Sagna given the green light to leave | Drogba unlikely to be joining us

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Morning everyone, I’ve got a beast of a morning on so I’ll have to be super quick and return with a post a bit later.

Wenger has given Bacary Sagna a bit of a telling off in public for his outburst in the press earlier in the week.

“I believe any player or any employee always had to defend the company he works for.

“And if he is not completely happy with it, then he has to go somewhere else. That is what I
say to everybody.”
I’m not sure that’s the attitude to show to your best players. The idea that you simply leave if you’re not happy seems to be theme of Arsenal over the past few years. Surely Arsene should be focusing on exactly what the issues are rather than skirting over them as if it’s a commitment problem, not a deep seated issue with the way the club are run at the moment. Hopefully Sagna will sign on, but he’s at the age where if he doesn’t go somewhere competitive, he’s going to end his career winning nothing. That’s what Arsene Wenger doesn’t seem to grasp… these players only have 6-7 years at the top… being part of a project that’s not working could leave them potless come the end of their career. Fine if they’re average players, not fine if they’re amongst the best in the world.
In other news, Wenger ruled himself out of a move for Didier Drogba. Not because he’s uninterested, but because he doesn’t think he’s available. I’d be surprised if Drogba just upped and left risking a monster payout. He’d be a superb addition to the squad. He knows where the net is and he’d definitely give us a different flavour. Kind of like a fitter version of Thierry. I still have no idea what we’re going to do if we pick up a striker injury. It seems crazy to go into a season with such a lack of options.
Southampton are up tomorrow, I’ll give you more of a post then!

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  1. cesc rule


    Last time i checked, Sagna was a great defender and his work is to defend 1st anything else is a bonus.

    No too sure why we concede 49 goals last season??

  2. Gunner2301


    Totally agree. I think it also serves the Club that the division remains. Initially the vast majority were behind Arsene those have dropped away over the years as the opposition has increased. As you probably noticed since then lying and contradiction has become a feature at the Club.

    The Club could go some way to healing the divisions because a lot of it is based on what us who don’t have blind faith have worked out and those who have blind faith believing the lies they have been told.

    If the Club was truthful about all it’s matters where the fans have an interest (and I don;t mean telling us about transfer secrets or how much a particular player earns) then all that would go away because most of it is borne out of the atmosphere that the Club has created where speculation can run rife.

    The lack of a clear strategy and direction doesn’t help when the messages you are getting from the Chairman, CEO and manager are contradicting each other.

  3. makenzi

    Gambon and Pedro are you employed. do you go public and start criticising your organisations. If you want just try it. Remember Sagna is not a supporter but an employee. Supporters are the only ones who can go out and criticise the same applies with clients of a company they can go out and criticise the company. Sagna should understand his position that first of all he is an employee then supporter if he is one.


  4. Bade


    “Which was better know around the world? Which had more money? Who had won more in the last 20 years?”

    In the past 20+ years (since the 70’s), Arsenal & Mancs won 3 titles each

    As for the worldwide knowledge, I had fairly the same amount of Arsenal & Mancs fans, at least from the people I knew in Israel. Maybe Mancs were a better known due to that tragedy, maybe they were slightly more appealing but definitely both club were in the same bracket of clubs

    Now it’s a totally different galaxy both clubs are in

  5. Song's Golf Shoes

    @ Peanutsandmonkeys

    “Golf Shoes< you are as senile as your idol – Captain Wenger. You say, "down the right and we’ve won nothing with him at the club. There’s anew generation coming through."? Is Sagna to blame for Wenger not winning a trophy for 7 seasons???? Has someone given you the free right to write any shit just because its free here? You say, " all the fans are happy????" You are a loser like Wenger, you fucking creepy AKB!!!! Or are Wenger himself, the selfish bastard?"

    Er…ok….take a deep breath, count to 10, rub your ear lobe whilst saying 'wooosaaaa'. Considering I have called for Wenger to be sacked on many occasions in the past, no I would not say I am a member of your hate object. I am a member of the 'You're a fucking psycho and need help Bridade' though. You weird, weird individual! In case you hadn't noticed, I am saying that sacking Wenger will NOT CHANGE ANYTHING. What part of that does not compute? not that I don't dream of another manager because believe me I do. But I can see the wood for the trees. There is nobody out there who will accept the board's demands, who is as good as Wenger, end of story, Maybe in some years yes, but not right now. RE: Sagna down the right, lets' clear this up. He is for me 9/10 defender on his day. But we are not a defensive team and our football ethos is about flowing attacking possession football. What Barca achieve is our footballing wet dream. However, there are other clubs who play elements of our football better than us. One element is having solid attacking wing backs who, in the opposition's half, are as dangerous as the winger. Sagna is not like this and has never shown these qualities consistently. He can pass quickly and hold the ball, and track back. But he is not a goal threat, doesn't weigh in with assists, and like I said, never plays our forwards through, ever. So he is a top top defender playing for a club who pride themselves on being amazing at attacking football especially with the use of wing backs. I f Sagna had Coquelin'sability to skin a defender then I would say he is the most complete WB on the planet. But he isn't, and when he and Theo play together, our right attack is totally redundant for the most part. They have no cohesion on the whole, can't read each other, and like I said he ignores Theo's runs. He dummies to pass it and then goes across or back every time, then they get men behind the ball, and we have to try all over again. It is fucking irritating watching this all season every season. At least now the manager is picking our best players e.g. The OX, that's an improvement.

    @Gambon – just read your post about Sagna's visit to Wenger's office and I must admit that was hilarious!

    And I do totally agree, I think the way Wenger treats the fans is disgusting. He lies to us constantly. Is it what he is paid to do though? I believe so. Tell a lie for long enough and you will eventually believe it, and I think this is what has happened with Wenger. It seems that what was once something he stomached for the love of the club, knowing nobody else will do better perhaps, has now turned into him believing the tripe he gets paid so handsomely to feed us.

    Perhaps he thinks that playing this game is ok because he dedicates himself to trying to do as well as he can given the constraints, I don't know. But I do pine for the day that we hire a manager who can: make substitutions when they are needed; play in-form players over the status of players (Park and Chamakh/Arshavin for example, Ox/Theo as another); not BULLSHIT the fans in every fucking press conference, online convo and interview. It is my biggest hate of Wenger. The constant lies make me sick. He knew RVP was going before xmas last year, most people are aware of that now. But nooooo, BS BS BS from Wenger. 'We look to add to the squad and keep RVP' …. turns into 'Giroud is RVP's replacement' – you lying fuckhead.

    I queston decisions such as loaning a forward – doesn't amatter that it was Henry or that his impact was amazing – we needed an ACM and a ST in January, loaned one didn't bother with the other. Undoubtedly this Jan we could find ourselves in need of a forward but noooooo, we will hear the usual 'Nobody was available/ we couldn't find top top quality' etc etc while clubs like Newcastle and Fulham are signing Cisse (jan) and Ruiz (last summer) who ARE top top quality. I know Ruiz isn't doing amazingly well at Fulham but he is a top striker and cost sth like £9m and we weren't even LOOKING. That is disgraceful.

    So monkeypenis, no, I am not your AKB. I am just a guy who has the mental capacity to look at a situation and say yes, it is shit, yes he is losing his marbles, and no, sadly, no matter how much we might want him gone, we will be worse off without him unless we sign a manager who is proven for at least 10 years at being as adept if not more at the same things Wenger is.

  6. Bade


    Arsene could have been there right next to Red Nose, had he hadn’t that obscured obsession to complete the failed project he had at Monaco few in the late 80’s, that got him the sack from there

    Or maybe he tried to match the success Ajax of 1995-1996?

  7. Gunner2301


    Like i said it’s been going on for years. The Club have created a slack culture where players are used to doing this it’s not a new thing and it’s not only Sagna.

    Here Wenger calls Lehman Super Professional despite Lehman making criticisms in the press

    Similarly Arsene tried to ignore comments from Gallas until it got too embarrasing.

    Weak leadership. You would not hear a United player come out with such things and still be at the Club, that’s the difference. Wenger is a contradiction.

  8. Mayank

    Okay, I’ve had enough of negativity and arguments for the day. Now for something a bit positive.

    I’m probably going to regret saying this after tomorrow’s match but does this team remind anyone of the 01-02 team? Sure, we don’t have the stars but the feel of it is quite similar.

    01-02 was the first season I’d followed properly so my memory might be a bit skewed. But there are some elements of the team that are quite similar.

    Keown and Vermi. Pires and Cazorla. Bergkamp and Podolski(in output not style), Cole and Gibbs, Parlour and Arteta, AOC and Ljungberg. Giroud is no Henry I know but still there something similar about the core.

    I know its a premature and exaggerated comparison but just though I’d throw it out there. Any abuse my was is understood.

  9. Bade


    One last notice about Arsene

    Maybe even in the good day he wasn’t that good after all?

    Even after 2004, we still won the FA in 2005 & got 2nd with 90 points in the league, got to the CL final in 2006 & even reached the not-so-important CC in 2007.

    BUT SINCE DD LEFT, all we did was 1 poor CC final where we lost to a relegated side

    So without DD Arsene worth 1 CC final, 0 trophies
    With DD, Arsene worth 3 EPL titles, 4 FA cups & another 4 lost cup finals

    Maybe it was Dein making the difference, not Arsene????

  10. Bade

    Mayank, even so, it’s hardly making any difference

    Still there’s a large dip since 2004, that even you can’t hide behind

    But I already instilled my explanation for the dip in form

  11. Gunner2301


    I think Dein was Arsenes ambition because he has shown exactly zero ambition since he left.

    It’s like a junior school kid playing tough when his older brothers there but then his brother moves up to high school and you realise that really the guy was just a pussy all along.

  12. Gunner2301


    I have to agree with gambon. I’m struggling to see the comparisons apart from their all footballers and played for Arsenal. No offence.

  13. AJ

    Wenger is not a man manager. Look at Mancini, Tevez was revolting half the season, they sorted matters out and Tevez was back taking mancity to the title. One does not let quality leave like that.

  14. Song's Golf Shoes

    Azed – I am not saying Sagna’s beliefs are wrong – he is worried about the same thing as every fan on the planet.

    What I have made very clear is that I feel he should keep his trap shut in the press and discuss this shit with the club and manager, not the foreign media. Noboy in their right mind publicly questions their employers and gets away with it, nobody can expect that. Sagna is no different. If he wants to moan, do it to Arsene. If some journo asks him a sensitive question then he should have the presence of mind to make it clear he will not discuss or question the manager’s decisions.

    If you feel that employees are sensible to do what Sagna did then I worry for your ability to respect authority!

  15. Mayank

    Haha Gambon and G2301, maybe you’re right.

    The thought process started with the oft made Verm and Keown comparison. After that I got thinking about Pires’s form that season and Cazorla’s importance this year. The rest my mind just filled up the gaps.

    You’re lucky I didn’t mention Diaby and Vieira. I had that comparison in my head but chickened out of writing it.

  16. Gunner2301

    Songs Shoes

    Like I said Lehman got away with it and was even asked back when he’d already left. Gallas got away with it until Arsene was forced to act.

    Heres one from Fabregas

    He remained as Captain, Wenger tried to keep him, had a buy back clause put in his contract and most fans (not me though) would welcome him back despite the shit over his transfer.

    Like I said Wenger is weak and lets the players ride rough shod over the club so it’s no wonder Sagna doesn’t see any problem in speaking out.

  17. Song's Golf Shoes

    @Gunner2301 yes I agree he has very little control and is forever contradicting himself.

    But this is prevalent in football management sadly – they try to save face over deliver home truths, Every manager does it, just seems to hurt when it’s ours. Especially even more so when you can see he finds himself so utterly convincing and in reality we just hate him even more for it!

    I don’t think Arsene can do what he has done in the transfer market and expect no backlash from players. One thing about being a professional is about knowing you abilities and what you can offer someone and have the attitude that what you can offer a company, and what they can offer you, should be equally and mutually appreciated. So I can understand when a player turns and says ‘boss what the hell are you doing??’ and I will even go as far as saying when RVP made a fuss when AW took The Ox off against Man U at the Emirates last season, he was right to do so. It was heat of the moment and it was the worst decision I saw Wenger make last season, and as Captain he was bang on, sometimes you do need to stand up to the boss.

    BUT – Sagna is not in the heat of the moment. He has not ‘reacted on the pitch’ to something, and by the way I can fully understand of people feel RVP was actually wrong to do that in that game. But Sagna has gone and spoken out about the club and manager in the press. Plain and simply, no, you do not do this ever and expect to get away with it. I am sure Wenger will want to keep him in theory but in practice I am sure he is making a short list of who he should sell next summer to make more profit. I reckon he has now added Sagna to that list.

  18. Gunner2301


    Verm doesn’t have Keowns aggression or attitude that he’d kill to keep a clean sheet, that’s where we have fallen down. The commitment we used to have in players isn’t there anymore. Bould seems to be trying to put that back as the clean sheet attitude does seem to be creeping in with Verm staying back. Personally after his performances last season I didn’t think he deserved the captaincy because Koz was better so if you make him captain how could you drop him. He does seem better this season hopefully this will continue.

    I can’t see any similarities between the players though apart from maybe Ramsey being a less productive Ray Parlour and he may develop into that type of player later in his career.

    Maybe Sagna has similarities to Lauren? actually when you look into it there may end up with more similarities between these two Lauren bought for over 7mill pounds at 23 Sagna 9mill Euros Lauren stayed for 6 years until 29 Sagna is been with us 5 years and is 29 Lauren sold to Portsmouth for 500k? (undisclosed – you understand why Arsene didn’t want that one to get out) Sagna possibly flogged cheaply at the end of the season?

  19. Gunner2301

    Songs shoes

    It depends what the player was led to believe by the manager when he signed. If Sagna thought he was signing up to something progressive whereby he thought the Club would be challenging and winning things then now it materialises that 4th is good enough a good cup run is good enough CL money is paramount as is a transfer profit, that would cause you to raise an eyebrow and question what you ever got into sport for in the first place.

    Personally I can’t understand why players like Cazorla signed for us, maybe he was in a situation at Malaga but all the goings on over the last few years and Arsenes mantra (i’d take 2nd for the next 20 years) is well publicised so unlike Sagna who may have been duped Cazorla has no excuse. So to me he’s here to bide his time until he can move on to better things and get a better salary. What else could he be here for?

    I don’t see the cause that Arsene could now be selling that players should be signing up to …. The 4th place trophy? The Bank Account open top parade round North London? FFP?

  20. Gunner2301


    Well hopefully United don’t have a head start in getting him, he’s the type of manager we need and I believe with his structure of play we wouldn’t necessarily need the most expensive players just everyone drilled into doing their job properly, which I believe Wenger has been too lax about.

  21. Mayank


    Seriously, nothing for Cazorla/Pires and Gibbs/Cole. Or even AOC/Ljungberg?

    Cole was a doubt too after he replaced the inconsistent Sylvinho(Santos). Especially with his fitness record.

    Bergkamp/Poldi was a stretch I agree but productively they can easily be matched.

  22. Gunner2301


    I’m looking at styles of players Gibbs/Cole – Cole had way more balance between attack and defence (equally good at both, but he did say that Adams and Viera schooled him well and Gibbs doesn’t have those types of players around) and I believe a better tactical understanding of the game than Gibbs is demonstrating at a similar age.

    Pires im thinking darting runs and going round players and outrageous skill and audacious goals and assists – Cazorla I’m seeing as a less productive Cesc, maybe Cazorla can emulate some of that but I can’t see it he has a long long way to go and personally I don’t think he will be with us more than a couple of seasons.

    AOC/Ljunberg – similar in the positions they can play midfield or either wing but AOC still has to develop we got Freddy when he was 21 was already a star in Sweden and a winner at that level and again Freddy had that craft which comes with experience and years which AOC doesn’t have yet and maybe he will get. I believe if he stays with us he could eclipse the impression Freddy made but can we hand on heart say he will be here when he’s 25?

  23. Gunner2301

    We don’t buy superstars we make them ……….. And sell them on for massive profit because that’s all we’re about, more like.

  24. Kripakar Marur

    Guys I agree no one is happy with our transfer business. But the window is closed now. We have another one coming up with January when we can moan to our hearts content. Tomorrow is match day. Instead of tearing into our players, let us get behind them. They didn’t sell RVP, Cesc etc. 3-0 to Arsenal.

  25. Seven Pistols

    Patiently waiting for the scoreline tomorrow before I rant… But hey, we might just do a 4-0 and I’ll be chuffed to bits instead!

  26. S Asoa

    Wenger’s outburst about Mouth Shut of employees in wrong in view of persistent failure of AFC for 7 years which is unforgivable because Arsenal could have won 3 with nominal corrections and low investment . Haggling for Friedel when Alumina was costing us was irresponsible criminal negligence . Under such circumstances it is OK for a player to love his team so much as to whine for improvement . In fact Podolski , n Cazorla might have been bought due to Facebook embarrassment from RVP . The commission agents in charge are in cahoots to get yearly returns to managing owner in return of commission stunts.

  27. Arsenal1886-2006
    “Liverpool & Man Utd: Ferguson wants offensive chants to end”

    And then the players ask for abusive chants to end, and then the corporate boxes request silence during the game so they can discuss and finalise their deals.
    Fair enough on the munich and other disasters but we know they will push for libraries around the prem.
    This is why I love watching the Bundesliga and other Europoean leagues, the fans are singing, bouncing up and down and allowed to vocally support their teams. Watching the prem (especially the Emirates) is like watching a cricket match from the seventies, the grounds are becoming lifeless and sterile and the atmosphere is a massive part of the game.

  28. Arsene's Nurse

    baffooon September 14, 2012 16:32:30

    van pussy is fit for wigan match..along wid kagawa….those lucky bastards get away again……….
    I believe someone posted about that the other day. Oh yes here it is:

    Arsene’s Nurse September 12, 2012 14:07:40

    Manchester Utd training ground Tannoy: Will the following players report immediately to Sir Alex’s office; Kagawa, Van Persie.

    Fergie’s office – Robin looks nervous as they enter the Bosses turf.

    Fergie: Morning lads. Don’t look so worried I’m not going to through boots at you and my hair dryer is on the fucking blink.

    Robin relaxes.

    Fergie: I’ll be brief. You two are really important players, world class and great for this club. We, really need you, so during the international break you are both to take absolutely any opportunity you get to not play or train with your national sides.

    RVP: Why is that boss?

    Fergie: Cos I don’t want you getting injured you numbskull. Just keep it nice and low key, say a back or calf strain. I’ll speak to the media and it will turn into you having your leg amputated and you a broken back (pointing to RVP and kagawa). We’ll then laugh at all the Football Manager muppets who think you are both crocks.

  29. Phil

    Was Sagna naively honest or just frustrated that whilst the club haven’t sat down with him to extend his contract, Djourou gets an extension with a salary lift?

  30. Phil

    I wonder whether the same people who want to show Sagna the door are the same people who slam RVP and Cesc?
    it is never the fault of the culture permeating from the top is it?
    We just seem to attract really bad people who don’t know their place.

  31. Harry Redknapp

    i agree telling sagna to shut his cakehole is no big deal. everything he has said he could have said it to the man not in some pissy french tv interview

  32. BillikenGooner

    It’s sad that it seems Chelsea can instill more loyalty into their players (Drogba would never play for Arsenal) than we can with ours (RvP to United).

  33. Keyser

    “Like I said Wenger is weak and lets the players ride rough shod over the club so it’s no wonder Sagna doesn’t see any problem in speaking out.”

    Gunner2301 – There’s a been a pretty big contrast between player power and their worth from 10 years ago to the present.

    Even then at no point have we been a club that could offer a player a deal no other club in World football could.

  34. Keyser

    “Arsene could have been there right next to Red Nose, had he hadn’t that obscured obsession to complete the failed project he had at Monaco few in the late 80′s, that got him the sack from there”

    Bade – Fergus started 10 years previous to Wenger.

  35. Keyser

    BillikenGooner – Drogba just isn’t worth it now, he can get far more to do far less somewhere else in the World.

    Chelsea offered silly money for Henry back in the day.

  36. Bade


    Achievements per period wise

    I know he started 10 years earlier you little genius

    But assuming Arsene continued his previous form & even improved a bit, we could have had by now 1 CL & another 3-4 EPL titles with a few domestic cups

    So then he would be probably at Red Nose’s level

  37. Geogooner

    Leaving Potless after 6-7 years, Pedro? Hardly. If my career earned me £70K+ in a global recession for 90 MINUTES work a week, whether I perform effectively or not, I wouldn’t call it potless, pointless, or any other sort of failure. Footballers have a charmed existence and should grovel on their bellies to be able to play and use their talents for our beloved Arsenal not bitching about it. Its ARSENAL that are ‘Potless’ due to footballers lack of drive & and an insane manager with an Economics degree from a French University (whoop-se-do, i’ve got an MSc in Glaciology and climate science but I don’t claim superman status because of it!) – Sod them, it’s OUR Club that counts, they are only transitory like this manager.

  38. Dan Ahern

    Wenger’s comments are embarrassingly dogmatic.

    This is akin to people who go, “Love it, or get out!” when you criticise something about your country.

    He should know by now that “all or nothing” more often than not leaves you with nothing.

  39. Gunner2301


    I’m not sure it’s purely down to player power. You know no player is bigger than Ferguson. He wouldn’t stand any shit and like I said the other week don’t think Rooneys little fiasco will be forgotten, SAF will fuck him over at some point. I can’t see Moyes tolerating shit either Rodgers even though he’s just started doesn’t seem to be either.

    Yes Mancini did cave in on the Tevez issue. I don’t believe he wanted him back but the sheik has money invested and they had to get a good sell on price, so I think his hands were tied there.

    I believe it comes down to the personality of the manager and the tone that he sets and the discipline he instills. Our players fuck about on Twitter too much why can’t Wenger just put a ban on it like some other clubs?

    There are things a manager can do even if players are more powerful these days, but Wenger tends to shirk from the unpleasant side of management when you have to bench someone for an extended period to teach them a lesson or stick them in the reserves.

    He also needs to be consistent in what he does and what he says and when he is telling so many lies, treating players differently in similar situations and contradicting himself, how can players know where they stand?

  40. Gunner2301

    I forgot Mark Hughes he don’t take any shit either (maybe SAF has rubbed off on him) Di Canio would have a fight with his player and never play them again than allow them to get out of hand.

  41. Gunner2301

    Joke Friday

    I took a girl back to my place for a shag last night.

    After 30 seconds, I rolled off and said, “Right, get yourself dressed and fuck off.”

    “Excuse me?” she gasped, staring at me in shock.

    I said, “You heard, if you hurry up I’ll quickly drive you home.”

    “Please tell me that you’re joking?”

    “Of course I’m joking, I haven’t even got a car, you’ll have to walk.”

  42. Arsenal1886-2006


    Set of 6, they wouldn’t stop crying after the first tackle. I get a bit misty eyed about the 70’s and 80’s, a lot of the footballers then were tough as nails, the skilful ones included.

    I had an argument with a friend of mine who thinks that the play acting adds to the F****g theatre. I told him that if he wants theatre he should go up west.
    Needless to say he was a new fan who latched on to football when it started to make players into celebrities.

    Glad i don’t speak to the Wanker anymore…

  43. Iffy da Goon

    Pay cut my foot…this current Arsenal board are a disgrace. If people keep slagging off robin, cesc and nasri because they never won anything for us then same can be said of the board

  44. Dan Ahern

    northern – Was he really? Hahah.

    1886 – To be honest I have no idea what the difference between League and Union is. But hey, I’m all for whatever sport you’re into, as long as it’s not cricket.

  45. Arsenal1886-2006


    You don’t like cricket!!!!!!!
    You have two teams, one team is in and the other team is out, the team that is out try’s to get the team that is in out, then the team that is out is in and the team that was in is now out and will try to get the team that is now in that was out, out.

  46. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    dan cricket can be more exciting than football atr all levels… 20 20 …0ne dayers and test…. alll have had their moments…. its a great sport

  47. Keyser

    Bade – That’s a bit too simplistic really, United’s success came with the inception of Sky’s money, they extended their stadium, went on far east tours and launched their own television channel back in 98′, it goes way beyond Fergus, they didn’t just employ Fergus, they gave him everything he absolutely needed to succeed, the first thing he did was make the place as professional as possible, get rid of the drinking culture and he had supreme power, got rid of players who weren’t going to fit in and invested in the youth of then.

    Back then you could take young players from all over the country, there’s catchment areas now or that might be changing again.

    We had a title winning team in 91 or so and let it slip, we couldn’t extend the stadium and ended up at Wembley, 15 years on and the stadium we have now still doesn’t hold as many as Old Trafford, even if you’re going to try and give credit to Dein you’re left with more questions than answers.

    In 2004, it wasn’t Wenger who slipped, it was that Abramovich took it away from us again, the difference between us and United was that while Wenger was keeping us competitive on the pitch, we were falling behind off it,

  48. Arsenal1886-2006


    You should watch 20/20 cricket or the one day matches, the 20/20 is great entertainment. I was bought up with football and cricket, cricket was big part of summer when i was a kid because of where i was born, large West Indies and Asian communities.

    When you know the rules it is not so boring as some think, very tactical.
    Wenger would be shit at cricket.

  49. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – Not too sure you realise what it takes to be a manager, you don’t simply set out to impose your will on everything and everyone, you manage the resources you have and that’s why Fergie gave in to Rooney, and begged Ronaldo to stay, he even admitted selling Stam was a mistake.

    That’s the difference between good and great, realising your pride doesn’t come before the success of the club.

    Di Canio’s nowhere near the Premiership, did you listen to his rant ? he couldn’t give two shits about the club he just wants his face in the media, he isn’t going to be there long enough to get them anywhere of consequence.

    Mancini ffs ? You’re confusing disciplinarian managers with managers and players who are actually any good. He’s got a ridiculously talented squad and scraped the premiership last year in the last few minutes.

    Hughes ??

    People seem to be obessed with this idea that we’re the only team with highly paid players or that we’re the only team with players who don’t give a shit, we’ve probably actually got ot quite good.

  50. Keyser

    Cricket’s quality as is rugby, I’m glad rugby’s starting to get noticed a bit more, but it’s way off fooball as a sport that’s accessible.

    for football you simply need anything resembling a ball, we used to play with tennis balls at times as kids, whereas who’s got time to go buy pads or find two lamposts close enough together at one end of a pitch, string some wire across and pretend you’re Dan Carter or Johnny Wilkinson,

  51. Keyser

    Before the end of half-time he’d have uploaded a youtube compilation for his new friends down the road, tweeted out how he loved this park, but didn’t feel it was big enough for him and Sky would have Brian Beavton waiting for him at the new park asking passers by if they were excited that he was coming.

  52. Dan Ahern

    I remain unconvinced. I liken it to baseball. Lots of standing around, little in the way of creativity when action does occur. I know almost every rule in baseball, and it is still horrifically boring.

  53. Keyser

    Dan -Massive difference between baseball, you can win 1-0 in Baseball, you get a few hundred runs a game in 20-20.

    Especially now there’s no steroids, they went the wrong way in America, they should’ve made steroids compulsory for batters rather than clamp down.

  54. Kripakar Marur

    You have a point there. The problem with cricket is that it is essentially a battle between 2 individuals – the batsman and the bowler, disguised as a team sport. Yes there are fielders but they are peripheral. It always comes down to a battle between the bat and the ball. So the only time cricket is good to watch is when you have a top batsman taking on a top bowler. Sachin vs Warne, Lara vs McGrath etc. But nowadays with pitches and rules being made to help the batsmen even more, cricket is becoming more and more unwatchable.

  55. Don

    I like Sagna to stay. He’s one the best defender in Europe and he’s been consistent for us throughout the years. Unlucky to be badly injured last year. But for me, his “outburst” about selling Song and RVP is understandable. I mean, the squad recovered superbly after a torrid early season only to have go through another summer of discontent with key players leaving. There must be something going on with the club’s objectives since then we must sell our best players every single seasons. Trophy less is one thing but the desire and hunger shown from the manager and the board is essential for the whole squad to be confident about the quality of the team.

  56. Dan Ahern

    Ah, sorry I left the building just as the philosophical cricket discussion started!

    Kripikar – a) Exactly why baseball bores me. You can have an exciting duel of a dominant pitcher (bowlder) and batter, but beyond that it’s a four-hour game with four minutes of action.
    b) Yes. Sign Riquelme because he’s Riquelme. Don’t care if he ever plays even.

  57. Dan Ahern

    Keyser – Yeah, should’ve just legalized steroids. You really can’t, ethically, but they should’ve. Would have made things a lot more fun. Especially since many baseball players are so hilariously macho already. Home runs and bench-clearing brawls, that’s what baseball needs!

  58. Kushagra India

    Cricket consists of more variables than baseball can ever have, Spinners ,seamers, medium pacers ,cover drive, straight drive,glance, cut, leg spin, top spin, off spin,difference in pitches,playing conditions. I am afraid baseball doesn’t have that.

  59. Kripakar Marur

    But as Dan said it is 4 hour game with 4 minutes of action. Most of the time it is the batsmen chitchatting, captain setting field, bowler walking back to his run up and bowler cleaning the ball. Cricket is good only when you have a genuinely good batsman facing a genuinely good bowler on a pitch that has a bit for both of them. And don’t even get me started on T20.

  60. Kushagra India

    Kripakar fully agree on that . The charm of ODI is gone and secondly the dearth of quality fast bowlers and genuine spinners is driving the likes of me out of the game. Yearn for those times when teams consisted of the class of Ambrose, Walsh, Waqar, Wasim nowadays it’s too much mediocrity but still 4 minutes in 4 hours is an exaggeration. It’s all about the tension and build up and nothing beats a quality test match

  61. Mayank

    I’ve always enjoyed cricket as a romantic idea of sport. You hardly get as many moments of pure concentration and ingenuity in other sports. Look at football for example, you get a defender against a quality attacker running at him, that is the level of concentration you get in every ball in cricket.

    Sure it’s boring and favouring batsmen now, which is why it never stays on the top of my mind. But if you do get taken in, as I do occasionally, it can be one of the most thrilling sporting experiences.

    My main problem with it is the obsession we have in India with the players rather than the sport. With hardly any honest players left. Very off-putting. Can hardly be bothered now-a-days.

    That and the fact my school hated cricket so much, that we had 2 football pitches, 2 Basketball courts, 4 Badminton courts, 2 tennis courts etc. and not even one cricket pitch.

  62. Ben D

    Whilst I agree that Arsene (and the board) need to make some changes, I sympathize with Arsene’s position on this. Condoning players publicly criticizing the club will just lead to chaos. Perhaps he should have said ‘if you don’t like what is happening, come and talk to me’ instead of suggesting that they go elsewhere. But really, you can’t be part of a team and slag them off publicly. Surely, none of you on here will tolerate that from an employee?

  63. azed

    See what Pedro’s late nights has done…Talking cricket on Le-grove? Cricket shouldn’t be called a sport, its a waste of time….
    PS i don’t know the rules and i’m not interested in knowing.

  64. Matchy

    Wenger has given Bacary Sagna a bit of a telling off in public for his outburst in the press earlier in the week.

    “I believe any player or any employee always had to defend the company he works for.

    “And if he is not completely happy with it, then he has to go somewhere else. That is what I say to everybody.”

    I’m not sure that’s the attitude to show to your best players. The idea that you simply leave if you’re not happy seems to be theme of Arsenal over the past few years.

    This statement is a statement not only for players. But its a statement for everyone at the club INCLUDING WENGER from the boss KRONKE.

    He is telling people he has to work under the club policy. And he is happy to do it cos he has a job. He can leave the club if he is not happy with the club policy. Who can change the policy? KRONKE.

    end of story

  65. mick singfield

    Lets get one thing straight-I like Sagna-He is 100 times better than Jenkinson and Coquelin but he is a good player not a world class player. No world class player consistently crosses a ball as badly as Sagna.

    No player at any club can express concern about the direction of the team under the management- in the media -without being taken seriously-what he is saying is-“come and get me-I’m out of here.”
    It is natural for Sagna to see a succession of top players leave-a couple win things and he ask himself why am I still here? The moment he goes public the game changes.
    All those players who did the same as Sagna are gone. Maybe their attitude was a major part of the problem.
    They all seem to think that when a team they play in under performs-it has nothing to do with them. No team is ever successful when players take that attitude.

    Wenger gets blamed by the likes of Gambon for the team bottling it-. but then Gambon’s hatred of Wenger is pathological-he blames Wenger for everything.
    Gambon made 5000 posts last year all saying the same thing-Wenger is a cunt, only he knows shit and the rest of the world bar Geoff are wankers.

    Wenger isn’t out on the field-players are-and they not Wenger – collectively- developed a losers mentality at Arsenal.

    Guess what-if Sagna does not believe this team is good enough-he needs to go as well.

  66. Cufflinks Warehouse

    Comparing Wenger to Ferguson is as futile as comparing apples and oranges.

    A better comparison would be Wenger and Moyes (Everton)

    Both working on strict budgets, both have teams nearby to dilute the fan base. Both held the Manager role through thick and thin, even when the ‘press’, not the fans, are clambering for their head.

    The final validation / criticism of Wenger’s reign at Arsenal Football Club will be when the facts are finally made public on whether there is a huge transfer budget at Arsenal, that Wenger chooses not to use – or he is working with the budget available.

    However, I have a sneaky suspicion that Arsenal are going to go all the way in the Champions League this year. Best player leaving them, crisis at Arsenal, Wenger to go – all written for an unfashionable club to complete the story and win the whole thing.

    Then, regardless of budgets, league titles or players contacts – Wenger’s reign at Arsenal is truly validated.

  67. ElCid

    Goals were up because we lost Clichy! Or doesn’t anyone really watch what is happening on the pitch. Never saw Diaby running back or Denislon (Mr. Sideways). Neither of these 2 nor Song ever learned how to play football. Perhaps Pat Rice had lots to do with it saying “Come to the ball…”. At least we now have a coach in Steve Bould! Oh and depsite his poor form of late… still a have decent keeper now that El Moonya is gone. Thank God for small favours.

    Still Arsene likes to make money on his players rather than have a championship team. I guess money counts more than trophies. Well Arsene, it would be nice to win something once and a while. Finishing 4th is not a trophy! And not winning causes good players to leave. Some of these guys even have character…. like Henry, Flamini and Van Persie who really only wanted to win something.

    In the end Henry won it all except what he should have won as the only man ever to win the Golden Boot twice in a row. Still you have to be Spanish to be European Player of the Year or at least have your team sponsored by the Globalist Fascist’s with their brand name like UNICEF. Yes having that sponsor sure gives you a few calls and perhaps a free trophy. But that’s another story. About why The Champions League is not really for champions.

    What it’s a ramble. Sagna is not a bad player. Toure was better.