Robin Van Who? | Arsenal smash six past sorry Saints | Keeper confidence crisis

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Morning Grovers! How much can one man get wrong in a post? I thought Koscielny would play, I thought Ramsey would get a start and I thought Giroud would play central!

Turns out my thoughts were wrong. I’d like to blame the beer, but a good drinker never blames his can.

So onto the game. Coquelin’s moaning did him the world of good as he made his first appearance of the season. Diaby was ‘rested’. When Wenger says rested, what he doesn’t follow it up with is rested from injury. Up front we played Gervinho centrally and back into the side was Chesney.

The game is going to be pretty simple to report on. We dominated. We destroyed. We conceded a very disappointing first goal of the season.

Podolski was the creator for the first… kind of. He played a nicely weighted pass into Gibbs out wide on the left, the Englishman shot across goal, the Southampton keeper parried and luckily for us Jos Hooiveld was on hand to tap in.

When new teams come to the Premier League and go a goal down so early on in a game, it can end up turning into a massive thumping. We really did find our rhythmn today. Southampton were chasing shadows for the most part as Arsenal carved out chances all over the park.

Gervinho had a chance to put us further ahead but fluffed his lines, Per Mertesacker came close to scoring with his head but the keeper saved well.

Then our 2nd came. A freekick was won outside the Southampton box after Coquelin was fouled. Cazorla, Arteta and Podolski lined up for the freekick. The German elected for the smash over the wall and hit the sweet spot. What a freekick… and boy didn’t he love celebrating it?

Gervinho took the third goal, timing his run to perfection to get on the receiving end of an absolutely class pass from Arteta. He powered into the box and drilled the ball inside the keepers near post. Gervinho as a striker? Who knew!

The fourth came from an Gervinho pass to Podolski, the German ripped a shot at goal and it was again deflected into the back of the net by a Saints player. I had to double take… had Arsenal been taking lessons from Frank Lampard in lucky goals?

The second half was a little less frenetic than the first. The boys knew they’d won and they slowed down. I wonder whether the coach tells them to slip into second gear when they’re 4 in front? Conserve energy and all that… Anyway, one player who totally switched off was Chesney. A cross was floated into the back stick, he went for  it, dropped it and allowed Fox to fire home into an empty net. Not a great way to concede your first goal. However, at least it was an individual mistake rather than a collective problem. Our keeper was pretty poor the whole game if I’m honest. I wonder if those high profile mistakes he made at the Euros are bothering him still? His kicking was atrocious at times. Most of Southampton’s chances came from his poor passing.

We still had some more goals left in reserve. Ramsey came on for Coquelin. He and Cazorla combined nicely, he powered into the box and held onto the ball for far too long, he toe poked the ball past the keeper, it hit the post but Gervinho was on had to finish from a yard. I’m pretty sure he took three touches to get it over the line. But he finished. The final goal came from Theo Walcott when he slotted past the keeper in a crowded box.

All in all. A superb day. One of the last sunny ones for a while I sense. The atmosphere was fantastic as well. Plenty of singing in my block which was unusual!

So to conclude footballistically?

It’s tough to really give any insight into a game we totally dominated. The team are finding a rhythm now, our best players are finding form and some of the players who needed to step up to the plate are finally doing so. I thought Gervinho through the middle was an experiment that worked out. He’s far from cultured as a striker but he knows how to go round players, he’s very fast and he sometimes knows where the net is. I still think he lacks that decisive edge that is going to make him a really top, top player… but that could come.

I thought the back four were solid today bar the error. Having a midfield that supports you is new thing at Arsenal and it’s paying dividends. I thought Coquelin had a very solid game today. He’ll learn plenty from Arteta. You don’t realise how big he is until you see him in the flesh. He looks a far more promising prospect than Denilson ever did. Like I said earlier in the summer, he’s only a  year younger than M’Vila. If he can have a good season this year, it’ll vindicate binning Song and not replacing him.

Cazorla looks like the signing of the summer. What an absolute dream of a player he is. He can play with both feet, his movement off the ball is as good as his movement on the ball and his range of passing gets me excited in a totally inappropriate way. There were a flurry of passes in the first half that he was at the heart of… mesmerising stuff. It actually opened my eyes to how good a player Podolski is. I thought he was quite an industrial footballer, but he actually has great technique and a superb touch. He showed some deft touches when showboating with Cazorla.

All in all, positive vibes all round. Our starting 11 is up there with the best in the league. If we can keep key players fit this year, I still think we’ll be in the mixing pot. It’s a massive if obviously, but this team and squad is getting stronger by the week.

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  1. Dave Junia

    Arsen…. Er… Szczesny OUT!

    Great for the goal difference but yea can’t read too much into big wins. Southampton kinda gave up after 40mins.

    I’d like to see them stay up though. If they shore up their defense they can trouble many teams (they’ve already troubled the mancs).

  2. Kripakar Marur

    Good point on Poldi. Everyone expected fast, direct player with a deadly finish. The excellent passing, control and technique are a pleasant surprise. Him and Santi seem like they have played together for years.

  3. Kripakar Marur

    If he said our aim is to finish in the top4, you would be slating him for lack of ambition. What is he supposed to say? That we are not good enough. I don’t think we are in with a shot but I would be surprised if the manager said so to the press.

  4. Ghost

    First, it was Gibbs who smashed it across goal for the 4th not Podolski.
    Had Too much Peroni perhaps? And then you said Ramsey held on to the ball for far too long? Really? Shame on you. He did brilliantly and was denied a great goal by the post.

    We won, that’s all that matters.

  5. Afrogoon

    I can never understand people that think it is ’embarrassing’ to talk about us as title contenders in one breadth and also criticise the club for ‘lowering’ expectations. This squad is good enough to compete and win the Prem.You win the league with ya 1st 11.Teams always drop points when they miss key players in the 1st 11.Problem over the years for us has been missing too many 1st teammers at the same time through injury,suspensions, bad team selection and what not.
    Anyway..Up the Arsenal.I have that winning feeling back.This team has the potential to be one of our most solid yet ‘intricate’ tiki taka jog a bonita football.Let’s pray injuries don’t rob us off this opportunity.

  6. El Tel

    Fuck off doomer cunts.

    We won 6-1 for fucks sake.

    Why would any Manager not say we can win the title. When he says top four is our aim you slaughter him when he says we can win the title you slaughter him more.

    Fuck right off you twats.

  7. Bade

    I think too Cazorla is the signing of the summer in the EPL

    What a player

    I didn’t watch the game, but watched the MOTD highlights which were just a bit more than showing the goals only, which is a shame really

    Anyway, Cazorla & Arteta is the heart of our midfield. Keeping them fit & adding Jack to the mix will probably present the best midfield in town

  8. Mwas

    We complain that our players have no winning mentality yet some fans are the worst. If u think we can not win the league when it’s mathematically and logically possible, just fuck off.

  9. incesc

    i think its because he grew up at southampton charlie boy

    quite like the way hes been benched for oxlade, dont think he will get a move to a decent club next year. might be able to sign him up for 5k a week

  10. Alex James

    A number of us have been worried about our goalkeeping situation for some time.Having been brought up on Kelsey, Wilson, Jennings and Seaman, I have very little confidence in any of our top three. Not that there are any great keepers around at the moment. Spurs may have two handy ones in Lloris and the American. Great to hear Prinz Poldi speak on MOTD. A real confident German. Let’s have a couple more. Germans give a team presence.

  11. Bobert

    Surely Theo didn’t celebrate as it was against his former club?
    Looked his smiley clappy self at the end to me

    Podolski and santi? Top players don’t need 6 months to settle in!

  12. Gunner4Life

    The manager can use the tired old cliche “we’ll take it game by game, keep improving and see where we end up”.
    It is too early to be thinking titles, but there is definately a much more solid look about the side, players that seem to want to play for the team, a strong cohesion that is growing too.
    We have good players to come back from injury, and our bench looked solid for a change.
    I just hope we finish on top of the traitors and the mancs!!!

  13. AC Gooner

    Prinz Poldi and Santi are having a love in. Watch this combination – should just get better and better.

    I thought Ramsey did well for his time on the pitch. Le Coq was very strong defensively, a bit shaky with some passing. But he is young.

    Jenks again had a good game. Arteta, TV, BFG taken for granted as we expect them to play well. And they did.

    When it was 4-1 I just wanted the match to be over before we could fuck it up. BUT WE DIDNT. Oh me of little faith.

    Lets beat Man Shitty now!

  14. Kripakar Marur

    TH14!!!!!!!!! Hope he comes on loan again. He is still better than all our strikers. More than the corner goal, i liked his first in that match. Killed a high ball dead with his first touch and tapped it with the second. Class is permanent.

  15. Byo

    For the doom brigade:
    It was only Southampton, a newly promoted team. There was really no oppositon to speak of.
    Reading some here brings back memory of my early pre-psychiatry courses.

  16. gambon


    There is little difference.

    Both us and Everton have failed to win the league in recent seasons, and neither team were capable.

    The difference is Moyes doesnt start talking about titles.

    If you think we have competed in the last 4 seasons you have no understanding of football.

  17. Sparrow

    great post but I’m sure Gibbs hit the shot that got us the fourth goalless!

    anyway well done arsenal let’s have a good week!

  18. Mayank

    The Cazorlski partnership is the best in the PL atm. And they’ve know each other for like 1.5 months. Wenger deserves credit but the players deserve more.

    And you’re right about Podolski. Apparently the German fans hate him and think he’s a poor player. For Arsenal he’s been quality since the first touch.

  19. Kripakar Marur

    look at league standings in past 15 years. they have been in the top 4 once. we were 3rd last year. so nothing wrong with the manager claiming we could challenge. how would you have responded to that question? i know you like to be the devil’s advocate on here. but some times you sound very silly. we are 3rd in the league right now. there is nothing wrong in believing we could win the title.

  20. Sean79

    Too early to start talking silverware, but i am dead excited about this team. the post says we are finding our rhythm because of yesterdays display, but we have been playing well since day 1, just didnt find the net. plodolski is a machine and i am enjoying the new arteta role.

  21. Dan not Stan

    Another game on the bench for Walcott, thought I would here a bit more talk in the press of him being punished. If that’s the right of it the. I say good.

    Hope VP watched that from his sick bed.long may it all continue.

  22. Eduardo

    To be fair to AW, he was asked a direct Q about Atkins saying we could win the title. Can’t we be happy about the game? Best atmos in club level for a while!

  23. Tim Themba Geschwindt

    Half of you are such doom mungering twats.
    Anyway, there was one moment where poldi and cazorla exchanged 5 passes in succession around the corner of the soton box. I was blown away. You’d swear they’d been playing for years together. Podolski is such a battled.

  24. Kripakar Marur

    sign Falcao? you think Wenger will spend 60 million on a player. He will probably bid 9.5 million rising to 13 million after which Atletico Madrid chairman will abuse him in the press.

  25. bankz

    Gambon can’t remember Moyes ever winning anything through his career as a manager… time make reasonable comparisms Ok!

  26. Kripakar Marur

    His buyout is 60 million euros. With City, Chelsea and Madrid interested, I think the team that wants to take him will have to cough up that fee. I think it will be Chelsea if Torres is not on fire till Christmas. Their only other option now is Sturridge. However Madrid may splash out if they don’t improve in the league.

  27. Eduardo

    Gambon, any credibility you ‘may’ have had is going to be one if you spout off about us signing Falcao! Get real…. You say ‘you would’…. Course you fucking would! We all would! Not really the point is it dude?

  28. solution

    A title shot, that’s not a bad thought! The manchester teams almost suffer defeat in the hands of s’ton, so if we have beaten them this well, it won’t be a bad idea to talk about title shot.

  29. Royal Bludger

    Listen to Gambon talk like he’s a fucking professional manager – Gambon, you’re a sad lonely cunt who plays Football Manager and spend your entire fucking life posting comments on a football blog. Fuck off Anti-Fan.

  30. bankz

    Gambon even your mama will think you are grossly stupid comparing Wenger with Moyes or Arsenal with Everton……..STUPID!!!!!!

  31. Jonas

    Obviously a god win yesterday and pretty decent start to the season but a few people getting carried away.

    We’ll see what this team could be capable of after the next 2 league games

  32. Royal Bludger

    Gambon – you’re an anonymous wanker on a blog who thinks your Arsene Wenger’s replacement … and you’re telling me to grow up ??? Fuck off you anonymous anti-fan. Or maybe cry to Pedro to have me binned?

  33. kwik fit

    Just watched Fat Sam analyse the Arsenal game yesterday. I swear his opinion was that every goal was a Southampton error. Basically yesterday’s game was a bad day at the office for Soton. Well Said Sam you big fat shite!

  34. gambon

    “spend your entire fucking life posting comments on a football blog.”

    Haha coming from the cunt that spends his entire life on a football blog talking about me and never talking about Arsenal.

  35. Eduardo

    I don’t understand the 11:50 comment Gambon. Are you saying we have attracted more fans since 05? I would agree with you but that also goes against your very negative view of things doesn’t it?
    I really think that now we have some maturity and more importantly, accountability, the whole team is looking stronger.
    Although the goal was awful to concede we have to give Chezzer time to get form.

  36. sunny

    i remember all them twats saying we’ll garner 5 points 4rm our first 5 games.. Now dat their expectations hasnt been met,they bitch about le prof cos he said hz team kan challenge 4 d title,which evry reasonable football fan is aware of… Doomers some people really are

  37. Jonas

    Neville’s an excellent summariser and makes me wonder how we put up with that jock cunt and his hairy side-kick for all those years

  38. spanishgooner

    Come on guys , read his posts . He´s not an anti fan – he´s an Everton fan – on an Arsenal blog ? Go spout your bile on your own blog Gambon –

  39. Royal Bludger

    What’s the matter Spazbon? In a bad mood because we won and Gervihno scored? He alone will prove what a total dick you are.

    You always attack straw men … Spazbon “Now you’re saying Gervihno is the best striker in the world”. No I’m not … I’m saying he’s going to be a great player for us this year. Spazbon “But he’s not white and English”.

    Fucking spastic.

  40. Poldobi

    Gentlemen, we’re winessing the making of our very own ‘Iniesta & Xavi’ in Carzola & Arteta, blimey! Gotta love the spaniards!

  41. Rhys Jaggar

    There are those saying ‘you win the league with your first XI’. In my humble opinion, you win the league by keeping your first XI fit.

    To do this, you must rest them strategically in games you can still win with squad players playing. You don’t rest all of them at once, but you win the league by having 25 players good enough to start 15 – 20 times a season without sacrificing any matches. Of course, your ‘first XI’ will start 40 games (28 – 32 in the league if possible), but squads are only worth their wages if they can fill in, contribute and win football matches. Otherwise, Arsenal is a charity for substandard players. Isn’t it?

    The point of ‘strategic resting’ is to prevent avoidable injuries. You can do nothing about a defender scything you down and causing injury. No-one wants it, often it is not malicious or deliberate, but it happens.

    What you can avoid are muscle injuries in training, injuries due to ‘playing in the red zone’ and injuries due to lack of incorporation of ‘rest’ into cycles of increasing intensity.

    When we organised marathon training, we increased intensity four weeks running, then dropped back three levels in distance to week 2 of the previous cycle, whilst using a higher intensity/performance courtesy of previous training benefits. After three cycles, we had two weeks of low intensity work before increasing again. We went from 37mins for 10k to 1hr 27mins for a half marathon in 3 months, without injury.

    Let’s say you were talking AOC: you could play him 65 mins on Saturday/Sunday and 35 mins midweek week one, 75 mins/45 mins week two, 90 mins/60 mins week three and 90 mins 75 mins week four. Then rest him.

    It might be different to that, the cycle might be longer (it might be 6, 7 or 8 weeks, who knows?), but the point is you build strength endurance gradually without risking a 6 month lay off due to driving him over the limit. Progress is maximal, after all, if there are no lay offs. Ask Jack Wilshere….

    If you looked at Arsenal’s players right now, you’d suspect that Podolski will last longest without needing a break, being big, strong and slightly less explosive than, say, Walcott or AOC. You’d watch Cazorla like a hawk because he is key right now and you want to ensure that he has a full season at this level, even if it means a couple of fortnightly breaks through it, if it means three breaks of 10 days or 4 breaks of a week. You monitor Gibbs really carefully because he has had a torrid time with injuries until now and you want to ensure that he has a season where he can show the fans what he can do.

    You know you can rely on Koscielny, Mertesacker and Vermaelen so you make sure you keep them all fit, hungry and playing regularly. No need for silly little ‘I’m better than you’ nonsense. All three must be part of a winning squad. If Djourou is part of this squad, you have to play him often enough to justify it. It won’t be Man City, Chelsea or Man Utd unless we have an injury crisis, but he must play two or three times a month.

    You think you have Arteta, Diaby, Coquelin and Wilshere as four holding midfielders and are away that two of them have major injury backgrounds. You give Diaby and Wilshere judiciously chosen game time until Christmas to ensure that they stay fit, perform well and regain confidence. Diaby needs sufficient game time to retain the confidence he got from Liverpool. Wilshere could do with a dozen 30 – 45 minute slots as well as 90 minutes against lesser sides to get back into the groove. Then after Christmas you have four players still fresh, fit and raring to go as the season becomes serious.

    You think you have AOC, Walcott, Gervinho as attacking wide men and you should use all of them. Regularly.

    You have Giroud, Podolski and Walcott as central strikers and you should use all of them. Regularly.

    You have Rosicky and Ramsey who have shown they can perform and you use them regularly and well to ensure continuity.

    You have Jenkinson and Sagna at right back and you expect Jenkinson to start to need a rest as Sagna starts coming back. Once he is rested, you must keep playing him often enough to keep Sagna fresh and healthy and Jenkinson continuing on an upward curve of confidence and experience.

    Mannone has shown himself fit to be in goal, so you must ensure both he and Szcesceny have enough game time to remain match sharp. If defenders don’t train in practice sessions with both keepers, why not? They must know how each plays, organises, shouts and reacts and play accordingly. That’s what being world class defenders means.

    That’s what a winning squad is about.

    Of course, injuries will modify that a bit.

    But that should be the principle.

    If it isn’t, why are all those players in the squad, getting paid squillions for being there?


  42. Bergkamp63

    I think it’s a bit premature sucking Arsene’s dick at this stage, we have made a reasonable start but let’s see where we are at the end of the month in terms of winning titles.

    I wouldn’t be unhappy with 2 points from the next 2 games, at least we would have a proper yardstick to judge where we are in terms of how the season mighty pan out ?

  43. Rhys Jaggar

    Forgot about Arshavin in the previous post.

    He should be in tandem with Cazorla, if he remains part of Wenger’s plans….

  44. Kripakar Marur

    agreed about two points. we can optimistically hope for 3-4. if city turn in their A game, we have no chance at etihad. however if we turn in our A game, we can beat chelski at the grove.

  45. Geoff

    Great to beat anybody 6-1, but we ought to with our wage bill.

    Anyhow it shows how competition can put a massive toe up a players arse.

    Gervinho has suddenly worked out how to play.

  46. Arse&Nose©

    Podolski must be my new favourite player.
    He isn’t the best player in the world but his attitude is spot on. He plays with guts, desire and a menacing smile on his face. I wouldn’t mess with him.

  47. Oms

    We should congratulate Wenger on a job well done yesterday. He showed balls the size of Tony Soprano by playing Gervinho upfront!!!! Those of you who abuse Wenger week in week out on Le Grove your Management understanding is blinded by the Man cities and Chelski’s…. U think being a good manager is buying Falcao for 60m!!! Even I would win the league with what Mancini has, yet he was crying like a bitch for the club to buy more after just winning the league! In Wenger we trust, the alternative is ending up like Liverfool, non champions league team with a great forgotten history.

  48. craigy

    did anyone just watch goals on sunday?? cant believe how much lack of praise they had for arsenal, when talking bout the first goal it wasn’t a case of great battling and determination from podolski to win the ball back, it was a case of bad defending, no praise for the free kick because the keeper should have done a bit better, no praise on the gervinho goal, southampton should done better, chris kamara and sam allardyce are biased fuckers, i thought we played really well yesterday and were only gonna get better as the season progresses, im not getting carried away, but im really happy the way were playing and the direction where on, arteta is our new gilberto with a bit more attacking flair ten players song is, i cant stop thinking about the guy on the sunday supplement a few weeks ago that referred to cazorla being a poor man cesc fabregas, thats a load of fucking shit and that guy will surely be eating his words, i love cesc and would love him back, but santi is right up there with him, if not has a bit more to his game than him, cracking player, i love the way podolski interacts with the fans, he’s really loving his time at arsenal and its a pleasure to watch,

  49. ardentgooner


    Weren’t you saying in preseason that Fergie was talking about titles and Wenger was talking about Top 4 finish….You were slating the Manager then…and now when he says we will challenge for the title you slate him. Haha get your head sorted mate. might get you somewhere in life.

  50. Kripakar Marur

    i love cazorla too! but before you go overboard, check out cesc’s stats for us. he contributed 10goals/20assists per season. wait till the end of the season to pass judgement. Cesc is still our best player in the post Henry era.

  51. ardentgooner

    Anyway Wenger was the only manager to be asked about title chances by the press this weekend..

    What is he supposed to say? Was Mancini asked about title chances, No. Fergie No.. Di Matteo no. The press ask a stupid question 4 games in to the season the people go mad. RELAX. Dont take every word seriously. Haven’t you learned that yet…

  52. D-MAN

    Anyone remember what happened the last time our team spanked southampton 6-1? I’m feeling a tad invincible after yesterday.

  53. gambon


    No i said wenger was a mug for saying “that was one of my greatest achievements”.

    All 20 managers can say “we can win the league” however 18 of them are deluded, and wengers the only cunt thay says we can win it then says 4th or 3rd is a trophy after we yet again fail.

  54. ardentgooner

    Bould to be on the touchline for first 3 games in the Champions League…

    Could well be his audition for permanent role once AW retires, with Bergkamp his assisntant for the attacking side?

  55. Mayank

    Great comment Rhys.

    All valid points, but as soon as the rotation causes dropped points Wenger will be under immense pressure.

    It’s a balance of rotation and fan appeasing line-ups that keeps the morale high. Imagine Ramsey giving Arteta a rest and playing badly. Even a few boos around the stadium are enough to leak morale. Since most of our problems stem from morale it’s a hard balance to find.

  56. Nasri's Mouth

    Very impressed with yesterday. Gibbs and Jenkinson have both made big strides since last season. Impressed with both. Mertesacker looks like a top player who’s into his 2nd season in the PL. Possibly our strongest set of defenders for a few years now.
    Szczesny was pretty poor all game. His poor kicks outnumbered his good ones. Interesting to see what Wenger does there. I have no idea what sort of a challenge Montpellier will give us, but we need to sort out who’s going to play at ManC.
    Can’t believe people are having a go at Wenger for saying we have a change for the title. Should he be conceding it with 4 games gone ? Of course not, and the truth is we do have a chance. It’s not a big one,we’re behind ManU,ManC and Chelsea and it relies on us keeping players fit, having Giroud scoring goals, and a decent input from Wilshere, but do have a chance.
    As for how many times David Moyes has talked about it, how many times has he had to answer a question about it ? In fact has he ever been asked ? Easy to avoid it if you never get asked

  57. Rob

    After the game a few people said that Vito was warming up in the 2nd half, did anyone see this? Hope it’a true, Chesney had a real shocker and clearly needs some real competition. There’s a slight touch of the Bendtners about that boy.

  58. home and away

    I don’t know why you all expect Tampon to be positive about the team even when they play well – He has shows everyday on here that he know’s nothing about the game – clearly He does not go to games and just gets a little hard on trolling on here you note when we play well he never mentions it and just starts a ruck with someone on here to deflect anything positive – just laugh at the sad cunt .

  59. kwik fit


    Easy on the Wenger love. Yes wenger has main some excellent calls over the years and playing the Gerv as a lead striker could be one of them. But don’t forget the endless lies and mis-truths, the promotion of below average kids and the inability to add the needed quality to a first eleven that could have made the difference.

  60. Royal Bludger

    Just because Wenger and Gambon are cunts doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a great win – plenty to celebrate from yesterday … and some really promising developments. I sense a good year.

    Gambon “You’re saying we’ll win the CL” – No, Spaz, I’m just saying I sense a good year coming up.

  61. Lurch LeRouge

    haven’t read the comments, but i hope Gibbo’s got some praise.

    No doubt he looks more assured with our new formation and it beggars belief why Bould and Banfield weren’t promoted 3 seasons ago.

  62. craigy

    Kripakar Marur…. i agree m8 cant take anything away from cesc as he’s immense, its was more of the guy’s comment on the sunday supplement of him being a poor mans cesc, he’s far from that! nice1 man

  63. leon

    what impressed about this game was the way they used thier width pace which they have alot of often playing alot more direct something they did not do last season with podolski thoe chamberlain givinho thats quite alot of pace and they realy hurt southamton with their pace yes their passing was extremly good but they started to use their width alot more. i still they could do with another striker in acse of injuries

  64. Phil

    Have plenty of problems with Wenger, but have no problem with him saying we can win the title.
    It is what the supporters want to hear.
    The definition of title might change as the season rolls on, but for now he can make the claim.

  65. kwik fit

    Joke Friday on a Sunday

    Fat Sam just said one of his biggest regrets was not convincing the Bolton chairman to sign Eto for 8M euro when he was at Mallorca

    I bet you its not one of Eto’s biggest regrets.

  66. Nasri's Mouth

    @Kwik Fit

    This is the same Fat Sam that said he was more suited to Real Madrid than Blackburn and if he went there he’d win the title every time yeah ?

  67. Mick Singfield

    Bludger- you are right- Gambon is a legend only in his own screwed up mind. A supporter unable to give credit to a team which he allegedly supports which has just won by 5 goals. How can you take him seriously?

  68. Nige


    No one likes you or your childish/antagonistic comments.

    Youre either Geoff/Pedro in disguise to build up traffic or were seriously neglected as a child and is now seeking as much attention as possible


  69. fecozzi

    It will b best for u guys to ignore gambon.. I dnt normally comment here buh I read all ya comments.. From all indications gambon just wanna gets plps attention. Plp lik gambon dnt usually have d guts 2 come out and talk in public..dy prefer sittin in front of da computers nd start typin shit! For somone 2 compare arsenal wiv everton it really means dat person has lost touch wiv reality.

  70. Aladdin

    Rhys Jaggar, thumbs up, mate!
    It’s what I’m thinking the squad contribution should be. Wenger has to make use of the whole squad giving the bench players game time and the regulars – rest. It’s the unique way to keep them fit.

  71. Bade

    One day babe we’ll be old, oh babe we’ll be old, think of all the stories that we could have told

    A pure prodigy

    He’s like reliving the 70’s

  72. Bade

    Let’s not crown ourselves as league winners, or a relegated side in the other hand

    Let’s just enjoy a fantastic win, albeit that stupid goal we conceded

  73. Santos

    Without Song we are more direct and less tippy tappy. W elose the ball less often now.
    Oh dear Madrid have bottled it again! It’s still a long season though.
    I think Arsene should start a rotation system, but are the back ups eligible?

  74. Bade

    Yep Lurch

    That boy is going in the right path, though he’s still found wandering amid a game, but the amount of times he’s found so is substantially decreasing

    I’m afraid he might live up to thew early promises he made

    Creepy! 😆

  75. Bade

    Song is arguably the most un missed player in Arsenal’s recent history

    We missed Cesc, Nasri, RVP. But Song?

    The only one missing Song is the LG comments sections, we had a big Song Lovers bandwagon that seem to be fading away now ….. So Lg lost a 100 comments a day to try & explain the inexplicable, why Song is such an asset for Arsenal. But in the other hand, Arsenal WON a much more solid team with more accountability

  76. Lurch LeRouge

    comes down to his fitness and Arteta’s continued defensive prominence I guess Bade.

    I do wonder if Coquelin has a future with us, will understudying Arteta be enough for him? somehow doubt it.

  77. fecozzi

    If wenger says is aiming for top 4 ..some losers here will b d ones to jump up nd say He lacks ambition. Nw he has come out and said his aiming for d title nd nw dis same losers r talking shit…Guess some peeps on dis blog r not arsenal fans. Hypocrites!!!