yesterday was to drop Don vito
    it makes sceszny think he’s untouchable so he carries on mocking about.
    we won anyway

  78. sam

    brain of a doomer!

    we have no world class player we cannot win anything.
    our number 9 is german most capped player still not world class.
    cazorla and arteta not world class.
    but fat boy looney and van debayor are world class. maybe its because they take 500k a week home thats why they are world class.
    It looks like to be world class you have to be a greedy mercenary

    according to doomers

  79. eboue

    yes sam i agree with you there some players these past few years have been lazy and not giving it there all, this season everyone seems to be putting in a shift but if rvp was still here i think we would win the league especially with this new found team spirit. hopefully we still compete though.

  80. salparadiseNYC

    Anyway you skin 6-1 feels GOOD.
    Podolksi and Cazorla look like they’re youth football together and the back 4 is moving in unison which is very odd to see; an actual unit.
    Shame we did not sign Julio C to compete with a very shaky Szez.. time will tell and we’ve always got ex Hull loanie Mannone and Flapianski for backup. Yikes.

    Must say AW speaking title challenge was pretty funny considering we’ve won 2 on the trot… lets talk title challenge in January or at the very least mid november after we’ve railed Spuds and have faced City, United and Chelsea.


  81. Harry Redknapp

    liverpool lost mcmanaman fowler michael owen, so they alonso mascherano keane crouch, so were not the only selling club, they just dont have anything anyone wants now

  82. Harry Redknapp

    but wenger has to answer questions is he meant to say no we cant win the title? seriously he has to at least talk the talk while orders for new shirts are still coming in

  83. Gooby

    m’villa got booed at home by his own fans this weekend when subbed.

    tough time for him, pundits reckon his value dramatically dropped in recent months and rennes should have sold him for a big bag of cash last year

  84. Ice

    Barry Rednob

    And your point is?

    Rejoice in the fact that our team is doing quite well at this early point in the season

    Wenger happy with this team but still on the look out for a utility defender in the winter….

  85. Dan Ahern

    Excellent game. You expect AFC to hang six on weak opponents, and we did. No more of this lose-to-Wigan, draw-Norwich bullshit that gobbled up countless points last season.

    Podolski was something of a revelation. Not because any reasonable person thought he wouldn’t be great, but because many of us haven’t seen him display such technique and creativity. Glad we got him so early, you can see the benefit of added time with the team.

    Gervinho looked pretty solid in the middle too. As one of his biggest detractors, I must comment him for a pretty good game. Maybe the best part was that Wenger just showed Theo he prefers even the Great Forehead to him. The only downside was that this looked like the best opportunity for Giroud to get a goal. Alas.

  86. Harry Redknapp

    even against such a pile of pony like the saints i did not think gervinho had that sort of performance in him. but as bad as southampton were reading looked even worse today

  87. andy

    I wonder how strong certain teams are this year. We won 6:1 against a soton team which looks pretty competitive against city and utd. We won at anfield where city looked bad. We played quite dominant at the britannia while again city had far more problems than us. If you just look at the performances yet and due to the fact we played against three opponents they played too i think we should be quite positive for our game against city

  88. Martin Wengrow

    Seen Coquelin progress through the ranks. This boy is a real prospect. Also Podolski has never played in a team that creates as many openings as Arsenal. He will probably have the most prolific years of his career at the Emirates.